Hastings St. Vancouver, Pigeon Park, Heroin, Cocaine, Montreal Mob, Hell’s Angels, Mexican Cartel, South American Cartel, Thurifer, the smell of death, Rohel and the VPD, Clan from Clavet, Port of Vancouver, Thompson International.

In February 1998, I kept thinking about the home invasion in Burnaby, and I went to work on my PII computer.  I knew it was the Hell’s Angels that were involved in the Port of Vancouver last fall.  Of course, I did not know anyone involved as I worked on the Onlineglass.com project.  My note in the fall of 1997 was about 4 junkies which could not be trusted.  I knew I had nothing to do with the junkies when they caused the drug bust the night of the home invasion.  My note was about home invasions and Jimmy the Junkie and his Crew.  I knew Jimmy The Junkie and his Crew were into home invasions.  That’s the only way Jimmy the Junkie and his gang could be involved in a drug loss of this magnitude.  Of course, the 4 junkies on Hastings Street would never get within ear shot of such a thing, normally.  Just imagine what would happen in 4 junkies on Hastings Street knew about an international transaction?  I was not in the business of dealing drugs, as I’m a geek chasing an IPO.  A fairly dimly lit light bulb would shed light on what 4 junkies would cause to any transaction.  The 4 junkies were working for the Clan from Clavet, and that’s the connection to the drug loss.  No one would be stupid enough to have them involved in such a thing.  Imagine, 4 junkies on Hastings Street knowing about an international drug transaction.  No, this had nothing to do with the 4 junkies, but I still could quite not figure out what currency got the 4 junkies out of their the home invasion bust?

Meanwhile,  I went to sleep in Burnaby on February 22 ND 1998.  Meanwhile on February 23 RD in Burnaby I knew he did not know any of the people involved in the loss of the package.  The people who lost that package didn’t know some computer geek working on auto glass software for a promising auto glass industry IPO.  How could he be involved in any of these problems with the Clan from Clavet all over him since the wedding in Winlaw in 1997?  I was not the buyer.  I was not the seller.  I have no way of knowing anything about this drug deal other that what was on the news.  There was talk of The Hell’s Angels being involved, as the news story progressed.  I was never sure if I ever knew a real Hell’s Angel through my life , prior to then.  Maybe some of my friends had eventually taken that route.  He did not know for certain, because he had lost touch with everyone during Harvey’s run.  In any event he did not know anything about the drug bust other than what was on the news on the PII Computer in my office guarded by a camera in the window.  He knew he was not involved, and their was plenty of people who saw the Clan from Clavet and Jimmy the Junkie and his crew guaranteeing that he was not involved.  Then, he thought about Aldergrove’s little plants in their soil, and he wondered what good did that do?  Barb’s pain medicine went the same route.  My search for the Clan from Clavet continued into my past.

The streets had eyes in Burnaby in 1998.  In Burnaby the streets was getting really ugly on February 24th 1998, and I believed someone was still showing my picture around in downtown Vancouver.  He saw total strangers mouthing off at him, and they did not appear to be the Clan from Clavet’s family or Jimmy The Junky and his Crew.  I still could explain what connected the Junkies, The Black Van, and the Clan from Clavet.  They have been all over him for close to 9 months now.  Yet, there was plenty of people who would have seen them promoting harm to him for all this time.  Why?  During the last 9 months he was probably the only person who was not involved in anything but chasing his IPO.  How could he have caused problems to anyone under these circumstances?  How could anyone accuse him of anything under these circumstances?  Yet, I could not go get groceries without being hazed.  Now, the Clan from Clavet and Jimmy the Junkie and his crew seamed to be pitching something about causing this loss?  The sentiment on the street was that he had something to do with this loss.  Different people were starting to give him a different look.  In the next few days it appeared that the street wise actually figured he had something to do with this package.  While, I recognized the Clan from Clavet’s family and Jimmy’s Crew he was really started to notice they had found some support.  He decided he had to do something.  It was time to put a stop to the liquid stream that runs out of cattle.  On February 25th, I went to get some groceries in Burnaby.  He started finding the street really ugly on Hastings Street as he walked to the Kensington Square Mall to save money.  It could have been the Clan from Clavet’s crew, but it was starting to look like they had someone else convinced too believe whatever hot stream comes out of cattle.  I called a cab to get back to 88 Ranelagh Avenue with my groceries, and he thought about what he was going to do as he unpacked the food.  He had to do something.

What does a regular civilian do?  That’s all he was all his life.  The only thing he was certain of was that Jimmy the Junkie and his Crew had found some sort of support for blaming him with something.  He still believed Jimmy The Junkie’s crew might be in this because Jimmy the Junkie ripped them off with one little computer in spring of 1997.  He told Jimmy the Junkie he would not have anything to do with another computer.  He had to face them somehow?  Yet, he could not understand how Jimmy The Junkie and his crew fit in with the Clan from Clavet?  He planned to face Jimmy the Junkie and his Crew the next day.  He did not know what the Clan from Clavet would do the next day.

On February 26th, I woke up in Burnaby trying to figure out just what he was going to do?  How does he face this situation?  What do you do when everyone thinks you have had something to do with something you had nothing to do with?  I has had the Clan from Clavet and his crew all over him since the wedding in Winlaw on the July long weekend in 1997 in the Slocan Valley.  He didn’t know what to do?  He thought about what he would do as he started to work on the Onlineglass-com project.  I was angry as he dealt with my daily routine in my office with a window guarded by camera.  The progression of the Internet was right on track for him.  He was able to go 16 Ft with the USB Cable to the USB Camera to fine tune video verification of damage to a vehicle for the auto glass software.  The rumour in the auto glass industry was that Mitchell who had purchased by Thomson Corporation in 1986 may have to fight for the NAGS proprietary rights in the part numbering system of the auto glass database.  The Sherman Anti Trust rumour started while I pondered what Joan was going to do regarding investment.  Hulia Karmanova was doing well in Russia, and the possibility of pursuing the project in Russia was undaunted.  How does he face this situation?

I decided to walk from 88 Ranelagh Avenue to Hastings Street, and then he would walk down Hastings Street to Gastown.  I shut down my computers in the office guarded by a camera.  I put on my coat for the dark cool damp night for the walk downtown.  He walked down the alley to Pandora Street where he turned right towards Hythe Avenue where he turned left towards Hastings Street.  He turned right on Hastings Street to continue the 9 kilometre walk to the Lamplighter Pub in Gastown where he expected to find the 4 junkies along the way.  The long walked passed by Gamma Avenue, Beta Avenue, Alfa Avenue, Willingdon Ave, Rosser Avenue, Madison Avenue, Carlton Avenue, Gilmore Avenue, Macdonald Avenue, Ingleton Avenue, Esmond Avenue, to Boundary Road.  The first leg of the walk went fairly well, although this was a relatively safe part of Burnaby.  I thought about facing Jimmy the Junkie and 3 junkies for the money he did not owe them.  He was going to face them down!  I was not sure who the Clan from Clavet was yet, but I would make my stand against the 4 junkies to start.  He wasn’t sure what to expect?  He wondered how many there would be after the home invasion.  Once thing was for certain, he did not expect to face 4 men tonight.  The streets continued in the 9 kilometre walk down Hastings Street in Burnaby.

I crossed Boundary Road into Vancouver, and he walked past Kootenay Street, Skeena Street, The Trans Canada Hwy, The Pacific National Exhibition Park, Renfrew Street, Kaslo Street, Slocan Street, Penticton Street, Kamloops Street, and Nanaimo Street.  He would soon be getting into the tougher downtown east side section of Vancouver.  He didn’t know what to expect as he continued past Garden Drive, Templeton Drive, Lakewood Drive, Semlin Drive, Victoria Drive, Salesbury Drive, and Commercial Drive.  I remained determined to continue through what some would consider the toughest part of the downtown east side of Vancouver.  He tried to remain alert passing Woodland Drive, Mclean Drive, Clark Drive, Vernon Drive, Glen Drive, Raymur Avenue, Campbell Avenue, Hawkes Avenue, Heatley Avenue, and Princess Avenue.  He was now in the downtown east side which people across Canada read about with their coffee and newspaper.  The best known street in Canada.  The highest poverty.  The no hope part of town.  He had no doubt Jimmy The Junkie and his Crew were going to notice his stand.  He was already attracting attention!  It had taken Jimmy the Junkie and the Clan from Clavet 9 months to make a computer geek recognizable in downtown Vancouver.  I sized up my surroundings on Hastings Street in Vancouver.  He was one block south of“Pigeon Park ”on Hastings Street.

