Genocide Indigenous Peoples, Developmentally Delayed Aboriginal, DDA, Colten Boushie, United Nations, Dodson Montana, Shaunavon SK, The Old Bone Trail, Sitting Bull, Dumas Brothel,

In 1991, I checked my rear view mirror to see my humble worldly possessions in my Ford Escort in Dodson MT.  I was 2 hours straight south of Shaunavon SK.  I stopped for a coffee.  16 years ago, I was trapped in my summer job as the town drunks son in Ridgedale SK.  I was expecting to return to Oxdrift ON, soon.  Instead, Sask Tel bells rang, and I was called into the office on the Healy Farm.  Mom said "Hi.  We moved", and I was informed that I had moved from Oxdrift ON to Shaunavon SK.  Harvey sold the old home on wheels to Rankowsky in Oxdrift ON.  He had rented us the gravel pit for the home on wheels.  The phones were owned by Sask Tel, a Provincial Crown Corporation owned by the people of Saskatchewan.  Sask Tel, imagine a phone 1%ers did not own for profit Dodson MT.

Harvey's Run from the twin ghosts added Shaunavon SK, to St. Brieux SK, Humboldt SK, Watrous SK, Ear Falls ON, and Oxdrift ON.  Lorraine rode with Mom in the Ford Station Wagon towing the tent trailer home on wheels.  Harvey drove the Ford Crew Cab with the camper towing the horse home on wheels out of Oxdrift ON.  They traveled the Black Mamba . . . Manitoba . . . Saskatchewan route with the green wood grain Ford Station Wagon and the white Ford Crew Cab loaded with our humble possessions.  Why Shaunavon SK?  No particular reason.  Harvey's Run would just stop when the ghosts in his past were quiet, again.  The 1269 km trip silenced the ghosts.  Was I running?  1%ers guaranteed talking about my generation was compulsory with AT &T in Dodson MT.

Their trip to Shaunavon SK traveled through Moose Jaw SK, Chaplin SK, Herbert SK, Waldeck SK, Swift Current SK, and Gull Lake SK on the Trans Canada Highway.  They turned south at Gull Lake SK onto Highway 37 towards Shaunavon SK.  I didn't ask why Harvey's Run ended in Shaunavon, as I already knew.  Mom told me to take the Racing Greyhound STC version to Shaunavon SK.  This Racing Greyhound was a Saskatchewan Transportation Company model.  The Racing Greyhound STC model would not profit 1%ers, as the STC model was a Provincial Crown Corporation owned by the people of Saskatchewan.  I hung up the Sask Tel phone after saying "Goodbye".  Dodson MT had the regular Racing Greyhound which was a near monopoly in America owned by 1%ers.

Sask Tel bells rang out my marching orders, and the Racing Greyhound STC prepared to deliver the town drunks son to Shaunavon SK.  Well, at least Harvey's Run was better than the town drunks son job, full time.  Dodson MT and Shaunavon SK had better weather than Oxdrift ON.  I was chocked up about my luck with the ladies.  I walked back to the bunkhouse with a 'that was something', feeling.  I would never see Sharon in Oxdrift ON, and I would think about that all day and all of the night.  She had the most beautiful hair.  The smell.  Her smell.  She was gone for good.  The town drunks son just didn't have the courage to talk to her, then.  There is a social stigma attached to the town drunk's son, job.  I was like glue in my gut.  I was socially, uncomfortable.  Why did I keep coming back to St. Brieux for more punishment?  At the ripe old age of 13, I had a total monopoly on heartbreak.  When would 1%ers corner that market too?  In 1991, Montana is my kind of place in 'America'.  Montana's big sky country speed limits are ' very impressive'.  The Treasure State is blessed with the longest running brothel in 'America'.  Who cares that Montana State Law cites prostitution is a crime against the family?

I drank my coffee alone in a poorly heated coffee shop at Dodson MT in January.  1%ers have the sex trade paying a lot better than pouring coffee.  At these speed limits, they could fly in and limo to the Dumas Brothel in hours from elsewhere in Montana and North America.  The Dumas Brothel has been serving up the finest 95%er daughters, since 1890.  That's it!  1%ers would know how to deal with the Little Whore from Clavet.  1%ers turn a profit incarcerating the whores like Becky that are misbehaving.  Jails are a big business are for Profit, as 1%ers made 25 Billion this year alone.  This business for profit would triple in the next 25 years.  South of the 49th parallel, 1%ers keep their whores in line by incarcerating more women than any other country on planet earth.  Imagine that?

Tax 95%ers to incarcerate their daughters because they were 'riding a little rough' on drugs and non violence charges.  Then, turn a handsome Profit on their daughters.  This makes room for her younger sister in the Brothel.  The younger sister needs the money to support her sisters children.  Win.  Win.  That's how rich get richer.  I'm learning.   Today, Dodson MT's newest daughter and the champagne corks are still wet from the Brothels 100 Year Anniversary Party.  Her parents worship at the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in town?  95%ers are funny that way.  They sell their daughters for sex, while they punish themselves with prohibition.  95%ers do you really think 1%ers frequenting the Dumas Brothel quit drinking?  The sons of 95%ers in the American Military are well known for selling their sisters to sex for Presidents.  This young woman was no different than the Little Whore from Clavet working skid row in Saskatoon for her father.

Jennifer Fitzgerald, Described As George H.W. Bush's 'Other Wife' President George Bush Sr seemed to be under his wife's thumb, but his lover was really calling the shots
1%er President H. W. Bush had his fun pimped out by Priests at Sacred Heart Catholic Church.  No Questions Asked!

The Dumas Brothel sold the best 95%er flesh in Montana through 100 years of 'Law and Order' Presidents in the land of life, liberty, and freedom.  16 years from now, a President of African descent would brag about his treatment of women, and Michelle Obama would break custom in Saudi Arabia by not wearing head scarf, while she sold her sisters south of the 49th parallel.  16 years earlier, Leo gave me a ride to Dee's Restaurant multitasking as a Racing Greyhound STC Bus Depot.  I boarded the Racing Greyhound STC for the 502 km trip south west to my new life in Shaunavon SK.  The Racing Greyhound STC ran past Pleasantdale SK, Lac Vert SK, Naicam SK, Walden SK, and Spalding SK.  These trees were living on the edge, and this ground was itchy for a scratch from a plow.  In Saskatchewan these deforested areas were once Boreal Forest.  After 1905, these areas were settled by our great Canadian Settlers.  The inhumane, hard work and isolation broke some, crippled some, killed some, and some just gave up and went home.  It was horrible.  The best survived.  Today, the newly deforested land was populated by privately owned family units on farms or ranches.  Wouldn't it be easy if these people started with Dodson MT's gently rolling grass prairie?

16 years ago, my Racing Greyhound STC turned west at Watson SK onto the Highway 5 towards Saskatoon.  She stretched her legs, and she ate up ground quickly through Englefield SK, St. Gregor SK, Muenster SK, and Humboldt SK.  I stumbled at Humboldt SK.  I missed Bernadette.  I was eleven, then.  She was also a very special girl.  She had 12 year old figure, as she was a year older.  She had long blond hair.  She was beautiful.  She was better than eye candy.  I wondered just how many broken hearts a 13 year old kid could take?  Worse, the town drunk stigma was making me socially awkward.  Some settlers near Saskatoon SK won the lottery, some didn't.  This was Transitional Boreal Forest land.  Settlement was like a Scratch and Win.  Just scratch it, or cut it if you can, and then scratch it.  The Boreal forest would not grow near Dodson MT.  They had the open plains with the Plains Bison which could not survive in the Boreal Forest in Canada.

