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95%'ers are the bottom class in America, representing 95 percent of the American population.  Blue collar workers.  All 95%ers are told they are middle class.  95%'ers are poor, and they have no significant wealth.  95%'ers sell their bodies each day.  Their lives are sold in units called labor.  These units of labor are used in all economic enterprises for profit.  Units of labor are used in construction, retail, manufacturing, medical, military, tech, police, firemen, sex trade, and any other enterprise requiring labor.  1%ers maintain an oversupply of 95%ers to ensure they use only the best labor at the cheapest price.  Similar to cattle and pigs, 95%'ers must eat, sleep, and procreate on after their labour units to replace dead 95%ers for 1%ers.  95%'ers is pronounced naɪnˈti fīv pərˈsentˈərs.  I was thinking them as I started my drive through American between Sault Ste.  Marie MI to and Sweetgrass MT.

95%'ers procreate either alone, or in families, and they sell the best labor to ownership.  95%'ers labor is used in Production, Consumption, Profit, and The Business of War.  95%'ers must obey 1%ers in Production, Consumption, and The Business of War.  Disobedience is not tolerated.  95%ers are paid to punish disobedient 95%ers.  Disobedience is punished by starvation, homelessness, unemployment, incarceration, and death.  Ownership demands 95%'ers produce items for Profit.  Production, Consumption, and the Business of War which is NOT profitable will be discontinued by Ownership.  In January 1991, America was a 'fantasy world' on television projected by the rich to appease the 95%ers.  95%ers were really quite pathetic compared to the 'projection'.  Meanwhile, I was the town drunks son from St. Brieux traveling on U.S. Route 2 trying not to lie to myself about America.

In 1991, 95%'ers are routinely killed in Production, Consumption, Profit, and the Business of War.  The business of war itself is only limited by Production, Consumption and Procreation rate of 95%'ers.  Since, humans procreate best under extreme poverty, it's easy to understand why 1%ers are big on the Business of War for 95%ers.  In 1991, 95%'ers were being entertained by televisions and radios talking about the current Business of War in Kuwait.  1%ers would continue to control and squeeze Profit from 95%ers for many years.  1%er concentration of ownership continued south of the 49th parallel in the land with an antonym of 'Free World'.  95%er home ownership dreams were trashed.  95%ers lost their homes, and they were blamed as failures in the antonym of 'Free World'.  95%ers struggeled to pay mortgaged shanties, shacks, apartments, condos, and low cost dwellings.

1%ers were forced to guard against any sort of organized insurrection by spying on the masses according to  WikiLeaks broke factual leaks about 1%er controlled CIA and NSA spying with Phones, Televisions, and Cars.  Craig Timberg, Ellen Nakashima, Elizabeth Dwoskin added more information about spying on 95%ers to kill organized insurrection.  Were the Phones, Cars, and Televisions going to be used as tools to kill 95%ers who did not want antonym 'Freedom' as defined by 1%ers?  95%ers watched so much 'Freedom Propaganda' on these devices.  Was the spying necessary?  Today the Kuwait War was the killing flavor of the day for 1%ers culling a free thousand 'Free' for Oil and Profit.  I drove over the 'Richard Bong Memorial Bridge', where 95%'ers had once sold their labor before spying was the norm for 95%ers.

Julian Assange WikiLeaks fights against Fascists cited by

The 'Richard Bong Memorial Bridge' was in my rear view mirror.  Who would believe 'Free' died with spying tools like the Weeping Angel?  "In the case of a tool called "Weeping Angel" for attacking Samsung SmartTVs, WikiLeaks wrote, "After infestation, Weeping Angel places the target TV in a 'Fake-Off' mode, so that the owner falsely believes the TV is off when it is on, In 'Fake-Off' mode the TV operates as a bug, recording conversations in the room and sending them over the Internet to a covert CIA Server.  The multitasking Bong bridges the Wisconsin / Minnesota Border;  crosses the St. Louis River / St. Louis Bay;  and travels from Superior to Deluth.  I bought road trip snacks and gas in Deluth.  I drove carefully and followed the speed limits in this foreign land.  After all, January is the coldest month in North America.  I didn't miss the Black Mumba in Canada in the winter, and I thought about the business of war.  Professor Abramson at the University of Saskatchewan was a visiting Professor in 1979 from the United States.  He was not really representative of the 1%er variety of intelligentsia.  NASA and the scientist therein in the employ of 1%ers south of the 49th parallel were more representative of the super elite.  In 1979, NASA would finally allow 'their' scientists to publish Arctic Sea Ice for the forest and ice people.  These very same 1%ers  I turned south onto U.S. Route 35 at the end of the Bong Bridge, before I merged onto U.S. Route 2.

It would have been 12 years ago, when Abramson taught 'Crime and Delinquency'.  He shocked our classes young naive minds into the real world.  He had his 'Theory of Violence'.  He told us America invaded countries, started ethnic hate, joined wars, occupied nations, executed political leaders, overthrew governments, excited religious hate, and meddle to start a killing field every seven years of less.  There would be the killing of men, women, and children.  This would occur every seven years, or less.  This was my first introduction to the business of war in America.  I wondered how profitable the wars had been for the 95%'ers in Proctor MN. along U.S. Route 2.

Abramson promised war every 7 years or less?  Guaranteed.  At the time, Abramson pointed out that America 'Officially' claimed 8 wars between (1941-1979) or 38 years.  Once again, in each war men, women, and children were killed.  Preposterous?  No.  Factual?  Yes.  He made his case citing Shaba II 1978, Vietnam War 1965 - 1973, Dominican Civil War 1965 - 1966, Simba Rebellion 1964, Bay of Pigs Invasion 1961, Lebanon Crisis 1958, Korean War 1950 - 1953, and World War II 1941 - 1945,  The 'Unofficial' killings would just be gravy in his theory.  I wondered how many living 95%'ers in Munger MN died in the 'Unofficial' wars, as I continued west on the U.S. Route 2.

