Shoot out at Joe's Cafe in Bellevue AB, Coal Miner Death & Black Lung, Claresholm AB and the Buffalo Trail Highway, Burmis Tree, Leitch Collieries, Coal, Railroads and Steam Engines, Crowsnest Pass

In 1991, my Escort pulled me along the 777 km Crowsnest Highway through the land of the forest and ice people.  I passed the southern tip of Alberta Highway 2, which travels north to Claresholm AB.  Coincidentally, Claresholm AB was celebrating its centennial birthday this year.  They christened the town in 1891, and the town buried 10 Popes since its christening.  In September of 1976, I called Claresholm AB, home.  Harvey's Run from the twin ghosts took a rest after haunts in Humboldt SK, Watrous SK, Ear Falls ON, Oxdrift ON, Shaunavon SK, and Lloydminster SK. Claresholm AB fights the Chinook winds in the winter on the eastern edge of the Alberta foothills next to the Rocky Mountains.  In 1976, the southern foothills were dry in and around Claresholm AB.  Farmers talked 'low till' and 'no till' to preserve soil moisture for Profit.  The forest and ice people knew dry soil had wings.  They knew farming, but they didn't know or care about global warming.  Instead, survival meant making a Profit growing food and protein in the land of forest and ice.  We accepted that the lack of moisture forced us to till less to conserve moisture.  I knew the Boreal Forest and farmland near Lloydminster SK was still wet.  This area was dry.  I might have found myself in a padded room, if I told our people the Boreal Forest near Lloydminster AB was going to burn, uncontrollably.  I would get a big roar if I said 'you won't be able to put the fire out, either'.  The forest and ice people were just trying to survive.  The town drunks son himself, met Frank Bourgault of St. Brieux SK who refined Jerome Bechard's ideas about low tillage farming.  We didn't know that the wood, coal, oil, and gas use caused global warming or that it dried us out?  Instead, the forest and ice people in the foothills had visions of Texas oilfields, big cattle herds, and bumper crops.  Claresholm AB, 15 year ago, before I turned 15 years old.  Today in 1991, I drove the Crowsnest Highway south of Claresholm AB past Alberta Highway 2 heading east from Ottawa ON to Vancouver BC, which was Mike's most direct route through the Rocky Mountains to Hope BC.

In 1976, Moisture and Profit changed the forest and ice people farming and ranching in the 'real' foothills natural grassland.  Low Till No TIll pressured innovation such as The Bechard Seeding System in what became part of the Bourgault Air Seeder Model 138.  The low till no till philosophy dates back as far as the 1950s, unfortunately for Bechard, he suffered from that Early Bird Lie.  Bechard was right, and he was the early bird, but he missed the wiggly protein.  Moisture forced the change from seed drills to air seeders for Profit.  Dry land farmers tilled very little, and they drilled seed into hard soil in the land of forest and ice.   So, the forest and ice people chased moisture for Profit, long, long, ago in the land of forest and ice which had more water than any other country on the planet, then.  Profit, questions these old tales of water abundance?  Global warming wasn't on the 1%ers airwaves.  I remember the air.  In the 1970's, the summers were increasingly hot and dry in all my travels.  In the land of forest and ice CattleFeeders proclaimed "ranchers from the southern grasslands to the central park belt" were struggling with enough moisture for grass to feed cattle for Profit in the area around Peace River.  Moisture almost bankrupted the Bonny Brook Feedlot in 1976, as Gabriel Fahrenheit and his 1714 invention measured the problem with mercury in a glass tube.  It's odd that the forest and ice people called the dust storms of the 1930's a depression rather than a drought?  I have to laugh at the forest and ice people who believed this 'real' prairie supported a quadrillion Bison.  R U Nuts?  1%ers had a solution for Gabriel?  The 50 year average.  In 1991, I drove as the bombs burst on the radio while the Kuwait War wrapped up for 'something' where they had all that oil, and I drove past Stowe AB which blew away years ago in the Great Depression.  I guess it was a Depression because there is very little Profit in a dust storm?

Cremona farmers hoped for one more crop in the yellow, orange and red areas, as the forests started to leave the land of forest and ice.

The world continues to increase greenhouse gas emissions, and 1 percent scientists at Natural Resources Canada are telling of the future still.

1%er scientists say the really bad years are coming in the future. 40 years later, the 1%er scientists say the worst drought years were someone else in the future.

In 1976, Gabriel was getting confused with 50 year averages and the wind chill variations.  The air and the wind were telling a story about burning 20,000 kg of coal per second for 50 years?  The forest and ice people knew it was dry on the grasslands.  The old settlers told stories of wetlands, lowlands, and their land was in swamps to wet to farm.  Today, they were both dried up.  We didn't know 3000 years of coal was going to be a problem.  In 1976, our people believed the North West Passage, Arctic Ice, Fish, Arctic Fox, Seals, and Polar Bears were . . . forever.  It was 40 years later when the forest and ice people were outnumbered by the people living in Siberia (40 Million).  The coal was heating their land as well, and 40 million Russians in the Siberian north living in an area of 13.1 million square kilometres accounted for 77% of Russia's land area, but it is home to 27% of Russians.  The coal caused methane explosions  blowing up their Reindeer herds.  The coal was heating up their permafrost to the point that static electricity caused huge explosions heard and seen for many kilometres.  The holes became more frequent and larger, as the Reindeer herds ran leaving young behind.  Then we started having the ground fires in the permafrost.  We couldn't put them out.  Then, the inland sea which was now the Mackenzie River Delta started burping methane exactly like the ancient seabed should, and Gabriel was not confused!

The forest and ice people are outnumbered by the Russians living in the exploding artic from methane gas due to permafrost melting.

We still believed we controlled the wood, coal, oil, diesel, gasoline, and natural gas in the land of forest and ice.  We?  It was ours because fossil fuels were formed hundreds of millions of years ago in the Carboniferous Period during the Paleozoic Era below our feet.  Grandma Parrot had a old black steel wood / coal burning stove in her kitchen.  The town drunks son on the Rocky Ridge Ranch had the heating oil barrel downstairs in the basement.  That barrel was gassed out by natural gas, when the SaskEnergy gas line went underground alongside the grid road in front of the house.  Natural gas was 'clean' energy, over the smelly home heating oil man and his truck.  Natural Gas was so clean, it stinks.  Wood, Coal, Heating Oil, and Natural Gas were Profitable.  The forest and ice people consumed ENERGY so 1%ers needed to own ENERGY.  The forest and ice people lived in the coldest country on earth.  We needed energy!  It's no secret steam engines, railroads, and ENERGY made possible the land of forest and ice beyond a primitive hunter gatherer society(DDA).  Today, the forest was taking over the ice in Yellowknife NT, and the permafrost was giving up under the roads north of Great Slave Lake.

CBCNews Canada North NOAA Arctic Report Card permafrost thawing

The permafrost went into a free fall no one imagined possible along with the sea ice.  First sea ice was gone!  Then, our land lost the permafrost as the tides and waves washed the shores.  Then, the methane rose from the permafrost and remnants of the inland seas.  Change was hundreds even thousands of times faster than anyone thought possible.  Then, 80 years before the 1%er white coats said it was possible, the sea ice and permafrost was gone.  The history of the land of forest and ice was not only made possible by 1%ers, but the land of forest and ice was always controlled by 1%ers.  We didn't control anything in the Hudson Bay monopoly, nor did we control the environment which started to turn.  1%ers were as thick as thieves in ENERGY since 1670 when King Charles II gave the land of forest and ice to Prince Rupert as "Rupert's Land" and Prince Rupert named the Hudson Bay Company the only 1%er game in town.  What could the forest and ice people and the DDA, do?  We all sort of knew 1%ers could kill us if we fought for our ENERGY later on like the Iranians.  In 1976, they were killing Iranians, regularly.  In 1991, oil countries were getting another 'lesson', again.  I drove along the Old Man River next to the Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump World Heritage Site, where the DDA jumped up to surprise Bison with fires, furs, screaming bravely, screaming fearfully, and 'spooking the herd' of Bison towards the Alberta foothills ridge.

