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In 1991, I left 1%ers and the business of war in Kuwait, at the 49th parallel border.  Meanwhile, 1%ers continued the pressure on the forest and ice people, as their start came predominantly with the British 1%er imperialist monopoly the Hudson Bay Company.  Our 95%ers toiled for their 5% of the new glorius and free land, as 1%ers dominated the forest and ice people in Production, Consumption, Profit, and The Business of War.  Gradually we realized that the horse was never going to get rich by catching the carrot, and 1%ers would control our dreams.  We were owned and operated by 1%ers from the very beginning in the monopoly they owned.  As the town drunks son, I was fortunate to live where 95%ers still had a chance to stay off skid row.  DDA like The Little Whore from Clavet chose her path in Toon Town.  The forest and ice people heated their melting pot with bilingualism and multiculturalism.  The Federal Government powered by Pierre Elliot Trudeau put down the French resistance in Quebec during the 'October Crisis' or 'La crise d’Octobre' using the War Measure Act (Military) when Pierre Laporte was murdered by the 'Front de liberation du Quebec' (FLQ).  The Federal Government was long ago purchased by 1%ers to put down resistance from 95%ers!  95%ers were charged as terrorists, communists, trouble makers, and enemies of democracy and the 'free world' for criticising or rejecting the 1%ers Business of War.  "Just shut up", and "get in there" and "buy the leadership" or "kill them dark skinned people" for their oil.  "National Security".  Myself, I had the DDA Clan from Clavet on my tail.  , and I started to think about skinning 3 rats old pedophile Joe from Clavet trained as rats.  His son BJ, his Little Whore from Clavet, and his son in law Blondie on Idylwyld Drive North in Toon Town!  How do I skin a Rat?  Better yet, do rats like this deserve better lives than decent people?

Skinning Port of Vancouver rats for the wealthy is a well paying job which will give you better life.
First, we could hang the Port of Vancouver rats with a rope with a hook.  The first 2 cuts are circles above the ankles.  Then, we tie the rats feet to the rope using Plastic 20 kg Zip Lock Cable Ties.

1%ers used their Governments and Military to conscript, incarcerate, or kill 95%ers that complained south of the 49th parallel.  As my Ford Escort headed west in 1991, I was also searching for a better way.  If people leaked the truth about 1%ers, you were incarcerated when caught.  Our forest and ice people north of the 49th parallel struggled with 2 incomes and 1-11/2 jobs.  It was getting harder and harder to own your own home in 1991, and we moonlighted in cabs and restaurants, while 1%ers could afford to buy new and developing science to look better, stay healthy, fight viruses, and live longer that 95%ers.  Money bought 'the gift of life'.  1 in 10 95%ers already had kidney disease.   Millions more are at risk, and each day 15 decent forest and ice people are told that their kidneys have failed.  The wealthy couldn't care less whether their kidneys came from, as long as they came right on time!  Their non stop Production, Consumption, Profit, and Business of War had caulously killed several 100's of millions of humans, since coal fired the first steam engine.  I reasoned, I was going to offer the 1%ers something more than a burger in a fast food joint?  The Business of War loaded them up with cash!  Hmm, the wealthy 1%ers were already buying a better lives?  With the Clan from Clavet on my tail, I needed an angle?  As I drove west, I thought about some of the numbers I'd run across at the University of Ottawa.

Skinning Port of Vancouver rats for the wealthy is a well paying job which will give you better life.
Cut the skin between the legs to the 2 circle cuts above the ankles.  Skinning the Port of Vancouver rat legs downward from the cuts. Then pull the skin downward from the cut between the legs away from their anus, balls, or vagina.

The history for the tribes in skinning should make this financial opportunity a natural for the DDA tribes across the land of forest and ice.  Through the 1900s, 1%ers chased Profit by abolishing slavery for African Americans, as 1%ers made more money with energy and machines.  The forest and ice people were suspicious of powerful 1%ers south of the 49th parallel.  1%ers with their media and freshly printed money complements of the 1%er owned and operated Federal Reserve.  The Federal Reserve became globally significant as the Dollar replaced the British Pound in the late 1970's.  In the land of forest and ice, I had to try to take a few steps up the imaginary ladder, before the ladder disappeared,  Our forest and ice people and the DDA were fed large quantities of sugar leading to Diabetes which causes 36% of kidney failure, and the stress and pressure of our daily lives led to high blood pressure causing Renal Vascular Disease for 15% of us, as we toiled for crumbs.  I was stressing about that as I talked to Border Services on my way back into the land of forest and ice.  Would I make it untill the Big War?  I was thankful to be back in our heated melting pot in January 1991.  I should have stopped and kissed the ground.

I was in the land of the Glorius and Free, where our ancestors were the forest and ice people under the imperialist before Confederation.  After Confederation in 1867, the imperialist monopoly Hudson Bay Company, allowed us to pay them for everything to settle on the land of forest and ice.  Historians are like whores, they played the song differently for the man on top.  In 1991, the Little Whore from Clavet's story would of course be her version of reality.  Becky was after all a pure white virgin, on 20th Street Toon Town skid row with her brothers taking underage white girls home to Clavet SK.  Still, I reasoned that 41,931 decent people being treated for kidney failure, and 53% of these renal failure patients worked their entire lives building the land of forest and ice!  Only fools believe we were all born equal, and how does anyone believe a rat selling out their own family deserves better than decent people?  The Little Whore from Clavet has her 'stories' to tell her children, but I would argue this is not a game.  Our people stepped from the boats on the sea onto this land of forest and ice, and we worked for 1%ers to build futures under the laws of Production, Consumption, Profit and the Business of War.  With only 400 yearsThe land of forest and ice history is written in Forest and Ice Bone History and Archeological History in the near past. Bone history is more accurate with the forest and ice people than any other humans on earth. Our Bone history also vindicates the forest and ice people more than any other people on earth, with regards to the DDA.  Bone history also clearly demonstrates that the primitive DDA was regressed compared to other hunter gatherers. There is no cure for kidney disease in 1991, and Kidney disease was the 10th leading cause of death in among decent forest and ice people.  Do you really believe the Little Whore from Clavet selling her family deserves better than free men and free women?  Now, her rat bred, rat raised children, with their 'stories'?

Skinning Port of Vancouver rats for the wealthy is a well paying job which will give you better life.
Skin the Port of Vancouver rats downward from the legs and the skin away from their anus, balls, or vagina.  Pull down harder to rip the skin of the rats and the family they sold.

Why.  Global control of 1%er Metal moldings, Steam Engines, and Coal Mines were established before the fur trade finished.  The 1%er was well on there way in the early 1830's with Metal, Steam Engines, and Coal.  Therefore, the forest and ice people are a product of the forests and ice dominated by 1%ers from birth to death.  The 1%ers controlling Metal, the Steam Engine, and Coal (Energy) controlled the land of forest and ice.  1%ers controlled the development of the top 2/3 of a Continent called North America.  1%ers controlled the 2nd largest country on the planet.  They controlled transportation to every DDA and every forest and ice person.  Coal harnessed in energy was the key to the Global population growth.  Coal was no longer just Heat.  The onset of the 1%er in the land of forests and ice can be measured by the environment.  The population explosion caused changes globally but especially in our land of forests and ice.  The steal moldings made steel leg traps for the DDA to trap rats like the Little Whore from Clavet!

Kidney Disease  The forest and ice people being treated for kidney failure has more than tripled in the past two decades.

57.5% (24,114) are on dialysis
42.5% (17,817) have a functioning transplant
42.7% of patients on hemodialysis treatments survived at least five years.
27% of patients are late referrals; a late referral is considered a patient who starts dialysis treatment less than 90 days after first seeing a nephrologist.

The late referral rate has improved by 11% - down from 36% in 2004.

Organ Donation

Nearly 75% of the over 4,400 forest and ice people on the waiting list for an organ transplant, are waiting for a kidney.
Of the 24,114 people on dialysis, only 14% are on the waiting list for a transplant.
In 2013, a third of the people who died while waiting for organs were waiting for a kidney (88 people).
The five-year survival rate for adults with transplanted kidneys is nearly 90% from living donors and 83% from deceased donors.
There were 1,419 kidney transplant procedures performed in 2013.
On average, kidney patients wait 4 years or more for a deceased-donor kidney transplant.

Median wait times for 2011-2013 were:
longest in Manitoba (4.8 years) and B.C. (4.5 years)
shortest in Nova Scotia (2.7 years)
51% of kidney transplants are made possible by living donors.
37% of living donors are unrelated to one another (includes spouses).
Approximately two-thirds of deceased patients who are eligible to donate do not convert into donors.

The land of forest and ice history is locked into 400 years of the Forest and Ice People.   The Boreal Forest doubles as a circumpolar mood ring changing from green on brown to grey on white from space.  Space itself watches The Forest and Ice People living in the land of forests and ice.  The Glaciers, The Northwest Passage, The Sub Arctic, and the Arctic.  The consumption of coal effected man for 6000 years, however harnessing coal as energy changed everything when the forest and ice people became a 'people'.  We became a people when 1%ers hired white coat whores and they are called scientists.  These white coat whores promised us that disappearing ice was not a problem.  The white coat whores at NASA assured us there was no 'ice melt' citing the expanding sea ice in the Antarctic for 35 years.  1%ers hired corrupt Prime Ministers like Brian Mulroney and Steven Harper to further these lies in Government?  Environmental Treason?   When the Northwest Passage thawed for the first time it was Coal which did most of that damage?  Coal consumption was rising with the population density on earth for 6000 years.

Skinning Port of Vancouver rats for the wealthy is a well paying job which will give you better life.

The reality in humanity started to annihilate themselves with energy.  Humanity 'pretended' to study the problem.  But, Climate change researchers cancelled expeditions on Icebreaker CCGS Amundsen because of climate change itself.  You see this ice is old thick ice which just disappeared across the Arctic that summer.  The southern port in Newfoundland was usually ice free this time of the year.  The study was cancelled as the ice was to thick for the icebreaker in 2017.  The geometric progression began when the first steam engines turned coal into energy.  The coal consumption skyrocketed!  Starting in 1800 to today, coal skyrocketed with a multiplier to population.  Population skyrocketed with energy to transport food locally and nationally, farm food with steam engines, the planetary movement of fertilizer, and global immigration.

Climate change researchers cancel expedition because of climate change Icebreaker CCGS Amundsen diverted from science mission, continues search and rescue work

Icebreaker CCGS Amundsen cancelled Climate Studies because ice should have disappeared by June 12th 2017

Energy fuelled the population explosion as Energy changed agriculture and the distribution of goods and services.  I can easily prove every legal authority lied to the forest and ice people as their land came to be theirs.  You see, "the oldest data on sea level rise comes from the 1700s, as forward-thinking people took measurements of their local harbours with tidal gauges and recorded them for posterity".  These numbers remained more or less flat for more than a century.  Then, when coal was used in the steam engine the earth changed.  The use of coal for energy and the expanding number of earthlings, began changing the climate gradually from 1810 - 1830.  However, the change was severe enough to start raising earths oceans by the 1850s.  This begins the era of the trains and steamships in the Production, Consumption, Profit and the Business of War.  This is the beginning of the industrial revolution.   Imagine, how much ice and glacier melt occurred to START changing ocean levels.  Global warming clearly started in the 1850's, and the ocean has been rising since.  1%er employed historians and scientists would lie to the forest and ice people for 200 years.  Since 1850, the rising ocean trended upward.  Several historians and scientists were embarrassed into recognizing the rising oceans.  In reality when they started acknowledging the rising water and rising ice melt, the rate at which the ocean was rising was accelerating in the 1900s.  Obviously, the water was ice melt due to global warming.  What is catastrophically disturbing is the accelerating rise in the ocean.  Why?  Accelerating Temperatures! The ocean temperatures, acidity, and dead zones would set off a series of unexplained events in the land of forest and ice and beyond.

