US Customs and Border Protection, Sault Ste-Marie International Bridge, Ontario Provincial Police, Black Powder Sulphur, Charcoal, Potassium Nitrate

On January 3rd 1991, I had the Clan from Clavet on my trail in Ottawa.  My friend Mike in Ottawa chose the most direct route to Vancouver BC from Ottawa ON.  On his advice, I took the Sault St. Marie ON route through the Great Lakes.  The first leg of the trip became a 800 + km run west to Sault St. Marie ON.  I explored my way west in January, without a road map using only destination signs.  In 1991, the days of the full service gas stations were numbered.  Gas stations with mechanics were as scarce as chickens with teeth.  Gas stations had their cartographer’s creations prominently displayed near the cash registers, then.  Their inked paper waited patiently for a frustrated traveler.  On Jan 1st, the electric cash registers were reprogrammed with the new GST tax of 7%, complements of the Conservative Party and Prime Minister Martin Brian Mulroney.  His business minded Conservative Party taxed blue collar, white collar, and poor Canadians too lower corporate taxes for the rich.  I fuelled up my tank and my temper in this Ottawa area known as The Glebe.  Then, I started on Albert St. and I turned left onto O’Connor St. for 17 blocks where I ramped on to the Queensway (417) Trans Canada just passed the Ottawa Curling Club at Catherine St.

Prime Minister Brian Mulroney had a close relationship with President Ronald Reagan.  Brian Mulroney could beat down the working class with the best while bragging about his working class origins.  Lying Brians ‘Crime, Corruption and Greed saw him in Canadian Courts many years after the Stevie Cameron book.  President Ronald Reagan had nothing to worry about as Presidents were completely above the law.  President Richard Nixon would be the last President punishable for any War Crime or Financial Crime.  He was caught in a recording bragging about his Break & Enter.  Today the cash register in the service station charged me an additional 7% tax on my gas, as Prime Minister Brian Mulroney drove his shaft even deeper with the new GST.  His loan sharking interest rates to repossess blue collar homes was not punishment enough for his criminal kind.  Canadians now exported goods and energy without the 13.5% manufacturers‘ sales tax (MST) to President Ronald Reagan and the World.  Mulroney sang ‘we’ll do that to you one more time’ and ‘Irish Eyes’ with Ronald Reagan at a gala in Washington.  I drove through suburbs of Ottawa known as Carlington, Bayshore, and Kanata as the cities gave in to a more rural setting with Pakenham ON to the east and Kinburn ON to the North along the Trans Canada or the 417 as it is known locally.

In 1991, the wall behind the cash register had a colourful rainbow of small square boxes defining ‘Canadian Free Enterprise’.  The national and international cigarette families killed Canadians each year.  Canadians politely shared their high medical costs before we put them in the ground for their addiction to nicotine added to tobacco.  We put them in the ground so the Canadian cigarette magnet families and their companies such as Imperial Tobacco Canada, Macdonald Tobacco, Rothmans, and Benson & Hedges could kill their children, next.  There was of course the international families and companies like the R. J. Reynolds, Philip Morris International Inc, Japan Tobacco International, British American Tobacco, and Imperial Tobacco Group killing anyone they could hook.  Most of these died horrible deaths without our ‘humanized’ disposal system called medicare.   It was freedom?  I guess that’s why Bob Dylan said ‘behind every beautiful thing, there’s some kind of pain’.  I left the cigarettes for the dead.  I did consider buying a cell phone for the trip, however I also traveled free of the new black 1/2 brick cell phone for $249.00.   The McNab Township and Arnprior ON were named after  Archibald McNab and his home town, Arnprior Scotland.  Archibald McNab ruled his feudal township under the new Union Flag adopted by England, Wales and Scotland, while he Arnprior ON, where Arnpior practiced feudalism as he lorded over his peasants with the Anglican Gods.

I was impressed how the Licensed and Regulated Telecom Companies marketed Government airwaves with the new technology.  After all,  Cells are little more than a two way radio built by Senior Constable Frederick William Downie of the Victorian Police in during 1923 in Australia.  He built a  radio connected to a base station in the Police Station.  Yes, they radio filled the back seat.  Pre Transistor.  Imagine putting a 1923 Alexander Graham Bell telephone next to the radio?  50 years later, cell phones were hitting economy of scale in production, consumption, and profit for Canadian Telecom Companies with ‘big plans’ for the ‘little people’.  This year the Jones meant upgrading to the second generation (2G) cell phones.  The Cells were fashion statements for their coolness.  The cool talking tools to impressed the impressionable.  Employers cracked free labour out of their staff which couldn’t resist answering their coolness factor to the boss.  "Hi Freeman, I didn’t catch you at a bad time".  The general population also accepted cell phones for playtime.  We saw cell towers on buildings and Jesus shared his steeples for profit.  People hooked their coolness on their belt in the form of the new bragging black brick.  2G was stronger, clearer, crisper, faster.  Why?  This area has history back to 1613 when the French explorer Samuel de Champlain met the Algonquians.  The 417 turned into the Trans Canada Highway / Ontario Highway 17 as the countryside gave way to the small communities of Braeside ON, Sand Point ON, Deware ON, and Lochwinnoch ON to the north near the Ottawa River.

The spotty cell phone signals were going out as radio-frequency (RF) energy, radiating.  More Towers.  More RF.  For many years devices met certain (RF) energy standards.  RF energy is actually a measurement of  electromagnetic radiation.  Doesn’t RF sound safer than electromagnetic radiation?  Is radiation good for you?  No.  Free Enterprise?  Yes.  Both Cell Towers and Cell Phones have identifications as a Drivers License has a Name, Address, City, and Number.  Electromagnetic Radiation operates like a drop of water in a still bowl in all directions as a simple wave.  When contacted the Cell Phone and Cell Tower vamp up the electromagnetic radiation or wave frequency (faster drops).  The Cell Phone converts voice to data the same way voice is stored on old fashioned magnetic tape.  The Cell and Tower send waves in data packets using electromagnetic radiation radiating outwards from both the Cell Tower and the Cell Phone.  Once your belt held the phone, before phones became smaller.  Finally, SS (Signal Strength) becomes a measure of how much electromagnetic radiation travels from Cell Towers and Cell Phones  through your LadyBalls and ManBalls to operate your Cell Phone.  Cell Towers overlap and change as the Cell moves giving Towers and Cells infinite triangulation for constant electromagnetic radiating on your balls.  Of course, free enterprise assures us this was all safe.  In 1991 the devices were CSA Certified to acceptable levels of RF.  I drove past Renfrew ON christened after Renfrew Scotland, where the Forest and Ice People grew their futures predictably in the 1820s farming and lumber industry following the fur trade.

In modern times before the Big War, The Canadian Cancer Society and The Cancer Research Society would tally the rise of LadyBall cancer to be the 5th overall killer of females by cancer in Canada.  Young Pre Cell Phone LadyBalls had a 1.3 % chance of LadyBall cancer causing death among those who were diagnosed with cancer.  After 35 years of electromagnetic radiation, LadyBalls have a 23.8 % chance of LadyBall cancer causing death among those who were diagnosed with cancer.  ManBall cancer is the most common cancer in young Canadian men, however the survival rate is 97% for men.  ManBall cancer also rose to be a leading cancer among men.  University of Toronto studied the forest and ice people, and they found a Rapid increase in colorectal cancers in young people.  You see, Man ball and Lady ball cancer rose with our friend electromagnetic radiation.  ManColon and LadyColon cancer statistics took a 180 degree turn in the wrong direction with cell phones or electromagnetic radiation.  Yes, young people started getting cancers in their colons or as I prefer ‘Fecal Depot’ because it’s unisex.  Decent people with colon cancer have new hope.  May 27, 2014 - 06:34 Transplantations can be lifesavers for many colon cancer patients with a spread of tumours to the liver.  New research reveals that survival rates are ten times higher than treatment with chemotherapy.  Young people hardly ever got cancer in their fecal depot before Man balls and Lady balls cancer rose electromagnetic radiation and colon cancer rose with the preservatives we ate.  Epiphany!

Then, the young forest and ice children played with their new electromagnetic radiation toys, and the children started dying of Fecal Depot cancer as young adults.  The pain, cancer, and deaths described in statistics are perfect matches with the distribution of the cell phones to young children.  The statistics are clear?  Fecal Depot, ManBall, and LadyBall cancer increases because forest and ice people talk on their cell phones!  The distribution of the phones and the ManBall, LadyBall, and Fecal Depot Cancer rates coincide.  You see, Fecal Depot cancer is ‘rising among Gen X and Millennial’s because they talk on their phones?  Yes.  The talking causes the changes in cancer rates.  You heard it here, first!  It gets worse.  There are solutions according to Rebecca Siegel, a salaried white coat researching cancer rates.  She admits their findings that colorectal cancer risk for millennial's has risen is sobering.  Siegel says the forest and ice people need to eat better.  We need to be active.  We must cut back on red meat and processed meats.  We must eat more fibre.  We must exercise.  We need to control our weight, alcohol consumption, and we must stop buying her brand of cigarettes.  She hopes that will reverse the trend.  Hmm.   Gen X and Millennial’s were doing most of that when mom and dad gave them their electromagnetic radiation cell phones devices?  We were naive, then.  We couldn’t believe 1%ers and their scientists with long white coats would kill us with electromagnetic radiation.

The male forest and ice people soon learned that their ManBall could be switched off with a regular dose of electromagnetic radiation.  They figured out that the wireless technology in their homes works on the same principles.  They could ‘switch’ off their fertility just by using their laptops on their midsection on a daily basis.  We adapted the results from the British, as a new, effective, birth control method.  We could practice population controls without using a condom or the birth control pill.  Imagine?  The British promised to do more research on their new birth control method, however 1%ers didn’t think the results would be good for Phone Manufacturers, Telecoms, or Personal Tracking History in the land of forests and ice.  Therefore, the funding to find out why laptops over your testicles created such a fuss was terminated.  There was never more research to determine how effective the birth control worked.  Neither, if you wanted advertising dollars you had to shut up about ManBalls, LadyBalls, Fecal Depot, and now new Birth Control methods.  Talk about talking on the phone and cancer would have you blacklisted by the industry.  The Phone Manufacturers, Telecoms, and Government preferred to focus on the up side of electromagnetic radiation.  Production, Consumption, Profit, and the Business of War was best served by keeping birth control and cancer on the back burner.  Talk shows on 1%er Networks sold the technology, constantly.  One day I heard a talk show host bragging to her colleagues, my 4 year old can use her phone.  All the ladies gave a rising pitch, Ohhh.  It was like a contagious orgasm.  They all got it.  Mom was so proud.  Gushing.  It was one of those socially conscious shows.  Hmm.  The View  They wouldn’t connect electro magnetic radiation and 50% of the forest and ice people getting cancer, either.

Why is electromagnetic radiation so, OK?  Who was first?  It had to be Star Trek right?  Who cleared the health tests for the ‘first communicator’ crushing balls?  No it wasn’t Star Trek.  In February 1965, Star Trek pilot The Cage was screened to NBC.  Later, licensed and regulated Public Broadcasters pretended the communicator as entertainment in 1966 for the pilot episode Caged Man.  This historic area of the Trans Canada highway included early Forest and Ice People in municipalities once known as Beachburg, Cobden, Ross and Westmeath, and the area was known for white water regions where the Ottawa River split and narrowed into two fast moving segments.

If Star Trek was not first who was?  In 1923 Senior Constable Frederick William Downie built the first two way radio for police cars in Australia.  The Russians were the first to broadcast from earth to space using their Soviet spacecraft Sputnik in 1957, after its launch.  This was a satellite.  They used electromagnetic radiation or RF energy to communicate with the satellite.  Russian Scientists also used Sputnik’s telemetry information to change and reposition Sputnik’s trajectory, speed, direction in space in real time.  GPS capabilities of Russians were hidden to North American for national security and control purposes.  Government would use GPS now for ships with TRANSIT satellites.  By 1967, TIMATION added atomic clock accuracy to GPS calculations which included time, space, speed, and trajectory calculations proposed by Albert Einstein.  That puts very accurate triangulation as far back as 1967 for GPS, Telecom’s, Tracking and Surveillance.  Finally, 11 more satellites were added from 1978 - 1985.  Today in 1991, most people didn’t know GPS existed long before the Cell Phone.  Since Cell Phones and Towers work exactly the same was as the Russians communicated with Sputnik, highly accurate Cell Phones are highly accurate location devices for Cell Towers on a planetary scale.  So?  The Trans Canada Highway blinked past Haley Station ON, named for the Canadian Pacific Railway station built on George Haley’s farm in the then Ross Township.

Radiation or RF Energy radiates binary data blocks or packet (s) which have two pieces.  The ‘header’ information for routing (Drivers License, Name, Address, City, Number) and (Data) the binary version of the voice ‘Hello’.  Hello is played by the circuitry of the Cell similar to a voice recorder.  Routing, Time, Date, Destination, Device, Originating Device, and Polling History are triangulated using alternative routing to position your location anywhere on the planet with Cell Phone Towers, Telecom, and sometimes Satellites.  The Russian space technology was brought back to earth in 1973 by Motorola from the Russian Space Program.  The first Cell was now space technology layered down to earth in land based Towers (Satellites) and Cells (Ships).  The 1957 technology was withheld from Canadians for many years.  Initially, Canadians would be allowed part of the technology.  Canadians were told they were phones for talking.  In 1991, Prime Minister Brian Mulroney would license, regulate, and control the electromagnetic radiation with the Canadian Governments regulatory arm known as the CRTC.  In 1991, I drove past Cobden ON and Muskrat Lake ON along the Ottawa River ON where Samuel de Champlain portaged over the Chenaux Rapids, and legend has it he chisels an  inscription on a rock "Champlain Juin 2, 1613".

e—lec—tro—mag—net—ic ra—di—a—tion
  1. a kind of radiation including visible light, radio waves, gamma rays, and X-rays, in which electric and magnetic fields vary simultaneously.

The licensing, regulating, and controlling electromagnetic radiation in Canada has a long history with the CRTC since 1968, after the CRTC replaced The Board of Broadcast Governors (BBG).  The BBG replaced the CBC in 1958, when John George Diefenbaker argued the CBC was regulating its competitors.  The CBC inherited authority from the Canadian Radio Broadcasting Corporation (CRBC) which dabbled in standards for race and religion content riding electromagnetic radiation.  The CRBC joined the North American Regional Broadcasting Agreement to avoid conflicting bandwidth congestion along the 49th parallel.  In 1933, the CRBC Act placed a 40% limit on foreign programing.  In 1932 The Privy Council in London supported federal jurisdiction over electromagnetic radiation with the Supreme Court of Canada citing section 92(10)(a) of the British North America Act (BNA Act).  In 1929, The Canadian Radio League argued for democracy through public broadcasting over private broadcasting.  Quebec fought federal regulation with their own Broadcasting Act.  The Royal Commission on Radio Broadcasting (Aird Report) claimed "Canadian radio listeners want Canadian broadcasting".  The CRBC would license and regulate high powered electromagnetic radiation with funding by licence fees, advertising, and government funding.  The Federal Government signed the International Radio-Telegraph Convention signalling federal jurisdiction in electromagnetic radiation.  The CRBC was replaced with the 1913 Radiotelegraph Act which extended the Wireless Telegraph Act to include voice transmission and sound broadcasting.  The Canadian Government passed the Wireless Telegraph Act in 1905, requiring a licence to transmit electromagnetic radiation.  I drove past Cotnam Island ON along the Trans Canada Highway, and I know each of us are islands on licensed and regulated electromagnetic radiation invented by a Canadian, Reginald Fessenden.