I continued past Princess Avenue on East Hastings Street before he passed the Patricia Hotel he had stayed in 1994.  He walked across Dunlevy Avenue, Gore Avenue, and finally Main Street.  He was now in the heart of the downtown eastside, where anyone could buy anything.  I passed Columbia Street and he turned right after crossing Carrall Street towards Trounce Alley.  It was an impulse to buy an eighth of pot in a bar on the way to the Lamplighter Pub.  He stepped into the Blarney Stone on Carrall Street, and he walked directly into the washroom.  It took several seconds for someone to follow him in with what he wanted.  The faceless man sold him an eight of BC Bud, and he walked out of the bar with a little of Barb’s medicine.  He did not stop for a drink.  He walked across Trounce Alley to Water Street where he turned west for 1 block to the entrance of the Lamplighter Pub.  I figured the 9 kilometre walk had done what it was intended to do as he turned into the Lamplighter Pub on the corner of Water Street and Abbott Street.  He was once again in Gastown at Gassy Jack Deighton’s historic saloon which had once been destroyed in the Great Fire of 1886.  There may very well be another fire tonight!  Would the fire start?

I entered the Lamplighter Pub at the corner of Water Street and Abbot Street.  He took a high table with 2 chairs immediately next to the corner door entrance.  The high tables and chairs were geared towards the pool tables for people standing and drinking while they were playing pool.  Once he was seated, I sized up the bar to include about 15 - 20 people.  There was a mix of the downtown crowd with a fair amount of black leather, and there was a growing group of civilians from the suburbs who were coming to see the live band that Thursday night.  They would not start their first set until around 22:00 hours, and it was a still a quite night in the downtown east side bar in an area known for recent violence.  People often found their way into trouble on the downtown east, or trouble often found it’s way to them.  I had barely finished my ordering a pint of Canadian when the show started.  I noticed several people coming in at the front entrance, and the streets did indeed have eyes that night.  Rohel’s 9 kilometre walk was a success!

I realized things started to heat up in the Lamplighter Pub.  There was a group of several extra people who arrived with Little Mike and Mike.  Mike was the one of Jimmy The Junkies crew from the Kinghaven and Peardonsville Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centres.  Rohel met Mike when he was doing the their computer work in 1996 - 1997 in Aldergrove.  Mike had served most of his sentence for auto theft in jail, and he was a resident of Kinghaven for drug rehabilitation at the end of his sentence.  When Mike was a resident at Kinghaven he gave me several rides back and forth to Aldergrove with the Rehabilitation Centres Vans.  Barb and I had car trouble in Aldergrove.  Little Mike had been sharing a queen sized bed with Jimmy the Junkie at the Piccadilly Pub on Pender Street in Vancouver.  The fishing has been a success, and I assumes that Jeff is in jail from the Crime Stoppers Video which ran on television recently.  Jeff had robbed the confectionary in February, and he looked directly into the security camera in the store.  At this point in the evening, it seemed to make sense that Jimmy the Junkie was not here because of the home invasion.  Jimmy the Junkie may have been the one in the home invasion.  He may have been the one doing the home invasion, but that did not explain why the home invasion just disappeared from the Vancouver media.  They all went into the washroom, and I waited patiently.

Little Mike and Mike worked their way over to my table.  I was ready to stand up for a debt which was never owed.  He watched as both Little Mike and Mike came to my table by the door.  He was ready.  He had nothing to do with Jimmy the Junkie since May of 1997, and I figured the home invasion  and the Crime Stoppers video must have cut them down to two remaining junkies.  This wouldn‘t be as bad as he thought.  I could explain why he did not them any money.  He would explain that he did not buy any equipment since the spring of 1997, and he would explain that he had nothing to do with Jimmy the Junkie since before the wedding in Winlaw in 1997.  I couldn’t owe them a dime.  In fact I did not even pay Jimmy the Junkie in 1997, the customer paid Jimmy The Junkie directly.  If fact I had not done anything with Jimmy The Junkie since 1994, that was when Jimmy the Junkie lost my Hyundai.  If they didn’t get a share of what Jimmy the Junkie got in the spring of 1997, then they were screwed over by Jimmy The Junkie.  That was their problem.  He witnessed someone else paying Jimmy the Junkie in full.  It was unfortunately that they may be victims of Jimmy the Junkie, but that was not my problem.  They started by blaming I for the recent drug loss in the newspapers.  I was speechless.  How could my life have gotten so sick in the Lamplighter Pub?  What had gone wrong?  Who was the Clan from Clavet.  I regained some of my composure in the bar.  He said,“I had nothing to do with this package"!  Why would I? How could I?

I wanted to talk about the money!  They were talking about the drug bust.  Mike realized their was only 2 chairs at the table, and he went to the washroom.  Little Mike went straight the drug deal I knew nothing about except what was in the news.  Little Mike kept blaming him!  Jimmy the Junkie and his Crew tried to change the story completely at the “high table ”next to the door in the Lamplighter Pub.  They were in full view of the lower seats, and I could see the bar was noticing what was going on at their table.  I was going to get away with controlling the number of people at the table, but they were also on a pedestal for the rest of the bar to watch.  There was also a noticeable group of people wandering into the centre of the room with a good view of their table before the band was ready to start playing.  I knew Little Mike was involved with Jimmy the Junkie since they met at the Piccadilly Pub with Barb in 1997.  He expected Little Mike to be involved with everything since May of 1997, however he was not really expecting Mike to be involved in this until now.  Little Mike had backed up Jimmy The Junkie after I kicked Jimmy the Junkie out in our Tipperary Apartment May of 1997 in New Westminster.  I thought Little Mike wanted money because Jimmy The Junkie ripped him off.  Now, they had Mike on side blaming him for a Drug loss!  How could he have anything to do with a drug loss he knew nothing about while they have been all over him since the spring of 1997 before the wedding in Winlaw?  The muddy water was settling quickly.  There was also something not quite right in the Lamplighter Pub that night!

Little Mike was making threats during his turn in the chair at the high table.  He was high on some sort of drugs, and he was feeling really good about himself.  He played the audience.  He was loudly accusing I of causing the drug loss in the bar.  Then, he moved on towards informing I in no uncertain terms that the Hell’s Angels were going to be doing with him.  I would never have expected this in my wildest nightmare.  He was not expecting to walk into this!  Meanwhile, Little Mike is just bubbling with pleasure as he plays his role in the accusation.  Then, he seams to forget what to say next.  He took his turn to go to the washroom, and I had a minute or two to himself.  Little Mike knows I could not have had anything to do with a large scale drug deal.  He of all people knows I has been glued to a computer while he worked on the Onlineglass-com project.  I started putting it all together in my mind.  Little Mike must have been involved in the home invasion in some way.  He knew something which allowed him to blame Rohel.  Could Little Mike just be trying to cover his own tracks?  But that hardly makes sense because how does a little junkie like little Little Mike know about something as big as 1.5 tons?  The pieces of the puzzle were still confusing as the colours did not all match!  I noticed Mike working his way back to my table from the washroom.  Now, I figured it was Jimmy the Junkie in the washroom, as the band started to setup their equipment.

Mike sat down at the table in the Lamplighter Pub, and he started talking about how I was going to be punished for allegedly sabotaging this drug deal.  Mike had the but of a cigar in his hand, and he was quite high on something.  I figured of all people Mike from Kinghaven should also know he would have nothing to do with the loss of the drugs.  Mike goes on to tell I just what to expect in the future.  He starts telling I just how the boys are going to haze him.  I thought Mike appears to be telling the story for someone else.  I started to wonder what part Mike may have had in the Emergency Broadcast on the CBC, The Home Invasion, Motor Vehicles, the Honda Civic, Silenced Media, No home Invaders Arrested, and the drug bust itself?  Mike from Kinghaven was obviously in with Little Mike from the Piccadilly Pub.  This meant that he was also in on something with Jimmy the Junkie and his Crew.  Mike was no angel himself, as he told I he went down for auto theft because of his drug dependency.  That’s what put him in jail.  Mike continued to rant in front of the whole bar while a Vancouver Police Department cruiser sat outside the bar for the whole evening.  Then, Mike seams to forget what he is supposed to say next.  He says I’d kill you right now if that car wasn’t sitting outside.  Mike goes back to the bathroom in the Lamplighter to get more directions.