The Racing Greyhound STC arrived at the Saskatoon STC Bus Depot.  People in Saskatchewan know the City of Saskatoon is named after the Saskatoon Berry, or Saskatoon's.  Dodson MT calls the very same berry Saskatoon Serviceberry, June berries, Shadberry, Sugar pear, and Indian pear.  The Aboriginals called them Mis-sask-quah-too-mina.  I waited for a fresh Racing Greyhound STC.  I knew I had to take care of myself in the Racing Greyhound STC Bus Depots.  Saskatoon and Winnipeg had a predictable 'flow'.  Periodically, the flow would be interrupted by an 'Aboriginal' swimming downstream through the bus stops.  I knew what the sharks were looking for in the bus depots.  The town drunks son job, and Harvey's Run wasn't educating a country bumpkin.  I knew what kind of berries the market on the 20th street market was selling.  In 1991, They were selling the same thing the Dumas Brothel was selling in Dodson MT.

16 year ago, I studied the Racing Greyhound STC Bus Depot in Toon Town, as 'Aboriginal' swan downstream through the bus stops either alone or with young Aboriginal girls which were earning cash riding different buses.  'Aboriginal' swimming downstream with young white girls was more unusual.  Seasoned Racing Greyhound riders could spot 'Aboriginal' predators like a neon fish sign, at a fish and chips joint.  The real travelers had bags and waited around a lot.  The real predators had their bags under their eyes.  Real predators like Colten Boushie did not wait for Racing Greyhounds.  Real predators walked around looking for victims.  The DDA predators patrolling the Racing Greyhound bus depots were stalking young girls from the various tribes, as the girls ran from sexual or child abuse by their families on the reserve.  The Pleasant Point Mennonite Church in Clavet SK and the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Dodson MT would talk the talk at the pew, instead.  As I sat and waited, I wondered if the Little Whore from Clavet was still spreading her legs on 20th Street in the DDA skin market?  The righteousness of it all was quite sickening, and a young Buffy St. Marie was lucky Colten Boushie didn't catch Buffy St. Marie, and his cousin Jade Tootoosis didn't cover up his catch?

This is the family of Colten Boushie from the Red Pheasant Cree Nation near Biggar SK.  Colten Boushie 's Mother, Debbie Baptiste: Colten Boushie's Uncle, Alvin Baptiste:

Colten Boushie tresspass, assault, theft, attempted murder against Biggar Residents with Kiora Wuttunee and Eric Meechance

DDA Debbie Baptiste, DDA Alvin Baptiste, and DDA Grandmother Verna Denny raised Colten Boushie to steal, trespass, assault, and attempt to murder Mrs. Stanley at her Biggar SK farm by running her with a motor vehicle.

I waited among the DDA in the STC bus depot in Toon Town, and I realized Buffy St. Marie has a sickening similarity to Debbie Baptiste, Alvin Baptiste, Verna Denny, and Jade Tootoosis.  They don't understand that there is something wrong with running Mrs. Stanley over with a motor vehicle?  DDA really are that stupid?  That's Classic DDA?  Jade Tootoosis would make news with his cousins the Boushie family west of here at Battleford’s Court of Queen’s Bench Courtroom.  On Jan. 29th 2018, 200+ people show up in North Battleford Chief Justice Martel Popescul presides over juror selection including seven women and five men.  DDA Jade Tootoosis said “It was really difficult to sit there today and watch every single visible Indigenous person be challenged by the defence”, and Jade Tootoosis spoke for the Boushie family complaining about justice during the jury selection.  Meanwhile, Jade Tootoosis had 1 1/2 years to get the facts about the drinking, drugs, thieving, guns, terrorism, and attempted murderer by his cousin Colten Boushie from his partners in crime that day Kiora Wuttunee, Belinda Jackson, and Eric Meechance.  Instead the DDA Jade Tootoosis attacks the legal system jury choice selection process, because Jade Tootoosis will work hard to cover up the attempted murder by Colten Boushie and his accomplices Wuttunee, Jackson, and Meechance.  The Boushie, Wuttunee, Jackson, and Meechance families offered no apologies for DDA terrorists.

DDA Jade Tootoosis is guilty of being complicit as an accessory to attempted murder after the fact.  Then, Tootoosis ignores what the whores (Wuttunee, Jackson) and thieves (Meechance) admitted in the courtroom.

Jade Tootoosis is an accessory after the fact in the attempted murder of Gerald Stanley. She raises hate and revenge while being an accomplice after the fact in murder.

Tootoosis plays the Race Card to defend herself from a jail term for her part of the attempted murder of Mrs. Stanley.  Tootoosis refuses to talk hard evidence, because she knew she was an accessory to attempted murder all along.

I boarded a fresh Racing Greyhound STC heading west east on Highway 14, or The Old Bones Trail.  In the day, The Old Bones Trail was originally a Red River Cart trail from points west to Saskatoon SK.  We left the dust flying in our paw tracks at Vanscoy SK, Delisle SK, and Biggar SK.  Biggar Sk and the Red Pheasant Cree Nation is where all the DDA forest and ice people would stand up for a DDA, Colten Boushie.  Colten Boushie, his family, and his mothers family the Baptiste family from the Red Pheasant Cree Nation Reserve found their place in history near Biggar SK.  For 30 years, Gerald Stanley and his family lived on the farm near Biggar SK.  The Gerald Stanley family farm became a national event in 2016, when the Stanley cattle farm in the RM of Glenside near Biggar SK was attacked by DDA trained terrorists from the Red Pheasant Nation by DDA Reserve Schools, and the Boushie, Baptiste,Tootoosis families.  The terrorists trained by the DDA began their crime spree days before the attack on the Stanley farm.  Then, Colten Boushie and his gang of terrorists, tried to steal from our hero Gerald Stanley.  Colten Boushie had his DDA girlfriend Kiora Wuttunee, as the Wuttunee girls were always up for weekend of stealing, home invasions, fighting, violence, and even trying to run over Mrs Stanley with a motor vehicle in the Stanley yard on the Stanley Farm.  Kiora spread her legs for the party.  Jade Tootoosis was determined to sacrifice Kiora Wuttunee publically for her political agenda, after killing off Colten Boushie.  However, DDA Kiora Wuttunee had no defence for her actions, and Kiora knew she had no defence in the attempted murder of Mrs Stanley.  So?

Jade Tootoosis loved it when William Burge Senior Crown Prosecutor on Scarth Street in Regina subpoenaed Wuttunee because she was in the car, and her evidence during the initial investigation needed to be herd.

Bill Burge senior crown prosecutor left nothing out regarding Gerald Stanley in the attempted murder of Mrs Stanley

The North Battleford murder trial shows the Red Pheasant Cree Reserve is converting young radicals into Terrorists.  The Terrorists are protected as 'RACE' politics with the dirty money supplied by Prime Minister Justine Trudeau.  Read The Court Transcripts! Read Justine Trudeau's Media Responce! Read DDA Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada the honourable Jody Wilson Raybould is an accomplice to attempted murder and theft.

Did DDA Jade Tootoosis purjure herself as accessory to attempted murder after the fact when she criticised William Burge Senior Crown Prosecutor for allowing Kiora Wuttunee not to testify?  After all, DDA Jade Tootoosis knows very well that Constable Andrew Park tells the court he believes a rifle stock found at a farm northeast of the Stanley property matches a stock missing from a rifle found at the scene.  That's attempted murder with a firearm, and the report came from a neighbour.  Constable Andrew Park "received a report, while on the Stanley farm, of an attempted break-in to a truck on the other property".  Jade Tootoosis is fully aware of her involvement in the attempted murder and her part in covering up the attempted murder.  Jade Tootoosis knows Kiora Wuttunee is guilty of attempted murder, as a member in the car with the other two riders.  That's just the way DDA cousins implicate themselves in a murder, to hide thier DDA crimes originating on the Reserve.

