Je me souviens, Hull QC, Nepean ON, Ottawa ON, Ben Johnson, and the Ratting Raping Clan from Clavet

My history started with the Clan from Clavet started in 1980 in Saskatoon.  There are those that couldn't care less if The Little Whore from Clavet on 20th Street (skid row) in Saskatoon was selling sex.  There are those that couldn't care less about her getting a 25 minute truck ride from Clavet to work with her brothers selling heroin on skid row in Saskatoon.  There are those that couldn't care less about the Little Whore from Clavet picking up underage girls on skid row for consensual or UN-consensual sex with her brothers in Clavet.  There are those who couldn't care less if the Little Whore from Clavet and the Clan from Clavet were a security leak.  The rest of the people would be interested in what happened to their 250 million dollars.

These people would be interested in what The Clan from Clavet does in Ottawa ON in the late 1980's.  My first working stay in Ottawa ON is important as The Clan from Clavet actually shows up in Ottawa ON.  They were witnessed by other people I knew in Ottawa.  My first working stay in Ottawa ON would be nearly 10 years before The Little Whore from Clavet and The Clan from Clavet blamed me for the 250 million dollar drug loss in the Port of Vancouver.  My stay in eastern Canada would extend the number of cities, towns, and villages where I was harassed by The Clan from Clavet.  The list would soon include Saskatoon SK, Clavet SK, Young SK, Allen SK, Hull QC, Nepean ON and Ottawa ON.

In Ottawa, I wondered if the Rebels MC in Saskatoon noticed how the Clan from Clavet made their money.  Did they work?  Did the Ratting Raping Clan from Clavet ever get busted?  Did the Ratting Raping Clan from Clavet have visible income?  Legal Income?  How could I have been so stupid?  Was The Little Whore from Clavet with white panties a job for the Little Whore from Clavet.  Was that the reason the Little Whore from Clavet rode in the truck from Clavet to Saskatoon at night?  Was the little virgin with white panties routine just a scam to make money?  Maybe, The Clan from Clavet was selling drugs and whores on skid row in Saskatoon?  Was the Little Whore from Clavet and her Clan making me a mark?  Were they going to try to extort money?  Meanwhile, I hadn't noticed them in the newspaper or on the news in Saskatoon?  As far as I knew in 1988, The Clan from Clavet was still ratting, raping, and whoring their way through Saskatoon.

I chose to make a fresh start in Ottawa ON primarily because there were jobs in Ottawa.  The jobless rate was low, and that gave me a chance to make a living with my work experience skills.  I was a bee keepers helper, truck driver, security guard, salesman, parking lot manager, and car wash renovation specialist, already.  I wasn't sending my daughter too Saskatoon's skid row on 20th street in Saskatoon with my son to sell drugs on skid row.  I have been a working man since I was 13 years old.  I had little time to monitor ratting raping career of the Clan from Clavet before or after arriving in what is now the Greater Ottawa-Gatineau Area.  Working men in Hull QC had little time to keep up on the Ratting Raping Clan from Clavet in Saskatoon.

Did the Clan from Clavet ever get busted with the Rebels?  I speculated that at least some of the Little Whore from Clavet's brothers must have joined the Rebels MC Club, after 1980.  I admit that I did wonder how the Saskatoon Rebels fared against The Little Whore from Clavet and The Clan from Clavet?  Had the Little Whore from Clavet slapped the Rebels into submission through the living room picture window on Idylwyld Drive North?  Did her brothers use that information to compete in the drug trade?  Never Mind.  That was way out in the wild west, now.  I had a new community on the other side of the Canadian Shield from the ratting raping Clan from Clavet.  Meanwhile, I was homeless.

