Young Pioneers, Little Black Bear Band SK, and Buffy Sainte-Marie

Little Black Bear Band SK and Buffy Sainte-Marie would make news at two different times on my road trip to Ottawa.  I drove out of Saskatoon on Circle Drive North and Circle Drive East.  I told no one I was leaving.  Julie stayed in my house trailer.  I asked myself, "Was I running from The Clan from Clavet"?  I wasn't running from Saskatoon.  Saskatoon was great.  I would never live in Saskatoon again, and I told myself I was looking for a bigger pond.  Ottawa was the capital of Canada, and Ottawa was a bigger pond.  That's what I told myself.  I don't think I was running from the Clan from Clavet.  I thought about the fast as I drove.  I will explain how the Little Black Bear Band and Buffy Sainte-Marie fit into my trip to Ottawa.

People lie to themselves every day?  Some people never stop lying.  I don't believe I ever ran from the ratting raping Clan from Clavet.  I started southeast on the Yellowhead Highway towards Winnipeg.  The trip to Ottawa would take around 30 hours to drive.  I would stop once in Ontario to sleep in the car.  I would drive the 2,900 km in 2 days, alone.  I had a lots of time to think.  By 1988, I've driven or ridden this stretch of highway from Saskatoon to Winnipeg 7 times.  Was I running from the Clan from Clavet?  No.  I thought about
the friendly small town called St. Brieux where I spent my youth in Saskatchewan.  My father Henry Rohel was the town drunk in St. Brieux Saskatchewan.

He was not a regular town drunk.  He made the case a beer and a Mickey a day drinkers look like choirboys.  I was THE town drunks son in a village of 350 people.  Young SK had villagers helping the ratting raping Clan from Clavet in their statutory rapes and assaults.  St. Brieux SK was not especially different.  St. Brieux is a village north east of Saskatoon that relishes gossip like most villages.  Everybody knows everybody in any village.  That's also why there are more people that know the Clan from Clavet and their ratting raping ways in Clavet than any other village.  Small towns are special in their dirt.  Talking about somebody's dirt was the best way to make sure nobody saw your dirt.

Just how does a skid row whore like the Little Whore from Clavet and her brothers slither their way into the Rebels MC Clubhouse on Idylwyld Drive in Saskatoon?  Good Question?  In 1980, the Saskatoon Rebels were a little dusty agricultural city bike club in Saskatchewan, and real 1% bikers were flocking to the Hells Angels.  I've always tested people I meet with a simple test.  The Clan from Clavet, Blondie, and losers get the buck ugly DDA females nobody wants in their bed.  Successful men get the hot good looking women with excessive overhead which third rate bikers can't manage.  Look what's with the man to determine the man.  The Saskatoon Rebels MC had buck ugly women.  Really, who wanted to be third rate Saskatoon Rebel hanger on in bed?  This was perfect for a skid row whore like the Little Whore from Clavet.  It was also perfect for her bottom end drug dealing brothers.  The Little Whore from Clavet was short, fat, and not that great looking.  She reflected the Clan from Clavet.  Off.

The Saskatoon Rebels MC were the big MC Club in this northern city in the land of forest and ice.  The whores in Becky's family could suck and bump their way into the club across the street on Idylwyld Drive.  Her brothers could 'drop' in at appropriate times.  Her mom could introduce (sell) young girls from her dirt tribe connections on the Reserve.  In very little time at all, the Clan from Clavet was joking, drinking, sucking, and bumping their way into patches and information.  That's not something the Clan from Clavet would be able to do so quickly or at all in the Hells Angels MC Club.  Real men are attracted to real clubs, and her family was a joke.  While the Clan from Clavet was not 'running' the house, instead they had an in through the picture window across the street to monitor the house.  They could move up by ratting out the competition in the clubhouse, and they ducked below the storms when there was trouble.  They muscled in on connections worth having in Edmonton, and they drank with the boys either as patches or hangers on in the 1980's.  When they earned their rat money, they played in the background.  Becky's father would always sell her with 'white virgin panties', and he and 'his boys' could do no wrong in the third rate Saskatoon Rebels MC.

The Clan from Clavet talks about my dirt to divert attention from their ratting, raping business.  The Clan from Clavet claims I raped The Little Whore from Clavet.  The Clan from Clavet claimed that in Saskatoon.  They were accusing me of rape while ratting out the Rebels on Idylwyld Drive and 38th in Saskatoon.  They were accusing me of rape while Becky's brothers raped my underage friend Penny.  Will the ratting raping Clan from Clavet show up in Ottawa with the same story?  The Little Whore from Clavet's family would sell drugs and whores on The corner of Avenue C and 20th Street West in the heart of Riversdale in Saskatoon.  Becky was the best piece of dirt they could come up with when I started accusing the Clan from Clavet with ratting out the boys on Idylwyld Drive in Saskatoon.  Becky was their best defence against the facts.