Jade Tootoosis was determined to get her hands on the dirty, undocumented, money Justine Trudeau was floating around without receipts.  Jade Tootoosis was determined she was going to make money and political ground playing the race card with DDA Debbie Baptiste, DDA Alvin Baptiste, DDA Grandmother Verna Denny?  Would the love story between Kiora Wuttunee and Colten Boushie sell the scam?  Would that be the angle that takes them over the top?  I checked around, and Kiora Wuttunee does not have a lot of pictures out their with her lover?  0   Why not Kiora and Jade?  Not only was that angle never played out in the courtroom, but Kiora Wuttunee refused to testify for her DDA cripple because she knew she was at risk of being prosecuted if she testified.  Jade Tootoosis knows why Kiora Wuttunee refused to testify as well, but Jade Tootoosis plays the Race Card there as if we are all to stupid to see her scam over the killing of her cousin Colten Boushie (the cripple) and his whore that weekend, Kiora Wuttunee.  That's what Jade Tootoosis does when her Colten Boushie, Kiora Wuttunee, Belinda Jackson, Eric Meechance are trying to run over Mrs. Stanley on her farm with a their motor vehicle.  Jade Tootoosis shows her dead red colors as a primitive developmentally delayed aboriginal.

Kiora Wuttunee is an accomplice in theft, violence, assault, home invasions, fighting, and the attempted murder of Mrs Stanley with a motor vehicle.

Crown Attorney Bill Burge confirmed Kiora Wuttunee was subpoenaed to appear as a witness

Debbie Baptiste, Jade Tootoosis, Alvin Baptiste, Verna Denny, the Meechance family, the Wuttunee family, the Jackson family, and the Cassidy family would obstruct justice in the courts and the RCMP.  Terrorism funding by Justine Trudeau to the Red Pheasant Cree Nation Reserve jacking up Collten Boushie, Kiora Wuttunee, Belinda Jackson, Eric Meechance on a weekend crime spree!  Shake your head!  The DDA and the ratting raping Clan from Clavet are no different.

During the trial, Belinda Jackson changed her story to claim Kiora Wuttunee was asleep in her testimony, as Kiora Wuttenee failed to appear for her hearing.  Therefore this particular dirty little whore raised by the Wuttnee family, slept as the 3 DDA opened car doors and tried to steal a quad in the yard.  Their noise drew the attention of Gerald Stanley's son Sheldon who heard someone start a quad in their yard.  Obviously, the whore Belinda Jackson purjured herself in court.  The cripple DDA Colten Boushie wasn't worth an appearance for Kiora Wuttenee.  The Wuttunee DDA, the Jackson DDA, and the Red Pheasant Cree Nation Chief and Tribal Board DDA were complicit in the attempted murder of Mrs Stanley.  The Little Whore from Clavet and the Kiora Wuttunee and Belinda Jackson are exactly the same spreading their legs and ducking their heads when the trouble starts.  Dirty whores spreading their legs, and involved in crimes involved in crimes.They whores that spread their legs and change their stories as required.  In this case, Kiora Wuttunee and Belinda Jackson changed their stories to avoid charges, and so be it if their crime spree resulted in incarcerating an innocent man, Gerald Stanley.  That's normal for DDA whores, and it's STANDARD for DDA whores to display their true colours in this manner.  Kiora Wuttunee and Belinda Jackson might as well shot Colten Boushie in the back of the head as they egged on the 2 day crime spree from the back seat.  John Cairns Staff reporter for the Battleford's News-Optimist laid out how Belinda Jackson stood for the whore Kiora Wuttunee just to get to the next party.  The Wuttunee whores couldn't be bothered to come to court.  The Crown planned to get a warrant for Kiora Wuttunee for her arrest, but Belinda Jackson now testifies the other whore, Kiora Wuttunee was asleep.  Belinda Jackson had changed her story from earlier with the Crown.  Obviously, Kiora Wuttunee would not have made the witness list if she really was asleep in preliminary questioning and statements. 

Belinda Jackson, the Jackson family, Red Pheasant Cree Nation Reserve, and the Little Whore from Clavet sell their young women like the Clan from Clavet.

Belinda Jackson was along for the weekend Crime Spree!  She confirms with Prosecutor Bill Burge that she was in the back seat of the SUV, when 22 year old Boushie was shot once in the SUV on the Stanley farm on Aug. 9, 2016.

Bill Burge confirms the bullets from the Tokarev handgun entered behind his left ear and exited through the side of his neck.  Boushie’s DNA was on the Tokarev, and Gunshot residue was on Stanley’s hands.  Cpl. Terry Heroux explained the photographs of the scene, and the second officer, a blood-stain-pattern analyst, was Sgt. Jennifer Barnes.  The violence against the Stanley family was routine for a whore like DDA Belinda Jackson.  The Stanley family was just lucky they had the Tokarev and 9 rifles to protect themselves from predators like Belinda Jackson.  Could DDA Belinda Jackson turn up in your yard trying to run over your mother?  Of course, the whore has not respect for you!  Everyone agrees, that is how Gerald Stanley shot Colten Boushie in the head for trying to run over his wife with the SUV.  (Don Somers/CBC)  The three shots were fired by Gerald Stanley, while he was standing close to the SUV.  “I don’t know what happened. It just went off. I just wanted to scare them,” Gerald Stanley said according to his Sheldon.  The two whores Kiora Wuttenuee and Belinda Jackson pulled Boushie’s body out of the car.  Kiora was ready to leave her crippled DDA on the ground, and Belinda couldn't care less if the cayotes ate him.  That's when Sheldon identified the rifle, missing a stock, fell out of the SUV when two women who were in the vehicle.  The Wuttenuee whore was awake now!  Sheldon called 911.

The reality is Colten Boushie was killed on a crime spree, and two fat dirty whores, Kiora Wuttunee and Belinda Jackson get off FREE after egging their DDA on for another bottle of whiskey.  The DDA Wuttunee family, Meechance family, and Jackson family are slithering away from attempted murder charges, and they are hoping that martyring DDA Colten Boushie will get them off of attempted murder charges.  Do you think either of these two dirty little DDA whores cared one tiny little bit for DDA Colten Boushie?  Only the MOST developmentally delayed aboriginal would trust the Belinda Jackson family or the Kiora Wuttunee family whores with their lives.  Belinda and Kiora are two dirty fat DDA whores on a two day crime spree with two violent DDA males named Colten Boushie and Eric Meechance.  Belinda and Kiora are both whores like the Little Whore from Clavet on this crime spree.  When the parties were over, the parties that left Colten Boushie rotting in the street, what do whore do?  That's just the way DDA whores treat their men.  DDA whores are gone when the guns, thieving, money, whiskey and drugs are gone.  That's how we know they are whores.  The Jackson and Wuttunee DDA at the Red Pheasant Cree Nation reserve raised at least these two whores?  Why should 2 dirty little whores get off with attempted murder?  These 2 families had financial help from the very top of the Reservation.  When Justine Trudeau was elected he removed 'financial accounting principles' from the cash he spread around to the Chiefs.  Quoting the National Post "bureaucrats worried about administering the billions given every year to First Nations in the wake of the enforcement change".  Prime Minister Justine Trudeau made this change because he could use the money to buy alliances with cash.  Not so bad, if we cannot follow the money Prime Minister Justine Trudeau hands over to criminals like Tsuu'Tina First Nation councillor Emil Starlight, right? 

