Jimmy the Junkie and his Vancouver eastside street gang join the Clan from Clavet.  Vancouver Crime Stoppers contacted by Canada Post Mailbox.  Canada's Home Invasion News Index connects Canada Train, Skyline Lounge, Rogers Pass, Glacier National Park, Spiral Tunnels, to Saskatoon VIA Rail Station.  Sutherland Heritage Estates Park, Landsdown Mall.

Prologue by © Dennis Rohel

I struggled to keep the Onlineglass.com project alive and moving forward as he waited for the paperwork.  The St. Brieux Credit Union paperwork arrived on November 21th 1997, and I filled out the bank paperwork as soon as it arrived.  He sent the bank account information back to the St. Brieux Credit Union the next day.  He would now have to wait for their reply.  While waiting for the mail he worked on the Onlineglass-com project until the Telus bells rang with a completely unexpected phone call.  It was nearing the end of November, and I picked up the phone.  He said "Hello".  There was a women's voice on the other end of the phone line.  She asked if this was 'Dennis'.  I said yes?  She said "Hello" again as she introduced herself as MJ.  I knew who she was before she introduced herself as I remembered her voice.  MJ confirmed that she had the right person in I by asking if he remembered her.  MJ went on to explain that she received my phone number from Leo in St. Brieux.

We continued to talk about their knowing each other in Saskatoon, and I understood what had just occurred.  Calvin had phoned I.  Because of the phone tag with Calvin, I in turn called Leo.  Leo in turn called MJ to let her know my phone number.  This left MJ on the phone that day, but the question was why had she called?  MJ met I met in Toon Town as I was rebuilding the fire damaged house trailer on 11th St W in the Trailer Court through the spring and summer of 1987.

MJ reminded I that they had met each other at the Trailer Court on 11th St W in Saskatoon in the spring of 1987.  MJ reminded I that they had bought shingles for her house trailer from Leo when they put the a new roof on the trailer.  That's how she was able to get into contact with Leo.  She remembered that Leo lived in St. Brieux.  The question was still what did MJ call about after all these years?

I was puzzled while MJ completed her introduction, as the question remained why was MJ calling?  Was there something wrong?  Then MJ said "You should take a deep breath I have something to tell you".  I said "Ok".  MJ said "You have a little girl".  I went really numb, and he did really need that breath of air.  MJ went on to tell I her name was Cayla, and she was 9 years old.  MJ went on to explain that their was a DNA test in her custody battle with her previous husband.  The DNA test proved that her husband of 7 years was not Cayla's father.  They talked briefly about Cayla before MJ asked if I would like to talk to her.  She had been waiting while MJ was talking.  I said "Ok".  They talked for the first time.  I was very nervous, and she was very sweet.  While they talked I was both happy and worried.  What if the Clan from Clavet and Jimmy the Junkies crew were listening on the course gravel outside the window?  They had a good little talk about her age and school before I asked her if she was getting ready for Christmas.  She was definitely looking forward to Santa Claus.  When I could not think of what else to say MJ must have sensed it, and she took over the phone once again.

MJ and I talked about contacting each other again.  I agreed that he would like to get to know Cayla on MJ's terms.  MJ also explained that Cayla wanted to send a present, and I gave MJ my mailing address.  They also talked about whether he would be in Saskatchewan in the future.  I explained that he had spoken with Leo regarding possibly taking a trip to St. Brieux for Christmas.  MJ did not seem surprised, and in hindsight she might have already learnt that from Leo.  However, I said he was not sure if he would have the money for Christmas until next week.  They agreed that I would call back next week once the bank paperwork arrived.  After saying goodbye to Cayla I sat back in shock.  This was the last thing I was expecting to happen.  He was happy, and he was shocked.  He was worried that the Clan from Clavet, Jimmy the Junkie and Blondie would cause a problem.  I listened carefully through the window guarded by a camera which was open during the entire phone call.

The next day I told Garth about the news, and I phoned my friend Bob to let him know about the call and my adjusted, impending plans to take a trip for Christmas.  He waited eagerly for the mail from MJ and Cayla, while he hoped the bank paperwork would go well.  He wanted to make the trip.  I continued to work on the Onlineglass-com project as he waited for events to unfold, and he considered not going to Saskatchewan because he did not want MJ, Cayla, or Leo and my family to get involved in my problem.  Yet, he wanted to make the trip, and he started to justify the trip because it was unlikely that Jimmy the Junkie, his Crew, and the Clan from Clavet would follow him.  Yet, he was unsure of what they would do?  Would it be safe for them?  Since St. Brieux is fairly remote in North East Saskatchewan Canada Post would take a few more days to deliver the goods, so I decided he had time to think about whether or not he should make the trip.

The much anticipated letter from the St. Brieux Credit Union arrived on Friday November 28th from Canada Post.  Garth delivered the letter to me when he found it in the mailbox while on his way home from his Law Office Wasson &Wasson.  I received a Credit Union Debit Card in my name and a account statement.  I finally had the funds to continue the Onlineglass-com project, and the paperwork indicated I had close to $7,000.00 in the bank account.  I had made a jump from absolute poverty to relative comfort.  I planned to continue to cover my rent with shares in Onlineglass-com towards Garth, and he would be able to avoid Social Assistance.  He was finally getting a break, and he decided to make the trip to Saskatchewan for Christmas.  He rationalized that the Clan from Clavet would not travel, and it was unlikely that Jimmy The Junkie, his Crew, and the Clan from Clavet would follow him.  I called both Leo and MJ over the weekend to start finalizing his plans.

The first call over the weekend at the end of November was to Leo.  He called to thank him for his help as executor of the town drunks estate.  He let him know that everything went well with the bank.  Then, he told Leo that MJ had called, and he had news for him.  I told Leo that he had a daughter, and they had spoken last week.  Leo had never let on that he knew during the call earlier in November.  Leo sounded apologetic about forwarding the phone number to MJ, however I jumped in and said it was the right thing to do in passing the information along to MJ.  It's all good!  Their plan at this point was to meet each other in Saskatoon, and Leo should have a chance to meet Cayla in Saskatoon.  I went on to confirm that he would like to visit for Christmas in December, if that was still what he wanted.  They agreed to keep in touch regarding the details, and the digital footprints of the town drunks son returning to St. Brieux were etched in the phone calls, bank records, and tax declarations of income in 1997.  The only problem was the Black Van parked in the back on the lane.

Finally, I received another call from MJ on the weekend.  She was curious as to whether he was going to be able to make the trip to Saskatoon.  I told her that he would have the money to make a trip to both Saskatoon and St. Brieux.  They discussed their plans for Christmas, and they roughed out a general time table.  Cayla and I talked a little more that night, and I liked talking to her.  He just didn't know where to start?  In any event, Cayla's present was on the way, and I was committed to the trip to see Cayla and Leo's family over Christmas.  Once the call was completed, I realized that he only have 3 weeks to get ready.  He decided he would take the THE CANADIAN TRAIN (Toronto - Vancouver) to Saskatoon, because he had never taken the train ride through the mountains.  He desperately hoped there would be no trouble from the Clan from Clavet as the TV computer was wrapping up the story of the Americans meddling in Liberia with their military personnel at the US Embassy in Monrovia.  I hoped Jimmy the Junkie, the Clan from Clavet, and Blondie would not be meddling with my family.

Bob had been helping I keep the software project going since the summer of 1997, and I decided to use the Debit Card to take him out for dinner at the beginning of December.  They went to lunch, and by coincidence the restaurant did not provide debit card service.  There was a bank next to the restaurant, and I went to the bank to get cash for the meal.  I swiped my way into the bank, and I took cash out of my account for the lunch.  While taking the cash from the dispenser, he noticed a young man lingering around the building entry area.  I had nothing to hide.  Rather than keep the transaction slip in my wallet or push it into the refuse slot, I placed the deposit slip alone on the counter in front of the bank machine.  I had the cash in my wallet, and I left through the door as the lingering young man entered the bank machine area before the door closed.  He knew he was watched.  I continued back to the restaurant slowly, while he considered what the Clan from Clavet would do with the bank statement?  He had nothing to hide.

