Clan from Clavet

After cruising my new neighbourhood for a few days, I rented my home on wheels to the Collins brothers from Toon Town for the summer.  I was hoping to bank a little rent over the summer from the Collins brothers Pat and Dan, whom I had met through Randy Piatt from St. Brieux SK.  I was absolutely flat broke after the home on wheels purchase, and I now I had the blue collar working man's blues, no job, no money.  I knew my best chance was to look for work near the Rocky Ridge Ranch, while my investment went to work earning money.  I was worried about renting to younger guys, however, I was a young guy.  We needed a chance too.  The truth is, I was getting tired of 'learning' how to get a good job and live the good life.  I wanted more 'good life' now.  I wanted to get to work.  I wanted money.  I was starting to realize that the only people I knew who were making money all winter were the people selling me the 'education' dream.  Could it be that most of them were in it for the money?  I was broke, feeling down, and I wondered if I was making a big mistake spending so much on education.  Was I getting 'an education'?  I thought about Ed King offering me a full time job driving truck last year.

I could have paid off an older house in 10 years, if I had worked in Lloydminster SK during the oil boom.  In 50 years, young forest and ice people would think I was delusional.  Instead, I was broke, and the University, the Professors, the Book Publishers, and authors were making a Profit.  I needed Profit.  I was already fading on University when I finished my second year with a 78% average.  Today, I had the blue collar student blues.  A 'higher education' was already becoming a dream for the forest and ice people in the 1970's, and the town drunks son was no exception.  In April of 1979, I limped back to the Rocky Ridge Ranch with barely enough gas money for the Econoline Van.  I caught a break when I found a job working for Tim Woods.  Tim owned his own Apiary I was the bee food.  The tame bees didn't like loosing their honey.  Then, I guess that can be said for people as well. It takes about 50 trips for a bee to make one teaspoon of honey.  The bee beards you might have seen on television demonstrates the bees following their queen.  The queen just makes the bees are happy!  Tim and I stole bee crates full of honey from each hive, and we replaced them with an empty be crate. That's how honey is collected.

The stolen crates had between 15 - 35 kg of honey when stacked on the flatbed truck and trailer.The honey came from wild flowers, Alfalfa, and Canola in this area of the land of forest and ice.  It's interesting that many honey bees don't make it home during peak honey season.  Bees wear the outer edges of their wings off in as little as 3 - 4 weeks during peak honey time.  They just don't make it home, as they fall to the ground with a full load on the way to the hive.  Pathlow SK was a thread hanging in the wind, as a Hamlet with a watering hole.  That year, I traded my 1 year old YZ250 with Michael Gruntman for his 4 year old Yamaha 750 Special.  I needed a street bike to ride back and forth to work.  My Daytona Special was still at the Border City Yamaha, as I didn't have time or money to get it back.  I decided to ride the Yamaha 750 Special back and forth to work in Pathlow SK.  I was blue collar busted, before my first payday.  But I had a job, and I had yet another motorcycle.

I couldn't afford to insure the Yamaha Special, so I cheated.  I know.  I conveniently forgot about insurance for a while so I could get to work.  I used Grid Road 368, which was considered a Grid Road although it had been paved in the late 1960's.  I rode the chunks of pavement to work.  Tim and I got along great.  He liked beer, as do most forest and ice people.  We quickly fell into a routine including a couple of beers after work on Friday afternoon at the Pathlow Hotel.  Annie and Daniel Buan owned the hotel, and I was introduced by Tim.  On our second Friday ritual, I noticed someone taking notice of my motorcycle license plate.  The hotel had a raised bar room, where I could look down at my Yamaha Special on Main Street through a row of picture windows.  Then, the lookie-loo walked directly across the street into this house.  The third week, I parked my bike in front of the bar, and we had a few beers after caring for 35 bee apiary (Groups) with a total of 1000 hives.  That week, Annie served up our cool ones on Friday afternoon at the Pathlow Hotel.  After 3 beers at the Pathlow Hotel on a Friday afternoon, I threw my leg over my motorcycle, and I turned my key on before hitting the starter for my ride home.

Pathlow Saskatchewan house who called Melfort RCMP Detachment.

Suddenly, the Military Police were following me from a dirt road access alongside the 368 Grid just outside of Pathlow SK.  They followed my motorcycle for a short time, before I was pulled over just past the Pathlow Ponderosa Feedlot.  I was stopped by 2 Melfort RCMP (Royal Canadian Military Police).  Highway 368 is arguably a Grid Road, and I was stopped riding my 750 Yamaha Special.  I stopped my bike on the gravel on the shoulder, and I clipped out the kickstand with the heel of my work boots.  They told me I had been drinking.  I got into their military vehicle at their request, and they drove me to the Melfort RCMP Detachment.  It's an interesting historical observation that mounted Cavalry return to forts.  The forest and ice Military Police returned to Detachments.  Military detachments are more a military designation than 'forts'.  The RCMP are the forest and ice people Military Police.  As I rode in the back seat of the military car to Melfort, the Military Police paid to harass blue collar forest and ice people looked at me through the rear view mirror.  Justice Robert Maranger actually helped Military Police remain un photographed, unnamed, hidden, and protected from the forest and ice people for sex crimes, as Military Police tortured children. The Military Police that pulled me over laughed and said "I'll charge you with no valid insurance if you pass a Impaired Driving test".  I smiled, I as I could smell a rat at this house across the street from the Pathlow Bar.

The Military Police brought me to Melfort SK, as it was getting dark in the spring in the land of forest and ice.  I blew into the Breath analyzer.  I was three sips of beer over the legal limit.  The military police eventually left me out of jail at 1:00 AM in the morning, when I had been arrested around 6:00 PM.  I was 17 years old.  I phoned Leo from a payphone in Melfort SK, and he agreed to pick me up.  While I was waiting for him to get to town, I started walking.  When he arrived, I was walking on Highway 41 going west.  I would later appear in the Melfort Provincial Courthouse in late August for the Military Police.  In the land of forest and ice, MP does not stand for Mounted Police.  MP actually stands for Military Police.  Many years later, Bob Paulson admits his Military Police use 'heavy weaponry, including armoured vehicles, drones and machine-guns'.  The romantic notion of Mounted Police sold to the outside world is both fantasy and fabrication.  Bob Paulson was concerned about the publics perception, while he 'rolled out' C8 Patrol Carbine (M-16's) ordered from by his military staff in the land of forests and ice.  Every military officer would need a M-16 to keep the forest and ice people in their place.  Imagine, Mounted Police with Machine Guns? You heard it here first, the Military Police are run out of Ottawa ON. by Commissioner Bob Paulson.

RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson wants Mounties to use automatic weapons.
RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson wants C8 Patrol Carbine M-16 Rifles to keep the forest and ice people under control.

When, I returned to work on Monday, Tim, Annie, and Daniel were not very happy with their neighbour across the street.  News travels fast on forest and ice people tongues?  It is the rich 1%ers and their politicians which monopolized Military Police across the land of forest and ice.  There was one national choice, RCMP.  The Melfort Detachment policed the City of Melfort and the area south to Silver Park SK and St. Brieux, north to James Smith First Nations Reserve and Gronlid, west to Kinistino, and east to Star City.  These 9 Military Police decided to stop a motorcycle on a Grid Road in an area covering 20,000 square miles because of a rat across the street from the bar.  Obviously, I was the Outlaw going home from work out of 12,000 forest and ice people in their area.  Three different levels of government pay the Military Police to keep order in the land of forests and ice.  Then 1%ers tell the Military Police what to police.  The forest and ice people can compare their Military Police to the Pinkerton Detective Agency south of the 49th parallel.  Their Military Police killed men, women, and children for the Carquinez Packing Company when they refused to pick apples for $1.00 per day.  That was just 75 years ago in their 1%ers owned Production, Consumption, Profit, and Business of War.  1%ers already controlled most of what could and could not be done in the land of forest and ice.  I knew what Profit could accomplish that day at 17 years of age, and I knew that the 1%ers did care who was left floating in the Saskatchewan River.

I invested my Profit that summer.  I did socialize with a few people, however I spent most of my time working.  One weekend I mentioned to Leo that I was interested in looking for a small truck.  I told him how much money I had saved.  He said, 'Let's go see if Michael Sterner is home.  He knew he had a truck for sale.  We went over to the Sterner's west of St. Brieux SK, and Mike had a 1974 Ford Courier Truck.  It wasn't a rich man's truck, but I thought it was perfect for a poor man.  The truck had a seized engine.  I agreed to give him $500.00 for the truck.  We towed it home with Leo's Ford 150 that afternoon, and I prayed I made it home with my paycheck before the check bounced.  Eventually, we were home on the Rocky Ridge Ranch, and I was washing out my new old Ford.  That's one of the few possessions I bought that summer, and I couldn't drive it until I saved enough money to drive it.  I just wasn't a 1%er who could buy any thing or any one with money.

Profit bought 1%ers anything they wanted.  The land of forest and ice had always owned and operated by 1%ers.  Don't get me wrong.  I'm not complaining.  I'm just stating the facts.  Today, the Military Police in the land of forest and ice had a new Outlaw.  Suddenly, I was the 'Outlaw' bee keepers helper in the Melfort RCMP policing area, as Tim and I worked very hard to produce 282 barrels of honey that summer!  That's right!  each Metal Barrel of honey was filled with 45 Imperial Gallons of honey.  That was enough honey to fill 4 Saskatchewan Co-op Semi Trailers with barrels.  Tim taught me to roll 600 pound barrels of honey on the bottom ring.  This would have come in handy the previous summer while driving fuel truck in Border City.  If you lost your 'roll', your torso was tested by the 600 pound barrel of honey.  I was in great shape after handling 20 - 45 kg bee crates all summer from the hives to the truck.  Then, I would cart the crates into the honey house warm room.  Finally, we used a forklift to lift the barrels onto the semi trailer deck.  Eventually, the bee generated flow of honey slowed towards the end of August.  The sweet clover, alfalfa, and canola had run their cycles in our 50 km square area.  Imagine, our little bees collected that entire area.  These crops provided the bulk of the honey for the bees, and I was due in the Military Police Court in Melfort SK.   As the honey run slowed, I was geared up for my court appearance in Melfort SK.