Mike barely made it to the washroom before Little Mike returns with “his ”new instructions.  Little Mike tells I just how I has screwed things up on the street for him.  He starts talking about a shortage of drugs on the street caused by Rohel.  I looks at Little Mike who appears to be getting a little higher with each visit to the washroom.  I realizes who has ratted out this 1.5 ton drug deal.  Little Mike continues to tell I how “the boys ”were going to get at him.  Then, Little Mike brings up the Toronto trip in January.  He laughs about the Greyhound bus on the east side of Calgary.  I realizes that Little Mike was involved with the road blockage on the trip to Toronto.  Little Mike said they didn’t think the cars would pile up so quickly when they blocked the road near Beiserker Alberta.  Now I knew that the Clan from Clavet, Jimmy the Junkie, and his Crew likely had the Calgary Hells Angels involved in January 1998 on my Toronto trip.  Now, Mike and Little Mike were changing their story.  They were gambling that the entire Saskatoon and Toronto trip before the package was lost from memory to be forgotten.  The gambled that they could show “The Note ”around before the package was lost.  They gambled that no one would put their little scam together.  The worst part is that the audience was starting to buy their story.  Little Mike and Mike were taking instructions from the washroom, and they were lying to cover up their connection to the home invasion.  The boys in Calgary and Saskatoon would know they were changing their story.  This was not about money.  It was a setup!  The Clan from Clavet, Jimmy the Junkie, Little Mike, Mike, and Jeff were setting up the Hell’s Angels.

Meanwhile, Little Mike forgets what to say next for the director in the washroom.  Little Mike returns to the washroom, and Mike comes back out of the washroom with his directions fresh in his mind.  He sits down at my table.  Mike starts the accusation once again, and I still does not know who Clan from Clavet is at this point.  How could he ask them to find out?  The Clan from Clavet would have funded the trip to Calgary.  The Clan from Clavet could very well have sucked the Calgary Chapter of the Hell’s Angels into helping them before the home invasion!  Mike starts telling detailed stories about what is going to happen to me before he is killed.  Mike’s enjoying himself now, and starts telling I about hazing which is going to be part of the revenge of the Hell’s Angels.  Mike is playing the role that he is speaking for the Hell’s Angels.  Mike is really high by now.  He starts to mix up the two stories.  Now he does talk about money.  He wanders out of the new story, and he starts talking about the old story.  He brings up I supposedly owing money to Jimmy the Junkie and his Crew.  I is starting to realize that Jimmy The Junkie, Little Mike, Mike, Jeff, and the Clan from Clavet are going to blame the drug loss on him to hide from their leaking the information as currency to get off the home invasion.  I am starting to think Mike was in on the home invasion.  Finally, Mike forgets what to say next, and he needs to go back to in the washroom.  He passes in front of the band on stage.

Little Mike sits down, and he changes back and forth between the new story and the old story.  He begins ranting about the Piccadilly Pub.  I was pleased to here that they were kicked out of their room.  I found out the Piccadilly Pub put their stuff was put on the sidewalk!  The letter to the Piccadilly Pub had worked perfectly!  I had put the letter in his jacket.  That one made it to it’s destination.  In October the letter would have arrived just when I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C.  I was pleased to say the least, and he was pleased that the Piccadilly Pub chose to protect their patrons.  Little Mike was not so pleased.  He had been selling drugs in the washroom, and I figures he would have been spreading Hepatitis C in the bar.  I was pleased the “audience ”heard this part of the story.  They would know that there was no package and No Note before October 1997, right?  They should figure the Saskatoon and Calgary events are way out of sequence?  Little Mike can’t even keep the 2 stories separated.  Little Mike brings up Cayla, and that means he was all over the Saskatoon run with the Clan from Clavet as well.   I can’ t be under this scrutiny, and be involved in an international drug deal.  I has never had a problem with the boys, and if he has any problems it’s with the Clan from Clavet and his Crew.  I says “You know I had nothing to do with this", and Little Mike leans in towards Rohel.  I brings up the home invasion!  Little Mike just smiles like a he knows, but he thinks this is how to hide the home invasion and the loss of the package.  He’s the big man, and he knows who was in the car.  I knew they were in on it from the broadcast.  Who was in the bathroom.  Jimmy the Junkie?  No Jimmy the Junkie does not know any of this hazing stuff.  Who?  Little Mike is ready for the washroom to get higher, and I waits for Mike to return.

Mike made his approach.  Mike replaces Little Mike at the table.  Mike sits down, and he’s enjoying the bottom half of a cigar.  He’s jacked right up by now, and he’s going on how dead I is at this point.  I now understands that Jimmy the Junkie, Little Mike, Mike, and Jeff got in trouble in the home invasion, and they are going to try to accuse him even though they know he had nothing to do with this drug deal.  While Mike is talking I realizes that Jimmy the Junkie and his Crew had to be the provider of the currency to walk away from the home invasion.  How else would they know it was not some sort of special investigation by the police?  How else would they know that the package was not followed into the country?  They gave up the information for their freedom in the home invasion!  Now, Mike starts talking about “The Note".  That was “The Note ”after the letter to the Piccadilly Pub.  That was “The Note ”I waved at them while they were in the Black Van!  What I could not understand was why the Clan from Clavet did not read “The Note".  “The Note ”talked about 4 junkies the Clan from Clavet had in their employ.  “The Note ”should have saved the package!  The 4 junkies were enticed by the Piccadilly Pub note to take the second note which he intentionally waved at them!  The Clan from Clavet ignored “The Note ”for some other ends?  Why?  The Clan from Clavet preferred to ignore real good advice, and the Clan from Clavet gave them the currency intentionally.  The Hell’s Angels and the International Cartels didn’t have 4 junkies involved with their international deal.  But, that was the deal the 4 junkies were blaming him for causing!  I knows these 4 junkies should not have been within miles of this information.  The information must have come from the Clan from Clavet?  Why?  Mike is finished talking about “The Note", and he heads to the washroom.

Mike no sooner arrives to the washroom, before Little Mike returns to take the chair once again.  Little Mike also starts talking about “The Note".  He’s feeling really, really, good now!  He is very high.  He actually believes "The Note ”is their trump card, when in fact it proves their guild.  Little Mike was there to steal “The Note ”from the Canada Post Mailbox before there was a note!  It proves the Clan from Clavet’s was setting up the Hell’s Angels before there ever was a note!  Why do they even have “The Note"?  Why didn’t the Clan from Clavet respect the warning?  Why didn’t the Clan from Clavet guard their friends from such a security risk?  Then, Little Mike on orders from the washroom brought him the answer.  He started talking about something he should have known nothing about!  He brought up Becky in Saskatoon in 1979, and I knew the origin of the Clan from Clavet.  He remembered Becky, and he realized why the Clan from Clavet did what he did!  I now understood the funding of the junkies.  I knew he recognized who he remembered as BJ in Aldergrove at Barb’s Uncle’s Fred.  He knew he recognized her brother from Rumours in Saskatoon.  He knew her brother in Rumours was the man at Pacific Central Rail Station in Vancouver.  Becky, her son, and her family are the Clan from Clavet.  Becky, her son, and her family knew what the 4 junkies would do with this information.  They made sure the 4 junkies knew this information.  It was intentional.  Then when the broadcast ran on television their family decided not to save the 4 junkies by warning their friends involved in the drug deal.  They chose to send their friends to jail.  They chose to hang the lives of the 4 junkies out there instead of saving their friends.  They chose to blame this all on Rohel, because Becky came over to his place and slept with him.  They setup the Hell’s Angels and the International Cartels intentionally.  I felt sick.