In 1976, I saw ENERGY was huge in Alberta.  I watched, read, and learned more about energy than Grandpa Godart and the steel forge in his workshop.  I watched him smithing once.  Blacksmiths use ENERGY.  Blacksmiths make their own tongues, hammer, and anvil.  ENERGY shapes metal into useful items.  9000 years ago, Blacksmiths used energy for swords, knives, spears, pole-axes, pole-based dagger-axes, composite bows, and metal covering leather helmets, armour, and shields.  The Business of War is 9000 years old.  Then, ENERGY heated metal  to liquid for moulds to make metal parts.  Guns.  In 1698, Thomas Savery's steam pump was used to pump water.  Wealth was generated not by 1 man or 1 coal mine pony, anymore.  In 1712, Thomas Newcomen invented the first stationary and practical steam engine.  ENERGY and MOLTEN METAL shaped by moulds built STEAM ENGINES which worked as hard as 100 men or 100 ponies pushing or pulling a coal sleds.  1 1%er could own the wages of 100 men or 100 ponies.  In 1769, James Watt patented improvements to Thomas Newcomen's engine, and he is credited with the steam engine beginning the industrial revolution.  In 1800, Richard Trevithick re-invented steam engines backed by high pressure increasing efficiency.  In 1805, Oliver Evans used steam in the first non-condensing / high-pressure steam engine used extensively on Steam Ships and Railroads by 1829.  ENERGY and STEAM ENGINES replaced 100,000 humans and animals.  Energy and Steam Engines created manufacturing and transportation.  1 1%ers could accumulate wealth 1000's of times faster than 1 95%er involved in Production, Consumption, Profit, and the Business of War.  Energy and the Steam Engine shaped Production, Consumption, Profit, and the Business of War in no country more than the land of forest and ice.  We died from black lung, and we worked as near slaves with Asians to build a ribbon of steel for the 1%er steel horses to dominate energy and transportation in the land of forests and ice.  In 1991, I drove through Brocket AB where the Oldman River Dam Project was nearing completion, where the Piikani Nation fought against the Dam on the Oldman River AB.  Soon, they would charge their cell phones, as their Chief drew a salary of $55,473.00 per year.

In 1976, the oldest forest and ice people told stories of working for 1%ers building railroads with 'near' slaves from China.  We were leaving the Red River Carts along the Old Bones Trail.  The real prairie was plowed.  The deforested land was plowed.  Steam Engines in energy, transportation, and manufacturing changed the land of forest and ice.  Our land was built at a Profit to 1%ers.  We were not only 1%er built, but we were built with the new 1%er owned and controlled formula.  Our life, Voyageurs and the Great Lakes Tall Ships vanished in a heartbeat.  They were eliminated as the land of forest and ice was conceived.  The land of forest and ice was property operated for a Profit by 1%ers who controlled energy and transportation.  1%ers knew they must control energy, then.  Now.  1%ers control energy.  Then they profit on everything and everyone doing anything.  Energy commands 1%er Profit if they own the ship or train, yet.  1%ers were extremely powerful in southwestern Alberta.  Historians are sentimental fools or lying to keep their heads.  Profit determines history.

Profit, teaches us more about life than any prejudicial historical account.  Profit.  As a child, I and the forest and ice people were told to admire the 1%er white coats at NASA.  We were told to trust 1%er employed white coats monitoring our ice.  The history of light is going backwards is Kerosene, Whaling Oil, Wax / Paraffin, Sticks / Torches, and Firelight into the caves.  Whaling oil for profit used Arctic sea ice charts for whalers with tall ships.  These whaling and fishing logs for profit will make lies out of most 1%er white coats in the 'summer hunt'.  Profit required good ice charts for survival during the summer whaling season.  Ice was charted before whaling oil lost its value to Kerosene in the insatiable hunt for Profit.  100 years after whaling, the Arctic Sea Ice can be better measured by its disappearance and that negative effect on the Beluga Whales.  Today, there is little rotting ice.  Most extraordinary in the new millennium, Arctic and Antarctic ice shelves began to crack off.  You see as the climate warmed, the ice shelves were forced up by rising sea water below.  The massive pressure to 'float' the ice shelves created cracks along the coastlines.  The NASA white coats employed by 1%ers systematically refused to credit sea level rise for ice shelf cracking.  That's just the way governments and white coats lied for the 1%ers.  The "trillion ton Antarctic iceberg drifting out to sea sparking concerns it could break up completely and block shipping lanes" was just an unexplained event, and these governments refused to credit global warming sea level rise for numerous 'floating' phenomenon cracking away the ice.  The Arctic and Antarctic ice shelves disappeared hundreds of years earlier than expected.  Meanwhile, Profit charted much the ice once in the land of forest and ice.  I think many forest and ice people knew the weather was changing, but the forest and ice people didn't dream that the ice would be gone so quickly.  NASA scientists were paid to lie to their colleagues and the forest and ice people for many years.  First they overestimated the ice for their paychecks.  Then NASA white coats lied for many years about their satellites and ice thickness.  For close to 40 years, NASA white coats lied about the ice.  Government paid white coats are worth much less than a historian, who lies to keep his head.  Government paid white coats sacrifice the forest and ice people for money.  The University of Calgary would call the lie on October 2017 .  The University of Calgary Cryosphere Climate Research Group published Geophysical Research Letters which concluded satellite estimates for the thickness of seasonal sea ice have been overestimated by up to 25 percent since 1978.  The salt in the snow and ice skewed ice estimates.  Of course, white coats employed by NASA were to mentally fragile or developmentally delayed to test their calculations with an ice auger for 40 years.  Sometimes I can understand why the Gods had their believers kill the scientists.  In 1991, I drove over Pincher Creek AB on the Crowsnest Highway when the little creek still had a little water on the mostly dry sand uncovered by snow in January.
NASA white coats lie to earn their paycheques for 40 years.

In 1976, Claresholm AB had Ranchers, Farmers, and Oil Field Workers boasting huge wages.  The 1%ers in energy would hire men to get what they wanted.  1%ers used and controlled our energy, as the forest and ice people took a tiny piece of their pie.  Oil Field Workers dreamed big with their Stetsons pretending Texas origins, but at the bar on Saturday night they looked tired of hard work, taxes, and 'I just can't seem to get ahead'.  The average wage of the forest and ice people was below what 1%ers in energy paid.  Then, 1%ers routinely sent their wage earners home when there was not enough Profit.  In 1976, the forest and ice people near Claresholm AB were allowed to draw wages working for 1%ers in energy.  It's odd, I have never met a man working in the oil patch who considered himself blue collar.  Then again, NASA 'claimed' they were monitoring the planet for all of us, and they didn't think they were blue collar, either.  95%ers were on the bottom, and we were middle class with middle class values.  NASA told us their version of 1%ers vision of our future. That's why I like the Profit recorded in business enterprises to track money to understand the dust storm.  For example, our whalers had The Gridded Monthly Sea Ice Extent and Concentration going back to 1850, when we killed whales for lamp oil instead of releasing whales from Aquariums we should never have put them in at all.  The whaling charts show the summer sea ice appeared to be retreating before 1850.  The forest and ice people saw the mercury, but we didn't think a little global warming could be all that bad in our land of forest and ice, either.  Today in 1991, I riding my little carbon farting Escort, on the Crowsnest Highway going past Pincher Station AB, which was once Pincher City AB, before that southern Alberta wind brushed it down in stature in the Municipal District of Pincher Creek.

In 1976, the forest and ice people knew it was getting warmer.  Much warmer than when Jacques Cartier found the land of forest and ice.  It was so cold, no one tried to take the land of forest and ice away from the DDA.  Instead, 1%ers in the French and British Royalty Profited from the outside.  Old forest and ice people before Confederation had more tales of the cold than they had unfrozen toes.  Think Profit!  Jacques, 1534.  No invasion for Profit?  Instead until 1850(225 years), the DDA traded furs in the land of the forests and ice for Profit.  Instead until 1850(225 years), fish were taken in the Grand Banks, Hudson Bay, Great Lakes, and Pacific Coast was for Profit without DDA.  Instead until 1850(225 years) whales were taken off the East Coast, West Coast, and Arctic Regions for Profit without DDA.  1%ers white coat scientists and historians deny these thefts from the forest and ice people.  The truth is the land of forest and ice was cold.  The Inuit in the Arctic and the DDA in the forests and small 'real' prairie, had reached their hunter gatherer population limit in the cold, unforgiving, land.  The historian lies legitimize the imperial conquest. In 1976, the Central Park Belt, and the Peace River DIstrict in the Rocky Mountain foothills was warmer?  Jacques, 1534.  In 1639, the first coal mine at Grand Lake NB.  105 years after Jacques, the coal was support for taken fish for Profit.  History was very much a 225 year lie since Jacques discovered the land of forest and ice.  1%ers version of history kept historian heads, attached.  Our history starts with 225 years of killing fur bearing animals, fish, and whales by the French and the British.    In 1976 the Claresholm forest and ice people were not sure if an ice age was brought on by a 15 km wide asteroid 66 million years ago into Chicxulub, Mexico or a God.  Although, the 180-kilometer (110-mile) crater needed some explaining, we lived today.  Today in 1976, the land of forest and ice was warmer.  The land was warming long before we imagined an all powerful God.  Today, it was warming, fast.  In 1991, Pincher City AB may have been washed away, but for unknown reasons Pincher Creek AB survived 4.3 km to the south off the Crowsnest Highway.