I walked into the Melfort Provincial Courthouse for my impaired driving charge.  I refused to be represented by the Military Legal Aid, and I pleaded guilty.  I was fined $400.00.  I refused to pay.  The judge offered time to pay the fine.  I said, 'I would not make payments'.  I told the court 'I needed every dime I had to continue my studies at the U of S.  I had planned to attend classes in 10 days.  The court went silent.  The judge suggested small payments, perhaps?  'No'.  I stood firm.  I said 'I'll go to jail'.  The judge wasn't very impressed with the Military Police, the Military Prosecutor (Crown), or the Military Legal Aid lawyer.  I represented myself in Court.  The forest and ice people are always outnumbered in a courtroom, then and now.  I repeated I could not afford both the U of S and a $400.00 fine.  I was found guilty by the Provincial Court Judge appointed by politicians and assisted by the Military Police and Military Prosecutor (Crown).

In the land of forest and ice, elected Politicians control the forest and ice people with the vote.  The winning Politician is the 'best funded', or alternatively, the 'most sold' out.  The 'unsold Politician' cannot afford the best media 'exposure', and they are refused the best 'Out Front Prime' adds, as 1%ers have their best 'Out Front Prime' adds slotted during the election for their 'Politician'.  Almost half of the forest and ice people know the vote is pointless, and the other half know Politicians will sell them out for their 'owners'.  The best 'funded' or the most 'sold out' WINS.  The winning Politician appoints our Judges.  Superior Court Justice Robert L Maranger is well paid to lord Common Law over the forest and ice people.  He interprets Common Law to protect Military Police from prosecution and public scrutiny.  Superior Court Justice Robert L Maranger is a justice from in the once respected timber trading area, Bytown.  Superior Court Justice Robert L Maranger hides, covers up, and aids and abets Military Police in hiding the torture and sexual abuse of a child.

Superior Court Justice Robert L Maranger interpretation of 'Common Law' for wages hides the identity of Military Police when torturing and raping a children.  Yes, pedophile friendly Superior Court Justice Robert L Maranger was appointed by the best sold Politician.  Forest and ice children learn very early in life that Military Judges, Military Police, and Military Prosecutors (Crown) are to be feared.  The forest and ice people must pay these people for 'peace, order, and good government' according to the British North America Act signed with England.  The forest and ice people were paying for their 'law and order' by working at the recently discovered Dawn Lake (1978) and McClean Lake (1979) mines.  We dug in these two mines known as the world's richest and largest uranium deposits on planet Earth.  The mines in our part of the land of forest and ice made a Profit providing Uranium for Nuclear Energy and those trendy Nuclear bombs.  Ka Ching!  Profit.  The mines were operated by 1%ers who also owned Nuclear Power Plants and Military Industries building those trendy Nuclear Bombs for 1%er owned Politicians.  Our Crest does describe our people, and were it not 'Multis e gentibus vires' we would have perished.
Superior Court Justice Robert L Maranger interprets Common Law to hide Military Police torturing and raping children
Multis e gentibus vires - From Many Peoples Strength

I've read books, however I learned to think from Professor Heasman.  He taught me to think about the world.  Eventually, I reasoned that Production, Consumption, Profit and The Business of War was a guide to the past, present, and future.  For example, the Production and Consumption of Uranium (Energy) would be controlled and produced by 1%ers(Economic and Military).  Their rush to harvest such a high grade ore discovery caused radiation exposure to our forest and ice people.  The problem was blamed on the extremely high concentration of Uranium.  Eventually, 'Personal Dosimeters' would save our lives like 'Ventilation' in coal mines.  Of course, Judges would find no faults in Profit.  Finally, the Business of War would see the Uranium used in Nuclear Bombs and sold by 1%ers to Politicians they put into power for a nuclear deterrent to war.  Since, the bombs built and sold at 100's of times more than their cost were never used, we do not know if they worked.  However, many paid for something that would not be used.  This is Profit in the Business of War.  My Judge earned wages by sentencing me to 14 days at a Work Camp managed by the Prince Albert Saskatchewan Penitentiary.

The Judge told the Military Police and Military Prosecutor I would be credited for 1 day of incarceration on the date I was charged and held, I would receive '3 days off for good behaviour', I would be released on the Friday', prior to the long weekend, and I was told I would be free to attend classes on the following Monday.  I spent the first night in a cell at the Military Police Detachment in Melfort, and the next day I was driven to the Prince Albert Penitentiary for 'processing' the next afternoon.  After processing, I spent one night in the Saskatchewan Penitentiary holding cells, before I was transferred to Urban Camp north of Prince Albert.  Urban Camp was a horse barn and arena for the 4%ers in the Prince Albert area.  I was able to fight fire for one day for minimum wages, due to particularly dry forest conditions.  I also cleaned the puck marks off the glass at the Prince Albert Communiplex where the Prince Albert Raiders played hockey, and later I was driven to the Racing Greyhound Bus Depot in Prince Albert on Friday morning.  The guard asked me which destination he should put on the ticket, and I was left at the Racing Greyhound bus depot in Prince Albert SK with a ticket to Melfort SK.  When I arrived in Melfort SK, I went for a barley sandwich at the Pioneer Bar to spend my 'jail money'.  I was drinking with Patrick (Pat) Boulanger from St. Brieux SK.  He was on the same bus, as he was also a dangerous offender in the land of forest and ice.

After filling my belly full of beer, Leo arrived to bring the dangerous Outlaw back to St. Brieux SK.  Leo was not impressed with my choices, and he first asked 'how it was in jail'. I told him it wasn't so bad. I knew the town drunk whisperers were whispering?  When we were back at the Rocky Ridge Ranch, Leo and I had a long talk. It was one of those conversations that started small and ended bad. Leo was upset because he did not get the Rocky Ridge Ranch nothing! He didn't like making payments for his place. I told him the eldest son didn't always get everything in the land of forest and ice. The town drunk took everything from his sisters, Denise and Marie, and somehow I understood now that Leo expected to take everything from Lorraine and I. That's the way things worked for the town drunks generation, in the land of forest and ice. The mood worsened. Then, I was having to good a time during my summer. Then, I wasn't paying my share. Then, I had to get out! I said that's a great idea. I told Leo he should take the beds, furnishings, and kitchen equipment from the 2 bedroom apartment in Saskatoon from last winter. If I hadn't given it to him he would have taken it anyway from my Mother.

The next morning, I left my Yamaha 750 Special at the Rocky Ridge Ranch. After all September in the land of forest and ice meant summer had expired on riding motorcycles. I threw my clothes into the Ford Econoline Van. I drove too Saskatoon to collect my rent from the Collins brothers.  In Toon Town, Pat and Dan had very little rent for me to find another place, so I told them they had to leave with Garnet who was Bonny's boyfriend.  In the fall of 1979, everyone found other places to live.  I moved into my mobile home on wheels.  I registered for my second year at the U of S, and I started with the best intentions of continuing my education.  I did enjoy working with the bees over the summer, however I didn't make a lot of money.  I wasn't going to have enough money for books and tuition.  I applied for a part time job on the other side of Idylwyld Drive N. at the Husky Car / Truck Stop.  I was broke when they phoned a few weeks, later.  But, they did not phone for a part time job.

Instead they phoned me about a full time night shift.  I took the job.  I immediately fell behind on my courses, and I took a crash course on the night life of truckers in the Husky Car / Truck Stop Parking Lot.  Then one night the Husky Car / Truck Stop, we had a new visitor hanging out at the counter.  She was a young, blond, chatty, little girl with a great smile.  Penny.  She just wandered up to the Husky Car / Truck Stop counter around 2:00 AM that night.  I didn't know what Penny was doing in the parking lot out back.  It was a Friday night, and this was the first time I had seen Penny.  She was in fact a new hanger on at the Husky according to the waitresses in the coffee shop in the 'know'.  She was immediately interested in Toby Forest.  Toby had also just started working a weekend shift while attending high school.  Penny ended up flirting with Toby the first night.

Toby left with Penny in the morning when we finished our shift.  The next night, I caught up on the news with Toby when he arrived for his shift.  Toby was not impressed with Penny's friends, and he appeared to know some of her 'friends' by reputation as he was a Toon Town lifer.  That night Penny returned to visit Toby.  This time he was not all that interested in Penny.  On Sunday morning, the three of us decided to go to my home on wheels, across the street.  I gave it up that night that I lived just across the street.  We used the overpass at Circle Drive to walk over Idylwyld Drive to my home on wheels in Star Trailer Court.  Toby said he could sketch and paint, so I gave him my storm window for the front window of my home on wheels.  I put him to work painting a pot leaf on the storm window.  The next weekend he returned with the painting on the window.  It was quite good when backlit by the living room, and I displayed it proudly on my front window.

I also became friends with Penny.  Penny was already hanging out with her new gang of friends.  Over the next few weeks, the three of us hung around together a few times.  Toby turned out to be the wiser, as he stayed clear of Penny's group of friends.  Penny started to crash at my place on a regular basis.  I was missing as many courses as I was attending at the U of S. while trying to work a full time night shift.  Penny would tell me about her friends crashing parties, when she visited to sleep on the couch.  Eventually, Toby drifted 'Away' as he didn't want anything to do with Penny's friends.  He said the party crashing and fights were just not worth the whatever Penny had to offer him.  Myself, I fell for Penny's smile, and I let her couch surf at my place.  Toby quit his shift at work because it was just to tough to go to school all day Friday and stay up all night.  He stopped dropping by at all after quitting his job. 