Life on 88 Ranelagh Avenue in the beginning of December 1997 had Jimmy the Junkie, his Crew, and the Clan from Clavet parking regularly behind the neighbours garage to the North.  They sometimes parked out front of the house on the street with the Honda Civic.  Jimmy the Junkie and his crew seemed to be working up support using the note.  They were loud in a relatively quiet area, and they tried to intimidate me regarding the note which implicated them in home invasions.  They were neglecting to tell people how they came upon the note.  Yes, they were promoting the Crime Stoppers note which never arrived by Canada Post.  They still scuffled over the course gravel along the side of the house, and they yelled threats from the alley.  Meanwhile, it has been 6 months since Barb and I met Jimmy the Junkie and Little Mike at the Piccadilly Pub in 1997 when they were living on Manitoba Street in New Westminster.

The Tipperary Apartments on Manitoba Street seemed so distant past.  It has been 18 months since Jimmy The Junkie wrote Barb's parents address information in his notebook in New Westminster, and I understands why Jimmy the Junkie was laughing at Little Mike when he brought up Hepatitis C in the spring of 1997.  Jimmy the Junkie had given Rohel Hepatitis C in the spring of 1997 before Jimmy laughed at Little Mike.  Then, Jimmy the Junkie rips off his crew in the spring of 1997.  Little Mike is tries to extort money from I to recover what was stolen from him by Jimmy the Junkie, while Jimmy the Junkie blames Rohel for that money for since the spring of 1997.  The amount of time that Jimmy the Junkie and his Crew had to spend on him was starting to worry I.  Finally, Barb and I split up in the summer of 1997, and I lost them all when he moved to 88 Ranelagh Avenue.

It was quiet in the fall of 1997 at Garth's house after the move when I lost Jimmy the Junkie, his Crew, and the Clan from Clavet.  Then I had to go to Granville Street in downtown Vancouver to sign papers with Garth at Wasson and Wasson.  On the way back from Wasson and Wasson, I was followed home from Granville Street.  The young man on the bus was not Jimmy the Junkie, Little Mike, Mike, or Jeff.  The young man that followed him home to 88 Ranelagh Avenue was dark blond, light build, 5 ' 8 ", light to medium complexion, and partly human given the way he threatened to kill the bus driver if he did not stop.  It was the  voice that I remembered that day as the young man threatened the bus driver.  The voice was sub human.  I looked back to see that the partly human young man followed him back to 88 Ranelagh Avenue, and then my problems continued from New Westminster to Burnaby.  Jimmy The Junkie, his Crew, and the Clan from Clavet reappeared.

They started listening along the front, side, and back of the house since the young man followed I home from Granville Street after the meeting with Garth at Wasson and Wasson.  They parked both the Honda Civic and the Black Van in the neighbourhood.  Then I is diagnosed with Hepatitis C, and he starts to fight back with the letter to the Piccadilly Pub in Vancouver.  Later that week, I waved the Crime Stoppers note at the Black Van on 88 Ranelagh Avenue in October of 1997.  Since that time, I is certain that they became aware of the note he waved at them, the town drunks death, the estate, the money, the bank, Cayla, and the upcoming trip to Saskatchewan for Christmas by beginning of December of 1997.  How could they not know?  They had clearly watched all of this materialize since the Clan from Clavet's partly human young man followed him to 88 Ranelagh Avenue.  I already knew why the Clan from Clavet was funding this effort.

During the first week of December 1997, the ball and big toe of my left foot swelled up, and the pain from the swelling was extreme.  It was while I laid quietly in bed with gout that he heard that sub human voice once again!  I knew that voice, and I knew this was one of the voices of the Clan from Clavet working with Jimmy the Junkie and his Crew.  I was going to need mobility.  I decided that he had to do something about my foot.  I could not remember hurting my foot by twisting the ankle or stubbing my toes.  Yet, if he was going to be able to protect himself he would need to walk or run.  He decided to drop into the Kensington Medical Clinic in the Kensington Square Mall.  I called my old reliable friend Bob for help.  Bob gave him a ride to the clinic because he could not walk and he was examined by the clinic doctor.

The doctor thought the problem was Gout, however she suggested X Rays to be certain their was no break.  Bob drove me to Laurel Radiology Inc at 2728 Hastings Street East in Vancouver.  I had X Rays taken of my foot, and they told me there appeared to be no break.  He returned to the Kensington Medical Clinic, and I was prescribed Gout medication for the first time in my life.  His medical records will show the appointments with the Kensington Medical Clinic, Laurel Radiology Inc, and they would show the prescription for Gout.  The medication was quite hard on his stomach, but the pain relief was well worth the discomfort.  I needed to be able to run from Jimmy the Junkie, Little Mike, Mike, Jeff, and the Clan from Clavet?  What was becoming more important was why did the Clan from Clavet's sub human follow him to 88 Ranelagh Avenue?

Why did they follow him home to 88 Ranelagh Avenue from Granville Street in Vancouver?  I summarized several points leading up to this point early in December.  First, the call to Crime Stoppers by phone to get a mailing address was close to a week after the letter to the Piccadilly Pub and the diagnosis of Hepatitis C.  Second, I is certain that if he had not waived the note at them, it would have gotten through to Crime Stoppers.  Third, Jimmy the Junkie, Little Mike, Mike, and Jeff stole "The Note" in October 1997, and the failed note delivery is verified by the Canada Post's repair disbursements to replace the damaged mailbox.  Finally, he could not have caused anything with "The Note"!  It was becoming obvious that the Clan from Clavet was interested in something before there ever was "The Note".  They followed him home long before "The Note".  Would the Clan from Clavet use the note?  I started to ponder the origin and motivation of the Clan from Clavet.

Late in the first week of December, I finally received a Canada Post notification that he had a parcel at the Shoppers Drug Mart Canada Post Outlet in the Kensington Square Mall.  Garth gave me a ride to Shoppers Drug Mart, and I traded my notification for the parcel from Saskatoon.  I returned to 88 Ranelagh Avenue where he opened his "present" to find a very carefully made photo album of Cayla's history.  I brought the album out when his friends Bob and Garth visited him downstairs on 88 Ranelagh Avenue.  I kept them up to date on the upcoming Christmas trip to Saskatoon, as I showed them the photo album.  The album documented her entire life to her current age of nine.  The album included pictures, letters, and stories.  It was great!  I shared my plans with Bob and Garth for Christmas, and the software project would be going on hold for a few weeks at the end of December in 1997 for the fat red devils revenge.  Meanwhile, I listened to Bob's and Garth's Christmas plans while I was getting excited about his own upcoming trip to Saskatchewan.

I firmed up my holiday plans with MJ towards the end of the first week of December in 1997, and he thanked them for sending the photo album.  MJ said they were considering upgrading their computer with a CD Player for their home computer.  She thought she might get a better deal on the west coast.

Their computer was getting a little long in the tooth, and I decided to build them a computer as a family gift.  I did not care that Jimmy the Junkie, his Crew, and the Clan from Clavet would watch him spend the money from the town drunks estate.  I used the St. Brieux Credit Union debit card to buy the computer.  Bob helped the new Santa Claus by picking up a computer case, power supply, motherboard, memory, CPU, CPU Fan, Video Card, Floppy, Keyboard, Mouse, and CD Player at Wes Micro in Richmond.  Then he dropped off the parts at 88 Ranelagh Avenue in Burnaby, where I assembled the computer before I installed Microsoft Windows 98.  I reasoned that the new CPU would make a good family gift.  Then, I thought Santa Clause might need a little help with a personal gift for Cayla?

I worked on the software project while trying to ignore the drive byes during the day and night.  On Thursday December 4 th, I caught a ride to the Brentwood Mall with Bob.  He knew Cayla liked soccer, and he was able to find a soccer ball at the Champs Sports store in the Mall.  He found it interesting that she would like soccer, as he played a lot of soccer when he was young.  He knew she was going to try to get into organized soccer in Saskatoon, and she was already playing the game in her photo album.  He also bought her a little software for their new computer.  While shopping at Brentwood Mall, I decided my travelling weight and bulk was getting high even for the train.  He decided to mail the ball and software from the ground floor Canada Post outlet in the Mall, after he had it wrapped by the Brentwood Mall Christmas wrapping staff.  Santa Clause was tired out!  I was feeling sick and tired from the Hepatitis C, and he decided it was time to go home.

I spent the rest of the day working on the Onlineglass.com software project.  I spent a lot of time populating arrays with data for the "demo" which was now starting to show more functionality with real parts, prices, and labour for invoice generation.  He was encouraged towards the train trip by advertising on the TV Computer from VIA for The Canadian.  He had never taken a train through the Rocky Mountains.  He checked over the VIA web site for booking information to discover that I would have to book his ticket for the VIA train by December 8th for the 2 week booking discount over Christmas.  Then the news on the TV computer drew my attention as the U.S. was once again meddling in South America.  Meddling in politics is much like hockey.  The first "questionable" hit is often missed by the referee, and it is the retaliation that is the act to catch the penalty.