Virus outbreak kills Guiana Dolphins on the Rio de Janeiro State Brazil

The forest and ice people would have their share of politicians lie for 1%er financed futures.  I have a lot of disdain for the Mulroney and the Harper families which were cheap to hire and they were vicious to the poor.  These families in the land of forest and ice were the first to support 1%er Profit.  It did not matter to these families that their actions would accelerate the death of wildlife and the forest and ice people themselves.  I 'shrugged' when independent scientists said the 'Antarctic sea ice expansion was due to global warming'.  The Antarctic Glaciers were melting and that fresh water froze easily at higher temperatures expanding the Antarctic Sea Ice.  The Mulroney and Harper parents and children played stupid for cash.  They still do.  The would have the money to avoid the damages they played a part in while in politics.  These Mulroney and Harper families would kill the forest and ice people, as surely as the cigarette industry hired 'Deniers'.  When temperatures began accelerating many times faster than we though possible, both the Arctic and Antarctic sea ice broke all time sea ice records in 2017 - 2018, and the coral reefs in Australia were almost finished, when Southeast Asia and Tailand opened up on their situation., with consistent record annual global temperatures.  Which history is accurate?  I've said, historians are like whores, historians lie for the man on top.  Politicians are also like whores, they lie for 1%ers on top.  Politicians lied for 1%ers, as ocean warming continued to kill.

Kasetsart University said 77% or 140,000 out of total 107,800 rai of coral reef area in the Thai seas is dying and in a sorry state.

Thailand coral reef decay alarming, says Asst Prof Thon deputy dean of the Faculty of Fisheries Kasetsart University, as 77% of 140,000 rai of coral reef in Thai seas iss dying.

The total area experiencing coral reef damage in Thailand has increased from 30% to 77% in just one decade,
according to marine ecologist Asst Prof Thon Thamrongnawasawat.  Credit © Post Publishing PCL. All rights reserved. Credit

Why did Steven Harper and Brian Mulroney and the Conservative Party lie to the forest and ice people they killed?  The 1%ers in the Coal Lobby and the Energy Lobby were far to powerful to be denied in the land of forests and ice.  These people were bought and paid for to kill off the forest and ice people for profit.  It is so easy to forget, Production, Consumption, Profit, and the Business of War.  Would the forest and ice people take vengeance on the 1%er collaborators and their families as the French did with King Louis XVI?  Would the Reign of Terror and our guillotines find the Mulroney's and the Harper's?  Only Robespierre would know the answer until later.  When I was a young child in my job as the town drunks son, I witnessed - 40 to - 45 Celsius air crystallize moisture to fall and rest as tiny little shreds of ice on snow.  We were still forest and ice people.  The Forest and Ice People settling near St. Brieux SK fought the forest and the ice.  It was Darwinian.  We Struggled.  We lost.  We died.  The wind took the losers elsewhere, or to an easier life back in France.  DDA Historians tell of their struggles in their 'picked' reservation areas, while they are to pathetic to tell the life and death struggle to put down roots in the Forest and Ice.

Arctic Warming news starving polar bear climate change Baffin Island no snow no ice

Baffin Island in the Arctic December 2017 video of starving Polar Bear on snowless grass.

The Forest and Ice People found roots in the Boreal Forest and Ice.  The Forest and Ice People thrived while the self determined DDA Chiefs failed on their 'picked' reservations.  I've witnessed The Forest and Ice People 'breaking' land to feed people.  Initially, the Mosquitos swarms were so thick cutting trees with an axe required a cheesecloth over your mouth just too breath while swinging an axe?  The Forest and Ice People lived in the Forest until they axed away trees to clear a small area for a bush shack on dirt which they built out of the trees they cut down.  They hunted, gathered, gardened, and bought what little food they could afford during the first few years?  Imagine, on the west side of St. Brieux Lake SK, the brutal work only found sand, gravel, and rock in the homestead lottery for land?  Border Services waved me through to Alberta with my car, my possessions, and my disdain for historians lying with their whores.

In 1991, The Assembly of First Nations (AFN), the Assembly of First Nations Chiefs (AFNC), the National Chief, and DDA Historians would tell their lies or 'stories' to the United Nations.  They blamed The Forest and Ice Peoples for France and Britain prior to 1867.  In 1990's, The Assembly of First Nations Chiefs went international with their 'stories', hate mongering, lies, half truths, misinformation, and propaganda for Profit.  In 1990's, I like many others patronized the DDA AFN Chiefs as I would patronize a child with crude pictures seeking praise.  The DDA National Chief and the AFN Chiefs blamed Forest and Ice People for the actions of Britain and France.  In the 1700's, DDA Chiefs begged fish dryers from France and Britain too trade metal for furs.  Metal bought DDA women or 'Squaws'.  Metal bought the good life, Profit.  The DDA Chiefs begged for trade with the white ghosts who came from the sea with metal.  The DDA Chiefs Furs were nothing special or scarce, but DDA Chiefs gave them up cheep for metal.  The DDA quantum leap!  The DDA National Chief and DDA AFN Chiefs told 'stories' convincing their women, children, and the United Nations that the forest and ice people were to blame for their business dealings in fur trade with Britain and France. Today, British puritans struggle to control their supply of human skin!

Skin down the rats leg to recover the leg skin for a better life for decent people.
Finished skinning the legs downward from the ankles, then pull the rats skin downward from the cut between the legs away from their anus, balls, or vagina.

In the 1700's, 1800's, and 1900's DDA Chiefs pimped DDA women to bred the Metis children during the fur trade with Britain and France?  DDA Chiefs sold and traded their women like South Africans were enslaved and sold by Britain and France.  DDA females were traded like slaves?  Don't be stupid, please.  Only a absolute moron would believe a French or British national walked into a tribe and bred DDA women and young girls.  R U Stupid?  Of course, DDA females were traded for Profit by DDA Chiefs and DDA males.  Historians lie like whores about that one, eh?  Who would believe a 'story' about French or British white ghost walking into the tribes camp during the day?  Then, the white ghost from France or Britain breeds the DDA women and their young girls.  Then, the white ghosts from France or Britain leave behind 25,000 Metis, as his 'hard' evidence.  Then, the French or British white ghosts walk out of the tribes camp.  R U Stupid?  DDA Chiefs were slave traders on a smaller scale than France and Britain.  DDA Chiefs and DDA males would cut your throat for breeding their property for the last 30,000 years.  their women without a sale.  Metal, Furs, and Profit included the sale of DDA women before the coitus.  The DDA National Chief, the DDA Assembly of First Nations Chiefs, and DDA males are to pathetic to shoulder the blame for their slave trade.  The DDA Forest and Ice Bone theory hard evidence still survives in Coutts AB, as I drive.

Human skin havested by the Punisher and sold by the Talker provides better lives to burn victims.
Pull the skin down between the legs, and slide your knife between the skin and flesh to harvest the skin for a better life.

The DDA Chiefs and DDA chose easy killing with metal by trading their furs and women to France and Britain.  Not 1 DDA woman left the tribe or had coitus without a SALE.  As I drive in 1991, I wonder if BJ, his brothers, and the Clan from Clavet are selling The Little Whore from Clavet in Saskatoon SK, today.  The DDA have their 'story', and the DDA historians.  We have hard evidence.  The DDA National Chief and DDA AFN hide their slave trade with Britain and France.  The DDA Chiefs and DDA males sold part of the 3 million slaves the British transported in ships from 1650 - 1850 while dominating the slave trade with an average of more than 150 slave ships leaving Liverpool, Bristol, and London each year.  The DDA Chiefs sold slaves to France.  France made 4,200 slave hunts, transported 1.25 million slaves, and delivered 1.6 million slaves to markets in the Atlantic / Colonies.  France traded slaves with DDA Chiefs well into the 19th century.  Do you think Sitting Bull's DDA females or squaws just walked away with the white ghosts?  Do you really think the French and British white ghosts mounted DDA women, like sheep?  DDA women were sold like slaves for metal and Profit.  I do wonder how historians can still manage a good bowel movement with the man on top, as I drive through Coutts AB?

Rat Skin is worth good money to organ wholesalers.
Pull the fur down over the legs and lower rat body using your knife to separate the fur and meat.

The offspring of the DDA Slave traders are the DDA National Chief and the DDA Assembly of First Nations Chiefs.  They sell their women for sex in every city and town.  They blame the Forest and Ice People for the introduction of small pox into their tribes.  Of course, DDA Chiefs are mentally delayed in the 16th,17th, 18th, and 19th century, when the cheifs were sure to see half of newborns freeze to death each winter.  Yet, the primitive developmentally delayed aboriginal sell hate in their Reserve School? The poplar tree monkey is to ashamed to tell their children how they were frozen? That's the poplar tree monkey 500 years ago. That's the poplar tree monkey today. They could not understand that spreading the women DDA's legs, would spread small pox.  The DDA Chiefs chose metal and trade.  The DDA Chiefs spread smallpox by spreading the legs of their DDA women for Profit with France and Britain.  Today, the 'stories' maintained by The DDA National Chief and DDA AFN Chiefs are just pathetic lies to continue the abuse of their women and children.  Their 'stories' keep DDA women, youth, children, and free lance DDA writers like Jesse Staniforth under 'control'.  Jesse Staniforth is a free lance writer in Montreal who writes about the DDA Cree Nation of Eeyou Istchee near James Bay.  In the 1990's, Forest and Ice People allowed the DDA National Chief and DDA AFN to teach their children hate, defeat, dependency, failure, and hopelessness in their 'stories'.

The AFN wears a white condom, and the DDA National Chief subjugates the next generation in a circle of 'stories' and self determination.  The DDA Chiefs would dominate the sex trade in Saskatchewan with young DDA women, girls, and kids.  The Little Whore from Clavet, her brothers, and her parents were just another bump in a long line of drugs and prostitution on Avenue C and 20th Street West in the heart of Riversdale in Saskatoon.  The DDA girls that managed to run from abuse, domestic violence, sexual abuse, and hopelessness had only stupid stories and stupid educations to keep them trapped.  They ended up in the sex trade in Saskatoon and Saskatchewan spreading HIV at 10 times the national average.  The DDA Chiefs did nothing about their 3rd world HIV infection rates on their Reserves.  DDA Chiefs would ignore thousands of health experts, politicians, activists and researchers converging at Durban South Africa at the 21st International AIDS Conference.  Self Government, Self determination, and First-Nations Education would kill DDA, Chief style.  The streets of Coutts AB were dark, quiet, cold, with a fresh white carpet, as I realized the DDA National Chief, DDA AFN, and DDA males taught The Clan from Clavet the sex trade on 20th Street in Saskatoon.