Eventually, Penny persuaded me to have a few friends over to my home on wheels.  That's when, I started to have problems with her friends.  Still, I left Penny drop in too surf on my couch.  We never did have sex.  She had a wonderful smile, and she was homeless survivor.  I think that's why I liked in Penny.  I was a town drunks son survivor, but I wondered if I could survive the life she was living.  Maybe, that's why she kept getting back inside to sleep on my couch.  I just assumed she had a 'couch surfing' route, and I was just one couch in a long line of couches.  She was young.  She was vulnerable.  I felt good about cutting her a break.  Unfortunately, she drew the wrong people to my home on wheels at 20 Star Trailer Court in Toon Town.  This was the first time I met Becky, Little Whore from Clavet.  She first passed as one of Penny's at one of the parties.  That's the first time I would meet the Little Whore from Clavet as she wandered in with that crowd Toby considered as not worth the trouble.

The Little Whore from Clavet was with the gang Penny knew when she was 'Away' on another couch.  Penny and the Little Whore from Clavet appeared to know each other at the parties from October - December 1979.  I also met many other people at these parties.  I met Donny Ethier, and I would eventually meet his whole family.  Donny was working for his brother Pee Wee who owned the Martensville Car Wash at the time.  During this period, Donny ended up renting 1 bedroom in my 3 bedroom home on wheels in November.  I met his brothers Ron and Pee Wee.  I also met his sister Ellie, and I met their friend Darla from Bellevue SK.  I also met Melanie from Martensville SK, as she was one of the people who I met from the parties.  I met a lot of other great people as well.  Unfortunately, Penny's wild side also came to the parties.  Wayne Seroka, Frog, Todd, and his gang made up the larger group of people at these parties.  I think the Little Whore from Clavet was part of their group as well.  I'm sure Wayne's gang imagined themselves after the 1979 movie 'The Warriors'. 

However they were just interested in drinking, fighting, and smoking weed.  I was a smoker and a drinker, but I was never a fighter.  The majority of Seroka's Gang were Aboriginal, or what I call developmentally delayed aboriginal (DDA).  I will have a lot to say about DDA later, but I must say now that I never believed Politically Correct should rewrite history.  Historically, Aboriginals were developmentally delayed as a population.  I was young then, and I was naive enough to believe I could socialize with DDA.  Eventually, I learned that was not going to work during the parties in my home on wheels in Star Trailer Court.  I will have a lot to say about DDA, as I explain the way things really worked in the land of forest and ice.  Suffice to say that in 1979, I was naive while living in my home on wheels at Star Trailer Court.

Until Toon Town, I hadn't really thought much about the Aboriginal in the land of forest and ice.  I just sort of ignored the DDA, and I knew little about the DDA in the land of forest and ice.  In 1979, many people referred to DDA as Indians.  Now of course we know they are Aboriginals.  I knew Indians came from India, however the term was still popular among forest and ice people.  First, I use the term developmentally delayed aboriginal.  Why? I believed it is 'childish' expect a primitive stone age hunter gatherer in the land of forest and ice to change 180 degrees in a short 200 years.  That's just stupid to think anyone could change that quickly.  Second, the DDA did not 'develop' for at least 16, 000 years.  They got stuck! How could intelligent people believe they would 'catch up' in 200 years.  It is truly amazing how little insight humans use in their expectations.  I was not watching DDA that were catching up in my home on wheels at Star Trailer Court in Toon Town.

Forest and Ice People Settlers, Traders, and Explorers also expected the 'Aboriginal' to catch up from the first fishing boats and fur trade on the Atlantic Coastline.  However, the DDA remained stuck during the 225 years of the fur trade in the land of forest and ice.  'Aboriginals' traded but they did not progress.  When no one wanted furs, the DDA languished in the past of the simple hunter gatherer fur trade.  Furs were passe in Europe!  The 'Aboriginal' languished in the fur trade which was geared to their current historical development.  Meanwhile, the forest and ice people moved forward with logging, agriculture, and mining while another 50 years passed as our grandparents waited for the 'Aboriginal' to get on board.  My parents waited their 50 years, and I was waiting my 50 years at Star Trailer Court in Toon Town.  50 years later the forest and ice people would be told that 'Aboriginal' would be on board soon!  50 years later, the forest and ice people were still waiting told that the 'Aboriginal' would soon be on board!  I'm sure your not surprised even after another 50 years, that your expectation was wrong.

The entire United Nations would make the same mistake.  Instead, DDA would not catch up.  Instead, humanistic assumptions which were politically correct would did terrible damage to innocent DDA children.  Instead, the forest and ice people would live with DDA far longer than either the DDA or the forest and ice people ever imagined possible.  Time itself would prove that the DDA could not climb out of the primitive hunter gatherer lifestyle, after they lived that life for 16, 000 years.  How stupid are humanists who believe DDA could catch up in a short 225 years since gathering furs?  The DDA in Wayne's Gang were no different.  My lack of insight cost me real friends, stolen property, lost fights, and damage to my humble home on wheels in Star Trailer Court.  Yet, it was in 1979 that I met the Little Whore from Clavet during the series of drunken parties.  I likely had one hundred people witness the Little Whore from Clavet and Wayne's Gang at my home on wheels during October - December.  Penny couldn't have a party without Wayne, Frog, Dan, and the gang, and once again that's the first time I met the Little Whore from Clavet.

I was no angel at the time either.  I was drinking more than studying.  I just hadn't admitted to myself that I was finished being 'educated'.  Wayne was a necessary component of many parties because he drove cab for Saskatoon Radio Cabs.  He was the ride, and Penny was a good looking white girl.  Penny had nothing else to trade with a grown man?  She was surviving.  I am totally amazed the sex, drinking, drugs, violence, and rock and roll didn't leave a single mark on Wayne.  That was really amazing.  Wayne was the Teflon man.  The Little Whore from Clavet's family was well aware of what the Little Whore from Clavet was doing at the parties.  Her brothers were well aware of Penny, as well.  Penny were always in touch with her brothers, when I knew Penny.  The brothers also knew what the Little Whore from Clavet was doing with Penny.  The brothers were doing the same things in different crowds at the same time.  I know Becky's brothers dropped off the girls on some occasions, and I believe they came in when dropping off or picking up during the weekend parties at some point.  Once again, I never understood why Wayne never got in trouble with his young girls crashing parties.

I was new to parties and wrecking houses?  In those days, desperate runaways on 20th Street and Ave C. in Saskatoon didn't have families to look after them.  That's just the way things were then for Penny.  Years later, I wondered if Wayne led the Junior Hockey Team in Saskatoon into the same type of parties?  Violence?  Sex?  Anyway, the parties got out of hand, and the neighbours called the Saskatoon Police Department.  Repeatedly.  Wayne was never charged, and that's how I met Penny and the Little Whore from Clavet.  Penny and the Little Whore from Clavet were regulars with Wayne's gang.  I also learned the Little Whore from Clavet's brothers were 'hangers on' with the Saskatoon Rebels MC 2 blocks south on Idylwyld Drive N..  Several of her brothers imagined themselves with some sort a future with the 1%er Saskatoon Rebels MC.  Myself, I had enough of the parties.  I started taking back my home on wheels.  I also learned I would never be a fighter during those parties.  I just didn't have fighting in me somehow?  Although, I could handle a 600 lb barrel of honey.  Don't figure does it?  I started stopping people at my door in December.

I locked the door and the dust began to settle.  I did find a few real new friends.  They witnessed the DDA assault on my home on wheels in Star Trailer Court.  Most of them met Penny, the Little Whore from Clavet, and Wayne and his Gang.  In December, I was fired from the Husky Car / Truck Stop for falling asleep at work.  University, the night shift, the parties, I was finished.  I quit everything.  I stopped allowing Wayne's Gang and the parties into my place, even when they tried to force their way into my home on wheels.  Penny and the Little Whore from Clavet were allowed to visit alone at my place.  They would drop by occasionally because Penny and I remained friends before the fat red devil returned for Christmas that year.  It was on one of their visits that I learned Penny was house surfing with the Little Whore from Clavet in Clavet SK.  We were chatting on the couch that night, and Penny was talking.  Penny, the wild, young, runaway was couch surfing with the Little Whore from Clavet!  Penny always needed a place to sleep.  Remember, that's how I got to know Penny at the Husky Car / Truck Stop.  Penny was nothing, if she was not a street smart young poker player.

That night, Penny was giving up the real goods on living with the Clan from Clavet and the Little Whore from Clavet in Clavet SK Clavet SK.  That was unusual for Penny.  She was unusually talkative that night about the Clan from Clavet.  Penny wanted me to know that she was house surfing in Clavet SK with the Little Whore from Clavet.  We were sitting on the couch in the living room, and I had the TV on low volume entertainment so we could talk.  During Penny's little rant, she said the Little Whore from Clavet's "brother was going to be happy".  Penny looked at me with her flashing eyes and a smile.  In the context of the conversation Penny was sharing a secret that 'one of the Little Whore from Clavet's brothers would be happy that Becky was having sex'?  It was really odd.  How many brothers would be 'pumped' about their sister having sex?  Then, Penny got specific.  I think she said "Dan".  Now that really didn't make sense.  Why would one of her brothers be 'happy' about the Little Whore from Clavet sleeping around?  On the other hand, she knew very well what her brothers were doing with Penny.

I learned for the first time that the Little Whore from Clavet was not the least bit concerned that her brothers were having sex with Penny, an underage white girl.  The Little Whore from Clavet couldn't care less if her brothers raped Penny each night.  That's what Penny was needling her for right now.  Now Penny was getting a little bit of revenge from a powerless house surfing position on her back.  She was turning it against the Little Whore from Clavet.  Of course, the Little Whore from Clavet traded sex if it made her life easier.  It was part of their family business, but why was Penny fingering her brothers to be happy?  I paid attention, 'brother'.  Penny played her cards and her words to survive each day alongside her ample breasts.  Still, this was a little forward for Penny.  In fact this was very unusual for Penny.  What a thing to say?  Why?  I thought it was very odd.  Why would Becky's older brother be happy she was having sex with other men in Toon Town.  Why?  I thought it was very odd.  Penny had been staying in Clavet SK.  Penny knew the 'real goods at their house'.  Now, Penny was unusually talkative about the Clan from Clavet.  That night she would not let it go!