In 1976, we had no idea that the land of forest and ice was warming at an accelerating rate.  I grew up with carbon.  In 1970, I was 10 when I learned how to fix a bent cultivator shovel blade with coal and a forge with Grandpa Godart.  Coal and the Forge went way back to the Blacksmith.  I would learn that the Blacksmith's use of coal dates back to a copper awl found near the Jordan River 7071 years ago.  We still had a wood bench, a water tub, an anvil, tongs, a bellows, and clay bricks on a forge at Grandpa's.  So?  Coal was used for heating before this time as the Glaciers melted in many parts of the world, naturally, after the asteroid.  So?  In 1976, 1%ers refused to tell the forest and ice people that Carbon from all those cars and trucks driving down the road would add to 'Accelerated Global Warming' which began 7071 years ago.  The Blacksmith was in my opinion the most underrated man in human history.  He got better.  He eventually moulds metal which would change the very existence of the forest and ice people.  The blacksmith changed everything!  He created tools.  He was the difference between the DDA with rocks tied to sticks and swords and shields.  He also primed 'Accelerated Global Warming'.  The tools built by the Blacksmith were used to make moulds.  Moulds were used to mould molten metal into parts.  Parts would eventually be assembled with reason into pistons and cylinders with a crank shaft creating torque by opening and closing 'valves' with each rotation.  Torque.  Not bad for a 7071 year old knuckle head?  Mankind has never properly respected the Blacksmith for distinguishing humans from primitive hunter / gatherers.  Suddenly, coal wasn't just used for cooking, heating, or gifts of a lump of coal under the tree when the fat red devil appeared.  In 1991, the Alligator Juniper trees were looking for higher ground while crawling north, and Alberta was planning on reducing wildlife game tags along the Crowsnest Highway because of "a very high wildfire hazard due to pine tree beetle kill", as the Pine Tree Beetles crawled north faster into the heat.

In 1976, Claresholm AB had history as a watering hole for steam engines since 1891 for 1%er owned Steam Engines pulling freight for the Canadian Pacific Railway along the Macleod Trail.  Claresholm AB was also a natural grassland for Cowboys with Stetsons before they threaded through cattle looking for Pokemon between cow pies.  Coal was delivered like milk, once.  Milk was delivered, once.  Pizzas?  Coal was still news in the 21st century, when CN Rail announced reduced Profits of $858 million "as oil, [and] coal shipments drop" on the CTV Top News Headlines.  TransCanada, Capital Power, Enmax, and AltaGas stopped buying coal fired electricity from Sundance, Atco Power, Sheerness Power Plant, and TransAlta's A and B Sundance plants because the Alberta NDP added a carbon tax on coal according to CBC News Edmonton  This would all turn out to be 1%er propaganda to scare the forest and ice people.  However, 7071 years of Profit with ENERGY kept the coal lobby one of the most powerful lobbies on planet Earth.  I calculate the first 3000 years of coal was small time coal.  The next 4071 + years of coal brought the end of the Alberta Clipper.  Our forest and ice people love to talk 'about the weather'.  We love it.  We love specifically talking about the weather.  Why.  We might not like the weather.  It's our toughness.  We can take the cold!  In 1976, I was settling into Claresholm AB.  Rhonda and Kim were lost to Winnipeg MB.  Leo was lost to Ridgedale SK.  Lorraine was now lost to Lloydminster AB.  I was the last Young Pioneer.  I was alone.  I was attached to Mom and Harvey running from the twin ghosts on Harvey's Run.  I was a little scared.  Now I was really alone.  Meanwhile in 1991, it was dark and cold as Cowley AB flew by in a little flicker of street lights, and a Western Screech Owl couldn't have guessed this flicker of lights would be in a movie, Brokeback Mountain in the Alberta foothills.

In Claresholm AB in 1976, 1%ers controlled the Alberta's forest and ice people 'would be' blue eyed sheiks.  It is here that Harvey rented an old 2 bedroom house at 204 51st Ave E., where he tried to blend in until the twin ghosts spotted him, again.  The old house wasn't better than the home on wheels in the home on wheels park in Lloydminster AB near the Boreal Forest.  I arrived with my paycheck for the last month from Healy's in Ridgedale SK.  I was tired after riding the Racing Greyhound from Ridgedale SK, and these racing Greyhound just didn't shine like my first Greyhound.  In Claresholm AB, the Turbo Gas Station doubled as the Greyhound Bus Depot.  I was the last Young Pioneer stepping out on the street.  What caught Harvey's sail after a 612 km run from Lloydminster AB?  He found a job as the Hockey Arena Manager in Claresholm AB.  Soon, I was helping Harvey hang metal halide lights in the hockey rink, as I registered myself at Willow Creek Composite High School.  The new kid in a small town school.  I almost disappeared in that school.  I put a little money into my stereo at home, which I started assembling 2 lives ago in Shaunavon SK.  I liked the privacy of music.  The twin ghost bonus on this stop was that I was no longer on the Saskatchewan side of Lloydminster SK.  Alberta was 14 for a learners, and 15 for a drivers license.  I was old enough to drive, legally.  Remember in Lloydminster, I was to young to take driver training as I did not qualify for a license.  I wrote my learners test in Claresholm, I passed.  I went the next week and drove my test.  I passed.  Since, I drove farm equipment and chauffeured the town drunk since I was 10 years old, my learners and license came to me easily.  Routine.  The years of 'illegal' driving past RCMP detachments taught me safe driving, as I avoided detection.  0 Demerits.  In 1991, I was driving on the Crowsnest Highway south of the Old Man River AB, as this river wormed west to east from the Rocky Mountains to Grassy Lake, where the Bow River AB joined, too become the South Saskatchewan River towed by gravity to across the prairies too sea level at the Hudson Bay.  Why do the forest and ice people call it a Bay and not a Sea? ?

In 1976, I cringed as my first day of school at Willow Creek Composite High School, as I was sized as the new young pioneer in country boy ranch land.  Yet, I knew what to project in school after the twin ghosts chased Harvey through 5th towns in 6 years.  I rode the fringes on these  'real' grasslands in the Rocky Mountain foothills.  Here, the twin ghosts could see your dog running from 25 km.  I took a little of my blue collar paycheck to buy an old junk car.  She was a beat up old grey nun of a 4 door Chev Bell Air with a $125.00 reputation.  Her signature was a blue smoke chasing her like Harvey's old Dodge Truck had in Oxdrift ON.  I knew now it wasn't the ghosts chasing Harvey.  I could have had better, then I was going to wreck it.  I saved money for new motorcycles.  I wondered how many 15 year old Alberta boys wrecked their first cars?  I drank beer with blue collar Danny and Lyle down the street.  They worked for the Travel Trailer home on wheels manufacturing company just outside of Claresholm AB.  Personally, I liked the warmer weather in Claresholm AB, as it compares to Lloydminster SK.  The forest and ice people were ignoring 'warmer' trends in the weather.  It's was easy to ignore 'a good warming trend'.  We ignored and even hoped for warm winters in the land of forests and ice.  We were cold.  Warming felt good.  The forest and ice people ignored the 1976 Washington Report on Middle East Affairs documenting 2 years of drought, easily.  We were chilly at night.  In 1976, nobody was particularly worried about the dead dry zone south of the equator moving from east to west on our planet.  In 1976, 1%ers who purchase white coat scientists refused to name the dry zone, so I call it the 1% Dead Effect.  In 1991, I drove the Crowsnest Highway through Lundbreck AB, where the town is known for the water running over long parallel ridges of sandstone and shale creating the Lundbreck Falls.  The foothill ranchers and farmers were experiencing dry conditions with progressively stronger and more frequent El Nino winters and summers.

In 1976, the forest and ice people in Claresholm AB couldn't care less about the Jews, and 'The Vanishing Waters of the Middle East'.  I had already made my personal decisions regarding the 1%er owned and operated military base known as 'Israel'.  The military base and area continued dry with another driest period in modern history.  The Sea of Galilee was at biblical lows, and Jesus was renting out empty church parking spots in Claresholm AB.  Religion was loosing it's delusional grip on our people.  The Middle East aquifers were going down, as the Israeli military base hogged that holy water for themselves and their God?  Reuben Pedhazur in the Ha'aretz Report noted Jewish hate and racism determined the distribution of water in the Middle East.  The Jews incited regional conflicts, and another Israeli Rabbi called South Africans people monkeys in a weekly sermon.  It was becoming more obvious the Jews were the problem in the middle east. When would they build enough hate to break out the gas chambers? Neither the Third Reich or the Israeli Jew deny their systematic torture in concentration camps. I witness the Jew torture in their concentration camps for 50 years. That's just the way the Jewish poeple are as a people. Should their be a Nuremberg with Jews on trial today. Yes off course. Jewish greed was challenged by nearby countries as the Jews illegally pumping the shared aquifer dry.  1%ers and their media predictably ignored the international water challenges against 100,000 thirsty Jews in Israel.  These thirsty Jews used more than 1 million Palestinians in their prison camp which became commonly known as the West Bank.  The Rocky Mountain foothills were dry in our semi arid land.  In 1991, I watched the Crowsnest River AB was hammered downward by gravity from the Crowsnest Lake AB in the Rockies, into the Old Man River AB, into the Bow River, into the South Saskatchewan River, and finally into the sea at the Hudson Bay.  I lost control of gravity when I was young, I almost died.  I will never understand why it's not the Hudson Sea?

