Punisher Vigilante Guide (Beta 1.4 Sept 28 2018)

$1 Million + Lottery for Paper Tags on dirty Chretien, dirty Soave, dirty RCMP, dirty Crown Prosecutors, and Dirty Judges across Canada?>

      a)   Who can become a Punisher?

      b)   The Punisher Guide is loosely based on the first successful Punisher.

      c)   The Vigilante Guide is NOT a rule book, as Free Men and Women improvise as Punishers.

      d)   The Punisher Vigilante Guide offers proven hunting ’tips’ for future Punishers.

      e)   The Punisher works in a territory known as the Fringe for Maximum Revenue and Minimum risk.

      f)   A Punisher's hunting story and how the next Punisher finds the dirty bloodline at the funeral.

      g)   The Punisher Vigilante Guide offers proven ways to approach the ‘Talker’ at 4 Corners.

      h)   Life is the most valuable part of the Universe and our Changing world.

      h)   20TH Anniversary Death Warrants.

a) The Punisher Vigilante Guide suggests who may become a Punisher.

All free men and women can become Punishers.  The first Punisher wanted a better life.  The first Punisher discovered using DNA and Organ Transplant Testing creates a ‘Paper Tag‘.  The Paper Tag is generated by Blood Testing Labs and DNA Labs.  Blood and DNA laboratories are globally available for Paper Tags by AirFrieght.  Next, the Punisher graduates to a ‘Ghost’, after the Paper Tag.  Ghost allows the Punisher to stop time with his Paper Tag.  Ghosting Punishers confirm they were invisible during their Paper Tag.  For a week after the Paper Tag at a school party, the Punisher confirms he was invisible during his Paper Tag.  The Punisher was a Ghost.  Ghost Paper Tags are known as ‘Perfect Tags’.  Only Perfect Tags can be used by the Punisher.  Paper Tags are returned from the Labs by mail, email, or paper.

The Punisher chose a better life?  Today, in the land of forest and ice, 95% of free men and women have 0 options in the real world.  Starting with our priceless youth, we are worn down working physically exhausting jobs.  95% of free men and women are free to live a blue collar life in a blue collar shack in the land of forest and ice.  The Punisher is virtually guaranteed a better life with a Perfect Paper Tag on dirty informants, dirty police, and dirty politicians.  This is the punishment for the dirty in the book, The Little Whore from Clavet.  The Punisher farms their dirty 10 - 17 year old children, and the Perfect Tag limits all risk to almost 0.  While 95% of the forest and ice people struggle to find food, work, and shelter, the Punisher lives a good life protecting ALL people from the 'dirty' bloodlines.  The Punisher does not 'survive' on a subsistence pension, and the Punisher is not homeless, not struggling, and not subsisting between paydays in Barrios.  The Punisher saves life for living, instead of debts, blue collar cars, blue collar shacks, a blue collar life!  The Punisher guide can change your life. 

Punishers earn better lives with NO MONEY DOWN.  How? The Punisher is SMART and LUCKY to discover dirty bloodlines where hate and revenge can be used to ‘break away’ into a better life.  The smart Punisher knows the rich and powerful 1% own and control the global architecture.  The Punisher introduces uses dirty to generate hate and revenge.  The Punisher applies that hate and revenge to the largest industry on earth, the medical industry.  Most importantly, Punishers understands 'Life is the Most Valuable Part of the Universe'.  In a somewhat magical illusion, the Punisher connects the largest industry, the richest 1%, and the Gift of Life.  3 Titans into one business plan.  Punishers know their share is 10% of the sale value of the Paper Tag.  The DNA must come from the dirty bloodlines.  The Punisher will never know the 6 little Angels we save each offering.  DNA is a unique lottery number used to transform dirty bloodlines into the Gift of Life for the 1% or One%.  Dirty informants, dirty police, and dirty politicians should fear the Punisher, only.

Dirty includes the Little Whore from Clavet.  She is a child abuser nationally and internationally.  The Little Whore from Clavet could have put the Crime Stoppers note in her pocket.  Instead, in a premeditated fashion, Becky entraps and abuses her bloodline as accessories in her international murder attempt.  Becky, Jimmy, Blondie, and their children waived the Crime Stoppers note for 20 years.  Becky, Jimmy, and Blondie chose to murder their entire bloodlines.  In the book, 3 core rat families have relatives scattered across the land of forest and ice.  The Punisher farms these 3 dirty bloodlines.  Why? Why is dirty so important? Dirty is everything for the Punisher, as Punishers farm hate and revenge.  Simple.  Magical.  New.  Punishers can use the Port of Vancouver drug bust in the book, The Little Whore from Clavet.  Jean Chretien and Ben Soave generate a lot of hate and revenge against police and politicians.

The hate and revenge is generated by Chretien and Soave, as they manage informants / murderers Becky, Jimmy, and Blondie with dirty evidence from the Port of Vancouver.  Millions?  Billions?  Illegal Damages.  The Punisher banks that illegal theft of money, jail sentences, hate, and revenge from the drug bust in the Port of Vancouver.  5 dirty bloodlines jump out for the Gift of Life.  The quality and quantity of DIRT determines the hate and revenge.  The best dirt determines Faster sales and the Greatest Return on your Paper Tag.  Dirty is smart crime.  Dirty are the Chretien / Soave child abusing informants in the Port of Vancouver.  The Punisher only farms 'dirty'.  DNA is the tool of choice to track DNA to dirty bloodlines in the land of forest and ice.  The smart Punisher hunts DNA on the geographical Fringe of the bloodline.  In the book, BJ and Becky raped 14 year old Penny while their mother and father were home at Clavet SK.  The Little Whore from Clavet who puts her 17 year old son in Jimmy the Junkies bed is easily tracked from the Piccadilly Pub on the downtown east side in Vancouver BC.

I want to be a Punisher, but I don't know dirty.  The book has at least 5 DNA bloodlines.  Each family can be farmed for the 'beast' in each of their children.  Eventually, Punishers will have their own Port of Vancouver.  Yet, each Punisher must use hate and revenge.  Punishers must have hate and revenge in copious quantity for the best results.  The first Punisher was able to locate and draw out the families of these 5 bloodlines.  The dirty families are all accessories to international murder attempt of these 5 families.  The dirty bloodlines helped with the attempted murders in Europe, Southeast Asia, and North America.  There are plenty of dirty to farm for a better life.  A better life for giving the Gift of Life to the 1%.  The Punisher thrives on the geographical Fringe of the DNA.  The Punisher trives on the DNA Fringe of the genotype.  That's how the Punisher expands the DNA into a billion dollar industry worldwide with genotype and the geographical Fringe.  The DNA / Organ Transplant Tests match Paper Tags to the richest of the 1%.

Then, you could be flipping burgers?

Now, the ghosts, the dead, the Punished, and the Punishers!

The Punisher Vigilante hunts the Clan from Clavet for profit

 Punisher Vigilante Guide 1   DNA Sources    Punisher Vigilante Guide 2

b) The Punisher and the Legend, Whispers, Rumours, Tips.