She kept making the point.  One of Becky's brothers would be 'happy'.  What a thing to say "right".  Why?  I couldn't really ask Penny what she meant in front of the Little Whore from Clavet.  The Little Whore from Clavet was heavy, already.  She could have been pregnant?  I couldn't tell if she was pregnant?  Did the Clan from Clavet screw the Little Whore from Clavet?  Was I just was not picking up on the clues?  I was book smart, but I was never street smart like Penny.  I could learn a book by kicking it across the floor, however I was also people stupid.  Why would my friend Penny be telling me this after staying with the Clan from Clavet?  We all knew Becky's brothers were selling drugs and women on 20th St. and Ave C. in front of the bars.  I knew because the girls were meeting them after their bar business downtown.  Both of the girls would want to get back downtown before a 1:00 AM (Bar Closing) to catch a ride back to Clavet SK in the meat wagon.  Penny and the Little Whore from Clavet hitch hiked from 20th Street and Ave C. to Star Trailer Court on Circle Drive E. and Idylwyld Dr. N. several times in December.

At the end of the evening, Penny and the Little Whore from Clavet would hitch hike back downtown, where they would get a ride back to Clavet SK with the Clan from Clavet.  It doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out that her family sells drugs and sex in the Toon Town DDA meat market.  Every resident of Toon Town also knows very well what people buy and sell on 20th Street and Ave C. in Toon Town.  Penny and the Little Whore from Clavet were always coming or going to the DDA whores on 20th Street and Ave C..  I learned a lot about the Little Whore from Clavet during her visits to my home on wheels in Star Trailer Court.  In 1979, Clavet SK was a village 25 km outside of Toon Town SK with a population of approximately 200 people.  It's one of those villages where people see each others business.  It's also one of those small towns which takes in DDA from the reservations to the east, west, and south.  These are what I call the dirt tribes from the small open prairie in the south.  These DDA had it a little easier then forest DDA.  I talked to Penny privately, and I understood she didn't like it in Clavet SK.  She was looking to get 'Away' from the Little Whore from Clavet trading her to her brothers.

During December, I let Penny stay with Melanie at my home on wheels over Christmas.  I started seeing Melanie from Martinsville SK, as I had met her during the party months.  I left the Penny and Melanie in Toon Town, and I went to my town drunk son's job in St. Brieux for Christmas.  I drove the Econoline Van back to the Rocky Ridge Ranch that year for the fat red devils revenge.  Penny and Melanie were free to hang out at the house trailer for Christmas.  I told them I did not want any parties.  Donny had already left to Bellevue to visit his mother for Christmas, and I had all but officially dropped out of the U of S.  That fat red devil's season, I explained to Leo about the problems I was having with the DDA.  Leo was looking forward to having the Rocky Ridge Ranch to himself.  I needed money.  When does anyone not need money?  Though?  After Christmas, I got into Ford Econoline Van with a 30 / 30 Winchester rifle I borrowed from Leo.  I was determined to shoot Wayne Seroka and his Gang of DDA too protect my home on wheels.  I was determined to keep control of my place.  On the one hand, this may not have been my best idea?  On the other hand, this may have been a series of bad choices with a good stopper?

Either way I was going to settle my place down, permanently.  I loaded the Econoline Van and drove to Star Trailer Court in Toon Town.  I planned to try to resurrect my education, but I really didn't want to be more 'educated'.  I wanted to get a job.  I returned to my home on wheels to see that Penny and Melanie had cleaned up the place fairly well after what appeared to be yet another one of Penny's Parties.  While I loved Penny like my own sister, she had to go for me to lead a normal life.  After checking out my place, I carried my clothes inside along with the borrowed 30 / 30 rifle.  Penny was the first to know she had pressed her luck one to many times, yet we remained friends.  Penny knew she wasn't going to be able to stay at my place, anymore.  We talked it out.  We were both sad.  We talked about the night Penny was taking shots at the Little Whore from Clavet?  Penny was angry about giving sex away for a surfing couch in Clavet SK.  Meanwhile, the Little Whore from Clavet couldn't care less if she was soliciting an underage white girl.  That's just the way the whore was raised.  Penny's couch surfing should not have been a reason for the brothers to rape an underage girl, but that's the way these DDA are raised.

That's the way the Clan from Clavet was raised as well.  Ironically, DDA were not all that different 250 years ago in Ville-Marie for DDA males trading sex for metal.  200 years ago DDA traded their women away as slaves.  Did you think the 50,000 Metis during this period, hatched?  50 years later today, the DDA males sell their mothers, sisters and daughters on 20th Street and Ave C. in Toon Town.  Today the DDA Chief, Henry Hank Neapetung of the Yellow Quill First Nation has sex with 10 and 12 year old children.  Only 300 years ago, Neapetung was on course with the 16,000 year old hunter gatherer life of DDA in the land of forest and ice.  Today, DDA Chief Henry Hank Neapetung is lost in two worlds.  The 'forest and ice people' world where sex with children is wrong.  The 'DDA' world where women and children are property in a primitive group.  Imagine the small primitive hunter gatherer tribe of 20 men and women with an average life expectancy of about 21 years of age.  Father's having sex with daughters or sisters was not that unusual when one sex outnumbered the small primitive hunter gatherer groups.  Australian Aboriginals had the same problem, however they were smarter in trading women between tribes.  Today, I did not know that the sexual abuse percentages demonstrated by the DDA in the next 50 years would be the highest on planet Earth.  The Clan from Clavet were just part of the worst child abuse statistics on planet Earth.

How to do help DDA? Educate? Yes.  Schools.  Yes.  Residential Schools.  Eventually, Residential Schools taught and filtered down radical ideas like reading and writing.  Then, Residential Schools were gradually reduced region by region.  Remaining Residential Schools were shut down in the 1980's, while Residential Schools were better than Reserve Schools.  The politically correct were to cowardly to take credit for their damage.  They ignored the child abuse by DDA against their women and children.  Later, The Yellow Quill First Nation Chief would practice pedophilia, as would many DDA, including the Clan from Clavet.  The Yellow Quill First Nation Reserve is a dirt tribe southeast of Toon Town, and they were successful in hiding all images of their Chief through this controversy.  That's also typical of how the little Whore from Clavet traded underage Penny on 20th Street and Ave C. in Toon Town.  Silently.  That's just the way the Little Whore from Clavet was when I met her.  In Clavet SK, the United Church would be blind to the shortcomings of the Clan from Clavet in Clavet SK.

Henry Hank Neapetung Yellow Quill First Nation Chief
How?  The Clavet United Church turned a blind eye to what a significant portion of their community was involved with in Clavet SK.  How could they miss a young little 5 foot nothing blond haired Penny living with DDA? How many children did the village of Clavet SK ignore through their doors? How do you not notice a young teenager in a small village of less than 200 souls?  Penny?  I guess underage sex was allowed by both DDA and the United Church?  Penny didn't attend their church on Queen Street in Clavet SK?  In fact, Penny told me she was a runaway from Nelson BC., and she told me her real name.  Of course, the church and religious leaders in Clavet could keep things quiet for the boys at the Cargil Seed Plant in Clavet SK?  Clavet SK managed their 'problem'.  The village of 200 saw nothing.  They saw nothing at all.  The Little Whore from Clavet knew the lie, but she wasn't telling either.  The Clavet Church didn't want that sort of publicity.  Imagine, some of their Clan at the Cargil Seed Plant?  They would have killed her if she talked?

Later, I broke off my relationship with Melanie.  I really didn't have a good reason.  She deserved better than a book smart kid.  I started my new life, alone.  I should say I continued my life, alone.  I always liked it, alone.  Later, I talked to Donny and he explained that he would not be coming back from his mothers in Bellevue SK, as he was broke.  It was hard for the young forest and ice people to 'make it' in Toon Town.  I know.  Toon Town?  Yes, it was a step out of the hamlets, villages, and small towns into the 'BIG'.  There are only two 'BIG' in our area of the land of forest and ice, Toon Town and Queen City.  I was alone.  I liked it alone.  I was happier, alone.  Donny was short of money, and he would not try to 'make it again now'.

Penny once asked if she could invite Wayne Seroka and his sidekick Frog for a visit in January.  Penny promised only the 2 of them would drop by that night.  Wayne, Frog, Penny, and I managed to get along well as we drank a bottle of their Whisky.  The place was clean, and we listened to music and watched Television.  The music was low, and the neighbours did not call the police for the first time in a long time.  The 30 / 30 sat in the corner of the living room.  We just had a quiet night.  It was good.  No hard feelings.  They went on their way, and I was satisfied that we would not likely see each other again.  I stayed alone in the land of forest and ice.  Odd as it may sound, I don't think I ever met a Saskatoon Rebel in Toon Town while living 2 blocks from the Clubhouse.  Instead, I was a young forest and ice person, who was known by a few people for the out of control parties.

Later in February 1980, I was invited to a party thrown by my friend Kevin Joubert from Elrose.  Kevin was living in Meadowgreen Park Area near the Confederation Mall in Toon Town.  He shared a house with his friend Garth, and they would both be inviting their friends.  I seem to remember that Garth had roots from Rosetown SK.  I think that's who invited Ken Auston.  He's not the one from the popular 6 Million Dollar Man TV show.  Sonya was dating Kevin at the time, and she joined the party.  I assumed the basic group, plus would be attending.  Since, I was no longer having people over to my place, I thought a party would be fun.  What could go wrong?  I was going to take it easy and relax.  Sissy and I arrived in the darkness, as it was winter with our short days.  I had met Sissy the previous fall along with her sister Chris through Penny.  I knew Penny had met both Kevin and Garth, but I was surprised to see Penny at the party.  We had a chance to catch up on the news, as I had not seen her since the quiet evening with Wayne and Frog.