Who kills 95%'ers in Munger MN for profit?  1%'ers.  Who's killing 95%'ers in the Kuwait War?  1%'ers.  Who is responsible for the Kuwait War?  1%'ers.  1%'ers is pronounced wən-pərˈsentˈərs.  1%'ers buy and sell 'labor'.  1%'ers are 1% of the population.  1%'ers employ 95%'ers for Production, Consumption, Profit, and The Business of War.  1%'ers require Profit from production, consumption, and the business of war.  The Kuwait War is a good example of the relationship between 1%'ers and 95%'ers.  The 95%'ers near Gowan MN along U.S. Route 2 didn't look nearly as violent as a DDA at last call in the local drinking hole.  Then, I guess the killer tough 95%'ers were on orders by 1%'ers to get the killing done in Kuwait.

Younger would be empires call the killer tough group soldiers.  Declining empires call the killer tough group mercenaries.  Today, 95%'ers labor as soldiers and mercenaries for 1%'ers.  1%'ers will gain all profits from the cost of the Kuwait War and all profits from the spoils of war.  95%'ers will gain no profits, and their fatherless daughters in Floodwood MN might find work in the sex trade, on the wrong side of the tracks.  Let's take a few examples of the business of war, so 95%'ers can face reality.  People lie to themselves all the time.

1%'ers lost in Vietnam in 1975.  Yes.  1%'ers lost in the Bay of Pigs War.  Yes.  1%'ers lost in Korea.  Yes.  Even in loss the 1%'ers get international war debt, production profits, and consumption profits because dead tanks and jets need replacing.  By 1990, 1%'ers have established and routinely demand their legal right to kill 95%'ers?  It would not matter if they were journalists in or out of custody. Win or Loose the business of war is profitable for 1%'ers.  1%'ers take all the spoils of war.  The 95%'ers living along U.S. Route 2 near Wawina MN got nothing but wetback wages.  1%'ers take their profit and continue to fudge pack 95%'ers, repetitively since the Vietnam War?

In Vietnam, 1%'ers enlisted 95%'ers to carpet bomb and use chemical weapons on men, women, and children.  1%'ers lost the war while killing 95%'ers and Vietnamese.  1%'ers made a fortune.  1%'ers learned loosing could be Profitable.  When 95%'ers summoned their courage to protest against the business of war in Vietnam, 1%'ers put 67 rounds into them at Kent State.  Lesson.  If you protest against 1%'ers in the business of war, 95%'ers will be killed.  No kill zone, 1%'ers at 'Harvard'.  Yes kill zone 95%'ers at 'Kent State'.  Kent State is ranked 599 Overall.  The Ranking tells you how easy it is for 1%'ers to kill 95%'ers.  Who's the boss Swan River MN?

1%'ers beat, imprisoned, or hunted down thousands of 95%'ers who protested on the streets about the Vietnam War.  Yet, 1%'ers ordered 95%'ers to commit these war crimes.  The 95%'ers were discredited for 'their' loss.  Protesters imprisoned.  Protestors became terrorists.  Pinko's.  The 1%'ers of America would not accept peace over the business of war for their profit.  1%'ers refused to reposition their license to kill the sons and daughters of 95%'ers.  95%'ers were told to accept their place as cannon fodder in the business of war by 1%'ers.  In 1979, Abramson saw and predicted the continuous killing cycle.  Today, I marveled absolute authority 1%'ers had over 95%'ers in Warba MN along U.S. Route 2.  The power of the hog producer over the hogs.

1%'ers ordered 95%'ers to kill.  The 1%'ers owned all the media 95%'ers had access to legally.  Radio, Television, Cellular, and Satellites were regulated and licensed exclusively to 1%'ers.  95%'ers were told what 'America' had to say about Vietnam before and after the war.  95%'ers would be taught and inspired to believe 'America' needed their next litter of sons and daughters.  1%'ers taught 95%'ers that 'America The Beautiful' and 'Freedom' required them to kill anywhere on the planet.  95%'ers were taught killing is necessary to keep a 'Free America'.  If 95%'ers don't kill globally, how can we have 'Life Liberty and Freedom' in Blackberry MN?  The voice of America.

The business of war for 1%'ers requires 95%'ers in America to accept killing as necessary.  95%'ers in America will gas the Jews or pour chemicals on the Vietnamese for their beliefs.  Atrocities are accepted for 'America'.  1%ers ordered 95%ers to spray 12 million gallons of Agent Orange over areas of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.  1%ers intended to remove cover for Vietcong and North Vietnamese fighters and kill food crops to starve the enemy.  The Red Cross estimates 1 million civilians were disabled or died from health problems because of 1%er war crimes.  The American Air Force sprayed airborne chemicals on Vietnam with C-123 Provider (s) on the CBC National News hosted by Loyd Robertson.  The 95%'ers themselves poisoned men, women, and children from the air for paychecks.  The regulated, licensed, and edited American media practiced quiet propaganda for 1%'ers.  Ignored and under reported.  Then, denial.  Then, justification.  Then Minimization.  The 95%'ers working for paychecks that died from chemical exposure were 'faking it'.  Finally, closure.  The exposed 95%'ers in Wawina MN had to beg for death bed care?  No war crimes here, eh?

1%'ers ignored another military loss.  Why.  In the business of war winning or loosing does not matter at all.  The regulated, licensed, edited media owned by 1%'ers just blamed the 95%'ers for the loss in Vietnam.  There were no apologies for Agent Orange, and 1%ers left the landmines as a parting gift.  1%ers would never apologize for chemical warfare which made middle east terrorists look like choir boys.  The 1%ers media played parties, drinking, and drugs in Vietnam.  The shoddy performance of 95%'ers was the problem.  The boot licking, drug smoking, pinko, bottom class 95%'ers were responsible for America's HUMILIATION.  Still, a few protested.  Some were killed for protest by 1%ers.  The 95%'ers children living near Swan River MN saw their parents and protestors killed, shamed, hunted, and humiliated.  Their lesson would be a future without protest in the 1%'ers business of war.  Grand Rapids MN watched Daddy on TV ridiculed, whoring, drinking, taking drugs.  Daddy was shamed, filmed, and humiliated for 'his' loss.  The kids in Grand Rapids MN would see a future without family shame for many years, on television.  1%'ers said just shut up and 'Kill Em' or else.  The children what or else meant for Daddy?  You got that on tape?