In 1976, Claresholm was a good hiding place for Harvey.  The twin ghosts left Harvey, alone.  That gave me a chance to play a little hockey with a fun league seniors hockey team.  I was more interested in motorcycles than hockey, so I didn't play league hockey.  Harvey bought himself a new used Dodge Truck that fall, and later he bought a 8 ft x 40 ft flip out Travel Trailer home on wheels to pull behind that truck that fall.  He must have smelt the twin ghosts.  Our smelt is both a fish and a smell.  He was getting ready.  We moved from the old 2 bedroom house to the 8 ft x 40 ft newer home on wheels in the Claresholm Mobile Home Park on 4th Street West.  November was a bad month for all of us that year.  Mom got a call telling us that Grandpa Godart was in the hospital. Mom and Harvey took time off Harvey's Run to visit him at St. Paul's hospital in Saskatoon.  November turned to December as the twin ghosts were thrown off by the changes.  I rode the fringes in school, and I dreamed of my motorcycles and summer.  Eventually, the fat red devil was ready to invade the land of forests and ice, again.  This year, the fat red devils ice show in the land of forest and ice inspired Leo to visit Claresholm.  After several days of visiting with Mother and Harvey, Leo was determined to drive back to Carmel SK in his new old $25.00 car.  It was an old, cold, rusty, bare, metal looking, Chev, 4 door, thing.  The car thinned the wind from outside.  We were going to drive to Carmel SK for New Years in a 25.00 car.  In 1991, I drove past Burmis AB with a 275 year old Limber Pine known as the 'Burmis Tree'.  The forest and ice people watched the Limber Pine guard the entrance to the Crowsnest Pass AB.  We watched 23 Popes go underground, as The Limber Pine outlasted these Popes and their beliefs.  That Limber Pine outlasted primitive religious superstitions on guard to the Crowsnest Pass.  A Tree?  I motored along more respectful of a tree than delusional religious heretics ground in Baha'i, Buddhism, Christianity, Confucianism, Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, Judaism, Shinto, Sikhism, Taoism, and Zoroastrianism or any other God.  In 1991, I honoured the Burmis Tree over these delusional cults.  Unfortunately, the delusional believers of two of these Gods would continue to kill each other while 1%ers stole their oil.

In 1976, Leo's 'direct route' back to Saskatchewan for Christmas used roads untraveled by Racing Greyhounds with a pavement fetish.  The 770 km trip went east on the Alberta 520 to Barons AB, where the man of steel Christopher D'Olier Reeve leapt tall buildings in a single bound in the highly acclaimed 1978, Superman.  We drove north on Alberta 23 past CarmanGay AB to Champion AB where settlers farmed, ranched, and homesteaded.  Henry Therriualt found Lignite Coal in the area, where he sold 14 tons daily after 1906 in the areas near Champion AB, Nanton AB, Stavely AB.  Then, we motored east on the Alberta 529 past the Little Bow Provincial Park before we turned north again on Alberta 845 to Lomond AB.  The Post Office in Lomond AB was named 'Brenetta', before it was re-christened as 'Lomond', before it was robbed in 1932, before it was re-robbed in 1936, and finally the Lomond Post Office burnt to the ground in 1940.  I believe in Cursed?  We turned east on Alberta 539 over the Bow River AB to Bow City AB which failed our foothills wind test.  Road Marker.  In 1991, I approached the Crowsnest Pass where the forest and ice people fought for their piece of the pie at Leitch Collieries.  Leitch Collieries was a site of historical importance in 1907 for 1%ers and the forest and ice people who died.  In 1907 miners in the area built 'the most advanced and up-to-date coal and coke operation in Canada'.  However, 1%ers with the coal lobby was able to hinder and threaten away sales and distribution which pushed the mine into bankruptcy.  The Government of Alberta was well bribed to overlook the illegal competition.  In the book Wildcatters and Legends + Instead, 1%ers found roots in Alberta Right Wing Politics when Alberta was incorporated as a province in 1905.  Eventually, 1%ers in the Alberta Government would see a Provincial Historic Site along the Crowsnest Highway immortalizing that 'glorious failure' of the miners who tried to own a piece of ENERGY in the Crowsnest Pass.  Alberta Culture and Tourism still ridicules miners with their own tax dollars, today.  "Glorious Failure".

In 1976, Leo drove as I rode east on Alberta 539 to the Veterans Memorial Highway 36 before we went north to a Bison hunting area of the Blackfoot and Crow near Brooks AB.  I rode shotgun on my annual trip to the town drunks son's job complements of the red devil.  We drove from Brooks AB north to the Alberta 36 to the Alberta 544 where we turned east to pass under Dinosaur Provincial Park in the Newell County in Alberta.  We continued on Alberta 884 where we turned north to Jenner AB.  Jenner barely survived the wind test as it was scrubbed from a Village to a Hamlet in warming winters and drying summers.  We turned east on Alberta 555 to arrive at Atlee AB which rested along with the rest of Southern Alberta at about 2/3 km above sea level.  We drove through the ghost town Buffalo AB, which deserved to be a ghost.  They were BISON and not BUFFALO.  Water Buffalo live in South Asia, Southeast Asia, and China!  It was midday as only the bones of the forest and ice people in the Cavendish AB Cemetery were spared the wind test.  Some towns survived other didn't.  1%ers didn't care as long as they controlled the energy for the Consumption, Production, Profit, and Business of War.  I approached the Tourist attraction paid for by the blue collar worker boasting the 'glorious failure' of the Coal Mine.  The forest and ice people needed to learn 1%ers were going to control the passage of goods with energy into the Province of British Columbia through the Crowsnest Pass.  1%ers in Energy and Railroads could Profit on all future business in transportation without owning one single share.  Coal controls transportation for Profit.  Railroads control transportation for Profit.  Profit is critical to understanding the land of forest and ice.  The forest and ice people saw that loss of control through energy to 1%ers in Alberta.  1%ers had to control the Crowsnest Pass.  Canadian Bone Theory has bones to verify that control.  In 1991, I drove past the bones of the only coal mine owned by the forest and ice people in the Crowsnest Pass, Leitch Collieries.  1%ers thereby reduced the Crowsnest Pass forest and ice people to accepting black lung in the mines of the forest and ice people.  The Coal Lobby would control the development of the land of forests and ice with an iron fist.  Our bones with Black Lung would never receive a financial 'settlement' other than maggots from the Coal Lobby.  1%ers and the 1907 monopoly would never be broken by the forest and ice people.

The The CBC News would report "Judge dismisses coal company suit against HBO comedian John Oliverz for talking about a coal lobby CEO"

Murray Energy CEO Robert Murray, blamed regulatory efforts by the Obama administration for damaging the coal industry. Dr. Evil is a fictional character played by Mike Myers in the Austin Powers film series.

Dr. Evil is a fictional character played by Mike Myers in the Austin Powers film series.  John Oliver said on talk show Murray Energy CEO looked like geriatric Dr. Evil. You see, if 1%er HBO didn't have clout, the coal lobby would have crushed him.