Mike returned to the table, as Little Mike went back to the washroom.  Mike continued to change the original story in the Lamplighter.  The Clan from Clavet continued to fund the Black Van just after the home invasion.  They knew what they caused with the information leak.  Yet, they continued to fund the 4 junkies in the Black Van, and they hoped that they would be able to use “The Note ”to hide behind Rohel.  What had started out as revenge against I had turned into the loss of an international drug transaction.  The Clan from Clavet had to see the emergency broadcast on television.  Now, they would dodge suspicion by blaming Rohel for the drug loss they caused this by ignoring “The Note".  The Clan from Clavet knew the 4 Junkies would screw up eventually.  Yet, rather than keeping these 4 junkies out of the loop, they intentionally used them as pawns.  Then when their pawns made the move they would eventually have to make, the Clan from Clavet continued to fund their pawns.  I could tell that this was going to get really ugly.  Could the Clan from Clavet convince the boys that I was responsible for this drug loss?  Could Becky, her son, and her family convince the boys involved in this deal that I was responsible?  Mike shuffles in his chair before he brings up the trip to Saskatoon, and he talks about I visiting Saskatoon during Christmas before the package is lost.  Mike was knowledgeable as far back as Saskatoon!  Mike starts to confuse the story of I owing money too blaming I for the drug loss.  I knew he was being followed during that trip, and now it all made sense as Mike decided to go back to the washroom to get some more pay for his accusations.

Meanwhile, I had a moment alone, and he thought about what went wrong.  How did it come to this?    My memories are interrupted by Little Mike returning to the table.  Little Mike took Mike’s chair in the Lamplighter, and I was certain Jimmy the Junkie, Little Mike, Mike, and Jeff had something to do with the home invasion because of the car and the emergency broadcast.  I knew the Clan from Clavet had to know about the car, as well.  The question was how much did the people involved in the drug deal know about the Clan from Clavet?  They would have been friends of the Clan from Clavet, and I figured they also knew about the deal made with the police to walk from the home invasion.  I realized the evidence in the drug bust would have began at the time of the home invasion, because this crew knew they could accuse him of this bust.  They knew they could accuse him because they knew there was no international investigation.  They knew there was no undercover investigation.  I also knew that Jimmy The Junkie, Little Mike, Mike, and Jeff all seemed to be free!  Jeff was gone for a different reason.  The only one of the 4 I could not account for was Jimmy the Junkie!  It would have taken at least 2 people inside the house, and likely one driver outside in the car.  There were simply to many bodies available outside of jail.  Now, they are talking for the Hell’s Angels, and Mike is telling him they are going to kill him.  I knew he had nothing to do with the drug loss, but the 4 junkies know what happened before the package was lost.  Would the Hell’s Angels and the Cartel be able to figure out what really happened?  Mike said, “You’re going to see who is going to kill you ”as the band started their first set.  I could not hear Mike with the music in the background, and he decided to go to the washroom to see who was orchestrating the show from the washroom.

Meanwhile, the brush with mortality in Bowden on the # 2 Hwy heading for Edmonton took a fraction of a second.  I just tried to keep the RD 400 upright while pointing it to the white strip on the side of the highway.  My back tire locked tight, and he shifted his weight to the right as he held himself on the handlebars.  He struggled with his control of the motorcycle, as he almost lost control as the rear tire slid over the white line changing the handling dramatically for a few more fractions of a second.  The semi trailer passed the left side of his handlebar by inches, and the wind almost pushed him over to the right.  He wobbled from the painted white line and the wind.  He stayed upright.  The wind pushed him to the 6 - 10 centimetre drop on the pavement edge.  Rohel came to a stop with his front wheel just over the edge of the tarmac.  He had lived by mean inches and milliseconds as the truck just barely missed him as it passed him while he was still skidding to a stop at about 100 kilometres per hour.  The trucker stopped to say a few words, and as truckers are they are good people to see on the highway.  He was shook up too, and I just showed respect.  I thanked him for stopping, and I said was sorry for packing my bike so badly.  The concerned trucker left when he saw things were going to be ok, and I stood looking at my bike trying not to shake on the side of the road.  My sleeping bag was caught in the chain, and the chain pulled the bag into the area between the fender and the tire.  The tire balled the bag between the tire and the fender.  It was shear luck that he never went under the semi truck and trailer, and it was just good riding to leave a 15 metre black strip on the # 2 Hwy which crossed the while line in the first 5 metres.  He should have been dead, and I was starting to realize that he might very well be dead as he entered the washroom in the Lamplighter Pub in Vancouver.

I entered the washroom to find no one he knew, except their was a women in the men’s cubicle screwing someone sitting on the throne in the cubicle.  From the look of the feet in the cubicle, it looked like someone was getting their pay for their performance.  I was not sure which of the Clan from Clavet was on top of the “situation".  The bottom end of the deal did not seem to be complaining.  I wondered whether or not the pay would be worth it in the end, and I just used the urinal before I went back to his table.  The band finished their first set, and a man walked in with a suit.  I could remember funerals where the priest had a thurible suspended from chains.  The old Catholic tradition has a altar server known as a thurifer carrying the thurible.  The thurifer carries the thurible filled with charcoal and incense.  Thurible comes from the old French word thurible which is derived from the Latin term thuribelum.  Thuribelum has the Latin root of thur meaning incense.  Thur itself is an alteration of the Greek word thuos derived from the Greek word thuein meaning sacrifice.  The suit stunk up the place with the smell in the tradition which resembles death and sacrifice!  I didn’t want to die, and he flashed back to his near death experience on the highway.

Near Bowden, it took close to an hour to get the sleeping bag out of the fender and chain.  I had to cut the sleeping bag out of the chain with my jackknife, and I kept thinking about how lucky he was to miss being run over by the semi and trailer.  He found a place to setup the tent along the # 2 Hwy, and rode back a few kilometres to a restaurant to have a meal.  When you’ re almost dead it is quite remarkable what you remember.  You remember absolute detail about events, which you would likely forget were it not for the near death experience.  In the restaurant, he ordered beer with a steak.  I had several beer with my meal, and the young hit was able to order beer in most places even though he was only 17 year of age.  He ate his meal, and he rode back to his tent in a little bluff just off the # 2 Hwy to get a little sleep.  Little did the young hit know that he would learn how to sleep after near death experiences, again.  The next morning he rode through Innisfail, Red Deer, Rosedale Valley, and Leduc.  He rode into Edmonton on the Calgary Trail NW early in the afternoon, where he bought a map and a newspaper to find himself a room at a YMCA from a phone booth on the Calgary Trail.  He rode the Scona Road NW to Conners Road NW before crossing the North Saskatchewan River into downtown Edmonton.  He rode down Rossdale Road NW until he turned right on Bellamy Hill NW where he found a parking lot on the corner of 102 ND Ave Northwest and 101 ST NW.  I parked my bike, and he rented a room at the Don Wheaton Family YMCA Centre at 10211 102 Avenue in downtown Edmonton.  He was alone, but he was alive.

In the Lamplighter Mike returned to my table, while the man in the suit stood in the centre of the bar.  He was looking at I as the funeral smell permeated the bar.  The sacrificial smell was similar to high mass funerals, when the smoke from the thurible smelt like death warmed over after the maggots were finished with the flesh.  The smell of the charcoal and incense smoke was similar to the smell of the man in the suit.  He was obviously part of Little Mike and Mike’s performance.  The short dark haired man looked like he could very well be one of Becky’s brothers.  The overpowering smell of death chocked up the whole bar.  He stood in front of the entrance of the bar in the centre of the bar.  I realized he was looking at one of the gang from Clavet who was publicly trying to change the story from “The Note ”to the drug loss.  I also knew why the gang from Clavet had to hide behind this hastily prepared performance in the bar.  Now, I understood how the 4 hapless junkies from Hastings Street came upon the currency for the home invasion.  What once did not make sense made perfect sense.  The 4 junkies did have currency, because they were played like pawns.  The 4 junkies got the information from the Clan from Clavet.  That’s how the 4 junkies got involved in an international drug deal!  That was what I could not understand, because you can very well see that international deals of this nature don’t involve addicts on Hastings Street in Vancouver British Columbia? That’s when I realized The Little Whore from Clavet’s family still involved with the Saskatoon Rebels tipped off the Clan from Clavet in Vancouver about the package in the Port of Vancouver.

