Jimmy the Junkie and his gang absorbed by the Clan from Clavet, as they spied from BJ's Black Van in plain view on the alley on Ranalagh in Burnaby.  BJ's family was the Mysterious Financier financing the black van before Karen Lawson of the CBC made the Emergency Broadcast.

Prologue by © Dennis Rohel

Leo and Rohel headed west on Hwy #5 they passed Muenster.  They continued through town to their final destination of St. Brieux.  They talked about Leo's plans for the day while travelling.  It was December 24th, and Leo planned to switch vehicles in St. Brieux.  He wanted to take his truck to Prince Albert later in the day for Christmas shopping.

They slowed for the rough areas of Grid 368 for the last 21 kilometres from Lake Lenore to St. Brieux.  I thought about being the town drunk's son in the Village of St. Brieux.  St. Brieux wasn't necessarily the best place to be the town drunks son.  What was it going to be like with gang members Jimmy The Junkie, his Crew, and the Clan from Clavet on his tail.  I wondered if they would make an appearance in St. Brieux.  For now he felt safe in the vehicle with his older brother.  I realized that "feeling safe" was a luxury.  Would that be enough to fend off Jimmy the Junkie, his Crew, and the Clan from Clavet?  They brought my backpack into the house, as he met Leo's wife Judy for the first time on December 24th 1997.  They had a quick sandwich, as Leo went outside to start the truck.  Leo brought the truck out front, as they prepared to head into Prince Albert to do some last minute Christmas Shopping.  They turned left out of the driveway heading west on Grid 779 towards Prince Albert using the Grid Road system.  Leo had done a lot of work with the Rocky Ridge Ranch.

My brother Leo continued to build up the acreage since 1978, and Leo, Judy, and their new baby Jonah were happy.  It was December 24th 1997, and they were  approaching Christmas Eve with their first child.  Leo and I loaded up the truck, and they drove to the end of the driveway before turning the truck west on Grid 779 to follow the grid system to Prince Albert.  They left behind the "Rocky Ridge Ranch" in the old Ford 150 3/4 Ton Truck.  They followed Grid 779 past Basin Lake where they turned north on Grid 20.  They passed Crystal Springs and Jumping Lake before coming to the # 3 Hwy.  They turned west to finish their trip to Prince Albert around 2:00 PM in the afternoon.  Leo had made an appointment to have his haircut before Christmas.  Rohel decided to wait in the truck.

Suddenly, Rohel found himself wondering if this could have anything to do with gang member Jimmy the Junkie and the Clan from Clavet?  He dismissed the idea, as he could not see how they could be connected when his brother Leo came out of the Barber's shop on 6th in Prince Albert.  They drove the old Ford to Walmart.  Walmart was just down the street on 6th waiting to be shopped.  Once dashing through Frosty's -20 degree Celsius high for the day. Rohel could find nothing to buy in Walmart in Prince Albert, before his brother Leo found him in the store.

Leo was finished in Walmart as well, and he wanted to go check out one more place.  They stopped in to a general store, where Leo was looking around for some things.  While I wandered through the store, he found a box of fireworks!    His mind raced with the possibilities as I bought a box full of fireworks.  I bought the fireworks before they walked back to the old Ford in light useful for fireworks.

It was time to leave Prince Albert after one last stop.  Leo had been looking at Leon's Furniture in Prince Albert for Judy's Christmas gift.  He decided on a new bed.  They stopped in at Leon's, and Leo purchased the bed.  Leo was going through the previously approved financing, as I wandered the furniture store.  His brother was making arrangements to load the bed, as I went outside to back the truck up to the loading dock.  When he was getting into the truck to back it to the loading docks, his stomach sank.  The "Clan from Clavet's" mouthpiece yelled at him, "we know your here."

The two brothers started home with Judy's new bed in the back of the truck.  Frosty was working in the dark on the nights chill.  He worked the temperature down to -30 degrees Celsius for Christmas Eve.  No problem in the boreal eco transition area.  There is no salt or sand on these smaller Grid roads, and therefore there was no daily trench warfare against the ice by sand and salt warriors.   The ice was think, and some gravel met rubber sporadically.  I felt safe in the truck with his brother, and he  started getting over the threat from the Clan from Clavet in the parking lot at Leon's in Prince Albert.  I could always count on his brother.  He would not tell him what was going on in Burnaby.  Leo right of the # 3 Hwy on to Grid 20 heading south.  I did not believe the Clan from Clavet had anything to do with St. Brieux.  Therefore, the next question he needed to answer was where did the Clan from Clavet come from?   Unfortunately, the location was not going to be easy to determine.  Leo turned left off Grid 20, to the final leg west on Grid 779.

Leo turned off Grid 779 onto his driveway.  Leo decided to park the old Ford 150 beside the house with the bed in the box.  Rohel added Saskatoon, Ottawa, and the Vancouver Lower Mainland in the next 19 years before becoming The Hit in 1997.  So where is the Clan from Clavet?  I didn't know?  Leo and I dashed through Frosty's - 30 degree bite into the house.  Sleep well Twins.  Frosty's dash into the house was rewarded with warm air and good food cooking.  Judy was getting dinner ready, and Jonah was asleep.  I met Judy's parents Mick and Jean for the first time.  Uncle Bert and Aunt Elsie were present as well.  I met two of Judy's cousins as well.  Everyone said hello as they were getting Frosty's gear off.  Leo and I moved to the living room along with everyone else.  They ate in the living room next to the Christmas Tree.  Everyone filled their plates in the kitchen, and ate from trays in the living room.  Meanwhile, I hoped Jimmy the Junkie, The Little Whore from Clavet, and her man Blondie would not crash the party.

Leo brought up a few old photo albums from downstairs, and he started looking through the pictures in the living room upstairs.  He picked out one of pictures of Lorraine.  It was a portrait size picture of Lorraine, and there was a duplicate.  This was unusual as the town drunk seldom left extra money for luxuries like pictures.  Somehow his mother must have saved money from her cream check's from the Co-op Dairy in Melfort for the photos.  The black and white picture was taken of my sister Lorraine when she was 7 years old.  Leo must have seen the resemblance earlier that day in Saskatoon.  Leo looked at me hopefully, and he could tell I was surprised about the resemblance.  Lorraine and Cayla looked very much alike.  I had not seen pictures of Lorraine when she was young in many years.  The resemblance was uncanny.  He asked to make a copy for Cayla.  Leo said Rohel could take one of these as he had 2 of that particular picture.  I decided he would drop the picture off with Cayla on the way back through Saskatoon.

I looked at more pictures.  They were a real treat, even if he had to ignore the pictures of the town drunk.  Finally, Leo pointed out one picture which was a week before the town drunk died of alcohol abuse.  Judy rescued them as she brought Jonah from his room.  She set him in front of the tree with a blanket.  He was about 4 months old now.  He was active and alert.  He was amused by the coloured packages, as they shared their gifts.  I gave Jonah the "Tubby Toys" Cayla had chosen in the Landsdown Mall in Saskatoon.  He also gave the clock to Leo and Judy which she had picked out for them.  Finally, he decided to give Mick the fireworks for Christmas, with one condition.  Mick could not bring his gift home.  They set off the fireworks just after midnight and I was happy to haul in Judy's new bed before getting some sleep.

The next morning I helped cook bacon from Leo's own hogs grown in the Poplar bush on the Rocky Ridge Ranch.  They ate the bacon and eggs, before Leo showed Rohel around the Rocky Ridge Ranch.  They stopped by the The Heating Shack outside to check that it was working properly.  This was a new development.  Leo had built a furnace out of an old hot water tank.  Using compressed air through an injector, he was able to burn used oil in a fireball inside the furnace.  The furnace heated water which circulated through the house and repair shop to heat them through the winter.  He collected the used oil from farmers and burned it without any smoke to heat the farm.  They continued into Leo's new shop.

Leo had built a new Shop, after the old shop burnt to the ground in 1988.  The old shop was actually an "Old School" moved to new concrete pad on the Rocky Ridge Ranch.  When the old shop or school burnt down, Leo built a new bigger shop capable to holding large tractors and trucks.  Leo built the shop himself with some help from his friends.  Finally, the continued up the hill to the pond in the bush, or more properly the boreal eco transition area.  Just inside the bush Leo kept half a dozen hogs for his own consumption.  I saw great progress on the Rocky Ridge Ranch.  I said nothing about Jimmy the Junkie, his gang, or the Clan from Clavet, meanwhile it was time for pork chops.  Lorraine and Gordy arrived early in the afternoon with their 3 sons Coal, Oren, and Ty.  This was the first time I had ever seen Oren and Ty.  He had last seen Coal long ago in Bonneville Alberta shortly after he was born.  They unpacked the Mini Van, and their boys settled into playing as Judy, Leo, Lorraine, Gordy, and I visited before having Christmas Dinner.  Finally, after eating they socialized and played a few hands of cards that evening before going to sleep.

The next morning they had a big breakfast together.  Leo brought out the snow machine, and everyone took a ride in the morning.  They took the bush road to the side of the lake, where you could "open it up!"  Finally, after hot turkey sandwiches they started to pack the Mini Van to leave for Saskatoon.  Gordy and Lorraine had agreed to drop Rohel off in Saskatoon on their way back to Lloydminster.  I said my goodbyes to Judy, Leo, and Jonah.  They dashed through Frosty's brightly lit - 25 below Celsius day, towards Saskatoon on the Grid 779, Grid 368, and the # 5 Hwy to arrive in Saskatoon as it was getting dark.  I offered to buy pizza on Central Ave in Sutherland as they were approaching the Sutherland Heritage Estate Park.

Gordon turned right off the # 5 Hwy on to Central Ave in Sutherland.  His family had decided too take my offer of something to eat.  They drove until they saw the Venice House on Central Ave in Sutherland.  They parked on 109th Street next to the restaurant, and they dashed through Frosty's -30 degree Celsius bite into the restaurant.  They were seated in a 3/4 circle style booth, where they studied the menu before making their orders.  The boys decided on the pizza.  Then, they talked about what they would do when they dropped Rohel off at Cayla's.  I realized that in my excitement to show Cayla the picture of Lorraine, he had not contacted them to let them know when he was going to dropping by their place.  He hoped Todd, MJ, and Cayla would not be offended.   Meanwhile, my stomach sank as two people in the booth next to them started taking loudly in the Venice House.  I tried to ignore their loud chatter from the next booth, and he hoped Gordon and Lorraine would not notice their hazing.  They were loud and obnoxious to the point I noticed Gordy and Lorraine were trying to ignore the next booth as well.