I had to find a paycheck and a home built on concrete footings.  In 1988, Ottawa ON and I "start over", again.  I was an experienced "start over".  Why.  St. Brieux SK, Humboldt SK, Watrous SK, Ear Falls ON, Oxdrift ON, Shaunavon SK, Lloydminster SK, Claresholm AB, and Lethbridge AB were "start over" stops on Harvey's Run.  Saskatoon was a "start over" in my rear view mirror.  I would "start over" out many times in my life.  I became a quick "start over".  Today, I never had a lot of money, so I had to find any type of work, quick.  I didn't make "big wages" rebuilding the car wash with my friend Ron in Martinsville.  I needed a paycheck yesterday.

For working men in Canada that means, get a job.  I took what little cash I had on hand to rent a room above a restaurant at 40 Promenade Du Portage in Hull QC.  The Strip.  Yes, I was a single young man with a french background.  Where else should I "start over".  I had a rented a room with a shared washroom down the hall on the second floor above the restaurant.  The 2nd level rooms were spartan in this old wood construction building in historic Hull QC.  The Promenade Du Portage was "the strip" in Hull QC.  This was "the strip" where young Quebecers came to party on the weekend.  "The Strip" where the young English merrymakers from Ottawa ON came to get drunk.  Some merrymakers made it home safely.  Some merrymakers suffered a few incidents of violence grounded somewhere in "Je me souviens".  Quebec separatism sentiment was high.  Quite frankly, I came to believe Quebec remembered  not just the past, but that past which could well be their future, again.

My french surname "Rohel" courteous of the small town drunk in St. Brieux would be an asset.  I also used that little bit of french I learned as a child to excel in french in school.  Pierre Eliot Trudeau had plunged Canada into the great multilingual experiment.  He was right.  I know many English did not like the ongoing multilingual experiment.  However, history would prove Trudeau right by no real good margin.  As I was saying, my french background caught me a few breaks.  Nothing changes a life like catching a break.  I didn't suffer a incident of violence grounded somewhere in "Je me Souviens"

I was lucky.  I'd rather catch a break, than earn one.  Life is about large or small breaks in your favour.  My name and my French were breaks which helped the town drunks son escape the "Je me Souviens" hatred in Quebec.  I would "fit" into "the strip" in Hull QC, as a well camouflaged Oreo.  English on the inside, and french of the outside.  Reality check, I was broke and I needed a paycheck.  I left my low rent district in Hull QC and I crossed the Ottawa River to the high rent district at the Unemployment Insurance Office in Ottawa ON, I called, I interviewed, I got a job.  I started working at Smith Packaging on Capella Ct in Nepean ON.

This was a paycheck to paycheck job to keep me going until I found a better paycheck to paycheck job.  Only the beaten don't hope for something better?  The summer heat and humidity was deadening, as Ottawa ON has a humid continental climate with warm summers and no significant dry season.  The heat and humidity from the great lakes and the moisture from the Boreal Forest is heavy.  Heavy like a stifling wet blanket.  Global warming statistics would one day estimate that the Boreal Forest had once contained 1/3 of the fresh water on the planet.  The far north of Quebec was not avoid the new heat sources, which 1%er employed white coats and climate 'experts' denied publicly for money and funding for their organizations.  Our forest and ice people in Salluit QC rejoiced in the 'new heat', as did the new forest and ice people in Greenland.

The forest and ice people believed the lies supporting Production, Consumption, Profit, and the Business of War.  To the east of Ottawa in Nova Scotia fish would wash ashore dead, in the year the far north changed for the first time.  The extreme temperatures stopped the buildup of ice in the land of forests and ice.  Ocean temperature we tested above freezing near the Arctic Circle in the land of forest and ice.  Ottawa ON was definitely hotter and more humid than Oxdrift in Northern Ontario on Harvey's Run.  In Nova Scotia would have massive amounts of Herring and Dead Fish washed up on shore, and the Vancouver Sun reported that 1%ers were feeding 95%ers south of the 49th parallel 'fake fish'. The 1%er controlled media offered to reasons for the fish die off. Why did the fish start dying off on the east coast of the land of forest and ice. It took some time for people to forget about Nova Scotia. It takes time for people to lie to themselves, if they cannot forget. People forget as a natural defence. We forget lost love. We forget lost money. We forget lost friends. We forget pain. I did not forget about these fish.