The news ran a story that the George W. Bush administration had given away a "tremendous amount of money" to the opposition groups in Bolivia in the last 6 months.  The money was channelled through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), and the funds were being used to buy opposition groups guns and ammunition to carry out acts of sabotage and killings of unarmed indigenous people.  As usual, we reason the dead south of the 49th parallel make for a better world?  The meddling U.S. government formally denied the charges, however the U.S. government refused to condemn the killings, looting and acts of sabotage that have cost millions of dollars in losses to the country.  The conflict conditioned American people could only question the direction of U.S. policy in Latin America.  I wonder what the world would have been like if the post Revolutionary "Americans" would have been around to condemn their Revolutionaries, kill their families, loot their homes, and sabotage their food and water during their fight for freedom during the American Revolutionary War.

In Burnaby at 88 Ranelagh Ave, I hoped my Christmas gifts would arrive safely.  The most recent Canada Post strike had been threatened since October, and talks between 45,000 union postal workers and Canada Post had broke down on November 20 1997 in the middle of what should have been their busiest season.  Why?  The Canadian Union of Postal Workers said the main issue was money.  The union demanded a pay raise of nine percent over an 18 month contract.  They were determined to get their Christmas present!  The Union's public face changed 'slightly' on strike day with the union representing the reasons for the strike to be job security and restructuring.  The strike lasted two weeks, and the postal employees would be forced back to work by parliament.  The employees returned reluctantly early in December, however they declared that they would deliver mail without postage as a form of protest.  Several employees threatened to throw a wrench into the postal system in the next few weeks.  I hoped their extortion and threats did not effect my Christmas gifts.

On Friday December 5th, 1997, I was convinced the Canada Train trip from Pacific Central Station in Vancouver to the Saskatoon Via Rail Station in Saskatoon was the way to get to my Christmas holidays on the Canadian Prairies.  The trip through the Canadian Rocky would give him time to prepare for the first meeting with 9 year old Cayla, and it would also give him time to prepare for the first meeting with his family in 7 years.  He was already getting nervous about both of these meetings.  He started to prepare by reviewing the VIA Rail web site.  Then, he called VIA Rail Canada regarding his ticket options, and he learnt that he would have to get down to the Pacific Central Station in Vancouver by Saturday December 8th to get a 2 week advance booking discount on the ticket.  He called Bob to plan a lift to the Pacific Central Rail Station at 1150 Station Street in Vancouver.

I spent the rest of the day working on the Onlineglass software project.  He had used some of his inheritance to buy the project a third PII 300 MHz computer for the project.  The database was getting much bigger with the populated arrays as both the database and web site script increased in size.  The new computer became the main programming computer and  web server.  One older PII 233 MHz became the TV compute and backup computer.  Finally, the third PII 233 MHz became an application and database server.  The distribution of workload through the network simplified programming and database generation.  Scheduled network backups saved costly losses of programming and database advances from hardware, software, or programming which caused system crashes.  The overall functionality of the demo version was far beyond what had been demonstrated to either Doug at Speedy Auto Glass or Bill at UDI.  Meanwhile, the auto glass industry and the courts remained stalled regarding the legal status of the NAGS numbers with regards to the Sherman Anti Trust Act in the United States.  His database was now running without NAGS numbers regardless of what the courts would decide on the legal status  of the auto glass industry numbers.

On Saturday December 6th, Bob picked his friend in Burnaby to give him a ride to the Pacific Central Station to purchase his ticket for the trip.  I was always unsure how it seemed he could not move about without some sort recognition.  It seemed the core group of the Little Whore from Clavet, Blondie, and the Clan from Clavet knew his every move.  Whenever I was moving about in my regular life, it was like someone had shown his picture all over Vancouver.  Starting with Jimmy The Junkie in 1997, his life had gone bad.  There was also the situations on Columbia Street in New Westminster in 1997 when he lived on Manitoba Street.  His life was normal when he lost the Clan from Clavet when moving to Burnaby.  Then, when he was followed back to 88 Ranelagh Avenue the Clan from Clavet started again.  Perhaps, it was the Black Van?  That may be how they were keeping track of his plans.  However, the Black Van did not explain why some faces seemed to be becoming very repetitive?  In any event, he had to prepare for the Christmas trip to Saskatoon.  Saturday was the final day I could buy his departure ticket for December 20th Canada Train to Saskatoon with the 2 week booking discount.  Bob and I started the drive from 88 Ranelagh Avenue in Burnaby to Pacific Central Station at 1150 Station Street in Vancouver.

They took Hastings Street West towards Vancouver before they turned south on Boundary Road.  They passed Adanac Park before turning west on West 1 ST Avenue to the Grandview Viaduct.  They took the Grandview Viaduct to Terminal Avenue, and they turned right at Thompton Park onto Station Street.  During the trip I thought about the Clan from Clavet.  The Clan from Clavet knows "The Note" never made the Canada Post trip to Crime Stoppers.  I knew the Little Whore from Clavet, Jimmy the Junkie, and Blondie had shown 'the note' to and my picture all over Vancouver well before Santa's Holiday in 1997.  I know Jimmy the Junkie would do anything to continue his current lifestyle.  The Clan from Clavet must know he is paying for the train ticket with the money from his fathers estate?  I knew that the Little Whore from Clavet, Jimmy the Junkie, and Blondie were getting out of control with "The Note".  Crew, and the Clan from Clavet were getting out of control.  The question was what could he do?  Meanwhile, Bob and I turned right off Station Street into the Pacific Central Station parking lot to park.

Most people can walk in a crowd and they will get no attention whatsoever, and I was like most people before all this began.  When he entered the Pacific Central Station, I scanned the area.  He ignored everyone who took no notice of him.  I focused my attention on those who did.  It was not that difficult because the Clan from Clavet did not hide what they were doing.  He was beginning to connect repetitive attention from repetitive faces as they walked towards the VIA Rail customer service counter in the Pacific Central Station.  He was taking a lot of heat on the street, however it appeared that a few people were trying to convince other people.  These repetitive faces would often be talking to their friends.  The friends changed but the repetitive faces did not change.  I could not believe that the Little Whore from Clavet, Jimmy the Junkie, and Blondie were now promoting him for a hit?  "The Note" which never arrived was clearly talking about home invasions, Jimmy the Junkie, and his Crew?  However, I felt I was being watched as they proceeded to the VIA Rail customer service counter.  He waited in a short line to purchase his ticket with his St. Brieux Credit Union debit card.  While he waited in line to purchase the ticket he wondered how big "The Note" could become?  Could it be that Jimmy the Junkie, his Crew, and the "Clan from Clavet" were not telling anyone on the street about what was really going on at the time?

Obviously, they didn't tell anyone the truth?  They gave me Hepatitis C on purpose?  Their world is that sick.  I waited in the line up, and there was a difference this time while I waited in line, I recognized someone watching him.  It looked like someone he remembered from Saskatoon between 1981 - 1982.  I was not sure of his name, but he was definitely a man who was older than him from Saskatoon.  He looked to be in his 40's, with a slim build, black hair, and he travelled at about 170 lbs and 5 ' 11" inches.  Could this be the Clan from Clavet?  The man just watched I waiting in line.  He stood just outside of the line up fence containing the line.  Bob stood off to the side waiting for I as well.  Who was the man?  I remembered this man from the Sands Hotel in Saskatoon.  My turn came up at the counter and he used the St. Brieux Credit Union Debit Card to pay the $400.00 for his ticket to Saskatoon.  I felt sick at the VIA Rail Counter, as he thought about Junkie The Junkie laughing at the Hell's Angels at the Tipperary Apartments on Manitoba Street in New Westminster.  Jimmy the Junkie and this man were connected!  What was this man's name?

The VIA clerk handed the ticket to I with a smile, while I pondering what the Little Whore from Clavet, Blondie, and Jimmy the Junkie, said to the Vancouver Chapter of the Hell's Angels in October of 1997?  I didn't know what they told them during those fateful days, however I could see the Clan from Clavet's repetitive faces working their version of what was happening.  I hoped the Hell's Angels might somehow figure out what was happening, and they would have the chance to understand what they were being told during the late part of 1997 by the Clan from Clavet's people.  I hoped they would eventually understand what they saw during that ominous beginning.  I was starting to hold out little hope.  He knew he was in trouble.  If they did not figure out what was going on he was dead.  What could I do at this point?  Could it be that he was right in the Clan from Clavet having some connection to Saskatoon Saskatchewan in the early 1980's?  He started to worry more about his family than his own life.  I had the ticket, but I was already considering not going to Saskatchewan to protect his family.