The man representing the Clan from Clavet in the grey suit finally looked at I, and he said “you’re safe for now"!  Then, he looked outside at the Vancouver Police Department cruiser sitting on the other side of Abbot Street in front of the bar.  What scared I at this point was that the boys in the bar seamed to be buying the story.  The silence was caused by the entry and smell, and there is always that silence after the band finishes a set to leave the stage after the applause.  The choreographed event captured the eyes and ears of the whole bar!  I didn’t know what to say to Little Mike and Mike.  He knew why they needed to play out this theatrical event.  They knew!  He knew.  They knew 4 of them wouldn’t make it if someone figured out what happened?  They decided to save themselves by working with the Clan from Clavet to cover up their involvement with the loss of the drugs.  They may have started this in seeking some sort of miss placed revenge on I, however had the Clan from Clavet read “The Note ”this would not have happened.  Instead, the Clan from Clavet was going to use these 4 hapless junkies as pawns while they cause this drug loss to their friends.  Together, they decided to hide the Home Invasion and the Emergency Broadcast.  However, they needed someone to blame, and it was Rohel.  They ended up wrapping up their miss placed revenge, and their cowardice into setting the Hell’s Angels and the Cartel down the pipe.  There was a good chance the gang from Clavet would not make it if someone put together the Honda, the Emergency Broadcast, Jimmy The Junkie and his Crew, and the gang from Clavet.  I realize he may be the only one knowing all the jagged pieces of the puzzle.  I could put it all together.  I spoke my last words before leaving the bar.  “You’re all dead, you just have not fallen yet!"  This left the bar in the Lamplighter Pub waiting for something, as I tired of Little Mike and Mike taking their instructions from the washroom after the stink left the bar.

I finished my beer, and he knew he had lost this battle.  He could see it in their eyes.  However, he didn’t believe he lost the war!  He walked out of the bar, and he turned south on Abbot Street.  He walked past the Vancouver Police Department cruiser which sat on the street all night watching the proceedings.  The single policeman with the patrol car watched the whole accusation in the bar through the glass windows, and I had no idea why?  The policeman said “You should take a cab home, because it’s pretty rough out here tonight".  I just said “I’ll walk ”as he headed uphill towards Hastings Street.  He crossed Hastings Street, and then he turned left to walk home on the other side of Hastings Street.  He was standing up.  He just did not know how?  In the bottom of the hill in the heart of the downtown east side, he heard footsteps approaching quickly behind him on Hastings Street.  He turned to see a young East Aboriginal man approaching quickly.  He stopped when I turned around towards the footsteps.  I put my hand in my jacket pocket, as if I had something to defend myself with in the event of an attack.  He didn’t.  Then, he said “You just don’t know what your getting into, because this isn’t what you think".  The dark haired thin East Aboriginal young man backed away.  I turned and continued walking through the heart of the downtown east side of Vancouver.  He was attracting way to much attention.  Now, he knew why, as I crossed Main Street on my walk past Pigeon Park to Burnaby.  While he walked he thought back to where he had done so well in the past.

The downtown east side of Vancouver was not so good, and the walk continued down Hastings Street in Vancouver where the Clan from Clavet, Jimmy the Junkie, and his Crew tried to sell their story.  Becky and her family did this for whatever they believed happened in Saskatoon.  Jimmy the Junkie and his Crew were cheap help for the Clan from Clavet too relish in their revenge.  The problem with cheap help is that they make terrible mistakes.  Jimmy the Junkie and his Crew were around Becky’s family who were involved with people who would be aware of such a deal.  That’s how 4 junkies on Hastings Street found their currency!  What do what junkies do with currency?  They use it!  Becky and her family played them like pawns.  Yes, they used the currency to walk from the home invasion.  That’s exactly what Becky and her family set them up to do with the currency.  Do the Hell’s Angels and international Cartels have junkies on Hastings Street involved in their business?  Of course not!

Why didn’ t Becky and her family read “The Note"?  They didn’t read and respect “The Note ”because they did not want what the Hell’s Angels and the international Cartels wanted, that’s why!  Becky and her family knew about the home invasion that night.  How could the whole family miss the Emergency Broadcast after seeing Jimmy the Junkie and his Crew with the Honda since the wedding in Winlaw in July of 1997.  Their family knew.  They had to know!  How else could they make the accusation if they did not know the real cause of the drug loss?  How did they know it was not going to be some undercover operation that came up in court?  That night Becky and her family chose not to warn their friends involved in this deal that night.  They chose to send their friends to jail that very night, instead.  They choose not to warn their friends involved in this deal that night.  It would have been easy!  They could have made up a story.  They could have said one of Becky’s family heard about the deal while working on her back on Hastings Street.  They could have confirmed the rumour was good with their own details, and they could have warned their friends.  They chose their misplaced revenge instead of their friends.  Their revenge was not sweet for their friends.  Then, neither is Becky’s family.

The next morning I awoke, and the Clan from Clavet was not a bad dream.  This had become a sick story of betrayal.  The Clan from Clavet which I now knows as the Clan from Clavet was blaming him for an international drug deal gone wrong.  In 1980, I knew a few of the Clan from Clavet in Saskatoon.  Now, he understood why the man in Pacific Central Rail Station looked so familiar.  While it was 18 years ago, I believed it was one of Becky’s brothers.  He was not sure whether the thin, 180 centimetre, man with black hair was named Kevin?  But, he definitely remembered him from the Rumours bar at the Sands Hotel in Saskatoon?  That’s also why I recognized BJ in 1997 during the spring in Aldergrove at Barb’s Uncle Fred and his wife at their house in Aldergrove.  I was quite sure that the 175 centimetre heavy set man with black hair was known as BJ.  The Clan from Clavet was behind Jimmy the Junkie and his Crew!  I booted up my computers in the computer room with a window guarded by the camera.  He thought about Saskatoon.

The computers screens flashed back to life in Burnaby.  I sat at my computers, and I thought about the Clan from Clavet.  Becky, Kevin, BJ, and the rest of the Clan from Clavet was well known on 20th street in Saskatoon.  The 20th street district of Saskatoon was the downtown east side of Vancouver.  The Clan from Clavet was working 20th street in Saskatoon on a regular basis.  They were well known downtown, and they had street contacts their contacts on the street where anything could be bought with a little cash.  Now, I understood how Jimmy the Junkie and his Crew walked from the home invasion.  The Clan from Clavet hooked up with Jimmy the Junkie and his Crew in 1997 before the wedding at Winlaw in the Slocan Valley.  The Clan from Clavet grew out of 20th street to the downtown east side of Vancouver, however their core business did not change with the move to Vancouver.  The Clan from Clavet had the currency!

In Burnaby, I knew how Jimmy the Junkie and his Crew got the currency for the home invasion from the Clan from Clavet in the fall of 1997, just days before the package was lost in the Port of Vancouver.  Jimmy the Junkie and his Crew were not reliable, when Rohel left them use the car in the spring of 1994 when they were caught speeding downtown for heroin in his Hyundai Pony.  That’s the way junkies are in their struggle to make another day!  They lost the Hyundai in 1994, and they lost something much more valuable in 1997, when Jimmy the Junkie, his gang, and the Clan from Clavet were caught doing the home invasion.  I found out about the loss of the car from Jeff in 1994, and I knew the Clan from Clavet found out about the home invasion that night during the Emergency Broadcast.  They had to know because Jimmy the Junkie and his Crew have switched vehicles with them since the wedding in Winlaw.  They knew they could accuse I, because they knew how the drugs were lost.  The whole Clan from Clavet did not miss the Emergency Broadcast.  They knew.  The Clan from Clavet knew they were the source of the currency!

He did influenced himself with a paper about Hospices in Britain.  The British model for the aged, chronically ill, and dying used heroin and cocaine in their medical treatment of patients.  The cocktail of drugs was known as the Brompton’s Cocktail.  The drug combinations were much more humane for the suffering.  Yet, the British were having political problems with their humane application of these drugs.  They had practical problems with supplies given the world wide fight on drugs.  Their was political objection based on the war on drugs.  I wrote the paper from a medical perspective, and plenty of doctors agreed that pharmaceutical drugs legal in North America did not work as well as the Brompton’s Cocktail.  Where is the justice in administering pain to the aged, chronically ill, and dying?  The larger question that surfaced in the paper was what does the 1.5 billion people who could not afford pharmaceutical drugs do?  What do they do when the war on drugs makes their local supplies illegal.  How do they die?