Eric Hewey and others discovered washed up on a beach in Digby County on BoxingDay

I didn't forget, and I'm not much good at forgiveness. I'm not one of those people, instead I watched people become immune to mammal beaching by whales, dolphins, and walruses. In 20 years, Pacific white-sided dolphins are seen by the BC Ferries. The fish in Nova Scotia faded into memories for most forest and ice people. I was curious. When the insane took power under 1%ers south of the 49th parallel in North America. Global Nationalism and Conservatism became the ideology needed to block 800 million African, Asian, and South American people in the south in 'refugee camps', 'UN Camps', or simply fending for themselves where there was no rain. The dead zones caused by ocean warming increased from a few to about 400 in oceans around the world. The forest and ice people had one of the largest just off the Pacific Coast. Tom Pedersen, professor of oceanography at the University of Victoria helped lead the forest and ice people.

 Tom Pedersen, professor of oceanography at the University of Victoria helped lead the forest and ice people.

The 50 year decline in oxygen in the Gulf of St. Lawrence was getting hard for 1%ers to cover up in endangering the forest and ice people. Not only was the oxygen decline causing the 'dead zones' in the Gulf of St. Lawrence , but 1%er owned politicians like Justine Trudeau promised to force ships to slow down in the St. Lawrence to save right whales. The ships were never a problem before all the oxygen was gone?  That's just the peoplekind Prime Minister Justine Trudeau was with focus on gender, rather than keeping any of his first election promises in 2017.nbsp; Peoplekind? 10 right whales have been found dead along the shores of the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Trudeau know the oxygen is the problem, however 1%er owned politicians know who really controls policy in the land of forest and ice?

The research studies are connecting oxygen with ocean acidity and temperature to rapidly decreasing oxygen levels in the ocean. The dead fish was just getting started. The right whales nearing extinction number around 500 trying to get enough oxygen near the surface. They now 'live' nearer the surface. That's why hitting the right whales was never a problem in the past. The forest and ice people didn't know how much trouble oxygen would become as the arctic lost all it's ice. We were just trying to survive, and energy from coal to an energy source was part of survival. 6.8 billion people would die if we did not use energy to make Production, Consumption, Profit, and the Business of War work! 1%ers just wanted their Profit. We were still useful to Produce and Consume. We consumed what we could, and we did the killing in the middle east for energy. The fish, the whales, the oxygen, the climate, we were loosing control of something we never controlled. 1%ers owned the land of forest and ice from the beginning. The worst part was the forest and ice people were hit the hardest as the north was particularly at risk to acidification and ocean warming causing oxygen deprivation. Then the inland seas frozen in permafrost let go the final straw. We hoped for a new fishing windfall? Instead, we lost. Then, we lost again. Soon, global warming did not seem such a good thing, anymore.

Salluit Quebec Global Warming comparasin to Greenland.jpg

Click here for more dead fish from dead zones and oxygen deprivation.

I found the shift from the dry air on the Prairies, sweaty.  I ordered a land line for my new room from Bell.  Radio Shack's commercial was selling "the big brick" cell phone for just over $4000 in new millennium Canadian dollars plus 50 cents a minute.  I connected with my world on my budget.  I called Julie at my house trailer in Star Trailer Court in Saskatoon.  We talked and I exchanged my new number with her.  We talked about Julie coming to Ottawa ON.  I explained I was just renting a room.  I told her that I didn't think we would continue as a couple.  I just hate giving good people bad news.  This makes me cringe.