Tips after a Paper Tag, 5 dirty bloodlines are easily followed from dirty funerals and dirty receptions.  Tips without a paper tag, Punishers can also watch the obituaries for the names of their favoured bloodlines, as their bloodlines die naturally.  New Punishers follow their dirty bloodlines DNA with funerals and receptions.  In the book,The Little Whore from Clavet the Punisher knew very powerful people were involved in such a ‘big load’.  The Punisher knew the 4 organizations in the Port of Vancouver were humiliated illegally by Chretien, Soave, and their informants.  The dirty laughed it up across 8 countries and 18 major cities killing Rohel.  Soave, Chretien, and the RCMP actually paid for and helped kill Rohel in Paris France and more . . . coming.  Rohel witnessed the innocent in Paris.  The Parisiens, the Mexican Cartel, the South American Cartel, the Mob / Mafia, and the Hells Angels did NOT kill Rohel in downtown Paris.  Rohel refers to this group as 'the boys or victims' in Paris.

The dirty politicians, dirty RCMP, and murdering / international child slavers tried to KILL Rohel in Paris.  The dirty were hiding behind Rohel, and the City of Paris and 'the boys' witnessed the assasination attempt of Rohel.  Once again, Rohel wrote the Crime Stoppers Note about the Black Van parked in the alley on Capitol Hill in Burnaby.  The Crime Stoppers note was about the black van in the alley, and the neighbors were complaining about talk of 'guns and murder'.  The dirty killing their children have all hidden the black van in Canada Post Mailbox.  The airport film in Paris will show these are the Chretien / Soave informants.  These are the 3 informants who refused to put the note in their pockets to murder, torture and mutilate their extended DNA genotype children.

Some Punishers can use the information in the ongoing, unfinished, unpublished book to find 3 DNA bloodlines.  The book introduces the Clan from Clavet and their rat Tribe for culling with information going back to 1980 in Clavet SK.  The LWFC details the murdering informants / child slavers in Clavet SK, Saskatoon SK, Vancouver, Europe, Southeast Asia, and North America.  There is plenty of money to kill off these animals in a human culling / genocide.  Years ago, 'the boys' would excercise revenge on the dirty.  Today, 'the boys' have the Punisher.  DNA is trackeable globally with both geneology and geography.  Dirty funerals and dirty receptions gain more followers, as we save 6 Little Angels each time with each successful organ harvest.  Successful organ harvests naturally lead to even more funerals and receptions, as we systematically cull the dirty down to nothing.  This culling protects civilians from animals like Soave, Chretien, Becky, Jimmy, Blondie, and their now murdering children.  Funerals and receptions are also stages for how these 5 bloodlines sold out their families for 20 years.  DNA begets DNA, as the Beast is culled from among the decent folks.

Unsolved murders like the LWFC are perfect to make millions in a cull or genocide for the Punisher.  Rohel has asked that all Watchers may just tell the truth about how these 5 bloodlines North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia.  The Crime Stoppers Note WOULD NOT have never been misunderstood without the 5 dirty bloodlines.  The Port of Vancouver was NOT part of the Crime Stoppers Note.  The Crime Stoppers Note was about the Black Van in the alley.  The dirty 5 bloodlines blamed Rohel.  That was the foothold of murder.  The illegal, criminal, child abusing, sexual assaults and murderous accusations are what powers the killings of their 5 bloodlines.  This actually put all 5 bloodlines inside 'the boys', illegally.  The blame game puts Jimmy the Junkie in the Hells Angels Bar, The Burnaby Inn.  Becky's rat family in the Black Van gets in deeper than ever with their children and Blondie.  All 5 dirty families lied and they chose to murder Rohel.  The book documents the crimes of these dirty bloodlines, and Rohel writes about the Paper Tag.  The Paper Tag is a hard death for these 5 bloodlines.

Punishers harvest hate and revenge, and these dirty beasts we cull today setup Rohel to be murdered by 'the boys'.  These 5 dying families pointed at Rohel.  These 5 dying families LIE about the home invasion.  These 5 murdering families gave Chretien and Soave their illegal drug bust.  The 5 murdering families used the note to get in closer to 'the boys'.  Watchers witnessed the dirty 5 bloodlines in the international train wreck portion of ‘Omerta’.  Why?  The funding for ‘Omerta’ and the success of ‘Omerta’ was based on the drug bust in the Port of Vancouver.  These 5 dirty families create plenty of hate and revenge for the Punisher.  That hate and revenge is available to the Punisher in 8 countries and 18 major cities.  The Punisher can capitalize on the hate and revenge created by the dirty 5's use of the ‘Crime Stoppers Note’!  Punishers know the hate and revenge from both sides of the law in these countries is important.  DNA would be powered in the ‘distributed up’ network with 250 Million dollars worth of hate and 100 years of jail time.  This is the Punisher steam engine, if you will?

The 5 dirty families are joined at the hip from Garth Wassons back alley on Ranelaugh Ave in Capitol Hill at Burnaby BC roughly 1 1/2 weeks before the package is lost in the Port of Vancouver.  The Punisher knows dirty prints money.  The Punishers knows about Canada Post Mailbox, prior to the Emergency Broadcast on the CBC.  Watchers see the dates on the Port of Vancouver drug bust.  The Punisher knows someone is lying, when he sees the dates on the Crime Stoppers Note.  The first Punisher knew illegal drug busts with 5 dirty families ‘selling out’ the boys is going to bury 5 bloodlines publically in the papers one day.    Now, ‘Watchers’ can identified the 5 dirty families, as they sold their relatives and cousins for the next 20 years.  The first Punisher saw that ‘Watchers’ believed the true story in the book.  The Punisher used smart with DNA and Organ Testing Test to stop time for his Paper Tag.  The Punisher started to think about the finished and Perfect Paper Tag.  His perfect Paper Tag would follow a distributed up network.  Since, the Punisher didn’t know anyone in the Port of Vancouver, our first Punisher found a way to tap the hate and revenge with the distributed up on 4 corners.

The Punisher approached a stranger on 4 corners.  The Punisher didn't know who to approach, but he new that he could approach 4 corners with his DNA.  He knew he a ‘distributed up network’ existed, and he had 5 dirty families powered by hate and revenge for a ‘Finders Fee’.  The first Punisher guaranteed he could leave the Stranger or Talker behind if he wanted out of the distributed up network.  The Punisher insists on borders to ensure his own Perfect Tag remains Perfect.  The Punisher provides no phone or contact information.  The Punisher leaves The Talker with a Paper Tag and a Ribbon.  The Ribbon is the only contact option, globally.  The dirty powers up the Paper Tag.  It is critical to understand that the Punisher and the Talker both have their privacy.  They were also both independent.  Today, the financially secure Punisher remains a ‘Ghost’ out there on the ‘Fringe’.  Retired Punishers can no longer be contacted by the Talker.  The ribbon doesn't answer calls.  The ‘ Distributed up Network’ protects both the Punisher and the Talker.

Then, you could be flipping burgers?

Now, the ghosts, the dead, the Punished, and the Punishers!

The Punisher Vigilante hunts for profit

 Punisher Vigilante Guide 1   DNA Sources    Punisher Vigilante Guide 3

c) Punisher culling Guidlines for the next Punisher farming dirty, dirty, dirty.

The Punisher does not have any limitations on the Fringe. Why. The Punisher Paper Tags dirty to get his money back from the dirty, and he is paid by the 1%. We are all the decent folks. The dirty are the prey of the decent folks. The dirty die from Paper Tags so decent folks can live better lives. Globally, decent folks are safer with the Punisher. Over several lifetimes, the Punisher stops the ratting raping Clan from Clavet by culling their children. The Punisher is a hero. Why does the Punisher only hunt dirty family bloodlines? Hate. The dirty cannot defend their dirty activities, as they hide behind the yellow alert on our media events managed by 6 of 10 Keys with our 1% national and international media. Why does the Punisher only farm 10 - 17 year old dirty children? Money. This age group has the best market value for our 1% clients, and the Punisher remains true to maximum revenue with minimum risk on the Fringe. 'Only the Rich can Afford Us'? That's our slogan. Punishers know quality is job one for the 6 Little Angels network.