Well, we can follow the money into dozens of polished productions, such as this video in the Saskatoon StarPhoenix Published on Au 12, 2016.  For 1 and 1/2 years Prime Minister Justine Trudeau funded a criminal enterprise on hundreds of occasions, for criminals, for whores, for pedophiles, and he doesn't believe we can trace his crimes.  Justine Trudeau is guilty of complicity in attempted murder, and he is guilty of covering up an attempted murder.  He tries to put an innocent man in jail!  Perhaps, Justine Trudeau has a thing for fat DDA whores, how are we to know?  Prime Minister Justine Trudeau is guilty of aiding, abetting, and defending these 2 DDA females and these two DDA males in a criminal enterprise.  When Trudeau removed that accounting, he added CASH CORRUPTION, which only he could control.  That bought Trudeau friends which are not be traced.  The corrupt Trudeau could for example fund this video without being traced back to the whores and crimes he is protecting.  The most frustrating part of all is that the forest and ice people suffer because Prime Minister Justine Trudeau funds DDA crime sprees, theft, violence, incest, child abuse, and pedophiles in the Assembly of First Nations, National Chief, and DDA tribal councils and boards.  I was born on the northern edge of the prairies in the Boreal Forest, and it is sad that the developmentally delayed aboriginal has gained little ground due to their own limitations.

Obviously, the DDA are not doing better with Reserve Schools vs Residential Schools?  Finally, are the Male and Female DDA at the Assembly of First Nations stuffing enough money in their pockets?  Maybe that's why the primitive developmentally delayed hunter gatherer aboriginal is stuck.  The National Chief and the Assembly of First Nations have to be proud of their DDA,

Colten Boushie and Eric Meechance were on a weekend crime spree with Red Pheasant Cree Nation whores Belinda Jackson and Kiora Wuttunee.

This is the same primitive DDA Eric Meechance as in the video link above.  Eric Meechance was with Colten Boushie and three others the day of the shooting.

Eric Meechance testified in Court that the DDA group including the whores, spent the day target shooting, drinking Crown Royal, and swimming in a river in the area.  Eric Meechance admitted under questioning that the five DDA were on a nearby farm before they tresspassed onto the Stanley property. The primitive DDA Eric Meechance testified that "one of the five primitive developmentally delayed aboriginal tried to break into a red truck on the other farm using a rifle" as a lever. The primitive developmentally delayed aboriginal insisted that "the group did not enter the Stanley yard to steal".  I know.  It is hard to believe DDA Eric Meechance and the Meechance bloodline is not mentally retarded, but the reality is the Meechance bloodline is so inbred for so many generations, inbreeding has thrown the mental side of their DNA towards that of a North American Poplar Tree Monkey?  Eric Meechance, took an issue with Stanley’s lawyer describing the group as armed.  “I wouldn’t say armed,” Meechance says.  “That gun wasn’t whipped out anytime on that farm”, said Meechance.  The 23-year-old said, he and another buck fled after the SUV hit a parked vehicle.  Then, the pround developmentally delayed aboriginal ran like a DDA coward, leaving his cripple DDA friend at the wheel.  The guttless coward from the Meechance family of primitive developmentally delayed aboriginals "heard two gunshots while running away" he says.  Eric Meechance is guilty of the same crimes of attempted murder as DDA Colten Boushie, DDA Belinda Jackson, DDA Kiora Wuttunee, and the Red Pheasant Cree Nation for covering up their part of the attempted murder.

Either Cross goes to jail, or Prime Minister Justine Trudeau, and DDA Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould are in our cross hairs for obstruction of justice in the independent courts and the RCMP.  The RCMP did nothing wrong.  The Trudeau Trudeau must pay for abandoning Common Law in the land of forest and ice!  The DDA Collin Cross admits to the CTV during the trial that he commited purgury, "After the trial started you thought it good to take the Crown and the police officer aside and say actually we did have a gun, it was my gun, we were stealing, we used the gun to try and break into a vehicle?"  Defence lawyer Scott Spencer asked. "So that's all stuff you told the police last night after court?" Collin Cross knew the gun was going to come out as the two squaws threw Boushie's body out of the vehicle, and the gun dropped out! Collin Cross admit in court "I told the Crown," Cross responded. "Because honestly I was scared for myself and I was scared for the people there that they might get into trouble.  Of course, the forest and ice people will sight in their cross hairs on Cross, when the Cross family steps out of the Red Pheasant Nation Cree Reserve training terrorists.  The forest and ice people will sight in their cross hairs on Prime Minister Justine Trudeau for obstruction of both the independent courts and the RCMP.  In this case, the forest and ice people would all be better of if Trudeau were dead, and the RCMP probably agree about his peoplekind?  The DDA Cross would apologize, "I know that was wrong but that's just how I was feeling over there."

Minister of Justice and the Attorney General of Canada the honourable Jody Wilson Raybould is guilty of obstructing the independent judiciary and RCMP in the justified shooting in self defence at the Stanley Farm. 

Attorney General of Canada the honourable Jody Wilson Raybould obstructs independent judiciary at the Stanley Farm

Her DDA heritage overtook her intellect to obstruct justice for Colten Boushie's family.

Colten Boushie   (Primitive Developmentally Delayed Aboriginal)  aka  Attempted Murder
Eric Meechance   (Primitive Developmentally Delayed Aboriginal)  aka  Grand Larceny, Attempted Murder
Kiora Wuttunee   (Primitive Developmentally Delayed Aboriginal)  aka  Grand Larceny, Attempted Murder, Purjury
Belinda Jackson  (Primitive Developmentally Delayed Aboriginal)  aka  Grand Larceny, Attempted Murder, Purjury
Cassidy Cross   (Primitive Developmentally Delayed Aboriginal)  aka  Grand Larceny, Possession of Restricted Weapon while under prohibition, Grand Larceny with a firearm

1. These criminals below aid and abbet the above criminals from the Red Pheasant Cree Nation Reserve.

2. These criminals below are guilty of training these and other terrorists against the forest and ice people while on the Red Pheasant Cree Nation Reserve

3. The criminals below are funded with dirty money Prime Minister Justine Trudeau refuses to 'account for' from the Federal Government to the DDA.

4. The 'dirty money' funds obstruction of justice by the courts for the ciminals below to mount a media campaine assisted by Justine Trudeau and his Minister of Justice.

5. The 'dirty money' funds funds terrorism against the forest and ice people, the independent judiciary, and the RCMP.

Debbie Baptiste,  Jade Tootoosis,  Alvin Baptiste,  Verna Denny,  the Meechance family,  the Wuttunee family,  the Jackson family,  and the Cassidy family  would obstruct justice in the courts and obstruct the RCMP investigation.  Prime Minister Justice Trudeau provided the funding with his 'dirty money' and his DDA Minister of Justice and the Attorney General of Canada against the forest and ice people.  In 2018, I can the forest and ice people were starting to realize, "The forest and ice people would be better off in Justine Trudeau were dead"?

In 1974, I was going through Biggar SK on the Racing Greyhound STC turning her paw tracks south onto Highway 4 through Marriot SK, Rosetown SK, Elrose SK, Kyle SK, Saskatchewan Landing Provincial Park, Stuart Valley SK, to arrive at Swift Current SK.  I was just another vanilla white kid, after I did my stint as the town drunks son in Ridgedale SK.  I waiting for a bus that year in Switft Current SK.  Stigma, in my dust!  Swift Current and Shaunavon was just north of the 49th parallel, next to a state called Montana.  In Montana, the DDA were called Indians.  17 years ago, Aboriginals and Indians looked alike on television.  I assumed both were selling their daughters my age for sex, like the Clan from Clavet.  In 1991, I was on a coffee break on my way to Vancouver, and I just happened to stop below Shaunavon, and old memories.  I was on my way to Vancouver and I drank more coffee in Dodson MT, and I felt a sense of satisfaction that we didn't kill off our Aboriginals, as they did south of the 49th parallel?  In 2018, the forest and ice people had heard enough about "Truth and Reconciliation", and getting a rifle out and putting the scope crosshairs on Cassidy Cross, was much more popular that DDA Justice Murray Sinclairs truth and reconciliation failure.  Cassidy Cross was not willing to hold up his end of the deal, and the forest and ice people were considering the virtue of the approach south of the 49th parallel.  Cassidy Cross was not going to be in our deal.