I turned away from the VIA Rail ticket counter, and the man from Saskatoon has vanished.  Could it be that Saskatoon was here for the two little letters on "The Note".  HA.  Was Saskatoon here for two little letters that Jimmy The Junkie laughed at in New Westminster?  But "The note" was about 4 junkies and home invasions.  I felt worms swimming in his stomach for the first time.  This was going to be bad.

Bob and I walked back to his Subaru Legacy in the parking lot in front the Pacific Central Station.  What I saw now was a whole new level of activity as the Little Whore from Clavet, Jimmy the Junkie, and Blondie were setting up the Vancouver Hell's Angels with the note.  I did not understand how this connected to the Saskatoon, yet?  Bob gave me a ride back to Burnaby, and he returned to the Onlineglass-com project.  The TV computer barked out news of the United States military deployment in Nairobi Kenya.  The Americans were introducing their military personnel to support the U.S. Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania.  Meanwhile, I had my own bombs to worry about with the Little Whore from Clavet, Jimmy the Junkie, Blondie, and the Clan from Clavet.  I wondered where the American fight against terrorism was during the Philadelphia trip?

The following week of December 10 - 17 consisted of long hours on the Onlineglass-com project.  The web site on the Internet would seek out data from the database, and then the web site could take that data and throw it to the client on the web.  The client could drill down the vehicle database, and select a location of the auto glass to be repaired.  The colour, tint, shade, and band characteristics available for each glass location could be selected.  Then the web site could throw that location and selection into another segment which added the labour, glass cost, adhesive, rubber, moldings, grommets, and other parts required for the installation of the glass.  Finally, the software created a printable invoice for the client.  The demonstration script and database were fully capable of demonstrating the capability of the Onlineglass-com concepts and potential.  Still, I needed help in terms of investment and management.  The industrial version of Onlineglass would require a complete rewrite.  That would take money.  The approach to insurance companies and the auto glass industry would require management.  I needed help.  Yet, even during this week whenever I moved about for groceries, beer, or entertainment, somehow there was almost always repetitive faces financed by the Clan from Clavet.  He would generally see repetitive faces selling something to strangers.

On December 19th Bob came by late in the afternoon to give me a ride to the Pacific Central Rail Station at 1150 Station Street in Vancouver.  They placed Cayla's new PII computer on the back seat of the Subaru Legacy, and they put my luggage into the back of the car for the trip to the Pacific Central Rail Station in Vancouver.  They once again took the trip from 88 Ranelagh Avenue in Burnaby to 1150 Station St, Vancouver, BC.  I checked in Cayla's computer as freight with the VIA Rail freight depot in the Pacific Central Rain Station, and once again I felt he was being watched as he thanked Bob for the ride to the train.  Bob left before I boarded the VIA train The Canadian Train on Saturday  December 19th 1997 at 18:30 in the evening.  The Canadian was scheduled to leave in 1/2 an hour, as I worked my way to the boarding area.  He still wondered if he should be making the trip at all for the safety of his family.  The question remained who was the Clan from Clavet?

Bob left before the Canadian Train started to load passengers at the tracks, and I had time to think as he boarded the Canadian Train.  My mind wandered back to Jimmy the Junkie and his gang on the downtown east side of Vancouver.  He waited in line for the train to load.  When I was putting the computer on the freight transfer car he had been thinking about what he had seen with the Clan from Clavet earlier in the year.  He still could not believe the support the Little Whore from Clavet, Jimmy the Junkie, Blondie, and Jimmy's Crew were building in greater Vancouver.  I could not be certain, but he believed he heard a comment directed to him as "Saskatoon" in the Pacific Central Rail Station.  If you have ever seen the power of the gangs in the Vancouver downtown east side, you will know they are there!  The Clan from Clavet was not hiding their people?  They were out front and they wanted me to be intimidated.  Finally, my turn came to board the train.  He boarded the train to be informed about a 30 minute delay in leaving the Pacific Central Rail Station on December 19th in Vancouver.

The train was delayed 30 minutes on December 19th 1997, and while I watched out the window I considered my situation.  I knew Jimmy the Junkie, Little Mike, Mike, and Jeff had their note.  I knew the Clan from Clavet was funding these junkies, as they didn't have a dime between them after welfare Wednesday.  Why was the Clan from Clavet funding the accusations?  When I knew Jimmy the Junkie and his crew at the Gastown Hotel in Vancouver, and when Jimmy the Junkie was busted in Vancouver Provincial Criminal Court in 1994, I did nothing but loose my car.  Then when he met Barb he moved on with life through the Slocan Valley visits, and their new lives in Aldergrove next to the Alder Inn Hotel.  When Barb and I moved to New Westminster I installed computer equipment at Vancouver Harbour Centre for the auto glass project, and it was by chance that Barb and I met Jimmy the Junkie and Little Mike at the Piccadilly Pub in downtown Vancouver.  Then, I kicked Jimmy the Junkie out of our place at Manitoba Street in New Westminster.

Jimmy The Junky responded by spreading rumours at the wedding in Winlaw in the Slocan Valley, and Barb and I later separated in New Westminster.  I continued with the auto glass software project on my own, and he moved to Burnaby where he was followed home by the Clan from Clavet's family from Granville Street in Vancouver.  Then, they were talking about guns and murder behind the house at 88 Ranelagh Avenue, and I discovers that Jimmy the Junkie was using Hepatitis C from the Piccadilly Pub when he is diagnosed in New Westminster.  I now understands that  Jimmy the Junkie was using the disease intentionally.  I fights back by getting Jimmy The Junkie kicked out of the queen sized bed at the Piccadilly Pub with Little Mike, and I waves the note destined to crime stoppers at them in the black van.  "The Note" found legs out of the Canada Post Mailbox.  It was never delivered.  Later, Calvin found me for Leo from the RCMP detachment in Abbotsford.  I contacted Leo, and he arranged the town drunks estate from the Credit Union in St. Brieux.  Leo contacts MJ by phone, and he gives her my contact information.  I learn of the main reason I am on the train from MJ.  Finally, I mailed a few gifts from Brentwood Mall, and he was now on the Canadian Train which just started pulling east towards Saskatoon.

I watched out the window as the Canadian Train started out of the Pacific Central Rail Station in Vancouver with the next stop scheduled in Mission at 20:05 in the evening.  The Canadian Train worked it's way out of Vancouver, and I watched the city through the window as he wondered just how much support the Clan from Clavet had raised in the Fraser Valley.  It was already getting dark at 16:30 at this time of the year, and I would not see much but city lights for several hours.  I decided to watch the city lights from the bar car.  I worked my way to the back of the Canadian Train, where he found the Skyline Lounge.  He sat down, and he waited for the lounge attendant while Burnaby passed by the window.  He was astonished to see that Jack Ma was running the Skyline Lounge.  Jack had been my landlord at 910 Victoria Drive in Vancouver in the spring of 1991, before I moved to Richmond.  They talked briefly while I ordered a Canadian Beer from Jack, and I discovered that Jack would be on the train all the way to Saskatoon.

New Westminster, Coquitlam, and Surrey floated by the windows on both sides of the Skyline Lounge, before I ordered another beer.  The Fraser Valley looked remarkably different from the train tracks, and the city lights were overcome by darkness as the Canadian Train worked it's way through less populated areas around Pit Meadows, Maple Ridge, and Fort Langley.  I had hoped Jimmy the Junkie, Little Mike, Mike, Jeff and their Clan from Clavet would not follow him to Saskatoon, however as he sat in the Skyline Lounge he noticed a few repetitive faces as the Canadian Train approached Mission at 20:05 to load and unload passengers.  The question that kept nagging me was why was the Clan from Clavet going through all this effort?  Why not just kill me?  Why keep following him today through the Pacific region into the Rocky Mountains.  Why keep trying to sell I with the note?  What kept the Little Whore from Clavet, Blondie, and Jimmy The Junky, his Crew, and the Clan from Clavet joined at the hip?