I realized that there was no way Jimmy The Junky in white pants on Hastings Street in Vancouver could be leading what was occurring.  Jimmy the Junkie was a part time thief and male hooker.  His crew were just straight up  thieves and junkies.  Jimmy the Junkie, Little Mike, Mike, and Jeff spent their lives getting money to get high!  They needed every dime they could get into their blood veins.  Their bodies recovered in regular stints in jail.  I was certain that it was the Clan from Clavet pulling the strings in Saskatoon.  In fact, I was starting to believe that Saskatoon had something to do with the Clan from Clavet?  They finished eating in the restaurant.  I paid the bill, and they loaded up the Van for the final leg too the Sutherland Heritage Estate Park.  They drove across the tracks, and they turned right on to Gray Ave for the final leg to Cayla place.  Everyone acknowledge the rude people in the next booth, before they arrived in front of the mobile home.  I did not add anything to the conversation.  They arrived at the door mobile home, and MJ welcomed him with some surprise.

He quickly explained to MJ that Lorraine and Gordon dropped him off.  MJ had Cayla ready in a minute.  She came outside and met Gordon and Lorraine outside beside their Van.  Cayle met everyone for the first time.  It was cold, but Lorraine wanted a few pictures.  She was genuinely excited.  I said goodbye to Gordon, Lorraine, and the boys.  Cayla and I waved goodbye.  I went into the house with Cayla.  MJ welcomed them out of the cold, and they visited for a while.  He brought out the picture of Lorraine to show to MJ and Cayla.  MJ saw the resemblance as Leo and I did.  Cayla was not so certain, however she eventually bought into the idea.  They visited for a short time before, it was getting late.  Cayla gave me a hug before she went to sleep.  MJ called a cab for I to get to the train station.  I thanked MJ for an incredible Christmas.  The cab arrived, and he was headed for the train station.  The driver guided the car from Boyd Street to Gray Avenue before starting south on Central Avenue towards College Drive.

I thought back over the holiday events while the cab turned right at College Drive.  He was heading back to the "The Canadian Train" for his return trip to Vancouver.  He wondered whether their would be more hazing on the train going back to Vancouver?  The cab turned left at College Drive as they headed towards the 14th St exit 0.3 km west.  I thought about the Saskatoon Rebels biker club, as they had been setup by Jimmy the Junkie, his Crew, and the Clan from Clavet.  He could not believe they got to Todd even before he arrived in Saskatoon.  The cab turned left at 14th Street E. to merge onto Circle Drive.  I now understood that the Rebels Biker Club in Saskatoon had no idea that the Clan from Clavet had set them up before they became a Hell's Angels Chapter next year.  They passed the University of Saskatchewan on the left, as I thought about eating at the Market Mall Food Court with the eyes of the Clan from Clavet on them.  The cab continued west as I appreciated the Canadian Christmas Todd and his family provided.  They were great people.  The cab passed Preston Ave as he thought about shopping in the Landsdown Mall, and he was privileged to have met Cayla.

The cab crossed the North Saskatchewan River using the Circle Drive Bridge, as I thought about Humboldt when he was young.   While heading west on Circle Drive he thought about St. Brieux and Lenore Lake when he was the town drunks son.   He thought about The Rocky Ridge Ranch before there was a Saskatoon with Penny, Becky, Wayne Soroka, his Gang, and the home swarming, as they passed Warmen Road.  The cab continued west towards Idylwyld Drive.  As they approached Idylwyld Drive I thought about "The Twin" ghosts, and how their loss kept him running with Harvey's Run.  I was going to need to find out where the Clan from Clavet comes into the picture.  The cab crossed Idylwyld Drive and Circle where he once had a mobile home at 20 Star Trailer Court in Saskatoon.

The cab proceeded on Circle Drive past the 33rd Street and  22nd Street exchanges.  I was looking forward to getting back to Burnaby, as the cab approached 11th St W. exchange.  The driver turned left on Chappell Drive for the final 1.0 km to the train station.  They turned right into the parking lot of the train station.  The cab driver parked at the front of the station.  I paid the cab driver, and he carried my bag into the train station to return to Burnaby, British Columbia.  The questions multiply as not only does the Clan from Clavet exist, but where does the Clan from Clavet come from?  Once we know where, perhaps I can figure out who is the Clan from Clavet?  I did not know as I entered the VIA Train Station on Chappel Drive in Saskatoon.  I sat down in the waiting area after confirming the train was on schedule.  I would need to wait 3 1/2 hours at the VIA Rail Station on Chappel Drive in Saskatoon until 2:30 am on Dec 27th 1997.

Meanwhile, I heard the The Canadian announcing her arrival in the distance in the bitterly cold dark night.  The Canadian Train pulled into the VIA Train Station on Chappel Drive in Saskatoon.  I boarded The Canadian with a few other passenger which looked vaguely familiar as he left Canadian singer Joni Mitchell's.  I chastised himself for not being sure of the recognition factor.  How was the town drunks son going to survive the Clan from Clavet if he forgot a face?  He was going to have to get a lot better.  He would try to notice everything more accurately.  He was in a lot of trouble with the Clan from Clavet.  He needed to be careful.  He started "seeing" people differently.  He started to notice that colours and pattern recognition worked much better than facial features.  If he was going to survive he needed to know who was dangerous.  I realized that he could remember colour and patterns much better than faces.  He was determined not to miss repetitive colours and patters to sort out his surroundings.  The steel was on the - 32 degree Celsius tracks in Frosty's domain.  The  Canadian pulled out of Saskatoon heading for Edmonton on December 27th 1997 at 2:30 AM.  The first leg of the trip would take 6 1/2 hrs to arrive at 8:00 AM in Edmonton.  He had time to think!  The Canadian Train passed through  Rosetown with 5 1/2 hrs to arrive at 8:00 AM in Edmonton.  The Canadian Train was nearing the Saskatchewan / Alberta border with 4 1/2 hrs to arrive in Edmonton.  The Canadian Train had crossed the Saskatchewan / Alberta border with 3 1/2 hrs to arrive in Edmonton.  The Canadian Train charged through the biting prairie winds with 2 1/2 hrs to arrive in Edmonton.  He fell asleep.

I awoke temporarily in Edmonton when arriving at 8:30 AM on December 27th.  He was exhausted.  The trip, Hepatitis C, and the Clan from Clavet had gotten to him.  He did not enter the Strathcona Train Station on 121ST Street in Edmonton, Alberta.  I was exhausted, and I reasoned that a seat inside The Canadian was likely the safest place for him.  He tried to focus on the origin of the Clan from Clavet, but he fell asleep in the relative safety of the train.  He slept as The Canadian left Edmonton to Jasper Alberta for the 362 km trip at 08:55 in the morning.  He slept soundly until The Canadian arrived at the CN Station in Hinton Alberta on the Yellowhead Hwy in downtown Hinton at 12:30.  The Canadian picked up passengers, and I considered the origin of the Clan from Clavet.  Who funded Jimmy the Junkie, Little Mike, Mike, Jeff, and their gang the Clan from Clavet?  The train charged out of Hinton into the biting prairie winds with 1 1/2 hrs to arrive in Jasper at 14:05 on December 27th 1997.

The Canadian charged through the Alberta foothills with 1 hour to arrive in Jasper.  Meanwhile, the Canadian Train slowed through Rocky Mountains 1/2 hour to arrive in Jasper.  The images of the Central Canadian Prairies contrasted with the frosty view through the Canadian Train's glass.  They were pulling into Jasper at 14:05 on December 27th 1997.  The Canadian rested it's engines to depart in just over one hours.  I walked across Connaught Drive in Jasper to get snacks and vodka for the next leg departing at 15:30 to Kelowna.  It was cold in Jasper, but it had warmed since the Prairies.  The temperature was up to the low -20 degree Celsius area as he walked around Jasper.  I found snacks and vodka, and I found my method of colour and pattern recognition worked very well.  He was recognized some of the people from Saskatoon.  I worked my way back to the train, where he took a seat.  He mixed himself a drink, and he realized the Clan from Clavet must have a lot of money to be so consistent.  Which primordial slime hatched the Clan from Clavet?  Where?  He thought back 10 years while waiting for the train to leave Jasper.  The Canadian Train lurched forward on the next leg to Kelowna.  Meanwhile, The Canadian Train chugged hard as it climbed it's way through the Rocky Mountains to Kelowna 7 hours in the distance.   Meanwhile, The Canadian Train pulled steel hard up the grades, as Kelowna remained 6 1/2 hours away though a lot of rock.

Meanwhile, I watched the worlds most spectacular scenery through Frosty the glass, as the Canadian Train pulled steel through rock towards Kelowna 6 hours into the Mountains.  The sun was giving up on the Rocky Mountains as I watched some of the worlds most spectacular views, while the Canadian Train would arrive in Kelowna in  5 1/2 hours.  Meanwhile, the Canadian Train charged through blackness towards a Kelowna arrival in 5 hours.  I realized that if he was going to survive the Clan from Clavet he would need to be tougher, as the Canadian Train bar car beckoned him with 4 1/2 hour before our arrival in Kelowna.  The Canadian Train followed the tracks blindly in the dark.  Finally, I could not ignore the bar car as Kelowna was still 4 hours away.  I worked my way from the seat to the bar car.  He drank in the bar car as the Canadian Train approached to within 3 1/2 hours of Kelowna.  I was starting to understand determination.  He ordered another straight double Vodka.  The Canadian Train flawlessly followed steel through blackness with 3 hours to arrive in Kelowna.

I sat in the bar car on the Canadian Train ignoring the hazing from the Clan from Clavet, and he counted down the 2 1/2 hours to Kamloops on December 27th 1997.  Who was paying for this hazing?  Who wanted the hazing?  He thought back to the possible origins of The Clan from Clavet as the train charged the darkness.  The Canadian Train had 2 hours to go to reach Kamloops, as I ordered another double vodka in the bar car before noticing he was being hazed.  The hazer had a young table on the South side of the bar car.  I had never been hazed before the Clan from Clavet hired Jimmy the Junkie, Little Mike, Mike, and Jeff.  I was learning what hazing meant.  In a public place like the bar car on the Canadian Train, these young kids would try to get under his skin.  They would talk loudly about I in third person.  For example, they talked about him doing routine things like talking or ordering a drink.  They talk about his straight forward actions to try to get under his skin.  They were looking for a reaction.  I took a drink.  The young couple would say, "Oh, look at him taking a drink".  They wanted Rohel to know they were there.  I looked for colours and patterns in their clothing to track them.