The Clan from Clavet claims The Little Whore from Clavet is their virgin hanging out on 20th street selling white panties in Saskatoon with runaways and whores on Ave. C.. The same whores sell their wares today.   The Little Whore from Clavet is just hanging out with her brothers selling drugs and whores.  The Little Whore from Clavet is a virgin as pure as the driven snow.  Everyone else's daughter is a whore on 20th street in Saskatoon.  Whenever The Clan from Clavet  needs to cover their dirt, the Clan from Clavet talks about the Little Whore from Clavet in Saskatoon.  The Clan from Clavet are villagers with a story about someone else to cover up ratting out their own friends on multiple occasions.  How do I know so much about dirt?

If any man or woman could find dirt on anyone, the town drunk in St. Brieux was unmistakably a colourful clay pigeon in a clear blue sky.  People who romanticize villagers and life in a village are liars.  Villagers can be as cruel as young chickens killing off the weaker birds for no reason other than the can . . . Villagers are not all that much different when it comes to the village drunks son.  Town drunk news runs faster than any high speed fibre optic network.  Villager chins wag faster than any router switch switches.  Special attention to the town drunks son made the villagers, better than the rest.  Like a magicians misdirection, their peers could never see their dirt.  The villagers coached their children on the town drunks activities at the breakfast table.  THEIR children had the hot news in elementary school before the bell.  The self righteous could sneak in their punches.  Who could blame their children.  The Villagers children were pawns used to humiliate the town drunks son.  The rumour mill seared away at my self image, and I was to young to run away.

I caught the break of my life when my mother left the town drunk.  I was ecstatic.  I would no longer live among the self righteous St. Brieux villagers.  In 1973, my mother finally ran away from the town drunk.  He lost.  She ran 40 miles to Humboldt SK with Leo, Lorraine, and I in tow.  Humboldt was a town with 3500 + citizens.  They didn't know I used to be the town drunks son.  Unlike St. Brieux villagers, these townsfolk were pleasantly minding their own business.  My seared skin started to grow back.  Humboldt was great. 
Nobody tried to embarrass me for the actions of the town drunk last night.  I loved Humboldt.  I had my girlfriend Bernadette and we were very close.  St. Brieux villagers could have their church with their god.  They could have their vicious attacks on someone else.  Life was good.  I finished grade six.  I had friends.  I was happy.  Then, my mother met Harvey McCorriston after a tragic loss that cost him his sons, his marriage, and his life. The town drunks son got out of St. Brieux when they believed the solar system had 9 planets.

Earth Solar System and the Order of Planets taught at  St. Brieux Elementary
Earths's Solar System and the Order of Planets taught at St. Brieux Elementary in 1973.

Harvey and his first wife Eleanor had 4 children.  Kim was the oldest girl and her younger sister was Rhonda.  Later, the girls were followed by the twin boys.  They lived in northeast Saskatchewan.  Harvey was an electrician by trade.  He was also a bit of a backyard mechanic.  He was working on one of these vehicles before going to work one day.  Time was short, and he did not finish repairing the vehicle.  Instead, he told his wife not to use the car.  He went to work.  Then, his wife loaded up the twins into the car, and she went to the bank.  The boys suffocated in the car in front of the bank.  There was an electrical fire.  Harvey left his wife and his two girls sometime after the funeral.  That began Harvey's Run.  Harvey's Run would last a lifetime.  Running.  This is how I got caught up in Harvey's Run.

I've now driven past Clavet, Elstow, and Colonsay on my way to Ottawa.  I was an adolescent during my time with Harvey's Run from the twin ghosts.  In 1974, I believed scientists with white coats making discoveries for money at 1%er organizations like the National Science Board (NSB) south of the 49th parallel.  Their report Science and The Challenges Ahead claimed that "during the last 20 - 30 years, world temperature has fallen, irregularly at first but more sharply over the last decade."   The NSB was widely quoted south of the 49th parallel as 1%ers paid snake oil salesmen to produce the right science.  That science supported 1%ers in their production, consumption, Profit, and the Business of War.  Their 'science' was projectile vomited by their President and Their Congress and Their media to the rest of the world.  They would never be punished for the dead their science would create, then again neither was the snake oil salesman.  They would be dead, before people paid for their mistakes with their lives.