I returned to a vacant seat in the Coach Car during the Mission Train Station stop, and I settled into my seat while the Canadian Train continued on to Agassiz which was 30 minutes east on the tracks.  This short segment had The Aboriginal Reserves of Papekwatchin, Skweahm, Lakahahmen, Skumalasph, Holachten, Squawkum and Williams.  I did not know there was so many reserves, and he wondered how these reserves were effected by the Free Lands Homestead Act of 1872.  That piece of paper changed a lot of lives.  Is it possible for the Clan from Clavet to change as many lives with "The Note"?  How far was the Clan from Clavet willing to go with the note?  The Canadian Train pulled into the Agassiz Train Station at 20:33 in the evening to load and unload passengers.  After a quick stop in Agassiz they continued on to through the Aboriginal Reserves known as Popkum, Seabird Island, Peters, Wahleach, and Ruby Creek before arriving in Katz at 20:47 in the evening.  I sat quietly in the Coach Car in my seat as the darkness dominated the few lights in Katz, and the Canadian Train loaded and unloaded passengers.

The Canadian Train pulled out of Katz for North Bend where the train crews would be changed at 23:15 in the evening.    North Bend is a small community located across the Fraser River from Boston Bar.  This leg of the trip gave me time to think not only about who was the Clan from Clavet, but suddenly he realized he was not thinking about what was binding the Clan from Clavet to Jimmy the Junkie and his Crew?  Who?  What?  They passed the Aboriginal Reserves Greenwood Island, Tunnel, Swahliseah, Trafalgar Flat, Klaklacum, Skawalum, Stullawheets, Kaykaip, Squeah, Albert Flat, Qualark, Yale Town, Kuthlaith, Yale, Stout, Saddle Rock, Spuzzum, Papsilqua, Teequaloose, Skuet, Chapman's Bar, Long Tunnel, Yelakin, Austin's Flat, Paul's, Shrypttahooks, Tuckkwiowhum and Boston Bar.  The Canadian Train climbed into the mountains as they approached the North Bend Train Station as the train gained altitude to nearly 152 metres above sea level.  The sea level was already rising slightly, and the sea floor was sinking in our Arctic the fastest.  However, we were going up!

He stepped out for some fresh air at North Bend, and the weather was definitely getting colder.  He wondered what the temperature was in Saskatoon?  He got back on the train.  The train switched staff, and the Canadian Train pulled out of North Bend towards a 02:02 arrival time in Ashcroft.  What was binding the Clan from Clavet to Jimmy the Junkie and his Crew?  The fact was that Jimmy the Junkie and his Crew were in this for the money.  Jimmy the Junkie wore white pants on Hastings Street for the money.  His crew may still believe that they were ripped off by me.  They are wrong, but that would not alter their motivation.  The Clan from Clavet must have a little money to fund this game?  Jimmy the Junkie and his Crew are heavy maintenance, and they could well cause the Clan from Clavet problems, aside from their maintenance.  Why would the Clan from Clavet take on this overhead after reading the note which was flagged at the black van?  I was starting to wonder if "The Note" had a value to the Clan from Clavet, as the Canadian Train continued it's climb to 304 metres through the Black Canyon into the Ashcroft Train Station on Caribou Road by the north side of Thompson River.

The Canadian Train pulled out of Ashcroft towards Kamloops in the darkness, and I thought about the area between North Bend and Ashcroft.  He had just travelled through a series of great reserve decisions by elder Aboriginal chiefs choosing their land many years ago, as he continued on to Kamloops.  Why were these great land decisions?  The area between North Bend and Ashcroft has many Aboriginal Reserves.  The Aboriginal people chose these areas through the entry into the Rockies when they traded the rest of their land to the settlers.  It was very intelligent for them to choose land along the Fraser River and the Thompson River.  They chose land along the first signs of roads and railways.  They chose their reserves well.  This Pacific region is one of the most popular tourist destinations in North America, and the Canadian Train is the perfect way to discover it!  My trip on the Canadian Train from Vancouver to Saskatoon would soon be crossing the Rocky Mountain Region.  I desperately hoped that the Clan from Clavet would not continue to tag along well outside the Fraser Valley.  Kamloops arrived quickly at 04:00 at a slightly higher altitude of 353 metres.

I chose to stay in my Coach seat on the train in Kamloops at 04:00 in the morning on December 20th, while he thought about the note.  Obviously, the note would have no value to anyone other than someone who wanted some sort of revenge against I.  The Clan from Clavet may be funding Jimmy the Junkie and his Crew because he believes he can do something with "The Note" against I!  The note could be useful to the Clan from Clavet in the same way that the reserves chosen between North Bend and Ashcroft were useful to the elder chiefs.  The land chosen by the chiefs was generally in the lower areas, in the Valleys, along rivers, along developing roads, or along railway lines.  The area between North Bend and Ashcroft alone has Aboriginal Reserves for Ashcroft, Boothroyd, Buckturn, Entlqwekkinh, Inkahtsaph, Inklyuhkinatko, Kahmouse, Kanaka Bar, Kitzowit, Klahkamich, Kleetlekut, Klickkumcheen, Kopchitchin, Moosh, Kupchynalth, Nicomen, Nocten, Nuuautin, Pegleg, Siska, Pokheitsk, Pooeyelth, Skuppah, Putkwa, Sackum, Sam Adams, Shawniken, Schikaelton, Shoskhost, Shuouchten, Skhpowtz, Skoonkoon, Skuppah, Spatsum, Spences, Staiyahanny, Tsawawmuck, Tsinkahtl, Two Mile Creek, Twoyqhalsht, Unpokpulquatum, and Zacht.

While these small reserves were "negotiated" with the Aboriginals, the surrounding areas became Crown Land when British Columbia joined confederation.  British Columbia was the sixth province to join the Canadian Confederation, and BC was eventually Incorporated to include 944,735 square kilometres in it's modern day configuration.  According to the Ministry of Management Services and the Government of British Columbia the area left to reserves is 4,734.85 square kilometres.  I starting to feel the worms in my stomach again.  He hoped he could negotiate all of this out when he got back to Vancouver after Christmas.  His main obstacle would be the Clan from Clavet.  I knew Jimmy the Junkie and his Crew could not do this without the support of funds from the Clan from Clavet.  He was starting to wonder if the Clan from Clavet had roots in his past in Saskatoon, as the Canadian Train left Kamloops for an arrival time at the Clearwater Train Station of 06:45 in the morning.

I dosed off through the Canadian Train's approach into Clearwater at 06:45 in the darkness, and he woke up on the approach to Blue River near the Wells Gray Provincial Park at 08:50 in the light.  I decided to have breakfast in the Dinning Car, and I met Jack working in the Skyline Lounge while waiting for his turn for breakfast.  Jack suggested if he ever needed a place I should give him a call.  Jack was an old landlord, and he gave me his phone number.  He told me I would likely see him on the turn around trip back from Toronto.  I had his breakfast, and he felt sick on December 20 th, as he could see what was happening.  Jimmy the Junkie, Little Mike, Mike, and Jeff were being paid by the Clan from Clavet to set up the Hell's Angels.  Then, why would the Hell's Angels do anything for the Clan from Clavet?  Meanwhile, the Canadian Train began pulling into Valemount at 10:50 in the morning.

While I had breakfast in my stomach, the Canadian Train was arriving in Valemount at 10:50 in the morning.  He was tiring of the Clan from Clavet's crew selling their story in public.  It must have taken considerable effort by the Clan from Clavet to keep selling "The Note" to anyone they could find who was interested.  Once again, he could understand why Jimmy The Junkie, Little Mike, Mike, and Jeff would be involved for the money.  The more nagging question was now not only who was the Clan from Clavet, but why did the Clan from Clavet keep  raising support against I through British Columbia into Alberta.  If the Clan from Clavet hated I so much, why didn't the Clan from Clavet just kill him?  I was not hiding.  He would not be hard to kill?  Yet, the Clan from Clavet always had a mouthpiece blaming I.  Why go through the effort?  The Canadian Train was tested through the Shuswap Highlands and the Thompson Plateau.  Now the train was meeting a real challenge in navigating through the Selkirk and Monashee Mountains between Revelstoke and Golden near the British Columbia / Alberta border.  The Canadian Train climbed to the summit of 1382 metres at the Rogers Pass, before it started looking downhill towards Jasper.