Punishers find new dirty informants, dirty police, and new dirty politicians. The Punisher is free to Paper Tag dirty or new dirty bloodlines. In the example below Punishers isolate child abusers for punishement for Profit. These old and new dirty can be brought forward to the present. Why? Soave on stage with a prepared national and international media cannot defend his actions which harm his family. Our media tells the facts about these child abusers. The Punisher need not be concerned that the 6 key of 10 will organize the child abusers for a media event during the YELLOW ALERT. The media asking the right questions and learn the truth. Punishers is 1 of 10 Keys to a better life. The Punisher cannot begin without a dirty target.

1. In 1998, Punishers, the Hells Angels, and the DES witnessed the VPD and RCMP, training the LWFC children as murderers on the DES of Vancouver prior to the Port of Vancouver drug bust. The VPD and RCMP helped the LWFC waive the Crime Stoppers Note to murder Rohel nationally and internationally to murder Rohel from the Canada Post Mailbox theft. Rohel did not waive the Crime Stoppers Note.

2. Punishers know the rich want to live. We are live better lives without the dirty. In the book the LWFC, Jimmy the Junkie, Blondie, and their children use the Crime Stoppers Note as a murder weapon. The Punisher knows the LWFC trapped Chretien and Soave as accomplices in a premeditated murder. Chretien and Soave were forced into murdering Rohel on the streets to keep their drug bust evidence. Chretien and Soave were forced to tamper with 2 Courtrooms for the Hells Angels and 3 Courtrooms with Rohel. In 1998, the VPD and RCMP are well aware that their informants are guilty of murder.

3. Punishers are 1 of 10 Keys. If the dirt is good enough, the other 9 keys will take a Paper Tag to the marketplace. The Punisher decides dirty on history and eye witness accounts based on Profit. Rohel writes his book. He explains how the dirty tried to kill him. Of course, Rohel wants the murderers punished. Chretien and Soave are criminals and thieves who cannot account for the money with the Auditor General. They still hide behind their families, 20 years later.

4. Currently in 2018, Rohel has moved to Penticton BC, and RCMP Superintendent Ted De Jager ignores child abuse on Skaha Lake Road and Yorkton Ave in Penticton BC. The Chretien / Soave informants posted a young child on that corner for Rohel in March 2018. Rohel walked past the somewhat scared little girl. His cameras recorded the child on the Cameras in the Condo. Why is this child abuse sactioned by De Jager at this location with the Penticton RCMP detachment? The child abusing RCMP Superintendent Ted De Jager continues the child abuse with the Chretien / Soave informants in Penticton.

5. Shortly after that in 2018, Rohel doesn't know De Jager. Ted De Jager could have used the Motel Registry at the corner to investigate and arrest the child abusers himself. Instead, De Jager protects the Chretien and Soave informants in Penticton BC. These child abusers include Becky's brothers, and they raped 14 year old Penny in the book during in 1979 at Clavet SK. Would the informants surprise De Jager with another rape in Penticton BC. Would De Jager even arrest them for rape in Penticton? Will the Punisher find hate and revenge for Superintendent Ted De Jager? Punishers must have dirty to defend themselves. Punishers know that decent folks would soon fight back. Dirty folk have no defence.

6. Eventually, later in 2018, Commissioner Brenda Lucki is hired by Prime Minister Justine Trudeau. She falls into play with De Jager. Did Trudeau hire Lucki to cover up the international murder attempt and international child abuse of Jean Chretien and Paul Soave. Yes. Trudeau covers up the child abuse and murder for Chretien. Lucki covers up the child abuse and murder for Chretien. Quiet is the whisper. Shhh. Trudeau and Little just kept helping the international child abusers and murderers. Worst still, Trudeau and Little have their child abusers on Skaha Lake Road and Yorkton Ave in Penticton BC.

7. Trudeau and Lucki hide the historical assaults of Rohel in Paris at Charles de Gaulle Airport. Yes, of course Trudeau and Little are fine with blaming Rohel for the Port of Vancouver. That is why Rohel has to defend himself publically. Justine Trudean and Little are guilty of murder when they point their finger at Rohel. That gets their 10 - 17 year old ancestors off the hook, with their grandchildren. Justine continues to kill Rohel, since he was 26 years old. Today they choose to continue killing Rohel, and each day that is an international crime. Their part in murdering Rohel, yesterday and today. What? Of course, dirty like Justine Trudeau and Brenda Lucki would rather murder Rohel than tell the truth. Does the Punisher have two new bloodlines.

8. Could the Punisher charge Trudeau and Lucki dirty. Yes. Trudeau and Lucky on the Fringe are unprotected. Neither, Trudeau or Lucky care they murder for their 'peoplekind'. They carelessly endanger their families until the truth comes to the top! That's how all dirty sell their children. Justine and Brenda could care less about childen and the murder they cover up. That's the type of dirty kills for Profit. Difficulty? Distant Trudeau and Lucki on the Fringe are as unprotected as the LWFC murdering children.


Production, Consumption, Profit, and the Business of War in the new economy does not discriminate between the powerful or the weak for the Punisher. The DNA of Trudeau and Lucki on the Fringe is as easy to kill as the homeless on the street, Trudeau and Luck ignore for a paycheck. Punishers take their money back with Profit. Would you not prefer the Punisher takes care of the dirty next door? 92% of people would rather the Punisher took care of the dirty next door. Ted and the RCMP won't help with the dirty. The people on the Fringe don't want to catch the Punisher farming the dirty. The Punisher knows what 6 Angels does with the dirty. Let's not forget, what we do with the dirty is our defence. We stand up at the yellow alert media event knowing we saved 6 Little Angels. Punishers save lives with a Paper Tag and a Ribbon.


The Punisher knows the LWFC spoiled the Port of Vancouver evidence with murder, and the RCMP hid that murder in Europe. The RCMP are dirty in not jailing their informants for international crimes. The Punisher knows that because the LWFC sold the killings of their children for 20 years. ore the will do whatever it takes to kill off 5 families.4for DNA paperwork attached to hate and revenge.  Since, hate and revenge powers the ‘distributed up network’.  The Punisher needed to add something to make the distributed up network pay!  The DNA needed to be converted to the ‘Gift of Life’ by the ‘distributed up network’.  The rewards from the ‘Gift of Life are added to the power of hate and revenge.  The Punisher network was ready to earn ‘Finders Fees’ from 5 dirty 3 rat bloodlines powered for hate, revenge, and the ‘Gift of Life’.  Why?  The Punisher knows hate and revenge will power his network, and the ‘Gift of Life’ will make the network pay.  Smart Punishers hunt DNA with the best ‘Gift of Life’ potential.

Punishers minimizes RISK by ‘Tagging’ DNA on the Fringe.  The 3 rat bloodlines have cousins and relatives on the Fringe.  The Fringe is a geographical location where smart Punishers ‘Tag’ DNA with the same ‘Gift of Life’ value as on the Pacific Coast.  The Punisher also knows the Vancouver Police Department VPD and RCMP may try to protect their rats on the Pacific Coast.  The Punisher outsmarts police, guards, surveillance, and witness protection by working on the geographical ‘Fringe’.  Yet, DNA will confirm the biological identity to the 3 core informants.  The retired Punisher and future Punishers usually prefer to work on the Fringe for maximum revenue and minimum risk.  Once again, free men and women looking to become Punishers often celebrate the success of other Punishers on the fringe at rat funerals or receptions.  This is their immediate access to DNA.