Harvey's Run was almost as fanciful and deadly.  The very beginning of Harvey's Run began in 1974 when I turned 12 years old and finished Grade 6 in Humboldt.  Harvey's Run would last until I was 16 years old.  I was caught up in Harvey's Run through Humboldt SK, Watrous SK, Ear Falls ON, Oxdrift ON, Shaunavon SK, Lloydminster SK, Claresholm AB, and Lethbridge AB.  I'm now questioning whether or not these 4 years may have taught me to run when I was young?  I kept to myself after Humboldt.  Friendships were short term happiness with a lifelong hangover.  I kept to myself.  I preferred to be alone.  Harvey's Run would last until he died.

Harvey could not forgive himself for the death of the twins.  It was not his fault, but he could not get on with his life.  Who could?  Many parents loosing a child, never really get on with their lives.  I would see more than my share of children, dead.  Children, don't die alone.  Someone hurts.  Harvey's Run was medication for a pain which would be lifelong.  Running was Strong Drugs.  Short of being dead, where could he go?  Harvey ran with my mother in tow from Humboldt.  She was also running from the town drunk.  They teamed up.  Running just seemed to be the thing to do for both of them.  Since, I was to young to go it alone at 12, I followed along with my brother Leo and my sister Lorraine.  Science and The Challenges was a lie, and white coats were never to be trusted.  I knew that very young.  Only a 'Mark' trusts either the snake oil salesman or the white coats paid by 1%ers in my warming world.  I could imagine this line back to times even before we had mercury in glass.  Trend the top three temperatures back 6000 years, instead of fake news and fake science, but I'm getting ahead of myself. Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit Dutch, German, Polish, Physicist, Engineer, and Glass Blower invented the mercury in glass thermometer 1714. Global Warming measurements should start with the Industrial Revolution instead of fake news and fake science by 1%ers in the National Science Board (NSB) and the National Science Foundation (NSF)? The NSB and NSF would intentionally hide the severity of the geometric progression of temperature killing a Billion.

The National Science Board (NSB) orders fake news and fake science on Global Warming through the National Science Foundation (NSF) for Presidents and Congress.
Fake News and Fake Science would eventually ruin so many forest and ice people.

Harvey's Run required mobility which he purchased in the form of a 16 year old 8 foot by 42 foot home on wheels.  He could run with his truck pulling his home on wheels.  He was running from his demons.  The new family of 5 pulled into Watrous Saskatchewan late in June of 1974 with Harvey's Chevy Valiant, the Dodge Truck, and a home on wheels.  He unhooked the home on wheels at Manitou Beach.  Then, Harvey went back to Humboldt with his truck to pick up the horses with the horse trailer home on wheels.  He brought back Big Money, Sunny, Pellet and Bullet, Whiskey and Smoky Joe, Mutt and Jeff, Munick, and Nada in the horse trailer.

Watrous SK is a village 117 km south east of Saskatoon.  Watrous was settled by Russian - Germans, Russian - German Lutherans, Volga Germans,  and German Protestants.  These settlers were prominent in the areas near Lanigan, Leroy, Watrous, Jansen, Esk, Dafoe, Melville, Neudorf, and Lemberg starting in the 1890's.  The early settlers found flat and rolling grassland.  Their land was south of the Boreal Forest which makes up 55 percent of Canada's land area.  These settlers were fortunate compared to the Bretons from St. Brieuc France populating St. Brieux SK in the Boreal Forest just 146 km north.  Should I have felt guilty for their hardship?

I had driven through Viscount, and I was now passing Plunket.  Watrous is south of Plunket.  The #365 Highway connects the #2 Highway to Manitou Beach.  Watrous is situated just south of Little Manitou Lake with a population of 1500 souls.  In 1906, Watrous was founded by Frank Watrous Morse.  Manitou Beach borders Manitou Lake.  Manitou Beach was considered a national and internationally famous mineral spa in the roaring twenties through to the fifties.  The dance hall was known as the "Home of the World Famous Dance Floor Built on Horsehair".  In any event, Manitou Beach was better than being the town drunks son in St. Brieux.  Glaciers were the single most powerful environmental influence in the land of forest and ice since the onset of the ice age by a catastrophic asteroid impact.  Over many thousands of years the Glaciers receded, and Glaciers and Rivers carved Little Manitou Lake on what was once an inland sea hundreds of thousands of years ago.  Then, we lost are remaining glaciers and permafrost in the north, as "Greenland gave us it's great ice cover to rotting ice"

Manitou Beach was developed as a resort early in the 20th century.  Legend has it that aboriginals were drawn to the lake for thousands of years for relief of rheumatic conditions and burning fevers.  Legend maintains the aboriginals came from as far east as the Great Lakes for the healing properties.  Legends also claim aboriginals came from as far west as the Rocky Mountains.  There are currently 630 recognized First Nations governments or bands spread across Canada.  Legends are often as deceptive as the magicians misdirection.  The aboriginals would have us believe sick people wandered through hundreds of tribes populated with warriors armed with sharp rocks tied to sticks?  Really?  Can legends be lies?  Of course.