In Burnaby, I was worried about dying because he was now being blamed for the largest drug bust ever in Vancouver by the Vancouver Police Department!  He could understand that 4 junkies (pawns) were trapped by the Clan from Clavet.  He also knew that between the Clan from Clavet and the trapped junkies he was badly outnumbered.  They were spreading the word around to hide their involvement in the drug loss.  The Clan from Clavet had 4 pawns trapped in their error, and the Clan from Clavet chose too keep them trapped the night of the home invasion.  The Clan from Clavet chose not to save their hooked up friends the night of the home invasion.  They could have easily warned their friends, but they sent their friends to prison instead.  They had their pawns trapped in a lie, and now they were trying to blame me to get their revenge for the Little Whore from Clavet in Saskatoon.  I could see that they were trying to get the Hell’s Angels and the Cartel to kill Rohel.  They were intentionally covering up their part in the drug loss, and they were using the Hell’s Angels and the Cartel to achieve their revenge.  What should he do?  What does he know about the Clan from Clavet from Saskatoon?

At the end of February 1998, I thought about what he knew in Burnaby?  He did not know what to do?  He knew he needed to start planning a move out of Garth’s basement, because he had agreed to move when David entering the project.  I put himself on a tight budget because David did not have a lot of money, and he budgeted himself to about 400.00 per month.  That’s when he remembered Jack Ma on the Canadian Train in 1997 with VIA Rail when he travelled to Saskatoon for Christmas.  Jack suggested he should rent a room at his house on 910 Victoria Drive at the corner  of Victoria and Venebles in Vancouver.  This was the same house he lived in when he started Envirotech Computers when he first arrived in the lower mainland.  I remembered that there was a MC House just down the hill on Victoria.  This might be the best thing to do under the circumstances?  I had never had a problem with the boys, and he thought he could explain his situation.  He needed a way to talk to the Hell’s Angels or the Cartel about what he knew of the junkies history, Becky, Kevin in Saskatoon, BJ in Aldergrove, Jimmy The Junkie and his Crew in New Westminster, the Wedding in WInlaw, the Multi Coloured Honda, the Home Invasion, and the Emergency Broadcast.  What else could he tell them?

In Burnaby, I could not find Jack’s contact information he was given on the Saskatoon trip on the Canadian Train during Christmas.  He stopped into the house at 910 Victoria Drive, and he found a letter in the porch with Jack’s name and address.  Then, he looked up the number in the phone book.  I made the call.  Jack and I spoke on the phone, and Jack said he had a small suite in the house on Victoria Drive becoming available shortly.  Jack said he wanted to do some work on the suite before he rented it again, and they agreed to see the suite in the first week of March.  I did not consider another location.  It was the end of February 1998, and this location could very well be the solution to his problem.  I could not believe that the Clan from Clavet setup their own friends to get at him.  I believed the Clan from Clavet sent their friends to prison intentionally in the home invasion.  Rohel knew the Clan from Clavet was going to try to kill him.  I tried to focus on the Onlineglass-com project at the end of February, where David was still supporting the move out of Garth’s basement suite.

The television computer pulled him back to Burnaby.  The information he had coming back from Russia by email was very promising.  I watched the news with Russians lining up in the snow and ice for bread that didn’t seem to be coming.  It had been warm on my Toronto trip, and we were all eating up the global warming thing.  After all were living in the land of forest and ice like Russians.  1%ers were keeping things real quiet, and we just sort of went along with things as even as far back as 1998 the climate was changing.  The Russian Economy was tubing on my schedule, and the Internet was booming on my schedule.  I made a few trips to the Money Mart at 2496 Hastings Street East in Vancouver to send money via Western Union to Julia.  When I went out the computer room guarded by the camera the street was unbearable!  There was no doubt the Clan from Clavet was showing his picture all over Vancouver.  The number of people he was attracting attention from was expanding exponentially each day.  I kept the Hulia on the hook, by sending money at just the right time.  The money was not huge, but the amounts of money I sent would keep the Russians off the lines waiting for bread in the snow.  The rich can always buy bread, when the spread of the rich and poor is in Canadian dollars which were doing quite well.  I actually felt good about what I was doing for Hulia and her sister Sveta.  The white coats working for the wealthy were not distributing just how fast and how long the north was melting.

Arctic temperatures up to 25 degrees Celsius high, and 1% owned and controlled satellites and scientists are only now releasing historical data.

The Arctic climate is changing much faster than the land of forest and ice thought possible Mike Mann

The forest and ice people would not be ready for the melt, and they would not be ready for the global migration.

I decided to read up on the loss of the drugs too see what he was up against.  He knew he was not the cause of the drug loss, but he didn’t know anything about the drug loss.  Since, he did not know anyone involved except for the Clan from Clavet, Jimmy the Junkie, and his Crew, Rohel read the publicly available news from the Vancouver Sun and Province.  In a nutshell, he discovered that there was 3 Hell’s Angels charged according to the Vancouver Sun and the Vancouver Police Department.  The news articles spoke about an information source, and VPD said nothing about sources or relationships with national or international police forces or agencies.  The entire investigation appeared to last less than a week.  The local arrests were made at the Port of Vancouver and the ensuing investigation produced another arrest.  There was no international investigation.  There were no international police departments involved.  There was the Vancouver Police Department.  I knew why?

In early March 1998, David had taken over dealings with Independent Auto Glass, UDI, and the IGA.  I let Julia know that Onlineglass-com was ready to try a Russian programmer on a part time basis.  I decided to give a few pieces of code to test the water in Russia.  Meanwhile, David’ s advisers found his explanation of the project on the Onlineglass-com web site to be a good start, however they felt that a more in depth business plan was necessary for investors to understand project.  I was given the task of starting the first draft of the business plan, and David’s resources would re-work the business plan from his draft.  David considered the business plan to be the key to getting 50 seed investors in the first step to going public.  In the auto glass industry Mitchell was still guarding their NAGS part and pricing information in the courts.  Yet, there was a little voice in my head telling him Mitchell would be making a move because their parent company Thompson International was changing their focus of their company back to their core business.  I did not think Mitchell was in their core plan.

In Burnaby, I felt like a fugitive in exile on the street.  In Burnaby in early March 1998, I could feel the hate on the street, and the Safeway on Hastings Street was no different when he went to buy groceries.  Little Mike and Mike followed him into the Canada Safeway at 4440 Hastings Street for the Clan from Clavet.  Bob had driven I to stock up on groceries, and the Clan from Clavet kept the pressure on him.  Mike walked up beside him and he said “you’re not dead yet."  Little Mike walked past him with a big smile in the aisles.  The two junkies were both trapped by the Clan from Clavet, and what could I do?  The Clan from Clavet and the 4 junkies could not kill him directly after the home invasion.  They gave up the drugs in the home invasion in their deal with the Vancouver Police Department.  They could not do much themselves at this point.  The Clan from Clavet and the 4 junkies were already informants for the Vancouver Police Department.  They could only try to get the Hell’s Angels or the Cartel to kill him by setting their trap more tightly.  The Clan from Clavet and the 4 junkies would do anything to dodge the blame and promote Rohel as The Hit.  I was no longer afraid of the 4 junkies and the Clan from Clavet.  He was afraid of what the Hell’s Angels and the Cartel would believe!  I knew what being pushed felt like in Burnaby.

On Saturday March 7th 1998, Bob drove me from 88 Ranelagh Avenue to Commercial Drive to meet Jack at 910 Victoria Drive.  They had agreed to meet during the week on Victoria Drive to see the little suite.  Since, they were early they stopped in for breakfast on Commercial Drive.  I had been noticing some of the hazing Little Mike and Mike talked about in the Lamplighter Pub.  It was obvious the Clan from Clavet and Jimmy The Junkie and his Crew had shown my picture up and down Commercial Drive on the edge of the downtown east side.  It also appeared that they were plowing the road ahead of I to make people aware of my presence.  In any event Bob and I had breakfast on Commercial Drive between Venables and Parker Street.  I was starting to notice that people other than the Clan from Clavet, Jimmy the Junkie, and his crew were coming to have a look.  He was starting to think the Hell’s Angels and the Cartel were starting to believe the Clan from Clavet.  When they finished breakfast on Commercial Drive, they drove up the hill to Victoria and Venables.

Bob and I arrived at 910 Victoria Drive, and they had a look at the 2 ND floor suite with Jack.  The suite was left in a mess.  While most tenants would have just left, I was still determined to take the suite.  He gave Jack $150.00 dollars towards the first months rent and the $100.00 dollar damage deposit on the $400.00 dollar per month suite.  They agreed to meet again on the 15th of March 1998 for a second look at the suite.  Jack was committed to cleaning up the place, painting the apartment, and replacing the stove.  I returned to Burnaby with my receipts in his wallet, where Bob dropped him off at his suite in Burnaby with his Subaru Legacy.  The next few days saw Rohel working on the project, and while he worked he thought about the lead up to meeting the Clan from Clavet in Saskatoon.