In 1900, Reginald Fessenden broadcasts the first words on electromagnetic radiation (RF).  Then, the Cell Phone was delayed in Canada since the invention of the transistor in 1947.  The transistor radios (Cell Receiver) immediately followed the transistor.  Billions of electromagnetic radiation receivers (Radios) became the most popular electronic communication device in history.  Cell Phones were delayed for 45 years?  Technically, the Cell Phone should have been right behind the transistor in 1947.  Was the Canadian Government afraid of electromagnetic radiation?  Control?  The Canadian Telecom Companies were required to ‘police’ under their license and regulation agreements.  Freedom?  Privacy?  Freedom needed regulated and regulated freedom was not Private.  Finally, freedom was not Free.  Instead electromagnetic radiation was going to be Expensive, Regulated, Licensed, Invade Privacy, Trackable, and Profitable for Telecoms and the Canadian Government.  The electromagnetic radiation would maintain Peace, Order, and Good Government along the lines of the BNA Act in Canada.  The CRTC regulated communication in Canada.  Nationally and Internationally, it took time to perfect the surveillance system using electromagnetic radiation.  The CRTC believed electromagnetic radiation was their best ‘spy’.  The CRTC’s licensing and regulating allowed the Full Duplex Spectrum Auction to their favoured licensed and regulated companies who were already assisting all ‘spying’ requests (Local, Provincial, Federal) with land lines.  I drove on the Trans-Canada Hwy ON southwest of the Ottawa River ON where ile Morrison QC was another island on the Quebec side of the Ottawa River.

South of the 49th parallel, President Ronald Reagan integrated electromagnetic radiation into his National Defence Strategic Defence Initiative (SDI) or Star Wars.  Reagan also allowed licensed and regulated privately owned companies (Telecoms) access to Full Duplex electromagnetic radiation.  No wildcats get licenses.  Wildcat?  No Spectrum.  No Cell Phone.  No Profit.  The Cell Phone is a system a control for the authorities through Telecoms.  The system of control (National Defence) must be paid for on a monthly basis by the Cell Phone user.  Reagan was convinced personal tracking devices on civilians was necessary to defend against civil unrest by 95% of his population.  He was ready to integrate SDI technology and electromagnetic radiation into National Security.  The Cell Phone became the ground floor extension of Reagan’s National Defence.  President Ronald Reagan was and remains on the end of your line.  Cells became legal by 1%er Reagan choice after 50 years of waiting.  The Strategic Defence Initiative (SDI) or ‘Star Wars’ was sold by 1%ers Reagan as a defence system to protect against a nuclear attack.  Now, 1%ers in National Security and Defence could record conversations, spot track people, and plot complete lifetimes of ‘people of interest’.  Electromagnetic Radiation became National Defence with Licensed and Regulated Telecom Companies on Licensed and Regulated Airwaves.  The licensed and regulated electromagnetic radiation was a constant weapon in war.  Imagine,  every single country on earth agrees to license and regulate electromagnetic radiation on airwaves?  National Interest.  National Control.  Imagine?  Profit and Free Enterprise paid for the distribution of surveillance technology worldwide on the backs of Cell Phone users starting in the 1980’s.  I drove past Ontario 41 Highway and Pembroke ON to the northwest, where the Forest and Ice People started a lumber town in 1877 in the Ottawa Valley ON.

In the future, the Crown would appeal to prevent both the defence and the general public in Canada from learning about ‘Cell phone Catchers’.  They would fail, and the media would report that the RCMP has "Covert Intercept Unit" which relies on "mobile device(s)" to identify smart phones in court records.  The RCMP use customized software and court authorizations to monitor Cells.  "Everyone knows that they use these fake cell towers," veteran defence lawyer Alan Gold told CBC News."  The U.S. Patented and Trademarked StingRay II would be used excessively for Blackberry to routinely intercept data to help cops ‘kick ass’ according to Jason Murdock of CBC News Technology & Science.  Why?  First a judge lifted a publication ban surrounding the shooting death of Salvatore (Sal the Ironworker) Montagna from a New York crime family.  Montagna was killed near Montreal in 2011.  The RCMP used Cell Phone surveillance information in their investigation.  When a judge lifted the publication ban on the case surrounding the shooting death of Salvatore (Sal the Ironworker) Montagna, the truth radiated outward.  Montreal court records would show the Cell Phones were targeted complements of a Canadian Company BlackBerry.  BlackBerry codes helped unscramble PIN-to-PIN messages in the murder conspiracy.  I drove past Hiam ON in the Township of Laurentian Valley ON, and I felt betrayed as the Canadian Telecom Blackberry bragged about their ‘ENTERPRISE’ security and gave out BlackBerry global decryption keys like a Pedophile gives out candy.

‘Crack-berry’ or Blackberry was actually worse in the electromagnetic radiation for profit enterprises south of the 49th parallel.  In 1991, the NSA cited the Reagan-era executive orders to the National Security Agency in 1981 authorizing the collection of data daily from tens of millions of cell phones.  How could President Ronald Reagan, not?  National Security sold as freedom?  Is there anyone out there who actually believes people are allowed privacy?  Does anyone out there actually believe computer encryption locks out the government, today?  Does anyone actually believe the ROM on the BIOS Chip on the PC or Cell Phone is secure?  Then I thought?  Hmm.  The Saskatoon Police Department must have tracked some of the actions of the Little Whore from Clavet and the Clan from Clavet.  Since they were ‘people of interest’ with dealers and whores on 20th street in Saskatoon, they must have some tracked material.  The Saskatoon Police Department could verify that their informant was harassing me and threatening me while it was rumoured they were conspiring to have me killed.  The old Saskatoon Rebels MC could verify a lot about the Little Whore from Clavet and her brothers involved in the Clubhouse.  If I had an insider in Sask Tel the Saskatchewan Telecom, I could find out a lot about the Clan from Clavet.  Blackberry could help me track the Clan from Clavet?  Well, I had a lot of driving to do.  The land of forest and ice alongside the highway reminded me of Oxdrift in Northern Ontario.  I drove past Forest Lea ON in the Laurentian Valley in Renfrew County which is known for it’s bike and ski trails trough the forests.

The dreams of my private life gave way to electromagnetic radiation, and I needed something to think about other than driving.  I had not traveled outside the city often while I lived in Ottawa ON.  I was never a good forest and ice person, however I did enjoy the trees.  I missed looking at them, but I didn’t much miss sleeping out there in a tent.  I arrived in Ottawa in the spring, and I left in the dead of winter, January.  The forest and snow reminded me of my time in Oxdrift ON during Harvey’s Run in 1973.  Remembering Oxdrift was something to do while I drove.  I would not be using the Black Mamba to drive through Oxdrift ON this year.  This new route would be much shorter than the Northern Route on the Black Mamba over Lake Superior through Northern Ontario.  The summer drive into Ottawa ON 2 1/2 years ago was hot and humid.  Today, it was sunny and cold to start another trip across Canada.  The only part about Harvey’s Run in Northern Ontario that was sort of all right was the Forest.  If there is anything that distinguishes modern day Canadians from anyone else it is the Forest and Ice.  That’s why I call us the Forest and Ice People.  In 1973, the twin ghosts chased Harvey into hiding in the forest near Oxdrift ON, and I was the little 12 old caboose, when trains had a caboose.  Today on January 3 1991, I had time to think.  I think I was running from the Little Whore from Clavet in the same way Harvey was running from the twin Ghosts?  I found a turtle in Oxdrift ON, and I was reminded of that as I passed Mudturtle Lake ON.

In Oxdrift ON, Harvey ran from the twin ghosts since he met my mother.  That’s how I ended up in Oxdrift ON.  It’s like Harvey’s Run rubbed off like a virus?  Airborne.  Contact.  Contagion?  Did I catch Harvey’s Run like a virus?  Was I already running form the Clan from Clavet in 1991?  In 1973, Harvey’s Run settled in Oxdrift long before there was a Little Whore from Clavet, though.  We ran all summer as soon as school was out in 1973.  I was 12 years old when Harvey pulled the old house trailer onto what amounted to a small clearing with a caved in cribbing desperately holding that space for the water.  Harvey parked the old house trailer facing north and parallel to Glengoland Road ON.  The old Dodge choked blue smoke after unhooking the home on wheels.  She was the first of many vehicles to wear down on Harvey’s Run.  I knew many vehicles chocked a little when their time was near.  I screwed down the home on wheels trailer screw jack on to a 4 x 4 on the ground.  Harvey topped up the old Dodge Truck’s future with another 2 litres of oil into the valve cover.  Harvey drove off with a trail of blue smoke chasing him like the twins ghosts.  They chased him back to Lorraine who was waiting at Ear Falls with the horse home on wheels.  Harvey returned with Lorraine and the horses with their home on wheels, and Harvey, Mom, Leo, Lorraine, and I hid out in the forest and ice of Northern Ontario on Glengoland Road ON.  Harvey worked as an electrician for Weyerhaeuser Pulp and Paper in Dryden ON.  I’m not ashamed to admit we were the working poor living in an old home on wheels in rented pasture in the middle of nowhere without a flush toilet.  I drove past Black Bay Road ON, where trees were being brushed to create irregular patterns in Satellite photos from space.

Oxdrift ON was Pulp and Paper country which supplied the paper mill with trees to make newsprint and fine paper.  There were a few farms on the flats in Oxdrift ON growing grain.  The pulp industry made the trees nervous and fur bearing animals vulnerable.  Fishing and Tourism created jobs in the service industries.  Oxdrift ON was a typical story in the land of the Forest and Ice People.  My fur was removed, too.  Somehow, Harvey figured I was better off if I lost my fur before school started.  The little hippy in me was chopped down to size.  I didn’t like that at all, and I was crushed when ‘The Man’ forced my hair back to what was considered the ‘manly length’.  I would endure another cold winter with little natural protection.  Would you do that to a horse, Harvey?  Did you notice that humans are most sadistic when they do the ‘Right’ thing.  Human reason brings humans to the ‘right’ conclusion.  Humans circumcise young girls by cutting off the clitoris and labia of young girls?  Right.  Humans.  Civilized.  Humans are neither civilized, humane, or worthy of supernatural interest.  Human reason circumcises young girls, right.  Reason.  Reason cuts hair and circumcise young girls.  Human reason qualifies homo erectus as the most evil life on planet earth.  Gods are convenient imaginary excuses for human reason in circumcision, peace, and war.  There are no Gods to have an interest in homo erectus logic and bestiality?  Listen!  Nothing.  Samuel de Champlain made all my textbooks in this area of the forest and ice people, but I never once read about DDA Algonquin of the Pikwàkanagàn First Nation in their sharp dressed uniforms forcing interned Germans, Italians, and Japanese in Petawawa ON to work in camps?  Historians are like the Little Whore from Clavet.  They both lie for the man on top.  Once again, popular history is well, bleached white.  I think Justice Murray Sinclair might have been bleached white too.  I drove on the Trans-Canada Hwy through Petawawa ON built for the ‘Right’ reason, where Canada forced Germans, Austrians, Italians, and Japanese to work building roads, cutting forests, and brushing forests during 1914-1916 and 1939-1945.

Canadian Born Terrorist Order In Council P. C. 117
Canadian Born Terrorist Order in Council P. C. 117 Criminalized by the RCMP

I remembered catching the school bus from the edge of the clearing on Glengoland Road ON in 1973.  I hoped they could not see the outhouse down the hill.  Pettawawa was in my rear view mirror, and it was not the sort of thing taught in the Oxdrift Public School for my first day in Grade 7 with Mr Davidson.  Canada politely ignores some ‘Right’ things in the education of boys and girls.  I sat in the last seat closest to the door.  LIFO.  This shipping anachronism sat me down on the Grade 6 side of these halls of infinite wisdom.  Mr. Davidson didn’t flinch at my declaration of last in first out.  I guess these halls of infinite wisdom didn’t discriminate against the old home on wheels crowd.  Then, Mr. Davidson began handing out text books.  I recognized them as my old Grade 5 Textbooks in Saskatchewan.  Should I tell?  I waited for another round of wisdom.  I recognized all the math.  I decided to tell him about his books on the next round of books.  I could have lied.  However, the healthy girls were on the other side of the room.  I ought to have lied to sleep away a year?  I didn’t lie.  Mr. Davidson wasn’t going to tell us about internment camps that year, and I drove past Sturgeon Lake ON to the north before arriving at Chalk River ON where Canada made medical isotopes.

Instead, I told Mr. Davidson "I have read these books".  He was taken back a little, and then he explained the seating plan because we would have 2 classes in one room.  Who would have guessed, right.  St. Brieux branded their classes not seats.  I wasn’t really embarrassed to be wrong because the girls on the other side of the room were pretty and healthy, looking.  I moved to the other side of the room and I sat behind a blond Grade 7 girl.  Then, I received the textbooks from Grade 6 at St. Brieux and St. Dominic’s School in Humboldt.  I should have told Mr. Davidson, except I was sitting behind a hot blond self introduced as Sharon.  She was magnificent.  She smelt so good.  She had real long blonde hair.  She looked even better.  She was very healthy, even if she was two years older than I.  I was always the youngest kid in my class.  I decided to use the same books as last year.  I didn’t tell Mr. Davidson I had done these books as well.  I think the school would have left me take Grade 8, but I couldn’t dream of Sharon.  This lie cost me a year, but I lost a year with my true love in the Grade 7, while Grade 8 was in another class down the hall.  I would find out that I made a mistake.  The Oxdrift ON winter was similar to the bone chilling Northeastern Saskatchewan winter at St. Brieux, before global warming.  I didn’t think a little warming would hurt.  Then, warming had a cost as Pine Beetles were now travelling from tree to tree in Canada for 2 months rather than a 2 weeks during the heat in late July and early August.  I drove past Deep River ON southwest of the Ottawa River ON, and Deep River ON deserves it’s name from the deepest spot in the Ottawa River ON of an incredible 123 metres or 37 stories deep.

In Oxdrift ON, the air would freeze 5 months a year for at least one day.  The area did have some farming, as there was some good soil left by the glaciers in the last ice age.  The farming season was short.  Then, the farming season was short on all the land brushed in Canada for farming.  I froze that fall and early winter along with Melvin who lived in a real house on Glengoland Road next to the Trans-Canada Hwy / ON-17.  My culture was limited to the weekly grocery trip to Dryden ON.  I passed as regular working class families kid on these trips, if they never visited and saw the old home on wheels with the outhouse.  I was cultured each week at the Dryden Movie Theatre.  My life was duller than watching sap run on a frozen Jack Pine Tree.  I would not have known I was alive were it not for frostbite while waiting for the school bus.  I hated small towns, whether they are sullied by the town drunk or not.  I hated small towns almost as much as I hated winter.  I guess, I was never a very good forest and ice person.  I played a little shinny in Oxdrift once a week on the outdoor rink, like forest and ice people, do.  I was dreaming of girls and tiring of horses.  Horses were good to attract girls, though.  Today, I was escaping to Vancouver BC for the climate.  Today, I told myself I was not running from the Little Whore from Clavet and her family.  I passed the Rolphton ON ghost town, graveyard, and abandoned buildings left by the Rolphton Hydro Colony when the dam construction began, and Ontario Hydro had just recently closed the town in 1988.

In Oxdrift, Lorraine sold her horse Sunny for a good price, so she could have a good cry before Christmas that year.  She soon dried up, and she focused her attention on another horse, Nada.  Harvey sold the Chuck wagon, Chariot, the harness, the faster team Sunny Beach and Smoky Joe, and the slower team Bullet and Pellet.  He then boarded a team of Clydesdale for the winter for someone I didn’t know.  Frosty bit like a mule in Oxdrift ON.  When Harvey had to run from the twins he could slide away with heavy horses and the sleigh.  I ended up with useless little mare Collie.  She would never replace a much stronger, faster, spirited, Munich.  He had been sold out from underneath me in Watrous SK.  Mom did better in Harvey’s horse trading with a black gelding called Cheyenne.  Leo had no interest in horses.  Each day Leo was the distant one who jigged when he should have jagged.  He already wanted off Harvey’s Run from the twin ghosts, and he was counting down his sentence on the calendar.  Myself, I think small towns are dull.  They stupefy.  They dull.  They wear.  They suck the life out of young people.  Most Forest and Ice People can usually remember some sort of ‘reason’ starting at 4 years of age.  We reason ‘something’ out as an event.  We’ll also remember that moment of ‘reason’, and that reasoned logic we survive with for our lifetimes.  In 1991, the small town of Stonecliffe ON in southeastern Ontario along the Ottawa River ON on the northern edge of Algonquin Park?