Sissy and I took a seat on the couch, as the kitchen table was covered with cards while their operators played Kaiser.  I've always fermented, distilled, and drank alcohol.  Therefore, I was inspired to see that Kevin provided a 1/2 gallon of 'Everclear'.  Everclear is triple distilled alcohol made from corn mash too either 151 and 190 'Proof'.  William B. Jensen claimed 'Proof' harkens to whiskey traders challenged to prove their hooch had a kick.  Jensen credits that to 16th century England traders who dropped a gunpowder pellet into the hooch.  He says "If it was still possible to ignite the wet gunpowder, the alcohol content of the liquor was rated above proof and it was taxed at a higher rate, and vice versa if the powder failed to ignite.  I believe that's just wrong.  I know every spirits drinker / trader wanted 'Proof'.  That's right.  Fire was involved.  That's right.  But, instead of wasting gunpowder, it was a tiny spoon.  Light the hooch in the 1/4 teaspoon.  'Proof' is both right on quality testing, and 'Proof' is stupid for measuring.  I prefer percentage by volume.  Most people understand that better.  Alcohol burns with a clear 'blue' flame at 50 % alcohol volume, plus.  'Dirty 50 % alcohol volume' burns clear blue with yellow flame tips, as 'fibre' in the alcohol burns like wood in a fire.  Fibre could be Corn, Wheat, Rye, Barley, or Rice residue, or worse.  'Everclear' comes in 151-Proof (75.5 % Alcohol), and 190-Proof (95% Alcohol).  Alcohol has a long history of tax going back to feudal Europe.  'Proof' was a point of taxation was likely used against the Lord's 'Peasants' and in turn against the King's Lords.

After checking out the 'Everclear', Sissy and I went back to the living room and took two seats on the couch.  We talked our way through a series of different people in the living room.  That's where I noticed the Little Whore from Clavet's brother, BJ.  I recognized him from my short period of out of control parties.  I'm not sure who invited the a member of the Clan from Clavet, BJ? Was Penny stirring her witches brew? Was she still mad at BJ for using her in Clavet SK?  Tonight I was drinking slowly, as before I was drinking heavily during those earlier parties.  Suddenly, BJ entered the living room and he squeezed in as an unwelcome 4th on the couch next to Sissy.  BJ started talking over the top of her head in my direction from the other end of the couch.  It is possible BJ was in one of the fights wrecking my home on wheels?  In any event, BJ was here representing the Clan from Clavet tonight.  He kept talking out of his anal feature on his face.  However, I couldn't hear what BJ was saying over the music.  It's just as well, I didn't really care what Blow Job Joe or his son Blow Job had to say anyway.  I chose to ignore him.  Well, maybe I could hear him, but I chose to ignore him.  I wasn't alone among the forest and ice people in ignoring the DDA.  Ignoring DDA was actually an old hockey tradition in the land of forest and ice.

'Reserve' hockey teams were ignored while forest and ice hockey tournaments were planned during frosty's revenge.  So what does BJ and 'Reserve' hockey teams have in common? DDA live on land designated as 'Reserves' in the land of forest and ice.  'Reserves' were originally places for a 'Registered Indian' to live their primitive hunter gatherer lives.  'Registered' DDA would live on 'Reserves', as they traded their land for various food, goods, treaty money, treaty payments, welfare, and DDA 'Reserves'.  Historically, our forest and ice people made deal which were extremely generous compared to many cultures and migrations.  The forest and ice people knew well the deforestation of the Amazon forest in 1980.  We saw the homeless Aboriginals on the 'brushed land', and they received nothing but a chance of jobs as the forest was turned into grassland for ranching cattle.  This ranch land offset the losses of food production in Africa, as the great grasslands began to dry.  Every community has a hockey team of guys or gals called Shootin' Blanks or Fuzzy Tacos, Cougar Bait or Chicks with Sticks, Healthy Scratch or Maidens of Mayhem.  Reserve hockey teams are ignored and they are seldom invited to hockey tournaments.  Senior, Fun, No Contact, and Community teams are beer league teams with young and old forest and ice people playing amateur hockey for fun.  Therefore, 28,092 Cities, Towns, and Villages with multiple teams ignore DDA Reserve hockey teams for fun tournaments. These forest and ice people are not 'racists', however they are not so politically correct to waste all the fun with fights.  We 'politely' ignore DDA 'Reserve' teams when inviting teams to our hockey tournaments.  These teams ignore the DDA because 'All they (DDA) want to do is fight'.  They're ignored, as I was now ignoring BJ on the couch.
1 in 113 people are forcibly displaced, Angelina Wicyote UNCHR High Commissioner in Bentiu South Sudan
United Nations has nearly 1% of Global Population 'Forcibly Displaced' Angelina Wicyote, a 39-year-old mother of 8 as UNCHR High Commissioner visits Bentiu South Sudan

Instead of being politically correct in the land of forest and ice, we are having fun when ice reigns over the forest.  Ice tournament festivities included some hockey, kegs of beer, parties, after parties, very tall rink stories, music, singles flirting, wild ones with weed, and fuzzy mornings requiring clarification on who won the game.  That's forest and ice people fun.  It's a hockey game.  However, the DDA 'Reserve' team is not invited because the forest and ice people know the DDA just want to fight on the ice.  Ice Hockey Tournaments have nothing to do with winning or fighting for that matter.  I was still ignoring BJ. The tournament and most of the frolicking ends when the referee takes away the puck when the last game reaches exactly 60 minutes.  We quit.  Of course, someone has to be the 'show offs' to win the tournament.  The losers will never let them live it down, and we go home to get ready for jobs on Monday.  Most of us have to work for 1%ers to feed and house our families.  I was still ignoring BJ, who was still sitting on the couch.  BJ was like a DDA 'Reserve' hockey team getting ready for the tournament, however 28,092 teams weren't inviting him to the dance.

I wondered again who invited BJ?  Did his DDA parents teach him to crash parties.  Likely, who would invite DDA? BJ did have 2 parents selling whores and drugs.  That made BJ a minority among DDA.  No, not the whores? No, not the drugs? Two Parents?   In 1980, most DDA did not have the mental capability or the work ethic to actually 'raise' their own offspring.  Those same DDA blamed everyone when their DDA children grew up like their DDA parents in foster care.  50 years later, developmentally delayed stone age hunter gatherer still cannot raise their own offspring.  Statistics Canada and the National Household Survey (NHS) would count 258,800 DDA children in the land of forest and ice.  100% (100 percent) of DDA were able to breed in the land of forest and ice.  However the majority 55% (55 percent) of breeding couples were unable to raise their children.  DDA excuses included laziness, stress, drugs, alcohol, mental defect, violence, child abuse, and incest.  The majority of DDA are unfit to care for their children.  45 percent of DDA couples are actually able to raise their own children.  Fully, 55% (55 percent) of DDA children end up in foster care for money, raised by relatives for money, raised by one parent families on welfare, abused, or worse, or dead.  This is because their parents are DDA.  I was still ignoring BJ talking over Sissy's head.

What's the trend on child abuse? The child abuse numbers rose as DDA Residential Schools were fazed and DDA were sent too Reserve Schools where they lived with their DDA parents.  I went to school in Oxdrift ON with a student named Richard.  Richard was a DDA destined for success.  In 1973, Richard chose to attend the Oxdrift Public School.  I asked him, why?  He told me that as 'little' as Oxdrift Elementary School offered both of us, it was ten times better than what the Chief and Elders (Board) offered in 1973 on the Reserve.  You see the 45% of smart DDA parents and students like Richard took advantage of Public Schools to 'catch up'.  In 1973, the dysfunctional 45% of DDA sent already disadvantaged children to Reserve Schools which provided very little after being 'strip funded' by DDA Chiefs and DDA Elders (Boards).  DDA Chiefs and Boards generally stole education money allotted to children for other purposes.  Stealing education money from children pushed DDA children with dysfunctional parents further behind the forest and ice people.  The DDA fraud worked especially well with 55% of dysfunctional families who could not raise their children as a couple, anyway.  7 years later in 1980, I was ignoring BJ like 28,092 + Beer League Teams.

The Clan from Clavet and BJ's parents were less into education and more into the sex trade and drugs for their children.  The Clan from Clavet ignored education for their children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.  Before 1988, DDA continually ran more Reservation Schools.  After 1988, Reserve Chiefs and Tribal Boards took over almost absolute power in funding and choosing teachers, curriculum, contracts, and financial affairs.  Reserve Schools have been a dismal failure, and the rate at which DDA students kill themselves is found in that dismal failure over the next 50 years.  Enter a DDA Senator Lillian Eva Quan Dyck who starts her bio on the Senate web site as the "first female First Nations senator and first Canadian born Chinese senator".  Really, how can a person be both?  DDA Senator Lillian Eva Quan Dyck is completely detached from reality if she thinks 50% means anything in the land of forest and ice where everyone comes from 'Away'.  DDA Senator Lillian Eva Quan Dyck goes on to claims she is "well known for education and employment of women"?