In 1976, Leo and I motored north on the Buffalo Trail Highway 41 AB which is part of a 686 km north-south highway from the Hamlet of La Corey AB at Highway 55 to the 49th parallel at Wild Horse AB.  The trail continues as the Wild Horse Trail south of the 49th parallel in Montana.  We crossed the Red Deer River AB, and we drove to the Hamlet of Acadia Valley AB in the Municipal District of Acadia which is part of Palliser's triangle also known as the dry belt.  We turned north again on the Alberta 899 before arriving at the Alberta 9 Highway and Sibbald AB.  Leo and I chased the fat red devil east on Alberta 9 through Sibbald AB.  Sibbald AB had a Jewish agricultural background along with Trochu AB and Rumsey AB in 1905 / 1906 / 1911, respectively.  The Canadian Northern Railway arrived in 1910, and Rumsey AB Jews became Justices of the Peace and School Trustees, as 70 Jewish families operated farms near Rumsey and Sibbald.  In 1914, the 100-person Jewish community at Montefiore colony near Sibbald built a synagogue.  They hired a Rabbi.  Oddly, by the end of WWII, these expanding communities of Jews all but vanished into Edmonton AB and Calgary AB.  Why?  They were rooted?  They didn't fit?  Why?  The forest and ice people were died for them in WWII?  At least in part for them?  Why would the forest and ice people die for these people who 'just disappeared'.  In 1991, I had a hard time understanding why the WWII veterans died for these people who just disappeared.  I didn't like that at all.  We do not owe deserters, anything.  The Jews would have something in Edmonton and Calgary that they did not have on the 'open prairie'.  Anonymity.  I guess they were just to full of hate to appreciate the 'open prairie'.  In 1991, I saw the Crowsnest Pass looming in the distance with an elevation of 1358 m above sea level, and I climbed past the Crowsnest Pass Campground like a little ant on the edge of an ant hill.

In 1976, we drove as my 15 year old head scrambled with mild brain damage, from a lost fight with gravity, thought.  I could see that Jews didn't seem to fit into the middle east, either.  If people didn't favour the Jewish Military Base in the Middle East, the Jews thought so little of them that they wouldn't leave them onto their gold course.  In my opinion, Jews played the pity game since WWII.  When they brought vengeance on themselves for killing other middle east people to expand Israel, they cry.  Only a Jew would expect to kill for land in conquest without repercussions.  Where they that feeble minded?  I was 10 when I watched their wars of conquest on black and white television in St. Brieux SK.  Only a Jew would use such a feeble minded excuse against retaliation in the middle east.  I was 15 as Jews built Hitler like concentration camps in the middle east for Palestinians.  The Jews claimed they needed these concentration camps to protect themselves against the people they stole the land from by conquest.  Jews tortured Palestinians for in these camps for 100 years.  Jews continued both the pity game and their conquest in the middle east.  How?  How is that possible?  Of course this would never have happened were it not for the need of a huge military base in the middle east to secure the access to oil for 1%ers.  Jews promised to side with 1%ers south of the 49th parallel to kill anyone who challenged 1%er right to the oil.  Jews provided a huge military base for 1%ers to control middle east oil for Production, Consumption, Profit, and the Business of War.  Jews hid behind the pity game, and 1%ers would militarize anyone who challenged them for the oil.  Muslims in the middle east wanted their oil, and Jews helped to stop that with hate mongers.  Here our Jews abandoned the 'open prairie'.  The Jews made a deal. They would be a military base to keep constant access to middle east oil for protection. Simple.  Yet, there would be forest and ice people that killed their children now and in the future for 1%ers and the Jew.  In 1991, the air cooled as I climbed into the Municipality of Crowsnest Pass towards Bellevue AB which was founded in 1905 in the Alberta foothills, where 31 forest and ice people were killed on December 9th at the Bellevue Mine in a explosion while digging coal for a French company, West Canadian Collieries (WCC)

In 1976, Leo and I drove through Alsask SK towards the red devils revenge.  The very visible Alsask Radar Dome Station in Alsask SK guarded the forest and ice people with the The Pine Tree Line (PTL).  We were told we needed this to protect us during the Cold War.  This war started after WWII where we died in part for the Jews in Sibbald AB deserting us.  We were told we must protect ourselves.  We must pay 1/3 or be killed!  We paid 1%ers to start building the PTL for their protection from the Business of War.  1%er employed scientists in white coats.  White coats told us we were dead if we did not pay.  We paid not so much because they were convincing, but they appeared willing to invade if necessary.  It was a 'protection racket'.  Then, I couldn't that out with reason with frightened forest and ice people.  The protection racket started in 1946, with the 1%er dominated Permanent Joint Board on Defence (PJBD).  This extortion racket built the PTL in Ontario and Quebec.  I they started there because the people south of the 49th parallel in Washington were more important?  In 1949, Russia built a wonderful nuclear bomb.  The was gold for the PJBD extortion racket.  Pay, pay, pay, and faster pay!  Or Else?  I told you so!  If we did not pay, we would surely die?  During November 1951 the forest and ice people watched the 39th CFL Grey Cup, as the Ottawa Rough Riders defeated the Saskatchewan Roughriders 21 - 14 at Varsity Stadium in Toronto in front of 27,341 fans.  The Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) demanded money for the PTL, or we may never see another Grey Cup game!  During 1950 - 1951 the 1%ers dominated Continental Air Command and the RCAF demanded more money or else?  The PJBD said 'pay more to extend the Continental Radar Defence System'.  An additional 39 stations were added on the 53rd parallel in the west and on the 50th parallel in the east.  We added 11 more stations out west, and the USAF built 22 Stations from Nova Scotia to Baffin Island.  In 1955, we paid the RCAF to take command of all the PTL.  Then, we paid for an additional 10 stations.  We sat and watched the fuzzy screens.  The Pinetree Line was a "classic" pulsed mode radar or electromagnetic radiation.  This was useless for our early warning.  Pulsed Radar cannot track 'low level' because of white noise at lower altitudes.  Hmm.  If we were going to take a hit, we would not know.  If a missile was headed south 500 km we could tell the people south of the 49th parallel.  Extortion Racket.  Pure and Simple.  Pine Tree Line Fraud.  In 1991, I drove into Bellevue AB near Hosmer AB, where Fred Alderson was the Hosmer Hero in a rescue where he died trying to save miners in the Bellevue coal mine explosion.  In 1910 he tried to save killed 31 miners.  The forest and ice hero was honoured provincially, nationally, and internationally in his native England.  Our Hero's stone in Hosmer AB reads, Greater Love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends."

In 1976, Leo and I drove past the Pine Tree Line in Alsask.  I am fortunate that I was able to learn technology.  At times technology like the PTL is used in extortion rackets by 1%ers against the forest and ice people, then and now.  Imagine, dyeing of black lung from the Crowsnest coal mines to pay taxes for the PTL which is completely worthless to protecting your children.  It was treason.  However, 1%er scientists, military, and political leaders would never be held accountable.  They knew the location of each PTL station no "last minute" warning for the forest and ice people.  The PTL "classic" pulsed mode radar or electromagnetic radiation warning system was an outright extortion racket.  The scientists, military, and politicians knew it was a scam.  Just enough time too kiss your glutamous maximus goodbye, wasn't true?  I had that poster, once. Worthless!  It was less effective than eyesight with magnification.  South of the 49th parallel it could provide limited 'early warning' of incoming missiles from Russia at certain altitudes.  We could call them up.  Hi.  Why did we pay to warn them?  In 1976, we were not told that the news media, scientific, military, and political elites north and south of the 49th parallel defrauded the forest and ice people in this extortion racket.  The PTL made 1%ers north and south of the 49th parallel rich from the onset of the intimidation racket in the 1950s.  Governments and the news media stifled reasonable discussion about the PTL.  Today in 1976, the Alsask SK Radar Station was still operated by the forest and ice people. We paid the extortion racket well into the 1980s, for nothing.  We provided the labour to stare at the screens.  Finally, the PTL was completely shut down in 1991 on the east coast.  Leo and I drove east on Saskatchewan 7 past the village of Marengo SK, with the Marengo Hotel Bar and Grill. Small hamlets, villages, and towns in Saskatchewan with a grocery store had a watering hole.  It was a rule.  In 1991, I stopped for a drink at the Bellevue Cafe in Bellevue AB where the forest and ice people had a gun fight with the law for coffee.

In 1991, after the train robbery Auloff was all for heading south into the U.S., and when the other two thought they wanted to hang around the Pass a while longer and enjoy their notoriety, Auloff took the bulk of the loot and made his escape. Bidding him adieu, Bassoff and Arkoff proceeded to party their way eastward from town to town down the Pass, sported for an evening in Blairmore and then went to Bellevue to dance the night away. Sobering up the next morning, they felt hungry and headed uptown, oblivious to the tragedy that would transpire that sunny Saturday morning over breakfast in the Bellevue Cafe. Bellevue AB legend about the 'Shoot out at Joe's' in the Bellevue Cafe deserves special attention.  Then, the Bellevue Cafe was located beside the Bellevue Inn on Front Street.  The Shoot out at Joe's occurred on Saturday morning of August 7th, 1920.  Ausby Auloff, Geo. Arkoff and Tom Bassoff stopped in for breakfast after robbing the CPR train at Sentinel on Monday August 2nd.  Canadian West Magazine claimed that Justice of the Peace Joseph H. Robertson phoned in the robbers to the Alberta Provincial Police in Blairmore.  Constable Jas. Frewin jumped onto a freight train to aid constable F.W.E. Bailey and RCMP Constable Ernest Usher.  They walked into the cafe shooting, although 'some' witnesses said they were given 'a chance'.