In 1973, which DDA child wins?  The child watching Jack Pine Sap run at - 30 Celsius on a Reservation near Oxdrift ON listening to ‘stories’?  OR  The child challenged and overwhelmed by books in a Residential School near Oxdrift ON?  The constant for the 100 years of Residential Schools is that child abuse is rampant on Reservations.  The constant for the last 100 years is that children have complained about child abuse in Residential Schools.  Commissioner Justice Murray Sinclair’s route to being a Justice and a Commissioner did not involve Jack Pine Sap at - 30 Celsius on the Reservation near Selkirk MN.  Justice Murray Sinclair wanted a life and career, instead.  Which life did Justice Murray Sinclair choose for himself?  Not Sap!  Do Justice Murray Sinclair’s recommendations help his people?  No.  Justice Murray Sinclair enjoys his status among his people.  He is the shining star.  Instead, his peers have lives of soup kitchens, homelessness, and despair near Oxdrift ON.  Justice Murray Sinclair and the Residential School Commission choose child abuse and neglect on Reservations.  Why does Justice Murray Sinclair want the ‘Statues of Misery’ on the downtown east side in Vancouver?  Why does Justice Murray Sinclair feed those ‘Statues of Misery’ to Robert Pickton and the Pigs on his farm in the future?  I drove past Bissett Creek ON just south of Rocher Capitaine Island in the Ottawa River on the Ontario side which also has the name of ile du Rocher Capitaine where in 1615, Samuel de Champlain y passe lors de son second voyage dans les Pays d’en Haut.  I wondered if it’s really french or english?

Justice Murray Sinclair blamed the Forest and Ice People for the Residential Schools.  Yet, the young Murray Sinclair chose his schooling off the reservation.  He didn’t watch Jack Pine Sap run at - 30 Celsius.  Instead, he started when he was young playing for political ‘connections’ as an Air Cadet in the Jim Whitecross Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron in Winnipeg.  He played his politically correct cards with his families support with the whites.  He socialized with the ‘right people’ at the Royal Canadian Legion (Branch 20).  He graduated high school OFF the Reservation in Selkirk MN in 1968.  His education did not include the ‘stories’ of hate and defeatism DDA spread in the Reservation Schools.  Instead, Justice Murray Sinclair caught the silver spoon corruption parade into a Government White Collar job.  The high school graduate Murray Sinclair got a job in the Government of Manitoba as a ‘Special Assistant’ to the Attorney General of Manitoba.  We will get into just how much influence peddling, bribes, and corruption it took to become a ‘Special Assistant’ with a high school education.  In Oxdrift ON, White Collar Government jobs paying high salaries were not options for DDA children with high school diplomas on the Reservations near Oxdrift ON in 1968 or 1973.  I drove past Deux-Riviéres ON where the Riviére Maganasipi / Riviére-Kipawa QC drains into the Ottawa River QC.

Murray Sinclair had a life route which is simply unavailable to 99% of all Forest and Ice People regardless of colour.  The Attorney General of Manitoba would attempt to justify the ‘Appointment’ as ‘Special Assistant’ because Murray Sinclair was a DDA.  Their excuse for their corruption doesn’t hold water, either.  Murray Sinclair is an Oreo.  He is all white inside.  He lived a white life.  He talks white.  He eats white.  He’s a Selkirk kid.  He has never schooled on a Reservation.  Murray Sinclair does not address his lack of qualifications to be a ‘Special Assistant’ or Commissioner, either.  The bottom line is that there is just is not enough corruption for all DDA children to rise up like Murray Sinclair with his influence peddling, bribes, and corruption.  The Manitoba Government, Elected MLA’s, and arguably a corrupt Attorney General in Manitoba can’t give all DDA children jobs for connections, influence peddling, and corruption.  Imagine, all DDA high school graduates sailing right into cushy white collar Government jobs without a post secondary degree!  Reality, those DDA graduates are cleaning Murray Sinclair’s feces off the toilets in the Attorney General’s Offices and the Manitoba Legislature.  Murray Sinclair lived well of the sweat of the Forest and Ice People for 7 years, while he earned under a million dollars in the Attorney General Offices without a post secondary education before his 25th birthday.  I drove past Mattawa ON which saw many Great Canadian Settlers, Traders, and Explorers on the Ottawa River such as Étienne Brûlé, Samuel de Champlain, Jean Nicolet, Jean de Brébeuf, Gabriel Lallemant, Pierre-Esprit Radisson, Médard des Groseilliers, La Verendrye, Alexander MacKenzie, and David Thompson well before 1867 and Confederation.  Mattawa is Algonquin for ‘Meeting of the Waters’.  The Ottawa River parted to the north as I continued west.

Murray Sinclair left the Manitoba government with his winnings, and he was flush with cash to study Liberal Arts at the University of Manitoba.  Sinclair graduated Liberal Arts in 1979 in his late 20’s.  He studied another year before he finally passed the Manitoba Bar Exam.  He was older than most Law Firms would consider to ‘article’.  No Problem.  Murray Sinclair just didn’t practice one year under a seasoned Law Firm.  He used his cash to start his own law firm.  His Government connections fed money to his unproven law firm to an unproven lawyer with no financial accountability.  Sinclair practiced with no ground breaking legal presidents in Common Law for 8 years, before he was appointed Associate Chief Judge of the Provincial Court of Manitoba.  Justice Murray Sinclair’s political appointment to the Court of Queens Bench of Manitoba made him the first DDA Judge on the Queen’s bench in Manitoba.  He was not as qualified as other candidates.  Finally Sinclair finished milking his political career with appointments to Co-Commission Manitoba’s Public Inquiry into the Administration of Justice and Aboriginal People, the Manitoba Human Rights Commission, and finally Sinclair was appointed to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission as Chair to look into Canada’s Indian Residential Schools during the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in June 2009.  Personally, I think Justice Murray Sinclair should be held personally responsible for encouraging predators like John Paul Ostamas to listen to his heart and take action.  I drove past Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park ON and Moore Lake ON, when I realized how much a Joe average could negatively effect an entire people.

John Paul Ostamas
John Paul Ostamas

I think Justice Murray Sinclair and DDA Chiefs in general are to corrupt to actually help the DDA near Oxdrift ON, and they have fed at the trough while torturing their DDA women and children for the last 50 years.  Justice Murray Sinclair pretends to help and ‘understand’.  Sinclair’s solution to the Residential School System was to lobotomize future DDA children with hate ‘stories’, ‘hate politics’, ‘self determination’, and ‘self government’ which was entirely under the control of Justice Murray Sinclair, the DDA Chiefs, and the DDA Assembly of First Nation Chiefs.  This greedy lot fed at the trough like Justice Murray Sinclair.  Justice Murray Sinclair actually pushes to deny DDA the tools which helped him.  Murray Sinclair tell DDA females and children "Do as I say, not as I do".  He wants the females and children, dependent.  He wants them on the Reservations.  He wants the power and glory as do each of the Assembly of First Nations Chiefs.  The Assembly of FIrst Nations rule regardless of how poorly they rank by UNICEF in ‘Fairness for Children’.  Sinclair drives the death Nell into The Residential Schools.  Now, Justice Murray Sinclair, DDA Chiefs, and the DDA Assembly of First Nation Chiefs can rape, assault, and lobotomize generations of children, privately.  The victims run for foster care in Manitoba where almost 90 % are DDA.  The children who go homeless and run to Winnipeg MN, suffer from DDA males predators in Winnipeg MN, where It’s not safe out there for Aboriginals girls.  Justice Murray Sinclair, DDA Chiefs, and the Little Whore from Clavet’s tribe in Saskatchewan train a John Paul Ostamas to hunt young DDA females and children on the street.  Sinclair’s ‘Statues of Misery’ are flaunted unashamedly by The Winnipeg Free Press and CBCNews as pitiful examples of how the Forest and Ice People did DDA, wrong.  Right.  Justice Murray Sinclair.  Yes, statistically speaking DDA females and children would be better of if Justice Murray Sinclair were dead.  Oxdrift ON had the Eagle Lake Reserve (Saulteaux) with 227 Registered DDA by Census or 608 by Chiefs Count (Head Cash) on 34.40 km2 with kids in my school, as I drove in the south over the end of Pimisi Bay ON.

In 1973, Oxdrift ON was frozen in time like the Eagle Lake Reserve, and I aged poorly in the land of forest and ice,  a school with half a dozen text books, at 12 years of age.  The Reserve was southeast of Oxdrift ON on Eagle Lake ON.  In the present and future the Murray Sinclair, DDA Chiefs, and the Assembly of First Nations Chiefs, and the Assembly of First Nations Chief himself would be hoarding power for financial gain.  ‘Statues of Misery’ were blamed on the forest and ice people.  Unfortunately, a demon in red from another land in the land of forests and ice found me in 1973.  Santa.  The town drunk in St. Brieux would have forgotten me most years, however this year the town drunk invited his children for a visit to put a better face on his situation.  Lorraine said flat out "No".  She was to smart to be fooled by an outstretched hand with Sunday morning guilt writing with whiskey shake.  Leo and I were not as smart, and I’ll blame it on cold brain caused by frigid weather before global warming.  On Friday December 21st 1973, Leo and I boarded the bus at 17:55 PM in Dryden Ontario.  The shiny silver Racing Greyhound mounted the Black Mamba heading west in my first real bus ride, ever.  The sleek silver Racing Greyhound jumped out of Dryden ON running west towards Winnipeg MN for the first leg of our trip, as I drove through Rutherglan ON in another ice cold January, 1991.

The scenery had changed to green on white in the land of the forest and ice people for the Racing Greyhound.  Last summer, the same scenery was green on brown with the Black Valiant and the old Dodge Truck running from the blue smoke on Harvey’s Run.  Watching the wind and the forest at - 30 Celsius through my window was more exciting than watching Jack Pine sap at - 30 Celsius, though?  I guess that’s why DDA Chiefs forced kids to stay on Reserves.  In 1973, the Racing Greyhound rolled into the Saint Anne junction, and she stopped to rest in a Racing Greyhound stall at 11:00 PM in the Winnipeg Greyhound Bus Depot.  We had a layover inside from 22:25 to 23:45 before we boarded a fresh Racing Greyhound in another stall.  This sleek silver Racing Greyhound backtracked on the old Black Valiant and Dodge Truck tracks from Winnipeg MN to Yorkton SK.  She ran as I reclined back and slept through Canada’s longest night.  We past the Young Pioneers trail ride on the Yellowhead Highway, and this sleek silver Racing Greyhound made it through Foam Lake SK, without getting bushwhacked, again.  I arrived in North Bay ON on a cold dark night.  I considered myself more mature now, than when I was as a Young Pioneer 5 months ago.  The Racing Greyhound continued from the Young Pioneers Trail through Plunkett SK and Viscount SK before turning north on Highway 2 to the intersection at Highway 2 and Highway 5.  We dismounted.  I drove west under Trout Lake ON in the path of Lyme disease-riddled deer ticks (Arachnids) that were being pulled north by Global Warming in a swath from the Muskoka Region to Ottawa where the Ottawa Citizen would report infections tripling for years in the future with dire warnings by Ottawa Public Health.

At Christmas time, we waited at the restaurant as our Racing Greyhound continued west on Highway 5 to Saskatoon.  It was December 22nd, when we transferred to a fresh Racing Greyhound STC model.  Every Stubble-Jumper knows STC is the Saskatchewan Transportation Company.  As we approached St. Brieux, I tried to focus on my better memories.  They were scarce.  June 1 was Census Day in 1961 in the land of forest and ice.  We were 18.2 million strong.  I was born on June 10 1961 at the Melfort SK Hospital 25 km north east of St. Brieux SK just after the Soviets put the first human in space on April 12th, Yuri Gagarin.  He was no small town drunk.  Imagine, the first human in space!  Unfortunately, 1961 also had President John Kennedy paying the Central Intelligence Agency CIA to train American and Cuban exiles to kill Cubans in the Bay of Pigs?  He was an underhanded back stabbing guy, who liked women with or without rings other than his wife.  The forest and ice people were lucky to have a Premier of Saskatchewan named Tommy Douglas.  He was better than any of the licentious Kennedys.  I grew up not liking the Kennedy family for the same reasons people liked them.  Kennedy tried to knife Cubans in the back to put his dictator back in power in Cuba.  His guy was dictator Fulgencio Batista y Zaldivar from 1952-1959.  The Kennedy family was like that, while the drunks and whore mongering lasted.  They played democracy.  I think they were really ‘closet tyrants’.  South of the 49th parallel, ‘closet tyrants’ are popular for their dreams of world domination.  In 1991, the rushed in air off Lake Nipissing.  etienne Brule blazed a trail here in 1610 which was followed by voyageurs for the next 200 years in North Bay ON.  Lake Nipissing or lac Nipissing had North Bay on shore dating back to 1882, when the Canadian Pacific Railway arrived sealing North Bay’s fate as a early hub for settlers, lumbering, and steamships.  These great Great Canadian Settlers, Traders, and Explorers found our futures in this area of Ontario.  The French dominated early exploration in the Ottawa Valley.  Hmm.  ‘The early bird always gets the worm’ is a joke.  I get it, Ontario?

St. Brieux was settled by my ancestors settled from St-Brieuc France in 1904, and these Breton families like all other immigrants are the forest and ice people we owe everything to today.  These particular 40 Breton families from St-Brieuc France were expecting an open prairie ready for the plow.  Instead, Jesus had a good laugh at their french hopes and dreams.  Many believed the posters with free land  which sort of ignored the forests and ice in the land of forest and ice.  After Confederation, the Federal Government intentionally toned down the cold, forest, ice, and the far north.  The trees were nervous as more than a million of pamphlets fell onto predominantly white European countries in 1900, alone.  The Europeans responded and the Government of Canada had many people prepared to seed that great endless ‘open prairie’.  It was that easy to be a Lord!  Immigrants pondered a glorious future with their  Gods at their side as they left St-Malo France.  Their enthusiasm was primed and charged like a musket as they left France from the very Port Jacques Cartier used to sail west for his great adventure and exploration of the new world.  Our Bretons had their Gods travelling with them at their side with a true believer in Father Paul Le Floch.  The Bretons began their own New World in the Northwest Territories on the 1st of April 1904, and my Mom’s ancestors family would arrive from another distant land.  I drove past Yellek ON named after a trainmaster on the north shore of Lake Nipissing, and I mused about this two lane town started in 1915, as a Canadian Northern Railway rail siding section for trains to pass.

In 1904, Father Paul Le Floch boated his flock from France to Halifax ON.  They rode ‘The Canadian’ to Regina in the Northwest Territories.  The sun bleached Plains Bison Bones were only mirages in 1904, on the tiny part of natural open prairie.  The flock used a consortium of Companies called Qu’Appelle, Long Lake, and the Saskatchewan Railroad and Steamboat Company (QLSRSC) to disembark at Prince Albert.  The Le Flock’s flock walked, rode, or Red River Carted the last 70 miles to the northern edge of Lenore Lake (St. Brieux Lake).  These trails dated back to Henry Kelsey who worked for the Hudson Bay Company (HBC).  Kelsey was the ‘first’ European to explore this area of the North West Territories.   Kelsey was truly a Great Canadian Fur Trader and Explorer in the 1690s, and Kelsey had a gift for dealing with Ruperts Land hunter gatherer Aboriginals.  The HBC made billions in the next 200 years on his gift.  200 years later on the 23rd of May 1904 Bob Roberts recorded ‘When the coons have a dreamland of their own’ with his orchestra on the very same day the Bretons pitched camp at the Father Paul LeFloch homestead which they christened ‘Plaine’.  The Gods giggled as they left Father Paul Le Floch on gravel, rocks, and bigger rocks?  If you believe their is any truth in popular history, the Bretons arrived from southwestern Great Britain and Cornwall.  They also ran from the invading Germanic people.  The Bretons also descended from the Gauls and the Vikings.  They migrated in waves from the third to ninth century to a region known as Armorica.  Amorica became known as Brittany in France.  These Bretons arrived from "The Rock" in France to "The Rock" in St. Brieux.  The Bretons honoured Jacques Cartier by naming their town after one of his ships called Saint-Brieux.  Then again, some claim Saint Brieux was just named after the other  Rock pile in St-Brieuc France.  Immigration in Saskatchewan grew the population 11.4 times between 1891 and 1911.  In 1991, I drove through West Nipissing ON which itself grew in the 1880s, as the Canadian Pacific Railway’s steel horse rode into town with Charles Alfred Marie Paradis and his hopes to seed the land for Franco-Ontarians.