Manitou Lake is a glacier dug lake covering 13.3 sq. km, with an average depth of 3.8 meters.  The water is 50 percent saltier than the Dead Sea.  In some circles Manitou Beach became known as the "Carlsbad of Canada".  The specific gravity is actually higher than the famed Czechoslovakian Spa.  The lake has additional quantities of magnesium sulphate and iron oxide, which floats the human body.  The salinity of 12 percent is 3.5 times saltier than the oceans.  The forest and ice people had no idea what this and all their Glacier melts would contribute to the new world.  We could not have imagined?  We were naive young pioneers.  The 1%er controlled media kept their secrets in Production, Consumption, Profit, and the Business of War.  We were young forest and ice people who didn't know the change had already begun many years ago.  Warm, was a good thing in the land of forest and ice?  We were oblivious to change.  We were as blind to change as the Developmentally Delayed Aboriginal was oblivious to metal.

Rising Sea Levels Climate Change Global Warming in Fort Lauderdale Florida September 30 2015.

Meanwhile, Harvey's Run parked the home on wheels in the northwest corner of the Manitou Park in the Manitou & District Regional Park.  Harvey rented a small acreage southwest of the Regional Park for the horses.  Then, he continued to Winnipeg to pick up Harvey's daughters Rhonda and Kim.  When they returned the new family of 7 lived in the home on wheels and a big tent on the ground.  I became quite close to Rhonda, as she was only one year older than I was at the time.  We weren't close in a sisterly way!

The new family of 7 lived next to the lake which translated into "mysterious being" in the Algonquian language.  In late July of 1974, Harvey's Run continued.  Rhonda and Kim were going to be returning to Winnipeg.  Harvey and my mother decided that Rhonda, Kim, Lorraine, Leo, and I would start towards Winnipeg on a trail ride.  We left Watrous with a Chuck Wagon behind the black's known as Whiskey and Smoky Joe.  Leo drove the Chuck Wagon.  Lorraine rode her horse Sunny,  Rhonda rode Jeff.  Kim rode Mutt.  Since, Harvey had sold my horse Munick in Watrous, I rode whatever was left over of Pellet, Bullet, or Nada.

The 2 spare horses were tethered to the back of the chuck wagon.  The young pioneers left the glacier scooped valley on their way to Winnipeg.  I would never live near the lake of "mysterious being" again.  Our trail ride began with dreams of making it to Winnipeg.  We were all just kids when I look back on this now.  We were riding away from the "mysterious being" on the #365 Hwy through the village of Manitou Beach heading north past the Golf course.  I always found something mysterious about glaciers and ice in our land.  Originally, we had massive ice burgs breaking apart in May and June along the Grand Banks.  It was hard to imagine ice bigger than ice burgs for a kid, but I read about Greenland where the gigantic Glaciers were still the top dog of all the Ice.  While our ice cold forest warmed slowly, our people gradually migrated north over the next 50 years.  Our Newfoundland forest and ice people spotted and took photos of an iceberg spotted 4 months early in mid-February off Signal Hill in St. John’s and Cape Bonavista NF .  Then 3 months earlier, the forest and ice people could watched 450 icebergs near the Grand Banks 3 months earlier in March while wearing shorts.  Today, the young pioneers continued north on #365 Hwy toward the #668 Hwy in the land of forest and ice.

Newfoundland coast iceburgs slow cargo ships owned by oceanex.

We turned right at #668 Hwy for 16.7 km.  We stayed left on the 668 Highway for another 20 km before arriving at the village of Geurnsey and the Yellowhead Highway.  We camped in an old shed on the Geurnsey Campgrounds.  The next morning we saddled up and hitched up the team to the chuck wagon.  The young Pioneers continued their trail ride to Winnipeg.  We turned east on the Yellowhead Highway which was named for the Yellowhead Pass.  This was the route chosen to cross the Canadian Rockies many years ago.  We rode through the small villages of Geurnsey, Esk, Jansen, and Dafoe at the southern tip of Quill Lakes in this area of the land of forest and ice, where their slogan crest and slogan claims survival by the 'Strength of many Peoples'.

Quill Lakes Saskatchewan Canada Arctic Global Warming Glacier Melting floods the forest and ice people
Fake News and Science on Quill Lakes as Arctic Global Warming and Glaciers Melt (Google Maps)

They made a camp outside of town.  This area has an abundance of archaeological records proving 6,000 years of Aboriginal settlement before settlers arrived.  These very same archeological records show life before the settlers to be nasty, brutish, and short.  The aboriginals were stuck in what European history often refers to as their Dark Ages.  Average life expectancy for the aboriginals was 19 - 21 years for 6000 years before the arrival of the European settlers.