The Punisher wins with a low risk, high return, strategy.  The Punisher’s uses maximum revenue / minimum risk because Punishers are in this for a better life.  The Punisher never takes unnecessary risks.  Punishers pride themselves on being ‘Ghosts’.  The Punisher proved ‘Free Men’ and ‘Free Women’ can change lives with a bump, a long tack, scotch tape, and a cotton ball.  The Punisher on the ‘Fringe’ makes invisible ‘Tags’ as a trademark.  That when the revenge, hate, and the ‘Gift of Life’ powers the DNA to the Stranger.  Once again, the Punisher’s best defence is his ability to ‘Ghost’.  Punishers would never allow a ‘Stranger’ to contact them by phone.  Instead, the stranger would need a Flag and Prearranged meeting place arrangement.  The Flag and Prearrangement would be determined when the Punisher finds a ‘Stranger’.  The Punisher earns 10% on the ‘Gift of Life’, and the ‘ distributed up’ network is powered by hate and revenge.  Just 1 ’ drop, that’s all you need.

Then, you could be flipping burgers?

Now, the ghosts, the dead, the Punished, and the Punishers!

The Punisher Vigilante hunts for profit

 Punisher Vigilante Guide 2   DNA Sources    Punisher Vigilante Guide 4

d) The Punisher Vigilante Guide offers proven hunting ‘tips’ for future Punishers.

In the book summary, 3 bloodlines held up ‘the note’ in 8 countries and 18 cities.  The participants in the Port of Vancouver and their respective organizations witnessed the global tour put on by these rats.  After the Port of Vancouver, many ‘Watchers’ saw 3 bloodlines sell ‘The Note’.  ‘Watchers’ simply saw events where the 3 bloodlines held up ‘The Note’ to lay blame against Rohel for the Port of Vancouver.  Rohel only signed ‘the note’.  The 3 rat bloodlines generally included their children.  The rat business dates back to at least 1980 in Saskatoon SK, when The Little Whore from Clavet and Blondie were living across the street from the Saskatoon Rebels on Idylwyld Drive N..  Today the children have been raised rat and they are the focus of the ‘ Gift of Life’ for most Punishers.

The children were routinely used waving ‘The Note’ across international borders for the VPD and RCMP with the Little Whore from Clavet, Jimmy the Junkie, and Blondie.  The Punisher noticed that these children are now 16 - 24 years of age.  The Punisher researched to learn that the 16 - 24 year old group paid the top ‘Gift of Life’ prices for human organ transplants.  Therefore, the Punisher ‘Tags’ 16 - 24 year old rats and cum rats on the ‘Fringe’ powered by hate, revenge, and the ‘ Gift of Life’ on the ‘distributed up’ network.  The Punisher knew this age group was perfect for organ transplants.  DNA verified the ‘Rat’, and the Blood / HLA TEST (S) paid for a better life.  The first Punisher developed this strategy to power up the distributed up network for Profit?

The Punisher requested a free DNA Kits online from numerous companies selling DNA testing.  The DNA test kits are to guarantee the DNA is powered by hate and revenge.  The transplant tests that need to be completed are Blood Test (ABO Compatibility), HLA Match (Antigens), Reactive Antibody (PRA).  The Lavender-top EDTA tube contains EDTA as an anticoagulant, and tube is used for most haematological procedures and molecular tests.  Fill the tube with blood.  Tip the tube upside down 8-10 times to mix anticoagulant with the blood.  The tubes are filled with the proper amount of blood for the size of tube.  Tube sizes available are 2.0 ml, 3.0 ml, 5.0 ml.  Injecting the right amount of blood assures the proper ratio of EDTA to blood.  The Punisher tries to make the best possible test results by injecting the right amount of blood.

Blood Test HLA Antigens 2ml lavender EDTA

The refrigerated samples are shipped overnight by Courier by Air.  The Cross Matching Antigens test can be completed later with remaining samples once a suitable 1%er in found for transplant.  The ‘Tag’ on the ‘Fringe’ is generally sent from a courier depot on the Fringe directly to the lab.  The Punisher receives the DNA, Blood Type, and HLA paperwork in the mail.  The Punisher now has all the information required for the ‘distributed up’ network powered by hate, revenge, and the ‘Gift of Life’. 

Then, you could be flipping burgers?

Now, the ghosts, the dead, the Punished, and the Punisher’s!

The Punisher Vigilante hunts for profit

 Punisher Vigilante Guide 3   DNA Sources    Punisher Vigilante Guide 5

e) The Punisher Vigilante Guide explains why Punisher’s hunt on the fringe for maximum revenue and minimum risk.

The Punisher hunts on the ‘Fringe’ to avoid the harassment of the ‘Core’.  The ‘Core’ is unsafe.  The RCMP are doing everything possible cover up their illegal evidence.  The Little Whore from Clavet sells information to hide her younger days of selling underage girls for sex.  Becky’s pedophile brothers are running from a train on underage Penny sold to them by Becky.  Jimmy the Junkie is free as an informant for beating frail seniors in the home invasion.  Finally, the RCMP are pretending they are not selling underage girls to keep their illegal evidence.  The RCMP can provide their numerous informants from these three families ‘some’ protection at the ‘ Core’.  In a recent illegal raid by Surrey RCMP against the author Dennis Rohel, the Surrey RCMP went through the residence looking for incriminating evidence.  They found nothing but an interesting day and night picture of a condo a few floors up and directly across the street.

13388 104 Ave Surrey BC Nighttime Picture seen by 4 RCMP Military illegally raiding the author on June 25 2017

13388 104 Ave Surrey BC Nighttime Picture seen by 4 RCMP Military illegally raiding the author on June 25 2017

The Punisher hunts on the ‘Fringe’ to avoid this sort of problem.  Rohel constantly reminds all Punishers that the ‘Core’ is not where the ‘Gift of Life’ is found.  The ‘Core’ is where the Surrey RCMP or ‘Military Police’ continue to cover up for child abusers, pedophiles, and home invaders beating on senior citizens.  The Little Whore from Clavet and her family the Clan from Clavet sold all their cousins and relatives on the ‘Fringe’.  Jimmy the Junkie and his parents sold out their respective families.  Finally, Blondie being the dirt white trash he is ‘joined right in there’.  That’s what rats do.  They sell people.  These rats sold their families for a few extra rat dollars.  The point is the ‘Fringe’ is not the place to tag rat meet.  During the daytime, I took another photo of the same condo across the street.  You will notice the blanket is not on the window because their are no blinds.

13388 104 Ave Surrey BC Canada Daytime Blind Someone at the core seen by 4 RCMP Military Police raiding Sunday Morning June 25 2017

13388 104 Ave Surrey BC Daytime Picture seen by 4 RCMP Military illegally raiding the author on June 25 2017

The Punisher ‘Tags’ rats on the Fringe for minimum risk and maximum revenue.  The Fringe is both geographically and socially isolated from the 3 core families.  ‘Watchers’ saw the 3 core rat families set up their cousins and relatives on the ‘Fringe’ since the home invasion in 1997.  They were entertained by the 3 core rat families as they were sold by the 3 core rat families.  They themselves saw the 3 core rat families wave ‘The Note’.  The 3 core rat families were premeditated and organized across international borders, as they ‘sold out’ their cousins and relatives.  The fact of the matter is ‘The Note’ was used for the attempted murder of Rohel.  The rats intentionally involved their cousins and relatives in the ratting business and as accessories to attempted murder.  However, the core rats were not done selling their ‘bloodlines’ on the ‘Fringe’.