The DDA National Chief and DDA AFN Chiefs chose hate mongering and defeatism for profit, today.  Unfortunately, their children suffer.  DDA Chiefs steal all they can steal , and DDA Chiefs teach the blame game to cover their own greed, crimes, violence, thefts and Profit.  DDA Chiefs taught Jesse Staniforth the hate and blame game with their 'stories'.  Who?  Jesse Staniforth is an educated product of DDA Chiefs.  see   The DDA AFN blame game creates Jesse Staniforth.  Jesse Staniforth's beliefs in writing support many DDA 'stories'.  He learned his hate, somewhere?  Why would the weak, corrupt, greedy DDA Chiefs shoulder any blame for their actions?  They can tell 'stories' to the 'Jesse Staniforth's' on the reserve?  I get it.  The DDA National Chief and the AFN Chiefs teach hate, as I drive by the Commercial Vehicle Inspection Station in Coutts, AB.

'Under the Indian Act there is no recourse for band membership to challenge their chief and council Karen McCarthy, Whitefish Lake First Nation 128

DDA Chiefs educate their children with hate.  It's tough to watch as I can see how Chiefs kill and subjugate DDA for Profit.  It's not that much different than 1%ers and the Business of War.  The DDA Chiefs exterminate fur bearing animals, exterminate Plains Bison, create depression, create self doubt, crate hate, reward failure, incite dependence, incite domestic violence, incite DDA killing DDA, drive their children to Mr. Brownstone, and cause all DDA suicides north of the 49th parallel.  DDA Chiefs killed DDA for money yesterday, and DDA Chiefs kill DDA for money today.  The real sickness the United Nations needs to address is the DDA Chiefs, themselves.  Let's have a closer look at a product of DDA education, Jesse Staniforth.  Perhaps, the United Nations can measure the credibility of DDA Chiefs by counting dead children?  Remember the DDA Chief monkeying up the tree for an Eagle feather?  The chief returned to the ground to poke the child in the eyes with the feather.  The DDA Chief gets all the feathers, blind child.  Does the United Nations understand what DDA really means Jesse Staniforth?  Jesse Staniforth writes about Genocide in a similar fashion to Gareth Brandt at Columbia Bible College in Abottsford BC, as I see Coutts AB in my rear view mirror.

In 1991, the descendents of The Forest and Ice People tolerated misinformation, hearsay, half truths, and 'stories' by DDA Chiefs.  The DDA children were raised on 'stories' built on hate, and most children failed with their education and 'stories'.  DDA students could see The Assembly of First Nation Chiefs leaving nothing for education.  Right Kids?  Instead, comfortable DDA Chiefs were as pure as the driven snow, and the descendents of the Forest and Ice People were beasts.  Right Kids?  The AFNC blame game was going international.  Right Kids?  Well, Jesse Staniforth believes himself.  He believes himself in spite of scientific evidence in DNA.  Right Kids?  Let's play the jeopardy game show Ki    ds.  The question is "Which DDA Chief helped kill 11-year-old Teresa Robinson from Garden Hill First Nation in Manitoba"?  Of course, AFN ​Sheila North Wilson, grand chief of Manitoba Keewatinowi Okimakanak dodged with her blame game.  Corey B. Shefman is a lawyer with Boudreau Law.  Boudreau Law has retainers and a financial history with the AFNC.  Essentially, Corey B. Shefman, Boudreau Law, and the AFNC tried to hide evidence from investigators based on human rights issues over DNA.  We are not sure how much the AFN did for the murderer?  I drove past Range Road 155 on my left in Alberta, and I have to ask if Jesse Staniforth is proud of his Chief, today?

​RCMP have made an arrest in the killing of 11-year-old Teresa Robinson.

The DDA north of the 49th parallel are similar to the Aboriginal in Australia.  DNA evidence verifies both strains originated out of Africa, and neither strain 'advanced' beyond the simple, hunter, gatherer, nomadic, lifestyle.  North of the 49th parallel, homo sapiens got lost or caught by weather and they arrived via the prehistoric land bridge.  In Australia homo sapiens were on the ocean and they also got lost or caught by weather and they arrived in Australia via the ocean.  Both were initially small originating 'accidents' with a very limited amount of DNA.  Early accidental strains all but died out according to DNA.  Initially, both strains faced inbreeding for multiple generations due to numbers, alone.  This is consistent with DNA studies in both countries.  Neither strain wrote their own histories, and both lived remarkably alike in differing environments.  Outside of Australia's Aboriginal and our DDA, the earliest written words on the Dispilio Tablet found by George Xourmouziadis in Greece date to 5260 BC.  The DDA National Chief, DDA Assembly of First Nations Chiefs, and DDA themselves were 7000 years developmentally delayed in writing words.  DDA including The Little Whore from Clavet claim their history and character are preserved in 'stories'.  Unfortunately, their 'stories' kept the AFNC in power to abuse successive generations of DDA, as I drove past the Canadian Pacific Rail Line outside of Coutts AB.

Jesse Staniforth is a free lance writer who believes his DDA 'stories'.  He believes his DDA Chief with every neuron in the hypothalamic attack region of his unconscious brain.  He learned what The Forest and Ice People did from those 'stories' passed from generation to generation on his righteous mothers knee.  She taught her 'history' to her boy through those 'stories'.  The female DDA couldn't read or write, but she taught here little monkey that that "the forest and ice people committed regular genocide".  His mother was so convincing, he was driven to free lance his 'stories' in the commentary section?  He blessed other DDA with his insight and knowledge in that commentary section?  Now, the hate driven Jesse Staniforth can't bless us with his insight on rapes and assaults at  Instead, Jesse Staniforth and the AFNC are responsible for covering up the violent rapes of 57% of DDA women on reserves.  The Little Whore from Clavet sold her DDA children, as carelessly as the DDA froze newborns in tents 500 years ago.  I drive past Township Road 12 AB north of Coutts AB, as the Assembly of First Nations Chiefs hides their involvement in the rape and murder of Teresa Robinson?  Common Law and the Criminal Code allows life imprisonment with a parole ineligibility period of between 7 years and 25 years for being an accessory after the fact to murder for The Assembly of First Nations Chiefs.

Rat Skin is worth good money to organ wholesalers.
Pull the fur down over the legs and lower rat body using your knife to separate the fur and meat.

Jesse Staniforth is DEAD.  He lived the 21 - 23 primitive hunter gatherer life span and he is DEAD.  The DDA women and children could be safer, now.  Eventually, "Teresa's murder was blamed on a 15 year old boy from the Garden Hill Reserve.  Garden Hill First Nation Chief Dino Fleet said "We have been expecting this, or wanting to close this case, looking for answers".  The DNA story was changed.  Now DNA had "the full support of the community and leadership," according to RCMP Staff Sgt. Jared Hall.  Hall refused say the boys DNA matched DNA found on Teresa.  Hall refused to explain the marathon after the DNA were completed and by whom.  Sheila North Wilson would blame Teresa for her death saying "We have to remember that when you're that young that you're not responsible for your action.  Sheila North Wilson was rewarded with an election as grand chief of Manitoba Keewatinowi Okimakanak for the DDA.  Fleet said "These are the things we have to go back and look at" with his assumption of innocence.  Someone paid to hide DNA evidence.  RCMP did not confirm the DNA as the deciding factor?  Did the whole reservation know 'something' before the DNA was destroyed?  Not one DDA Chief would stand up for their responsibility in killing children with their politics.  Teresa was the youngest of six children.  "She always said, 'I'm going to be the baby forever and ever, so we told her, 'Yes you will,'" Sandra Robinson said.  "She would have a big smile on her face."  CBCNews

Jesse Staniforth's mother did not tell him he was dead in 21 - 23 years of age in her hate mongering, without the help of the Forest and Ice People.  She lied.  DDA lie to themselves all the time.  Then, she was likely afraid she would be beaten and raped for telling him the truth?  DDA males like riding their women and horses as property.  Fortunately, the descendants of the Forest and Ice People are guilty of holding the AFNC, DDA, and Jesse Staniforth accountable to Common Law.  Today, We were trying to provide the United Nations 'Universal Declaration of Human Rights‎' for the DDA.  However, the AFN, AFNC, DDA, and Jesse Staniforth violate the United Nations Human Rights for DDA women and children, daily.  Unfortunately, the DDA male continues to rape and abuse 57 percent DDA women, and then they beg the United Nations for more to commit more rapes?  That's how the Little Whore from Clavet ended up on skid row?  Yes.  DDA men always rode their women, rough.  Yes.  DNA sequencing makes rape statistics more accurate confirming recent statistics on rape and incest.  Yes.  Today, I could see that The Bill of Rights S.C. 1960, c. 44 1960-08-10 and DNA sequencing would eventually be used to incarcerate the AFNC for Human Rights violations against DDA women and children, before the Big War.  I drive by Macklin Lake AB to the east, and I believe Buffy St. Marie is right again, and again, and again, about violence against DDA women and children.  Is Buffy afraid of the Chiefs?

There are some similarities between Australia and north of the 49th parallel.  Australian Aboriginals were more successful in gifting women between tribal groups to avoid inbreeding.   The harsh climate in the land of forest and ice forced small populations of DDA north of the 49th parallel to regularly breed sisters, brothers, and parents.  Inbreeding was the norm, rather than the unusual.  Incest by necessity by an unsuccessful hunter gatherer in a harsh climate led to small tribes in the north, and extreamely inbred tribes before the arrival of the white man on the Grand Banks.  They were to violent to gift women for genetic health.  Each DDA hunter, gatherer, tribal group of as little as 20 individuals was constantly forced to inbreed north of the 49th parallel.  30,000 years ago tribal groups were kept small by the nomadic, hunter, gatherer, lifestyle which didn't grasp water purification.  The DDA in the land of forest and ice did not develope or change until the arrival of the white man in North America.  For example, the DDA in North American hunted down any meat that was available including horses.  There was no reason beyond, eating.  Agriculture and animal husbandry did not occur.  Pemican meat storage was used, however never have their been skins with reasonable amounts of grain or corn to offer real proof that agriculture occured anywhere other than the 'old stories' which are generally fiction.  National Geographic News and other archeological digs show DDA hunted Ancient Horses to extinction for their meat. DDA hunted Pleistocene horse in the land of forest and ice, while other Arctic Circle people in Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Russia evolved differently.  These countries saw their lands of forest and ice melt with climate change 8 times faster than southern land before the Big War.  Each land discovered Aboriginal histories as the glaciers and permafrost rotted away hundreds and purhaps thousands of years earlier than anyone expected.  Norway Glacier reveiled that their Aboriginal had pack horses on the glacier.  While our more primitive DDA ate their horses. 

While the forest and ice DDA ate horses, the indigenous Sami people practiced animal husbandry as Reindeer herders.
Norways settlers used pack horses on Norways receiding Glaciers dating back as far as 4000 BCE.

The Glaciers still covered everything but the west coast of North America north of the 49th parallel in the beginning.  I have little time for the bleeding hearts, and I find history, reality, and the future are best understood by Productions, Consumption, Profit and the Business of War.  Many people in the land of forest and ice do believe in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights‎ by the United Nations, Our Bill of RIghts, International Law, and Common Law to put a stop to Jesse Staniforth, his Chief, and the AFNC from allowing the raping, beating, and killing of their women and children on reserves.  Failing to incarcerate the AFN and the AFNC for Human Rights violations is a serious crime for all forest and ice people to consider.  The AFNC and The Little Whore from Clavet are both predators?  Jesse Staniforth's could find a decent legacy at the Cree Nation of Eeyou Istchee?  He could man up?  Yes.  Then, he's DDA.  I could read the Human RIghts Tribunal in the commentary section of a real paper Jesse.  I passed Milk River AB, and the question remains "Which DDA Chief helped kill 11-year-old Teresa Robinson from Garden Hill First Nation in Manitoba" Jesse Staniforth?