The "Clan from Clavet" hazing team was young.  They were very blatant about what they were doing.  Coincidentally, Jack Ma was returning from Toronto to Vancouver on the back leg of his week.  Jack had overheard several conversations, and he warned Rohel to be careful.  He encouraged me to give him a call if he ever needed a place again, and he wrote down his contact information.  Meanwhile, as the Canadian Train pulled to within 1 1/2 hours of Kamloops, and I knew the Clan from Clavet, Jimmy The Junkie, Little Mike, Mike, and Jeff were setting up the Hell's Angels.  The question was what to do?  Somehow the Clan from Clavet, Jimmy the Junkie, Little Mike, Mike, and Jeff had conned the Hells Angels into helping them.  I understood that they had shown "the boys" "The Note".  I accepted the fact that they did not tell the Hell's Angels the full story.  They were playing a dangerous game setting up the Hell's Angels!  I hoped the Hell's Angels would realize that "The Note" was about Jimmy the Junkie, Little Mike, Mike, and Jeff doing home invasions.  That is what it said.  He had put HA in "The Note" because of Jimmy laughing at the Hell's Angels at Tipparry Place in New Westminister in the spring of 1997.  I knew Jimmy the Junkie had "turned" then.  The question remained who is the Clan from Clavet.  The train had one hour to Kamloops.

The "Clan from Clavet" must have been fairly well "connected".  The Clan from Clavet was funding the 4 junkies.  Why would the Hell's Angels get involved with 4 junkies on Hastings Street in Vancouver?  The Clan from Clavet must have had a name good enough to bring 4 junkies to the Hell's Angels.  That would explain why the Hell's Angels were letting themselves wide open to Jimmy and his crew with the Clan from Clavet gang.  This was going to be bad.  There is no question already that the Clan from Clavet has conned the Hells Angels!  I saw the lights of Kamloops, as he never saw the cattle country shielded in darkness.  The Canadian Train was 1/2 hour from Kamloops on December 27th 1997.

The Canadian Train began it's approach to Kamloops in December 1997.  I continued to track the origin of the Clan from Clavet.   The Canadian Train slowed in the Kamloops Train Station.  I left the hazing which had continued in the bar car, and I returned to the seat towards the back of the train.  The Canadian Train arrived in Kamloops at 22:10 December 27th 1997, and the Canadian Train started loading passengers in preparation for a 22:45 departure from Kamloops.  I realized he could have VIA identify the hazer, as all passengers were required to show identification to get a ticket.  He could file a complaint!  I did not bother.  The Canadian Train pulled out of Kamloops at 22:45 for the final leg to Vancouver on December 27th 1997.  The Canadian Train engines pulled steel on steel through warmer air towards Vancouver 8 1/2 hrs away through Rocky Mountains.  I counted down the 8 hours to Vancouver.  The Canadian Train charged through the Rocky Mountains with 7 1/2 hours to arrive in Vancouver.  The Canadian Train passed darkness through the glass, with 7 hours to arrive in Vancouver on December 28th.  Meanwhile, the Canadian Train climbed into the stars above the mountains, as it climbed towards Vancouver which was 6 1/2 eons distant.  The Canadian Train cut through the Rockies.  Meanwhile,  the Canadian Train cut through the Rockies 5 1/2 hours away from Vancouver.  I tired in his seat 5 hours from Vancouver.  I drank hard from his Mickey of Vodka, because the truth was making him sick.

I awoke as the Canadian Train pulled into Vancouver at 07:50 on December 28 1997.  He had to believe he would survive to see Cayla in Saskatoon the next summer, and he could contact with her by phone until next summer.  The Canadian Train decelerated for the last few hundred metres to stop softly on steel tracks.  I gathered my duffle bag before walking into the Pacific Central Rail Station in Vancouver.  He noticed a slim dark haired man in his 30's at the station.  He was at the Rail Station when he bought his ticket.  I calculated him to be one of the "Clan from Clavet's" men!.

I noted the man's looks, build, hair, clothing, logo's, colours,  patterns, and eye ware, before he noticed that the man had a hand with no baggage.  Interesting, the "Clan from Clavet's" man did not carry a bag?  He must be meeting someone?  His body motion and his focus did not appear to be searching passengers streaming into the station.  Then, I was surprised to vaguely recognize this man from "Rumours" which was a Bar in the Best Western Harvest Inn at 806 Idylwyld Drive North in Saskatoon in early 1981.  I pretended not to make the "Clan from Clavet's" man.  He hurried out of Pacific Rail Station for a cab home to Burnaby.  I paid the cab driver in front of the house on 88 Ranelagh Avenue in Burnaby on December 28th 1997.  I used my keys to the suite in Burnaby.

I was relieved to be in Burnaby without any major incidents.  He was eager to work on the Onlineglass.com software project, but my mind wandered back to the origin of the  "Clan from Clavet" funding Jimmy the Junkie, Little Mike, Mike, and Jeff.  Meanwhile, I started the Logitech Camera in the window for security in Burnaby in December 1997.  I kept checking my window camera for signs of the "Clan from Clavet's" crew in 1997.  I waited for Harvey's next run tomorrow!  Meanwhile, Rohel was in Burnaby was hoping for a quiet night behind Garth's garage.  I struggled with the Onlinglass.com database in Burnaby.

I woke early on December 29th 1997, as he automatically checked to see if "Bertha" was in her place.  He kept her close at night.  She was kept in her place by the head of the bed.  Bertha was ready, and I was eager to get back to work on the Onlineglass.com software project.  I worked in my house coat as usual, but my thoughts kept wandering back to the origin of the Clan from Clavet.  Meanwhile, I put a lot of time into migrating a database to a text format for the demo version of Onlineglass.com project in 1997.  I continued to ponder the origin of the Clan from Clavet?   Meanwhile, I slept in my bedroom room with Bertha.  I woke up on December 30 `1997, and returned to work on the Onlineglass.com software project.  I woke with Bertha at the side of my bed.  It was December 31 2007.  He worked on the Onlineglass.com project database early in the day, but he kept thinking about the possible origin of the Clan from Clavet?  Meanwhile, I spent New Year's Eve with Bob in North Vancouver.

I continued rewriting the database for Onlineglass.com  on Jan 1 1997, and I continued to search my past for the Clan from Clavet.    Rohel in Burnaby got a good nights sleep.  I returned to the Onlineglass.com software project on Jan 2 1997.  Meanwhile in Burnaby I was starting to run out of supplies, and he prepared to make a trip to the Safeway down the hill on Hastings Street.  Meanwhile, I left my suite by the back door to walk to Safeway on Hastings Street.  In Burnaby, I had a shower.  He was ready to get groceries.  I walked out the back door in Burnaby.  Meanwhile,  in  Burnaby I took the back alley down the hill on 88 Ranelagh Avenue before turning left on Pandora Street.  He looked up Grosvenor Avenue as he walked to Safeway.  He saw what he believed to be Jimmy the Junkie's Honda Civic slowly moving through the intersection of Dundas Street and Grosvenor Avenue heading east.

The Civic was heading east on Dundas Street, and I saw the passenger on the right side.  He could not recognize the passenger.  He could not see the driver.  It was definitely Jimmy The Junkies car though.  He was still driving the same Honda Civic he had at Tipperary Place on Manitoba Street in New Westminister.  He continued walking downhill on  Pandora Street before veering right on Sunningdale Road.  I walked downhill on Sunningdale road hoping the Clan from Clavet had enough of Jimmy the Junkie, Little Mike, Mike, and Jeff.  Meanwhile, I turned right on Howard Avenue in Burnaby, as he considered the possibility that Jimmy and his Crew were on their own?  I walked down Howard Avenue before turning towards Safeway on Hastings Street.  He continued downhill on Hastings Street, and I thought perhaps Little Mike, Mike, and Jeff figured out Jimmy the Junkie had ripped them off?  It wasn't one of them in the passenger seat of the Honda Civic.  Jimmy the Junkie gave up his crew for the Little Whore from Clavet.

I walked east past Holdem, Fell, and Kensington, as he walked towards the Safeway on Hastings Street in Burnaby on Jan 2 1998.  I walked down the hill on Hastings Street past Kensington Park to the corner of Hastings Street and Kensington Avenue where the ABC Country Restaurant anchored the Kensington Square Mall.  Meanwhile,  I walked along the front of the Kensington Square Mall.  I walked past the Kensington Starbucks, BC Liquor Store, Public Library, Shoppers Drug Mart, and the Kensington Medical Clinic before turning into the Safeway.  I finished shopping for groceries at Safeway.  He paid for my groceries with my debit card, before he left the store.  He walked west on the sidewalk in front of Kensington Square Mall, before deciding to pick up Vodka at the BC Liquor store on my way home with his grocery bags.  I bought Vodka with my debit card, before he continued west on the sidewalk.  He noticed a tall women approaching, who he believed he recognized as Torsten Sinneman's girlfriend.  Torsten Sinneman was involved in the failed start up of Zeppelin Computers with Broco Auto Glass in early 1997.  Could Torsten be the Clan from Clavet?

Rohel pondered the question?  Torsten was at the Broco Auto Glass board meeting on Burnet in January 1997.  The store managers were in attendance.  I asked him to join the project.  Broco signed up as well.  That left Broco, Torsten, and Rohel to break up in April when Broco had enough of the software business.  Torsten would not return his equipment, and I gave all of my equipment back.  Merle tried to get their equipment back from Torsten's apartment on Main Street in Vancouver, but it appeared that Torsten made a "Midnight Move" with Broco's development equipment.  That was Torsten's girlfriend.  Was that Torsten in Jimmy the Junkie's car up on the hill?  I kept working my way home on Kensington and Hastings Street.  I arrived home without any further difficulties, and he went back to work on the Onlineglass.com software project.  Meanwhile, I slept in Burnaby.  Torsten was not on Rohel's safe list.  Not yet.