This life expectancy research compares  with Egypt and Nubia in 1050 BC with a sedimentary agriculture lifestyle of 19.2 years of age.  Archeological evidence from graves suggests that around 1500 AD, the North American Indian life expectancy was 18.9 years as a hunter gatherer.  The evidence would suggest that the aboriginal survival rate has been flat for at least 6000 years.  The average life expectancy would be around 20 years of age.  The recent discoveries of aboriginal footprints which date back 13,000 years on British Columbia's Calvert Island would seem to indicate that the aboriginals were stuck in the dark ages for what might be 13,000 years.

Thousands of stone tools found in a cave in Jordan, reveal clues about how humans may have first organized into more complex social groups depending on their technical skills.  We have achieved remarkably accurate estimates of 40,000 to 45,000 years ago for the earliest Upper Paleolithic stone tools in the Near East said Aaron Stutz, associate professor at Emory University Oxford College.  For the sake of this discussion aboriginal in Canada was stuck in the dark ages since at least 13,000 years ago.  While other people in other lands were running tool factories 40 45 thousand years ago.  Why the developmental delay for aboriginals on the prairies and the rest of what will become Canada?

Aboriginals had no animal husbandry?  Why did the aboriginals not domesticate easy to catch Prairie Chickens or Partridge in tree branch pens?  Aboriginals did not model Gold for jewellery or spiritual worship?  Yet, settler educated aboriginals "claim" everything had a great spirit.  No brass.  No lead.  No silver.  No copper.  No Tin.  No steel.  The aboriginals could only use stone age weapons.  That's why the life expectancy was exactly in line with older cultures before they "developed".  There are many aboriginals in Canada that may not like what I will say next.  It's all your fault.

According to the 2010 Census, the average life expectancy of an aboriginal is 73-74 years for men and 78-80 years for women.  This is roughly 3 1/2 times longer than before the settler arrived with magic sticks that fired flame.  The white ghosts had tools could only possessed by a god.  The first ships were gods to the aboriginal in Canada.  No gold in North America even though "other" peoples had gold jewellery by 6000 BC.  The aboriginals were 7500 years behind.  They were 6000 years late with copper.  They were 5700 years late with silver.  They were 5500 years behind with lead.  They were 4800 years late with bronze.  They were 3000 years late for the iron age.  There is absolutely no evidence whatsoever the aboriginal in North America had the capability to advance beyond a hunter gatherer.

Each aboriginal reading this must consider one simple truth.  If it were not for the settlers the aboriginal hate, 74 percent of aboriginals reading this would be dead.  The other 26 percent would have a average life expectancy of around 20 years of age.  The mind set of the aboriginal in Canada is to blame the settlers because they are alive.  We were coming to an area where there were several Aboriginal Reserves.

To continue my story of Harvey's Run, the Young Pioneers woke south of Quill Lakes.  They saddled up their horses and Leo hitched the team to the chuck wagon.  They rode through the tiny Hamlet of Mozart south of Quill Lakes.  Mozart was founded in 1909, and named after the classical Austrian composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.  They rode through Wynyard which is a part of the Rural Municipality of Big Quill.  Many of the settlers in this area around Big Quill Lake and Little Quill Lake were of Icelandic origin.  They settled an area called the Vatnabyggd.  Elfros was also settled by Icelandic immigrants.  Finally, The Young Pioneers rode into Foam Lake Saskatchewan.  In modern times people of Icelandic descent account for about 1/4 of the population.

Big Quill Lake Little Quill Lake SK Arctic Glacier Melt Global Warming floods the land of the forest and ice people.
This is farmland between Big Quill & Little Quill Lake as Climate Change challenges the forest and ice people. (Google Maps)

The Pioneers could still see the Foam Lake Elevator behind them when they decided to camp on the east side of Foam Lake.  This area is populated by the Day Star First Nation, Kawacatoose First Nation, Muskowekwan First Nation, Lucky Man First Nation, and the Little Black Bear First Nation.  We selected a camp spot just off the Yellowhead Highway.  We grassed and tethered their horses.  We slept in an chicken coup 1/4 of a km off the road in August 1974.  The Little Black Bear First Nation was the closest reserve to the south.  Just to the south of Little Black Bear First Nation is the Muskowekwan First Nation.  The Young Pioneers were roughing it in the land of forest and ice.