I could not find announcements for educational achievements, such as buildings, libraries, college grants, or anything else on education while google put on a sweat?  DDA Senator Lillian Eva Quan Dyck claims she is well known for employment on the Gordon First Nation Reserve.  In fact, she lies about coming from a Reserve according to a story at  According to their web site, she was actually not born on the reserve.  Her 'connection' to the reserve is through her mother Eva Muriel McNab.  Eva Muriel McNab was a waitress in a Chinese restaurant.  The Chinese restaurant was not on the reserve, Eva Muriel McNab actually worked near North Battleford SK.  Eva Muriel McNab, Dyck's mother was born on a Cree Reserve, and her mother had long left the Reserve as a young woman.  Eva Muriel McNab (Cree) met Yook Chun Quan (Chinese) in the restaurant business. DDA Senator Lillian Eva Quan Dyck was not born on the Reserve, as she was born in North Battleford SK.  She lived with her parents in the restaurant business, and then she attended the U of S.  Now, she lives in Toon Town, and she presents herself as an authority on the 'Reserves' and 'Reserve Schools'.  The reserve she affectionately adopts as 'home' is the Gordon First Nation Reserve which is shipping DDA females on the 2 1/2 hour drive to 20th St. and Ave C.. in Toon Town.

DDA Senator Lillian Eva Quan Dyck has failed miserably regarding Reserve Schools on her 'home' Reservation.  Of course, DDA Senator Lillian Eva Quan Dyck does not send the abused children to Toon Town herself.  Instead, DDA Senator Lillian Eva Quan Dyck supports the Reserve Schools that drive them to the skid in Toon Town.  Meanwhile, Dyck is righteous like the Little Whore from Clavet, as she sells underage girls.  DDA Senator Lillian Eva Quan Dyck has never been elected to any political office.  DDA Senator Lillian Eva Quan Dyck extorts a salary from the forest and ice people with false credentials.  DDA Senator Lillian Eva Quan Dyck was appointed by the Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Paul Martin for no real good reason.  The forest and ice person have voted for many politicians promising to get rid of Senators.  We want the DDA / Chinese / Senator sent home.  DDA Senator Lillian Eva Quan Dyck does not feel ashamed, offensive, or deceptive when she declares such a strong connection to the Gordon First Nation Reserve.  Senators like DDA Senator Lillian Eva Quan Dyck are always caught in their lies.  For example, does DDA Senator Lillian Eva Quan Dyck's declared connection to the reserve constitute an outright lie to the forest and ice people?  DDA Senator Lillian Eva Quan Dyck ignores the activities of Senator Don Meredith, as her twisted 'faith' ignores the Pentecostal Church in Residential Schools, while she misrepresents herself as a First Nations 'Hope'.
Senator Lillian Eva Quan Dyck supports Meredith in sexual harassment and assualt.

Senator Don Meredith (Rhema Studies of Theology) is a volunteer Senior Pastor (Pentecostal Praise Centre) in Maple ON.

It's a sad commentary on the Gordon First Nation Reserve that they would allow such grandiose claims to their Reserve by someone who isn't even from the Reserve.  We can't send DDA Senator Lillian Eva Quan Dyck home to Toon Town with no further pay?  Since, Votes count for nothing in the land of forests and ice, the forest and ice people are forced to pay DDA Senator Lillian Eva Quan Dyck for lying?  The sad fact is that Senators are often hired due to extortion or payment for services.  Senators use campaign donations, tricky dyck deals, bribes, pork barrel politics, extortion, political debts, friendships, or and promises of future awards to extort money from the forest and ice people.  That's when the Senate starts making up 'Glorious' backgrounds for new Senators.  The Pretend 'First Nations' star.  The Pretend 'First Nations' star.  Then, Senators like DDA Senator Lillian Eva Quan Dyck extort every single penny they can from blue collar forest and ice people.  How could the forest and ice people get rid of Senators like DDA Senator Lillian Eva Quan Dyck?  Votes don't count? So who cares about another crooked politician steeling from the forest and ice people? Who cares about the 'Pretend First Nations' star!

Spotlight.  DDA Senator Lillian Eva Quan Dyck shame another Senator for saying 'Residential Schools did some good.'  Yup.  That's all it took for the 50% Chinese / 50% DDA Senator Lillian Eva Quan Dyck to launch a personal attack on another Senator.  Imagine, 'Residential Schools did some good' pushed Paul Martin's extortionist over the edge.  Those simple words cocked Dyck into a personal attack on another Senator.  Dyck's lips attacked like an DDA whore on 20th St. and Ave C. stiffed for a $10:00 blow job. has insight into the skid.  Why? That's a good question.  Why did DDA Senator Lillian Eva Quan Dyck get all hot and bothered with her background?  Well, let's start with her bio.  Is Dyck self conscious over her 'First Nations' deception?  Is Dyck self conscious over 'Education' fanciful?  Is Dyck self conscious regarding her 'Employment' record?.  In reality, Dyck cannot be found with any significant contributions anywhere! Go ahead

Finally, I have yet to find one DDA at the George First Nation Reserve who is actually in print anywhere telling us anything about DDA Senator Lillian Eva Quan Dyck.  Perhaps DDA Senator Lillian Eva Quan Dyck wanted to divert attention away from the recent illegal activities she may have been involved with on her reserve.  The CBC News covered the Court of Queen's Bench Justice L.M. Schwann as he set aside "the latest band election on the George Gordon First Nation" for voter fraud by DDA Dyck's supporters. Was Dyck involved? Insiders, don't know Dyck? Who is Dyck anyway?  So, why did the DDA Senator Lillian Eva Quan Dyck humiliate another Senator over Residential Schools?  I was almost ready for BJ.

Dyck said of another Senator "She's really made a fool of herself in public."  That's what DDA Senator Lillian Eva Quan Dyck said about her colleague.  You see only a, sort of, DDA Senator with no real understanding of 'Residential Schools' could be that mentally challenged about a very complicated topic.  Or was Dyck just like the Little Whore from Clavet? DDA Senator Lillian Eva Quan Dyck assumed the forest and ice people were as pathetic as she is regarding DDA children.  We want to change the rules.  The reality is there are more forest and ice people that don't believe a quack like DDA Senator Lillian Eva Quan Dyck can help DDA and DDA children at all!  DDA Senator Lillian Eva Quan Dyck goes straight to personal insults, and she begs her 1/2 sisters on skid row in Toon Town to help her with her chant and dance.  She intentionally deceives the forest and ice people when she attacks something that makes a lot of sense.  The 'other' Senator did not make a fool of herself.  The fool is actually 1/2 DDA 1/2 Chinese DDA Senator Lillian Eva Quan Dyck.  BJ keeps making a fool of himself with the anal feature on his face.  Why is Dyck the fool?

Fact: Dyck endangers children on Reserves by forcing Reserve Schools on children.  Fact: Doctor Taylor (Canada's Top Doctor) and his predecessors watched child abuse skyrocket as self government, self regulation, and self education were entrenched through the 1980's.  Fact: Education makes Money for Reserves.  Fact: DDA Senator Lillian Eva Quan Dyck discounts her own governments statistics while making a fool of herself.  Fact: Dyck support increasing child rapes, child abuse, and child incest on Reserves by promoting Reserve Schools.  Fact: Dyck wants to further disable children with sub standard educations.  Fact: DDA Chief and DDA Boards allocate education money to other areas.  Fact: Only 45% of DDA couples are capable of caring for their children.  Fact: Only 45% of children have 2 parent homes.  Fact: Children are vulnerable on reserves.  Fact: DDA Senator Lillian Eva Quan Dyck is whitewashing the fraud against these children.  Fact: 130 Residential Schools operated from 1867 and 1996.  Fact: 130 Residential Schools could not and did not effect all DDA children in 9.985 million km.  Fact: Residential Schools existed for short periods.  Fact: Few Residential Schools existed for the entire Residential School Era.  Fact: New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador didn't have Residential Schools.  Fact: Residential Schools operated by the Federal Government were mostly operated by the churches.  Fact: GOD chose Catholic, Protestant, and other Church believers to abuse Residential Schools children.  Fact: 1969 The bulk of Residential Schools were already shut down.  Fact: Residential Schools operated between 1867 and 1996.  Fact: Very few Residential Schools operated after 1996.  Fact: Senator Dyck from the George Gordon First Nation Reserve knows that Federal Government Legislation All But Eliminated Residential Schools BY 1988.  BJ keeps making a fool of himself by moving his anal feature on his face.

Self determination, Self regulation, and Self government themselves prove that whatever DDA Senator Lillian Eva Quan Dyck believes in doing, she has increased the rapes, sexual assaults, and child abuse for the last 30 years.  If you want to help DDA children the problem is not Residential Schools!  The problem is DDA Senator Lillian Eva Quan Dyck wants Reserve Schools.  She does not care what she does to DDA children.  Dyck has nothing to say about her pedophile friendly program with DDA Chief, Henry Hank Neapetung of the Yellow Quill First Nation in the land of forest and ice.  That's why I compare DDA Senator Lillian Eva Quan Dyck to the Little Whore from Clavet.  They are both righteous angels selling underage children.  The Little Whore from Clavet and Senator Lillian Eva Quan Dyck are both eager to sell underage children for sex on the skid in Toon Town.  Senator Lillian Eva Quan Dyck ignores her governments statistics thereby she denies a safe education to children.  Senator Lillian Eva Quan Dyck has been sexually abusing these children with intent for 30 years.  The Residential Schools were gone, long, long, long, ago.  Dyck is the abuser ignoring Pope Francis acknowledges 2,000-case backlog in sex abuse cases. Of course, pedophile friendly Senator Lillian Eva Quan Dyck won't talk numbers when it comes to children.  BJ is getting impatient.

I know DDA Senator Lillian Eva Quan Dyck is lying when she claims everyone agrees with her regarding Residential Schools.  I do not agree with either her reason, her statements, or her stand?  No.  I do not agree with the child abuse she wants to institutionalize with Reservation Schools.  I do not agree with the appointed DDA Senator Lillian Eva Quan Dyck hiding behind old stories, while she had already done much, much, more damage on her watch!  She is just as much a pimp on 20th St. and Ave C in Toon Town, as any other Pimp.  Yes, that's what happens to DDA kids when they run away from home like Penny to the skid.  DDA Senator Lillian Eva Quan Dyck wants to maintain the 'status quo' on reserves with the highest per capita incidence of pedophilia against children on planet Earth.  Yes, she supports the highest sexual abuse rates against children on planet Earth!   BJ is doing the hand shuffle, we all do, when we don't know what to do? Dyck says 'Oh look over there'.