In Burnaby the second week of March 1998 went by very quickly.  I worked on the Onlineglass-com Project and he attended meetings with David Whyte.  David had developed the IGA connection to the auto glass industry, and there were rumours of an IGA gathering coming in Columbus.  It was starting to look like the Onlineglass-com web site would be demonstrated at the IGA conference.  Rohel was planning to make a move to Victoria Drive, and in Burnaby he decided to walk to the corner store on Hastings Street one sunny day in the second week of March.  I walked down the 88 Ranelagh Avenue back alley to Pandora Street.  He turned east on Pandora Street, before he veered to the right on to Sunningdale Road.  Then, he walked down the hill towards Howard Avenue.  He saw what looked like the Honda Civic parked along the curb, and as he walked by he noticed guess who?  Yes, it was Jimmy the Junkie in the car.  Jimmy the Junkie was just hiding in the Lamplighter Pub.  Jimmy the Junkie never served a day for the home invasion.  I walked past realizing he knew exactly who ratted out the Hell’s Angels and the Cartel!  He could account for all 4 junkies not going anywhere after the home invasion.  They were going to try to intimidate me to be quiet.  Isolate The Hit.

In Burnaby, I started to realize that the Clan from Clavet wasn’t doing anything but taunting him.  They had been around him since before the wedding in New Westminster, and they had plenty of opportunity to put him down.  When you are being hunted, you realize how often you are vulnerable.  He realized how vulnerable he was at many times since New Westminster in 1997 on Manitoba Street.  The Clan from Clavet didn’t do anything more than try to scare and intimidate him.  That’s what Jimmy the Junkie was doing in the Honda Civic in Burnaby!  That’s what they did on the Saskatoon and Toronto trips.  The Clan from Clavet, Jimmy The Junkie and his Crew had something else in mind?  They accused him when they knew better.  I was not to blame for the Port of Vancouver.  Since October 1997, Jimmy the Junkie, The Little Whore from Clavet, and Blondie couldn’t do much other than show the note in Vancouver, Saskatoon, and Toronto.  They had implicated themselves in Vancouver, Saskatoon, and Toronto.  They wouldn’t really order a killing after the home invasion.  They planned on the blame resulting in the killing of Rohel by the Vancouver Hells Angels, the Mexican Cartel, or the South American Cartel.  That was their plan.  I knew either one could kill me in a heartbeat.  They had set up the Hell’s Angels and the Cartel to kill him for them!  He wondered if he was crazy moving a block and a half up the hill from a house in the Vancouver East Side.  He thought about what else he could do while walking home.  What would you do?  I approached moving day in Burnaby.

On Friday night in Burnaby, Rohel confirmed he had an appointment with Jack on Saturday March 14th to check the progress on the apartment.  Then, he confirmed his ride to the house with Bob for the next day.  The meeting was set for the next day, and I remained determined to move downtown next to Commercial Drive to make my stand.  The next morning, Bob and I had a late breakfast on Commercial Drive before meeting Jack at 910 Victoria Drive.  The apartment was almost completely painted, however the stove still needed to be replaced, and  the linoleum in the kitchen still needed to be laid.  I met Jack’s workers Steve and Ray.  Jack had found them downtown, and he was paying them cash to help him fix up the apartment.  I gave Bob money to pick up 6 beers at the Liquor Store on Commercial for the crew.  Then they talked about the apartment, and I started to get used to his future surroundings while they drank a few beers.

On Victoria Drive in his new suite, the beers went quickly that Saturday afternoon.  I offered to sand the floors in the bedroom, and Jack agreed to cover the cost of the sander and sand paper to help improve the floors in the bedroom.  They had been painted black over the years.  Bob and I scheduled a floor sander with Rick at A & B Tool Rentals for the rest of the weekend.  They went to the Main Street location to pick up the floor sander,  before they returned with the sander to haul it upstairs for sanding the floors on Sunday.  Bob dropped Rohel off in Burnaby on his way to North Vancouver, and they agreed to get started late Sunday morning.  I went straight to sleep, after I checked my email.  The next morning Bob dropped in on his way to  work, and I caught a ride to my new house.  He started sanding floors in the apartment at noon on Sunday March 16th in his new suite.  The black paint that was on the floors came off slowly, and between the small and large sander the wood grain found light once again.

I finished sanding the floors in the afternoon at the house in Vancouver.  Jack, Steve, and Ray dropped in to check the floors progress at 16:30 on Sunday.  They seemed to think the floor turned out well, and I was dry from breathing Fir dust all day.  Steve came out on the balcony for a smoke with Rohel.  He was straight forward in telling I he was in a lot of trouble.  This is what I was hoping for even though it was not what he wanted to hear.  I didn’t think Steve believed the Clan from Clavet.  They went back inside, and while the 4 of them were admiring the floor someone suggested they should go for a beer.  They were discussing the venue for a drink, when Ray and Steve suggested the house down the street.  My stomach turned a little because he had never been in a Club house, but this was exactly why he was moving to the downtown east side.  They walked down Victoria Drive to the well known house W.I.S.E, 1 1/2 blocks north.  It was time to meet the downtown east side locals.

Jack, Steve, Ray, and I walked into the WISE house on Adanac.  There was regularly a row of bikes parked out front of the bar when I started Envirotech in 1991.  The dimly lit bar / lounge on the lower level was almost empty that Sunday afternoon.  They were stopped at the counter / bar on the way into the club.  The door man smiled with recognition, and I felt that he knew my picture.  Ray asked if there was someone in the bar to sign the 4 of them into the house.  The door man walked over to the two men sitting in the middle of the room.  The two men looked over at Jack, Steve, Ray and Rohel.  It was too far to hear their words, however the stretched body language of the taller, darker haired man did not appear to be defensive.  The heavier blond man appeared to be doing the talking.  The counter man returned to the counter, and he said there was no one to sign them into the house.  I felt mixed with relief that today might not be the day to stand up in the neighbourhood, and he wondered if the two of them had a vested interest in not letting the 4 of them into the bar.

Jack, Steve, Ray, and I decided they would not bother with a beer after the W.I.S.E house, and I went back to sanding floors at 910 Victoria Drive.  Jack, Steve, and Ray planned to finish the apartment early next week.  Bob came by to pick up I as he was finished with the floors at 910 Victoria Drive.  I carried both sanders downstairs into the Subaru Legacy, and they returned the Sanders to A & B Tool Rentals on Main Street in Vancouver.  Bob dropped I off on 88 Ranelagh Avenue in Burnaby, and I had a bite to eat before getting some rest that night.  It was hard work sanding floors for I who was not used to heavy work.  I fell asleep feeling disappointed that he had not been able to get into the W.I.S.E house to make contacts to tell people what was going on before the package was lost.  He kept Bertha close once again.

On Monday March 17th 1998, Jack, Ray, and Steve were putting in a new used fridge and stove into the suite at 910 Victoria Drive, and I was running down on groceries in Burnaby while he prepared to move into the new suite on Victoria Drive.  Hulia Karmanova had found a potential programmer Svetlana Solova in Russia, and I was preparing to pack my equipment.  On Tuesday March 18th work continued on the project while I packed my dishes and kitchen items into boxes.  On Wednesday March 19th, I packed my computers, and he was prepared to make a move into the new suite on Thursday.  There was no food left in the house, so he decided to walk to the corner store on Hastings Street to get a few snacks.  He took the usual route down the back alley to Pandora Street.  He veered right on Sunningdale road before he turned right on Howard Avenue.  Then, he crossed Hastings Street.  Finally, he walked east on Hastings Street to the corner store on the south west corner of Hastings Street and Ellesmere Avenue on the 5500 block.  I scanned the area as he entered the store, and he saw Mike across Hastings Street.