DDA Gangs with duelling factions were all around our trail ride.  Yesterday and today, violence was just part of life on the Muskowekwan First Nation.  Today, a Queen’s Bench Judge Justice Guy Chicoine talked about a changing of the guard, as one Native Syndicate was taking out another with force.  Jessie Mark Wolfe, 30, and Shane Darrell Wolfe, 32, stood trial on charges of break, enter and aggravated assault.  The two received 6 and 7 years for their gang activities.  The trial included testimony from two children under five, as DDA kicked in 'doors and several DDA men and youth' rushed into the house.  Masked DDA in black and white bandanas were armed with 'a gun, metal bars, bats and golf clubs'.  Just the nice DDA environmentalists at the Muskowekwan First Nation.  Would we disappear?

Masked DDA in black and white bandanas were armed with 'a gun, metal bars, bats and golf clubs'. Muskowekwan First Nation

During the night, the Little Black Bear Band untied our horses, and they rode away with most of them.  Fortunately, Pellet and Bullet were to tired or to stubborn to go with the aboriginals.  The next day we were all afraid the Little Black Bear Band stole our horses were lost for good.  Leo and Lorraine took Pellet and Bullet to search for the horses.  They started to find the horses throughout the day.  Young Little Black Bear Band Aboriginals rode up to us, and the DDA laughed at us as they just let the horses go.  Of course, what could we really expect from a developmentally delayed aboriginal and children 15 and under. That's just the way the DDA were raised by DDA. Primitive. Finally, we collected enough horses ride back through Foam Lake to find Sonny.  Lorraine was in tears, as we could not find her horse. We searched the area below Big Quill Lake and Little Quail Lake while the primitive aboriginals had their fun.
The farmland photo was taken directly on the 640 bend in the middle of the new big lake. Quill Lakes

It was late afternoon, before we rescued the horses from the aboriginals.  Some had been run hard.  Nada was beaten up pretty bad.  He was a very spirited horse that would run till he died in a lather.  Sonney was also abused.  The weather was starting to cloud up.  Suddenly, as the storm approached we were happy to see my mom and Harvey arrive to check our days progress.  What progress?  No progress.  They brought food.  We ate.  We bridled and saddled our horses, and Harvey hooked the black team to the Chuck Wagon.  Harvey decided they were going to get out of dodge as the storm began.  Harvey bounced the Chuck Wagon along the ditches, and we got out of dodge.

Finally, a wild looking aboriginal showed up with her horse.  We had to ride as a group in town to try to shame Little Black Bear Band Aboriginals into giving the horses back to the Young Pioneers.  I still wonder today if aboriginals feel shame.  Did stone age Aboriginals have a sense of shame?  Right and Wrong?  Did stone age Aboriginals from the Little Black Bear Band kill each other with stones tied to sticks for 13,000 years?  How should we expect the Little Black Bear Band Aboriginals to "grow up" after being developmentally delayed for so long?

It was late afternoon, before we rescued the horses from the aboriginals.  Some had been run hard.  Nada was beaten up pretty bad.  He was a very spirited horse that would run till he died in a lather.  Sunney was also abused.  The weather was starting to cloud up.  Suddenly, as the storm approached we were happy to see my mom and Harvey arrive to check our days progress.  Storms back then we colder and usually windy with a little rain.  In 1974, our land of forests and ice was only warming, and the forest and ice people seldom had weak tornadoes.  We never had tropical storms or cyclones related to temperature fluctuations.  We did have blizzards in the winter, where the wind would blow our snow and ice.  It was warmer, however the warming was one of our convenient little white lies.  We didn't know warming would accelerate leading to Tropical Storms, Record Breaking Wind, and Cyclones.  We knew it was warming, but 3/4 of the land of forest and ice was ice for most of the year.  That was already changing, but we had no idea that storms in the middle of the winter would become so severe.  The Young Pioneers had their horses back in camp, and they were not as naive about the DDA.  Progress?  No progress on the trial today.  We had gone nowhere.  Mom and Harvey brought food, and we ate.  We bridled and saddled our horses, and Harvey hooked the black team to the Chuck Wagon.  Harvey decided they were going to get out of dodge as the storm began.  Harvey bounced the Chuck Wagon along the ditches.  The Young Pioneers got out of dodge feeling little love for the stone age aboriginals or DDA from the Little Black Bear Band SK.

Actic Winter Storms Melting Ice in the middle of winter causing less ice for polar bear survival and our forest and ice people.

Tuffnell would be their last camp on the Canadian Prairies.  We were wet, as we unsaddled their horses.  We setup camp.  We slept along the side of the road.  The Truth and Reconciliation Commission for Residential Schools completed in June 2015.  
"Truth and Reconciliation requires both sides to participate".  Justice Murray Sinclair said "Reconciliation is about forging and maintaining respectful relationships".  "There are no shortcuts."  That may be true?  However.