The still in progress book adds national and international information on the past, present, and future geographic locations of cousins and relatives sold by the 3 core rat families.  The Vancouver Hells Angels, the Saskatoon Rebels, Saskatoon Hells Angels, and bikers in France, Kowloon, Russia, Finland, United States, Great Britain, Hong Kong, and Mexico will recognize past and future locations as events they witnessed the rats.  The Punisher knows them as ‘Watchers’, and Punishers usually consider them good sources of information.  The Fins would be more active than our own Prime Minister Trudeau in the land of forest and ice as we lost the sea ice in the North.  Trudeau was the worst kind of man in politics, as he generated hope for 95%ers, and then he led the liberals to crush pipeline opposition, while Trudeau was just a ‘sunny boy’ to his mother, Margaret Trudeau.  I just don’t see what the rolling stones saw in Margaret Trudeau in the day, then I suppose there was something to be said with sleeping with our Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau’s wife.

Finland icebreaker MSV Nordica surveyed the Victoria Strait, Northwest Passage, the Arctic Archipelago, and Prime Minister Justine Trudeau sold out the land of forest and ice.

Prime Minister Justine Trudeau sold out the North, and The Little Whore from Clavet used her family as a human shield

Justine Trudeau and the Little Whore from Clavet were a lot alike!

The Punisher tracks cousins and relatives with family research up and then family research down to find rat DNA on the ‘Fringe’.  The Punisher uses readily available information sources like the Saskatchewan Cemetery Project for Clavet (Bradwell Cemetary), Ancestry.ca, and Echoes of our past : Bradwell, Clavet and district.  The trick is to identify the Little Whore from Clavet, her partner Blondie, and Jimmy the Junkie’s family tree out on the ‘Fringe’.  ‘ Watchers’ can also identify cousins and relatives who were ‘sold out’ and implicated as accessories to attempted murder by the 3 core rat families.  ‘Watchers’ saw the core rats entertain their family holding up ‘the note’ to blame Rohel for the Home Invasion, the Emergency Broadcast, the drug bust in the Port of Vancouver, and the ‘Informant’ tour in Europe and North America.

In a nutshell, the ‘Fringe’ consists of the cousins and relatives of the core rats.  These cousins and relatives were ‘sold out’ by core rats and ‘implicated&rlsquo; as accessories to ‘attempted murder’ as the core rats waived ‘The Note’.  These families live on the geographical and / or social ‘Fringe’.  The Punisher ‘Tags’ on the Fringe because the law enforcement agencies cannot protect the ‘Fringe’.  The 3 rat cores sold out these cousins and relatives like trash.  The hate and revenge factor works best on the ‘Fringe’ where they remain sold out, unprotected, and implicated as accessories to attempted murder.  The ‘Fringe’ DNA also has the broadest appeal or ground level support across the land of forest and ice.  Next, the Punisher must find the ‘Stranger’ and the ‘Stranger’ needs a name.

Then, you could be flipping burgers?

Now, the ghosts, the dead, the Punished, and the Punishers!

The Punisher Vigilante hunts for profit

 Punisher Vigilante Guide 4   DNA Sources    Punisher Vigilante Guide 6

f ) The Punisher Vigilante Guide explains what to do after a successful hunt.

The Punisher avoids tracking technologies detailed in the unfinished book.  The Punisher accepts that technology had no security, no secure devices, and no encryption.  A true Ghost surfs the fringe, without phones, satellite radio, computers, GPS, or modern vehicles with onboard computers and wireless chips.  Ghosting.  The satellites cannot re-image specific vehicles at houses because the Punisher is ‘the ghost’ with no location.  Avoiding technology brings a Punisher to the DNA with no digital records.

The Punisher prepares before the hunt with a free DNA kit.  The most useful item is a blood vile with anti coagulants.  The Punisher improvised like all free men and women who become Punishers.  He stocked a blood vile, several long tacks, scotch tape, cotton balls, saline water, 1 small size chemistry tube, 1 tweezers, zip lock plastic baggies, and a few syringes.  The first Punisher used a surprise attack bumping into his DNA.  During the bump, he pricked the DNA with the cotton ball on the tack taped to his index finger.  The Punisher pressed the tack for a second, and then the Punisher turned his head.  The Punisher pulled back the tack with the bloody cotton ball.  The finger curled upwards into the cuff, and the arm remained outwards.  The Punisher said loudly, "You have a bee on your neck", then he was gone!  Free men and women will always find better ways to get their ‘Tags’.  Punishers are able to track dozens and perhaps hundreds of rat DNA from funerals and receptions on the fringe!  Most Punishers are to cautious to try a bee sting at these events on the fringe.  They also know the geographical area has a hot distributed up network ready for another successful organ harvest.

The Punisher curled up the index finger with the cotton ball on the tack into the cuffs, as would a magician in the ‘turn’.  While ‘turned’ and walking away the Punisher takes a zip lock for the tape, the tack, and the cotton ball with the bulk of the DNA.  The Punisher continues walking towards privacy.  A washroom with an empty stall is ideal.  The Punisher squirts a few centilitres of saline water from a preloaded syringe into the small size chemistry tube.  The cotton ball is removed from the tack with the tweezers, and then the cotton ball is dipped several times into the tube into the saline water with the tweezers.  Then, the syringe in used to draw the saline water and DNA into the needle.  The same needle is now used to inject the DNA into the Blood vile with anticoagulant.  DNA testing and blood typing and HLA testing is second rate or impossible if the blood coagulates.  It is important to get the DNA into the vile quickly.  The Punisher has his DNA for the ‘Stranger’ he has yet to meet.

Our first Punisher graduated to become a first level ‘Ghost’.

Then, you could be flipping burgers?

Now, the ghosts, the dead, the Punished, and the Punishers!

The Little Whore from Clavet and the Punisher

 Punisher Vigilante Guide 5   HUNT DNA    Punisher Vigilante Guide 7

g) The Punisher Vigilante Guide describes what The Punisher did when the tests arrived.

The Punisher received the DNA test, Blood Test, and HLA test by mail.  Imagine, the original Punisher had no ‘connections’!  Now, the Punisher checked the book and news stories to confirm the drugs acquired by the Vancouver Police Department in the Port of Vancouver.  The Punisher ‘chatted up’ several street level drug dealers in his neighbourhood which sold the type of drugs lost in the Port of Vancouver.  After watching their routines, the Punisher decided on 1 dealer selling one type of drug from the Port of Vancouver.  After a few days, the Punisher asked the ‘new’ street level dealer if he can talk to his boss privately.  The Punisher briefly explains about new information for a 250 Million dollar drug loss.  That is now a debt.  The Punisher wants to make a deal!  The Punisher explains some ‘bosses’ could make a lot of mileage out of this lead.  The Punisher reminds the street level dealer that he could be the guy that made the right move at the right time.  The Punisher has many distributed up networks (street level dealers) to try if this street level dealer is not the right match.