The Canadian Train coasted around the 3747 metres MT. Columbia, and worked it's way into the 985 metre Athabasca Valley towards Jasper Alberta at 15:00 in the afternoon.  The train took a well deserved rest for an hour, as I picked up a few supplies in Jasper.  The hour went quickly, and the train loaded to continue on to Hinton.  I thought about the note.  Why such an effort?  It had very little to do with Jimmy the Junkie and his crew.  The Clan from Clavet was the one behind the note.  Why there was such an effort?

Jimmy the Junkie, Little Mike, Mike, Jeff, and the Clan from Clavet raised support in the Shuswap Lakes, Revelstoke, The Rogers Pass, and Glacier National Park.  Now, the Canadian Train approached Jasper as the time zones changed from the Pacific Time Zone in British Columbia to Mountain Time Zone at the Alberta border.  The Canadian Train stopped for a one hour rest in Jasper, and I took the opportunity to walk to the Jasper Liquor Store & Wine on Patricia Street near the Jasper Train Station on Connaught Drive in Jasper.  After the rest break, the Canadian Train pulled out of Jasper towards Hinton Alberta where the mountains would give way to the prairie flatlands.  I could not believe the effort the Clan from Clavet was putting into their setup.  The question was why?

Why were they putting so much effort into using the note?  They were setting him up as the Canadian Train traveled through the unique Spiral Tunnels that climb through Cathedral Mountain and MT Ogden.  It was now early in the evening on December 20th 1997, and I felt like worms were crawling in my stomach.  He could see what was happening.  He had a few drinks in his seat.  Jimmy the Junkie, Little Mike, Mike, Jeff, and the Clan from Clavet were definitely setting up the Hell's Angels.  What would happen in Saskatoon?  When he was young living in Saskatoon in the early 1980's, the local bikers were the Saskatoon Rebels.  Would they be setting up the Saskatoon Rebels?  I finally fell asleep in my seat late in the night, and he did not awake until the Canadian Train arrived in Hinton at 0948 in the morning on December 21 ST.

Jimmy the Junkie, his Crew, and the Clan from Clavet were using the Hell's Angels.  I has never worn a jacket, and he has never had a problem with bikers.  He traditionally kept to himself.  The Canadian Train pulled through Edson and Evansburg, before it arrived in Edmonton at 1245 in the afternoon.  I remained on the train in Edmonton to avoid any conflict, and he thought about the Clan from Clavet financing Jimmy The Junkie and his crew before and after The Note.  I realized that Jimmy the Junkie and his Crew were gambling their lives setting up the Hell's Angels in Vancouver.  They would do anything for their next needle.  The burning question was who was the Clan from Clavet?  Why was the Clan from Clavet financing them.  Finally, the Canadian Train pulled out of Edmonton through Viking and Wainwright.  The train entered Saskatchewan at Unity which was in the Central Time Zone.

The Canadian train cut through -30 degree Celsius weather on steel tracks past Biggar before finally arriving in Saskatoon on December 22 ND at 00:45 in the morning.  When the Canadian Train pulled into the VIA Rail Station,  I was worried about Cayla and her family.  He worried about their safety.  Would the Clan from Clavet setup the Saskatoon Rebels?  The trains horn sounded one last time at the train station, as the Canadian Train came to a rest for I.  He walked into the VIA Train Station at 1701 Chappell Drive in Saskatoon.  He entered the VIA Rail Train Station in Saskatoon through frosted stainless steel and glass doors to a hallway which led to the waiting area.  I recognized MJ and 9 year old daughter Cayla from her pictures as I walked down the hallway.  He consciously checked around her to see that she was safe as he put on his best face to meet Cayla for the first time.  She gave him a hug.  It was a good firm hug.  She could hug pretty good for little girl.  He was happy she wanted to meet him.

I was very nervous, and he was encouraged that Cayla's family came with her to support her during their meeting.  Her Mother MJ and her husband Todd stood by and watched.  Cayla's older sister's Ronnie and Vicki also came out to support Cayla.  I shook hands with each of them, as he looked around to make sure there was not going to be any problems.  Hopefully no one noticed while they talked together for the first time.  He remained worried about them.  He could take care of himself.  Should he explain to them what was going on?  He thought he might explain the situation to MJ and Todd later in his visit.  I thought about 9 years.  It had been 9 years before MJ contacted I about Cayla.  Neither, I or MJ had known Cayla to be his daughter.  Then later in 1996, MJ went through a difficult divorce.  MJ and her husband had a custody battle over Cayla.  MJ proposed that DNA tests should be completed during the custody battle in the courts.

The DNA tests were completed during the custody battle, and it was determined that MJ's previous husband of 10 years was not Cayla's father.  Suddenly, Cayla wanted to find I.  MJ decided to track him down from Saskatoon.  MJ remembered I's brother Leo.  In 1987, Leo provided shingles for the roof of her house trailer.  I had helped build a new roof on MJ's house trailer on 19th street in Saskatoon.  MJ was able to find Leo by phone in St. Brieux, as he has the same surname as I in the small village.  Then because of Calvin's call from Abbotsford to me his newly connected phone number in Burnaby, MJ was able to get phone number of I from Leo.  It had taken MJ a while to find Leo, and eventually she did get Is number from Leo.  It had taken some time for Leo to find I.  MJ and Cayla had been working at contacting him for a while.  Meanwhile, I went to the freight desk with my thoughts at the VIA Rail Station in Saskatoon!

The VIA Rail freight staff took my ticket, and the clerk went into the back to recover my freight.  While he waited for the computer, I knew for certain that Jimmy The Junkie, Little Mike, Mike, Jeff and the Clan from Clavet had jacked up everyone with The Note.  The Note was actually intended to stop Jimmy the Junkie and his Crew.  That's why they had The Note.  I knew they were not telling the Hells Angels from Vancouver or the Saskatoon Rebels the truth about The Note.  I thought through the at the counter for the computer.  Again, I thought he might have made a mistake in taking the Christmas trip.  I thought that this might be the first chance Jimmy the Junkie, his Crew, and the Clan from Clavet had to hurt him through his relationships.  They had been hazing and watching since the spring of 1997.  He dreaded the day in the spring of 1997 when Barb and he met Jimmy the Junkie and Little Mike in the bar at the Piccadilly Pub.  Finally, the freight staff brought out the computer, and I turned back to Cayla and her family.

Yes, the Clan from Clavet knew where I was going.  Yes, they ran interference from the Pacific Central Station in Vancouver to the VIA Train Station in Saskatoon on Chappel Drive.  The Clan from Clavet knew what The Note meant!  How could they plough the road on a visit to Saskatoon if they didn't know where he was going?  Now in Saskatoon, Jimmy the Junkie, Little Mike, Mike, Jeff, and the Clan from Clavet were spreading the note around with the Saskatoon Rebels.  I only knew about the Saskatoon Rebels because of my time at the University of Saskatchewan in the past.  It was common knowledge in the early 1980's that they were the biker club in Saskatoon.  Would they see the note designed to stop all of this?  I was quite certain that they would see the note.  Would they be able to understand that The Note was designed to split up the Clan from Clavet and  Jimmy the Junkie?

What I did not know was officially according to the Criminal Intelligence Service Canada 1999 Annual Report, Commissioner J.P.R. Murray said  the "Saskatoon Rebels" were "established in 1980".  That part I just knew because he lived in Saskatoon in the past.  J.P.R. Murray goes on to say that the Saskatoon Rebels "officially received their Hells Angels colours in September 1998.  I did not know the Saskatoon Rebels were now Hells Angels at Christmas time in 1997.  How could he know?  He just assumed nothing had changed in Saskatoon.  He had not been in Saskatoon since the summer of 1987.  Why would he even be aware of their activities in Saskatoon?  I was just worried about Jimmy The Junkie, his Crew, and the Clan from Clavet setting up the Saskatoon Rebels in Saskatoon.

I assumed the Clan from Clavet was setting up the Saskatoon Rebels, and in fact the trip from Vancouver to Saskatoon on the Canada Train saw the Hell's Angels being setup all the way.  The Saskatoon Rebels / Hells Angels in Saskatoon were no exception as they witnessed Jimmy the Junkie, Little Mike, Mike, Jeff and the Clan from Clavet telling their story with The Note in Saskatoon.  I just knew the Clan from Clavet wasn't telling them the truth either?  They were setting up the Hell's Angels.  Meanwhile, with the computer and my bags in tow they left the VIA Train Station in Saskatoon.  Cayla was excited, even though it was very early in the morning for her.  I remained nervous as they stepped outside into the cold prairie winter.  I tried to act casual even though he was anything but relaxed.