Most figured the 1%ers energy and railroad sympathetic law walked in shooting.  The shoot out at Joe's cafe put seven bullets into Arkoff and one into Bassoff's leg.  Usher took seven hits, expired, and fell dead.   Bailey tripped at the door over Usher and fell into the street.  Arkoff made a few steps down Front Street, and fell dead.  Bassoff shot Bailey dead on the walkway, and he out limped the aim of Joe Robertson's Mauser pistol down the street.  The Robbery, The Shootout, and the Chase are forest and ice people legends.  Bassoff eventually 'stretched a rope' in Lethbridge AB, and Ausby Auloff pawned Conductor Sam Jones CPR Elgin pocket watch in Portland OR on January 18th 1924.  That lead saw him caught near Butte MT.  He was extradited north, and he spent 7 years in Prince Albert SK while his coal mining days rotted out his lungs.  He died on April 5th, 1926.  How much of the official story you can believe?  Remember, 1%ers owned energy and transportation.  The law needed to be paid.  The very existence of the entire Crowsnest Pass corridor relied on energy and transportation.  Every single business was forced to pay a tariff to move goods and heat their homes.  The robbery of 1%er trains in the land of forest and ice was an attack on 1%ers comparable to a coups d'etat in the land of forest and ice.  I wondered if all the Crowsnest Highway passes would offer such interesting stories as I jumped back into the Ford Escort to challenge the Crowsnest Pass.

In 1976, Leo and I drove through Teo Lakes SK, where the grid road system cut the end of the lake off, again.  Several Cattails with brown 'cigars' or 'candlewicks' were frozen still on white snow in the remaining wetlands at the southern tip of the lake.  The earliest forest and ice people wove Cattails for mats and baskets.  Candlewicks were used with oil or fat for torches.  DDA once made flour with the roots.  Fluffed candlewick 'down' served inside furs for insulation or inside skins for absorbent as diapers.  Candlewick 'down' was fluffy in clothing, pillows, mattresses, quilts, life jackets, and fire starting.  Candlewick 'down' also remains dry in the rain.  Fresh shoots can be eaten.  Our generation of forest and ice people just watched them disappearing, as we drove past.  Cattails very few and far between now.  They were giving way to Northern Wheatgrass and Canada Wild Rye as our wetlands dried.  We drove through Kindersley SK crossing paths with the Racing Greyhound I rode to Claresholm AB last summer.  Forest and ice people from Sweden found roots in this area.  Netherhill SK had no marker, instead it had the Trinity Cemetery guarding Canadian Bone Theory, resting.  Rosetown SK boasted itself 'The Heart of the Wheat Belt', while I knew it as the end of the Old Bones Trail.  Bison history for Profit in bones was my foundation in addressing foolish accusations of genocide by the Mennonites among our very own forest and ice people.  The Old Bones Trail history ended in Saskatoon SK, where we stopped at A & W for a hamburger with car window service.  I lived during full window service.  I guess the early bird got the worm with car service.  Meanwhile in 1991, I drove over Frank AB founded in 1901 by energy 1%ers Sam Gebo and Henry Frank.  They owned access to British Columbia and the Ocean with this first of many foreign owned coal mines in the Crowsnest Pass.  They chose the base of Turtle Mountain in May for the town site of Frank AB on flat land between the Canadian Pacific Railway tracks and their mine.  In 1991, I drove upwards on the Crowsnest Highway through a sea of rock marking that spot where the mining village of Frank AB was crushed under 82 million tonnes of rock at the summit of Turtle Mountain in 1903 in the Crowsnest River Valley.  King Coal dominates global economics and politics for 200 years, as German Chancellor Angela Merkel capitulates against King Coal!  South of the 49th parallel, 1%er fascist Donald Trump picks coal a lobbyist for the EPA Deputy Office.  Today, the 90 second Frank Slide darkness creeps me out on the Crowsnest Highway.  This environmental killing would be minute compared to the environmental cull on humans in the future after the Big War.  I'm cringed out by believers who give credit for such tragedies to their false Gods.  I'm disappointed in the 'believers' who fight reason and build hate with false 'Gods'.  In 1901, the year of the Frank Slide, a shipwreck off the Greek island of Antikythera gave up reason, instead of primitive human God worship and hate mongering.

Brussels Belgium capital region of Belgium including the City of Brussels which is the de jure capital of Belgium

Smog over Brussels, as voters and politicians cannot force 1%ers to stop burning coal because the faster 1%ers burn energy the more money their corporations and conglomerates earn.

In 1976, Leo and I were enjoying out trip back to Saskatchewan.  We didn't believe in killing or dying for God(s).  We were travelers in a car thing, today.  We were not killing humans for 1%ers or God(s).  We were young forest and ice people.  We grew up with flocks of Red-Winged Blackbirds perched on Cattails in wetlands across the land of forest and ice.  Wetlands, Cattails, Red-winged Blackbirds, and Frogs croaking were everywhere.  In 1991, I saw very few wetlands.  Instead, I was humbled and angry as I drove over the Frank Slide.  Frank AB at the bottom of The Mountain Who Walks?  In 1976, some forest and ice people still worshiped God(s) back when there were wetlands.  Believers were expected to 'sacrifice' for their God(s) or even die, as they aged to their natural death?  Believers must Sacrifice and Obey?  Some of the forest and ice people still sacrificed for a God(s).  The childlike forest and ice people read about the Superman God in Comic Books.  The Super all powerful God that didn't crush Frank AB?  I believe mental defect is responsible for belief in God(s)?  You see, God(s) don't want reason from Believers.  God(s) want Believers.  Reason tells me gravity almost killed me, and reason tells me gravity killed the town of Frank AB.  I witness neither a God(s) or Gravity.  Invisible?  Reason?  For example, reason inherent in the 2,100-year-old Antikythera device found in 1991?  Yes.  That's a tool of reason.  The shoe box sized Antikythera device composed of interlocking gears and dials is powered by a crank.  The calculations track the phases of the moon, the position of the sun, the position of the planets, and predicted eclipses.  The ancient Greek device and text was discovered in 1991 with text on the device of 3,500 characters published Almagest Journal.  The text identifies the Antikythera as an educational tool.  Today in 1991, the forest and ice people used similar tools in schools called computers.  Using reason the Greeks had useful computers before primitive 'believers' were able to build a system of beliefs around their God(s) to kill fellow humans not sharing the same God(s).  God is after all on all sides.  The Antikythera challenged the hate mongering and deceptions of God(s) with reason in "a textbook of astronomy connecting the movements of the sky and the planets with the lives of the ancient Greeks".  God(s) did not grinding 90 skeletons into broken, crushed, and powdered bones.  Gravity crushed the town some moron placed next to the Mountain that Walks.  Reason.

Leo and I drove through the . . . berry switch to . . . Highway 5 . . . to Carmen SK where we I stayed with Leo in his old home on wheels on Pic's farm.  I started Christmas with Leo that year traveling between Carmen SK and Humboldt SK.  We went to sleep after Leo's direct route, and I slept in the country quiet where only the cold Saskatchewan wind whistling over the 8 ft old home on wheels.  The next morning we drove into Humboldt SK, and Leo worked a few days at the YAMAHA between Christmas and New Years.  We were surprised when Harvey risked being sighted by the twin ghosts, and Mother and Harvey made an appearance at the Humboldt YAMAHA.  We were very surprised to see them, as they were visiting Ann and Charles's.  They were my old friend Tony's parents.  After work, Leo and I went with them to visit Ann and Charles's on 6th Ave..  We visited for a while, and we apologized for needing to leave for our prior commitments for New Years.  We borrowed Mom and Harvey's new used Honda Civic to visit my Uncle Gilbert, on the west side of Humboldt.  Gilbert was working a construction job in town, and we drank cocktails until 3:00 AM.  We drank a lot of cocktails.  I slept on the couch, and I awoke mid steam between flowing onto the floor and hanging onto the couch.  We got up, and we made our excuses to get outside and get some fresh air.  It was cold.  Fresh cold air feels good on a New Years Eve hangover.  In 1991, I drove west to where 1%ers built a new Frank AB with new forest and ice people just west of the slide over the old Frank AB on the Crowsnest Highway in the Rocky Mountains.  After the Frank Slide, the mine started up again.  They put steel rails over the bones to keep them from rising up into the new Frank AB.  Frank AB boomed on coal energy in 1905 - 1906, residential construction, a zinc smelter, and the Rocky Mountains Sanatorium Hotel with a cold sulphur spring, and even a Zoo.  In 1905, Alberta was incorporated as a Province, and 1%ers controlled the Crowsnest Pass to the Ocean with the full support of the Alberta Legislature.