I awoke on January 3 rd 1998, and I began by responding to an email from Bill Matles of Universal Data Interchange (UDI) in DuBois Pennsylvania.  Bill had an interest in the Onlineglass.com software project.  UDI was in the insurance claim processing business.  They exchanged emails regularly regarding the Auto Glass Insurance Industry.  I caught up on his email before returning to the Onlineglass.com software project.  He kept working through the repetitive data mining tasks to setup the Cars in the database.

I awoke Jan 4 1998 in Burnaby, and I continued with the Onlineglass.com software project.  The money I received from the town drunks estate was going faster than I had hoped.  He went back to work on the Onlineglass database with dogged determination.  The dogged determination meant that close to 10, 000 different cars needed a minimum of 4 pieces of glass.  The minimum of 60, 000 locations of glass on the vehicles needed prices and labour for the repair.  Each repair requires one or all of clips, moldings, adhesive, and grommets for millions of different invoice combinations.  I had to do this while I considered Jimmy the Junkie, Little Mike, Mike, and Jeff.  Meanwhile, in Burnaby I listened to television as he worked on the Onlineglass.com software project on 88 Ranelagh Avenue in Burnaby.  I shut down the computers, camera, television, and went to sleep in Burnaby with Bertha at my side.  I awoke on Jan 5 in Burnaby, and he once again continued to work on the database, I was disappointed because he was unable to find any interested investors in the Onlineglass.com project.

I awoke next to Bertha on January 6 1998 on 88 Ranelagh Avenue in Burnaby.  I was considering my next step with the Onlineglass.com software project.  It was one year ago he had the board meeting with Broco.  I worried that he may have lost my best choice for the project.  Broco Auto Glass was the perfect fit.  He should never have let Torsten Sinneman into the project.  Torsten turned out to be a penny thief stealing from Broco, and I realized Torsten was quite the moron.  The hand he wanted to play to Broco was lost.  Broco had everything in place to make hundreds of millions.  How?  Meanwhile, where's the cash in the Internet?

How?  I was working on 88 Ranelagh Avenue with my camera guarding the window on Jan 6th.  He considered the past and future of the Onlineglass.com project.  I had networked computers, databases, LAN's, and WAN's since 1990 in Greater Vancouver.  In August he attended the Microsoft launch of Windows 95 at the Vancouver Convention Centre.  Windows 95 included a web browser called Internet Explorer in August 1995.  My interest in networking pushed dramatically into Internet programing and networking guided by Netscape's incredible push.  Microsoft was already a distant second to Netscape which had origins in Mosaic.  Internet Explorer would play catch up to Netscape's incredible development pace.  Microsoft built their Internet presence on Internet Explorer's free access.  This would later be part of a law suit resulting in court decisions against Microsoft in 1999.  Meanwhile, Netscape 2.0 hammered in technological innovations of frames, Java, Javascript, and Plug-Ins.  These advancements distanced it from the pack even with its price tag.  In the browser wars mid 1995 to late 1996 was a very busy time for both browsers.  They both hammered out new releases trying to one-up the other.  I remembered how the browser fight built the window to the Internet, and I found this window my chance at the cash.

He had decided that Onlineglass.com was going to be an "Intranet" in the fall of 1997.  Internet connectivity to auto glass shops with Intranet capabilities between wholesalers and insurers.  The term was being coined in software circles, but the concepts were not yet set in concrete.  I had monitored the progression of programing technologies through these 2 browser windows.  He saw the necessary capability that he to program Onlineglass.com to run on the Internet through either of these windows browsers.  The "Intranet" was actually going to be  three networks with a layered network connecting all three to the Auto Glass Database.  The Thompson Corporation currently owned the Mitchell auto glass stand alone database known as NAGS.  Thompson Corporation had a monopoly position in the auto glass industry in North America through it's distribution to auto glass shops.  Thompson was the only supplier of a database and part numbering system for all vehicles.  I could see the cash!

The Onlineglass.com software project was conceptualized to provide a new level of structured reason to 3 different industries involved in the delivery of 1.2 billion dollars in services to the auto industry in North America.  I was ready technologically when they sat down at the Broco Auto Glass board meeting in January 1997.  I knew Broco was the perfect partner to start the project with because of their media presence which could be important later in the introduction of the product.  They were also big enough as a business to make a lot of money in what was going to happen in the next 3 years.  I counted 4 - 5 hundred million for them to share in the next 10 years.  I wanted to start slow, and he wanted to try to explain to them what he was doing.  It was not easy.  He tried to let the progressing technologies reach them before they felt it was all to much.  Unfortunately, I was never a linguistic person, even though I try with my words.  His mind actually calculates rather than dictates.  The explanation never really justified what the software project was destined to become in January of 1997 when 99 percent of the Internet was dial up.  I always knew a hand was better with a thumb.  He knew two hands with thumbs could shake the world.  Finally, I believed the ability to reason increased as a direct result of communication.  I tried to explain the concept of Onlineglass.com in 3 industries to the collision of balls.

Rohel has already seen network communications increase productivity across all personal, financial, and medical networks.  Data on a network communicates between people.  Communication increases efficiency with each viewer.  The addition of more data adds more efficiency.  The chance of an optimum hit is increased dramatically in organ transplants with computer networks, and the ability to find patients for organs is infinitely improved.  I saw the early WAN's in the medical industry change medical treatment because of better communication.  Today, Becky, Jimmy, and Blondie were selling out everyone they knew to try to get away from the home invasion and their ratting out the Hells Angels.  Now, they would sell their families, in laws, and friends out in their rat business.  The Vancouver Police Department and the RCMP had their evidence, and they did not want to give up that evidence.  The Port of Vancouver was the unravelling of an internation network.  In my software, the onlineglass communication was going to increase the auto glass industry effectiveness in providing a more effective distribution of 1.2 billion dollars in services while lowering costs and increasing auto glass shop profits.  How many times would you have hit the 8 ball rack to achieve the "perfect" strike?  Communication creates a statistical chance at optimal chance.

The Auto Glass Stores would represents 3500 balls bouncing randomly in North America in a database creating invoices.  The auto glass industry creates these invoices in conjunction with industry partners.  The Auto Glass Wholesalers would represent 200 balls bouncing in the database with the auto glass shops.  The Insurance Industry would represent another 200 balls bouncing in the database with the auto glass shops and wholesalers.  There could be thousands of balls in collision simultaneously between all three industries.  While, these balls bounce across currencies, countries and globally.  Each party creates the same data from the same database in the insurance, wholesale, and glass shop operations.  The automobile owner goes straight to any glass shop to deal with their insurance company eliminating claim centers.  The auto glass shop may be approved live on line with a sealed deal.  If they disagreed on the optimum direction of the bounce, the Onlineglass software provides mediation to another bounce, or as many bounces a necessary to mediate the entire industry simultaneously while the client is in the auto glass shop.  It's remarkable in the simplicity.  That's when I understood that Becky, Jimmy, and Blondie were selling out their families.  It wasn't collision guidance for them, but it was shameful cowardice!  However, they inadvertantly changed the world to 7 billion eyes looking for a better life.  7 Billion balls bouncing towards the distributed up network.  It's Darwinian in that it provides the rich with time, and time is the most valuable part of the Universe.  7 Billion Free Men and Free women were being trained by Becky, Jimmy, and Blondie in a most unusual way?  Rohel's mind swims in algorithms.

It was January 7th 1998 on 88 Ranelagh Avenue in Burnaby as I lamented the loss of Broco.  Torsten turned Broco sour before they had a chance to understand what the project could be on the Internet.  I believed history would soon show that all they had to do was wait for the IPO markets to come to them.  They had the early original presence they needed at Vancouver Harbour Centre.  I had a feeling the auto glass industry and the Internet would come to them soon enough.  They had all lost their best chance at the upcoming IPO markets because of the petty theft of equipment and market wages before Broco had really bought into the project.  They would have been perfect for the IPO with brand, auto glass shops, and revenue.  I believed that time would have eventually brought them a huge financial IPO.  The IPO would have been central to the industry, and it would be hard to eliminate.  while he worked on the web site and demonstration software for the Onlineglass project.

In Burnaby on January 8th 1998, I considered how things had gone wrong in the beginning of the auto glass software project.  Torsten charged up a lot of equipment on the Envirotech Canada Computer Services account at Wes Micro in Richmond.  Broco was left with the bill.  They agreed to make several payments on the account, as my credit with Wes Micro suffered because their arrangement involved extending my credit.  Then, Torsten considered himself so valuable to the project he demanded market wages before the project got off the ground.  He really did not add that significantly to the project, and he worked hard at cementing himself into the deal.  Personal greed became a vicious barrier to the success of the project, when all they had to do was wait.  Since they began Zeppelin and the Internet IPO market exploded.

I flashed back to the present in Burnaby, where he continued to lament the false start with Broco.  He worked on the Onlineglass project, while the Clan from Clavet yelled from the alley.  He was really starting to  appreciated the camera in the window to guard the white rock along the side of the house.  The hazing had followed me to Saskatoon when I went for the fat red devils revenge.  The hazing followed him back to Vancouver.  The hazing continued in Burnaby.  Whenever he moved around it seamed that half of Vancouver was supporting the Clan from Clavet.  The web site dialogue was nearing completion to demonstrate the business concepts with words.  The software script and functions of the Onlineglass demonstration software were finally connecting the database to the script on the web site.  The new labour intensive logical database was running without the registered NAGS numbers.  The site could drill down the make, model, year, and style of about 9000 cars to produce an invoice which could be printed locally with only a Internet Browser and Windows 98.  I was beginning to wonder whether I was wasting my time.  He decided to sleep another night with Bertha by my side.

Meanwhile, in Burnaby the Onlineglass demo was starting to work quite well, but I realized he was going to need some help On January 9th 1998.  This was too much for one person, and the IPO's had hundreds of programmers for less than he had to complete.  The TV computer was barking out news of the collapsing Russian Ruble.  He listened to a lot of news while he worked.  The North American news media was feeding on the collapse of the Russian economy.  They relished in the typical stories generated by the collapse of a currency on the poor.  They loved the pain in the bread lines, especially when it was not their pain.  They wolfed down images of carts of Rubles for a load of bread.  Russia started defaulting on International Monetary Fund loans.  The Russians had saved most of their lives in private savings accounts.  These accounts existed in their mattresses.  The bankrolled mattresses resided in their apartments across Russia.  These mattresses were severely flattened loaf by loaf, as the Russian Ruble began to collapse.  Most Russians lost their life savings during the next year, as their mattresses began to thin.  I reasoned you could sleep on paper currency, but you could not eat it!