I told her she would need another place to stay, as I could not afford to keep both places.  I told Julie, I planned on moving the house trailer to my bothers farm in St. Brieux.  I later arranged for my brother Leo to move my house trailer out of Star Trailer Court to his farm in exchange for my 306 Ruger Bolt-Action Rifle.  Julie and I talked several times after I arrived in Ottawa ON.  Eventually, I told her I would go it alone in Ottawa.  I gave her my address and phone number to forward to Star Trailer Court Management regarding outstanding lot rent that I would pay for her.  I didn't think sharing my contact information would become an issue.  I agreed.  I assumed some of my friends wanted to call.  Bump.  Before routine could find roots, there was a horrible accident at work.

I was 27 years old, and I had been working for wages for 14 years.  I had never been involved with in a serious accident at work.  Gerry was working with me on the other end of a box die cutting machine.  In 1988, we were blue collar workers just trying to make a paycheck making boxes.  I was working one side of the die cutting machine, and he was working the other side.  I assume the cardboard slipped on top the razor sharp die as it went into the die cutting machine.  I also assume Gerry tried to adjust the cardboard on the die as it approached the roller.

Gerry held the cardboard down on the razor sharp die until the last second.  This kept the razors within the border of the cardboard sheet.  He followed the die with his fingertips underneath the safety guard while on top of the cardboard which is on top of the razor sharp die.  He caught his fingers between the roller and the cardboard.  The die machine pulled his fingertips between the roller and the cardboard.  This pulled his hand in to start slicing into his palm.  He hand was being sliced into the pattern of a cake box between the roller and the razor sharp die.  He was stuck.  Screaming.  The clutch on the roller chattered and reengaged straining the electric motor on the die cutter.  His fingertips drew him into the roller.  Deeper.

I heard the razor sharp die high pitch slice through the meat and bone.  Thumb.  Palm.  The bones in his hand were puzzled into the pattern of the cake box.  Sliced.  Where is it?  Time stalled an eon or two.  I thought I could see dust fall out of the air.  Finally, he screamed.  When people are really hurt, it's a piercing gut wrenching groan of despair crossed with a higher shrill scream.  The entire workplace stopped more suddenly than the recess bell in a schoolyard.  People have a sixth sense for this sort of scream.  They knew.

Those pesky eons crawl past, as I see a fellow worker on another machine look towards our die cutting machine.  I'm on one side of the die cutting machine with a switch.  Aid is 5 - 6 seconds away, minimum.  The clutch clunks forced by the powerful electric motor pushing the roller as it slips on the blood from the surgical pattern.  Here comes the pain.  His crying suffering whimper of pain and despair brought me out of my eons of shock packed into one second.  He's caught and maybe going in deeper?

I have a choice.  I can push the red button once to stop the machine in it's tracks.  He can suffer and bleed out for the 1/2 hour to take the roller out of the machine.  I can push the green button to reverse the machine.  He can salvage whatever is left of his hand.  He can get help.  He can go to the hospital.  If I just stopped the machine, no one would be able to reverse the machine?  We would share his suffering whimper of pain until the machine was taken apart.  I had a choice.  That much I knew now.  Should I push red and let him scream trapped in the roller?  Should I push red and green to stop the machine and spit what was left of his hand back out on his side?

Bad things happen to good people every day.  He wasn't reckless, but he got caught.  The Little Whore from Clavet just wanted to have a little fun with her brothers on 20th street in Saskatoon?  The Ratting Raping Clan from Clavet worked 20th Street.  the Little Whore from Clavet wasn't reckless, but she began a series of events which would change many lives in the future.  the Little Whore from Clavet had her brother BJ on 20th Street in Saskatoon.  She was surrounded by her "people".  Were both Penny and the Little Whore from Clavet reckless?  Did Penny earn her raping by the Clan from Clavet because she was a runaway?  Did the Little Whore from Clavet earn her life?  Bad things happen to good and bad people by chance or by design.  The Little Whore from Clavet left footprints in 20th Street is Saskatoon which would effect thousands of people.

I pushed red and green.  The worker with Workplace Medical training arrived.