In 1991, DDA AFNC lies to us about their Slave Trade.  The AFNC refuse to turn over the financial ledgers or 'stories' with female DDA rentals and sales statistics during the fur trade.  The Little Whore from Clavet denies her receipts.  We know the DDA Chiefs were selling female DDA to France and Britain.  European DNA turns up with guns in all tribes.  Obviously, selling female DDA (property) was business for DDA Chiefs.  330 years later the Assembly of FIrst Nations Chiefs still sell female DDA like property.  There is a very good chance France and Britain have genes in Jesse Staniforth rather than the Forest and Ice People.  Jesse Staniforth does that make you feel dirty?  Your DDA Chief traded your female ancestor?  Does European DNA make you right?  You could volunteer for a DNA testing project.  Then again, if Jesse Staniforth is statistically relevant he has something to hide in his white Teflon condom.  Stories with children in handcuffs are better for the Cree Nation near James Bay.  Jesse wants Cree female DDA near James Bay to hate the Forest and Ice People.  Instead, statistically female DDA would be better off if Jesse Staniforth, DDA Chiefs, and the AFNC were dead!  We could DNA sequence to find the first genes and gun?  Your female DDA ancestor closed the deal, willingly or unwillingly for the Chief?  Female DDA sales and rentals were part of the fur trade by your Cree near James Bay.  We could also sequence for incest, Jesse?  Jesse could write about Cree incest and make a positive contribution?  HIs legacy could read better than hate mongering.  He could man up?  I drove over the Milk River in Alberta, again.  No, I'm not living in Mr. Brownstone's world with the Assembly of First Nation Chiefs.  The Milk River tributary of the Missouri River is 1,173 km long winding through Montana and Alberta.

Rat Skin is worth good money to organ wholesalers.
Pull the fur down over the legs and lower rat body using your knife to separate the fur and meat.

I know DDA Jesse Staniforth's emotions swelled up in his commentary?  Jesse learned 'stories', while he was complicit in the alcoholism, rapes, domestic abuse, incest, child abuse, and child killings.  Jesse is so complicit, he might as well be an accessory for the National Chief, DDA Chiefs, and the AFNC.  Child Abuser?  In 1991, the forest and ice Child Welfare system is a decentralized crew in 10 Provinces and 2 Territories, and I am the town drunks son.  I understand shame, Jesse.  Do you hide abuse because you are guilty of abuse?  Why hide child abuse, Jesse?  Instead, you just write crap and hate to fill space?  The best day of my life was telling people I am the town drunks son.  I felt better.  I was not ashamed for him, anymore.  Mr. Brownstones fanciful, mystical, wonderful, picture perfect life never existed for your DDA, Jesse.  Never.  Why lie?  Do you understand shame for your people?  I accept and face the life I was born into Jesse.  I try to move forward.  Why do DDA fail to move forward, Jesse?  Simple.  Blame Game.  We know your DDA Chief, DDA Parents, their DDA parents, their DDA parents, and their ancestors sold you a vision of Mr. Brownstones world and the Blame Game.  I entered the town of Milk River AB, and what DDA females and children need to realize is that Jesse Staniforth's blame game keeps them on the reserve at the bottom to be victimized.

In his past primitive, hunter, gatherer, life Jesse Staniforth died after 21 - 23 pathetic years struggling to eat and kill with sticks and stones.  He is now dead.  Now, he can see the world without Mr. Brownstones' vision.  He sees DDA Chiefs suppressing evidence to convict the killer of Teresa Robinson?  He sees the tribes money paid to lawyers running interference to hide a DDA child killer?  Today, he sees deserted, abused, sodomized, and raped DDA children in 11 jurisdictions.  He sees most of the 47,885 children in foster are DDA.  He sees the reservations have the highest rates of violence and incest on planet Earth.  He sees the children thrown out like garbage, after being deserted, abused, sodomized, or raped?  He sees a flood of uncounted children heading for skid row.  He sees Foster Care is full of castaways.  He sees DDA on reservations are charged and convicted of deserting, abusing, sodomizing, raping, selling, or killing 1 in 10 children.  He sees 1 in 5 children are investigated and DDA are coached where charges are not laid.  He sees 2 in 5 children remain in life threatening abusive situations.  Without Mr. Brownstones' vision by DDA Chiefs, Jesse Staniforth thinks for himself.  He counts.  I passed Range Road 163 north of Milk River, and I wonder how many years it will take for DDA and Jesse Staniforth's memory to become accountable in their world.  Kill the Chiefs?  Statistically Speaking, absolutely.

In 1991, Mr. Brownstones history was to pathetic and factually irrelevant for the DDA.  The DDA National Chief, DDA Chiefs, and the DDA Assembly of First Nations are slavers at a civil rights march, since DNA truth arrived.  I laugh at the DDA Assembly of First Nations Chiefs when they write "We must use great care and be aware of how we take and how much of it so that future generations will not be put in peril".  R U AFNC Nuts?  That quackery comes from the DDA Chiefs who hunted and killed the Fur Bearing Animals and Plains Bison to near extinction?  Environmentalism?  Today, the DDA Chiefs destroy the environment and wildlife at every opportunity through their relentless demands for more.  Today, the DDA National Chief and DDA Chiefs are to developmentally delayed, to stupid, or to greedy to accept that they are the environmental rapist during the fur trade.  They repeatedly rape the environment in their demands.  Mental defect or greed?  I say both.  The Little Whore from Clavet, BJ, and Hooker Boots on skid row in Saskatoon also wanted . more . more . more . without consequences.  I drove north on Alberta 4 in Warner County AB, while I laugh at DDA 'first environmentalists' skinning fur bearing animals to extinction.

Yes, DDA Chiefs are the 'first environmentalists' to flame baby animals to death.  Yes, DDA Chiefs are the 'first environmentalists' to flame herds of bison to death.  Yes, DDA Chiefs are the 'first environmentalists' to waste their food and starve their women and children to death.  Yes, DDA Chiefs kept their people 7000 years behind the times with little or no mental development for 30,000 years.  Yet, those DDA Chiefs blame others as they tell their 'stories'.  The DDA Chiefs were racists in sharp dressed uniforms when dealing with the Japanese during WWII.  The DDA Chiefs were the sole authority responsible for the slave trade of female DDA north of the 49th parallel.  I do admire the DDA Chiefs for their relentless pursuit of profit.  DDA Chiefs could have taught 1%ers a thing or two in the slave trade and the fur trade.  The fur trade had DDA killing for France and Britain north of the 49th parallel.  I drove past Devil's Coulee Dinosaur Heritage Museum on my left, as I knew the Alberta foothills were not far away, now.  How did DDA Chiefs sell DDA women to France and Britain?

The Developmentally Delayed Aboriginals in sharp military uniforms would force the Japanese interned to build roads like the Yellowhead Highway

The Developmentally Delayed Aboriginals dressed in sharp uniforms used forced labour by the interned Japanese on the Yellowhead Highway.  In the 1700's, France was fishing the Grand Banks, and they forgot their electric refrigeration units in France.  Instead, they dried fish on shore so the fish did not rot in the hold on board during the trip home for profit.  The DDA Chiefs approached the fishermen drying fish on shore.  "Let's Make a Deal".  The DDA Chiefs offered their property which was furs, women, and sex.  The market was soft on bent sticks, straight sticks, and sticks tied to stones.  A bird ride in the bush, sweetened the price / trade / demeanour for Profit for lonely fishermen.  The forest and ice peoples bird would become the Jay.  Then, it wasn't.  The bushes did shake on order of the DDA Chiefs.  Shaking Bushes became known as Small Pox.  The DDA Chief told his tribe his "women spread small pox while on trade mission"?  RIght?  In 1640 half the Huron died of shaking bush from fishermen.  Yes.  Not Blankets Chief?  No.  Shaking Bush and Fishermen?  Yes, Shaking Bush on orders by DDA Chiefs for profit.  Forest and Ice Bush Theory will now join Forest and Ice Bone Theory in our history for Profit.  Forest and ice people Bush Theory was the primary means by which small pox was spread north of the 49th parallel.  Remember, women were property to DDA and their Chiefs.

The French took trading and shaking bushes over from the fishermen for profit.  They expanded shaking bushes to Tadoussac in Acadia, and Quebec.  DDA Chiefs were eager with furs, sex, and women for metal.  Metal from the white French and British Gods shaking the bushes.  DDA Chiefs could steal women from other tribes to be sold as Slaves.  Tribal raids began for female property for sale.  France and Britain traded for profit along the St Lawrence River Region.  The French tried to sell Jesus.  Cardinal Richelieu and the Jesuits tried, but Jesus never sold.  The DDA Huron near Georgian Bay didn't want Jesus.  They traded furs, sex and women for metal, and Jesus had no metal.  France tried again with Jean de Brébeuf in 1649, and the DDA Huron killed him for selling Jesus.  Both France and Britain had much better luck with Traders accepting furs, sex, and women from the DDA for Profit.  Yes, Forest and Ice Bush Theory beat out Jesus.  That's the real story.  Soon, France and Britain traded through their respective organized shaking bushes, as I drove through Warner, AB, where a few Mennonites won with Jesus.

In 1642, Ville-Marie was founded as a Mission which ran am-muck as DDA and France gave up on Jesus.  Instead, Furs, Sex, Slaves and Profit on Metal carried the market momentum.  The Mission Market sold both Beavers brands.  Sacramental Wine bottles were refilled with distilled whiskey, in 1663 King Louis XIV lost control of the market.  The Mission Market was to powerful, as international investment poured into Ville-Marie.  The nervous fur bearing animal lost their skins, and DDA men guarded their remaining women.  Profit.  These were heady days in the wild west.  The Mission was empty as everyone was in the Market for Profit and Sex.  France lost men to the forest to trade with DDA for Furs, Metal, Sex, Slaves and Profit.  The French and British went AWOL.  Imagine, 1 females for 7 males in Ville-Marie just didn't work?  DDA Chiefs flooded the market with their solution of furs, sex, and women for trade as long as they made a Profit.  Captured DDA females pulling the skins on Travois to the Market, and they were rented as whores or sold outright.  You understand now why the French Royalty lost their heads during this period?  They were stupid enough to establish Ville-Marie with no women.  Jesus didn't have a chance, as I passed the Veterans Memorial Hwy on my right north of Warner, AB.