In 1976, the next morning my brain told me, 'It's alive'.  I over drank.  I was hung over into last year.  How could I face that nervous turkey, now?  I got into the Honda Civic, and I drove Leo east on 5th Ave towards that nervous turkey in the land of the forest and ice.  Light snow was falling as I drove east on 5th Ave.  I suddenly got the Civic front wheels caught in an ice rut in front of the Humboldt Co-op Bulk Station.  The Civic's front end pulled to the left, and the car slid sideways down the street past the gas pumps at the Co-op.  The un-sanded ice aimed the car at the Co-op's power pole on the east side of the Station.  I dropped the standard into reverse, I popped the clutch, and I hit the gas to avoid the pole by backing up back in reverse onto the road.  The tires spun.  No grip.  That sick sort of spinning when you know your in over your head.  We hit the power pole with an outstanding thump shattering glass and crushing the door, the car roof edge, the door frame, and floorboards.  I was crushed by hitting one of 1.2 million power poles in Saskatchewan!  I had Five years of accident free driving without my license?  How could this be happening.  I would remember that Honda Civic until my last days.  Little did I know the first traffic accident of 1977 in Humboldt SK early on New Years morning would be important for so many?  That Honda Civic.  In 1991, I drove over the Crowsnest River before entering Blairmore AB guarded for God by the Jehovah's Witnesses Kingdom Hall alongside the Crowsnest Highway.  The Jehovah Witnesses built shrines throughout the land of the forest and ice people.  The shrines were open to all except the when openness wasn't righteous.  Their "responses to sexual abuse allegations, and [their] desire to handle them internally, often mirror those of the Catholic Church or Orthodox Jewish communities".

In 1991, the RCMP arrived in Humboldt SK on New Years morning in 1977 to make sure we were not with the dead.  Charles and Harvey brought Leo to their house, and Harvey brought me to the RCMP detachment on 11th Avenue.  I wasn't shooting, as I walked through the detachment door as the police were at the Bellevue Cafe.  They weren't shooting, either.  I was not charged for being hung over into last year.  Ice.  Ice Rut. No sand.  No salt.  Were you speeding for that much damage?  I told the truth.  No.  The car actually glided faster down the shoulder of the road to the pole.  I know it sounds crazy.  I walked out of the Humboldt RCMP detachment without a ticket.  Later, I met a turkey with Mom, Ann, Charles, Harvey, and Leo which wasn't as nervous as I was then.  The turkey was dry that New Years in Humboldt SK.  Then, I was dry.  My tongue was dry.  I was ashamed.  To make matters worse, Leo had a sore hip after bouncing off the door bouncing off the power pole.  I was unhurt.  I should have been more careful.  I was only going about 50 km per hour in a 50 zone.  I felt terrible.  I crashed the new used Honda Civic!  The turkey dinner was probably moist, but I choked down each dry mouthful.  I wished I could change what happened.  In 1991, I wondered if the Little Whore from Clavet would want to change what happened?  Somehow, we were both on a crash course.  Was I running like Harvey in my Escort in the foothills of Alberta?  I drove through Bellevue AB which was originally a CPR stop called Tenth Siding and / or The Springs for the springs to the east in 1898.  The town had roots in lumber, and you guessed it, coal.  In 1911, Blairmore AB was christened a town.  1%ers stripped coal in the Greenhill mine.  They profited on Energy.  Then they profited on Freight.  The Profit from the Greenhill mine survived until 1957, and the forest and ice people gave their lives to black lung for Profit until the day the mine closed.  The forest and ice people would toil many, many, years.  If we were violent we were punished by the RCMP and Regional Police Forces.  Years of Black Lung would see very little improvement in our lives.  Eventually, the poorest of 30 % of all forest and ice people would own as much as two of the wealthiest Canadians, David Thomson and Galen Weston.  Worldwide the world's eight richest people have the wealth of 50% 3.5 billion.  Would the forest and ice people ever find the courage to fight and kill 1%ers for the land of forests and ice?

In 1977, Leo and I returned to the home on wheels at Pics farm before we went to St. Brieux the next day to visit the town drunk for a couple of days, during the fat red devils seasonal punishment.  In 1991, I drove though Bellevue AB, where murderers were never punished.  Blairmore AB and towns along the Crowsnest Pass crushed men like rats in foreign owned 1%er mines.  Every Mine!  RCMP and the Alberta Provincial Police were very corrupt in ensuring that continued.  Authorities ruled penniless miners with a heavy hand for an easy wage.  Black Lung was common as police would not enforce basis rules for graft.  1%er Profit was the law through the Crowsnest Pass, Alberta, British Columbia to the Pacific Ocean.  The Law punished anyone in the way of 1%er Profit.  Miners near Bellevue AB supported a local businessman, Emilio Picariello.  He was born in Sicily in 1875.  In 1918 in Bellevue, he was affectionately known as The Emperor Pic.  His Italian - Canadian businesses included ice cream and Running Rum from British Columbia to the Crowsnest Pass.  Filumena Costanzo Lassandro.  Filumena Costanzo Lassandro was a Italian-Canadian born in Cosenza Italy with a 'professional' relationship with The Emperor Pic".  Picariello, Lassandro, and the forest and ice people were making the best of a bad situation.  Then in 1922, Alberta Provincial Police constable Steve Lawson wanted 'hush money'.  He met them at his home.  There was a confrontation, where the real story was never reached by corrupt courts.  The RCMP, The Alberta Provincial Police, and Law Courts started proceedings in public at the Coleman Opera with 500 Picariello / Lassandro supporters present.  The proceedings needed to be hidden to cover up the RCMP, The Alberta Provincial Police, and the Law Courts.  The proceedings were moved to Calgary where the corrupt Provincial Attorney General John Edward Brownlee arranged 'special authorization' for himself to sit on Supreme Court of Alberta.  John Edward Brownlee earned his fee to 1%ers along the Crowsnest Pass by trying the case himself.  He convicted Picariello and Lassandro of murdering the corrupt, power hungry, Constable Lawson.  The forest and ice people lost Picariello and Lassandro to a rope.  A champion of the forest and ice people, Lassandro 1900-1923 was the last woman hung in Alberta.  Neither, John Edward Brownlee or his descendants would never be held accountable for these murders.  1%ers killed forest and ice people like flies, and they owned the law.

In 1977, St. Brieux had not changed, and we found the town drunk at the St. Brieux Bar, again.  We did a little visiting, before we went to Ridgedale SK with the Econoline Van.  Did I say I was surprised?  I was.  The town drunk bought me a 4 door Ford Meteor of my very own.  I caught a break, as my $125.00 Chev Bel Air was barely running from the trailing blue smoke.  I wished I could have wrecked it instead of the Civic.  Leo went back to work in Humboldt SK with his Ford Explorer 1/2 Ton, and I drank with the town drunk for a few days in Ridgedale SK before I got in my new used 1965 Ford Meteor 4 door.  The first moments were a little eerie?  The car belonged to Ron, who worked at Healy's Farm with me the previous summer.  The car had a 360 cu in (5.9 L) FE engine.  Ron and I got along well just last summer when I worked on the farm painting, making concrete, building steel grain bins, and running the swather.  Eerie?  After, I left last summer to go to Claresholm AB, Ron shot himself in the head with a shotgun later that fall.  This was my second violent death, since Leon was shot in the chest by his father in St. Brieux with a hunting rifle during hunting season.  I decided not to tell anyone, I drove a dead mans car.  In 1991, I drove to the International Coal and Coke Company's mining town of Coleman AB established in 1903, while I continued towards the low mountain Continental Divide known as the Crowsnest Pass in the Rocky Mountains.  The Rum Runner Restaurant was almost unique because it had a name other than 'Crowsnest Pass'. The Coleman Post Office on 7747 17 Ave was thinking out of that box.  Our friends from the Bellevue Cafe, Geo. Arkoff, Ausby Auloff and Tom Bassoff boarded CP No. 63 here at Coleman Station, when they believed our friend Emilio Emperor Pic Picariello was on board to make a liquor buy in Fernie BC.  They figured that the local rum baron, Emilio Emperor Pic Picariello, was aboard and heading for Fernie with a suitcase full of cash to buy liquor.  They had their guns as they knew Emperor Pic was no patsy, and his money would require firm and lethal encouragement.