Punishers often gravitate to areas where there has been a successful organ hunt.  The future rat funerals for ancestors of the rat families create not only the collection of rats at the funeral, but the successful organ harvest creates hot distributed up networks in all 4 organizations in that area.  Starting from nowhere, the Punisher now has an intro to a ‘street boss’ from 1 organization out of 4 in the Port of Vancouver.  The Punisher explains to the ‘street boss’ that he has information about a 250 MIllion dollar debt caused by a drug bust in the Port of Vancouver.  The Punisher tells the ‘street boss’ that he can get at some of that money with his help.  The Punisher confirms that the ‘Street Boss’ is with one of the organizations in the Port of Vancouver.  Finally, the Punisher explains that he needs the ‘right guy’.  Sometimes the ‘Street Boss’ is the right guy, or more often the ‘Street Boss’ knows the ‘right guy’.  The Punisher must explain that the ‘right guy’ is not going to commit any crimes, and the ‘right guy’ will be finding kidneys for the Punisher.  The ‘right guy’ will be a legal job with a high rate of pay.

The Punisher shows the DNA paperwork, and the ‘street boss’ is told that collecting the 250 Million dollar debt will take work.  They both understand that this was an international deal at the highest levels of all 4 organizations in the Port of Vancouver.  The Punisher wants to take the ‘street boss’ with him to the next level city boss.  The Punisher explains that collecting the debt is something the city bosses should hear in person.  The Punisher explains that they need a ‘Talker’ who can help in collecting the 250 MIllion.  The Punisher ‘gives up’ information to meet the ‘city boss’ for one organization.

With the Street Boss and a City Boss present, the Punisher lays out the history of the debt to the Port of Vancouver.  The Punisher refers the Street Boss and the City Boss to the unfinished book, The Little Whore from Clavet.  The Punisher explains that he needs to hire someone to find a kidney.  The Punisher talks about the ‘Watcher’ seeing the Little Whore from Clavet, Jimmy the Junkie, and Blondie humiliate the boys in the Port of Vancouver.  The Punisher explains how everyone makes money collecting a 250 Million dollar debt from a whore, a junkie, and dirt white trash in the book?  The Punisher adds that they will get noticed and respect from international bosses.

Finally, the Punisher explains that he needs a ‘Talker’ to find a match for his DNA.  The Punisher explains why he approached the Street Boss and the City Boss to achieve maximum revenue in finding the right match for the DNA.  The ‘right’ match is off course a match belonging to a 1%er.  That’s how this DNA can make both the Punisher and the new ‘Talker’ millionaires on the first ‘Tag’.  The Punisher summarizes things by saying we can locate more for the 250 Million dollar debt.  We just need a ‘Talker’ to do completely legal work in finding a matches for the Punishers DNA paperwork.

Free men and women can do exactly the same thing to achieve a better life while giving the gift of life.

Then, you could be flipping burgers?

Now, the ghosts, the dead, the Punished, and the Punishers!

The Little Whore from Clavet and the Punisher

 Punisher Vigilante Guide 6  HUNT DNA  Punisher Vigilante Guide 8

h) The Punisher Vigilante Guide and the right thing to do?

The original Punisher ‘Tagged’ 3 bloodlines who have travelled 18 major cities and 8 countries using their young children to rat out ‘the boys’.  These 3 core rats routinely implicated their families as accessories in murder.  They sold their relatives and their children for cover in their rat business.  The children grew up to become parents raising more rats for the police, themselves.  They raised and trained their children as rats.  Today, the 3rd generation of 16 - 24 years olds are currently raising and training the next generation of ‘cum rats’.  This child abuse and ratting business will continue until the rats meet The Punisher.

The child abuse continued with both the Vancouver Police Department VPD and the RCMP involved in the Port of Vancouver, the Home Invasion, the Port of Vancouver, 18 major cities, 8 countries, and Omerta in Europe.  Chretien's friend and accomplice, Mr. Ben Soave joined the RCMP in 1970 and served in foreign service as the RCMP Liaison Officer and Attaché at Canadian Missions.  Ben Soave served as the Chief Superintendent of the RCMP until 2005.  Then, Mr. Ben Soave founded Detek Investigative Group Inc. and Ben Soave Associates Inc. (BSA) in 2005.  Ben Soave would use all his legal and illegal evidence illegally privately in this Agency for his clients which can be sued in the courts.  Soave and the RCMP falsified information for funding illegal investigations with ‘Omerta’.  RCMP Inspector Ben Soave admitted ignoring international law when chasing the Cuntrera-Caruana clan.  Soave said, "Borders should no longer represent an opportunity for organized crime".  Rohel barely survived in Europe after the Soave informants flaunted national and international law.  Soave would brag about his techniques in the Gazette article "Secrets of Success: Reflections from the boss of Operation Omerta." Soave’s ‘no borders law’ didn’t come up when defrauding taxpayers, instead he matter of fact says, "So I went to CISO (Criminal Intelligence Services Ontario who provided us with additional funds.  An that was the only way this operation was kept alive".

The RCMP would also falsify information to Prime Minister Jean Chretien in Cabinet in their application for exceptional funding in Ottawa.  The RCMP Commissioner then begged ‘extra funding’ to Jean Chrétien to receive a funding order in Council.  The RCMP and international police forces were building all this on the Home Invasion and the Port of Vancouver at this point.  The international police agencies in 8 countries relied on that evidence in what is called ‘The Train Wreck’ in the unfinished book ‘The Little Whore from Clavet’.  Taxpayers paid these 3 rat families to use small children on a daily basis in their ‘informant’ business rather than having them attend schools.  The RCMP and the core rat families routinely sacrificed children who would be found dead if they were caught.

This is Common Law in the land of forest and ice.  Children trained as rats with these 3 core families.  The taxpayer funded child abuse continues to today.  The children of these 3 bloodlines are born rat, raised rat, and they will die as rats, if caught.  The Punisher tagged a 16 - 24 year old rat.  New Punishers can ‘Tag’ any number of rats on the ‘Fringe’ if they want a better life.  Born rat.  Raised rat.  Sold on street corners.  The VPD, RCMP, and international policing built careers on these children for the last 18 years.  The Punisher stops the abuse.  Why waste?

Time is the most precious part of the Universe!

  6   Decent Dying people get the ‘Gift of Life’ as Organ Recipients
 12  Wealthy Individuals, Parents, and Trusts invest in Life
  6   Free Men & Women earn that wealth with DNA Up & Distributed Up strategies
  4   Global players in the Port of Vancouver earn back rat damage with their Defence!

 28  Better Lives, Wealthier Lives, & a Longer Life for the Chosen finding the ‘Gift of Life’.

Then, you could be flipping burgers?

h) The Punisher is now tagging the Canadian Mounted Police Federal and International Operations Directorate.

Most countries on earth have some 'dirty police' working in an old style top down management structure.  These are the people primarily responsible for 'hiding' the international terrorism by the RCMP for Jean Chretien and Ben Soave.

I've provided links to their information so as to easily read their home town and biographies to farm your new 'dirty' on the Fringe.  These are management who are in the business of covering up their child slavery and international terrorism.
Brenda Lucki  Commissioner
Daniel Dubeau  Deputy Commissioner & Chief Human Resources Officer
Kevin Brosseau  Deputy Commissioner & Contract and Aboriginal Policing
Gilles Michaud  Deputy Commissioner & Federal Policing
Fran├žois Bidal  Acting Deputy Commissioner & Specialized Policing Services
Brenda Butterworth-Carr  Deputy Commissioner & Commanding Officer "E" Division
Todd Shean  Deputy Commissioner & Commanding Officer "K" Division
Guylaine Dansereau  Professional Responsibility Officer
Liliana Longo  Senior General Counsel and Legal Services
Dennis Watters  Chief Financial and Administrative Officer
Sharon Tessier  Acting & Executive Director Public Affairs
Joanne Pratt  Chief Audit & Evaluation Executive
Kevin Jones  Assistant Commissioner, Acting Chief Strategic Policy and Planning Officer Al McCambridge  Corps Sergeant Major

The above 'corrupt RCMP' hide the funding and training of children as police informants for Jean Chretien and Paul Soave in Europe and North America.  They paid for the transportation of these children across international borders in their deadly drug dealer traps. RCMP used these children in the deaths of the illegally accused.  RCMP used these children as active participants in a murder attempt.  These RCMP hide child slavery, child abuse, and international crimes committed by the RCMP's international terrorists who following the package from the Port of Vancouver in the fall of 1998.