Eric Meechance testified Cassidy Cross owned the gun at the crime scene.

Meechance testified Cassidy Cross owned the gun at the crime scene and Cassidy jumped on a quad on the Stanley Farm to commit Grand Larceny.

Cassidy Cross tresspassed to jump on a quad at the Stanley Farm with access to his firearm constituting a summary offence of Grand Larceny with a firearm.  DDA Jade Tootoosis concealed that to the media. 

The forest and ice people have the satisfaction that they are not finished adjusting the scales of justice with the Saskatchewan Red Pheasant Cree Nation Reserve, and we expect the wrongs to continue throught the courts.  The scales of justice need to be balanced for the wrongs done against Biggar SK.  There is not enough satisfaction in the DDA Eric Meechance crying like a crippled poplar tree monkey in the Battleford’s Court of Queen’s Bench Courtroom.  Each of the criminals need to be held accountable for the crimes they committed in a court of law, before "Truth and Reconcilion" get any respect in the land of forest and ice.  Eric Meechance from Red Pheasant First Nation testified that he, Belinda, Kiora and Cassidy were at Boushie’s grandmother’s place earlier in the day.  Under cross examination, Meechance was told “You’ve been convicted of a weapons offence yourself!  You had a five-year prohibition on using a gun.”  Then, Meechance explaimed the gun wasn’t his, it was Cassidy’s.

Meechance is guilty of purjury, as he claimed the group of DDA did not have a gun.  Meechance confirmed Cassidy brought the gun to the scene of a crime.  Cassidy Cross was driving the vehicle tresspassing on the Stanley yard, and Colten Boushie was seated in the passenger front seat.  Meechance testified that Eric was in the back seat between Kiora and Belinda.  Cassidy Cross drove the vehicle on to the property with his gun, and under questioning Meechance testified "that Cassidy who got out [of the car] and [Cassidy Cross] jumped on and off the quad at that location".  Obviously, Cassidy Cross had every intention to steel the quad.  The only reason the Grand Larceny did not occur is because Cassidy Cross saw another vehicle coming.  That's why Meechance testified that "The SUV then hit the other vehicle when attempting to leave the scene; at that point, both Cassidy and himself got out of the vehicle and ran." The Stanley family caught the primitive developmentally delayed aboriginal Cassidy Cross of the Red Pheasant First Nation red handed!  Failure of the Saskatchewan Crown Attornies to prosecute these crimes will undoubtably lead to the Cross family in the scopes of the forest and ice people rifles in the Biggar area.

“That’s a pretty serious piece of information that the police need,” Spencer said. “That you guys were armed.”  Spencer then zeroed in on Meechance about “checking vehicles.”  “What is checking vehicles?” asked Spencer. “Is that a service you’re providing?”  Meechance the DDA is caught in another lie.  Under cross-examination, 18-year-old Cassidy Cross admitted he changed his story the day before he took the witness stand Thursday in Stanley’s second-degree murder trial.  Cassidy Cross, who was also with Boushie, admits in court to lying in previous statements.  He testifies he broke a rifle trying to break into a truck on a different farm the same day, but says he drove the SUV onto the Stanley property only to seek help with a flat tire.  These are the people the Prime Minister and his DDA Minister of Justice and the Attorney General support with her DDA mental defect while obstructing the independent judiciary and the RCMP.  Where is the DDA father of Colten Boushie, Pete Boushie?  Pete Boushie was nowhere to be seen before the justified killing of his son.  Pete Boushie is a drunk and petty criminal who can't cross the border with his record.  Colten Boushie was a lot like Pete Boushie before the justified shooting.  In court they were pound back another 66 oz of whiskey, before they went stealing in the land of forest and ice.  Pete Boushie heard the news from his other son.  Pete Boushie said "My boy called me," Pete Boushie told The Canadian Press from his home on the Fort Belknap Indian Reservation in Montana.  "He said, 'Co Co is dead.'  I thought [Jace Boushie or William Boushie] was messing around.  He said, 'No. He got shot."'  Pete, when it comes to thieving maybe Jace Boushie or William Boushie will be next. 

Jace Boushie son of criminal and father Pete Boushie demonstrates outside courthouse in North Battleford.  Colten Boushie attempted to murder Mrs Stanley with his vehicle during his gangs grand theft of a 4 wheeler on the Stanley farm.

Jace Boushie son of criminal father Pete Boushie after North Battleford court finds the killing of Colten Boushie justified during his grand theft larceny on Gerald Stanley farm

Pete Boushie heard 'his boys' say, 'Co Co is dead.'  I thought [ Jace Boushie ] [ William Boushie ] was messing around.  He said, 'No. He got shot."'  Pete, your boy said "He got shot" like any other DDA thieving.  Big Crime, Big Time.  When it comes to thieving maybe Jace Boushie or William Boushie will be next?

'Gone' was the illegal financing and interfearence in the administration of justice by Justine Trudeau.  Justine Trudeau did away with the accounting.  I can see the mental instability of Margarate Trudeau in her son, grew deep roots in her 'Sunny Boy' Justine Trudeau.  Justine Trudeau and his Justice Minister are right in there to cover up their dirty money by getting involved. Mentally Ill? This time the Trudeau dirty money wasn't going to convict an innocent man!  The forest and ice people would be saved by one very small part of our land which made the right choices, a jury of forest and ice people would not put an innocent man in jail for Justine Trudeau and his political asperations.  Instead, the jury did the right thing for the forest and ice people, now it's time to take our rifles to Justine Trudeau for obstruction of justice in the scope sights!  Eric Meechance aka (poplar tree monkey) in Battleford’s Court of Queen’s Bench could not explain their guns, drugs, alcohol, or their dirty fat DDA whores with them on a string of crimes on a weekend crime spree in the land of forest and ice.  The primitive poplar tree monkey could not reason out all the evidence due to the Meechance family breeding sisters and brothers for so many generations!  Without Justine Trudeau's criminal financing to polish the primitive to 1/2 a man, the poplar tree monkey lost his tiny little penis in the courtroom.  In the future, the poplar tree monkey with his tiny penis will be seen in the Biggar SK area, and time will tell if that poplar tree monkey penis grows old.

For now we are satisfied Trudeau's garbage lies in his polished video on U Tube and falls apart when presented with the truth in the courtroom.  I am providing images for others to find justice in or on the Meechance bloodline.  Also, if there is blood to be shed, that blood would well come from the Red Pheasant Cree Nation Chief and Elders for being at the root of these crimes.  I myself find a lot of satisfaction in this trial.  The primitive developmentally delayed aboriginal proves themselves to be everything outlined in this book.  DDA! The 5 poplar tree monkey and their families have no respect for the law. The inbread DDA in Saskatchewan don't even understand they were in the wrong that day. For to many generations the Cross DDA males have been breeding their nearest sister or child.  It's called Aboriginal DNA. In the courtroom the primitive inbred DDA DNA Cross recalls "someone hitting the SUV’s windshield with a hammer". The next event after the hammer is the DDA Cross remembers "the vehicle striking another vehicle on the Stanley farm". Then, DDA Cross ran with DDA Meechance like little poplar tree monkeys. Cross said "We didn't think about it. We just ran. I was scared out of my mind,". The poor little Red Pheasant Cree monkey was scarred with the Meechance monkey, when he was caught trying to murder Mrs. Stanley. Justine Trudeau should understand what goes around here comes around here as well.  Biggar SK is part of the old bones trail, and they were men compared to the inbred monkeys on the reserves today.