My mind staggered back to the Onlineglass project in Burnaby.  I could already see the inevitable inflation and devaluation of the Ruble.  The Ruble had been the Russian currency for several centuries.  The name came from the Russian verb "rubit".  "Rubit" means "to chop."  The Ruble was a weight chopped from a silver ingot (grivna).  The Ruble was the Russian equivalent of the German Mark which was also a weight bound measurement for silver and gold.  In medieval Western Europe the Ruble was called "tselkovyi."  I realized he could buy about 10 Rubles for 1 Canadian dollar early in the crash.  Russia's central banking authority was loosing control of it's pegged price of the ruble.  This was partly caused by the Asian Crash in 1997, which caused falling commodity prices.  Most Russian saved the ruble in their mattresses.  The monetary supply of each independent mattress would far outweigh the number of loaves of bread  on the shelf in the future.  That would cause internal inflation.  It is interesting to note that savings often do not save for the future.  Sometimes spending in the past would lead to a significantly better life.  I realized the crash had started and it would continue as all those mattresses would thin faster than wheat would grow to make bread.

The Motherland was important because he was drawn to the potential.  I knew the Russians were the first to put a satellite in space, and he considered the great Russian physicists, mathematicians, and scientists.  He understood that public access to secondary education to the masses shined the whole swath of minds to find and glean out the finest gems.  He was convinced he may find help here, as the Russian economy was collapsed.  He did not believe the brightest minds were collapsing, just the Ruble.  How many Canadian dollars would it take to get some help from bright Russians?  The average monthly wage could be as low as $175.00 Canadian each month.  This could be the type of help he could afford if only he could get some investment.  I decided to make my first contact to the troubled Motherland of Boris Yeltsin.  The question remained how would he start?

I awoke in Burnaby on January 10th 1998, and he started making the finishing touches to the Onlineglass demonstration web site.  He then started searching the Internet for a possible contact in Russia.  He hit the jackpot in a resume site based in Russia.  It had a well made search facility, and he was able to find resumes in English.  Then, he was able to find resumes where English was a second or third language.  He decided that a "personal assistant" who spoke good English would be the ideal candidate.  I found Hulia Karmanova on the Russian Resume Web Site.  He liked her name, and the project definitely needed a little good karma.  She had a University Education in Chemistry and English.  While, she did not have a technical background in software, she would be able to communicate with other Russian programmers who could not speak English.  This would allow him to minimize the cost of programming.  This would be perfect.  He emailed her to let her know he found her resume on the Internet.  St. Petersburg Russia was also the perfect location.  It was one bright hope in a series of recent disappointments.

I was also disappointed that the trip to Philadelphia in November to meet the Independent Glass Wholesaler and UDI did not lead to better results.  He had also spoken with David Whyte before Christmas in 1997, however David Whyte did not appear to be interested either.  Their was talk about a Progressive Insurance connection with UDI, however that didn't get anywhere either.  Finally, the Independent Glass Wholesaler in the Philadelphia was not quite the right fit either.  The demo for Speedy Auto Glass went fairly well.  However, they had doubts that a small operation could build an auto glass database similar to NAGS without NAGS numbers.  Garth was eager to help, however he had his own resource problems at the time.  Finally my funding from the town drunks estate was dwindling, and I was tired of the Black Van and the Clan from Clavet.  He went to sleep with Bertha, when hope for the future was busy somewhere else.  Could it be in Russia?

On January 11th 1998, I had a functional explanation of the business on the web site, and he had a demonstration software running on the Internet.  The demonstration outlined the functionality of the Onlineglass Intranet.  However, I was running out of money.  The hazing was endless when he moved around in Burnaby, and I kept considering my options.  The Internet had taken root.  He needed money.  He thought about looking for a job to fund the Onlineglass project.  I had found the Clan from Clavet in my past, but I decided to move east and look for a job.  The Onlineglass project would remain online, and I would check my email daily to see if their was any additional interest in the project.  I also considered the possibility that the Clan from Clavet would forget about him when he moved.  I decided it was time to get out of dodge.  I decided that a move to Toronto might give the Hells Angels a closer look at the Clan from Clavet, and I would try to find a job in Toronto.  Rohel began preparing to leave Burnaby.

I stored the computers and personal effects at the Packaging Depot in Burnaby.  These items were to be shipped to him from the Packaging Depot when he called them from Toronto.  He would try to find a place, and place a call to the packaging depot before the end of the month.  His friend Bob drove him past the Racetrack and Hastings Street to the Greyhound Bus Depot.  Alberta was dry and hot.  Alberta was hotter and drier than I remembered it in Claresholm AB 15 years ago.  In a little over 15 years from now, Alberta Black Gold would be on CTV News Calgary with the collapse of trout and cold water fish in the Bow River south of the Wyndham - Carseland Provincial Park.  Eric Grinnell said They're just gone.  I boarded the bus at 200-1150 Station Street, and he left to Toronto by way of Calgary on January 15 1998.

I bought the first ticket to Calgary, as he wanted to time the trip to Toronto rather than buying the complete trip.  I boarded the Greyhound Bus at the Station Street bus depot in Vancouver on January 15th 1998.  The racing Greyhound pulled out of Vancouver heading east at 00:30 for the next stop in Coquitlam, as I planned on a slow trip avoiding the express for the regular route which would stop in most towns along the way to Calgary.  I needed to know why the Little Whore from Clavet, her man Blondie, The Clan from Clavet, and Jimmy the Junkie and his gang were so tight.  I hoped his leaving the lower mainland would somehow dissuade the Clan from Clavet.  I hoped to test the water along the way, and testing water was not in the express route.  The many stops along the route would allow him to evaluate the water, and he could focus close to the ground along the way.  I watched for repetitive events in logos, clothing, colours, and faces at the stops along the way.  I knew most people following him so far seldom changed clothing.  The regular route versus the express route nailed the identity of the Clan from Clavet.

I stopped in Coquitlam 00:55 with little of no evidence of the Clan from Clavet on the Trans Canada Hwy.  He noticed very little out of normal in the passengers at this point.  However, their was several people who I decided to focus my attention towards.  I took a little nip of my vodka on the bus along the way, and he hoped the Clan from Clavet would just leave him alone.  They worked their way though Allison Pass 03:20, Manning Park 03:27, Eastgate 03:40, Princeton 04:10, Hedley 04:54am, Keremeos 05:05, Kaleden 05:25, Penticton 05:50, Summerland 06:15, and  Westbank 06:40 on the Kokahala to arrive in Kelowna at 07:10 on January 15th for a water test and a food before leaving Kelowna in the morning.  The people on the bus had changed significantly, however the focused list now started to become the resilient list.  They should have taken the express.  I hoped this would work.   Maybe the Clan from Clavet would just leave him alone.  Meanwhile in 1998, the racing Greyhound charged past Winfield 08:20, Oyama 08:25, Vernon 08:50am, Armstrong 09:20, Enderby 09:40, and Salmon Arm 10:05 through the Rocky Mountains cast in shadows with sunlight rising.

I fell asleep in the British Columbia interior as the racing Greyhound passed through Sicamous 10:35, Revelstoke 11:40, Rogers Pass Glacier 01:10, and Golden 03:15 where the racing Greyhound took a 20 minute rest at 10:30 in the morning.  Most of the original seats in the bus had been changed, he made a mental count of who remained.  He was quite certain he was sharing the bus with a 2 guest at this stop.  It appeared that about 6 original passengers remained from the starting 20 passengers.  I considered two of these 6 to be possibilities in the Clan from Clavet's group.  I would continue with my plan on identifying the Clan from Clavet.  I focused my attention on these two men as the racing Greyhound continued through Field JCT 04:03, West Louise Lodge 04:10, and finally the Alberta / British Columbia border on the Trans Canada Hwy.

I believed he had two of the Clan from Clavet's men on the bus.  While, I may have had the Clan from Clavet's men on the bus, he knew the Clan from Clavet was setting up the Hell's Angels for some reason.    He was being hazed in Vancouver with the insinuation that he had done something to the Hell's Angels.  If the Clan from Clavet actually read "The Note" they would use it to protect the Hell's Angels from Jimmy the Junkie and his crew which were out of control.  Yet, the Clan from Clavet was intent on slandering him with the Hell's Angels.  Did the Clan from Clavet not tell them about what was happening?  What was motivating of the Clan from Clavet?  Instead, the Clan from Clavet was financing Jimmy The Junkie and his crew long before there ever was a "The Note".  I could see the Clan from Clavet was intent on using the Hell's Angels.  Meanwhile, The racing Greyhound passed the Lake Louise JCT 04:35, Banff 05:20, and Canmore 05:55.

I was kept track of the people around him, and he tried to listen to people close to him.  He didn't hear anything which concerned him.  The bus pulled into the Calgary bus depot in darkness at 07:10.  I pulled my bag into the bus depot, and I watched the people on my short list.  He stood for some time with my back towards the wall.  He kept the entry door far to the right.  He could see the whole room.  He wasn't quite satisfied how some on my short list from the bus moved, but he heard the door open to my right.  He saw a man enter into the bus depot several paces.  He stood.  He scanned the room.  He left.  I knew this was not over yet.  When you start thinking you are going to die, a person starts to notice little things.  The man tipped me of with a slight irregularity in his scanning movement.  The Clan from Clavet had "the boys" in Calgary interested on January 15th 1998?  The Calgary Police were nowhere to be seen, then that was probably a could thing considering the police were the problem along with the Little Whore from Clavet.