The righteous with heads after King Louis XIV devised the Congé license for three men with one canoe to trade along the St. Laurence.  In fact, France's men went AWOL with or without Congés.  Historians and the righteous write paper rules and pretend they worked over Profit and Sex!  Even the town drunks son can reason that one out.  The DDA Chiefs skinned their beavers and sweetened their trade for Profit with their other beavers in Ville-Marie.  The Market boomed into the 1690's in Ville-Marie.  Profit, Power, Sex, ruled the Mission for Jesus.  The British, French, DDA, and Historians lied.  First, historians are writers, and most writers then had a Penis.  Second, 1 Penis in the shaking bush rewrites whole play for all historians.  Third, historians have a Code which says never tall about Homo Sapiens having sex with a Neanderthal.  It's true.  It's a code.  Gradually, scientists would begin to reveal Homo Sapiens and Neanderthal cross breeding with the advancement of DNA.  Trust me on that one for now.  Eventually "Most non-African people today carry between 1.8-2.6 per cent Neanderthal DNA, higher than earlier estimates of 1.5-2.1 per cent", .  Historians can't write about the shaking bushes at a Mission or the Churches garden.  Historians can't write home about the sharp dressed French Mission using their Penis on those DDA (Neanderthals).  Can they?  DNA has proven Homo Sapiens bred with Neanderthals!  Historians can't write about the sex and slave trade of DDA women at a Mission.  Were the British and French don't kiss and tell?  Could historians write about Catholic Priests trading beads for sex in the shaking bushes?  Historians lie to you all the time for the man on top to keep their heads.  In 1991, I drove past Range Road 174 north of Milk River AB, and I'm seriously thinking the best place for the DDA Chiefs is in the ground, statistically speaking of course.

I am the town drunks son so what do I have to loose?  Ville-Marie Mission Priests and Historians could not send Forest and Ice Bush Theory to France.  The bushes were shaking all night with the DDA, Traders, Voyageurs, Historians, and Priests.  Send help!  Sorry.  France wanted history white glove 'decent' style history.  Homo Sapiens and Neanderthals (DDA) frolicking in a Mission was not white glove material.  Lies were much better received.  That's history.  What happens on shore, stays on shore.  Vegas Style.  Rupert's Land was given to Prince Rupert of the Rhine by Chares I.  Prince Rupert wore white gloves by tossing Ruperts Land to the Hudson's Bay Company (HBC).  The HBC would be breeding British with DDA (Neanderthals) according to Historians.  Not Britain.  HBC had the monopoly on shaking bushes from 1670 - 1870.  Forest and Ice Bush Theory works even as white gloves are passed from Britain to Charles I to Prince Rupert to the HBC.  Becky, The Little Whore from Clavet was the Clan from Clavets shaking bush.  Her shaking bush helped close the deal in 1980.  The Clan from Clavet and her man Blondie spread her bush wide open for the world to see in Saskatoon.  Today, DDA were no different as Becky's father sold her the same as his great, great, great, grand parents sold their women to get a better deal on their furs.  I though how Forest and Ice Bush Theory worked for many generations of DDA as I drove past Township Road 50 north of Milk River AB, and you do know both King Louis XIV and Charles I lost their heads.  Historians lie to themselves all the time for their heads.

Britain also wore white gloves while dealing death to those nervous little fur bearing animals, Charles I.  Britain and France played white cards, and both histories were convincing lies by historians with heads.  Both had spotless white gloves in black ink on paper.  The DDA Chiefs didn't get white gloves, but they built a mountain o lies in a 'story'.  1%ers would have been proud of DDA Chiefs.  DDA Chiefs would tell 'stories' blaming our early Great Forest and Ice Settlers, Traders, and Explorers.  Later they blamed our Forest and Ice Peoples for the DDA fur trade with Britain or France.  The United Nations needs to address Forest and Ice Bush Theory.  The DDA should seek out their business partners Britain and France during this period.  The DDA Chiefs wanted Profit in the fur trade with Britain and France.  The DDA Chiefs chased profit renting their females and outright selling them as slaves in deals for metal.  The DDA Chiefs wanted everything they bargained for with Britain and France for this period of time.  I passed Range Road 175 AB on my left, and I would like to suggest that the Assembly of First Nations Chiefs and the National Chief could get jobs and buy back the women they sold in their trade for metal?

The history is clear in fur shipments for Profit in financial ledgers and shipping records.  DDA Chiefs were employed by France and Britain.  We can prove DDA Chiefs lie in their 'stories' of this period.  I can best predict the actions of DDA Chiefs by assuming they are like Ferengi pronounced /fəˈrɛŋɡi/.  Ferengi are a extraterrestrial race on the Star Trek TV Series.  Ferengi see no shame in lying for rewards.  Perhaps, the DDA are mentally incapable of remembering their deals with France and Britain?  In any event, The United Nations should help protect the DDA women and children from DDA Chiefs and DDA males.  Our Great Forest and Ice Settlers, Traders, and Explorers are challenging DDA lies, half truths, misinformation, propaganda, and hate mongering by the Assembly of First Nations, AFN Chiefs, the AFN National Chief.  While the DDA did not develop for 30, 000 years, the DDA blame game must be restrained to some sort of factual accuracy.  The DDA Assembly of First Nations Chiefs should address Britain and France regarding their business receipts.  Now that could be a start for their best and brightest DDA like Jesse Staniforth?  Could they can write a letter, as I drive past Range Road 180 south of New Dayton AB.

The DDA Chiefs and Jesse Staniforth could write a letter about 1689, the Lachine Massacre at Lachine QC which killed 72 during King William's War.  Write a letter 57 years later in 1746, the Port-la-Joye Massacre at Port-la-Joye Ile St. Jean killed 34 during King George's War.  Write a letter 1 year later in 1747 the Grand Pre Massacre at Grand Pre NS killed 67 during King George's War.  The years from 1689 - 1747 saw a total of 173 deaths in 58 years.  These are death's which occurred during business operations between DDA Chiefs, France, and Britain.  Aboriginals traded furs and women with France and Britain from 1534 - 1867 or 333 years.  The Beavers were nervous, and the beaver lined European felt hats were the style.  Britain and France competed for furs.  DDA Chiefs complained their furs and women were not selling at fair prices.  The DDA Chiefs did not have Econ 101 to understand that the competition between the Britain and France kept prices high.  Unfortunately, without understanding the laws of supply and demand DDA greed would supply to many furs and women creating low prices.  Like I said, 'Ferengi'.  I drive past Tyrrell Lake in Warner County in AB, and I hope that the United Nations will understand how long it will take to develop DDA Chiefs and the DDA.

Rat Skin is worth good money to organ wholesalers.
Pull the fur down over the legs and lower rat body using your knife to separate the fur and meat.

Of course, DDA environmentalists kill everything in sight?  Then in a Ferengi like reversal they blame anyone for their actions.  Prior to 1867 the DDA would blame our Great Settlers, Traders, and Explorers.  After 1867 the DDA would blame what I refer to as The Forest and Ice People.  DDA blame games extend to anyone including their ancestors for taking advantage of them.  In 1991, we understand the DDA could not comprehend basic supply and demand theory.  It is shameful that the DDA Assembly of First Nations Chiefs refuses to educate young children.  It is more shameful the DDA AFNC continue the child abuse of young Aboriginals.  Is it outright corruption by the DDA AFNC to hide the truth from their children?  How will DDA children beg more, more, and more from Britain and France, without a verifiable history?  I drove through New Dayton AB, and I know the Assembly of First Nations, AFNC, and the National Chief will fail if they believe they are going to lie their way to riches in the land of forest and ice.

The DDA AFNC Chiefs have 'stories' about the North West Rebellion.  The North West Rebellion was a rebellion against the North West Territories by the Metis.  Metis are the offspring of a French or British man of European descent and a female DDA rented, sold, traded, or gifted to Europeans by DDA Chiefs.  Historians lied about the origin of the Metis  The British hid behind the HBC, and the French skipped out on their Gods and Mission at Ville-Marie.  The fur trade determined history north of the 49th parallel until 1867.  The Metis were a sizable population after 333 years of DDA females trading.  Metis along Atlantic, Metis in the Northeast, Metis in the Southeast, and Metis in Rupert's Land / North West Territories may have numbered up to 25,000 little rascals.  So, historians are still laughing at us?  It's truly amazing how different history reads based on Profit and Sex.  I drove past Range Road 190 just north of New Dayton AB, and I realize only a fool would believe 333 (Cartier - Confederation) years without sex and greed.

The Metis had land claims in process with Ottawa, prior to and after 1867.  Newspapers and historical documents estimate there was 10,000 - 12,000 Metis in the North West Territories alone.  The Metis fought in the North West Rebellion against the Forest and Ice People.  Historians regurgitating DDA Chiefs 'stories' led to the outright deceit that the DDA fought in the North West Rebellion.  The North West Rebellion was a civil war between only Metis and Forest and Ice Peoples.  DDA Chiefs lie that Cree, Blackfoot, Blood, Peigan, and Saulteaux joined the Metis in battle.  These tribes over hunted furs and Plains BIson, before clothing fashion changed in Europe.  The DDA high roller killing spree brought their killing with metal to an end.  The DDA now settled on their Reserves.  DDA Chiefs received their treaty payments, and the DDA Chiefs abandoned the Metis in all their Treaty and Reserve treaties and claims.  The DDA Chiefs rolled off their female DDA, and DDA Chiefs left them like a two dollar whores.  Not 1 DDA treaty included Metis.  Female slave trades are final for DDA Chiefs, and Chiefs did not include the children of female slaves in 1 treaty.  Metis?  Yes you Metis.  Why would the DDA help Metis in the North West Rebellion?  Huh?  I drive past Craddock, AB., and its obvious historians are caught in another convenient lie to keep their heads above their shoulders.

Like I said, leaders ride historians like whores to a grander ending.  The locked out Metis saw DDA Reserves, Fences, Towns, and Railways appearing in the North West Territories as the wild west was bucked out.  After all the Metis worked in the fur trade, and they carried hides for the disappearing Hudson's Bay Company.  The Metis didn't wear shades, and their future wasn't bright.  Eventually, Louis Riel returned to Saskatchewan after his failed Manitoba Rebellion.  He wrote the "Revolutionary Bill of Rights" asserting Metis rights to land and farms in the North West Territories.  Riel admitted a process to give land to the Metis existed.  RIel wanted 'the' dispute resolution 'process' moved to Winnipeg from Ottawa.  The mood of The Forest and Ice People was favourable towards the Metis, as they were blocked of land claims by the DDA Chiefs.  The newspapers headline spoke of Metis land, not Metis reserves.  Trivial?  Absolutely NOT.  The Forest and Ice People supported living among the Metis in the headlines north of the 49th parallel.  The Forest and Ice People were comfortable living next door to a Metis.  Newspaper Headlines of consensus always contain a fair amount of truth, historians.  Most people along Range Road 192 in AB supported the Metis in speeding up the slow land claim process.