The new Punishers are free to read their biographies for the home town information on their bloodlines.  Punishers might like to know that 3,576 civilians work in the RCMP detachments.  These civilians should not be tagged.  Once again, Punishers do not tag innocent civilians.

The first Punishers are celebrating the 20TH Anniversary of the package in the Port of Vancouver.  Death Warrants powered by Hate and Revenge on 4 corners remain available for Punishers of these 'dirty' in the Port of Vancouver Drug bust.

1. Little Whore from Clavet and her rat bloodline $1 million dollars plus each
2. Jimmy the Junkie and his bloodline $1 million dollars plus each
3. Blondie and his bloodline $1 million dollars plus each

These 'dirty child abusers' are still popular.  When the Punisher is choosing his organs, we suggest he uses tried and tested techniques by the first Punisher.

a) Maximum Revenue: Punishers can generate most income with 'hot' tags.  Take for example the illegal Port of Vancouver drug bust using children internationally.  These rats generate global hate and revenge from both the citizens and the parties behind the drug deal itself.  That equals global hate and revenge from 7 Billion people! Yeah!

b) Minimum Risk: Punishers will always notice that 3 'dirty' bloodlines on the Fringe can be taken at Minimum Risk.  Currently, and the VPD, RCMP, Inspector Ben Soave, and Prime Minister Jean Chretien would prefer their 3 dirty informants dead.  Why? The RCMP, Chretien, and Soave would have no witnesses.  There is a 'Stage', where Punishers discuss how 'dirty' effects everything the Punisher, Talker, Organizer, Picker, and Shipper do to complete your Tag.  Dirty effects every organ donor and family because they are dirty.  Dirty makes people defenceless!

c) Death Warrants on Dirty RCMP and Dirty Politicians: Jean Chretien and Ben Soave stole a lot of money with the RCMP.  Jean Chretien and Ben Soave were unable to successfully pass the first Omerta financial audit.  These 'dirty' had a "Inconclusive" result on the one and only financial audit of their international child abuse.  The RCMP, Jean Chretien and Ben Soave used these 3 dirty families evidence illegally internationally.  The dirty cops and politicians hid the Little Whore from Clavet and her husband, and Jimmy the Junkie were his by the dirty as their minor children waived the Crime Stoppers Note on the downtown east side of Vancouver.  Dirty cops and dirty politicians began to murder Rohel with his Crime Stoppers note.

d) Ben Soave and Jean Chretien started the child abuse on the ground in Vancouver BC.  This was magnified 100 times over, as Ben Soave and Jean Chretien knowingly used the illegal evidence internationally.  Years ago, Rohel came upon a 'RCMP chat room' for his reading.  The entire RCMP chat section on Omerta reflected the totally illegal activities.  The entire chat room knew that 'the premeditated sharing of the [illegal] evidence under these circumstances is an international violation of law.  Years ago, I sent a letter to CSIS regarding the chat room.  I wrote to CSIS that I was able to track the individuals in the chat room to their home detachments and names.  I explained I traced backwards through emails.  3 weeks later, the RCMP made a public announcement regarding 'emails and policy'.  These children are used like international child slaves by the RCMP.  Punishers know that farming 'dirty' does not exclude Police or Politicians.

The Punisher knows Ben Soave and Jean Chretien used the illegal Port of Vancouver evidence in both Hells Angels Court cases.  Soave and Chretien know this was illegal evidence.  They offered the Hells Angels incredible deals.  The Judge and the Crown Attorneys were well aware the evidence in the trial was illegal.  The Hells Angels themselves knew something was wrong when the only evidence offered was a 'Tip'.  The Judge and Crown prosecutor lied to the Hells Angels.  Soave and Chretien are now fixing 2 Court Room in British Columbia with the Judges and the Crown.  They rushed to Guilty pleas with sentences which were about 1/5 of Standard Jail Sentences.  Soave and Chretien are guilty of fixing the Canadian Courts before they go international with their illegal evidence.  Soave and Chretien will go international with the illegal evidence causing international pain and suffering illegally in every country.  That's why the Punisher knows the Soave bloodline and the Chretien bloodline are loaded with hate and revenge.  That hate and revenge can be tapped on 4 Corners with Paper Tags on the Judge and the Crown Attorneys children 10 - 17 years of age.

The Punisher also knows that the Provincial Court on Main Street in Vancouver was also a fixed case where Rohel was convicted of the sawed off shotgun.  Rohel was threatened with 4 - 7 years by the Crown for the Sawed Off Shotgun if he did not plea out his case.  Later, the Superior Court acknowledges that the Provincial Court was wrong if not criminal in their fixed court room activities.  That took about 5 minutes with a legal crown and legal Judge in the Superior Court.  Punishers know that the Provincial Court ruling did not resemble anything in the VPD officer statements or Rohel's statements.  The Judge and Crown Attorneys acted illegally for the VPD, RCMP, Chretien, and Soave to suppress all Rohel's evidence to the VPD.  The Judge and Crown refused to see any evidence leading up to Commercial Drive and the Sawed Off Shotgun.  The court refused to discuss the Crime Stoppers Note, the Home Invasion, the VPD's illegal evidence, the RCMP's illegal evidence, Jean Chretien, and Ben Soave.  These people attempted to murder Rohel by making Rohel the fall guy for the drug bust with the Hells Angels.  The Provincial Court was used by these people to murder Rohel.  Paper Tags of the Judge and Crown Attorneys children are loaded with hate and revenge for the Punisher.  The Punisher can easily find their 10 - 17 year old children in private / public schools for a Paper Tag.

Rohel was also illegally Judge by the Crown Attorneys who criminally hid evidence in another court case.  The Judge and Crown Attorneys in the Court of Queens Bench worked with the VPD, RCMP, Chretien, and Soave to hide all of the Crime Stoppers Note, the Home Invasion, the Provincial Court, the inadequate VPD Crime Stoppers Warning on television, and the RCMP's illegal evidence now filtering out internationally.  Chretien is kept up to date by Ben Soave, who is Chretien's buddy who just has to pick up more illegal funding in Cabinet with his criminal accomplice Chretien.  The Punisher knows that the higher court had 4 Crown Attorneys beat up on the Rohel and his sympathetic Judge.  They 4 Crown Attorneys are criminals which can easily generate Paper Tags for their children and grand children in the greater Vancouver Public Schools / Private Schools.  The Court of Queens Bench Judge was upset with this illegal intrusion into his courtroom.  The Judge fought back for Rohel by refusing to take Rohel's Russian Visa, Flight Itinerary, and Passport dated for the next day for travel.  The funding for these Judges can be traced back to Chretien and Soave.  This was outrageous for the Judges.