Half of Vancouverites fear they would be treated unfairly if investigated by police
42 Percent of Calgary Citizens fear they would be treated unfairly if investigated by the Calgary Police Department
Poll by Mainstreet Research for BC Law Enforcement Diversity Network Conference

I also felt a presence in the bus depot, as he was developing a familiarity to clothing logos and colours.  He decided to check whether he was being followed by changing my direction slightly.  He bought a ticket to Saskatoon instead of taking the southern route directly to Toronto.  When he bought my ticket he made one of the Clan from Clavets crew close to him confirm my destination.  He booked a ticket and waited for the next racing Greyhound out of Calgary at 20:45 on January 15th 1998.  Would the man at the entrance be able to make the adjustment in his change of direction?  Would he be tipped off by the Clan from Clavet's crew in the bus depot?  I would know soon enough as the boarding call came for the overnight leg to Saskatoon.  I knew he was being watched as he boarded the bus, and the racing Greyhound left for Saskatoon.  I rode the racing Greyhound with hardly any recognizable passengers on the bus.  They rolled through Airdrie 21:25, Irricana JCT 21:45, and Beiseker 21:50 smoothly with no problems.

Then the racing Greyhound started to slow in the area of Carbon JCT at 22:05 on January 15th 1998.  Their was a short series of cars behind a large truck which had blocked the highway.  The truck had the right front wheel in the ditch on the left had side of the road.  The truck was stuck and completely blocking the road.  The bus driver went outside to investigate.  I struggled to hear.  Their appeared to be some sort of a confrontation outside, as more traffic pulled in behind the bus.  I questioned how the momentum of a large truck could leave it in that position on a cold dry straight highway.  I struggled to hear more from the bus driver outside, but he could hear some sort of a confrontation.  Is it possible this was setup by the man at the door of the Calgary Bus Depot?  Could this be the Clan from Clavet?  I was stuck.  It would be 4 hours before the bus would be able to move once the truck was pulled out of it's unusual position.   The racing Greyhound lurched forward around 02:00 into the dark world dominated by the Clan from Clavet.

I picked up a sandwich and snacks in Drumheller, before the racing Greyhound continued past Morrin JCT 03:00pm, Delia JCT 03:15, Craigmyle     03:20, Hanna 03:45, Youngstown 04:30, Cereal JCT 04:50am, Oyen 05:05, Sibbald 05:20, and finally the Saskatchewan / Alberta border.  I did not believe his direction change effected the Clan from Clavet, and he decided not to contact anyone in Saskatoon.  He wanted to keep people out of this problem.  Meanwhile, the racing Greyhound sailed through the white prairies past Alsask 05:45, Flaxcombe 06:30, Kindersley 06:55, Netherhill JCT 07:05, Fiske JCT 07:25, Rosetown 07:50, Zealandia 08:00, Harris 08:10, Tessier 08:20, Laura JCT 04:25, Delisle 08:40, and finally Saskatoon 08:40 in the morning.  I checked my bag into a Baggage Locker, and he decided to walk around Saskatoon to test the water in my old town alone.

I walked around for an hour in the cold prairie weather in Saskatoon to test the water until he found a hot soup.  He continued to notice a familiarity in certain people.  I was sure the Clan from Clavet was plowing the road in Saskatoon with Telus, "The Note", and 'the boys'.  He decided to walk to the mall to check out the changes since he left Saskatoon in the late 1980's.  He walked right by Sheldon Rayner who he knew from the early 1980's.  While he recognized Rayner, he did not stop.  I did not stop either.  The Clan from Clavet's fix from the previous Christmas had just tightened.  I was being locked out as a Rat by the Clan from Clavet.  I checked out the mall, and walked in the mall for about an hour.  The Clan from Clavet must have shown hit picture around to "the boys" before he arrived as he was feeling like a leper.  He had a drink in the mall, and he knew he was being setup.  Finally, he went to the quieter King George Bar to have a few drinks.  I knew he was being setup by the Clan from Clavet, but why would the Clan from Clavet be doing all of this for Jimmy The Junky and his Crew on January 16th 1998.  Why was the Clan from Clavet working "the boys" in Saskatoon?

I worked my way from the King George to STC Bus Depot in Saskatoon, where he had a shower.  He bought food for the next leg to Winnipeg.  He waited for the boarding call in Saskatoon until 21:00, and I boarded the bus to Winnipeg on the Yellowhead Hwy route.  I took hard nips on my bottle of Vodka, as the racing STC bus sped past Colonsay 21:40, Viscount 21:50, Lanigan 22:15, Jansen 22:30, Wynyard 23:05, and Foam Lake 11:50.  He mused about the horses, as the STC bus charged across the flat white prairie.  I drank hard as the bus continued through Sheho 00:10, Theodore 00:30, Springside 12:40, and Yorkton at 00:50.  I identified the Clan from Clavet's man during the 10 minute stop, and I ignored him.  The bus charged on the cold blackness while I slept.

My liquid medicine soothed my sleep through Saltcoasts 01:35, Bredendury 01:47, Churchbridge 01:58, Langenburg 02:12, Marchwell 02:18, Russell 03:35, Binscarth 03:56, Foxwarren 04:05, Birtle 04:17, Shoal Lake 04:35, Strathclair 04:50, Newdale 05:00, Minnedosa 05:20, Brandon 06:10, Carberry     07:15, and Sidney 07:15 where he awoke.  He thought about the white churches, and the buffalo fences.  Where were all the huge fences to stop the buffalo for the settlers?  The light started to show there were no fences as the racing STC charged past Sidney 07:25, Austin 07:40, Macgregor 07:50, and Portage La Prairie 08:20, Oakville JCT 08:45, and Elie JCT East 09:05.  The racing STC bus rode the frozen prairies past Lido Plage JCT 09:15, Headingley 09:25, to finally arrive at Winnipeg on the morning of January 16th 1998.  What rebellion would the Clan from Clavet's piece of paper cause?  I felt sick.

I checked my bag in a locker, and I bought my ticket for the next leg of the trip to Thunder Bay.  The Clan from Clavet had one of their women next to the counter to update my travel schedule.  He braved the wind on Portage and Main to try to find a Liquor store near the bus depot.  He was unsuccessful.  He returned to the bus depot and he took a chair to wait.  He was being gunned off by several of the boys the Clan from Clavet had gotten to already.  He decided to stay inside the safety of the bus depot.  What I was starting to notice was that more of "the boys" were doing the Clan from Clavet's work.  The Clan from Clavet was becoming more successful in controlling the course of events, and it was obvious the Clan from Clavet was not telling "the boys" what was really going on with Jimmy the Junkie and his Crew.  The racing Greyhound mercifully arrived to get I back on the road.  Maybe things would get better as he went farther east.  I left Winnipeg at 10:30 on January 16th quickly leaving the stewing pot of the Clan from Clavet's and Louis Reil's Rebellion passing the Ontario / Manitoba 12:30 for a break in Kenora at 01:00 in the afternoon.  I bought snacks and Vodka.  I was being followed, and once again he saw the boys which he could distinguish from the Clan from Clavet and his Crew.  The racing Greyhound left after a 15 minute break to continue passed.  I nipped hard on the bottle of Vodka while passing Vermilion Bay 02:35, and Dryden 03:10 in the afternoon.

On January 16th 1998, the racing Greyhound pulled through Wabigoon 04:00, Ignace 04:55, Upsala 07:05, and Thunder Bay.  I had a cup of coffee in the restaurant, and the coffee went down hard as he was the entertainment for some of the local boys.  The Clan from Clavet was not going to quit.  He cleaned up before boarding the bus.  I assumed they had shown my picture all over town again.  This was going to be bad.  What he could not yet understand is what was the motivation of the Clan from Clavet.  Could the Clan from Clavet follow him from town to town setting up "the boys"?  They will know what they were told.  They just didn't understand what the motivation of the Clan from Clavet was either.  Then neither did I.  The bus pulled out of Thunder Bay at 10:15 heading for Toronto.

I slept through the marathon run around the truly great Lake Superior.  He slept passed Nipigon 11:30, Marathon 01:35, White Lake Bridge 02:30, White  River JCT 02:45, and Wawa where the bus drivers switched to sleep.  The Clan from Clavet switched riders too before they continued through Batchawana Bay 05:30, Goulais River 05:50, Sault Ste Marie 06:30, Garden River     07:34, Echo Bay 07:46, Desbarats 07:55, Bruce Mines 08:02, Thessalon 08:17, Iron Bridge 08:37, and Blind River.  I was blind to how much the Clan from Clavet plowed my trail in North Central Ontario because he just stayed in the bus.  The racing greyhound crawled around Lake Superior passing Lind River 09:01, Spragge 09:28, Serpent River 09:30, Spanish 09:41, and Walford.

Meanwhile, I continued past Walford JCT 09:45, Massey 09:56, Webbwood 10:13, and Espanola 10:23, before stopping for lunch on January 17th in Sudbury at 11:35 in the morning.  The faces were changing from city to city and town to town, but I always felt that there was another crew in another town keeping an eye on me, as I believed the Clan from Clavet had successfully nailed me for the home invasion.  We boarded the bus for the last leg into heading south to Toronto. The Racing Greyhound charged through Estaire, Burwash, to French River. Are we there yet? The Racing Greyhound seemed to slow, but really didn't as we continued through Key River, Brit, Bayfield Inlet, Pointe au Baril, Shawanaga, McDougall, and Parry Sound as Northern Ontario was giving up to Southern Ontario. The Lake Country was introduced as Horseshoe Lake, Blackstone Lake, MacTier, Sahanatien, Cedar Nook, Port Severn, and Waubaushene along the shores of Lake Huron. I'd been through Northern Ontario on Harvey's Run, M We edged back inland to Fesserton, Coldwater, and we rode on the famous ON 400, past the Copeland Forest before we entered Barrie. That winter in 1998, the country looked different than on Harvey's Run from the twin ghosts in my school years, and when I moved from Toon Town to Ottawa in 1988 when we had the fastest man in the world, for a while. I could see and feel the warming. We were already warming a lot. I admit I liked in even then in 1998, as we were after all the forest and ice people.

What I am is a survivalist. I had the Clan from Clavet on my case, and I am learning to survive. That's right. Learning to survive. I can see survival is more than just ignoring 'the changes'. I couldn't ignore the changes on the street, and I couldn't ignore the changes in my world. I was not an enviromentalist. I'm not an enviromentalist now, either. I liked the warming in the land of forest and ice, and I saw the up side. I liked the up side, and it was our little secret in the land of forest and ice. I know some of you think, I'm exagerating about 'the change'. Where is the proof? Well Barrie had proof! The land of forest and ice in Barrie would welcome the first Phalangeriformes or marsupial immigrants native to Australia, New Guinea, and Sulawesi. Yes, the land of forest and ice warmed enough for a Marsupial to give birth to fetal-like young. The female carries her young in a pouch, like the kangaroo, koala, and Tasmanian devil.   These forest and ice people didn't know it in 1998, but the marsupials were coming. The land of forest and ice would have it's first Possum. You see the Possum is not particularly well suited to the cold, so the 'proof' is all around Barrie. Barrie weather would change to Virgina weather south of the 49th parellel in the next 20 years. Proof?