The 1%'ers business of war is not bothered by dead children or war crimes.  Abramson admitted his Theory of Violence was to much to tell his class in the United States.  He said "I would be ruined professionally".  Now, he is another of the dead in my story.  I don't believe the American Professor can be ruined, now.  In 1979, the licensed, regulated, edited media wholly owned by 1%'ers would have discredited his theory.  Today it is factually and financially driven to be relevant.  Imagine, educators were afraid to tell 95%'ers their place in life in the land of the free.  1%'ers controlled the media early on in the redistribution of wealth.  Propaganda produced by 1%'ers was fashioned after radio propaganda programs like  'The New Deal' which was successful in the 1930's in Cohasset MN along U.S. Route 2.

"I pledge myself to a new deal for the American people" and all that garbage.  Much of the news has been edited since the 1930's for Americans.  1%'ers used 'their' media to entrench a 'system of beliefs' similar to Adolf Hitler in Germany.  That system of beliefs has justified a constant state of war for 90 years.  Tom Clancy would sell a lot of books glorifying the 1%'ers in his quest for profit.  Hero's.  Many movies would play that propaganda, again and again.  Oh.  Hold your heart.  By January 1991, WW II goodwill to America had been spent by 1%'ers.  Today, traveling 95%'ers from Deer River MN could buy a kick in the head with the American flag on their backpack in other countries.  People lie to themselves all the time.

Humans hope when there is no hope.  False Hope is a fatal human flaw.  False Hope enslaves 95%'ers to sell their lives as labor to 'rise to the top'.  False Hope requires 95%'ers to kill and die for the business of war, 'America The Beautiful'.  Falso Hope requires 95%'ers to kill for 'Life LIberty and Freedom'.  I admire the control 1%'ers perfected to projectile vomit propaganda into 95%'ers, constantly.  The 95%'ers use their telegraph, radio, newspapers, and televisions to catch their projectile vomit in their apple pie hole at Ryan Village north of U.S. Route 2.  I admire the control.  Lesson, 95%'ers savor vomit, or else?

Today, 95%'ers remember the ridicule, arrests, and killings when 95%'ers made their own news.  1%'ers are eons evolved in news delivery vetted by 'local' news affiliates;  Editors are vetted on hire; Reporters are vetted on hire;  Reporters vet themselves before submiting stories to Editors;  Editors Edit;  Editors submit stories to Legal to be Edited;  Announcers are vetted when hired;  Announcers read vetted scripts and stories;  Affiliates are vetted;  Internal Documents are vetted;  Boards vet Management;  Management vets local Managers; The 95%'ers at Chippewa National Forest MN south of U.S. Route 2 lived and died in a vetted world.  I'd use this 'vetted information lesson' from 1%'ers in the business of killing.

In America all news is vetted;  Reporters are vetted on hire and by story;  Announcers are vetted on hiring and by history;  Affiliates in the corporate structures are vetted;  documents are vetted management hired by managers working for the 1%'ers.  Vetted documents are interpreted and re-edited.  What this means is 1%ers and the CIA can overthrow a government and vet it out.  For example, the 1973 coup ousting democratically elected Chilean President Salvador Allende.  1%ers kept their puppet dictator Augusto Pinochet in control of the country for 17 years, with the rampant use of abduction, torture and murder.  There can be 'media' slippage, though.  In 1977, Brady Tyson was the deputy leader of the U.S. delegation to the U.N. Human Rights Commission in Geneva.  He slipped an apology for the U.S. involvement in this coup.

Brady Tyson was disavowed by the State Department for his 'slippage'.  The controlled media vetted out the Coup d'etat.  1%er 'News' didn't tell the story for Profit.  'News ignored'.  Silence is the most powerful weapon for 1%ers.  The power of SILENCE is LIMITLESS when 1%ers also control the licensing and distribution of 'news'.  For example, the Huffington Post 'interprets' the Credit Suisse Global Wealth Databook.  Their vetted news will not ruffle the feathers of one single 1%'er.  If one single feather is ruffled, heads would roll.  1%'ers would not allow veterans near the Mississippi Headwaters State Forest, real news on any federally regulated and licensed information network.  Just open the pie hole 95%'ers.  Our news.  Personally, 'I'm impressed'.  The 95%'ers put their hands over their hearts for 1%'ers.  Who are these amazing 1%'ers controlling the media for the production, consumption, profit, and the business of War.

15 years later in 2015, The Huffington Post 'interprets' the Credit Suisse Global Wealth Databook.  The Huffington Post reports that "in the U.S., 75.4% of all wealth is owned by the richest 10% of the people".  This is a vetted then as well.  The misinformation by the 1%'er owned Huffington Post distorts reality.  10% owning and selling the lives of 75.4% for production, consumption, and the business of war misrepresents the power of 1%'ers.  The 1%'er owned Huffington Post uses percentages less 'damaging' or 'informative' to the benefit 1%'ers.  However, today on January 4th 1991, the 1%'ers own, control, and vet national news going to Solway MN, and 1%'ers are not allowing ownership news today in my rear view mirror.

President H.W. Bush personally clipped Bilboes on the 95%'ers, at every opportunity.  The  1%'er Bush family threw steroids on the distribution of wealth.  He squeezing the 95%'ers tighter than any other President in American U.S. history.  H.W. Bush was determined to punish the 95%'ers, for complaining about Vietnam.  Bush laughed at 95%'ers, as he squeezed more for 1%'ers in their Bilboes.  Bush laughed louder, as he was killing 95%'ers in the Kuwait War for the profit of 1%'ers.  Shevlin MN drifted by on U.S. Route 2, as the future would see H.W. Bush's son giggling with his father about killing 95%'ers.  Just like daddy.  I was studying the best at the business of war.