Louis Riel's Revolutionary Bill of Rights declaration went unheard by most Metis.  In March 1884, Louis Riel and .01% of Metis declared their government in the church at Batoche SK.  Metis Louis Riel was named President, and Metis Gabriel Dumont was made military commander.  This would prove to be a terrible mistake for the Metis.  Soon, the Metis moved to occupy Duck Lake SK, where Metis talk turned to violence on the Carlton Trail.  9 Forest and Ice People and 3 NWMP were killed.  5 Metis and 1 DDA died before Riel and the Metis returned to Batoche.  The NWMP and Volunteer Settlers retreated to Prince Albert.  Suddenly, The Forest and Ice People raised 3,000 troops from the east and 1,700 from the west near Calgary.  In turn, these 5,000 men were supported by the NWMP and The Forest and Ice People under Major-General Frederick Middleton.  I passed Range Road 193 AB on my left, and I used Forest and Ice Bone Theory to count the dead Metis against the dead DDA in actual battle before the Metis lost.  Count 1 DDA.  Count .01% Metis Support

Historians ignore hard evidence, especially when the man on top rides em rough.  The DDA Chiefs played their hand in the North West Rebellion, however they did not fight in battle.  Louis Riel's first mistake was believing the messengers sent by DDA Chiefs before his Bill of Rights Declaration.  Riel believed the DDA Chief messengers, and Riel plotted future battle locations for DDA Chiefs with returning messengers.  Riel also believed Metis would join the new Revolutionary Government.  Meanwhile, The Forest and Ice People raised well over 5000 people to fight.  The  Metis did not rise up to support Riel.  Instead, Riel was forced to bet his future on the DDA Chiefs.  It's like the old Saskatoon Rebels MC members betting their lives on The Little Whore from Clavet.  The Clan from Clavet (DDA) were never straight with the Saskatoon Rebels MC (Metis).  Why did the Saskatoon Rebels MC trust the Clan from Clavet with their lives on the line?  Trust would have deadly consequences when you are trusting a DDA Chief or The Clan from Clavet.  I pass Township Road 64A in AB, as I find the motive for the DDA Chiefs to be greed in further betraying the Metis.  Count 1 DDA.  Count .01% Metis Support

The DDA Cree moved towards Fort Battleford, and they set up a camp.  They moved to Riel's position implying support, however they did not have the will, or intent to fight for the Metis.  The DDA Assiniboine south of Fort Battleford killed two civilian Forest and Ice People to discredit the Metis, as the Metis were 'DDA Allies".  The senseless DDA murders reversed public opinion for the Metis.  The Metis themselves felt their neighbours turning away from them.  Metis were blamed for the civilian killings by 'their allies'.  The black stain stuck on the recently respected Metis.  Now, the Cree and Assiniboine camps did nothing.  On April 1st, DDA Chief Big Bear and his Cree kidnapped more Forest and Ice People at Frog Lake in the North West Territories.  Big Bear, his Cree, and Wandering Spirit murdered a Federal Indian Agent Thomas Quinn, two priests, a agricultural educator, a trader, a miller, and three other civilians.  The Forest and Ice People were now resolved to defeat the Metis in the North West Territories.  Atlantic Metis, Quebec Metis, Ontario Metis, and even North West Territories Metis turned their backs on Riel.  25, 000 Metis north of the 49th parallel would not send one man to fight in a battle.  The primitive DDA Chief Big Bear finished Louis Riel intentionally at Frog Lake.  I drove past the Canadian Pacific Railway tracks in southern Alberta, and Big Bear might as well have shot Louis Riel in the face.  Count 1 DDA.  Count .01% Metis Support

Middleton split his men in two near Qu'Appelle, each group went towards Frog Lake or Battleford.  Calgary's regiment under Major-General Thomas Bland Strange marched north towards Edmonton.  Middleton moved towards Batoche SK from Clarke's Crossing on the South Saskatchewan River on 23 April.  He had 900 men and 2 artillery batteries.  He had the eyes and ears of all Forest and Ice People for intelligence.  On the 12th of April, Dumont persuaded Riel to take 150 Metis and a few Aboriginals to ambush Middleton at Tourond's Coulee.  This area was also known as Fish Creek, and Fish Creek was 20 km south of Batoche on South Saskatchewan River.  The ambush had Dumont firing on Middleton's soldiers on 24 April.  Dumont's surprise attack killed 6 men and 49 were wounded.  4 Metis were killed, as Dumont and Middleton held their ground.  The DDA Chiefs did not have DDA actually fighting with any resolve at Fish Creek, and they had no casualties.  I drove along the Red Coat Trail on HIghway 61 AB, and Middleton retreated from Fish Creek.  Count 1 DDA.  Count .01% Metis Support

Middleton split his men into 2 groups on each side of the river.  Later on 1st May, Colonel Otter traveled 40 km west of Battleford with 300 men to confront the DDA Cree and Assiniboine west of Cut Knife Creek.  The DDA tried to run from Colonel Otter, however they were caught.  The Cree Chief Fine Day fought from a wooded ravine, and after six hours of fighting, Otter retreated.  Eight of Otter's force died, and the DDA hiding in the Forest in the Ravine lost five or six DDA.  These DDA did not attack.  These DDA ran until they were trapped in a Ravine.  DDA Chiefs would falsely claim these revenge killings for Frog Lake were a battle.  It was punishment by the Forest and Ice Peoples.  These six dead DDA were afraid to die in battle at Batoche, and they intended only the ruse on Riel.  The DDA Cree and Assiniboine were key in defeating Louis Riel and the Metis with their false promises.  The DDA Chiefs set up Louis Riel, as clearly as the Clan from Clavet setup the Saskatoon Rebels.  Meanwhile, Middleton waited for reinforcements before resuming his march towards Batoche.  On the 9th of May, he attacked Louis Riel and the Metis at Batoche.  Middleton attacked in the morning with his first attempt against the Metis, as I drove past Stirling AB.  Count 1 DDA.  Count .005% Metis Support

After the morning battle, Middleton waited out the enemy.  Victory was imminent.  His troops dug in a fortified camp just south of Batoche.  Middleton wore down the Metis with several attacks over the next few days.  He knew 25, 000 Metis chose the Forest and Ice People over Riel.  Then one afternoon two colonels led several militia units in a charge, apparently without orders.  The beaten down Metis knew they were betrayed by the DDA Chiefs and misjudged the Metis.  Of course, the Metis ran out of ammunition, as they assumed the DDA Chiefs and Metis would bring guns and ammunition to support the new Government.  The Metis surrendered.  Middleton lost 8 men in the Battle of Batoche.  Riel surrendered on 15 May, and Dumont ran to Montana without Metis support.  Meanwhile, General Strange rested his Calgary Field Force at Edmonton, before he marched east on 28 May.  Strange chased down the Frog Lake Cree who earlier deserted the Metis with the murders.  The Frog Lake Cree were dug in at the top of a steep hill near a prominent landmark known as Frenchman's Butte.  I drove past Stirling Lake AB, and I must restate that Strange hunted down the DDA Chief, and the Frog Lake Cree who shot Louis Riel in the face with their senseless murders.  Count 1 DDA.

Count .005% Metis Support Strange's men chased down the DDA Frog Lake Cree for a few shots at the hostage killer DDA Chief Big Bear.  Chief Poundmaker didn't battle, and he didn't have the courage to run.  His DDA Battleford tribes surrendered to General Middleton on 26 May at Battleford.  On 3 June at Loon Lake north of Frenchman's Butte, NWMP Superintendent Sam Steele shot 3 Frog Lake Cree and a Woods Cree Chief who did not battle for the Metis.  DDA Big Bear surrendered the Forest and Ice People hostages on 21 June for leniency.  Big Bear surrendered himself to the Mounted Police on 2 July at Fort Carlton.  DDA Chief Big Bear's legacy is war crimes.  The Frog Lake DDA are DDA.  DDA Chief Big Bear never close engage in a battle.  No DDA Chiefs and DDA north of the 49th parallel fought significantly in 1 battle for the Metis in the North West Rebellion.  Instead, DDA Chiefs and DDA sat in camps and murdered civilians ruining Metis chances and credibility.  I drove past Wilson AB counting 1 set of bones for Forest and Ice Bone Theory, and the DDA 'stories' are lies about DDA courage in the North West Rebellion.  Cowardice?  Chiefs lie to themselves all the time.  .005% Metis Support by Metis

Who would support the Metis when DDA were killing hostages?  That's like suggesting the Clan from Clavet will get unconditional support from the Saskatoon Rebels MC, which they first had in their picture window 11 years ago in Saskatoon.  Instead, DDA knifed the Metis in the back in treaty talks, and the DDA knifed the Metis in the back during the North West Rebellion.  Would DDA fight for the Metis when they refused to share with the Metis?  Share with my old DDA female slaves' white children?  DA Chief say No.  DDA despised the idea Metis could be one up as neighbours!  The Clan from Clavet would knife the Saskatoon Rebels in the back, and they didn't share the ratting money with the old Saskatoon Rebels MC, either.  In the aftermath, Riel's assistant W. H. Jackson won an insanity plea.  The few at Batoche plead guilty, and they received discharges to 7 years in prison.  DDA Chiefs Poundmaker and Big Bear got 3 years for the murders, and several DDA from Batoche.  Frog Lake murderers were sentenced to treason included 6 Cree, 2 Assiniboine, and Chief Wandering Spirit who were all hung at Battleford for felony convictions.  11 DDA were convicted of murder in the Frog Lake murders.  I drove through Stewart AB with a burning question of what did Louis Riel actually negotiate with DDA Chiefs for several months before the Bill of Right Declaration?

The DDA Chiefs promised Louis Riel warriors.  Louis Riel offered the DDA equal partnerships in the New Northwest Territories.  Instead, Louis Riel's trial for high treason began in Regina.  Riel demanded a political trial.  He failed.  Louis Riel was eloquent in his address to the jury in July.  Louis Riel's insanity failed as he was eloquent in his betrayed state.  The Federal Government refused to commute the death sentence, because Newspaper Headlines wanted him in the ground.  Why would the government commute a sentence for Louis Riel murdering civilians?  In the cold on 16 November 1885, Louis Riel was hung by the neck with a rope braided and sabotaged by DDA Chiefs.  The Forest and Ice People changed from supporting the Metis to hanging their leader Louis Riel and punishing the Metis to this very day.  Only Wilfred Laurier made a speech for Louis Riel.  I approached Lethbridge AB on the Alberta 4 highway, and I was amazed how those riding their historians recorded the North West Rebellion?  Why can I be so certain?  Sex and Greed and Doctor DNA.

Not 1 DDA or Metis were hung for battle.  Gabriel Dumont and other Metis returned from Montana under an amnesty.  The 1%ers had Benedict Arnold.  The Metis had DDA Chiefs.  Louis Riel's eloquence from his father coined the Revolutionary Bill of Rights.  His mother gave him life and DDA 'stories' which led Riel to trust the DDA?  How did the 'stories' turn out for Riel, Jesse Staniforth?  Louis Riel left a black stain on Metis.  His Revolutionary Bill of Rights was a plan for the territories including DDA, Metis, and the Forest and Ice Peoples.  The advance Metis / DDA collaboration is obvious in the document.  Instead, the DDA Chiefs could have it all by murdering people from the onset which wasn't in his Revolutionary Bill of RIghts.  Louis Riel's mistake was trust in DDA.  The Forest and Ice People knew DDA weren't capable of nation building?  Self Determination?  Determined Child Abuse?  I turned left in Lethbridge AB at the 49 Crowsnest Hwy towards Vancouver BC, and insanity appeals by Louis Riel tell the story best, "exceptionally eloquent and somewhat insane".

The ever cowardly historians came up with a version where the Metis and DDA fought fierce battles in the North West Territories.  Those hard ridden historians wrote for the winners against the Metis and DDA losers, as the losers cried in their Whiskey north of the 49th parallel.  Good.  Print.  Done.  Really, why did Louis Riel ruin it for the Metis?  The future was bright as the Metis would become stakeholders, and their land deal was already moving forward.  They would be the neighbours of the Forest and Ice People.  Then, after the North West Rebellion The Forest and Ice People support for the Metis crashed and burned.  The Metis went from useful and trustworthy to being abandonment by France, Britain, and The Forest and Ice Peoples.  Metis respect disappeared.  The Metis 'cowboy' taming the territories was forgotten.  Louis Riel was a Greek tragedy for the Metis.  I passed Mayor Magrath Dr S on my way through Lethbridge AB, and I could see the DDA Chiefs and The Little Whore from Clavet both knew how to setup their own.