Bone Theory, back to buffalo bones.  The red river carts near Biggar were filled with Plains Bison bones giving the trail the name 'The Old Bones Trail'.  The rolling dead bones were Toon Town bound, as berry city had the earliest branch rail line from Prince Albert SK to Regina SK.  Rolling dead bones were a huge enterprise for Settlers and Aboriginals in Saskatchewan.  Rolling dead bones in Red River Carts ran like ants between the Boreal Forest to the north and the border at the 49th parallel in the south.  In 2018, the Stanley trial continued with Belinda Jackson. She now claims she was in the SUV’s backseat when Boushie was killed. The Jackson family whore, "also admits to telling RCMP a different story" when the whore purjured herself. However, now the Jackson family whore testifies "she saw Stanley shoot Boushie in the head". The Jackson family whore from the Red Pheasant Cree Reserve tells court she heard someone say, “Go get a gun,” about a minute before the fatal shooting. Belinda Jackson also says she saw a “younger man” on the property go into the house prior to the shooting, while the other man "walked into a garage and grabbed a handgun". The man who grabbed the handgun, who she later identified as Gerald Stanley. The Jackson family tetifies that [Gerald Stanley] "shot Boushie". The jury does not here how the Jackson family whore from the Red Pheasant Cree Reserve purjured herself the first time Prime Minister Justine Trudeau!. In 1991, on my trip to Vancouver, I ordered another coffee in Dodson MT.  In 1975 when I was living in Shaunavon SK, the number of farmers and ranchers in the Dodson MT area was declining, and the acres per farm was rising dramatically as small independent farmers were casually put out of business by 1%ers buying up huge blocks for corporate farming south of the 49th parallel.

When I think about the DDA whores and their thieves on the Stanley farm, I've started to believe the forest and ice people are wrong about the DDA. There is no doubt in my mind that Montana's people are better off because of the Marias Massacre of the Piegan Blackfoot Indians.  Is it really a better world when 'Indian' girls in 'America' are sold onto the streets, as the Little Whore from Clavet's father sold his DDA on the corner of Avenue C and 20th Street West in the heart of Riversdale in Saskatoon? DDA whores like Belinda Jackson, Kiora Wuttunee, and the Little Whore from Clavet Becky have not changed from 1979 and 2018.  Now that's why I believe the forest and ice people need to get their heads straight. Some little whores following in Becky's footsteps say it's worse now on VICE.COM.  In Montana, 1%ers dressed 95%ers in yellow trimmed dark blue wool coats.  They also wore dark shirts while killing of their problem 'Indians'.  They had dark blue pants and leather boots.  The uniforms were very stylish?  1%ers gave 95%ers their killing orders, and their killings were 'official' in their right smart uniforms.  Dealing death in a uniforms is seldom, wrong.  Did you ever notice that?  In 1975, I boarded a fresh Racing Greyhound STC near the creek which gives Swift Current a name.  I rode the Racing Greyhound STC west on the Trans Canada Highway past Beverley SK, Webb National Wildlife Area SK, Webb SK, and Antelope SK to arrive at Gull Lake SK. I waited for my ride home after my stint as the town drunks son. In 2018,

In 2018, Belinda Jackson claimed the other man [Gerald Stanley's Son] "was holding what she believed was a shotgun when he exited the home".  In the trial, the Jackson family's whore Belinda Jackson from the Red Pheasant Cree Reserve, educated by the reserve shool, purjures herself in court telling the court Kiora Wuttunee family whore was asleep. The DDA families of all concerned would commit purjurey together. After all, these primitive developmentally delayed aboriginals need to be treated to the letter of common law. DDA Chiefs and the board, and the elders all know this was a lie on the poplar tree monkey reserve, Red Pheasant Cree Reserve. That's just the type of whore the Wuttunee family will raise as long as they are with the living. The trial would continue with the Forensic firearms expert Greg Williams beginning his testimony, stating he found “an unusual bulge” in a cartridge found on the SUV’s dash. The cartridge is one of the three spent casings matched to Stanley’s Tokarev handgun. He’s ultimately unsure what created the bulge, but notes a hang fire — a delay between when the trigger is pulled and when the bullet fires — alone wouldn’t cause the abnormal casing. Hang fires are rare, he says. The Tokarev handgun fired normally when tested, he also states. In 1991, the history of the Biggar area west of Saskatoon includes the The Old Bones Trail legends, as the Red River Carts ran north and south like little ants rolling along dead bones. 

The forest and ice peoples history with the Red River Carts is a history of the 95%ers, before 1%er owned and controlled Trans Pacific Railroads crossed the land of forest and ice.  In 1975, I arrived at Gull Lake SK which is south of Gull Lake SK.  The Ford Station Wagon pulled into the Gull Lake Bus Depot, and I jumped in and said "Hi Mom".  She started driving to Shaunavon SK from Gull Lake SK on the northern edge of the Big Muddy Badlands.  The Badlands is the northern end of The Outlaw Trail.  The Outlaw Trail was used by Outlaws from Canada to Mexico.  They were Outlaws because they did not have nice matching uniforms issued by 1%ers, when they killed.  Outlaws and 'Indians' or as we call them Aboriginals hid out in the Badlands.  Today, in Dodson MT, I could see Dodson MT and Shaunavon SK were the same geographically.  I drank more coffee in a franchise coffee shop owned by 1%er shareholders.  In 2018, the court case continued north of us in North Battleford SK, Williams’ testimony continued regarding the handgun shells. He tells court he tested 36 cartridges from 80 seized from the Stanley farm. One of the tested cartridges failed to fire, he says. The Crown’s case closes. John Ervin, a gun and ammunition expert, is called to the stand as the defence’s first witness. He also testifies the Tokarev fired fine when tested, but he blames the bulged cartridge on a misaligned gun. He says he couldn’t determine if the handgun hang fired or not.

In 1975, 16 years ago, the town drunks son Lois drove on Highway 37 south, and she continued straight south as Highway 37 changed it's name to Highway 13 on a straightaway.  We arrived at my next stop on Harvey's Run.  Shaunavon SK was located along the historic Red Coat Trail.  We turned left onto 5th Ave for 5 blocks, then we turned left at the Shaunavon High School.  We took 3rd St W. for 1 block then we turned right onto 6th Ave. for 1 block west.  It was no home on wheels, instead the house had a foundation right on the ground across the road from the school grounds.  Mom, Lorraine, Harvey, and I were washing off the trailer trash dirt, and Ja'net Dubois sang "Movin' On Up" in the background as we were going to live in a "rented 2 bedroom house in the sky".  We never had a lot of money on Harvey's Run because we couldn't grow roots.  I appreciated Shaunavon SK, already.  In 2018, Stanley’s defence lawyer Spencer delivered his opening statement.  He calls the shooting a “freak accident” and blames a hang fire.  His first witness of the day, Kim Worthington, the executive director of Saskatoon Youth for Christ, tells court he saw an SUV that was in bad shape the day of the shooting. The next witness, Wayne Popowich, who contacted Spencer after seeing media coverage of the trial, tells court he’s experienced hang fires with delays between seven and 12 seconds. He also testifies he’s experienced a hang fire that created a bulge, but says during cross-examination, that specific incident happened 40 years ago. Another witness, Nathan Voinorosky, testifies he’s experienced a seven-second hang fire while target shooting. Glennis Fouhy, from the farm the Boushie group was on before they drove to the Stanley property, also testifies. He was the victim of the rifle in the car with the broken stalk DDA Eric Meechance purjured himself in his statement. Finally in 1991, I thought how the Girls in Dodson MT go to the 'Cowboy Bar' to tickle their itch, and the Guys in Shaunavon SK go to the 'The Rockin' Horse Cook House & Bar' to tickle their itch, and how the DDA tickle their itch with a weekend crime spree.  O