Early arrivals in the Northwest Territories before Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and BC were incorporated into Provinces in alphabetical order were Africans, Belgians, British, Chinese, Danes, Doukhobors, Dutch, Finnish, French, Germans, Hungarians, Hutterites, Icelanders, Irish, Jews, Mennonites, Mormons, Norwegians, Polish, Romanians, Scandinavia, Swedes, and Ukrainians.  These were our Great Canadian Settlers, Traders, and Explorers. likely has your story.  Today on the Racing Greyhound in 1973, I could see that the Forest and Ice People had cut out much of the Forest from the land of Forest and Ice.  I know the forest and ice made ‘The Forest and Ice People’ what they are today.  The Forest and Ice carved each life before Confederation in 1867 until modern times.  The Furs and Forest led to the lumber industry and then Agriculture and Animal Husbandry.  A stable food supply led to villages, towns, and eventually cities in the land of forest and ice.  Our character is shaped by the environment.  As I approached St. Brieux, I could see areas where the land was not ‘broken’ or brushed into artificial open prairie in 1973.  The word brushed comes from removing the trees or brush from the land.  The forest was brushed from the land.  The ‘first’ environmentalist DDA also brushed their own land.  Although as the town drunks son I never heard the DDA around St. Brieux claiming to be the ‘first environmentalists’.  Historians world wide kept their heads positioned on their vertebrae by ignoring the deforestation of Canada, Russia, Northern Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Germany Denmark United Kingdom, Norway Sweden, Finland, Iceland, and Japan.  The integrity of a history can be measured in un severed vertebrae.  Later, most of these countries were ‘environmentalists’ for the Amazon Forests.  Their deforestation made the Amazon forest a trite accomplishment.  Popular HIstory?  People lie to themselves all the time.  I drove through Cache Bay On named after the French or Indian word cache, which was built by settlers in 1884 on the lumbar industry when Barnet & Mackie built a depot for their rail board business accessed by rail or water.

The Bretons from France played the lottery in the land of Forest and Ice at the end of Lenore Lake SK near St. Brieux SK.  The very lucky found soil between the roots without gravel and rocks.  Father Paul Le Floch found very little soil hiding in his roots and rocks.  Some Bretons found it to difficult to brush the land.  St. Brieux SK would need to be cut out of the Forest and Ice.  This Boreal Forest once contained 1/3 of the earths fresh water in the circumpolar biome, before global warming.  These Bretons couldn’t breath as they cut down trees with axes for their homes because the mosquitoes were so thick it was difficult to breath.  Families struggled to walk through thick brush without trails to travel through the bush to get to the ‘home’ quarter.  The new Forest and Ice People from ‘The Rock’ had to drag trees to their new home site.  They had to cut wood and dry it for the winter.  Their was good straight logs from the White and Black Poplar.  Their axes could cut joints to lock logs together into place without metal spikes or wire.  Rocks could be used for chimney if they had time.  Cracks could be filled with grass and mud.  They needed the log house to survive the first winter.  If they had a house they could get ready for a garden, and brush land.  Once the trees were brushed the roots needed to be pulled and rocks needed to be picked.  Immigrants to the Land of Forest and Ice were often saw pictures of the very small natural prairie in Canada.  The Northwest Territories rewarded them with the Boreal Forest on Rock near St. Brieux SK.  Many were ill prepared.  Their futures were a lottery where land with soil was the prize.  Roulette.  St. Brieux area land around the end of Lake Lenore was rock and gravel left by glaciers with a sense of humour.  Perhaps, Father Paul Le Floch had some bad karma under his robe.  Who knows?  Maybe, the nuns kiss and tell their Gods?  This was my history.  The Trans-Canada / Ontario 17 passed through Markstay-Warren ON alongside the Veuve River ON, and I thought about starting a new life with an axe and a gun to hunt meat to make it through the first winter?

I was raised by the children of the Bretons, who survived the land lottery.  The land of forests and ice would crush the dreams and the futures of many Bretons.  The town drunks father Joseph ROHEL (1879-1939), died when the town drunk Henri Yves Joseph Rohel (1931-1997) was young with little fanfare from the Bretons.  His father Joseph Rohel had a home quarter at SW 33-41-20-W2 in the Boreal Forest.  This was a little south and east of St. Brieux near the Kermaria Church.  Joseph Rohel was born in 1879 and died in 1939 when he was buried in the Kermaria Cemetery.  My father the town drunk sold the land when he became of age, the same way the DDA traded futures for whiskey.  The town drunk paid nothing to his sisters Denise and Marie.  Then, he became the St. Brieux town drunk working where drunks were welcome for cheap wages at the Joe Boulanger Garage / Case Tractor Dealership.  In 1973, Northeastern Saskatchewan offered a checkerboard combination of farmland and Boreal Forest inside the grid road configuration from the Racing Greyhound window seat.  Meanwhile, the Frank Bourgault cultivator built for farming on a little soil and a lot of rock, took root.  That reality based environmental influence eventually rewarded the village of St. Brieux with a cultivator business for local employment.  Rock History.  Rock History 101.  The environment created the need for the cultivator.  The environment determined the financial future for the area, as Bourgault Industries would eventually grow into a company because of a little dirt and lots of rocks.  Our people made a business of farming on rocks.  Rock History.  History Rocks.  That’s a true story.  I caught a break to survive as the town drunks son when medicare was born in Saskatchewan on July 1, 1961.  I might not have survived my childhood in St. Brieux SK without that break.

I caught another break when my mother did not take the birth-defect-causing drug thalidomide, as it was banned in the spring of 1962.  I had a survivors guilt for those less fortunate.  1%ers knew their product Thalidomide was a problem causing deformed babies in Germany since 1958, and Chemie Gruenenthal finally cut their Profits on 26 November 1962.  They wilfully experimented on the forest and ice people.  I was lucky 1%ers didn’t ruin my life before it started.  I was the lucky one who caught a break.  Chemie Gruenenthal fought the forest and ice people one by one in Canada.  Most countries received settlements, however our forest and ice people were "forced to go it alone, family by family".  Why?  This will take a while to explain, later.  No case ever reached a trial verdict.  Rather, families were forced to settle out-of-court with gag orders imposed" 1%er style.  1%ers had the hot tempered, impetuous, immature, sexually aggressive President John Kennedy in a dirty diaper with a bad attitude in Cuba.  His bad attitude was related to his failed invasion of Cuba, another lost war.  The Russians put Ballistic Missiles in Cuba to make sure the Kennedy’s didn’t attempt another invasion.  John F Kennedy acted in a childish act the war mongering  President John Kennedy threatened a nuclear event if everyone didn’t stop laughing at his dirty diaper and his premature ejaculation in Cuba.  1%er media and military did smell the Kennedys!  John’s sexual philandering with his little organ was just next door to hiring the Little Whore from Clavet on 20th Street and Ave C in Saskatoon.  Catholics are absolved in confession, and I think that’s why the Catholic Gods generate more human death and tragedy than most religions.  John just wasn’t playing the right cards for people interested in long game of Consumption, Production, Profit, and the Business of War.  You see breeding 95%ers daughters was different than endangering the long game!  John would learn how the chant ‘A dead Kennedy is a good Kennedy’ in 1%er circles would change his life.  I drove the Trans-Canada / Ontario 17 through a town without a name when the CPR’s Toronto-Romford line arrived in 1908, and the townspeople decided on Coniston ON as suggested by railway superintendent T.R. Johnson from a novel he read set in Coniston in northwestern England.

In 1973, the Racing Greyhound approached St. Brieux SK, as I began to cringed inside.  I was going to eat a lot of humiliation waiting for the fat Red Devils Revenge.  I had travellers remorse, that moment where you hate what you chose?  There were few good memories of living in a rented white house with black trim on 1st Ave. in St. Brieux SK.  I was 2 years old in 1963 when we lived in a house 3/4’s of a block north of Main Street on the west side of 3rd Ave.  The house was 1/4 block south of the elementary school, where the big kids went to school with Leo and Lorraine.  This cold winter saw the Forest and Ice People watched Ernest M. Richardson win his fourth Canadian and World Curling Championship.  His monumental accomplishment attracted the forest and ice people to their TV’s to watch rocks curl on ice in Saskatchewan.  Richardson popped the rocks hard in an aggressive, slamming, take out style between 1959 - 1963.  He had the spotlight.  I stayed downstairs alone when we had company, already.  My God Parents Aunt Elaine and Uncle Bert from Lake Lenore would come over to visit with their family.  The town drunk would drink himself into stupidity.  I was just to ashamed to tell them I liked them a lot.  I was only two but I knew something was wrong, already.  People grossly underestimated my two year old senses.  I leaned to be ashamed of the town drunk, young.  Aunt Elaine and Uncle Burt never shamed me, as others did for the town drunks antics.  I had a professional cringe at 2 years of age in 1963.  In 1991, I followed the Trans-Canada Hwy / Ontario 17 through the crater with the Giant Nickel in Sudbury ON, where during the Paleoproterozoic Era a bolide 10 - 15 km across slammed Earth, which splattered molten rock for 800 km, and left the second largest crater on Earth, next to the Vredefort crater in South Africa.  I used ‘bolide’ rather than comet or asteroid, as the CBC News would do a story that it was a comet and not an asteroid.  Our forest and ice people had no protection from asteroids or a predictive capability of more than hours, while 1%er white coats employed at NASA assured us they were on top of the matter.

In 1963, I avoided the controversy surrounding the town drunk, as he was generally in the middle of the controversy.  Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Ringo Starr and George Harrison took a fake blow from Cassius Clay in a photo op.  One week later, on February 25th the BBC News announced that Cassius Clay was crowned "champion after a shock win over Sonny Liston".  Cassius Clay was a winner.  President John F Kennedy was just another loser in North Vietnam.  John F Kennedy killed his countries sons and daughters in Vietnam, as fast as he threw your wife out of his bed.  The business of war worked better in Vietnam on television for 1%ers, than John F Kennedy in Cuba.  John F Kennedy was a hothead.  John F Kennedy was a war monger  He had your wife while killing your child  Then, Kennedy went to far for 1%ers!  He threatened a nuclear exchange.  Joe Kennedy, John Kennedy’s father raised his boys to lead with their penis and use it on ‘their’ women.  In 1964, The Beatles sang the number one hits I Want to Hold Your Hand, She Loves You, Can’t Buy Me Love, and Love Me Do through the spring and summer.  On November 22 1963 John F Kennedy was shot to death with a bullet to the face in public to make a point for 1%ers.  The forest and ice people on the Trans-Canada Hwy at Beaver Lake ON were safer that day with President John F Kennedy, dead.  Their women?  Their lives?  It wasn’t John F Kennedy seducing your wives and daughters that earned him a bullet in the face.  Amazingly, 95%ers south of the 49th parallel believed Lee Harvey Oswald shot John F Kennedy.  Incredibly, 95%ers believed Jack Ruby shot Lee Harvey Oswald.

Lee Harvey Oswald shot by Jack Ruby in the Dallas police headquarters Nov. 24, 1963.

Accused assassin Lee Harvey Oswald was shot at point-blank range by Dallas night club owner Jack Ruby in a corridor of Dallas police headquarters on Nov. 24, 1963.

The licensed and regulated media south of the 49th parallel pointed everywhere else for John F Kennedy killer.  In fact, John F Kennedy was killed because a nuclear war caused by a philandering hothead was not good for Consumption, Production, Profit, and the Business of War.  Simple.  5 levels of 1%er military orchestrated the illegal transport of Kennedy’s body out of Texas.  Joe Kennedy and his son John F Kennedy were just to stupid to understand money and the foreign policy required for 1%ers to make more money.  1%ers did not want to end the gravy train.  Every subsequent President has agreed to Consumption, Production, Profit, and the Business of War  There is no other POLICY.  John F Kennedy was killed to ensure Consumption, Production, Profit, and the Business of War.  In 1963, 95%ers got over the killing.  The people don’t take the killing as ‘gravely’ as was popularized by 1%er media  Any popularly elected official can be removed, easily.  However, 1%ers didn’t want the Kennedy killing to be a regular occurrence  95%ers might actually think when presented with political killings on a regular basis  POLICY changes were made by 1%ers  1%ers prepared for the inevitable ‘hot head’ in the symbolic position of President  When 1%er media ignored Donald Trump, he was able to keep going with social media  Donald Trump was the next ‘hot head’ allowed to ascend to the throne south of the 49th parallel, 42 years later.  CBC News Radio ‘The Current’ with Anna Maria Tremonti was wrong in believing the super elite 1%ers of the Republican Party would derail Donald Trump  Instead, the office was now redecorated for the puppet Donald Trump  1%ers knew a clown like Donald Trump was coming along, again  1%ers had learned from the whoremonger John F Kennedy!  1%ers also knew they should not falsify elections against a future ‘hot head’ like John F Kennedy.

Instead, 1%ers began building a system of control through legislation and restraints and their absolute control of the lowest police man to all the generals.  1%ers would control both the ‘Vote’ and the ‘Result’ of the puppet white house by neutering the power of the office.  1%ers knew they would eventually fail to cut the ‘hot heads’ out of the game early with the vote, so 1%ers had plan be which neutered power of the white house.  There are those who claim I am not right about the Kennedy killing?  The reality is that 1%ers and the licensed and regulated 1%er owned news media chose Consumption, Production, Profit, and the Business of War consistently for 225 years since the steam engine.  Kennedy needed to be killed for the long game  Barack Obama cried ‘Main Street’ not ‘Wall Street’.  He did nothing significant that was not undone by Trump in one year.  Obama either lied or could not do anything with the power he had.  Donald Trump would be a fools puppet, as he brought in his daughter to be circumcised in the little white room. He sold 95%ers promises he could not and eventually would not deliver.  The disenfranchised white and poor believed he would cut them a bigger slice of poverty  That worked for 1%ers  What works for 1%ers is ‘false democracy’ which keeps 95%ers, stupid  The general public was convinced Kennedy’s killer was a ‘nut bar’ or ‘terrorist’ through 1%er licensed and regulated electromagnetic airwaves.  There is no doubt that the forest and ice people lived better lives because 1%ers killed President Kennedy.  There were repercussion in 1964 in Saskatchewan as the Federal Government suddenly required each of us to have a number so we could be easily tracked, Social Insurance Cards.  Saskatchewan Medicare was starting to spread, and Collin Thatcher was elected Premier of Saskatchewan.  The killing of a elected leader went off as well as later killings of elected leaders in South America  Killing a senior popularly elected government official went off without a hitch.