In Burnaby I stepped into the Corner Store, before he walked down the isle along the window to see what was going on with Mike sitting at the Drop in Centre across the street on the corner Hastings Street and Ellesmere Avenue.  I expected the glare of the glass to hide my staring interest, and he watched Mike gesturing at the coffee table.  He was showing the table that this was the man they were interested putting down.  Yes, The Mike from Kinghaven, The Lamplighter, and The Safeway on Hastings Street was selling his story for the Clan from Clavet.  I grabbed a bag of chips, and I walked out of the store after paying for his snacks.  He did not look at the table with Mike across the street.  He ignored them, as he turned east to walk along Hastings Street.  Then, I checked them out from the corner of my eye as I walked on Hastings Street.  They would not see the movement of my eyes at this distance and angle, as he watched them focus on him as he walked down the street away from them.  I knew Mike was trapped, but did they know they were being trapped?  I doubted they had any idea what was really going on that day?  Did the boys there knew what was happening to them?  I believed my move downtown was my best chance to straighten this all out!  Meanwhile on March 20th of 1998, I was ready to move to the downtown east side of Vancouver.

I packed a load of boxes into Bob’s Subaru Legacy, and they brought the first load into 910 Victoria Drive on Thursday March 20th.  Jack had a gas fitter coupling the new gas stove to the gas line, and the suite on the second floor was finally finished.  Bob and I hauled in their load, while Jack, Steve, and Ray admired the new place.  They did a good job, and Jack and I settled the balance of the March rent.  When he returned to the house he was supposed to get keys from Paul (Jack’s Manager) because Jack did not have duplicates made yet.  I returned to Burnaby for another load, and when Bob and I returned after Jack, Steve, and Ray had left for the day.  I unpacked the next load, and I started setting up my computer room in the kitchen, and I moved my bed into the bedroom.  It was a tight squeeze, but he had a good view of St Francis of Assisi School across Venables Street from the window as I worked at the computer desk.  He could also see the pay phone in front of the cultural centre on Victoria Drive.  He arranged to leave the couch and chair Barb and he had bought at Garth’s house, and David came by to check out the new digs over the next few days.  I had settled into the Vancouver East Side.

The last week of March went quickly on Victoria Drive, and Sveta started on a C application to help sort in changes to the database for $50.00 contract in American dollars.  I brought in a phone, cable television, and high speed Internet access using Telus DSL services.  Each day I started to walk to Commercial Drive.  There were regular trips to Normans Fruit and Salad, and the Super Valu on Commercial Drive.  I tried to get out on the drive on a daily basis.  He wrote a letter to Joan letting her know that I would give her and Garth something out of his shares if David was able to keep the project funded.  He tried to explain that he needed a partner who could handle the business end of the project, and Garth had a lot on his own plate at the time.  I explained that he had not touched the money in the HSBC account since David has suggested their partnership.  There was over $2000.00 in the account for her and Garth.  Rohel was sorry for leaving them after their original interest, however he had every intent of considering them seed money out of his shares.  I needed a working partner.  Life on Commercial had no Black Van, however it was no bed of roses either.

The beginning of April 1998 on Commercial Drive saw I trying to make himself visible daily at Starbucks, where he sat at the front window high chairs looking out onto Commercial Drive.  It was typical for Becky’ s family to promote their accusation on Commercial Drive.  While, I did not know many of her family, he could identify several of her brothers who had a similar physical appearance to Becky.  They were short, heavy, and dark haired with a family resemblance.  It was next to Starbucks on Commercial that the man in the suit from the Lamplighter Pub who wore the sacrificial smell of death warmed over reappears.  He would stand at the corner of the Starbucks, where he would be telling his version of the loss of the drugs to various people while making physical gestures towards I from outside the coffee shop.  It was obvious to I he had trapped Little Mike and Mike into their performance in the Lamplighter Pub.  I figured the Clan from Clavet would have blamed the 4 junkies on the street for what they caused, if they did not support the false accusation?  Instead, they blamed “I!  I knew all 4 junkies may not have had much of a choice, and the 4 junkies were trapped into supporting the Clan from Clavet.  The Clan from Clavet was using the 4 junkies, and they were hiding behind I to hide from the Hell’s Angels and the Cartel.  Did the 4 junkies have a choice?

During the second week of April 1998 before the Good Friday long weekend, I frequented the Avanti Neighbourhood Pub on Commercial with Bob.   I saw Little Mike plowing the road in front of him in the bar at Avanti Neighbourhood Pub.  Little Mike was working the Clan from Clavet’s accusation in the bar on Commercial Drive, and I realized that I was not doing as well as I had hoped.  Later in the week, I decided to go for a game of pool at Joe’s Cafe on Commercial Drive for the chance to meet people, and I could talk to about the home invasion, and I could defend my actions.  Instead, while he played pool several young women who he did not know were pitching the story at the coffee tables while he ended up playing pool alone.  They were ridiculing him.  He was isolated.  Why would the Clan from Clavet  invest so much in their accusation?  Why would they go to such an extreme?  Their actions were not such an extreme given what they had caused.  You see they needed people to believe them, and they had to isolate me to hide behind me.  They had used the junkies and now they had no choice but to invest a lot of time and energy into slandering Rohel.  They were conspire to have the Hell’s Angels and the Cartel kill him.  Meanwhile, I was holding out hope that the Hell’s Angels and the Cartel did not believe the Clan from Clavet on Commercial Drive in Vancouver.

In Vancouver, I walked down Venables Street to the corner store for licorice.  I needed to find a way to tell someone about the currency used in the home invasion.  The 4 junkies (pawns) had no choice.  If they didn’t support the Clan from Clavet, the 4 hapless junkies from Hastings Street would get turned into the Hell’s Angels and the Cartel by the Clan from Clavet.  He knew they were being played like pawns, as he approached Commercial Drive.  The Clan from Clavet intentionally involved them in the information about the drug deal.  The Clan from Clavet ignored “The Note"!  Instead, they were cruising Commercial Drive in Vancouver with “The Note ”blaming I for the drug loss.  I turned left up the hill on Commercial Drive, before he turned left again into the confectionary in the old building on the east side of Commercial Drive just across the street from the Food Stop.  They had great licorice and I was a regular.  I grabbed a bag of chips, and I went to the counter to get licorice.  I stopped suddenly.  There, in front of I stood a small, thin, 30’s looking, dark haired man with a Rebels Jacket.  I recognized the Yosemite Sam with the Rebels insignia on his jacket.  The Rebel was leaning over the counter, and the Rebel was taking his time that day.  I waited while he started wiggling his ass back and forth.  Meanwhile, the clerk at the counter did not hurry him, and I assumed they knew each other.  Finally, he left the counter, and he walked to the left into the store isles.  I bought licorice, and he looked at the man on the way out of the store.  It was a member of the Clan from Clavet I remembered from Rumours in Saskatoon, Pacific Central Rail Station in Vancouver, The Saskatoon Trip, and the Toronto Trip.  He was a Saskatoon Rebel!  Why was he wagging his tail?  I decided to get a gun and ammo.

The Clan from Clavet was representing the Saskatoon Rebels MC on Commercial Drive in Vancouver wiggling his ass back and forth, why?

Just after the Good Friday long weekend, I found a friend with a father who had an old 12 Gauge Cooey Single Barrel shotgun.  The Cooey brand was built in Canada from 1903 - 1961 before the firm was bought by Olin who made the shotgun under the Winchester brand name in the early 1970s.  It was a solid gun which fired 2 3/4 inch 12 Gauge shells.  While my friends did not know what was really going in my earlier life with the Clan from Clavet, they were able to find a gun through the grapevine around the middle of April 1998.  Was I doing the right thing?  Rohel was not sure if the shotgun was the best way of making his stand, but he had to try something?  The Clan from Clavet was not going to run the Vancouver Hells Angels MC, the Mexican Cartel, or South American cartels into my humble suite.  Rohel needed some sort of protection!  Meanwhile, Sveta was sending back her computer work from Russia, David was dropping in regularly after work at Pearls of Pristine, and I was working on the promising Russian approach, as I saw breadlines on the new.  David and I were starting to consider a trip to Russia for a closer look into a Russian office.  Finally, Jacks manager Paul who lived in the suite next to me was starting to drop by for a beer regularly.  Paul and I began to socialize in the kitchen, and David had found a friend of his that might be interested in investing in the project.  Meanwhile, the 1997 - 1998 NHL quarterfinals were in full swing on Commercial Drive in Vancouver while I was working on the auto glass software project.

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Now, the ghosts, the dead, the Punished, and the Punishers!

Sawed off 12 gauge shotgun slugs at Vancouvers downtown east side.

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