Barrie weather would change to Virgina weather south of the 49th parellel in the next 20 years
The Possum was preceeded by other climate change migrants before the Global Crush North for humans.

Well, the land of forest and ice wasn't Australia yet, but the downside of the warming is the same 20 years the Australian reefs were bleached, and the wild cammels needed to be culled as more and more ranch land was lost to the heat. The 40 Celsium weather settle in for weeks at a time, and they along with nearly a billion people were on the wrong side of the Celsius scale. Today, the Racing Greyhound rode past Innisfil Heights, Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park, Wonderland, Express Toll Route / ON 400 Exchange, Ontario 401 Express, and finally I was at the Yorkdate Shopping Centre. It was Yorkdale in January, and it was quite warm in Toronto at 18:30 in the evening.  I was convinced the Clan from Clavet had followed the entire trip.  I also suspected that the Clan from Clavet had shown "The Note" in Calgary, Saskatoon, Thunder Bay, and Toronto.  I still did not understand the origin or the Clan from Clavet, nor did he understand the motivation of the Clan from Clavet to set up "the boys".  He did understand the Clan from Clavet was using Jimmy the Junkie and his Crew.  He was starting to understand the Clan from Clavet was also using the Hell's Angels.

I was relieved to step off the racing Greyhound in Toronto at 18:30 on January 18th 1998.  He decided to try and find a Hostel in the downtown Toronto area.  He had lost hope that the Clan from Clavet would leave him alone in Toronto.  He took the advice of the bus driver, and he got off the bus just south of downtown Toronto at a Mall.  He took a city bus to look for a Hostel .  He found a house which rented room in what was Little Italy in Toronto.  It was situated on the corner of College Street and McCall Street.  It was a few block west of the famous El Mocambo Bar on Spadina in Toronto.  He did not know how long he was going to stay.  He rented the room from an older Hungarian lady for 3 days.

I awoke on January 19th in Toronto without my computers.  I decided to start by going to the Lillian H. Smith Branch of the Toronto Library on College Street.  He was able to check my email for free within a few blocks of his room.  He registered a resume on the Internet using the Hostel phone number.  I posted the resume before he went walked down College Street to University Avenue.  He turned left on University Avenue towards the downtown core of Toronto.  He walked through the downtown malls First Canadian Place, TD Canada Trust Centre, and the Royal Bank Plaza.  He walked along Front Street West along the railroad tracks before passing Younge Street.  He continued past George and Frederick Street  before turning left on Parliament Street  He turned left again on Adelaide Street East to return to Younge Street.  He made several of the Clan from Clavets regulars as he walked most of the day.  The Clan from Clavet had plowed the road in Toronto.  Why?  I felt sick as I walked to the room!  I spent the evening in my room.   I could not stop or escape the Little Whore from Clavet, Blondie, and Jimmy the Junkie from setting up 'the boys' as I travelled.  They had to be stirring the pot with their stories, the note, and my picture in Toronto?  I read his Toronto Sun in my room looking for a job on January 19th 1998, but I couldn't get my situation of my mind.

In Toronto on January 20th 1998, I walked to the Lillian H. Smith Library to check his email.  There was very little email of interest from potential investors for the auto glass project, and I was only able to email a few resumes to several places with the Library time limitation.  He decided to walk to the Hyperion GL Internet Cafe on Yonge Street.  During the walk it was even more obvious the Clan from Clavet had plowed the road in Toronto.  I could see the expression of Yonge Street as he intentionally walked through those who felt they were "hooked up".  They may have felt they were "hooked up" as they started to support the "Clan from Clavet" in Toronto, but I just could not understand why the "Clan from Clavet" was going through all this effort?  What motivated the Clan from Clavet in Toronto.  While, I posted resumes on Yahoo's new Monster jobs site.  He realized his Internet connection in Toronto on January 20th was getting expensive.  I went home alone as an outcast from the Internet Cafe that evening, and if anything the street was getting worst.  He went back to his room where he was asked if he wished to continue his first 3 days in Toronto at the Hostel.  He said he would with doubt.  When he woke on January 21 1998.

On January 22 ND 1974, I already had a lot of doubts whether the Clan from Clavet would every leave him alone while he considered his past once again in St. Brieux.  The Christmas went the same going to his Grandmothers, Carra Marie church, and dinner.  It was always a packed house.  He drank with the boys again as a regular with his brother.  I played a little shinny on Joe's ice rink with Leo for the last time.  They found their way back to the Rocky Ridge Ranch to sleep, while he found himself back in Ottawa at the Library.  His original contact with Russia responded.  The executive assistant in Russia sent him an email.  His first contact in Vladimir Putin's new Russian emailed him back!  I went to sleep that night considering the project.

On January 23 in Toronto I decided it was best to let Hulia Karmanova know that the project was on hold.  It was one bright hope in a series of disappointments, once again, in the footprints of the story.  He sent the email back to Russia to the suntreen hotmail account letting Hulia know the project was on hold.  He was torn.  I realized he was giving up hope in Toronto.  That night he read the adds for work.  He didn't know what to do.  He was disappointed in Philadelphia, the and the project.  He thought he had a winner with Broco, Speedy, and the fight against the David Thompson monopoly and his monopoly pricing with NAGS.  He went to sleep in Toronto, alone, and the Library limitation kicked him off the computer that night.  On January 24th Rohel awoke in Toronto.  He paid his room rent until the end January.  His heart was not in the job hunt, but he would continue to look for work after travelling all the way across the country.  He sent the email to Hulia in Russia.  He apologized for the situation regarding the project.  Meanwhile, I figured he could avoid the Clan from Clavet downtown by using the University Library in Toronto for computer access.

I went down college drive before turning left on University Avenue.  When he was crossing at the Intersection of University Avenue and College Street on his way to the University he saw once again a familiar face of the Clan from Clavet playing a gun game.  He had a newspaper in his long jacket pocket with his hand inside the tunnel created by the newspaper.  He played the gun game that I would become more familiar with in the future.  They crossed paths in the middle of the intersection.  He had the look, but he did not make the move.  I continued south on University Avenue where he stayed in the Library for a while as the "Clan from Clavet's crew followed him in and out of the University Library.  I was unable to use the computers without a Library Card.  He walked back down University Avenue to use the computers at the Internet Cafe on Yonge Street.  I posted resumes in the Internet Cafe.  Meanwhile, I left the Internet Cafe on Yonge Street, where the "Clan from Clavet" had the street ready.  I walked home to his room.  He was starting to consider that the "Clan from Clavet" was actually a family.  Could that have been BJ brother?  He slept.  I had a bite to eat and spent Sunday January 25th in his room most of the day.

I woke up in Toronto on Monday January 26th with a night full of hazing from outside of the Hostel.  I was amazed the Clan from Clavet had kept the setup going before "The Note", after "The Note", during the Saskatoon trip, and now during the Toronto trip.  He walked down to the Internet Cafe once again.  This time he made the man he recognized in the Pacific Central Station on the Saskatoon trip in Toronto.  This was the Clan from Clavet man he also recognized from Rumours in Saskatoon in the late 80's.  The Clan from Clavet may not have had a huge crew, but between the men, women, and children the Clan from Clavet used he was counting about 15 which worked at various points along the way.  I returned to his room and slept.  On January 27th Rohel emailed Bob in North Vancouver asking him to contact the Burnaby Packaging Depot to delay the shipping of his equipment.  I made a half hearted attempt at a job hunt from the Lillian H. Smith Library on College Street.  The Clan from Clavet even had women following him through the library in Toronto.  They were all over him.  I was running out of money.  He spent the evening in his room once again.  The Clan from Clavet hazed from outside.  He would have to decide quickly what he would do because he only had enough cash for a ticket back to Vancouver.  I thinks the Toronto Hell's Angels saw the Clan from Clavet in action as well.  Obviously I could not be a problem to the boys under the circumstances.  He slept on his options.

On January 28th, I emailed Bob in North Vancouver to let him know he was coming back.  He quit the job hunt, and focus his attention on the Clan from Clavet.  He went to the El Mocambo bar to see if the Clan from Clavet followed him in for a few days.  There were several of the Clan from Clavet's regulars that came in to follow Rohel in the endless hazing.  The hazing which started before "The Note" was lost.  What could be the motivation of the Clan from Clavet?  I did not know yet.  How many people had the Clan from Clavet set up to this point?  I returned to his room with more questions than answers.  The hazing continued at his window that night.  On January 29th and January 30th the situation in Toronto did not change.  The only thing that changed was the Clan from Clavet had shown his face to yet another city.  The count at this point was Vancouver, Calgary, Saskatoon, Prince Albert, Winnipeg, Kenora, Thunder Bay, Toronto, and the small towns in between.  Why was the Clan from Clavet misleading all these places?  Why was the Clan from Clavet setting up the Hell's Angels?  In any event I realized that the Clan from Clavet was now well known by the Hell's Angels.  "The Mysterious" financier had played his hand.  Now the question was what was going to happen?  I was concerned for his life.  Did the Clan from Clavet convince "the boys"?  I boarded the racing Greyhound on January 31 ST heading for Vancouver.

I bought his bus ticket to Vancouver at the Toronto Bus Depot on Bay Street.  He spent the last of the money from the town drunks estate to get back to Vancouver.  The bus pulled out of Toronto at 12:30 on January 31st 1998.  The bus rolled past Yorkdale and Laurentian University until arriving in Sudbury for a one hour rest stop at 17:30pm in the evening.  I was getting looks from several of the Clan from Clavet's support, however I took the chance to buy donuts near the bus depot using his dwindling cash.  I didn't bother trying to avoid the hazing by the Clan from Clavet in Sudbury, and "the boys" in Sudbury may remember Rohel before the package is lost.  He knew this hazing would follow him back to Vancouver.  He had definitely seen the Clan from Clavet setting up the boys in Sudbury for something on January 31st 1998.