Is Justice Murray Sinclair living in a world where he believes both sides are ready for reconciliation?  That would be like the Hells Angels reconciling with the Clan from Clavet for what happened in the Port of Vancouver.  That's fine.  Forget about the 250 million.  No problem.  That's just not realistic.  That's just not the way the world works.  In our situation, the stone age man of 350 - 400 years ago is not ready to take their side of the table.  Remember, 74 percent of aboriginal readers would be dead.  Dead or alive they hate the settlers.  Animal husbandry is one thing the settlers brought to civilize.  To give life.  The aboriginal routinely says the settlers used animal husbandry diseases to cull the aboriginal people.

Justice Murray Sinclair your rose coloured glasses play you for a fool.  The developmentally delayed aboriginal Justice Murray Sinclair is to "limited" mentally for a truth and reconciliation commission.  The corruption that made Murray Sinclair a Justice did not school him in law.  Equality before the law.  Years after his pitiful commission and findings, would tell a different a story which showed Murray Sinclair's DDA background invalidated the Residential School Commission.  would follow a report by Canada’s top doctor saying family violence is staggering.

DDA Murray Sinclair would pretend that "every day, about 230 Canadians were not victims of family violence.  DDA Murray Sinclair would pretend Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Gregory Taylor did not exist at a press conference in Ottawa on October 20, 2014.  (Adrian Wyld / The Canadian Press).  DDA Murray Sinclair and simple minded DDA would pretend that "Physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse and murder were only a problem simple minded DDA suffered in Canada.  Instead Canada's top doctor Gregory Taylor said the scope of the problem staggering.  Yet, the simple minded DDA feel justified in a smattering of problems in Residential Schools over more than 100 years.  DDA Murray Sinclair pretends it was only a "Aboriginal" problem to defraud Canadians of more money.  The simple minded DDA Murray Sinclair would pretend that "in 2014, the latest year for which statistics are available, almost 58,000 girls and women were victims of family violence, said Taylor, Canadian Chief Public Health Officer.  The simple minded DDA Murray Sinclair would pretend that "Every four days, one woman in Canada was killed by a family member; every six days, a woman was killed by an intimate partner; while a man was murdered by a partner every 23 days.  The simple minded DDA Sinclair would pretend that every day 230 Canadians did not report themselves as victims of family violence.  Would physically and sexually abused DDA children be better of if Justice Murray Sinclair were dead, statistically speaking of course?  Well?  Oh right, DDA Murray Sinclair.  All the bad happens in residential schools, Justice Murray Sinclair?  Equality before the Law. Does this public grandstanding just help kill Christa Cachene?

Isaiah Rider killed Christa Cachene Justice Murray Sinclair

In the Calgary courtroom Isaiah Rider was sentenced to 15 years for killing Christa Cachene after which her best friend attacked DDA Isaiah Rider in the courtroom.

The settlers are correct that the developmentally delayed aboriginal people should have had animal husbandry thousands of years ago.  For example, the Sami people in Russia, Finland, and Norway had reindeer for thousands of years.  They developed far in advance of the DDA north of the 49th parallel. In 800, the Norwegian chief Ottar visited King Alfred and the English court.  Ottar told the king about the Sumi and that reindeer were domesticated and managed in herds.  Some believe civilized people herded reindeer for much, much, much longer than that.  How were these very same settlers to know that North American aboriginals were so developmentally delayed.  The aboriginals would have no problem with animal husbandry diseases if the aboriginals were not so developmentally delayed.  My time on this earth would see Norway rise to the top of the world in the Winter Olympics for their population as a decent people in their daily lives, and they would benefit with global changes in their northern empire.  The Nords won as the South suffered.  The Nords, modern day Norweigians, and the forest and ice people were the benefactors of global warming, but as people we didn't see the 'light' for the storm.

The forest and ice people neighbour in the north is Nordre Isfjorden bank Longyearbyen and Barentsburg.

The settlers tried their best to bring a backwards stone age aboriginal group forward as quickly as possible.  This is just one issue.  I maintain that neither side is ready for Truth and Reconciliation on this example or just about any other example that can be brought forward.  I personally believe the settlers did a magnificent job!  If the aboriginals disagree why don't they just use their tomahawk to kill off 74 percent of their people to make their point.  Proof of how exemplary the settlers treated the aboriginals can be found in the number of people declaring themselves First Nations respondents in the Census.  These numbers rose dramatically in the last 19 years.  The fact remains, 74 percent of aboriginals alive today would be dead were it not for the great work done by the settlers with the natives.  This great work included civilizing a backward, stagnated, population.  Our Young Pioneers continued to Yorkton.