By 1991, the 1%'ers Bush's were laughing about the killings and redistribution of wealth.  Later, I would practice 1%'ers strategies in my life.  Tomorrow, would also see the Bush family and their accomplice Maurice Raymond "Hank" Greenberg defraud the 95%'ers of trillions for fellow 1%'ers.  G.W. Bush and Greenberg would repeatedly rape and sodomized the 95%'ers.  G.W. Bush and Greenberg proclaimed 'free markets' and 'deregulation', and the 95%'ers sang 'do it to me one more time' in Bagley MN.

The 95%'ers were raped in the business of war and the sodomized as they were reduced to slaves in America.  The future would entertain 95%'ers dying throughout the middle east in dozens of Official and Unofficial Wars for the 1%'ers, after the Kuwait War.  I admired the control.  1%'er propaganda had as 95%'ers put their hands on their hearts for 1%'ers as they were raped and sodomised.  I learned killing and profit can be taken for generations, with the right presentation to Fosston MN.  The Huffington Post is an important asset for 1%'ers to intentionally misrepresent information, for example.  When you own the media, an accurate explanation is never given to 95%'ers.  I love it.

In the future, President H.W. Bush's son, G.W. Bush would continue the trend increasing the 0.1%'ers (1/1000) pronounced point - wən - pərˈsentˈərs to 16 % ownership of America.  H.W. Bush's son, and G.W. Bush would increase the 0.9%'ers (9/1000) pronounced point - nin - pərˈsentˈərs to 27 % ownership of everything in America.  The global financial meltdown was caused by 1%'ers which owned 43% of everything.  This ponzi scheme scheme had to be completed before G.W. Bush left office.  1%'ers printed morgage debt aided by their privately owned Federal Reverse.  1%'ers sold second mortgages to 95%'ers, and 95%'ers invested the money in a hot stock market caused by 95%'ers in McIntosh MN investing.

1%'ers now owned debt against 95%'ers only asset, and 1%'ers absorbed the cash into the 'artificially' hot market.  When the 1%'ers ponzie scheme peaked even used home sales were at an all time high.  1%'ers capitalized 1%'ers owned corporations with equipment,  inventory, and mostly cash for the future.  Record, 1%'ers corporate 'Cash' on hand could not be hidden even with accounting scandals.  The ponzie scheme recovered the money loaned by 1%'ers loaned under deregulation, as G.W. Bush and Greenberg planned.  The 95%'ers lost their equity borrowed from 1%'ers overnight, as the market crashed.  Erskine MN knows ponzie schemes are easy when the The Huffington Post is part of the ponzie scheme?

1%'ers also owned 95%'ers mortgages for constant future incomes.  Many mortgages went sour as the debts were greater than the market value, after the housing crash.  1%'ers were refunded this debt for the bad mortgages 95%'ers could not or would not repay.  1%'ers were repaid for losses by the Federal Reserve, Freddy Mac and Fanny Mae.  Ultimately, the tax base (95%'ers) bailed out Federal Reserve, Freddy Mac and Fanny Mae.  1%'ers brought the ponzie scheme to a full 100% profit.  100% profit = 95%'ers home equity + Stock Market Cash + Long Term Morgage Revenue + Federal Reserve, Fanny Mae, Freddy Mac.  I admire the way the 1%'ers sodomized the 95%'ers in Mentor MN.

I laughed at the 95%'ers who believe in they are middle class.  The middle class lives among 95%'ers, however they buy the 1%'ers propaganda.  There is no middle class, among the 1%'ers America.  Could 95%'ers really that stupid?  Do the middle class struggled for shelter, food, and minimum wage jobs?  Do the middle class use soup kitchens, homeless shelters, and Food banks?  Do the middle class sell drugs or steal for survival?  Do the middle class end up in 1%'er owned the jails?  Are the middle class controlled by police and military?  Do the middle class in Crookston sell their daughters to the sex trade, and their sons to the business of war along U.S. Route 2?  Do the middle class slaves own there own shack, or do these slaves pay homage to the master.  I've learned a lot on this trip.

I'm confident 95%'ers are getting the life they deserve.  1.0%'ers own close to 45% of America when G.W. Bush and Greenburg finished their sodomy lesson.  1.0%'ers take 20% of all U.S. Income, and 1.0%'ers pay very little or no tax based on their own laws.  Later, G.W. Bush continued packing the fudge into 95%'ers, as his father tapped that well before him.  G.W. Bush smiled when legislation and 1.0%'ers owned Media removed 'hunger' from all media.  95%'ers are now 'food challenged'.  I laughed.  The 95%'ers in denial says "Oh yeah smart guy" "45 percent ain't no majority".  I drove past that 2 watt living in Grand Forks ND sitting alongside U.S. Route 2 with his hat on the ground.  Veteran.

1 minute in any 1.0%'ers owned board room would crush that 2 watt between $2000.00 dollar leather shoes and an old oak hardwood floor.  The reality is 95%'ers are slaves paying mortgages / rent to 1.0%'ers.  The slaves had it better.  After African hero Micah Johnson hunted down cops killing Africans south of the 49th parallel their were no African murders by 1%er police for two weeks.  Breakthrough!  That's why Micah Johnson is a hero!  It worked.  Killing police officers saved African lives.  Micah Johnson was a hero because for 2 weeks young African men were NOT nine times more likely than other Americans to be murdered.  CBCNews struggled to find statistics identifying the number of African murders in 1%er media.  CBCNews "Number of U.S. blacks killed by police hard to pin down with no official figures" quote by By Lauren O'Neil, CBC News. Micah Johnson saved African lives for two weeks. Then it was Gavin Long who stood up and urged Africans to "Wake Up" after the attack on Police in Dallas TX.  How many African lives will he save by killing three Baton Rouge cops?  I drove past that 2 watt living in Rosby MN alongside U.S. Route 2 with his hat on the ground.  Veteran.