They loaded up into the families Mini Van in the parking lot.  They pulled out of the parking lot turning north on Chappel Drive to 11th Street West.  They turned east on 11th Street West until they turned north on Circle Drive West.  They continued on Circle Drive around the City of Saskatoon.  They exited onto the # 5 Hwy heading east towards Sutherland where they turned north on Central Avenue.  They drove through Sutherland on Central Avenue before turning right on Gray Avenue towards their mobile home in the Sutherland Heritage Estates Park in Sutherland.  The Van was cold when they loaded up, and it was cold on the Canadian Prairies that Christmas.  It was - 30 degrees Celsius in Saskatoon, and they were all happy to arrive to the warmth of Todd and MJ's mobile home.  Meanwhile, I raced with worry that Jimmy the Junkie, his Crew, and the Clan from Clavet would spread their Hepatitis C in Saskatoon.  Would they bother them?

In a Canadian way, they talked about the weather on the way home in the Van.  When they arrived Todd and MJ allowed Cayla to stay awake for an hour longer, as she was only 9 years old.  They talked about the photo album she sent to me in Vancouver.  They also talked about Christmas plans for Shopping, Mini Golf, Christmas Trees, and what MJ had planned for the next few days.

Cayla was great!  MJ was great!  I remembered MJ's children Ronnie, Vicky from the mobile home on 19th street.  They were young then around 6 and 7 years old, but they were recognizable.  MJ's husband Todd was more guarded the first evening, however I considered that to be normal under the circumstances.  I was a complete stranger to Todd, and it was his family, now.  It was very late, and Cayla started to yawn.  Her mother put her to bed.

Meanwhile, Todd decided to unpack the computer.  I knew that both Todd and MJ were computer literate.  He began helping Todd unpack the computer in the living room.  Todd started talking about the Internet, when they were unplugging the old CPU.  Todd started talking about the Internet.  He mentioned a web site by the Hell's Angels.  I listened.  After removing the old computer, they started plugging in the new computer.

Todd said, "The Hell's Angels site was about people who gave "The Boys" problems.  They turned on the new computer, and Todd said the web site had pictures of people who had lost their heads.  I smiled, and he agreed you don't want to be messing with "The Boys".  Then, I shrugged off the web site conversation with Todd, and he summarized that "there's just about everything on the Web".  Meanwhile, the new computer with the ice cold case booted up after it's frosty trip to Saskatoon.  Todd and I agreed they would install more software later.  It was nearing 3:00 AM, and they prepared for sleep.  MJ had allowed I to stay in their extra room.  I was alone for the first time since Friday night.

While lying in bed, I reflected on what Todd said about "The Boys".  Todd had been in construction for years.  He was a site manager with Reme construction in Saskatoon.  If you've worked construction, generally "The Word" can get around a construction site as quickly as tools can be lost.  I knew "The Boys" had said something to Todd.  I also knew Jimmy The Junkie, his crew, and the Clan from Clavet had already gotten to the Rebels in Saskatoon on December 21st 1997.  That's the way things work.

The Clan from Clavet had plowed the road across Western Canada in a series of digital footprints plowing the road.  The financial footprints were left on board with VIA Rail, as the Clan from Clavet funds the hazing.  VIA Rail being a Canadian Government Corporation holds the names of the "Clan from Clavet's" hired help.  I mused that he needed ID to purchase his ticket.  The Clan from Clavet then tells The Rebels in Saskatoon a lie about what is really happening.  "The Lie" in Saskatoon works it's way to Todd.  Why?

Because of Jimmy the Junkie, his Crew, and the Clan from Clavet on 88 Ranelagh Avenue in Burnaby sitting out back in the Black Van.  How else would Todd be aware of "The Lie" told by the Clan from Clavet.  The Clan from Clavet has hired Jimmy The Junkie and his Crew since as far back as April of 1997.   The "Clan from Clavet's" lie worked it's way to Todd in Saskatoon, and Todd is a man I has never met?  How?  Black?  That's right, the Black Van.Todd was told "The Lie" engineered by the Clan from Clavet and sold to the Rebels.  Todd would have heard a rumour at the construction site, and he was just passing on the message.

December 21 St in Saskatoon is a long dark night.  The night dominates the sky.  The cold dominates your activities.  The prairie wind cuts through skin to freeze flesh in less than a minute.  It was pitch black outside, as I had a hot shower.  He had a coffee with MJ,  as Todd had already gone to work building a roof on the Reme Tower by the University bridge in Saskatoon.  It was getting light at 8:00 AM, only to fall back into darkness at 4:30 PM on the Northern Canadian Prairies.  Cayla woke up too.

Cayla had a shower, and she started getting dressed for the day, while MJ was bringing I up to speed on the plan for the day.  She was what my mother would summarize as a "Good Kid".  MJ had planned out Cayla's first day with I.  Where would you go in Northern Saskatchewan in the middle of a jagged winter day?  MJ had considered the options for them.  They were going to the mall.  MJ and Cayla launched their winter gear, as I peaked outside with no courage against the weather or the Clan from Clavet.  His mind flashed back to standing at the bus stop in 1979 while attending University.  The cold was painful for I during my visit.  I was no longer used to the cold.  They put their best face to the cutting winds, and MJ, Cayla, and I stepped into the - 25 degree Celsius weather.  I knew he was alive!

I realized Vancouver winter gear was coming up short.  He "borrowed" real winter mitts, and MJ guided the Van over sheets of ice called roads.  The ice roads were showing no respect to either salt or sand to bring up the pavement.  I thought the Lower Mainland drivers in Vancouver wouldn't have a chance as they approached The Market Mall on Preston Avenue in Saskatoon.  It early on December 21 St when they arrived, and they fortunately they were able to park near the entrance limiting frosty's bite.  MJ continued the tour.

I felt my stomach, and they were not the worms eating at his stomach this time.  He had not eaten since the day before on The Canadian.  MJ guided them to the Market Mall food court.  The food court was almost empty.  I food for all three and guided them towards a vacant area in an almost vacant mall food court.  Yet, once seated a single male sat next to them with a coffee.  He seamed to have an interest in their conversation.  MJ noticed the man seated right next to us.

The middle aged man next to them was listening carefully to their small talk.  MJ noticed him as well, as she physically acknowledged him listening with her body motion.  I tried not to look at the middle aged man.  They ate.  "The Worms" were back.  I could no longer taste the freshly cooked food.  I knew the Little Whore from Clavet, Blondie, Jimmy the Junkie, and the Clan from Clavet could attack 9 year old Cayla.  They would harass her as they did Barb's family at Teresa's Wedding in Nelson last spring?  I felt sick, and it was not the Hepatitis C?

Cayla guided by a few looks from MJ, managed to wait patiently for her Put n Bounce.  When they finished eating, Cayla was eager to get started.  MJ watched from a distance as Cayla and I played mini golf at the Market Mall Mini Golf.  They had fun playing a few rounds of golf, before MJ decided it was time to go home to their mobile home in the Sutherland Heritage Estates Park.  MJ counselled Cayla that she needed to get back to Sutherland to start cooking the Turkey.  They drove back through frosty's bite to Sutherland.

It was high noon on the drive back to the Sutherland Estate Park.  The salt and sand struggled to find pavement, with minor progress.  The "Big Sky Country" froze in - 23 degree Celsius weather under a bright sun.  Canadian weather lore has it that it is a dry cold.  It actually is a dry cold, because at about - 20 to -25 degrees Celsius moisture freezes right out of the air.  The Canadian joke is that since it's a dry cold, it's not really cold?  I mused that in the temperate Lower Mainland people actually believed the joke!

When they arrived home, MJ put the turkey in the oven which had been prepared the night before as they waited for my train to arrive in Saskatoon.  Cayla ate another snack.  She needed to snack regularly to keep her energy.  I checked out the families old 486 CPU, as MJ decided to make it the new computer at her daughters Veronica.  Then MJ suggested it was time for the tree!

I helped Cayla setup the Christmas tree on their first day together.  She was a great kid.  She's a happy, bright, healthy young girl.  I unpacked the decorations, while he worried to himself that he should not have exposed Cayla to this risk!  His worry was transparent as he passed Cayla decorations as she stood on the chair.  Cayla was a real tiger with the Christmas Tree.  She reminded me of my sister Lorraine when they were kids on the farm in St. Brieux.  It would have been the most incredible Christmas I ever enjoyed, were it not for Jimmy The Junkie, his Crew, and the Clan from Clavet.  I felt sick, and it wasn't the Hepatitis C.