History lie to themselves and us all the time.  They write for the hard rider with spurs in his direction for 'popular' history.  Hard ridden historians serve ink to the masses which keeps their head attached.  The winner always fought the good fight.  The winner obliterates the competition, after a hard fight.  The surviving losers are punished for their wrong doings.  The winner writes the story in print.  So why did the Government lie in 'popular' history to include the Aboriginal?  Why lie to include the Aboriginal?  The Government lied to include the Aboriginal as a matter of convenience.  Why was a lie convenient?  Perception?  Wild West.  Hmm.  The Government liked the story that both the Metis and Aboriginal were defeated.  Why lie that the Aboriginal fought and were defeated, as well?  Easy.  That song sold settlers land in Europe for Profit.  Clean Slate.  The Metis and Aboriginal had their last stand.  Riel in fact destroyed the futures, prospects, and land deals for Metis  The Aboriginal lie sold land, and historians kept their heads.  This is an example of why history is 'popular' history.  History by historians has nothing to do with what actually happened in the day.  Grow Up Metis.  Hard Reality Losers.

Only a tiny part of Manitoba was incorporated which made the Metis baby Louis Riel cry and pout in Montana.  What was left for Riel to ruin?  Everything!  Calling Louis Riel just an anus would be a complement.  He ruined all land claims in 95 percent of Manitoba, 100% of Saskatchewan, 100% of Alberta, 100% of British Columbia, 65% of Ontario, 65% of Quebec, 100% of the un - chartered Northwest Territories, and 100% of the Yukon.  That's right.  That's why Metis should drink a lot of water and visit his grave.  I drove over the Old Man River in Alberta, as I realize Louis Riel ruined the Metis.  Which version of Louis Riel do you believe now, as I drive out of Lethbridge AB on the famous historic Crowsnest Hwy 3 in AB.  Hmm.  Louis Riel ruined 92% of potential Metis land claims.  Why did Louis Riel neuter the Metis, prematurely?  Greed.  Riel was driven by feudalism in France 70 years ago, when a landless Paysan farmed land owned by a seigneur.  The Metis were landless paysan ruled by the House of Lords or Parliament.  In France, the Paysan shared most of his crop with the seigneur, his noble family, the Catholic Church, and Priests.  Riel knew they ate before the paysan's children, and the church was justified in ties (taxes) which starved children because the Pope spoke to God.  Riel believed himself a reincarnation of 'David' in the Apostles interpretation of Jesus.  Was Riel's Declaration a suicidal act of an insane man?  No.  Riel believed the Metis flock to his 'new nation' in force?  Yes.  He had plenty of time after the Declaration to see nobody came to his 'new nation'.  He still had no support.  None.  Was his fight then just a suicidal act of an insane man?  No.  During his stay after the Declaration in Batoche, Riel believed the DDA Chiefs would fight in battle as they moved to their positions.  Hope?  I drove past University Drive in Lethbridge AB, and I do mean everything can be explained by greed and sex.

The Metis may not have flocked to Riel, but the DDA Chiefs moved around and milled about as if they were going to fight.  You see Riel also had Metis telling him well over 5000 men are coming to his 200 men.  Don't be silly historians.  When something just doesn't make sense, we know there is more to the story.  Totally random stupidity is quite uncommon on the killing field.  Was Louis Riel that stupid?  No.  The DDA promised to fight?  Of course.  The DDA positioned themselves where Louis Riel expected them to fight?  Yes.  That's why Riel proceeded.  When Louis Riel continued in Batoche he thought Metis and DDA Chiefs could win.  He would not eat crumbs like a Passan grovelling below the Lord and his court.  Riel could have it all?  Greed.  Then, the DDA Chiefs sprung their trap on Riel by doing nothing of significance for the duration of the North West Rebellion, as I drove through Coalhurst AB which got it's name from a mine giving up it's ore.

Why would the DDA Chiefs set up the Metis?  Greed.  If the Metis were discredited that left DDA Chiefs alone at the trough.  History will show the DDA Chiefs blocked the Metis from treaties and reservations before and after Riel.  Discrediting the Metis accomplished everything the DDA Chiefs could have dreamed possible.  The Forest and Ice People saw the Metis, differently.  Metis lost the respect of all Forest and Ice People north of the 49th parallel.  The DDA Chiefs won in later treaties and reservation claims.  The Metis would never recover is land claims.  DDA Chiefs sold the female DDA, and DDA Chiefs cursed their children.  Does the Assembly of First Nations Chiefs talk slavery on their web site at  I drove past the Calvin Christian School AB, and I though about the Inuit in the north who negotiated their land claims in a logical progression from a Territory to a Province taking 22% of the land north of the 49th parallel The Forest and Ice People  saved Inuit from DDA like Jesse Staniforth and DDA Chiefs  north of the 49th parallel.  DDA Jesse Staniforth's case for genocide is to pathetic to tell the truth about his DDA Cree murders against the Inuit north of James Bay.  Jesse Staniforth hides 30 000 years of brutality from The United Nations.  30 000 years of The Bloody Falls Massacres on July 17, 1771 in Kugluktuk.  Why does Jesse Staniforth hide these murders and make accusations of genocide?  I do not consider the Inuit to be DDA.  I repeat Inuit are not DDA.  The Inuit are truly the class act north of the 49th parallel.  The DDA should be held accountable for murders like the Bloody Falls Massacres against the Inuit.  Jesse Staniforth, DDA Chiefs, and the Assembly of First Nations Chiefs must face international scrutiny for hiding these murders.  I drove past Kipp AB which was originally a trading post, and I do encourage people to address the whole story to the United Nations.

In 1991, the United Nations needed to understand that The Forest and Ice People and their descendants have made progress.  Then, DDA are still a violent hateful people towards everyone, including their women and children.  In The Bloody Falls Massacre the DDA Chipewyan Indians murdered men, women, and children in 5 Inuit Tents.  Jesse Staniforth's verbal attack in the Commentary Section, The Assembly of First Nations Chiefs, The National Chief, his mother, his father, his entire family tree are trained in hate.  The Assembly of First Nations Chiefs in employ free lancers like Jesse Staniforth to sell hate while they were covered in rotting blood at the United Nations.  I drove past Range Road 241 AB, as The Assembly of First Nations Chiefs hounded Prime Minister Brian Mulroney for more . . . more . . . more . . . more . . . on the news.

Jesse Staniforth is DDA, so The Forest and Ice People accept that statistically he beats his woman and children without feeling guilt.  If he felt guilt about the domestic abuse, Jesse Staniforth would tell us that, wouldn't he?  In 1991, the DDA Chiefs who claim to be the 'first environmentalists' poisoned any river for extra money to buy Mr. Brownstone and Whiskey from mineral rights.  We are talking about your DDA parents generation, Jesse Staniforth.  Is it right to give more to the Jesse Staniforth's of the world so they can do a better job of beating their woman and children?  When are we and the United Nations guilty of domestic abuse?  In 1991, the reality is that the DDA goal of Self Determination was an absolute failure.  We were financing child abuse.  The DDA Chiefs are not capable of self determination.  see   Jesse Staniforth's ancestors murdered Inuit at events similar to The Bloody Falls Massacre.  He may be ashamed.  He is may not be ashamed.  He's DDA.  This would make Jesse Staniforth's day a few hundred years ago, as I drive north of the 49th parallel along the Range Road 242 AB.

Today, he's not telling.  The Forest and Ice People are fortunate to have the Inuit in the far north. The far north Inuit inbread far less with the ocean and fishing that the more southers interior DDA, where inbreding was the norm.  Inuit are a strong and determined people surviving on meat along the ocean primarily in the cold, rocky, land of forest and ice.  Inuit weren't wild with greed like Riel.  Inuit worked to get into the North West Territories.  Inuit worked to become a province, Nunavut.  Inuit never bred hate and genocide rants.  That earned Inuit a Province.  DDA and Metis ought to be jealous.  Nunavut has gold, diamonds, zinc, lead, iron, oil, and gas on land and offshore for many generations.  The DDA also murdered The Great Settlers, Traders, and Explorers before the Forest and Ice People after 1867.  Hate cuts both ways.  Adolf Hitler and the Nazi sold a lot of hate.  Jesse Staniforth and the DDA sell a lot of hate.  Neither, won like the Inuit, honey.  Losers don't last long selling a one course meal of hate.  Jesse Staniforth and DDA Chiefs are not limited to Aboriginals killing Inuit at The Bloody Falls Massacre, as I drove past the Old Man River AB, again.

The DDA murdered our Great Forest and Ice Explorers, Traders, and Settlers in The Chilcotin War on April 30 1864 at Bute Inlet in BC just prior to Confederation.  Historians, especially DDA historians with a hate mongering education based on 'stories' call these murders of civilians a War.  DDA don't understand that murdering civilians in the North West Rebellion or the Bute Massacre is not war.  The Bute Massacre was the murder of 19 Great Forest and Ice Settlers, Traders, and Explorers.  They were murdered by the primitive DDA, while doing their jobs.  DDA are proud of these murders, however DDA never would fight in a war.  The Bute Massacre is nothing more than clear evidence that DDA are DDA.  Today, in 1991 the fading out of residential schools is just putting children in a dangerous environment, as I drive by Range Road 243 AB.

DDA children are abused, deserted, and needing medical attention in 1870 and 1991.  Let's not forget the 21 - 23 year life expectancy of DDA, as DDA parents drive children on to the streets, today.  DDA hate mongering by Jesse Staniforth and DDA Chiefs aren't going to help those children.  What other option was available other than Residential Schools in the 1870's?  DDA can be critical, but they are the abusers.  90 years after the start of Residential Schools in 1991, a DDA child would have a much better chance at a Residential School than on the reservation run by corrupt DDA Chiefs.  Unfortunately, DDA Chiefs need to waste these children for their head count.  Were it not for the head count, DDA Chiefs would be just fine with no children.  The Bute Massacre should be on the first page of all hate propaganda by The Assembly of First Nations Chiefs, National Chief, and DDA Chiefs.  Why not?  They are proud of the 'War', right.  They know it was murder, so don't ask don't tell.  I drove past Range Road 244 AB, and only a fool would see The Chilcotin War, Chilcotin Uprising, or the Bute Inlet Massacre in 1864 as anything but senseless murders by DDA.

The DDA Tsilhqot'in Chilcotin murdered 14 white road construction workers, 4 men with a pack-train near Anahim Lake, and a Settler at Puntzi Lake.  The Assembly of First Nations Chiefs, National Chief, and DDA Chiefs are ashamed to tell their children their real history on their Internet websites?  The DDA Chiefs, AFNC, National Chief, and The Little Whore from Clavet hide dirt.  See   DDA Chiefs intentionally create victims with their lack of control and oversight on reservations.  The study streams of DDA children to the street are all the evidence Saskatoon SK needs to witness. DDA Chiefs in Saskatchewan drive children to skid row in Saskatoon to be victimized by the Clan from Clavet?  They setup Becky's 14 year old white friend Penny from Nelson BC.  The DDA Chiefs hide everything they can from the Pleasant Point Mennonite Church?  I drove past Range Road 245 AB, and I wondered how many underage white girls the Clan from Clavet had during their early informant career with the Saskatoon Police Department.  The Clan from Clavet would hide selling their young women as did the Chiefs in the future when fewer First Nations disclosed financial data after Prime Minister Justine Trudeau suspends "key accountability measures" according to the National Post.