95%'ers are living in shacks paying mortgages / rent to 1.0%'ers.  Actually, slaves had it better.  They didn't have to pay for the shack over their head.  They got fed, without selling sex on the wrong side of town.  But, the rich with slaves could not send their slaves worldwide to earn profit.  1.0%'ers can send their 95%'ers to another country for the business of war.  I thought about an example where  H.W. Bush, G.W. Bush, and 1.0%'ers sent 95%'ers from Niagara ND to kill for the business of war resulting in the Kuwait War on the radio today.  1.0%'ers learned long ago, 95%'ers would kill anyone for a job with very little guilt.  Media juicing 95%'ers with 'Life, Liberty, and Freedom' always helped.  95%'ers did complain among themselves, however the 1.0%'ers owned media would ignore them.  1.0%'ers media fed the 95%'ers 'America' and 'Freedom' propaganda.  1.0%'ers feel good propaganda begged for donations to Veterans.  The Kuwait War was on the radio, and 95%'ers were fighting for food, rent, groceries, and mortgage payments in the middle east.  95%'ers believed killing Iraqi for 'America' was heroic.  Heroic killing jobs.  The spoils of the Kuwait War?  1.0%'ers had 95%'ers killing for propaganda and peanuts in the Kuwait War.  The dead heroes watched from the  cemetary at Petersburg ND?  Why did 1.0%'ers tell 95%'ers to kill in Kuwait?

Kuwait casualties were ordered by 1.0%'ers, and 95%'ers would never share in the spoils of this war.  95%'ers got low wages, and the dead got a little extra under the ground.  The Kuwait War found its roots in Iran after Mohammad Mossadegh مُحَمَد مُصَدِق‎‎ was democratically elected Prime Minister of Iran was deposed in a coup.  The CIA overthrew Mossadegh on orders as "carried out under CIA direction as an act of US foreign policy, conceived and approved at the highest levels of government".  The British Secret Intelligence Service helped with information.  In 1953, Mossadegh's government was overthrown in a coup d'etat by American Central Intelligence Agency and the British Secret Intelligence Service.  Iran had nationalized their oil wells for their people.  The 1.0%'ers killed off democracy in Iran, for profits?  The 1.0%'ers profits would lead to kill for profits in the Kuwait War.  95%'ers were offered cheep gas propaganda to kill of democracy in Iran.  'Democracy' is convenient propaganda for 1.0%'ers, and their propaganda is as strong as 'Fascist' propaganda in pre WW II Germany.  I drove past  95%'ers in Michigan ND chuckling at the projectile vomit they enjoy as 'Freedom'.

95%'ers were proud of a few gallons of cheap gas, and 1.0%'ers stole the oil for themselves.  The 1.0%'ers won round one.  The 'American Approved' Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi sold the oil cheap.  The newest and most violent puppet monarchy was the Shaw of Iran (Mohammad Shah Pahlavi).  He assumed power in 1967, with his 'American Approved' coronation.  Finally after many years of killing and oil profits 1.0%'ers were surprised by a revolt.  In 1979, the world media played the 'American Approved' puppet Shah of Iran gunning down women and children, as the 1.0%'ers arranged at Kent State.  The CBC National with Lloyd Robertson showed shiny black 1.0%'ers weapons gunning.  Did 95%'ers in Lakota ND know why they were being killed by 1.0%'ers in the Kuwait War, yet?

1.0%'ers ordered the 95%'ers to train the Shaw's guard to kill for their oil in Iran.  They stole the oil, and the oil belonged to the 1.0%'ers.  The killing tools got wages.  The business of war cares only about money.  Profit.  The 95%'ers were paid to train the Shaw's guard to kill, mercilessly.  1.0%'ers kill people every single day as part of the business of war.  Iran was typical, not unusual.  For example, 1%ers were involved in a bloody 1973 coup that ousted socialist Chilean President Salvador Allende in 1973.  1%ers put in their puppet dictator Augusto Pinochet in control of the country.  Pinochet ruled for 17 years with rampant abductions, torture and murder.  The CIA denied direct involvement in the coup on 1%er television networks and newspapers.  1%ers never apologize for war crimes.  In 1977, Brady Tyson a deputy leader of the U.S. delegation to the U.N. Human Rights Commission in Geneva, offered something of an apology to Chile.  He was disavowed by the State Department for 1%ers.  The 1%er policy of never apologizing for war crimes continued.  1%ers could buy Presidents of any sex and color.  Today, 95%'ers were listening to the propaganda telling them how heroic they were in sacrificing their sons and daughters for oil in the Kuwait War.  95%'ers believed the propaganda that they were rescuing Kuwait.  The 95%'ers in Devils Lake ND would get peanuts for their killing in Kuwait to clean up the mess created by 1.0%'ers.

The CIA believed killing civilians would keep the oil flowing for another 10 years.  However, the 'American Approved' Shaw of Iran gunned down revolts, until protestors overwhelmed his government.  Eventually, 95%'ers were punished as hostages by Iranian students.  The Students took the hostages when 1%'ers arranged a red carpet event for the Shaw of Iran to received medical attention in America.  Iranians demanded the 'American Approved' royalty be put on trial, as in the French Revolution.  Instead, the Shah of Iran and his wife, Empress Farah escaped with their heads and two children.  I stopped for a 95%'er to fill up with cheap gas in the freezing cold wind.  I made the pump monkey check everything in the cold.  I paid ever so slowly.  I got my cheep gas, and I had a little fun with the 95%'ers in Leeds ND.

The Iranians ran the 1%'ers 'American Approved' puppet out of town.  Iran won.  America lost another unofficial war.  The 1%'ers federally licensed and regulated media monopoly edited and managed the story blaming everything on the Iranian people.  95%'ers sucked up the projectile vomit.  95%'ers were just to stupid to value 'Democracy' or 'The French Revolution' when 1%'ers wanted profit in the business of war.  Yet, the 1'ers wanted that oil, and they kill every day for profit in the business of war.  The CIA and 1%'ers were surprised by the revolution in Iran.  1%'ers didn't have time to play propaganda for 95% to go to war to die for their oil profits.  Instead, 1%'ers arranged for York ND townspeople to pay to get their oil back.