16 years ago in 1975, most people in Shaunavon SK and the surrounding area owned farms, ranches, and homes.  Some people owned little more than a mortgage to their home.  Mort is a noun defined as a great quantity.  Gage is a verb for pledge.  The great quantity pledge was held by Canadian Banks and guaranteed by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation owned by Canadians.  1%ers owned the banks, and the forest and ice people guarantteed the 1%ers they would not loose their money with thier taxes paid the the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation ran by the Federal Government. In 1975, the longest mortgages were 25 years.  It was tough, but it was fair for the poor.  1%ers hate Canadian Banks.  1%ers generated hate propaganda claiming our banks are to regulated, then and now.  In 2018, the forest and ice people hero Gerald Stanley is then called to the stand!  OUR HERO!  Gerald Stanley is the last witness to testify in the trial.  He outlines seeing the SUV drive onto the property and hearing someone start an ATV.  [Cassidy Cross]  He describes his son hitting the windshield with a hammer and himself kicking the taillight.  He tells court he thought the SUV was leaving until it hit his wife’s parked vehicle.  He says he grabs the Tokarev handgun from his shop with the intent to scare the group away.  He recalls two men running from the scene after he fired [Cassidy Cross and Eric Meechance] what he says were warning shots straight into the air, but says he was in “pure terror” because he thought his wife had been hit by the SUV.  Given the evidence to date this is where Colten Boushie, and his whores Kiora Wuttunee and Belinda Jackson tried to run over Mrs Stanley with their vehicle. If the Saskatchewan Government does not prosecure the Boushie families, the Wuttunee families, and the Jackson families at the DDA Red Pheasant Cree Nation reserve, will you do the right thing and get your rifle dusted off?.  In 1975, I wondered why a disorderly banking system would be better for anyone?  Why would orderly banking be a bad thing?  Simple, 1%ers make much better profit during a banking crisis, because 1%ers invariable redistribute wealth in their favour around Dodson MT.

In 1975, the banking crisis of 1973-1975 was running its course, and the 1%ers owned media named the event the British Banking Crisis.  A far more accurate name would have been The Change of International Currency.  The British Empire was dead.  The British Pound was dead.  I followed this on the radio each day.  Unfortunately, 13 year old boys were not allowed to short the British Pound, then.  I could have made money.  Why.  Obvious, most countries preferred to deal in the 'American' dollar, now.  Nobody wants to trade a dead bird for international trade.  The British Pound was finished as an international currency.  The 1%ers owned and operated Federal Reserve in 'America' was certain this would be good for 1%ers profit.  The 1%ers owned Federal Reserve bought out the previous reserve currency which was the British Pound for cheap. In 2018, Gerald Stanley goes on to testify, as he tells court "he removed the gun’s magazine after firing the warning shots".  The gun, in his right hand, "fired when he reached into the SUV to turn off the vehicle with his left hand", Gerald Stanley said.  “It just went off,” the court hears.  Gordon Stanley claims "his finger wasn’t on the trigger".  Crown prosecutor Bill Burge then cross-examines Stanley, asking how many guns were in the home and about Stanley’s knowledge of gun handling.  The forest and ice people need to fight for more guns, and Dodson MT was right all along!  As long as there are primitive developmentally delayed aboriginals families the Boushie, Meechance, Wuttunee, and Jackson living at the Red Pheasant Cree Nation Reserve, the forest and ice people need to be ready to kill these families to protect their families.  In 1975, south of the 49th parallel, The Federal Reserve bought up all the 'International' British Pounds cheap with newly printed 'American Dollars'.  The 'American Dollars' were strong because 95'ers were selling their 'Time' cheaply to create a very good profit to 1%ers.  Time is the most prescious part of the Universe.

In 1975, 1%ers owned the Federal Reserve to print 'American Dollars' or more aptly '1%ers Dollars' to trade for the British Pound.  Why?  1%ers already controlled 95%ers, and they could leverage that control internationally by being the 'International Currency'.  Thus, the American Dollar was entrenched as the dominant international currency for Planet Earth.  The 1%ers owned and controlled media sold the rise of the 'American Dollar' propaganda wrapped in their flag.  Propaganda had 95%ers believing this proved 95%ers were on top of the world.  Now, The 1%ers owned and controlled Federal Reserve controlled the 'American Dollar' internationally.  It was a sweet deal for 1%ers.  The term 'American Interests' was coined by 1%ers to repeatedly kill of 95%ers, until the Big War.  In 2018, Crown Prosecutor Bill Burge starts his questioning. “Did you learn not to point a gun at somebody?” Burge asks. “Did you learn that if you pull a trigger that doesn’t go off you better treat this gun as something dangerous that might go off?” He also asks Stanley if he normally knows how many shells he loads into a clip. Stanley replies he does on most days but now knows he was mistaken when he thought he loaded two bullets the day Boushie was shot. The defence’s case closes. In 1991, did most 95%ers in Dodson MT know 1%ers owned and controlled their economy?  Did some believe there really was a economic ladder?

In 1975 the town of Shaunavon SK had a Big Muddy Badlands history in the land of forest and ice.  The outlaws without nice uniforms included Dutch Henry, Coyote Pete, Sam Kelly, Pigeon Toed Kid, and the notorious Sundance Kid.  Sitting Bull and the Sioux were granted refuge in the Big Muddy Badlands just outside of Shaunavon SK.  They hid out here after a victory at Little Big Horn.  Sitting Bull's warriors didn't have matching uniforms, so they had to run away, after the killing.  Did the DDA give us credit for the protection of these 'Indians' after the battle of Little Big Horn?  No.  R U Nuts.  No.  DDA racists in the land of forest and ice always ignored the contributions of our Great Canadian Settlers.  I think its the inbreeding supported by wider scale DNA testing, as DDA are the worst racists on Planet Earth.  The inbreeding for 16 - 30 thousand years in an unforgiving cold environmenbt, has put their mental perspective off.  What?  Of course the racist DDA won't give Shaunavon SK people credit for saving Sitting Bulls life and his warriors. I call it the DDA mental defect. In 1991, defence lawyer Scott Spencer begins, reiterating his argument the fatal shot was the result of a hang fire. He describes the situation Stanley was in as a “nightmare” and argues no evidence exists showing Stanley pulled the trigger. “It’s a tragedy, but not criminal,” he tells court. "Some people aren't going to be happy. You have to do what is right based on the evidence you heard in this courtroom. You must acquit." The forest and ice people watched in 2018, as the DDA believed their whores and crime sprees were above the law. They have a similar mentality to a monkey, as they feel a playfulness will make everything ok.

In 1975, how many people on the planet know about the Battle of Little Big Horn?  The primitive DDA squaws just don't tell the forest and ice people that part of the story, either.  Racist DDA is partly inbreeding and partly mentally defect from the inbreeding and a 30,000 year 'dead zone' in mental and biological development.  Perhaps, the DDA north of the 49th parallel are to humiliated to talk about Sitting Bull, as he actually made a stand?  The fact remains, the forest and ice people near Shaunavon SK saved Sitting Bull and the Sioux?  That's right.  The Aboriginal racists in Canada distort these facts.  Ignore Good.   Build Hate.  In 2018, the DDA hate mongers Jade Tootoosis, Colten Boushie's mother Debbie Baptiste, Uncle Alvin Baptiste, and Grandmother Verna Denny from the Red Pheasant Cree Nation Reserve would try to marter DDA garbage like Colten Boushie.  Colten Boushie was garbage for trying to stealing and trying to run over a middle aged woman on her own farm.  These DDA north of the 49th parallel need to be controlled with rifles along the road going to the reserves.  Crown prosecutor Bill Burge then delivers his closing statement. Burge disputes the gun hang fired, pointing to the evidence presented by both gun experts, and disputes Stanley’s claim he thought the gun was empty. “He's told you something that is demonstrably not true because there was another round in that clip,” Burge says. He also argues Stanley handled the Tokarev carelessly, and points to parts of Stanley’s and Sheldon’s testimonies he says didn’t match. Stanley said he ran to the SUV, while Sheldon testified he saw his father walk by the SUV, Burge says.  That's all Bill Burge had because his witnesses are all guilty of theft and attempted murder, and unless he tries them for their crimes, I will expect the forest and ice people to fire on several of these families.  Justice, one way or another.