The Medical Workplace worker guided him across the shop floor to the coffee lounge with blood squirting out of what was left of his hand.  I was told to look for his fingers and parts of his hand in and around the die cutting machine.  I was shaken.  I looked but didn't see all that well.  I helped.  Again.  Could my beginning in Ottawa ON have been any worse?  It can only get better, now.  Right?  What?  Oh, I think I see a finger.  I picked it up.

I found a couple of fingers and a chunk of his palm.  I was shaken by the accident, and I was offered the rest of the day off by a shop foreman.  I decided to stay.  The next day I gave my notice, and I quit at the end of the week.  I added box manufacturing to my resume,  In Canada, the blue collar man pays his rent or mortgage, and he struggles to afford his family.  They seek happiness and satisfaction far from the blue collar shop floor.  The Workplace.  The Salt Mine.  Given a choice, all blue collar workers would do something else if they could.

This new arrival to Ottawa ON had to find another blue collar to eat and pay rent.  I chased down another short term job across the border in downtown Ottawa ON at the Radisson Hotel.  The hotel is located across from Parliament Hill on the corner of Queen and Bay street.  I worked as night cleaner vacuuming banquet rooms, restaurants, lounges, and mopping public washrooms.  I got a few more paychecks under by belt, while I was becoming a regular barfly at the Bijou on the Promenade Du Portage where I met a wonderful french woman from Hull QC.  In french, "Quebec beer and a french girlfriend" translates into "to get a job and keep it".

While working as a night cleaner in September and early in October, the 1988 Seoul Olympics aired on television.  It was the latest Olympics aired to date.  Benjamin Sinclair Johnson won two bronze medals and Canada rejoiced.  Ben won the Olympic Gold in the 100 yard dash and  Canada Celebrated!  Victory gushed like a faucet from each and every one of us.  We were happy like the first real warm day of spring shining on snow burdened Canada.  Canadians had that glitter in their eye.  It was amazing.  That night the beer flowed, revellers , and life was good.  The strip in Hull QC discarded "Je me souviens", and the party was ON after a tough start to the 1980's in Canada.  We were eager to ignore the unusually warm fall that year.  We wanted warmer springs and falls.  The forest and ice people thought we were catching a 'break' as the warm winds blew in early spring and late winters crept into the land of forest and ice near Salluit QC.

Salluit Quebec Global Warming comparasin to Greenland.jpg

We had endured a Global Economic Recession, the Latin American Debt Crisis, Trust Company bankruptcies, High Unemployment, High Inflation, and loosing our homes to high interest rates near 18.5% under Brian Mulroney and the Conservative Party.  There was a sense of relief, when Ben won his race.  Our race.  We all felt like we won the race, when Ben won that race.  We keep those first names, for someone special.  The forest and ice people politely gushed a lot.  The next morning the gushing went 'Away' as the black ink on morning headline read 'Cheater'.  The something special died, the hope, the pride, with a little ink on our pulp mill paper.  I was sad, we all were captivated in sport.  People lie to themselves all the time.  We ignored the hottest summer day in Toronto ON of 99°F, that year.  Later, the fall farm receipts were down with the hottest and driest summer in 34 years on the natural open prairie and the larger area of deforested land, that year.  The lack of winter washed out forest and ice people sports like skiing and dog musher events.  We knew felt the changes long ago.  However we never dreamed those same warm winds would continue west to Greenland.

Nuuk Greenland and the forest and ice people

That ink slapped us back to reality.  CHEATED.  The gusher ran dry, and the glittering spirit, vanished.  I was never good at cleaning, either.  Shortly after the gusher ran dry, I quit the Radisson Hotel.  I was a few paychecks ahead with my rent paid.  I then went to Labour Ready to see if I could find work that I liked for the winter.  In late October 1988, Labour Ready sent me to a construction site for a day.  The next day I ran shotgun with a garbage truck picking up garbage bins.  Finally, the next week Labour Ready sent me to Union Auto Parts.

Time is the most precious part of the Universe!

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Now, the ghosts, the dead, the Punished, and the Punishers!

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