Off the entire theater of war on planet earth, the 1%'ers applied middle east policy to train, aid, and supply tanks and jets to the Republic of Iraq.  Iraq would kill the Iranian people to return the oil to 1%'ers.  Iraq would depose the Revolutionary Guard in Iran for 1%'ers, and Iraq would get the military equipment and training free as the spoils of war.  Iraq and 1%'ers would impose a new 'American Approved' puppet Shaw.  There would be profit.  This business of war was about oil for 1%'ers.  The killing of men, women, and children was controlled by the 1%'ers owned media.  Simply editorialize financial documents till the cash cow comes online.  Misinformation.  Silence.  The 95%'ers living in Knox ND won't even know their cheap oil is the most expensive oil on the planet.  Yes.  They pay for the equipment used to kill for our oil in their next Budget!  Masterful 1%'ers?  Yes.  R They Stupid or What 95%'ers?

The Iraq / Iran War involved two 1%'ers administrations for Bush and Regan.  The standard middle east policy of Divide;  Choose One Side;  Split Ethnic Groups;  Split Religious Groups;  Hate Mongering;  Blame Game;  Train One;  Arm One;  One Media Darling;  Villanize One;  Media Degradation One;  Media Admiration One;  Media Support One;  Media Degraded One;  Incite Conflict;  Arm Conflict;  Kill New Terrorist;  Finally, 1%'ers are working in many theaters each day pursuing profit objectives in either a victory or loss.  Winning doesn't matter.  It's all about the money.  This tipped the land of forest and ice, over.  The worst part for the land of forests and ice was we all lost.  Does anyone honestly believe the 1%'ers would treat the country bumpkins at Rugby ND to the real facts before the Kuwait War?  They are to smart for that.

2016s super warm Arctic winter extremely unlikely without human induced climate change scientists say
The Arctic Ice was crushed in 2016, but that was nothing compared to 2017 which crushed new records.

95%'ers kill for 1%'ers is the Business of War, and 1%'ers own the media that routinely ignores the uneven distribution of wealth.  During the Iran / Iraq War the 1%'ers media glorified daily the American training of the new media darling Iraq.  The 1%'ers media played the 'wild eyed, dirty, ragged Iranians'.  How dare those dirty Persians defend their oil?  The Iraqis had such nice uniforms and equipment.  Our tanks looked great.  Sorry, their tanks.  The US emblems were painted over on their best tanks.  Oh.  Hand on my heart.  See the stars and stripes on that jet.  I wondered how many 95%'ers in Towner ND knew this is what put their child in the ground for oil in the Kuwait War, today?

The 1%'ers media villainize Iran, and those dirty Persians overthrew the 'American Approved' Shaw of Iran.  Worse, Iranians expected a 'French Revolution'.  Democratic ideas.  The 1%'ers had Iraq equipped at the 95%'ers expense on with fraud.  The 1%'ers were well oiled up, for profit.  The foreplay was over.  Kill 'Those' dirty Persians for taking their oil back!  Dirty Persians actually fighting back!  The 1%'ers would not have democracy in Iran.  1%'ers sell democracy with their media, they don't practice democracy for 95%'ers or Iranians.  The 1%'ers wanted a new 'American Approved' Shah in Iran.  I drove past the 95%'ers in Granville ND which trained the Iraqi to kill the Iranians.  I threw out my garbage.

The 'American Approved' Saddam Hussein came with Iraq on the 1%'ers middle east Sand Table.  While, Iraq did not have the strategic importance of Iran along the Persian Gulf, Iraq could invade the Iranians from Iraq?  The 1%'ers saw the Iranian oil wells materializing on the Sand Table.  Ronald Reagan and H. W. Bush helped defraud 95%'ers with war costs from the oval office.  The 95%'ers were about to pay for their own deaths in the Kuwait War.  1%'ers would get the oil.  White House documents and budgets confirm fraud during Iran Iraq War.  The 1%'ers were milking the President, directly.  Iran Gate?  Iraq Gate?  The 95%'ers in Surrey ND trained the killers cheap, and they paid 1%'ers for the business of war.

The 95%'ers trained the Iraqi to kill men, women, and children from September 1980 to August 1988.  America lost another Official War.  The world watched the humiliation of America in the 20th century's longest war.  Unofficially, 1%'ers edited their media to cover up Iran Gate, Iraq Gate, Budget Gate, Equipment Sales, Fraud, Bribery, and War Crimes by their partners in the business of war.  1%'ers had financed and stole the money to equip Iraq.  1%'ers lost the war between the Iranians with Iraqi.  Now, the issue of 80 - 120 billion in accumulated debt needed to be paid.  How else would 1%'ers cover up the aforementioned financial crimes.  Did the 95%'ers in Burlington ND feel that baseball bat stroking their colon?

The 'American Approved' Saddam Hussein failed to deliver Iran, and the hatred of America was building throughout the middle east.  1%'ers ducked behind President H.W. Bush.  Saddam Hussein was told to pay the debt by 1%'er President H. W. Bush.  Iraq did not have the money.  Bush needed the money or their would be political fallout.  Declassified documents would show the Bush administration provided Saddam Hussein with military support to the eve of the invasion of Kuwait.  1%'ers washed and scrubbed the media of much humiliation over the 1%'ers genocide in Iran.  Yes, 1%'ers financed this genocides as clearly as the Nazi financed the genocide of the Jews.  I drove past Berthold ND wondering if ONE of these people knew why they killed their son in Kuwait today?