Oh, Donald Trump, just another puppet?  1%ers control the money, white coats (scientists), local police (funding), state police (funding), National Guard (Congress), NSA, FBI, CIA, NASA, Military, and the "Regulated Airwaves" to their END  Donald Trump is just a clown with a vote  The vote means nothing  It’s just that easy for 1%ers to kill a President, and it’s just that easy to control Donald Trump  1%ers learned and improved their position since 1963.  1%ers built on their power  The ‘hot head’ solution was to neuter the most senior elected person with a dull knife  I’m sure some of you don’t believe Donald Trump has been castrated with a dull knife  Donald Trump has not only been neutered, but the world laughs at the clown on a daily basis  Multiple levels of 1%er controlled resources go public with the neutering President Donald Trump and his daughter each day  1%ers are reassuring 95%ers that the primitive little monkey they elected will be controlled  This series of stories worked well for 1%ers as the primitive little monkey and his daughter take the blame, and the ‘false democracy’ of the vote slides into the background  Then, progressively stupid 95%ers don’t get enough education to read, either  Just how laughable is democracy south of the 49th parallel  It would get worst before the Big War  Nothing but what 1%ers want for the business of consumption, production, profit and the business of war  In 1991, I drove through Nairn Centre ON which moved from the fur trade to two decades of mainly logging in 1890 along the Spanish and Vermilion Rivers for local employment.

In the fall of 1964, I was 4 years old when Grandpa Godart loaned the town drunk and my mother the deposit money for land owned by Adam Dahmer west of St. Brieux Lake.  The Dahmer family had the almost a full quarter section acreage until their house burned to the ground.  They were losers in the land lottery, as their land next to St. Brieux Lake was rock and gravel.  The Dahmer family moved into town into a house near the elevators in St. Brieux SK, after the fire.  Adam Dahmer eventually decided to sell us the acreage on Lenore Lake.  My earliest recollections are pouring the concrete footings for the new house 1 km west of town with Uncle Wilfred.  Eventually, a concrete block basement crept upwards from the  footings to the surface of the ground.  That winter the town drunk borrowed the money for a Nelson Ready to Move home from Lloydminster SK.  It was not the home on wheels style, but it did arrive on wheels in 1965 in the next spring.  We moved to the acreage on the end of St. Brieux Lake at the end of Lenore Lake.  Those were heady times as the Forest and Ice People agreed to work together to establish the Canada Pension Plan for the elderly with Liberal Lester B. Pearson at the helm.  We all stood proud for the new maple leaf flag representing all immigrants who have arrived for elsewhere.  We had glitches as someone pulled the wrong switch down east, and The Hydro-Electric Power Commission of Ontario caused the 65 blackout of the east coast.  The event was marked by a major baby-boom 9 months later.  I drove an area named first Stanley ON in 1908, then renamed Espanola Station ON for the train in 1919, then renamed again to McKerrow ON since there was two Espanola Stations!  McKerrow ON was named after J.O. McKerrow who managed traffic for the Abitibi Pulp and Paper Co.

In 1966, the blackout of 65 led to a baby boom 42 weeks later.  Simple Darkness.  In 1966, elders with Conservative minded convictions called Pearson a ‘scum’ in headlines regarding the Canada Pension Plan (CCP).  Today, these same elders decided to apply for pension benefits from the new CCP.  I learned greed always takes convictions in Rock-paper-scissors.  The town drunk earned $38.00 a week at Boulanger Garage, and only parts of that made it past the St. Brieux Bar.  I was the poor in a village where everyone knew everyone elses dirty white trash.  City kids living with drunks have it easy!  They can hide everywhere?  City people don’t see city kids sitting in a cold truck in front of the St. Brieux Hotel on Main Street until last call?  City flavoured kids blend out of sight.  The village people see it all.  Village hawks gossip about clothing, accidents, fights, public drunkenness, and god forbid infidelity.  City kids have what’s called an—o—nym—i—ty.  Village kids have what’s called a ‘stigma’.  In 1966, Mom registered me for school in the summer at 5 years old.  I passed the hearing and vision tests for registration.  I started Grade 1 and Wee Wee Hockey at 5 years of age that fall.  I had no an—o—nym—i—ty, and teachers and students magnified every single accident, fight, or public drunkenness to biblical proportions.  Yeah, city kids catch all the breaks.  Mom fed us by starting with chickens and gardening on the Rocky Ridge Ranch.  Grade 1 was hard for a 5 years old.  Les Filles de la Providence also came from Brittany in 1897, and they built schools in Prud’homme, St. Louis and St. Brieux.  Eventually, they taught in almost twenty public schools in the area.  The nuns from the Convent didn’t take a lot of smart talk from the town drunks son, either.  That fall the grown ups were talking about something called colour television on the CBC starting October 1st 1966.  I was expecting our set to change colour.  I was wrong?  Our TV didn’t change colour?  In 1991 I drove through Webbwood ON which was immortalized in history when Barbara McCallum Hanley was the first woman in Canadian history to serve as a Mayor.  Go Girl Go.

The Roman Catholic Nuns wore black and white uniforms, the habit.  The tunic is covered by a scapular and a cowl with a veil for the head.  I never could quite understand many years later how a veil was such an issue with Muslims.  I guess the Catholic Church punished their true believer Nuns with the veil.  They had little black shoes poking out on the bottom, and I can see how they were compared to penguins in look and movement.  The town drunks son, on the other hand, was black on black.  They kept telling me about ‘strap’.  I never met strap.  Though, I worried about meeting strap to keep me out of trouble, mostly.  I struggled with school.  I struggled with my stigma.  The only good things going were the colour movies at the St. Brieux Theatre on the weekend for .10 cents.  The town drunks beer and bar bill washed out Santa Clause, and New Years at Grandma Perrots was getting to be a cringe event.  I endured the long dark Saskatchewan winter, and I passed Grade 1 with average marks in the spring.  Schools out.  I could hide out on the on the stigma free Rocky Ridge Ranch.  I slept in the tent with Leo and Ted our neighbour during the short north east Saskatchewan summer before global warming.  Tent nights were like Halloween all summer.  The cover of darkness and a tent offered anonymously sneaking into St. Brieux for a few select crab apples trees in the summer.  I could hide in the darkness, and I was free.  Masks work at Halloween, too.  Darkness.  Tents and darkness work just like Halloween masks.  I wasn’t the town drunks son, unless I got caught.  The prize was a few crab apples.  In the summer of 1967, Mom expanded with her first milk cow affectionately known as Bossy.  Bossy came with a rope too her collar.  She lived on the end of the rope for a while near a steel peg in the ground.  I helped the town drunk pound fence posts by hand for a fence west of the house in the summer of 1967.  Bossy left her string and peg behind as she moved into the fenced pasture.  In 1991, I drove past Devil’s Elbow on the Sables-Spanish Rivers on the north shore of Georgian Bay, and that name reminded me of a hard bounce.

The Devil gave me an elbow to the head that summer when I fell through a hole in the floor in the barn.  The hole in the old barn was once used to drop hay or straw square bales down for the livestock.  It really hurt.  My arms instinctively flailed outwards as I fell through a hole in the floor.  I had time to try to catch myself.  That just caused my chin to hit the second level floor on the way down.  My chin strike rattled my head in the hole, as I speed wobbled threw the lower level.  I rolled in the air from my chin strike, and I was still awake when my head hit the 4 x 4 sill of the barn door.  I came to quickly before the Leo, Lorraine, and Mary Lou came down from the hayloft.  Like any kid in trouble, I ran to the house for my Mom.  The gate in the newer fence we built was 25 yards away, and when I finally arrived at the barrier, the latch was hard to catch.  I was queasy.  Things started to roll.  I finally got the latch and ran another 20 yards to the house.  The next thing I remember is I’m laying on the couch in the living room.  I was bleeding out of my ears and nose.  Mom was crying.  Then, suddenly I was awake again at Boulanger Garage in St. Brieux.  Mom had brought me to get the truck from the town drunk to go to the hospital.  Instead, Pat Boulanger drove my Mom to the hospital in his car because he was faster.  I don’t remember much for a week to ten days.  Then, I don’t remember driving home, but I remember getting back to the Rocky Ridge Ranch.  I was still sick.  Dizzy.  I needed sun glasses.  I’m not sure if I was ever the same after that fall.  The town drunk later told me "Your just not the same as you were".  I guess that made me the second rate town drunks son.  In 1967, the Forest and Ice People with shaking brains were supposed to ‘Buck Up’ and ‘Get Over It’.  Reality?  I knew one thing.  When I was really messed up, I’d rather be unconscious.  In 1991, I drove under George Lake ON in the Sables-Spanish Rivers area, where I and / or NHL ice hockey players foolishly did more damage by not missing a shift on the ice or in the land of forest and ice.  ‘Get Over It’.

A concussion is the mildest form of a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).  We didn’t know what the symptoms of a serious TBI, were.  In 1967, doctors hoped for the best, after my unconscious and conscious stay at Melfort Hospital.  Concussion protocol was hit and miss, then.  Hit, if you lived.  You were fine.  Miss, if you died.  Death brain damage, concussion symptom free.  Hockey players ‘shook it off’.  I ‘shook it off’.  Whiners and cry babies took time to heal shook up brains according to the TBI authority, NHL Team Owners.  Whiners and cry babies didn’t get repetitive consecutive shake and bake brains.  I pushed myself at everything, to be a ‘stand up’ team player.  I started Grade 2 with Mrs. Roberts, and I hardly remember starting Grade 2 with my classmates.  I remember more about Grade 1 and my childhood than I remember about Grade 2.  I wasn’t well.  My eyes were extremely light sensitive.  I had light sensitivity attacks and my incredibly painful headaches forced me into an unlit dark room.  I hid under dark blankets for hours with piercing optical nerve and regular front lobe pain.  I really was the second rate town drunks son!  Mom added pressure with a second milk cow and a cream separator the next summer in 1968.  She milked two cows, and she separated the cream from the milk with a hand separator.  I thought my brain would pop out when I carried the cream can to Mr. Wilson at the St. Brieux Train Station for shipping to the Co-op Dairy in Saskatoon.  Mom built up her herd by feeding milk cow calves into steers.  Grandpa Godart built her a hog pen out of Poplar Trees complements of the Boreal Forest on our home quarter in the land of forest and ice.  When selling Partridges to Mrs. Marie Boulanger for .50 Cents each, she told me she thought I was going to die.  I struggled.  I pushed through grinding feed barley, gardening, feeding pigs, chickens, cattle, chores at 7:00 AM, chores at 5:00 PM, and school.  I buckled.  Aunt Marie visited after her trip to Montreal for Centennial and Montreal Expo in 1967.  She gave us Centennial Coins and transistor radios.  These were the second transistors on the Rocky Ridge Ranch, behind the kitchen radio.  Late that fall in December, the forest and ice people watched the 55th Grey Cup on the CBC, as the Hamilton Tiger-Cats beat the Saskatchewan Roughriders at Lansdowne Park in Ottawa 24 to 1 in front of 31,407 fans.  I finished Grade 2 in the spring of 1968 with Mrs. Roberts.  Barely.  I was still dizzy.  Sickly.  I really was the second rate town drunks son.  I couldn’t think, and I knew it.  In 1991, Chutes Provincial Park ON floated by to the north where the park is named after a logging chute floating logs around the waterfall on the Aux Sables River.

Joseph Philippe Pierre Yves Elliott Trudeau was elected Prime Minister in an atmosphere of new hope.  Prime Minister Trudeau became a media sensation, inspiring "Trudeau mania" in 1968.  The summer of 1968 went quickly with work and sleeping outside in culverts which the town drunk had stolen from someplace I did not know.  I sold more Partridges to Mrs Boulanger.  She was nice.  Joe Boulanger was DDA, and I felt sorry that he beat her like a female DDA or squaw as Buffy St. Marie calls herself.  He was never charged, and I guess it was OK for DDA to beat white wives, too.  DDA were allowed to vote, but they had different laws when it comes to beating women.  That’s what I reasoned out.  I don’t know if Marie thought I was the same after the accident?  DDA were struggling with self determination and self government on reserves.  I reasoned that DDA beat females because they didn’t know any better  The summer passed with work, tents, and night raids.  Miss Kunz was my teacher in Grade 3 when I was 8 years old.  Unfortunately, she was replaced during the winter because her bump in her mid section was getting big and she was not married.  Bumps were ok for teachers who were married.  I really was a different world.  Sister Leon took over our class.  That penguin was vicious.  The happy to be cruel, sadistic, streak.  I finished Grade 3 with Sister Leon in the spring of 1969, before she popped my brain out of my ears.  Jesus Christ must have a fetish for cruel women.  Then, he just confessed to make everything as right as rain.  I believe confession is necessary in the Catholic Church to allow so many to do so as much evil as possible white they are true believers.  I drove through Massey ON thinking that was not a very nice thing to think about a witch in a penguin uniform.

I was 9 when I started Grade 4 in 1969 with Mrs. Lasco.  That year Leon was killed in a tragic deer hunting accident when shot by his father.  Leon was upstairs in Grade 6, and I attended the funeral with my class.  I understood killing with my 22 Rifle and 16 Gauge Shotgun for dinner and people.  That night, the forest and ice people went home to watch the aftermath death being dealt by President John F. Kennedy’s policies in Vietnam on the CBC broadcast from Prince Albert SK.  We caught a break when Prime Minister Pierre Eliot Trudeau kept us out of Vietnam.  Defeatists?  The lesson of 1.  1  Even in death John F. Kennedy was killing thousands on television each nightly for their children to watch on the news.  The Vietnam War meddling started with a Kennedy and the news stunk like John F. Kennedy in a coffin.  Kennedy’s youthful stupidity in Cuba got him killed.  1%ers also had the last laugh!  In the future, the 1%ers killing of John Kennedy would leave him humiliated and defeated by Cuba.  1%ers in the ‘long game’ made the right choice in the assassination.  1%ers want to be in the game to own everything, and eventually in the future ‘Historic commercial U.S. flight lands in Cuba’ would be a bigger story than any of the Kennedy family or their children.  John F Kennedy is responsible for the crushing defeats in whole or in part at South Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and North Vietnam.  Kennedy’s meddling in North Vietnam killed illiterate African Americans from the ghettos outclassed by trained fighting men, while he pretended to be the white Savior to those coloured folks.  He was killed as an elected official, as he killed popularly elected officials in Chile in South America.  Imagine, we owe it to the 1%ers for getting rid of this animal.  Statistically speaking of course, the killing of President John F. Kennedy turned out to be good for both 95%ers and 1%ers.  Sensibly, 1%ers and 95%ers conveniently martyred President John F Kennedy in spite of his performance.  He was dead.  What could he do?  Now, I finished Grade 4 with Mrs. Lasco in 1970, and today I still remember more about Grade 1 than I do Grade 4.  I was better.  The ladies were absolutely ‘cool’ in their Midis, Maxis, and Mini Skirts.  In 1991, I drove under Sugar Lake ON through Walford ON on the north side of the Spanish River ON, and I could see the forest and ice people cut and cleared farm with a grid road perspective here as well.

I still suffered light sensitivity attacks and the headaches, and I couldn’t concentrate.  The Forest and Ice People and I skipped the war, and we enjoyed The Beatles and The Rolling Stones on transistor radios.  The British were the rock stars, and the Vietnam war was the beginning end south of the 49th parallel.  I was 10 years old when I started Grade 5 in the fall of 1969 with Mr. Petit.  The Vancouver Canucks were granted a new NHL franchise called the Canucks after the 1950s superhero, Johnny Canuck, but Mr. Wilson’s daughter Valery caught my eye, instead.  I’m not sure what happened?  I tried to talk to her, but it just didn’t seem right for the town drunks son to be talking to such a beautiful girl.  I truly appreciated the beauty in the finer sex at 10 in Grade 5.  I also discovered chemistry in another way with sulphur, charcoal and potassium nitrate from Lavoy’s Butcher Shop in St. Brieux.  Unfortunately, Mr. Petit was tipped off by Mr Lavoy regarding my lunch hour purchases in St. Brieux SK.  Mr. Petit made me leave the ingredients outside in the teachers entrance stairwell to the school.  Mr. Petit was afraid I was going to blow up the school.  He did give me my ingredients at the end of the school day, though.  Brothers?  He also warned the bus driver about my cargo.  Brothers with limits?  The bus driver looked at me, and he shook his head.  He smiled at the second rate town drunks son.  Mr. Petit tipped off my mother about my purchases.  Still, Mr. Petit passed me the next spring, without any more tips.  Prime Minister Pierre Eliot Trudeau opened the first Arctic Winter Games in Yellowknife NT.  The games were for our Forest and Ice People to compete with other young circumpolar forest and ice People in the joy of Sport.  Later, Leo and I discussed the necessary proportions for the black powder recipe.  I was hard to believe the town drunks second rate son could make something as fascinating as an explosion!  In 1991, I drove under Smith Lake ON through Spanish ON at the mouth of the Spanish River ON where it meets the North Channel of Lake Huron, and I knew the land of forest and ice made us what we are today.  Different.