Now, I stand up for the Senator that said, "Residential Schools did some good".  I am doing this because I do not sell young girls like Senator Lillian Eva Quan Dyck and the Little Whore from Clavet.  I believe it is our responsibility to help DDA by educating them 100% in Public Schools.  That's what the forest and ice people can do to make life better for these children in the land of forest and ice.  Yes, 'Residential Schools' did have problems because God's believers abused a number of children over the years.  Google it, God's believers have been the most persistent pedophiles on earth since pedophilia became a crime.  Now, even with that hypocrisy, Reservation Schools are much worse than Residential Schools.  I hold DDA Senator Lillian Eva Quan Dyck responsible for the horrendous and increasing suicide rate among reserve children!  She is killing children with the DDA education and management of DDA Children for DDA Profit.  The forest and ice people need to hold her responsible for these deaths.  Her ongoing support of Reservation Schools further endangering children on Reservations needs to be held against her.

DDA Senator Lillian Eva Quan Dyck needs to be held personally responsible for the damage she causes to children.  Since she can't be fired, our forest and ice people need to take her on a tour of Toon Town. We need to walk her through 20th St. and Ave C. on Saturday night to give her 'insight'.  She needs to talk to real DDA women born on Reservations, unlike her.  She needs to talk to children from 55% of broken homes, as she lacks insight.  She's reservation stupid, and she lacks insight.  She never grew up DDA, and she lacks insight.  Her mothers dying words were to not tell people she was 1/2 DDA, and she learned nothing DDA as a child.  She is dangerous to these kids! Yet, with no actual childhood experience on a Reservation psychic Dyck is going to save all the children.  She needs to be counselled by the forest and ice people about her evil side.

Reservation Schools are in fact a money issue for the Assembly of First Nations, the DDA National Chief, DDA Chiefs, and DDA Tribal Boards / Bands which are eager to cash in on education money which is diverted to other areas.  The 'status quo' makes all of them money! DDA child mortality was horrendous before Residential Schools.  'Residential Schools did some Good'.  Is the money really worth what DDA are doing to their children?  Do they really want to bugger their children, so Dyck can send them off to short lives on 20th St. and Ave C. in Toon Town?  Then jails? BJ is still looking very DDA.

Senator Lynn Beyak fights for the forest and ice people.

On the other hand, a truly inspiring Senator is Senator Lynn Beyak.  Senator Lynn Beyak dared to say that 'Residential Schools did some good', and I believe that people need to recognize they turned half starved, half dead, abused children into something that lived, for the most part.  First we need to consider the forest and ice peoples last top doctor, Doctor Taylor (Canada's Top Doctor).  His statistics support DDA rapes, DDA pedophiles, DDA child abandonment, DDA incest, and that the majority of DDA couples are mentally unable or unfit to raise their offspring?  Senator Lynn Beyak is right!  How many DDA children have to suffer, before DDA Senator Lillian Eva Quan Dyck realizes that a DDA Reserve School is not the answer.  Senator Lynn Beyak was 100% percent right according to her governments statistics!  Instead, DDA Dyck humiliates Senator Lynn Beyak.  Is this a ploy for even more child abuse engineered by DDA Senator Lillian Eva Quan Dyck?  I'm running out of time with BJ.

Stats Canada 55% (55 percent) of DDA deserted their 116,375 children.  Incidentally, the physical and sexual child abuse among the 45% (45 percent) who actually reared their children is the highest on planet Earth.  When I was very young as the town drunks son in St. Brieux SK, the fun league invited the DDA to play a few hockey games.  Thousands of hamlets, villages, and towns invited the DDA, once.  But, DDA hockey teams just wanted to fight.  I was still ignoring DDA BJ, in the same way all the towns across the land of forest and ice ignored the DDA senior hockey teams.  'They don't get invited, anymore' say community teams.  Eventually, communities did not want them in the tournaments at all.  Visiting tournament teams would require that they were banned from the tournaments.  The DDA just wanted to fight.  The DDA didn't 'get it'.  That's why most small town senior leagues refuse to play against the DDA.  Small towns also couldn't care less if the DDA tell an entirely different story to the United Nations.  Who cares about the United Nations doing everything possible to continue the child abuse for DDA on Reserves.

Production, Consumption, Profit, and the Business of War clearly show the DDA human strain in the land of forest and ice got 'stuck'.  Stale.  No progression.  In 1600, there was as few as 125, 000 DDA north of the 49th parallel in the land of forest and ice.  This is roughly the amount of DDA children who remained deserted year after year by the DDA, 50 years later.  Eventually, the senior hockey teams in the land of forests and ice would agree that you just can't play hockey with a DDA hockey team.  The irony is that almost every small town close to a 'Reserve' knows I am right!  United Nations be damned! In our much to politically correct world, people lie to themselves all the time.  If a hockey invitation were votes, their would be no opposition to Residential Schools in land of forest and ice.  People lie to themselves all the time, and historians are the worst.  Then Dyck.  BJ was standing up now.

I not a fighter.  I hate fights.  My ignoring time was over, though?  He stood in front of me, while I was sitting on the couch beside Sissy.  He got loud.  He challenged me to a fight.  Like I said, I hate fights.  Still, BJ wanted to fight, and he wasn't going to leave it alone.  In a heartbeat, Kevin appeared with Garth backing him up.  Kevin was a big guy at about 6' 2''.  Garth was about my height 5'10, except he was broader.  He wasn't afraid of a fight, and he was tough.  Kevin was also known and respected by the Toon Town Rebels in Toon Town.  Kevin half spun BJ in a circle as he stepped between the two of us.  I had stood up late.  Kevin told BJ to "get the hell out".  He pointed to the door.  Someone must have turned the music down, because you could have heard a pin drop.  Now, everyone at the party was watching BJ in the centre of the living room.  The Little Whore from Clavet's brother BJ was in the spot light that night. 

His remaining support in the room appeared to be the women he was with that night.  I'll call her Hooker Boots.  BJ and the Clan from Clavet were adding whores, wives, sisters, children, and hanger on's in Toon Town.  I don't know where Hooker Boots fit into their gang.  Maybe, she was BJ's whore from the 20 TH St. and Ave C..  Then and now, the Little Whore from Clavet and BJ didn't think there was anything wrong with using children as pawns, rats, dealers, or whores.  Then, their parents were the same.  50 years later, would be talking about the Clan from Clavet's skid, and they would talk about the DDA children just 'get younger' as they boys and girls sold sex on the skid.  Dyck don't care.  Grandma and Grandpa also taught their children that was the way families stuck together.  The Little Whore from Clavet would have no problem using every drop of young blood, soon.  That's what the Clan from Clavet, 'means'.  Do you would think a small village would notice a young girl like Penny? Why didn't the village notice? Clavet SK

No.  The villagers of Clavet SK and the United Church could not see a underage blond girl who appeared among the Clan from Clavet.  The Clan from Clavet could not be seen flaunting underage white girls among the righteous United Church members.  Meanwhile, Kevin and Garth were manhandling BJ in the general direction of the door.  Then, I had one of those 'epiphanies' things.  I had a sudden and striking realization that I was really a naive kid.  I wonder if Dyck ever felt a bit naive?  I had book smarts, but I was stupid on life.  It was like I was street retarded.  What I needed was street smarts!  When I saw how two bouncers were saving the party for the rest, I realized how stupid I was to allow the parties without security, bouncers, and 6 linemen from the U. of S. Huskies football team.  I should have realized long ago that the Little Whore from Clavet, BJ, Wayne Seroka, and the rest of the Clan from Clavet were NOT looking to have a good time.  They weren't looking for a little fun in the sport of hockey, either.

In that heartbeat, Kevin and Garth were pushing BJ to the door along with Hooker Boots.  She was a bleached blond.  I think she may have been white or Métis, and she could have been one of BJ's 20th Street Hooker Boot Specials.  It's not like BJ and their brothers weren't retailers on 20th Street and Ave C. in Toon Town.  BJ began mouthing off at Kevin and Garth.  His mouth turned the party ers against BJ and Hooker Boots.  Eventually, BJ and Hooker Boots were trapped at the door beside a pile of boots.  Winter in the land of forest and ice always bred copious amounts of boots at our gatherings.  Suddenly, a boot digger in the pile of boots yelled, 'Someone stole my boots'.  It was Hooker Boots yelling! She looks at Penny and screams 'You stole my boots'.  Suddenly, she is plowing a hole through us like a drill bit.  She's headed for Penny.  She lunged.  She caught Penny by the throat with one hand.

I think someone else caught her other arm as she forced her way through our defence.  I wondered 'why Hooker Boots attacked Penny'?  I was under a fountain of epiphanies.  I figured out why Hooker Boots went for Penny?  Was this really about the hooker boots?  Yes, she was in sock feet.  But, how does Hooker Boots know Penny stole the boots?  No she doesn't know Penny stole the boots!  Hooker Boots was focused on the couch when BJ was sitting or standing in front of the couch.  Could Hooker Boots be angry because she knows the Little Whore from Clavet traded underage white girls like Penny to her brothers?  Yes.  I reasoned that Hooker Boots went for Penny because she knew BJ raped underage Penny.  However, Hooker Boots was going to hide the statutory rape for her man BJ.  Yet, Hooker Boots wasn't above attacking the underage girl that was raped.  That's why Hooker Boots went for Penny's throat.  She had no way of knowing who took her boots. Hooker Boots and Barbara Bush knew how to hide their dirty little secrets when their boys goosed another women.