In America, 95%'ers are the bottom class representing 95% of the people.  Many 95%'ers believe dying for a cheap gas is a good decision.  Many 95%'ers believe 1%'ers are justified in the continual business of war.  Many 95%'ers believe they need to raise children to kill in wars.  In the real world, 95%'ers are told what they are going to do.  Or Else?  Gun em down.  In the big picture, empires come and go as do village idiots.  The Post WW II era is now dust in the wind.  The 1%'ers no longer cared about wins or losses.  The losses in North Korea and Vietnam were the most profitable.  However, 1%'ers Bush and Reagan had to fix the books to cover up their involvement in the Iran / Iraq War.  The 1%'ers media would ignore the questions for Stanley ND., and Iraq had to pay the 80 - 120 billion cost of the war.  Quiet Diplomacy.

Iraq did not have the money.

The 'American Approved' Saddam Hussein was driven to war, again.  Some would argue he was financed by 1%'ers to take the Kuwait Oil Fields.  In reality, the debt drove the Iraqi into the Kuwait Invasion between Ba'athist Iraq and the Emirate of Kuwait resulting in the occupation of Kuwait.  Iraq took Kuwait with the leftover jets and tanks from the Iran - Iraq War.  They also received had last minute funding and intelligence from H.W. Bush, as part of the deal with 1%'ers which started this process in Iran many years ago.

PLAN A 1.  Iraq invades Kuwait.  2.  1%'ers get their share of the Kuwait Oil Fields to pay the mounting debts which can no longer be hidden even with a 'controlled media'.  3.  'American Approved' Saddam Hussein clears his debt, and he takes the middle east publicity hit from his peers in middle east.  He governs Kuwait as a puppet for the 'American Approved' 1%'ers Media.  That's the deal.  That is exactly what happened.  Those were the cards on the table.  Profit, Oil, Money, it was an oilman's wet dream.  Did you really think 95%'ers had a choice in any business of killing?   Did you know that Ross ND doesn't even have a card to play?

Bush guaranteed this deal on behalf of his 1%'ers friends to Saddam Hussein in advance of the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq.  The 1%'ers broadcast media minimized the Invasion of Kuwait for the first few days.  However, the International outrage after the 1%'ers financed Iran / Iraq war was quite loud.  This was unexpected by 1%'ers, H.W. Bush, and the 1%'ers now fully in control of the Republican Party.  The United Nations talked and chose to get involved.  The United Nations would not accept the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq.  But, the 1%'ers were determined to steel the oil from Kuwait and the money from Iraq.  Ray ND finally started to see how the 1%'ers were going to start yet another war.

PLAN B.  1.  1%'ers told Saddam Hussein their 'American Approved' ally that they would take Kuwait back from Iraq by joining the United Nations against Iraq.  2.  Iraq must leave without an all out fight, and Iraq could leave with equipment that would still roll or fly.  3.  1%'er media CNN would glorify 1%'er Stormin' Norman' Schwarzkopf, and he would negotiate the end of the war at the Iraqi border, where he would insist the UN stop at the Iraq border.  The deal was consecrated.  In circus lingo, the show must go on.  The 1%'ers media put on an incredible show that looked like war to legitimize PLAN B.  Williston ND watched each night with their pie hole wide open, in awe.

No carpet bombers.  Nope.  No C-123 Provider(s).  Nope.  Massive Itilery Blasting.  Nope.  Just cellular cameras on the bombs showing bombs in a war hitting targets.  The 1%'ers CNN played and coined "bunker busters" on 'targets' all night every night.  It was quite a show.  I'm sure each individual bunker buster bomb played at least 50 times on CNN.  Bombs with cellular cameras hitting concrete bunkers.  Oh, guided.  Wow.  One behind the other.  Empty bunkers?  I saw few if any flesh flying.  We all saw the same thing.  Tanks.  No.  Jets.  No.  Hmm, but camera footage of bombs hitting bunkers.  There was little or no air resistance for an army that had dug in for six months.  I give the 1%'ers a B Movie on this farce.  Glorious Win 95%'ers in America.  Would the country bumpkins in sleepy Bainville MT have any idea this was about the 80 - 120 billion?

The Kuwait War began in August 1990 and the Kuwait War was ending while I was traveling on January 4th 1991.  The 1%'ers media made a show of bunker bomb videos.  Some looked more like sewer cisterns than military bunkers.  CPJ, the Committee to Protect Journalists started keeping track of Journalists in jail in 1990, as the 1%er media showed little representing what Journalists wanted to report. True to PLAN B, Iraq didn't leave a lot of metal in the Sandbox.  What metal was left was the damaged metal from the original invasion of Kuwait.  That helped sell the 'war'.  Iraq did leave with their rolling equipment and jets.  The tanks shot in the desert were often dead tanks from the invasion of Kuwait which looked live at night from the sun's heat signature.  Tank deaths by 95%'ers were generally self inflicted friendly fire.  There were also accidental aircraft deaths.  It was all glory and killing in front of the church at Culbertson MT.

Everything was going according to PLAN B for the 1%'ers, until one Iraqi foot soldier retreating on orders had time on his hands.  One Iraqi foot soldier decided to fire one oil well at night in the desert.  OK.  Iraqi soldiers had lots of time on their hands.  After all, this was a retreat followed by an invasion.  The 1%'ers made a deal and the Iraqi were retreating.  Leisurely.  Then, one big flame lights up the sky at night.  I think the village idiot can figure out what happens next.  You could see one well for hundreds of miles.  Would the Poplar MT be fooled you can stoke oil wells with a M1 Abrams 105mm cannon driving into your colon?

The Iraqi foot soldiers fired 600 Kuwaiti oil wells, because they could.  Several months in advance of the Kuwait War, the 1%'ers media confirmed satellites were being located and pointed for the business of war.  The satelite shot widely distributed showed 650 oil wells on fire.  No Progression Speed.  I do admire and respect the way so very few 1%'ers can control 95%'ers.  I will learn how to manage events by watching their management.  We know Nashua MT believes 1%'ers propaganda for the Kuwait War, where 1%'ers produced a 're- enactment' of their own fraudulent report naming Iraqi soldiers for the murder of Kuwaiti babies.  Those little country bumpkins inhaled that vomit.