Cayla had fun with the tree, as her afternoon nap approached.  In the mid afternoon, MJ declared it time for her nap.  MJ continued preparing the rest of the traditional Christmas dinner.  She basted the Turkey.   While Cayla was sleeping I spent a little more time installing software for Todd.  Todd linked to play Links 98.  The software was up and running with Cayla, as Todd arrived home from work on the Reme Tower next to the University bridge.

They sat down to a traditional Christmas dinner at 7:00 PM on December 21 St 1997.  It was their first Christmas.  I was proud of Cayla.  He should never have come!  It was too dangerous!  He wanted to leave.  He hoped they would not notice.  The dinner included all that truly comprises a traditional Canadian Christmas dinner.  The Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Cream Style Corn, Cranberry Sauce, Gravy, Stuffing, and of course a family to eat.  My mother would have called it all fabulous, just fabulous!

Todd helped MJ clean up in the kitchen, as Cayla and I sat in the living room.  He didn't know what to say.  Where would you start?  How would you meet your nine year old daughter?  I did the best he could under the circumstances.  Once Todd and MJ finished in the kitchen, everyone dressed to challenge frosty again.  MJ, Todd, Cayla, and I went over to visit MJ's sister in Saskatoon.  I had met MJ's sister in 1987, when building the roof on MJ's trailer.  Jock was also helping build the roof.  I found it fitting that eventually, Jock and MJ's sister got together.  Frosty bit hard as they loaded up into the Van, as the black sky brought back the - 25 degree Celsius heat wave.

Jock and MJ's sister lived on the east side of Saskatoon which was a 25 minute ride.  When, they arrived I met Jock and MJ's sister for the first time since 1987.  The men played video games while the women took over the kitchen table.  Cayla came out and played video games.  It was close to 10:00 PM when Todd decided it was time to leave.  I realized he was soft, as only he seamed to notice the - 30 degree black desolate night.  I was cold.

They drove to the Sutherland Estates, and everyone was tired after a long day.  Todd, MJ, and Cayla quickly made themselves ready for bed.  I undressed and searched for a good nights sleep.  He could not find sleep.  He felt guilty.  He was putting Cayla and her family at risk from Jimmy The Junkie, his Crew, and the Clan from Clavet.  This was getting worse than he ever thought possible.  How many people had already been setup?  How many people has Jimmy the Junkie, his Crew, and the Clan from Clavet setup?  How many people have been setup on The Canadian from Vancouver to Saskatoon?  The worms fed on his stomach for hours, as he could not find sleep.

The darkness persisted on the morning off December 23 ND, as Canada awoke to coffee and a hot shower.  Todd had already left for work on the Reme Tower.  Cayla was awake.  I ran on adrenaline as sleep never came the previous cold winter night.  After having breakfast, MJ planned to drop Cayla and I off at the Lansdown Mall for Christmas shopping.  Cayla was excited.  MJ cautioned Cayla not to buy anything to expensive.  Cayla liked shopping!  It was close to high noon, when they finally started layering on their winter gear to head to the mall.  There was a beautiful bright blue sky outside, with a sun's reflection on the snow forcing sun glasses onto the most reckless corneas.  The land of forest and ice had snow?  Snow with life in it?  It's full of life.  Insects and snow make the forest and ice tick.  Knees down, hips down, belly down, chest down, fact close to smelling the snow will surprise most desert dwellers.  Insects on the snow?  Are there tiny insects in the snow?

It was Frosty's wonderland until they stepped outside into the Northern Canadian Prairie City of Saskatoon.  The wind was 20 km per hour, and it was - 29 below Celsius.  Frosty's recipe for frozen flesh.  MJ joked as they climbed into the Mini Van, "It was warmer before you arrived."  Seeing outside is not necessarily the same as being outside.  Something for those seers is believing to consider?

MJ skillfully guided the Mini Van over the ice roads with where the sand and salt were fighting for their daytime advance on thickening ice.  The cold weather in Saskatoon can easily build a 4 - 5 centimetres ice sheet over the pavement.  The sand and salt fight a loosing battle against the ice sheets during the winter.  The sand and salt fight in the trenches during daylight with the support of the sun, in their futile advance on ice.  The trenches are lost each night as the temperature drops, and the night reclaims the advances of the sand and salt.  They arrived at the Landsdown Mall.

MJ thoughtfully dropped Cayla and I off at the door of the Landsdown Mall from the drop off lane.  Cayla dashed in for the shopping, and I dashed in for the warmth.  Cayla found Santa's playground, and I was just happy to be out of Frosty's reach.  Cayla knew the mall, and she had a plan with the purpose of checking out everything and missing nothing.  After walking for a while, they stopped for a coffee and a hot chocolate.  I was finally starting to relax with Cayla.  He hoped she would not think he was to stiff.  How do you relax with the Clan from Clavet on your back!

In their wandering, they found a little statue of an Angel.  She was sweet as she looked up at the Angel on the shelf.  I could see that she liked it when he handed it down to her.  He bought her the Angel for Christmas.  Cayla helped pick out the gifts for my family as well.  She suggested Tubby Toys for Leo's son Jonah in St. Brieux.  I did not know what made them special, but Cayla assured him these were popular.  Jonah was about 6 months old at the time.  Cayla also suggested a cool Christmas theme clock for Leo and Judy.  They had fun!.  It was late in the afternoon, when MJ found them in the Landsdown Mall.  They were shopped out!  They dashed through Frosty's domain, and they skated hand in hand over the ice sheets in the parking lot to the Mini Van.  They drove home over the ice roads to the Sutherland Estates.  While, it was only 4:00 PM it was getting dark as they arrived home with the Angel.

Cayla took her afternoon nap once inside.  I did my email during her nap.  He checked the Onlineglass.com web site on the Internet to confirm that it was running.  He sent a few emails, and then Todd arrived home from work.  They ate leftover Turkey which everyone enjoyed.  After eating Todd went to work on a drywall project he was doing on the side for extra cash.  This left Cayla, MJ, and I alone to watch Television on the final night with Cayla.  They all had an early night.

I" never told Todd, MJ, or Cayla what was going on in Vancouver that Christmas.  What Todd knew would have come from the Clan from Clavet.  He could not sleep.  He liked Cayla, and he was going to miss her.  He was sad to be leaving Cayla the next morning, but I was happy to be leaving Cayla to draw Jimmy the Junkie, his Crew, and the Clan from Clavet away from her.  He finally slept on that thought.

On the morning of December 24th I awoke to the morning routine.  Todd had gone to work, and MJ was having a coffee while Cayla was having breakfast.  After, my shower I visited with Cayla while waiting for Leo to arrive from St. Brieux.  He wished he could tell her how much he liked her.  He wished he could tell her with confidence that he was coming back to visit her.  They agreed to see each other again next July.  Meanwhile, no sooner had I agreed, did he feel that he had just made another mistake.  Would Jimmy the Junkie, his Crew, or "The Clan from Clavet" hurt Cayla?  My brother Leo arrived at 10 AM, and Cayla came outside to see him off.  I got another hug, as Leo put his luggage in the car.  I thought Cayla had a good home with Todd and MJ.  She would be safe without him around to bring her trouble from the Lower Mainland.  I just could not believe to what extent Jimmy the Junkie, his Crew, and the Clan from Clavet had already gone to hide Jimmy ripping off his own crew.  They said goodbye, and I waved as they drove off.

They started to talk, as Leo drove out of the Heritage Estates park to Central Avenue in Sutherland.  My older brother Leo had not changed much since he saw him in Ottawa in 1989.  They turned left onto Central Avenue before turning West onto the # 5 Hwy to leave Sutherland and Saskatoon.  The drive from Saskatoon to St. Brieux is 2 hours.  The years apart vanished as quickly between the two brothers as they talked during the first leg of the drive.  They followed the # 5 Hwy through to the 39 mile corner where they turned North onto the # 2 # 5 Hwy.  They travelled 10 km North on the # 2 Hwy  before turning  right at the junction to continue on towards Humboldt on the # 5 Hwy.  I had not been through this part of the country since he moved to Ottawa in 1988.  He especially noticed how things had developed on the outskirts of Humboldt.

They drove past the Yamaha on their way out of town where Leo had once worked as a motorcycle mechanic.  It was gone now, as they left Humboldt on the # 5 Hwy with the sun directly overhead at mid day.

Time is the most precious part of the Universe!

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