Actress Lind said Barbara Bush rolled her eyes as if to say not again, and she continues to help her husband in sexual abuse like Becky, The Little Whore from Clavet.
Actress Lind said Barbara Bush rolled her eyes as if to say not again.  The Clan from Clavet, Hooker Boots, and the Little Whore from Clavet and Barbara Bush hid sexual assaults.

Hooker Boots could not know Penny stole her boots because she went digging for her boots in the pile at the door.  The act of going to the pile of boots meant she had no clue?  Hooker Boots discovered the boots missing, only after Kevin and Garth shuffling them to the door before they would be unceremoniously 'kicked out of the house'.  Hooker Boots knew BJ and his brothers had a weakness for underage white girls.  Their Daddy taught them that as children, and the Little Whore from Clavet was no exception as a girl.  Hooker Boots and the Little Whore from Clavet hid that sort of thing like Barbara Bush.  People lie to themselves all the time, and that night Hooker Boots didn't have to lie to cover up the rapes.  She lunged.  It doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out why?  Hooker Boots was jealous because BJ had an eye for Penny after the statutory rape.  Where was I? Oh yes, Hooker Boots, Barbara Bush, and the Saskatoon Police Department make good by hiding sexual abuse.

Barbara Bush didn't seem to have a problem with George H. W. Bush digging his fingers into my vagina.  Bush said, David Cop-a-Feel!

Second actress accuses George H W Bush of touching her 'inappropriately' as Bush 'dirty joke' revealed. 

You see for many years Hooker Boots hid the Little Whore from Clavet and her brothers.  Barbara Bush did the same.  Hooker Boots and Barbara Bush could have done the right thing.  Barbara Bush would eventually loose her lie, and Barbara Bush would face the world hiding numerous sexual assaults going back many years.  Did Barbara and Hooker Boots abuse women for love?  Yes. Was Hooker Boots raised that way or did the Clan from Clavet train that girl in them boots?  Toon Town justice, enter the 'Big Guy'.  Kevin grabbed the wrist of Hooker Boots, and he bent it back off Penny's throat.  Hooker Boots started screaming like the $2.00 skid row whore.  BJ may have been a step up from 20th St. and Ave C. in Toon Town.  She glared at Penny and yelled 'You stole my boots.'  Now, Kevin and Garth have had enough of the BJ and Hooker Boots.  Kevin says, "I know her (Penny), and I don't know You (Finger Chest Jab) into BJ's Hooker Boots's breast.  Kevin points to the door, and he says, "Get Out".  Everyone cheers as the Little Whore from Clavet's brother BJ and Hooker Boots are shuffled / pushed out the door.  Everyone was attacking Barbara Bush and her man years later.  The President George H.W. Bush fan club.
Barbara Bush stood by her man as did Hooker Boots with her man.
Would Hooker boots stand up in front of the George H.W. Bush Fan Club?

Hooker Boots went out the door barefoot, and I remember the pre global warming temperature to be in the - 30 Celsius range, with a forest and ice windy clipper?  The party settled down to just another Saturday Night.  The DDA left the house, and the DDA were never invited to the rinks.  Neither would be invited to the next tournament or party.  The DDA left the building.

The exact location of the hooker boots themselves would remain a mystery for many years.  I would not find the hooker boots for 14 years.  I know for certain, Hooker Boots would never see those boots, again.  I would not see Hooker Boots for even longer, as she would be a handy diversion for the Little Whore from Clavet in the future.  The Little Whore from Clavet was raised to know how to sell both friends and family.  I'm sure the Little Whore from Clavet would eventually have a good laugh at Hooker Boots as just another sucker.  I saw her walking barefoot outside the house in front of the picture window overlooking the lawn and parking area.  Sissy and I stayed at the party for a while, before we walked down 22nd Street after the party.  We almost froze.  I need wheels.  Once we were downtown, Sissy caught a bus home.  I walked to my home on wheels at Star Trailer Court, as I burned off the adrenaline.  I got my head straight.  I must get street smart.

My life was getting back to the boring normal life I dreamed off.  The dust had no longer settled, when I had a chance meeting in late February.  I met the Little Whore from Clavet at the Hudson's Bay downtown in Toon Town.  I was taking Toon Town Transit to my home on wheels at Star Trailer Court, at the time.  She was at The Bay.  Her light blue jacket was too small to zip up in the front.  Back in the day, the Clan from Clavet wasn't very concerned about dressing their children for the weather on 20th street and Ave. C..  We met in the lobby of The Bay along with the rest of the transit passengers.  The Bay store at 23rd Street East and 2nd Avenue North in Toon Town provided the entry area for cold transit users during the coldest winter months.  It meant a lot to us shakers waiting for transit.

Warmth was a generous free gift at The Bay.  The land of forest and ice still had winter in the 1980, and I know everyone appreciated the heat.  Eventually, I smiled at the Little Whore from Clavet, however we did not strike up a conversation, immediately.  In the last 3 months, Becky had became noticeably bigger while she stood alongside a Clan from Clavet hanger on.  I thought about Penny, and I thought about Penny's out of character conversation on the couch at Star Trailer Court.  Penny was nobodies fool, as she couch surfed.  She was street smart.  The Clan from Clavet sold their women, as the DDA males sold sex for metal to the first fishermen.  The DDA male would move from a primitive, hunter gather, existence to become a pimp, then and now.  Penny had explained to me what was going on with the Clan from Clavet.  Was Becky pregnant by incest?  I said "Hi".  Becky said "Hi".  The Clan from Clavet hanger on jumped in and said 'she was pregnant'.  Becky did not have a lot to say, that night?  I told her my life had changed as well.  I noticed Becky was very pregnant.  She was already much bigger than a little bump.  I was saved from shaking by my bus.

Early in March, I stayed alone most of the time in my home on wheels in the land of forests and ice.  I was broke.  I was alone at home one night and the door went knock, knock, knock.  I peaked through the glass to see the Little Whore from Clavet.  She knew I wasn't leaving people in for parties.  She said "It's Becky"!  I think she said "I'm alone".  I let her in and she sat down at the kitchen table by the door.  We talked for a while.  At one point, she wanted to tell me something.  She tried several times as if she wanted to tell me she was pregnant.  She 'could' have just put on more weight.  I had no idea where she was living.  I assumed she was going to hitch hike back downtown to the Clan from Clavet.  I assumed she would catch a ride back to Clavet SK in the meat wagon.  When she couldn't talk, I suggested she spend the night in the extra bedroom.  I told her Donny had not returned from Bellevue SK.  I said she could stay, and we would figure it out in the morning.  She refused.  She said something like, 'I changed my mind, I'm not going to do this'.

Then, she decided to leave shortly after refusing to stay in the extra room. Several weeks later, Donny returned from Bellevue SK in early April.  It was good to have a little company to share the lot rent after a long winter.  Suddenly, Donny met with Becky at the nearby Country Kitchen for coffee.  He told me after coming home one day.  I was surprised.  I thought Becky was still living in Clavet SK.  The Country Kitchen restaurant was a popular coffee house 2 blocks away on Idylwyld Drive N..  Apparently, Donny and Becky had talked over coffee several times.  I learned that they had met a few times.  Donny eventually wanted to talk to me about the Little Whore from Clavet.  He suggested that I should 'take' Becky.  Donny said that he thought 'she would consider it'?  Then, the bomb blast!  Donny said, 'She lives just south of here on Idylwyld Drive N.. 

I told Donny that I had asked the Little Whore from Clavet to stay overnight a while back, and she refused to stay the night.  I told him I offered her your empty room for the night.  I also told him about meeting her at The Bay.  How was I going to offer her anything, when I had no job and no money.  I was doing well alone, and Donny was trying to find work as well.  I was putting a little pressure on Donny to help a little more with rent, while the Little Whore from Clavet and Donny remained friends.  They still got along after the crazy 'parties' had been outlawed.  I took Transit to return to my home on wheels in the mornings after work, and that's when I arrived to see Donny and Becky coming out of Donny's room next to the kitchen when I arrived.  Becky left immediately, and she said 'It's not what you think it is', and I went to sleep after working all night.  Donny didn't have much luck in Toon Town, and his brother Pee Wee helped him move to Martensville SK, where he worked for Pee Wee at the Martensville Car Wash, again.

That's how I met Penny, the Little Whore from Clavet, the Clan from Clavet, and a few hanger ons with the Clan from Clavet from Clavet SK.  The Little Whore from Clavet knew very well what her brothers did with underage girls in Clavet SK.  I was surprised that the village of Clavet SK would support underage sex in a village where everyone saw everyone driving into and out of town.  Penny was just a young runaway from Nelson BC, and the Little Whore from Clavet traded her like a 2 dollar bill.  Nelson BC's runaway Penny would eventually get away from the Little Whore from Clavet.  Meanwhile, at least one of her brothers who worked at the Cargill Canada Canola Processing plant in Clavet SK, had some young teen sex stories for the coffee room.  While the coffee room was heating up, the Little Whore from Clavet was back in Toon Town.

I wasn't 18 when I bought my home on wheels in Star Trailer Court.  I was a student and a civilian.  I was a biker, but I was not in a 1%er MC with a Patch.  It was the Little Whore from Clavet and her brothers that knew the Saskatoon Rebels.  I moved 2 blocks away because the home on wheels I purchased was a used home on wheels in Star Trailer Court.  I just happened to meet the Little Whore from Clavet during my 'wild period' at Star Trailer Court.  In the fall of 1979, I witnessed the Clan from Clavet's gang working a corner on Avenue C and 20th St. at Riversdale in Toon Town. would describe the Clan from Clavet in the same place, unchanged, 50 years later.  They described DDA pimps selling their mothers, sisters, and children for sex.  The other DDA males were selling the same mothers, sisters, and children drugs to take the money they earned on their backs and knees.  Toon Town?  The tune for the town remains unchanged, today.

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Clan from Clavet SK selling underage sex in Saskatoon, and my 14 year old friend Penny was raped by Becky and her family.

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