The 1%'ers fought the imaginary enemy, and the 'American Approved' Emirate of Kuwait was returned to pay war costs for fighting off the Iraqi.  1%'ers Profit.  Iraq had to promise to pay the 80 - 120 billion to the 1%'ers in the charage of 'intense' negotiations in the tents on the border of Kuwait.  The 1%'ers would get an exemption from trade sanctions and embargo's against Iraq for the export of oil to pay the 80 - 120 billion.  America patrolled the Iraqi border for their 'American Approved' Saddam Hussein, as per PLAN B with Iraq.  The 95%'ers in Glasgow MT paid with the lives of their sons and daughters along this route U.S. Route 2 for a couple of gallons of gas, and not one of the spoils of war.  Then, does education and media make them clueless?

1%'ers refuse to teach and inform as critical components of control.  The 1%'ers controlled education system requires low wages for minimally qualified teachers.  1%'ers prefer young 95%'ers to watch Jack Pine Sap run at -30 Fahrenheit in Montana.  The 1%'ers require an education for their family.  1%'ers tell 95%'ers how, when and where they would join the business of war.  1%'ers tell 95%'ers what to produce and consume for profit.  95%'ers are required to compete until death for minimum wage jobs.  1%'ers media indoctrination and propaganda will always have 95%'ers ready to kill their children for the business of war.  It is in these small towns like Hinsdale MT where the education and media shape the person.

The Romans believed war was necessary.  95%'ers accept their role.  1%'ers require the business of war.  Ancient Romans were also very busy killing.  Their empire fell on hard times.  The daily pay for killing would hardly buy a bowl of slop, as Rome contracted.  1%'ers also organized companies like Halliburton, Caci, Titan, Blackwater, and others for the business of war.  Since the nature of empires is to fail, the business of war started to transcend national recruitment strategies towards a global group of mercenaries.  95%'ers in Dodson MT lost their monopoly on 1%'ers, as money becomes more global.  Cut out the Propaganda garbage and just pay the man to kill who he's told.

The CBC Canadian Broadcasting Corporation ran a story on bombing hospitals.  War was changing.  It changed war back to the brutality of Rome and the Catholic Church.  Suddenly in the future, 1%er mercenaries and governments attacked medical facilities worldwide.  The World Health Organization reported a total disrespect for doctors and health care workers in war zones resulting in needless deaths.  Future bombings don't count civilians, support staff, missed vaccinations deaths, birthing deaths, or basic antibiotics or re-hydration for children after hospital bombings.  The 594 attacks on hospitals and clinics in the Middle East and Africa went unpunished, then.  At least 1,500 more would be crippled, injured, and maimed in 2 years.  The intentional attacks account for 50 percent of the attacks by governments.  Soon Syria would tally 228 medical deaths alone over two years.  Bombing Muslim health care and international health care workers would not be isolated, accidental, and Governments increased in ballistic (bomb strength) capabilities.

International Law Tribunals would be powerless against 1%ers.  Muslims in Yemen would soon suffer a terrible toll.  The WHO documents 960 killings during attacks on medical facilities over 2 years.  The respect for human life was as pitiful as the Catholic Church during feudalism in Europe.  War Crimes would not be war Crimes when Doctors without borders are in Syria, Yemen, Iran, or the entire middle east.  1%ers wanted their oil, and they ignored international humanitarian law like the Germans prior to WW II.  1%ers and their puppet government under President Barack Obama Government laughed about targeting hospitals, doctors, and patients as a war crime.  The UN Security Councils most powerful members such as the 1%ers from President Barack Obama (Pentagon), the 1%er (Obama) backed Saudi-led coalition, and the Russian backed chemical bomber Syrian President Bashar Assad murdered, indiscriminately.  95%ers would be hired guns.  The Pentagon would be glorrified by their champion, Tom Clancy.  In Canada, The descendants of the Forest and Ice people (Canadians) and the DDA helped in bombing the hospitals with 'air strike support'.  Some of us tried to stop Prime Minister Justine Trudeau.  Public pressure by Canadians did force him to slow his murders in the medical facilities.

The 1%er owned and operated Toronto Star would run a 3rd rate story of a the punishment of a Christian woman.  The Christian woman was punished because her son raped / seduced a Muslim girl.  The local Orthodox Coptic church helped justify raping / seducing the Muslim girl in the Minya province village of Karma.  This was a taboo in conservative Egypt.  The raping / seduction of Muslim girls was punished on the streets.  The Orthodox Coptic Church insists that the raping / seduction should not be punished in the Toronto Star story.  The Toronto Star peddled the incident as a 'hate story' according to their editorial policy.  The Christian churches would complain when Christians were not allowed to rape / seduce Muslims.

Dodson, is straight south of Shaunavon SK.  Harvey's Run from the ghosts of the twins had a stop in Shaunavon SK.  Two mid-west small towns where I am and where I once lived.  Dodson 95%'ers, what's the price of your daughter for the night?  To a Canadian;  To a 1%'er;  To Blackwater?  People always lie to themselves.  The Little Whore from Clavet was hanging out with the whores on skid row in Saskatoon.  Her family provided the truck to drive into town.  95%'ers sell their daughters into the sex trade, every day.  Admit it.  It grinds 95%'ers the wrong way, when the President takes free sex from your daughter.  No Mr. 1%'er President,  you have to pay to have sex with my daughter the intern.  People always lie to themselves.

Finally, America did loose against Iran.  Iran also won in 1980, when Iran cheered the death of the Shah of Iran.  The 1%'ers chosen Mohammad Reza Pahlavi died.  He got what he deserved.  Later in 2001, his daughter Leila Pahlavi killed herself with 5 times the lethal dose of Seconal.  She got what she deserved.  Later in 2011, his son Alireza Pahlavi killed himself with a shot in the head.  He got what he deserved.  Were these well paid killings?  No one will ever know what really happened in Egypt, or who poured the bottle of pills, or who shot the gun.  In the long game, the Shaw or Iran and his family, The Little Whore from Clavet and her family, were playing to the same fate.

Time is the most precious part of the Universe!

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