Rohel's judge fought the Chretien and Soave intrusion by scheduling another hearing in the Court of Queens Bench Appeals Division.  The Judges staff walked Rohel through the Procedure.  They did everything except sign for Rohel, of course.  The Judge knew I could not make this Court date.  He knew I was leaving the next day from my travel application for a travel allowance.  The Attorneys employed by Chretien and Soave also knew my travel plans.  Of course, Chretien and Soave or their staff are informed of my travel plans.  Chretien and Soave were informed of my travel plans, and Russia was informed by Chretien and Soave.  I arrived in Russia days later to fan fair.  If Soave and Chretien were not criminally involved how does Russia give a dam about a 'potential' business (Speedeclaim.com) securing a foothold in Russia through all proper channels.  Rohel and David Whyte are totally legal and up front in all paperwork with the government of Russia.  It was Chretien and Soave which poisoned Russia for Rohel before he arrives.  Once again in the dirty Judges in the Provincial Court and the dirty Crown in both the Provincial and Court of Queens Bench did everything possible to murder Rohel by blaming him for the drug bust in the Port of Vancouver.

The Court of Queens Bench Judge wanted this as a matter of record to the criminal proceedings by the government in his courtroom.  The Court of Queens Bench was fixed by Soave and Chretien.  Could they fix the Court of Queens Bench Appeals? I flew to Russia.  The 4 Attorneys are Paper Tags with 20 years of murdering Rohel, for their bloodlines.  20 years later, some Hells Angels still believe Rohel caused the Port of Vancouver drug bust.  These 4 Crown Attorneys know they set up the Hells Angels to believe Rohel was the problem rather than the illegal evidence.  Rohel is particularly happy to Paper Tag one dirty Judge and two dirty Crown Councils.  Rohel will be promoting their families for all Punishers to Paper Tag the dirty Provincial Court Judge and the two dirty Crown Prosecutors in the schools.

The ongoing criminal activities of Chretien, Soave, and the RCMP made the Sun and the Province newspapers in 1996-1998.  Chretien and Soave were going international with their big dicks.  Meanwhile, the dirty politicians and the dirty police cannot account for the money they stole.  Chretien, Soave, and the RCMP stole all the money! No? Impossible? Well if they were doing such a great job with hundreds of millions of dollars, why did the package arrived in the Port of Vancouver without an international escort by international police.  FREE.  Chretien, Soave, and the RCMP are stealing so much money the dirty police have to add these illegal activities to cover up for the stolen money.  For example, 12 months later, the illegal evidence is used to manipulate the American International Drug Agencies to follow the Montreal Money Run from Canada to the Mexican border.  The VPD, RCMP, Chretien, and Soave know this is illegal evidence in the RCMP chat room.  They laugh at the Americans for breaking international law.  Then, they realize they get away with this illegal evidence.  From that date on the conversations in the RCMP chat room expand to at least 12 countries where Chretien and Soave's RCMP laughed at their 'dirty' international success.

Soave would continue his criminal interference for clients and in the Press where he used illegal historical information from former organized crime cases.  He is still trying to fix evidence publicly for his clients.  How is this possible? Most of his international career is built on one illegal drug bust. Which of Soave's clients access illegal information and gain advantage by Soave saying these things about the Rizzuto family? The Punisher knows 4 corners will know about what Ben Soave did to power up hate and revenge for the Paper Tags on the Soave ancestors between 10 - 17.  With hundreds of millions spent, Chretien and Soave lie to the Americans and at least another dozen countries.  They claim poverty in asking the American Government Agencies to follow the money run to Mexico.  Arrests were made at the Mexican border in the Southern American Newspapers.  The Americans were asked to assist the Mexican Federalies in making arrests in Mexico.  The criminals in Canada got the Americans to do their dirty work illegally.  In reality, the evidence they are following backwards and the funding for that evidence is Chretien and Soave illegally incriminating international agencies worldwide.  The evidence they are following backwards is the Port of Vancouver evidence.  Chretien and Soave know they are international criminals, and they don't believe they will be punished.  The Punisher can count on hate and revenge for the Paper Tag of the Chretien bloodline in Quebec and France.

When you understand that hundreds of millions of dollars, disappears with Ben Soave.  Of course, Chretien and Soave needed a success for their big disks.  They latched onto the Illegal evidence from the Home Invasion for the Port of Vancouver to cover up the theft.  What else could they do? Years later, the Auditor General would find their accounting inconclusive.  They had no receipts.  Hundreds of millions of dollars stolen or wasted internationally only to shame Canada internationally.  The Port of Vancouver never had a legal start.  The thieves needed the Port of Vancouver drug bust.  The only reasonable solution was to keep the evidence by blaming Rohel.  That's what the Hells Angels saw throughout.  They watched the child trained informants of child abusing Ben Soave, Jean Chretien, and the RCMP.  The only choice was to keep the evidence and murder Rohel in the Courts and the Public.  The Hells Angels saw the Vancouver downtown eastside part.  Soave and Chretien are well aware they ordered the murder of Rohel in the Courts and the Public media.  For the Punisher it means that Ben Soave, Jean Chretien, and the RCMP can all laugh about Raping the Americans and a dozen countries to hide their theft.  The Chretien Soave combination kept their illegal evidence and informants (Becky, Jimmy, Blondie, and children) close, and the Vancouver downtown east side could kill Rohel.  That keeps the evidence 'ALIVE' until the 2 Angels plea bargain their guilt in the illegal Hells Angels court cases.

The Canadian Government in British Columbia Canada controlled 3 Crown Prosecutors.  These Crown Prosecutor fixed evidence in the court.  There were 3 courts by Rohel.  There were 2 courts early for the Hells Angels.  The Crown Prosecutor office actually overlaps for Rohel and the Hells Angels.  This is why we need to kill off these Prosecutors to protect Justice in Canada.  Not only did they take orders to murder Rohel, but they went into Court and told the Hells Angels they had a tip.  If that is not premeditated murder by the Government of Canada, what is? The torture and mutilation of your families is on thee 3 Crown Prosecutors.  That's how the 'dirty' organ farming community makes money.  The Punisher follows the DNA genotype.  These 3 Crown Prosecutors do not get away with their crimes.  We farm the children from these families because their dirty.  They owe you this money back Punisher.  You see when child abusers are above the courts, Punishers kill their families.  It his difficult? No.  Some Punishers get their Paper Tag from the Blood Testing Lab where their parents work? Some get a Paper Tag with a Tack, Cotton Swab, Syringe, and a 5-10 mm Purple Top Coagulant Vile for lab testing.  It sound impossible, but the Punisher only has to Paper Tag for 1 Million dollars plus.

Ben Soave and Jean Chretien both know their 3 Rat families: the Little Whore from Clavet, Jimmy the Junkie, and the LWFC's husband and children tried to murder Rohel on the Vancouver downtown east side.  Jean Chretien's public and private promises are to 'Break the Law'.  Punishers don't care at this point.  Punishers know these 3 bloodlines are powered by hate and revenge on 4 corners.  That's what makes this work Punisher.  Hate and Revenge.  Whether Punishers believe Home Invasion was staged or not, the Whore from Clavet and her children, the Clan from Clavet their children, Jimmy the Junkie and his family conspired to murder Rohel.  The Hells Angels saw the dirty informant waiving the stolen Crime Stoppers Note in the downtown east side of Vancouver, and Jimmy the Junkie was sure to show the note to the Hells Angels to inspire them to murder Rohel.

Punishers only farm dirty families, and Punishers don't care about excuses.

Punishers just Paper Tag their dirty arrogance in the schools and streets.

20TH Anniversary Death Warrants. 
1. VPD
3. Ben Soave
4. Jean Chretien

Punisher vigilante justice hunting and tagging humans, vigilante guide hunt on the fringe.

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