The next morning the Young Pioneers put the Chuck Wagon on the horse trailer, and we each rode our horses for the last 82 kilometres into Yorkton SK.  The first leg to Sheho SK went quickly that morning.  "Sheho" is a Cree name for Prairie Chicken.  The 12 km to Insinger was finished in the morning.  Insinger was  settled early in 1891 by a rancher named Fredrik Robert Insinger.  He put his name on the  Rural Municipality, the Village, and an MP chair in Ottawa when the Central Prairie Town was still in the Northwest Territories.  The Young Pioneers looked forward to Theodore.

Early settlers in this area would dig meter deep holes in the ground as they arrived to their acreage.  They covered the floors and walls with branches, sod, driftwood, or grass.  They slept on mattresses of grass or wheat straw if they were lucky.  Their tools were limited to knives, wooden cutlery, hammers, axes, chisels, scythes and flails.  I can only imagine how tough those first settlers must have been!  These pioneers would later accused of abusing aboriginals with Residential Schools, books, education, and healthcare for aboriginal children.  Truth and Reconciliation?

The Young Pioneers continued to Springside which was named after the springs of pure water along what was known as the Dakota Trail.  In a typical prairie fashion the town was originally named after a pioneer named  Doctor T. A. Patrick, however Patrick citizens discovered another town in Saskatchewan was named Patrick.  The town petitioned the Post Master General to name the Post Office Springside.  It is a well kept secret that many villages and towns were "fathered" by the Postmaster General.  Springside crawled past as they were all getting tired late in the day.

They looked forward to Yorkton, anticipating their first shower in 4 days.  The settlers must have been tough?  I wondered if they smelt as bad?  I felt sorry for my horse Nada.  He was tired.  I guessed the stone age aboriginals weren't developed enough yet to work with animals.  They left Springside behind them with 26 km remaining to arrive in Yorkton.  I fell behind the rest of the group in the last 20 km.  I walked beside Nada several times.  My horse was tired.  I was tired.  We were both tired.  We walked into Yorkton dead last.  The last Young Pioneers.

I unsaddled and unbridled Nada, and I put on a more comfortable halter.  The horses would rest in the exhibition grounds tied to the horse trailer with hay.  We took the Black Valiant to the motel.  Now I was starting to realize how tough the early settlers needed to be to survive.

June 5, 2015, Buffy Sainte-Marie did an interview on the CBC with Wendy Mesley.  Wendy Mesley smiled and looked pretty. 
Buffy Sainte-Marie was born in 1941 on the Piapot Cree First Nations Reserve in the Qu'Appelle Valley in Saskatchewan Canada.  In the interview Buffy Sainte-Marie claimed that most violence against aboriginal people is by aboriginal people.  At the time of this writing on July 8, 2015, Daniel Alphonse Paul was charged with the 2nd-degree murder of his girlfriend Crystal Paul.  She was a mother of five.  Would The Clan from Clavet kill the Little Whore from Clavet when they cannot hide behind her?  Would they pretend she's dead?

Daniel Alphonse Paul
Aboriginal Violence against Aboriginal

Crystal Rose Paul
Crystal Rose Paul Vancouver Police Department

Buffy Sainte-Marie chooses not to live in Canada.  She tells both aboriginals and settlers in Canada how to live, instead.  Buffy Sainte-Marie lives in the United States where the American people slaughtered the aboriginals.  Buffy Sainte-Marie
lives in the United States where bounties for [Indian] scalps were reimbursed by California's state treasury.  In California, there were some 150,000 Indians in California before the settlers.  When the Residential Schools started in Canada in 1873, there would be fewer than 30,000 [Indians] left in California.  This is one American State.  Were the earlier states worse? Buffy Sainte-Marie blames Canadian settlers for tripling the life span of her very own blood in Canada, and Buffy Sainte-Marie blames them for the residential schools. Would these children have been better of with the violence of aboriginals against aboriginals?

The facts speak for themselves.  Personally, I do not believe Canadian settlement was "perfect".  The North American aboriginal was a stone age tribal hunter gatherer society developmentally delayed for at least 13,000 years behind similar societies.  The task was to bring the stone age tribal hunter gatherer society into a new world.  Canadian settlers did an outstanding job of settling Canada.  Canadian Settlers did a remarkable job of bringing a stone age tribal hunter gatherer society into a new world.

Canadians settlers, early Canadian immigrants, and each wave of immigrants should be offended by The Truth and Reconciliation Commission.  They made the lives of each stone age tribal hunter gatherer aboriginal, better.

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Now, the ghosts, the dead, the Punished, and the Punishers!

Young Pioneers and the Little Black Bear Band Tribe in Saskatchewan.

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