That spring in 1970, Leo and I mixed the ingredients at home.  Our youthful sensibilities reasoned we needed ALL of each of the ingredients from Lavoy’s Butcher Shop.  More is better, and bigger is better when it comes to explosions.  We added a tiny bit of diesel fuel oil for the mixture to cure.  The blasting powder burned hot and violently.  We could make bombs with butcher shop ingredients, waste appliances, a hack saw, and a pipe threader.  Bombs are easy.  I never blew up anyone, or anything, though, then?  My summer of chores, tents, night raids, and beer passed quickly, and I started Grade 6 with Mrs. Senecal at 11 years of age in 1972.  School was getting easier, again.  I almost died, but I was starting to remember, again.  I was a ‘senior’ in the elementary school, and I was looking to make the jump to the High School on 3 Avenue.  That fall in 1972, the Forest and Ice People stopped, and their hearts skipped more than a few beats during the Summit Series.  We watched the Forest and Ice People in the Taiga Forest of Russia in an 8 game war masquerading as a hockey series on ice.  Ken Dryden stood tall and confident on guard with his blocker and glove resting on top of his goalie stick.  The stick held up his arms in his patented pose on September 2nd before the puck dropped.  The Forest and Ice Peoples Summit Series War began during the Cold War I.  In 1991, I drove through the logging town with milling history at Cutler ON on the shore of Lake Huron ON, where the mill burnt to the ground in 1914 only to be rebuilt and running in 1915 with it’s strategic position on top of the Great Lakes where in 1632 when Champlain mapped the region known as the Route of the Voyageurs.

The joy of sport didn’t warm the hearts in either of the Forest and Ice People in either country.  We were arrogant in believing we could dominate hockey against any country.  Their hockey players were in outstanding condition.  They were more talented line after line.  The Russians won Game 1  7 - 3, and I thought Dryden’s goaltending was outstanding in our loss.  We won the month long 8 game war on ice on September 28th 1972.  We were lucky to win, and we definitely were not polite.  In the next millennium, we would have taken the majority of the penalties.  Then, the National Hockey League (NHL) started the new season.  Our teams would win a few Stanley Cups in the heyday of hockey in the land of forest and ice.  NHL President Clarence Campbell would be followed by President John Ziegler and then Gil Stein would be the last President.  The top job in the NHL became the Commissioner for the American Gary Bettman.  We lost the ice game rule book, control of the NHL,  and the Stanley Cup when Gary Bettman took our game.  I lost hockey, or hockey lost me.  Hockey would loose the country gradually after the Forest and Ice Peoples Series.  The real world was more important than a game on ice.  That fall the CBC News Broadcasters the October Crisis or La crise d’Octobre on television involving the kidnapping and murder of Pierre Laporte, a provincial cabinet minister.  The world watched the kidnapping and subsequent release of James Cross, a British diplomat.  The Front de libération du Québec (FLQ) was on the planetary centre stage.  The world watched the Forest and Ice People during October 1970 in the Province of Quebec.  In 1991, I drove through Kenabutch ON on the North Channel of Lake Huron, and I was not alone in leaving the ice game years later when few of us watched Gary Bettman (NHL) and the Stanley Cup Finals Game 7.

The FLQ changed the playing field for the Province of Quebec, and Je me souviens le Front de libération du Québec (FLQ) a Montreal QC changed all Forest and Ice People.  The FLQ used my black powder recipe to bomb the Montreal Stock Exchange.  I felt a little guilty about sharing my recipe.  We would all see the first peace time military occupation of a Province based on the War Measures Statute of 1914, which was passed to declare war, invade, and sarcastically to put down civil unrest by activists demanding action.  Life went on as Prime Minister Pierre Eliot Trudeau put guns and steel to the FLQ, and he later regretted he could not reason with them.  In 1972, Margaret Trudeau described their new son Justine Trudeau as "a sunny, sunny little happy boy" for his first Christmas.  Christmas also had the hateful violence south of the 49th parallel where 1%er for hire, President Richard Nixon hired 95%ers to courageously bomb Hanoi in Vietnam from the air for the business of war, Profit.  Santa Clause, Christmas, and the New Year fell into history, and the cold, cold, winter froze us hard in the land of the forest and ice.  The winters were warmer in 1973, according to old timers I was drinking beer with now.  Svante Arrhenius and his sidekick Thomas Chamberlin accidentally theorized about carbon in the atmosphere in an unrelated experiment.  Later, Stephen Schneider would talk about Global Warming.  However the old timers in St. Brieux SK would talk of the days when it went to -50 Fahrenheit (-45 Celsius), regularly.  Global Warming?  Good.  I continued west over the North Channel of Lake Huron ON where the Serpent River Indian Band claims 1500 Anishnabe convened at Sault Ste. Marie to exchange furs for European goods in the 1640s during the fur trade.

In 1973, near St. Brieux SK and most of the land of the Forest and Ice Peoples was seeded with crops in May and early June.  The land from 0 - 200 km north of the 49th parallel would have a hard frost with the moon in April / early May.  The area north 200 km was still to cold for farming.  Eventually, we later seeded in April and May, along a 350 km strip north of the 49th parallel.  In 1973, my Mother summoned up the courage to leave the St. Brieux town drunk.  I was pumped.  The Catholic Church was cruel and malicious as always in frowning on divorce, then.  The Catholic Church owned their women similar to their idols, whereas Abrahamic religions forbid ownership and warship of idols.  My Mom took her chances the ‘true believers’ would not find a God in the Catholic Church to punish her.  The gods do deliver the most sadistic punishments through their true believers, though.  I never saw my Grade 6 class with Mrs. Senecal, again.  Sayonara.  I was proud of my mother, as we loaded up our personal items in Grandpa Godarts truck.  Then, she gave us a choice.  We could stay with the town drunk, or we could leave St. Brieux SK with her.  She was courageous with that offer at 33 years of age.  This was a no brainer, as I was tired of being ashamed, and Lorraine was tired of jamming a knife in her door.  In a surprise move my brother Leo decided to stay in St. Brieux.  My mother was heartbroken in Leo’s choice, as I hit my head on a cloud due to her choice.  Grandpa Godard helped us pack, and we hid out overnight at Mom’s friends house south of St. Brieux who she met at Al anon AA meetings.  Later that night, Sask Tel rang our phone and Leo decided to join us as the town drunk came home drunk, again.  In 1991, it was already dark in January as I drove through Spragge ON adjacent to the North Channel of Lake Huron ON near Lake Lauzon and the Serpent River where Champlain himself identified the region as an annual gathering area.

Leo joined us that night, and the next day Grandpa Godart followed Grid Road 368 southward through the village of Lake Lenore SK on the edge of Lake Lenore Lake SK.  We ran on that broken old road with white shark fins of snow creeping onto the road like traps.  The snowplow blade was nowhere to be seen, today.  The shark fins burst into white puffs of cloud as the trucks winter tires threw the snow into the fenders along the road.  Aunt Elane and Uncle Bert lived in Lake Lenore SK which was named Lenora Lake by a government official who surveyed the district.  He named the town after his daughter, Lenora.  Legend has it that the village was granted a post office in 1904 the name of the town was changed from Lenora Lake SK to Lenore Lake SK.  Some German Catholic left their homes south of the 49th parallel to settle here in Saskatchewan.  In 1903, they hunted ducks, geese, prairie chickens and rabbits for meat.  This lake meant fish.  They bought what little staples they could afford.  They balanced diets with eggs from fowl including crows eggs.  Eventually, they grew their own chickens, pork, beef, vegetables and harvested wild fruit.  Lenore Lake is a three section lake with the southern tip situated 3 km north of Lake Lenore SK.  The early Forest and Ice People brushed the forest here for farming as well.  Our land of forest and ice went through a fur trading stage to a lumber industry stage with or without agriculture.  In 1991, I drove through Algoma Mills ON where the CPR handled 200 000 tons of coal per Great Lakes Shipping season, and these 3 cranes loading gondola cars for North Bay ON, Sudbury ON, Sault Ste. Marie ON, Cartier ON, and Mactier ON were one small part of the entire land of forest and ice.

The people I was leaving behind were not all like the town drunk.  Some were a little saner than the others.  The sincerity of the stories of the bitter cold by the forest and ice people stayed with me as were driving away.  Hmm.  As usual what people could see and feel was going to be explained.  Grandma Perrot had an old coal stove in her kitchen.  Coal goes back to the Chinese who used it regularly more than 3,000 years.  The French and the British used coal just like Grandma Perrot for cooking and heat since the 13th century in Britain.  The metals the DDA just couldn’t figure out were made with coal during the bronze age.  Since the Italians, Catholic Church, and the Roman Empire all Ships, Trains, Farm Equipment, Logging Equipment, Coal Stoves, Industrial Equipment, and even cars were coal under water.  Long ago at the turn of the millennium, we used 9 000 000 000 tons of coal per year on our 2000th calendar day.  Hmm.  Did you say 9 billion tons.  Uh huh.  17, 000 tons per minute!  Or.  40, 000 lbs per second.  Or.  20, 000 kg per second.  Maybe that’s why we knew what global warming was before we knew what global warming was?  Was Global Warming old news long before I came along to save the world?  Hmm.  In 1612, the Italian Santorio Santorio had a ‘sort of’ thermometer, but it was not accurate.  In 1654, the first alcohol in glass thermometer was also ‘sort of’ by the Grand Duke of Tuscany, Ferdinand II.  Yes.  In 1714, my good friend Gabriel Fahrenheit was the first put mercury in a glass tube.  Some of us still know Fahrenheit.  But, Fahrenheit was 4, 500 years behind the Chinese!  Yup.  So?  Global warming started before we were smart enough to measure global warming?  Yes.  4,500 years late.  My Aunt Elaine and Uncle Bert knew Fahrenheit, and they saw the changes on the southern tip of Lenore Lake SK where they have the Walleye rearing pond, a beach, and a campground.  In the big lake the trophy Jack, Walleye, and Whitefish saw the changes in water temperature.  Finally, St. Brieux Lake on the north end with Perch, Jack, and Pickerel saw the Algea blooms in the colourful green aqua water.  We were all a little giddy with our dirty little secret?  Warm.  Warm makes the Forest and Ice People, good.  Oh come on, everyone loves a little secret?  How bad could a little global warming be in the land of forest and ice?   Blind River ON didn’t tell anyone the weather was getting warmer as I drove through in 1991.  Bring it on!

We travelled packed in Grandpa Godarts truck towards Humboldt in the Rural Municipality of St. Peter.  Saint Peter wasn’t telling, either.  We turned right onto Highway 5 at Muenster SK.  Muenster SK has St. Peters College which originated early in the 20th century surrounded by many small communities in the land of forest and ice.  St. Peters College was rooted in the German Catholic tradition.  Students were encouraged to ‘embrace the faith’, while student participation in religious activities was voluntary.  The Benedictine heritage continued with the presence of Benedictine monks on campus who built Michael Hall in the early years.  St. Scholastica, and the Sports Complex were later added to complete St. Peters College.  Grandpa’s truck continued 10 km west to our destination in Humboldt, and I dreamed of a new life.  Humboldt is on the Northern edge of the Aspen Parkland marking the transitional biome between the Prairie and Boreal Forest.  Edmonton, Lloydminster, and North Battleford are the northern edge while Red Deer, Yorkton, and Brandon are the southern edge.  At the northern edge, the Humboldt area brushed trees in the Boreal Forest flatlands, swamps, ravines, and valleys into an orderly grid pattern.  Modern day satellites would show Humboldt completely brushed before by the 1980s.  Grandpa Godart drove us to a small 1 bedroom basement suite near 3rd Street and 6th ave.  We had a flush toilet!  The town drunk was to busy being drunk to have a flush toilet on the Rocky Ridge Ranch.  In 1991, I followed alongside the 266 km Mississagi River ON on the Trans-Canada northwest toward Ste. Marie ON, and I could we were brushing more land farther north wherever the land of forest and ice had a little soil between the rocks.  It was already hotter.  Coal.

Humboldt SK had anomalousness, and I was ‘born again’ in this fine German area of Saskatchewan.  I like Germans, and I knew I would need sunglasses as my future became so bright in those 65 km.  I was pushed into the Saskatchewan Catholic School System at St. Dominic School.  My new friends Tony and Dean attended the Humboldt Public School.  Leo and Lorraine attended St. Augustine School on 8th Ave., and we moved from the 1 bedroom basement suite on 6th Street to a house on 14th Street.  I learned my way around town with Tony and Dean, and I met Bernadette through my new friends.  My life in Humboldt was the best.  My town drunks son stigma, unstuck.  I went to a few Humboldt Broncos hockey games, but I didn’t join a hockey team that late in the year.  Mom bought me a new banana seat style peddle bike in the spring for my birthday.  Bernadettes present was real sex for the first time!  The town drunks son’s future was going to need real dark sunglasses!  I finished Grade 6 at St Dominic School.  The thriving metropolis of Humboldt with a population of 3000 people gave me anonymity for the first time in my life.  That was my past.  Now, I was on a Racing Greyhound bus returning to St. Brieux SK in 1973 for Christmas, after a perfect getaway in 1973.  I’m so stupid.  I had travelled from St. Brieux SK to Humboldt SK, Watrous SK, Young Pioneers to Yorkton SK, Ear Falls ON, Oxdrift ON and back to St. Brieux SK.  In 1991, I drove over Dean Lake ON just north of North Channel Islands Provincial Park, ?where the park remains pristine as the North Channel of Lake Huron shoreline is receding for lack of water.

I got away from the town drunk.  I’m sure DDA children got away from DDA, too.  The law forced us back.  DDA children had their problems with the Catholic Churches Residential Schools and the Priests.  I had my problems with Common Law and the Judge.  Both are sadists doing good.  In any event, it was December 22 1973 and I had to be back.  Leo and I rode the old roads on the Racing Greyhound from Dafoe SK, Watson SK, Englefeld SK, St. Gregor SK, Meunster SK, and Lake Lenore SK to arrive in the town drunks playground known as St. Brieux SK.  Why did I come back for Christmas?  I should have said no.  I had no choice, though.  DDA children are not given a choice either.  The town drunk met us at Dube’s Restaurant on 1st Ave., where the restaurant doubled as the STC Bus Depot and a Saskatchewan Liquor Store.  The Racing Greyhound left us stranding on the sidewalk, before we saw the town drunk stagger over from the St. Brieux Bar.  I could tell he was waiting for the bus at the window seat of the St. Brieux Bar 1/2 block south on the other side of the street.  Judges judge the amount of punishment to children.  My punishment was staggering over to the STC Bus Stop.  He walked us to his Chev 1/2 ton truck in front of the Bar, and we threw our bags into truck box.  He went back into the bar to pay his bill.  We waited in the truck, and St. Brieux SK hadn’t noticeably changed since we left to Humboldt SK.  Finally, after a few more beers, the fall of darkness, and a freezing truck, the town drunk reappeared with his paid bill.  He fired up the now cold Chev 1/2 ton, and we headed west on the Grid #779 towards the Rocky Ridge Ranch.  In 1991, I drove through Iron Bridge ON in the darkness, where in 1799 the North West Company traded furs before closing in down in 1900, as the economy of the Mississagi River area changed to logging.