In 1977, I was 15 years old, when I started a dead friends Ford Meteor 4 door.  I pointed the car towards Claresholm AB on January 4 th with Ron's ghost in my rear view mirror. I lost the Trailing Blue Ghosts that chased my old Chev Bel Air and the old Dodge Truck on the driveway.  I didn't need a map.  The meteor was a point a shoot V-8 with about 360 HP according to Henry Ford.  I drove the speed limits on the Econoline Van route from Healy's Farm to Melfort.  I took the Melfort . . . Deforested Switch . . . Highway 2 . . . Transitional Switch . . . Berry switch . . . Old Bones Trail . . . Saskatchewan 7 . . . to Alsask SK.  I skipped Leo's direct route before Christmas, and I followed my old Racing Greyhound route on the Alberta 9 Highway to Calgary.  I drove through the a hamlet established in 1911 called Sibbald AB.  Jewish agricultural settlements in this area included Trochu AB, Rumsey AB, and Sibbald AB in 1905, 1906, and 1911 in Alberta.  These people were different than the Jews in the middle east in the early days of the forests and ice people.  They 'fit'.  Before WWII, these Jews all moved to Edmonton AB and Calgary AB.  These Jews would undermine BDS protestors against the illegal occupation in Palestine, in hiding.  Israeli Government Ministers Gilad Erdan and Arye Dery spied on BDS activists protesting the oppression of Palestinians, as the Israeli Jew moves towards fascism.  Fascist Jews supported deporting non Jews!  Now I understand why Jews from Trochu AB, Rumsey AB, and Sibbald AB moved to the big city.  They could defy the United Nations and hide their activities in Calgary and Edmonton.  Of course the Jews could not have a town meeting at the 1929 Sibbald Town Hall still standing today challenging the United Nations.  The Jews in the city could do these hateful things and hide their hateful crimes like John Edward Brownlee.  In 1991, I drove over Allison Creek AB to arrive at Sentinel AB which was a railway siding site started between 1896 to 1898 to ship clay east to Medicine Hat to be fired into clay pipe.  You see, the foreign owned 1%ers Profit from coal in both directions, as the forest and ice people struggled to survive.  Sentinel AB was the spot where our trio of train robbers couldn't find The Emperor Pic on the train.  At the Sentinel stop our trio shot a shell into the roof of the coach and proceeded to rob passengers jewellery, time-pieces, 400.00 in cash, and engineer Samuel E. Jones's Elgin pocket watch.

In 1977, my Meteor's trajectory was free of Racing Greyhound, as I flew past Chinook AB over flatlands to arrive at the small village of Youngstown AB, where in 1912, the Canadian Northern Railway steamed into town.  I powered through Scotfield AB fighting the wind and Richdale AB lost to the wind.  Their homes were "Away".  Young folk went "East", "West", and "Away".  Big Farms left abandoned small farms as the forest and ice people went "Away".  The land was still fertile in 1960, but 3 or 4 farms in 1900 were reduced to 1 over 50 years.  By 1960, the wind scrubbed them, "Away".  These small farms were deserted, as 1%er equipment, fertilizer, energy, and seed cost farmers 8.9 billion dollars per year in Alberta by the year 2000.  The land owner earned 1 billion in taxable income by 2000.  The next 50 years (1960 - 2010) saw 3 or 4 farms reduced to 1 again, as they failed or they were sold to bigger farms.  In 2010, Alberta had 43,234 farms averaging 1,168 acres.  Originally most family farms started with 90 acres on the home quarter.  Therefore, 93 % went "Away" by 2010.  I wondered how the farmers near Chinook AB, Scotfield AB, Richdale AB would respond to a Jewish town hall meeting in the 1929 Sibbald town hall?  What would these non Jew dominated towns say about Trochu AB, Rumsey AB, and Sibbald AB?  What would they say to the hate mongering Sephardic Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef who 'would not allow Non-Jews to live in Israel.  What would Chinook, Scotfield, and Richdale say when that Rabbi said Jews 6,419,000 (74.8%) in Israel should extradite 1,688,600 (20.7%) mostly Arabs from Israel?  The facade of 'democracy' at the military base known as Israel was crumbling as the Jews were drew international hate on themselves.  Now, the 21st century Israeli Government was hunting down people who protested against Jews in 'Boycott, Divest and Sanctions' (BDS).  In 1991, I drove up the Crowsnest Pass south of Crowsnest Lake and Crowsnest Pass, AB.  I passed the Crowsnest Lake Bible Camp wondering if we should extradite the Jews to stay out of trouble in the land of forest and ice.

In 1977, my Meteor's hole shot past through a survivor, Hanna AB.  The 85 years of "relentless effort against drought, hail, blizzards, floods, rust, smut, and poverty" hardened these forest and ice people.  In 1912 the Great Northern Railway / Canadian National Railway helped with the arrival of the Railways for transportation and trade.  I drove past the hamlet of Craigmyle AB in Starland County named in 1912 by the Canadian Northern Railway.  I witnessed the village of Delia AB fighting the wind by offering Residential Lots for just $10.00 to bring people "Back".  I drove through Blooming Prairie AB re christened as Morrin AB after the engineer of their first train.  Trains 'changed everything' for later generations near the Morrin Bridge Provincial Recreation Area in the Red Deer Valley and Dry Island Buffalo Jump Provincial Park to the north.  I turned south on Alberta 56, as I realized my Meteor faster than a Racing Greyhound!  I was such a kid, then.  I flew over the 724 km meander long Red Deer River AB, and dropped down into Drumheller AB in the Drumheller Valley AB.  Coal peaked here during WWII, and Dinosaurs peaked here long ago before that Asteroid.  Flatt and Scruggs peaked with the lyrics for Jed Clampett.  He coined Drumheller Valley history with 'And up through the ground come a bubbling crude'. Oil that is, black gold. Texas Tea'.  In 1947, Drumheller and Leduc AB the Albertans forest and ice people were all going to be rich!  In 1991, my little Ford Escort climbed out of Crowsnest Pass AB, past the caution sign for Rocky Mountain Sheep, past the Report Poacher sign, as the forest and ice people were so environmental?  Then, these forest and ice people built a road straight through Island Lake AB.

In 1977, my Meteor climbed out of the Drumheller Valley leaving the World's Largest Dinosaur on Alberta 9 in my rear view mirror.  Beiseker AB was built on 'black gold' by German settlers from the Dakotas south of the 49th parallel, at the same time the German settled around Humboldt SK.  Thomas Beiseker of the Calgary Colonization Company sold and promoted the area for wheat.  He coined the town's name in 1908, as the ethnic German settlers settled on their black gold.  Irricana AB was coined after the 'irrigation canals' in the area.  Next, Dalroy AB was coined after Dill & McElroy who were merchants.  I turned onto the Trans-Canada Highway & Alberta 1 heading west to Chestermere Lake AB, where the city is surrounded by a man-made reservoir called Chestermere Lake.  Finally, I arrived at what is known as the City of Calgary.  In 1991 my Escort plugged through Island Lake AB and the Crowsnest Pass.  The Pass played a secondary role as The Emperor Pic was not on the train.  Our forest and ice people from the Bellevue Cafe, Geo. Arkoff, Ausby Auloff, and Tom Bassoff had telephones ringing up a posse at Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Alberta Provincial Police.  The CPR Police barricaded the Crowsnest Pass, the road, and the rail line to keep the happy go lucky train robbers in Alberta.  The forest and ice people 'Posse' and 'Robbers' were all mostly miners idled by the post WWI coal market crash.  Instead, 3 happy go lucky underemployed miners part time train robbers went east instead of west to Coleman AB.

In 1977, my Meteor christened Calgary AB which was christened in 1875 as Fort Brisebois by an arrogant NWMP officer named phrem-A. Brisebois, after the Mounties marched west to Alberta.  Their peace, order, and good government meant a fort near the Bow River and Elbow River.  His men and his officers hated him too much for his name to survive.  Colonel James Macleod renamed the Fort, Fort Calgary when the CPR arrived in 1883, and Fort Calgary was renamed Calgary in 1884 as a incorporated town.  My Meteor charged in from the east on the Trans-Canada 1A and I exited right onto the Stoney Trail Southeast / Alberta 201 which turned re christened itself into Alberta 2 heading south.  My Meteor charged by Aldersyde AB with a CPR line, and High River AB named after the Highwood River in the town.  Nanton AB was named after Sir Augustus Meredith Nanton and the town showcased the Bomber Command Museum of Canada.  Stavely AB was named for Alexander Staveley Hill, Director of the Oxley Ranching Company founded in 1882 by John R Craig on 100,000 acres of grazing rights.  John R Craig was the 'front man' for 1%ers in his book of his life Ranching with Lords and Commons.  All we can really say for sure is 1%ers controlled the 4th largest ranch in this land of forest and ice.  Stanley Pinhorne tried run Craig out of his 'front man' job for 1%ers, and he was found shot in the head.  I pulled into Claresholm AB, where Mom and Harvey borrowed Ann and Charles' car to return to Claresholm.  I made it home in a dead mans car. 

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