I left Sudbury at 19:00 to charge through the darkness past Copper Cliff, Naughton, Whitefish, Nairn Centre, McKerrow, Espanola, Webbwood, Massey, Spanish, Serpent River, Spragge, Blind River, Iron Bridge, Thessalon, Bruce Mines, Desbarats, Echo Bay, and Garden River before the passengers took a break in Sault Ste Marie at 23:25 where Rohel stayed on the bus.  They continued from Sault Ste Marie to pass Wawa, White River, Marathon, Terrace Bay, Schreiber, Nipigon, Dorion, and Pearl before arriving in Thunder Bay at 08:40 in the morning.  The boys in Thunder Bay would have seen the Clan from Clavet in action before the package was lost.  Once again the Clan from Clavet had ran his name and picture  in Thunder Bay before the package was lost.  The hazing was getting worst.  I stayed inside the Thunder Bay Bus Depot, and he decided not to eat at this point to save the last of his money.  He cleaned himself up in the washroom.  He was looking forward to the security of the bus.  Who was the Clan from Clavet?  Why did the Clan from Clavet finance Jimmy the Junkie and his Crew?  How was the Clan from Clavet planning on using The Hell's Angels?  Who is the Clan from Clavet?The bus pulled out of Thunder Bay in on February 1 st 1998 where the Clan from Clavet had plowed the road.

The bus left Thunder Bay at 09:45 with Rohel intact in the rear seat.  The bus started the long crawl through Kakabeka Falls, Upsala, Ignace, Wabigoon, Dryden, and Vermilion Bay to finally arrive in Kenora at 15:10 on February 1 st 1998.  I decided to take a walk to find a cheap sandwich on Main Street in Kenora.  He found a diner a few blocks from the bus depot.  While he waited for his sandwich he had a coffee.  He was now putting together what seamed to be the Clan from Clavet's family.  He was being followed.  Several people sat down and began talking across the diner as he waited for his sandwich.

The women with dark hair began talking to another women who seamed familiar in clothing, logo's, and appearance.  They may have been noted earlier in the trip.  The women with dark hair was talking about her sister with cancer.  They were eerily familiar, and they seamed to want the whole coffee shop to know.  I was starting to realize that the Clan from Clavet was actually a family.  I paid for his sandwich, and he returned to the safety of the bus.  Could this cancer have something to do with the Clan from Clavet's family?  How?  On February 1 ST 1998, I returned to the bus safely with the question of cancer on his mind.  The passengers loaded before continuing past the Ontario / Manitoba border to arrive in Winnipeg at 18:10 for a 50 minute break.  It was apparent that the Clan from Clavet had plowed the road again in Winnipeg.  It seamed that "the boys" were walking through the bus depot to have a look at Rohel in Winnipeg.  Yet, the hazing was still dominated by the Clan from Clavet's regular men, women, and children.  I found he could differentiate the local boys from the Clan from Clavet's family.  The locals were being setup for something?  The question was what?

What could the Clan from Clavet's family have ready for the boys?  Why would "the boys" be so interested in a note about junkies and home invasions.  The Clan from Clavet was promoting this note to an extreme.  The Clan from Clavet's con game just brought up more questions.  Why would the Clan from Clavet's women want me to know about their cancer?  There had to be a reason the Clan from Clavet was going through all this trouble.  My mind swam in questions as the bus pulled out of the Winnipeg docking area at 19:00 on February 1 ST 1998.

The Telus Bells went silent, and I snapped back to the present on the trip to Vancouver.  The crawl to Vancouver continued through Winnipeg to Brandon for a 15 minute stop where I saw some of the boys showing their support for the Clan from Clavet.  I could see how much effort this setup was getting across the country during the 15 minute break in Louis Reil's lost land.  The bus reloaded before continuing through Griswold Jct East, Oak Lake, Virden, Elkhorn, to the Manitoba / Saskatchewan border at midnight.  They plowed through the prairie winter passing Moosomin and Whitewood to arrive in Regina for a break at 01:35 on February 2 nd 1998.  I stayed on the bus.  He just assumes the Clan from Clavet's crew did their con game in Regina?  The bus continued on to Moose Jaw, Swift Current, Gull Lake, and the Maple Creek Jct before crossing the Saskatchewan / Alberta border.  How many towns had the Clan from Clavet conned?

I stayed on the bus for his safety now.  He thought it would be difficult for the Clan from Clavet to kill him inside the bus.  It was obvious that was what the Clan from Clavet was instigating the boys to do.  I rode the Greyhound nervously now through Medicine Hat, Suffield, Tilley, Brooks, Bassano, Cluny Jct, Gleichen, Hussar Jct, Strathmore, and finally Calgary at 11:50 in the morning.  I stayed in the bus depot during the 1 hour break.  During the trip to Toronto and on this return trip he had come to identify the Clan from Clavet's men, women, and children.  It was definitely the Clan from Clavet's family working Jimmy the Junkie and his Crew.  It was definitely the Clan from Clavet's gang members setting up the Vancouver Hell's Angels.  Calgary would have once again seen the Clan from Clavet in action.  The question is for what?

The bus pulled out of the Calgary Bus Depot before travelling through Canmore, Banff, Castle Jct, and Lake Louise before crossing the Alberta / British Columbia border at 16:00 on February 2 nd 1998.  I was starting to get scarred.  This whole affair was already getting out of control.  The bus continued through West Louise Lodge and Field Jct before taking a break in Golden.  I stayed on the bus.  He was not looking forward to his arrival in Vancouver.  He was actually hoping the Greyhound would limp into town.  The bus continued past Glacier Park, and Rogers Pass Glacier before arriving for a break in Revelstoke.  I stayed on the bus.  The bus left Revelstoke at 18:30 heading through Sicamous, Salmon Arm, Enderby, Armstrong, Vernon, Oyama, and Winfield before arriving for a break in Kelowna at 10:15 in the evening.  I stayed on the bus.  He was in a lot of trouble.  Why?  He searched his past once again while remaining guarded on the bus.  He was now on guard though as he focused on the final leg of the trip back to Vancouver on February 2 nd 1998.

The bus pulled out of Kelowna on the final leg of the trip pressing through Westbank, Merritt, Hope, Chilliwack, Abbotsford, Langley, and Coquitlam.  I arrived in Vancouver early in the morning.  He saved enough money to have breakfast.  He called Bob on February 3 rd 1998.  They picked up his computers at the Burnaby packing depot.  Garth Wasson had agreed to have Rohel move back into the lower level on 88 Ranelagh Avenue in Burnaby.  Bob and I moved the equipment into the computer room.  I decided to hang on a little longer with the project.  He was broke, but he could live very cheaply with free rent.  He setup the computers with the TV card, and he set the camera back on the window.  The Clan from Clavet's family was not far behind.  Why did the Clan from Clavet's family hire Jimmy and his Crew before there ever was a note?

The Home Invasion.

On February 4 th 1998 I settled into his computer room in the computer room in the lower level of Garth's house on 88 Ranelagh Avenue in Burnaby.  He is working on the auto glass software program on his main computer.  His second PII computer is running the television, security camera, and backups.  Rohel was broke.  If the auto glass project is going to continue he is going to need investment.  He decides to spend most of his time increasing the awareness of the Onlineglass web site.  He contacted people and businesses involved in the auto glass sector in the wholesale, retail, and insurance sectors.  I also submitted the URL of Onlineglass to search engines, link lists, and any promotional opportunities he could find which were free.  Meanwhile, I called it the day in Burnaby and went to sleep.  On February 5th Rohel continues to tinker with the demonstration portion of the software, however he spends most of his time promoting awareness of the auto glass web site and software to connect him with investment.

I hoped my late payments on his co hosting agreement do not crash the web site.  The media is relishing in the hardships caused by the Russian Ruble collapse.  He still hopes he can work Hulia Karmanova into the project if he can get a break in investment.  The auto glass industry is changing as well.  Mitchel the subsidiary of Thompson International has altered the NAGS (National Auto Glass Standard) pricing of auto glass.  NAGS decide to drastically reduce the list prices of auto glass and accessories in their database.  NAGS was changed to get the pricing closer the wholesale auto glass and accessories pricing.  This was exactly what the Onlineglass option was doing.  Onlineglass was equating input to costs.  NAGS was really quite obsolete, and the NAGS Part Numbers in the Onlineglass database were not used.  I hoped this would help his project, and he thought back to the origin of the Clan from Clavet as the Black Van drove by once again.  Suddenly, it was also time to get some sleep in Burnaby.

I awoke in Burnaby on February 6th, and he considered the effect of the move by NAGS.  The adjustment in pricing of glass and accessories was designed to eliminate "discounting" in auto glass insurance claims.  Auto glass shops were discounting prices as much as 40% below the NAGS price index in the database.  The insurance companies would not pay the costs in the database for parts.  NAGS also listed a labour component which did not change significantly.  I continued back to work adjusting his own database for the price changes.  He used the wholesale pricing of parts and accessories across the board.  Eventually, the negotiating capability of his software would maintain market and regional pricing automatically.  This would be achieved by regionally averaging the successfully negotiated claims of each regional insurance player.  The claims themselves would determine the market sweet spot with a small acceptable variance for fully automated claim processing.  This was an added advantage of the networked approach to auto glass claims.

On February 7 th, I was having another normal day promoting the web site and pricing.  He used up his last few dollars to buy food at Safeway in the Kensington Square Mall down the hill on Hastings Street.  He was still being hazed by the Clan from Clavet.  He was never one of the boys.  He had never worn a "patch" in his life.  He was just a civilian.  How did he get in all this trouble with the Clan from Clavet's family.  Sure he had tried to brush off Jimmy the Junkie and his Crew with "The Note".  He had his own suspicions of how the Clan from Clavet was using the 4 junkies.  Yes, he wrote "The Note".  Yes he had his reasons.  The question still remained, why would the Clan from Clavet be setting up the Hell's Angels?  The Mysterious Financier had The Hell's Angels involved in the Clan from Clavet's employment of 4 junkies.  They were showing his picture around town.  I was being gunned off during any movements he made since arriving back in Vancouver from Toronto.  The search for the Clan from Clavet returned to Burnaby on February 7 th 1998.

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Gang land rat Jimmy the Junkie got information for the home invasion from The Little Whore from Clavet's brother in the Saskatoon Rebels MC Club

Canadian Train The Punisher Home The Talker Sawed off 12 guage