The town drunk was considerate in providing us a old mattresses on the floor in the dark, dingy, one bulb paradise, downstairs.  Some of us slept.  In the morning on December 23, I surveyed Grid #779 in front of the house which cut across the tip of St. Brieux Lake, in compliance with the Grid Road System and a reckless disregard for the lake.  Land near St. Brieux was surveyed in miles in accordance with Imperial System of Measurements used by the British, where each 1 square mile of land was known as a section.  Each section was divided into 4 Quarters.  Early on our Great Canadian Explorers, Traders, and Settlers trails became dirt roads which became gravel roads to each settlers "home quarter".  The Grid Road System knifed through St. Brieux Lake because the lake was not in compliance with this hierarchical order.  The more expensive and destructive route was ‘square’ with the world.  One long curve around was less expensive and less destructive, and their mistake would be costly in the future.  The end of lake was cut off, and why not use the end of the lake for sewage?   The town drunk looked terrible, as he drove through the lake and sewage.  He was driving drunk, as he  sipped 5 Star Rye Whiskey from a Mickey between his legs for the 1 km trip from St. Brieux SK to the Rocky Ridge Ranch.  I had my old job back, alright!  In 1973, the town drunk lived downstairs at the Rocky Ridge Ranch.  He rented the rest of the house to Joe Boulanger and his wife Marie.  The 1/4 section of land under the house ran along the west side of the St. Brieux Lake and south of Grid #779 cutting off the end of the lake.  The road separated the sewage from the lake, except for the culvert between the sewage and the lake.  St. Brieux Lake still had frogs on both sides of the grid road system in the summer, then.  In 1991, Basswood Lake ON and Bright Lake ON sandwiched the abandoned village of Day Mills ON, where the cemetery remains with ten grave markers dating prior to 1913.  Canadian Bone Theory.

I dreamed of a Racing Greyhound eastward bound each day, but I was a trapped like money in a vault.  Suck it up!  The Rocky Ridge Ranch was an empty Christmas.  The Rocky Ridge cattle, horses, pigs, chickens, tractors, farm equipment, snowmobile, and magic vaporized.  I knew now that Leo would always overestimate the town drunk.  I used that in the future.  The Rocky Ridge Ranch was just a calcium deficient shell of itself, before the ocean acidified and shells themselves became harder to find.  The old school reinvented as a workshop was  standing empty.  Our 11 months away left the town drunk, broken.  I was already cringing.  I cringed when students picked on each other like chickens pecking the weak to death.  I cringed as people are humiliated in my presence.  I would be cringing, forever.  Those awkward moments would see me to my grave.  Tell yourself lesser people enjoy humiliating others, but it doesn’t help.  Christmas Eve dinner was complements of Mrs. Boulanger for a few dollars a plate.  I ate on the floor with my plate on the mattress.  We went to the town drunks sister Aunt Denise Christmas Day.  She was always nice.  She disowned the town drunk after we left St. Brieux.  In 1991, I drove past a 12-Sided Barn dismantled and erected anew next to the Sowerby Hall on Basswood Lake Road, as the area transformed itself from fur to logging to agriculture.

On December 25th, Aunt Denise allowed her brother into her house because ‘the kids’ were here for Christmas.  She had disowned her brother when we left.  She brought down the law.  I say is ‘Go for it Sister’.  Personally, I wanted to go back to Oxdrift and watch Jack Pine sap in the land of forest and ice near Oxdrift ON.  I just needed to hang on a few more days.  Aunt Denise made a great dinner, and on December 26th her son my Uncle Lorne planned ice fishing for us on St. Brieux Lake.  Since the town drunk’s plywood ice shack had skated away with just about everything else on the Rocky Ridge Ranch for alcohol, Uncle Lorne showed a lot of respect by pulling his Coquette Ice Fishing Shack out on the lake with his ski doo for us to fish.  It was good to see Lorne, and they ice fished for an afternoon.  I’ve always enjoyed stuffing a little wood in the stove, and watching under the ice for fish in a dark fish shack.  We thanked him, but how do you tell relatives your thankful for covering up for the town drunk?  We went back to the Rocky Ridge Ranch to sleep.  December 28th had the town drunk singing all night, as we tried to sleep on a mattress on the floor while the town drunk drank 5 Star Whisky.  He screamed, hollered, and argued with himself all night about how much he missed us.  He drank.  We tried to sleep.  He cursed our mother.  He raged several more nights into New Years Day.  In 1991, I passed Thessalon ON with a fishing and fur trade history starting prior to 1783 when the North West Company (NWC) was challenged the Hudson Bay Company (HBC) with a Trading Post, and later in the 1870s lumber here was cut with the first steam powered mill on the North Shore of Lake Huron.

I drank 5 Star Whiskey Mickey and Bohemian Beer which I sort of half stole.  It really didn’t seem to matter how bad things were when I was drunk.  Drinking made the fresh white snow covering over the small window in the basement, tolerable.  The town drunk did his best to have a New Years Day, old school.  I suffered my hangover in the Chev 1/2 Ton Truck to Grandma Perrots house on the east side of Naicam SK.  She lived with her son Eve in the old farm house which I loved to visit.  Eve had all sorts of cool stuff like old war surplus plane bodies, engines, and parts in a great work shop filled with 50 years of stuff.  They actually built snow planes in the 1940s - 1950s for people to get around with in the deep snow in the winter.  Unfortunately, when Ski-Doo was launched in 1959 by Joseph Armand Bombardier, their track system was safer and easier than airplane props, I guess.  Every year, New Years Dinner followed the punishment of church at the Carra Marie Church.  My head suffered along with my stomach during the church prayers.  I was sorry I drank so much to escape, and I wasn’t sorry for leaving last year.  Leo and I played a little shinny on Uncle Joe’s ice rink which he thoughtfully made with boards for his family, and the cold fresh air helped clear my head.  The forest and ice people know a cold weather hang over isn’t quite as bad.  When we got back the men were in the back room smoking and drinking.  I joined in like a professional drinker.  It is true that the best medicine for a hangover is more liquor to fire the flame.  I just don’t understand ‘The hair of the dog’.  In 1991, I slipped past Nestorville ON in the darkness, as fur turned to lumber on the shores of Lake Huron after the heyday of the Bishop Lumber Company.

The men in the back room only allowed me a few drinks, so I went to the truck to supplement my intake of 5 Star Whiskey with the backup bottle.  Finally, New Years Day 1974 neared it’s end, and I was almost done too.  We were the last to leave Grandma Perrot, and the town drunk was true to his name.  I wasn’t hung over, now, either!  Leo drove the amateur drunk and the town drunk to St. Brieux without a license.  We stopped at the St. Brieux Arena to skate, but we were not allowed to use hockey sticks or pucks because of the younger kids.  It was fun to see a few people I knew from school.  The drunk started to become a problem.  That was my last skate in the St. Brieux Arena, as it was condemned the next spring.  Small towns like St. Brieux SK often went years between Arenas lost to time and fire.  Leo drove back to the calcium deficient Rocky Ridge Ranch, as it was time to get the town drunk home before he got into a fight.  The next morning we packed our bags into his old Chev 1/2 Ton.  In town, the painfully slow days of humiliation were over, as the Racing Greyhound approached the Dube Cafe.  I could feel the restaurant watching, spotting, snickering, as my trap sprung open!  I was happy to get out of the town drunks son’s job, again.  I can’t believe it but I was happy to return to Harvey’s Run in Oxdrift ON.  Oxdrift ON was undoubtedly the better life.  We both refused to stay with the town drunk, when he asked again.  I returned Oxdrift ON with a new and improved lens on the world.  In 1991, Waltonen Road on the left went downhill to Joe Dollar Bay ON, where the bay had a series of homes slowly receding Lake Huron ON.

In 1974, the winter in Oxdrift ON was long, cold, and windy in the land of forests and ice.  I finally got a replacement for Munick who was sold from underneath me in Watrous SK.  He was lost for Canadian Bacon (money) in Watrous last year.  That winter, Harvey must have decided the 2 teams were to slow to run from the twin ghosts.  He sold the Chuck Wagon, Chariot, Big Money, Whiskey and Smokey Joe, and Pellet and Bullet.  I was given a young mare Collie, and Mom got a gelding named Chyanne.  We boarded two big Clydesdales for someone that winter.  The Northern Ontario winter was merciless, as it gelled the diesel fuel in the barrel beside the home on wheels which supplied fuel to the furnace.  We almost froze to death when that happened.  Still, after my sprint with the fat red devil over Christmas, white trailer trash was a big step up from being the town drunks son.  Northern Ontario felt colder than the dry cold of St. Brieux SK.  I couldn’t sweat enough skating on the outdoor rink in Oxdrift ON to stay warm.  I spent a little time that winter with my hopeless little mare Collie.  Already, I knew then that some horses were just to expensive to keep around as pets.  She wasn’t going to make it long in this world.  There was always the weekly trip into Dryden ON for groceries on Friday night, and we were treated to see last years Oscar winning films in town for the first time at the Dryden Movie Theatre.  In 1991, Bruce Mines ON caught a break when the waves delivered salvage from a Steam liner sinking in the Northern Channel of Lake Huron ON, but the towns big break in 1850 was a copper mine which was perfectly timed as fur went out of style for the DDA and the fur trade.

Oxdrift ON was a simple life surrounded by Jack Pine sap moving very slowly in the land of forests and ice.  Then, I was not cringing each minute of each day of each month during the endless humiliation of being the town drunks son, either.  I was not afraid of the twin ghosts.  Win.  Win.  That winter Mom’s lawyers forced the town drunk to settle their financial affairs with a divorce.  She would reclaimed half of the land Grandpa Godart gave her for a very good deal.  In the end, the town drunk would be handsomely rewarded for his abuse.  Life is not Fair.  You cannot buy good Karma from a beggars palm.  Karma is for the fool trade.  However, Mom’s divorce money was badly needed.  Harvey’s Run was hard on money, tires, and blue smoking vehicles.  Money made Harvey’s Run, run.  After resting since August 1973, Harvey needed to run from the twin ghosts.  Unfortunately, the Dodge Truck and the Black Valiant were near death.  I didn’t like moving, but I don’t think anyone cared what I thought.  I hoped the grass might be greener on a different Glengoland Road?  Harvey’s Run was better than my job as the town drunks son.  The ‘Family Decision’ was that Harvey’s Run would continue from Glengoland Rd east of Oxdrift to Stevenson Rd on the southern edge of Oxdrift ON.  In 1991, the Trans-Canada Highway cut through Desbarats ON which is well situated on the St Joseph Channel just above Lake Huron where rocks named Hurt Rock, McNab Reef, Jermyn Rock, Short Rock, and more carved the environments edge in the fishing, fur, voyageurs, traders, and loggers known as our Great Canadian Explorers, Settlers and Traders.

First we rode the heavy team of Clydesdales to their old summer home.  Then, Leo, Lorraine, and I were the remaining Young Pioneers to ride and lead the remaining horses.  We rode and led the horses north on Glengoland Road South across the Trans-Canada to Pollard Road.  We rode east on Pollard Road to Latimer Road, where we turned south on Latimer Road to the Trans-Canada Highway.  Finally, we travelled on Adams Road to cross the railway tracks, and we lived next to the railway tracks on top of the hill in the gravel pit 1 / 3 of a km outside of Oxdrift ON.  Harvey hid the old home on wheels in the gravel pit, where the ghosts could miss his presence.  We had an old outhouse in the bush down the hill, and there was no hole in the ground for water.  There was about 20 hectares for the horses, and we had a creek running along the railroad tracks for the horses to drink water.  The land was only partially brushed then, and the creek was real rather than just a mud runoff in the spring melt.  There was a old shack along the creek which served as a tack shop for us.  As pathetic as this sounds, this trailer trash found this much better than Glengoland Rd ON.  I laid a log over the creek so I could walk over water to Coner Road which passed the Oxdrift Elementary School.  The was moved to Coner Road that summer, and the Old Country Store on Adams road was right next to the Trans-Canada.  In 1991, the Trans-Canada Highway 17 turned north along the St. Mary’s River US and the St. Mary’s RIver ON, this area is also known as Lake George US and Lake Huron ON.

I walked to school finishing off Grade 7 that year, and I was rewarded for reading the same books over, again, with pretty good passing marks.  I was still having light sensitivity with my eyes, however my chin rattling head first 4 x 4 landing TBI brain had no problem passing the same material a second time.  I was deja vu!  I was punished by summer holidays by loosing the apple of my eye for the summer.  Sharon lived closer to Dryden where the town drunks son had to watch out for civilized people.  I could not visit.  Besides, she hardly knew I existed.  A town drunks son just wasn’t good enough for her.  Then again, the town drunks son would have been to ashamed to talk to Sharon if she lived in St. Brieux.  In the summer of 1974, Collie just wasn’t horse enough for a 13 year old after a spirited Munick.  The mare was not good enough for the Dryden Saddle Club Horse Show.  Cheyenne was originally for my mother, and I adopted the gelding for the horse show.  I fished that summer.  I rode our Honda 50 on back roads to Wall Lake ON, illegally, regularly, and on one occasion the police passed me on a corner.  I heard them brake, so I took the first trail up the side of a rock cut I could find.  I had the high angle.  They stopped.  They waited.  I heard their radio.  I was quiet.  They eventually figured I went farther down the road and left.  I was lucky.  When you can’t out run the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), you got to use your head.  I waited.  I went to the road, and I went in the opposite direction of their car.  Home.  In 1974, I rode Cheyenne in the Dryden Saddle Club Annual Horse Show and the Vermillion Bay Light Horse Show.  These were my last Gymkhana events.  I admired the ladies, Rock Music, and Confederate Railroad coined my preference in woman, I Like My Women a Little on The Trashy Side.  In 1991, I turned west again on the Trans-Canada Highway through Echo Bay ON, where in 1888 the Canadian Pacific Railway station spurred settlement in the village and area on the northern tip of Lake Huron.

Judges are monkeys on benches which settle divorce packages.  Over time they are about 50% right like experts.  True Statistic on Experts.  My monkey on the bench said ‘I must visit the town drunk’.  Judges and lawyers conspire to screw up your life, together.  The 2 monkeys were so incompetent they agreed that I should visit.  Pathetic.  In 1974, spankings, beatings, and corporal punishment were common in the land of forest and ice.  Caring TV and Newspaper reporters sold the stories for profit to be made by commercials selling cigarettes.  Profit - no good dirt wasted.  Life isn’t fair.  Beatings?  Not here?  Yes.  Oh, that was the next street over!  Right?  Far away.  In the new millennium ‘Nobody’ children disappeared daily across the forest and ice land, quietly.  Headlines?  No.  DDA CHILDREN DIE EACH DAY AFTER RESIDENTIAL SCHOOLS.  Commissioner Justice Murray Sinclair pretends spanking, strapping, whipping, and corporal punishment never occurred for 100 + years outside Residential Schools.  He’s lying.  DDA Sinclair criminalizes himself when he fails to apply Equality Before the Law and Equality Under the Law anywhere in his report.  DDA Sinclair demonizes the Residential School.  Then, DDA Sinclair pretends the DDA Spankings, Strapping, Whippings, Shaking, Shootings, Drownings, Fires, Dump Babies, Trash Bodies, Raped, Sodomized, Buggered, Murdered, Starved, Captive, Ransoms, Desertions, Sales, and Suicides never happened for over 100 + years in the general population.  He’s lying.  DDA Sinclair trashes Residential Schools for standards the Sinclair Family, Reserves, DDA Chiefs, DDA Assembly of First Nations, and The DDA National AFNC Chief have NEVER achieved.  In 1991, I’m not convinced Sinclair made his place in life honestly, as I drove past George Lake ON.