The naive Justine Trudeau suspended Stephen Harper's financial transparency law.  This opened the gates for the worst DDA like the Clan from Clavet to continue the abuse under a veil of secrecy.  Unfortunately, you, your daughter, and your friends would never know as their protections was enhanced with the Clan from Clavet selling information and your daughter?  That's how much the Clan from Clavet means to the Saskatoon Police Department, already.  The Saskatoon Police Department will not deny these accusations.  The SPD won't throw out evidence for a crime.  Penny's age is a matter of public record.  The dates are clear.  The SPD in Saskatoon is willing to sacrifice underage white or coloured girls for evidence.  Finally, to be fair there are killings of DDA by our Great Forest and Ice Explorers, Traders, and Settlers.  I'm not going to lie like DDA Chiefs and Jesse Forniforth.  One of the more famous murders was the Cypress Hills Massacre where whites killed DDA.  Thomas W. Hardwick's (hunters) and John Evans's (wolfers) claimed the DDA Assiniboine stole their horses along the Teton River.  They reported the theft to Fort Benton in Montana asking for help.  The Cypress Hills Massacre was just west of my old haunt on Harvey's Run in Shaunavon SK.  The Cypress Hills Massacre changed the land of forest and ice, as I drove past Pearce AB in 1991.

Prime Minister Justine Trudeau becomes Ceremonial Chief after hiding First Nations and Clan from Clavet atrocities against women and children.

The Commander at Fort Benton was busy and he really couldn't do a lot about the DDA north of the 49th parallel.  The 13 American and Forest and Ice People traveled to the Abe Farwell Trading post.  They met George Hammond, John Evans, and Thomas Hardwick along the way before they confronted and searched Little Soldier to find no evidence he stole the horses.  Everything settled down as the group returned to the nearby trading post.  They fortified their intelligence with smart medicine known as Whiskey.  They had a lot of whiskey, as there were Whiskey Traders in the group.  They drank a lot of whiskey to get very, very, smart.  After lots of getting too smart, George Hammond started towards Little Soldier’s camp with the Wolfers and Metis.  Abe Farwell knew they were all drunk, and he tried to save the day.  Then again, Abe couldn't tell the drunks, much, as I drove past Range Road Range Road 251 AB.

Some thought the horse just walked away grazing.  Little Soldier generously gave Hammond two of his horses as hostage until the missing horse could be found.  Unfortunately, common sense is never good enough for a real smart drunk, drunk.  I was qualified in what would transpire.  If you really want to know drunks, talk to the town drunks son.  That should have been the end of the dispute.  Little Soldier was very generous.  Drunks, never seem to know what happened, either.  No self respecting drunk seems to know how the fight started, but they can give a detailed account of their fisticuffs as the women and children started running.  The Assiniboine took off their clothing for what appeared to be a fist fight.  Then the drunk wolfers lined up along the riverbank fifty yards outside the camp, for a long distance fist fight.  Farwell pleaded with the Wolfers not to shoot at the Natives, as he saw a white man was among the Assiniboine.  Little Soldier asked Hammond what his group was doing on the hill, as I drove past Range Road 252 AB.

Farwell saw Hammond fire his gun, and rest of the Wolfers protected by the tall river bank fired on the Assiniboine camp.  The Assiniboine returned fire with lesser weapons, and they had a terrible position firing from the bottom.  On June 1 1873, the whites killed the aboriginals near Battle Creek.  The whites were American and Forest and Ice Bison Hunters, Wolf hunters, Whiskey Traders, and Metis Cargo Haulers.  The Aboriginals were Assiniboine.  The Assiniboine were surprised by the shots.  The land of forest and ice Wolfer, Ed Legrace was killed, and 23 Assiniboine were killed.  The site of the massacre is a National Historic Site, and Farwell and Solomon's trading posts have been reconstructed.  News of the Cypress Hills Massacre reached Ottawa in August 1873, and the Federal Government stood up for the Assiniboine, as they tried to extradite the Americans for murder.  Notice that our Forest and Ice People do not try to hide behind a war or battle?  The diplomatic dispute continued into December 1874, as Assistant Commissioner James Macleod was finally given permission by 1%ers to enter Helena, Montana, as I passed Range Road 252 AB on my left.

Macleod tried to investigate and he made arrests.  The 1%ers Commissioner refused his extradition request based on conflicting testimony.  After all, 1%ers didn't exactly frown on killing Indians.  The acquitted men charged Macleod himself, with false arrest.  That was soon dropped, as Macleod was in Montana with the permission of 1%ers.  Two Forest and Ice Traders and a Wolfer were arrested, again later.  They were tried in Winnipeg in June 1876.  The government was unable to make their case with a bunch of drunks, recollecting what drunks could remember.  In 1882, the case was finally dropped for lack of evidence as to who did what.  Cullen, the 1%ers Commissioner said at the extradition hearing that the 'Indians' started firing.  However, it would still have been the men on the ridge who provoked the fire with their position.  Without a full account by all the Americans there was nothing more could be accomplished.  1%ers hired 95%ers like General Phil Sheridan a U.S. Army Officer and Union General to kill whatever got in their way for wages, while I drove past Township Road 92 AB.

That was the end of the Cypress Hills Massacre for 1%ers, but the show went on in the North West Territories.  1%ers hired 95%ers to impede of the investigations.  1%ers could see no profit in justice for Indians, and these murders were not uncommon in Montana.  The Cypress Hills Massacre pressed Prime Minister John A. Macdonald into creating a Police Force in the North-West Territories.  That police force was named the North West Mounted Police.  The NWMP had a barracks in Fort Macleod under Mounted Police Colonel James Macleod.  Prime Minister John A. Macdonald's new force included 300 men and horses.  They would be responsible for 480, 000 square km in the Northwest Territories.  The Cypress Hills Massacre disturbed DDA, Metis, and Whites near Portage la Prairie, Qu’appelled and eventually the entire North West Territories.  There was fear the murders would spread, or even occur again.  The NWMP had a calming effect, as the new police force restricted access from the south at the 49th parallel.  I stopped for coffee in Fort Macleod, the home of the NWMP.

There was a certain irony that the confrontation began over a horse.  When the old world came to the land of forest and ice, the DDA had rocks attached to sticks for hunting and killing.  The Tomahawk.  There were no horses.  DDA took to horses immediately to hunt and kill.  The forest and ice people Traders, Explorers, and Settlers and the DDA explained the genocide of horses away as DDA must have eaten all the horses.  In any event, the horses somehow lead to the ambush of the DDA.  The great forest and ice traders, explorers, and settlers did try to help.  We would never quite know whether the horses wandered off?  DDA became very close with these horses which they did not eat from the old world.  For the next 120 years both the forest and ice people and the DDA believed the horses were eaten long ago.  Blink.  120 years later, really just a blink in time we would learn the truth about the horses.  DNA would eventually prove that there were no similar horses for the DDA to eat after the last ice age.  Richard Harington who had frequented the Klondike through the 1960s to the 1980s was credited with the discovery.  Blink, DDA were absolved of eating the horses a mere 120 years later by DNA.  The same DNA that would be used to hunt the Little Whore from Clavet would prove DDA did not eat their horses.  Instead, the DDA ate these animals after the last ice age! I finished my coffee in Fort Macleaod, the home of the NWMP.

Ice age fossils from Yukon help identify new horse genus

A family of stilt-legged Haringtonhippus francisci in Yukon.  DNA shows the evolutionary dead-end to be unrelated to horse DNA.

The NWMP protected the DDA, Metis, and our Forest and Ice People from 95%ers killing for wages for 1%ers.  The Cyprus Hills Massacre investigation earned DDA and Metis respect for the Federal Government and the North West Mounted Police (Redcoats).  It's amazing what a sharp dressed uniform can do for perceived safety.  Sadly no charges stuck in the Cyprus Hills Massacre, however the little steam engine got respect for trying to find justice on the hill.  The NWMP started on a good footing with DDA and Metis.  Our Forest and Ice Peoples tried to protect DDA and Metis, as best we could.  The 95%ers south of the 49th parallel were killing Indians for 1%ers.  In fact, the Cypress Hills Massacre created a wave of anti-Americanism in newspapers north of the 49th parallel.  We were different north of the 49th parallel in the 1870's, and we are different north of the 49th parallel, in 1991.  We will always be different.  In the news, 'American gangsters' and 'American scum's crept into the hard evidence in the headlines which is an accurate gauge of emotions.  Fort Macleod was the home of the NWMP.  I drank more coffee because I intended to drive all night.

Our people north of the 49th parallel worried that Americans would return to murder people.  The War of 1812 was not forgotten, either.  The British, Aboriginals, Settlers, Traders, Metis, Voyageurs, and Bushmen fought the 95%ers hired by 1%ers in that war.  We didn't want the 1%ers moving here in 1812, and we killed many of the 95%ers killing for wages in that war.  In any event the treatment of Aboriginals and Indians also differed significantly for both countries.  1%ers in America were unashamed of General Philip Sheridan or their investment in killing Indians.  The only good Indians I ever saw were dead, fits the 1%ers profit motivation.  Interestingly enough, the media hate for 1%ers and their 95%ers overshadowed the Forest and Ice People involved in the Cypress Hills Massacre.  Yet, we tried to punish the Forest and Ice People involved for what they did in the Massacre.  I finished my coffee, and I got in my car and headed west on the Crowsnest Highway.  I would drive all night.

Many DDA in the land of forest and ice survived solely because of the decency of the great Forest and Ice People.  Our Forest and Ice Peoples in Shaunavon SK helped the DDA when they were being killed for wages by 95%ers.  Indians as they are called in 'America' hid out around Shaunavon SK along the Red Coat Trail.  The NWMP brought law and order north of the 49th parallel, along the entire 1300 km Red Coat Trail.  In 1874, the NWMP brought law and order to the Northwest Territories and Shaunavon SK.  The "March West" included Shaunavon SK, long before Highway 13, Highway 37, and Highway 722 ever existed.  There would be 36 settlements along the 676 km of The Red Coat Trail in Saskatchewan, alone.  DDA were unfortunately killed as they crossed into the domain of 1%ers to the south, but we could not change their unfortunate fate.  I approached Alberta 2 Highway which was straight south of Claresholm AB.  Yes, the town drunks son was on Harvey's Run 14 years ago in Claresholm AB.

RIP  Gareth Brandt, Jesse Staniforth, and Chief Bruce Shisheesh were allowed to teach children their 'stories' and hate at the Attawapiskat First Natition Reserve near James Bay.  Their defeatism, hopelessness, and hate drove 11 children to attempt suicide on April 10, 2016.  Attawapiskat was known for it's corruption.  Putting these three people to death would be good for the children, statistically speaking.  Assembly of First Nations National Chief, AFN, Aboriginal Environmentalism, North-West Rebellion, Lois Riel, Metis, The Lachine Massacre, The Port-la-Joye Massacre, The Grand Pre Massacre, The Bloody Falls Massacre, The Frog Lake Massacre, The Cypress Hills Massacre, King George's War, King William's War, Assiniboine, Chilcotin War, North West Mounted Police, John A Macdonald, NWMP.

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