In the future, DDA Sinclair would be personally responsible for the rash of child suicides on reserves where he trapped the children for his personal profit.  In the future, the forest and ice people would suffer Sinclair’s world in different ways.  A high profile case of ‘BC bomb plotters were set free after judge rules RCMP entrapped the pair’ according to a Globe Editorial.  A case of police-manufactured crime.  The result of the BC terror-plot ruling forced police to rethink sting tactics.  The new tactic was first used south of the Georgian Bay ON and Lake Huron ON in the small town of Strathroy ON.  The new tactic was reviewed by Federal Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale and specifically approved by Prime Minister Justine Trudeau.  Officers from the bomb squad and canine unit as well as snipers were among the dozens of RCMP on the scene.  The new tactic used in Strathroy ON?  Shoot Mr. Aaron Driver dead Park Street Strathroy ON.  What was the point for Prime Minister Justine Trudeau to have law court?  The Ontario watchdog ‘Special Investigations Unit’ was barred from investigating Justine Trudeau’s shooting.  The media was not allowed access.  Trudeau’s killings would be private killings, and the forest and ice people lost something that hot summer day.  We died a little in the forest and ice.  As for Justice Murray Sinclair he is also unlikely to be held accountable for those deaths caused by his outright illegal treatment of Residential Schools.  DDA Sinclair can be held accountable for these deaths in history, as evidence of what happens when Equality Before the Law and Equality Under the Law are ignored by DDA racists like Sinclair.  That is Sinclair’s Legacy.  In 1991, I drove through Garden River ON where Sinclair’s blood suckers masquerade as DDA Chiefs bleeding $61,072.00 dollars from 1,107 used and abused DDA on the tiny reservations.  DDA Sinclair hides DDA crime and criminal enterprise from the lights and the cameras of the Royal Commission.  On the other hand, the forest and ice people Mayors operate in democratic municipal systems.  The Major of Penticton BC earns $61,300 for 35,846 people or $1.71 per person.  DDA Sinclair endorses tax fraud for the Chiefs position claiming (50) Non Profit.  The ‘Indian’ application process allows the rapid infiltration of blond haired blue eyed DDA at the Garden River First Nations.  The new Gender Equity in Indian Registration Act makes DDA recognition even easier.  Now, blond haired blue eyed whites can marry status Indians to work towards their tax fee status defrauding the forest and ice people and supported by Sinclair.  These 944 ‘Indians’ ACTUALLY claim to live on the Reserve at $64.70 per person for the DDA Chief, alone.  In 1991, I drove over Garden River ON where the blond Indians lived.

DDA Justice Murray Sinclair’s criminal enterprise endorses a DDA Chief at the Garden River First Nation to steal $61,072.00 from 1,004 Claimed Indians - 60 ‘non Indians’ or 944 DDA with less than half being ‘Status Indian’.  Rich ‘Indians’ more often than not use these homes as cabins on the lake, and they dock their boats while actually living in Sault Ste. Marie.  We won’t add the band office, reserve maintenance, or payments to band councillors for wages or substandard work.  We don’t know how much DDA Justice Murray Sinclair gets on the illegal border traffic across the St Marys River?  DDA Sinclair and DDA Chiefs eat everything and their is nothing for DDA females, boys, and girls that need the money.  DDA Sinclair aids and abets DDA Chiefs in their criminal enterprise by hiding these criminal enterprises.  Then, DDA Sinclair breaks his oath to the Manitoba Law Society by ignoring fundamental Common Laws Principles of Equality Before the Law and Equality Under the Law.  In the future, DDA Sinclair would be the root of a rash of DDA children committing suicides, while trapped on Reservations by DDA Sinclair and his DDA Chiefs.  I felt sorry for DDA mothers and young girls and boys because they have no place to run, while the southeastern region of the land of forest and ice was being invaded by Beech Trees from the south, as the climate warmed.  The invasive Beech Tree brought deseise and competition for the Maple Tree.  They are trapped under the Sinclair’s totalitarianism.  In 1991, I rounded the top of St. Marys River at French Bay ON, where I felt sorry for young DDA, at least I had the Racing Greyhound to get me out of St. Brieux SK.  The lights surrounded me in the dark as I entered Eastside, Sault Ste. Marie ON, and I had one of those stupid moments where I laughed about how many times I entered an official district or suburb in villages, towns, and cities officially named Eastside.  How many Eastside did you count?  Westside?

Sensitivity of Beech Trees to Global Environmental Changes at march the Beech Tree north in North Eastern Europe.  Cankered stem of a beech tree following attack by beech scale and infection by Neonectria (beech bark disease complex) in Ontario. Credit: Linda Haugen

Beech Scale and infection by neonectria beech bark disease complex in Ontario Linda Haugen land of forest and ice.

The climate migrant Beech Trees are dominating, growing substantially, overtaking Maple Trees for Maple Syrup, and Birch Trees in the southeast in the land of forest and ice.

Personally, I chose trailer trash in a gravel pit, over the town drunks son job in St. Brieux.  But, I had a choice.  Chiefs on the other hand have tools to force DDA to stay on the Reserve, under their totalitarian control.  1000’s of DDA women and children are snatched off the roads, and these DDA are returned to their Reserve for their ‘sexual chores’ each year.  I personally witness that when I was selling Custom Sport Jackets to Reserves with Prime Sports in 1980.  If a girl hoped in my car, I was told their was 0 chance we would get off the reservation.  DDA Chiefs make Stalin’s Russia look like a Democracy.  Where was I?  The other monkey in a courtroom said, ‘I must visit the town drunk’.  Leo and I left the Dryden Bus Depot on a Racing Greyhound from Dryden ON . . . Black Mamba . . . Kenora ON . . . Winnipeg MN . . . Yorkton SK . . . Humboldt SK . . . to Melfort SK.  In 1974, the town drunk bought a little Bower Trailer for us which he parked behind the bunk house on Healy’s Farm north of Ridgedale SK.  We camped for a week in the farmyard beside the bunkhouse, and once again the town drunk paraded his genetic progeny proudly at work and in St. Brieux SK.  Again, we both refused to stay with the town drunk on a permanent basis.  The monkey in the court couldn’t make us do that.  Leo and I boarded the Racing Greyhound at Dee’s Bus Depot in Melfort SK.  In 1991, the Trans-Canada Highway woke me up with a hairpin turn going north on Black Road near the Sault Ste. Marie Golf Club, Sault Ste. Marie ON.

Humboldt SK . . . Yorkton SK . . . Winnipeg MN . . . Kenora ON . . . Black Mamba . . . and finally Dryden ON.  I’m sure the judge forcing me too visit wasn’t worried, but I would humiliate him for gross negligence, one day.  In Oxdrift ON, Harvey bought a old green Meteor 4 door station wagon after he brought the Black Valiant to the Auto Wrecker that fall in 1974.  He put plates on the car, and he hit a black bear before the plates lost their shine.  Harvey parked the green Meteor, after he hit a bear.  That fall, I started Grade 8 at 13 years of age, and Leo was repairing the Harvey’s leaky old green Meteor Station Wagon for himself.  The worn out Dodge Truck also turned itself in to the Auto Wrecker for smoking to much.  Mom’s land sale from the divorce replaced the Meteor with a used Ford LTD Station Wagon purchased in Winnipeg MN.  Go to a Cree Reserve in Saskatchewan.  Sell a few custom jackets and have a good look for yourself the type of damage Justice Murray Sinclair can actually do to people.  Hope you make it out yourself!  Very few locals will do that either!  The women and children?  School started again with Mrs Howel teaching Grade 8 at Oxdrift Public School.  I enjoyed the close proximity to the school as a Senior (1-8).  I played softball, soccer, flag football, and hockey.  The Boy Scouts allowed white trailer trash into their ranks that year.  In 1991, Black Road had very little in services or development, and I made a left turn to go east on 360 Second Line East / Trans-Canada towards the water again.

I was never quite sure why the boy scouts didn’t make allowances for the town drunks son in St. Brieux SK.  How many drunken progeny knew the rules?  I played hockey several times a week with the 13 and under Oxdrift team, and I played hockey with the 14 to 17 year old team, when they were short of players.  I enjoyed the effect the fresh northern Ontario air had on the girls.  They were healthy.  Robust.  Horses were passe, and sports ruled.  Sports were fun, and the girls liked to watch.  The days became shorter and darker as the ghosts of Christmas past began to reappear.  I couldn’t say no to the fat red devil.  This year the Racing Greyhound caught a break, as Leo had repaired the green Meteor Station Wagon and he had a Drivers License.  We left Oxdrift on December 21 ST 1974, and we charged the Black Mamba . . . Kenora ON . . .  Winnipeg MN . . . Yorkton SK . . . Humboldt SK . . . St. Brieux SK.  In 1974, Leo turned left from Grid # 368 on to Grid # 779 to drive through St. Brieux.  We drove past the school, cemetery, church, railway tracks, elevators, and the car wash on the north side of St. Brieux.  We passed the Sports Grounds on the west side of St. Brieux on the way out of the village.  St. Brieux SK did not look a whole lot different than it did in last winter.  The Rocky Ridge Ranch looked sleepy, and we were tired from the non stop trip on a budget as the town drunk would not provide extra money for a motel.  The town drunk had the whole house available for us that year, with no furniture.  In 1991, I drove through the 865 Second Line East / Trans-Canada known as the Huckson Corners area of Sault Ste. Marie ON, where I could have bought gas but I decided to wait for the cheep gas south of the 49th parallel.

St. Brieux did not suffer the vanishing powder of the relentless prairie winds which washed away most small towns in the land of forest and ice.  In 1974, the farms were already getting bigger, as the farm economics were such that you needed big toys to survive.  Big Equipment.  Big Money.  The days of the small farmer were numbered, or past.  Spines took a rest, and big toys talked.  The axes gave way to Bull Dozers brushing bush, Root and Stump Pickers, Stone Pickers picking stones, and Breaking Cultivators.  You pulled 60’ Conventional Tillage Implement, and farming left little to block the vanishing powder from cleaning away the small towns and the people in the deforested area.  Towns would separated like farm houses.  Elevators separated.  The survival of St. Brieux SK was actually environmentally determined by profit.  How did St. Brieux SK survive the odds?  Rocks.  Today, the Rocky Ridge was sleepy, as the Boulangers had moved out of the house because they could not stand the town drunk.  The town drunk would keep trying to collect the rent, again, and again.  The Bowler Travel Trailer from Ridgedale was in the School reinvented as a Repair Shop.  The fat red devils Christmas, just didn’t change at the Rocky Ridge Ranch.  I was ready for a racing Greyhound heading east on the Trans Canada Hwy.  I was going to have to suck it up again at 13 years of age and drink to escape for a monkey in the court.  The town drunk paraded his genetic progeny for all to see, where he was tolerated.  In 1991, I turned left onto Carmen’s Way into the Steelton area dominated by residential housing to the left and some industrial to the right.

Finally, on Boxing Day the old green Meteor fired up in - 25 Celsius weather at 10:00 AM in the morning, after we begged for gas money for the last two hours.  The town drunk gave in and they had $100.00 to get back to Oxdrift Ontario.  Humboldt SK . . . Yorkton SK . . . Winnipeg MN . . . Kenora ON . . . Oxdrift ON.  We both refused to stay with the town drunk, for the third time.  Once again, I chose trailer trash over the town drunks son job.  The old Meteor remembered the drive on the Yellowhead Hwy in heavy traffic.  The trip went effortlessly for 1,084 kilometres in an amazing 9 1/2 hours.  The next spring Leo finished Grade 10 in Dryden, and I finished my Grade 8 in Oxdrift.  Leo left Oxdrift ON to work for Healy’s Construction in Ridgedale SK with the town drunk.  He knew enough about education to know he wanted something else.  I thought working with the town drunk was a bad idea.  What could I do?  I cleaned up the Rankowski’s garage for spending money.  Later, that summer I headed to Ridgedale Saskatchewan for my summer drinking spree.  I couldn’t say no, and the up side was that I got to see Leo.  In 1975, I was deposited at the Dryden Bus Depot to board the Racing Greyhound like an old friend.  In 1991, Carmen’s Way passed Wellington Street which seamed to be a main drag in the downtown area of Sault Ste. Marie.

Dryden ON . . . Kenora ON . . . Winnipeg MN . . . Yorkton SK . . . Humboldt SK . . . Melfort SK for another 1,084 km in an un amazing 1D, 6H, and 40 minutes.  Leo and the town drunk picked me up at Dee’s Restaurant / Greyhound / Gas bar.  We stopped at Trawn Seeds just west of Melfort to pick up grass seed for Leo for the Rocky Ridge Ranch.  We took the # 6 Hwy north through Fairy Glen and Gronlid.  We turned right on the # 335 Hwy towards Arbourfield before turning left on the # 681 to arrive at Healy’s farm in Ridgedale.  In 1975, I stayed in the bunkhouse with Leo, The Town Drunk, and hired Farm Hands because the Bower Trailer was sold.  I snuck beer all week.  The town drunk would keep beer in the bunk house, which he drank during day as he would go back and forth to the bunkhouse during his work day.  I would sneak a beer when he was not ‘back’!  We spent the rest of the week on Healy’s farm in Ridgedale.  We went to St. Brieux for the weekend of July 19th and 20th.  St. Brieux still remembered the town drunks son in July of 1975 on the rocks.  I’m stigmatized.  I didn’t really know what that was then, but I knew my stigma just didn’t wash off.  The Rocky Ridge Ranch was an eggshell of its former glory.  I had endured another ride on the town drunks Ferris Wheel, when Sask Tel bells rang in August.  I was called to Dale Healy’s house on the farm.  This was the bosses office.  Mom said "We moved", and I knew the twin ghosts scared Harvey.  I would never admire Sharon from a distance, again.  I needed to focus on my driving, and I stopped thinking about the not so great childhood.  In 1991, I drove left off Carmen’s Way onto Queen Street West with the towering lights on a big bridge in the background as I turned.

I had driven over Lake Huron where the ‘Black Donnellys’ were legends on the southern side of the Great Lake.  They were from the Lucan ON area.  The "Black Donnellys" went on a crime spree south of Lake Huron in Canada.  They reminded me of the Clan from Clavet, before they were massacred by the Mob, Cartels, and the Hells Angels.  Thomas P. Kelly wrote a book about their era in the 1950s, and their Great Lakes Legend was told and retold for generations.  Would the Little Whore from Clavet guide the Clan from Clavet to their demise, as well?  How many broken underage girls, prison sentences, and betrayals would it take before the boys crushed the Clan from Clavet?  What did the boys and their friends did not witness?  The Clan from Clavet’s GPS tracking history would never be destroyed for reasons of National Security?  The boys have people with access to that information.  Mike’s chosen 4400 km trek across Canada would not see my steel wheels on the Black Mamba in Northern Ontario this winter.  I’d reasoned, as many have before me that a change is as good as a rest.  I explored my way downward in a southerly direction through a cold and dark Sault Ste. Marie.  The roads appeared lonely, as the New Year revellers were now nursing their hangovers and credit cards.  Sault Ste. Marie was definitely the key hole shot providing the most direct route to Vancouver BC through the Great Lakes.  I turned left on Huron Street past the Canada Border Services Agency to approach the bridge ramp.

I drove up the ramp towards the Sault Ste-Marie International Bridge at 11:00 PM on January 3rd.  This multitasking bridge crosses the St. Mary’s River;  crosses the Canada / US Border;  crosses the Ontario / Michigan Border: crosses the St. Mary’s Falls;  and crosses between the Great Lakes.  Double Double Multitasking?  I ramped onto the bridge and crossed to where the US Customs and Border Protection thought I was harmless.  US Customs granted me access to the United States to run from the Clan from Clavet.  I drove in with neither a cavity search or snickers at my humble blue collar heirlooms packed tightly in the car.  I had turned the key, and I had split the Great Lakes.  I slipped through the rabbit hole into Michigan for a run west.  Sault Ste. Marie MI was founded by another early bird named Father Jacques Marquette in 1668, however like most early french birds, they never got the worm.  This French discovered area is the third oldest remaining settlement in the America.

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