In 1991 on the trip to Vancouver, I imagined the The Great Battle of Little Big Horn.  The Indian won!  Imagine the Indian south of the 49th parallel telling the story "Where did they go Mommy?"  Mommy has the courage to tell the truth?  The Indian knows?  The child will learn the truth about the forest and ice people to the north?  Yes.  The primitive DDA in the land of forest and ice can only kill their children with hate and hopelessness?  The real problem in the land of forest and ice is the DDA!  Aboriginals sell hate and misinformation to the United Nations, every day.  The Little Whore from Clavets father 'Pedophile Joe' from Clavet has his 13 year old daughter spreading her legs downtown on 20th Street in Toon Town, and that is a least a 45 minute drive into Toon Town with his truck.  Statistically, every DDA knows DDA parents that do this every day.  Instead, Aboriginal Chiefs in Canada sell hate?  The Chief doesn't tell his tribe the forest and ice people saved Sitting Bull and the Sioux.  No.  That won't build empires for Chiefs in Canada.  Hate mongering builds empires.  Hate mongering builds fancy Band Offices for a chief.  In 2018, the jury was ready to deliberate. North Battleford Chief Justice Martel Popescul gave his instructions to the Jury. Jurors begin deliberations, after instructions from the judge. The jury is given three options, according to Popescul: that Stanley is guilty of second-degree murder, that Stanley is guilty of manslaughter or that Stanley be acquitted.

In 1975 in Shaunavon SK, Chiefs were already hate mongering to build empires and issolate their victims.  Chiefs build empires on the backs of the 95 percent of the Aboriginals in Canada.  What did your Chief teach you?  Did your Chief build his empire instead.  Better yet, how many racist aboriginal do you know?  Simple Test.  In 2018, the big day had finally arrived in the Courthouse. Jurors re-hear the full testimonies of Stanley and his son, during the morning and afternoon, before continuing deliberations.  A verdict is delivered at 7:30 p.m. The courtroom is filled with members of Boushie’s family, the public and the media anxiously awaiting the reading.  Stanley is found not guilty.  Cries, shouts, gasps and swears are heard in court. Some people yell, “Murderer!”  Others appear to be in disbelief.  I would suggest there are no laws regarding poplar tree monkeys on the book, and the Little Whore from Clavet and her family might take note that the forest and ice people are not interested in poplar tree monkey Truth and Reconcillian".  Stanley is rushed out a side door by RCMP officers.  Personally, I agree with the forest and ice people that have commented that it's unfortunate Gerold Stanley never shot them all the DDA trying to steal and run over his family.  It's obvious, Truth and Reconciliation is not going to work in 2018!  If the DDA can't follow the law?  Shoot the DDA.  Prime Minister Justine Trudeau's comments on the matter were obstruction of the independent judiciary.  Then, what would you expect from a 'Sunny Boy' from a insane lunatic like Margarate Trudeau?.  The Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould must have been sucking on her banana in a banana republic, as she was actually in obstruction of the judiciary as well.  What makes obstruction even more pertinent is this squaw is the Minister of Justice.  I'm blown away that this squaw puts her career on the line obstructing justice when this squaw had not read the transcript.  If the squaw had read the transcript she would know it is obstruction of justice.  There are a lot of us out west that are wondering if we can get crowd funding to put a bullet in either of you if you don't start respecting the laws of the land.  Seriously, Prime Minister Justine Trudeau and his Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould are sucking bananas in a banana republic on this one, and I do believe someone can get crowd funding to put a target on their chests.

In 2018, most of the forest and ice people, have completely lost respect for the primitive developmentally delayed aboriginal.  Most forest and ice people do not support DDA Justice Sinclair's 'Truth and Reconcillion' with DDA hate mongers like Jade Tootoosis, Colten Boushie's mother Debbie Baptiste, Uncle Alvin Baptiste, and Grandmother Verna Denny from the Red Pheasant Cree Nation Reserve.  Truth and Reconciliation id DEAD.  We didn't need Truth and Reconciliation in 1975, when Saskatchewan elected Allen Blakeney and the NDP.  We had politicians who followed the law.  Today we have the son of a insane lunatic and a Justice Minister who is to mentally defective to read the case before commenting.  I know I would donate anonomously to the crowd funding for the good of all the forest and ice people.  In 2018, the North Battleford Court house steps resembled monkeys chirping in the poplar trees.  Boushie’s family members, their lawyer and several others comment outside court. The family’s lawyer, Chris Murphy, asks people to imagine being “in the skin” of Boushie’s mother, brothers and cousin following the death and during the investigative and legal processes.  He isn't a very smart lawyer to ask that question, as we already know the solution is to put thier skin in jail.  Chris Murphy knows the people who belong in jail are his clients, and Gerald Stanley is a HERO!  Finally, Chris Murphy we don't wear skin from whores, theives, and their parents aiding and abetting theim in the attempted murder of Mrs Stanley through this entire process.  Chris Murphy I would also remind you that a lot of people are going to remember what you did out west in the land of the forest and ice, and Toronto will well know how you did everyting possible from 161 Bay St., Suite 2900, Toronto, ON M5J 2S1 to kill people who live close to these primitive developmentally delayed aboriginals you admire for money.  I encourage people to give you a call to speak to you directly at 416 306 2956, and they can tell you about the DDA you love and admire!

The land of forest and ice was a much better place before the Truth and Reconciliation.  In 1975, the New Democratic Party was treated suspiciously by Dodson MT and the right of centre Democrat Governor Bill Christiansen.  Governor Bill Christiansen was meddling in our dam building projects.  The NDP liked things like the Racing Greyhound STC, Sask Tel, and Sask Power.  The NDP found roots when the forest and ice people were shaping the land to overcome the brutally, short, 21 - 23 year life expectancy of the DDA.  Of course the poplar tree monkeys forget those days.  People had to cooperate to survive.  The Cooperative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) gave rise to the NDP.  S. M. Lipset had a lot of ideas about getting along to survive in what was then a very hard life. Real Decent People. In 2018, the DDA pedophiles and DDA Chiefs selling incest chirped like poplar tree monkeys on the steps of the North Battleford Court house.  One insane, likely overly inbred incestial DDA represented herself as The Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations Vice-Chief.  DDA Kimberly Jonathan "points to residential schools and the ’60s Scoop" in her comments on the verdict.  Yes, the fancy organization sent a skid row crack whore to make comments which weren't pertinent to the case whatsoever.  That's what Truth and Reconcilliation is like with a poplar tree monkey.  The crack whore from the her pedophile endorsing organization was to mentally challenged by inbreeding in her family to realize that no one in the courtroom was alive for any of these events.  Inbreeding make animals and people stupid like Kimberly Jonathan.  Obviously, her sisters, brothers, and parents have been breeding for many, many, many, generations.  The forest and ice people don't want Truth and Reconciliation with Kimberly Jonathan. <><> editing here adding last of court stuff With a real government in 1975, Dodson MT land prices were soaring.  1%ers were able to work inheritance taxes into the Montana government and they bought politicians to change the law.  Inheritance Taxes made turning over the farm to the sons and daughters of 95%ers, near impossible.  The Principle borrowed to pay death taxes had a debt payments higher than the land could produce.  95%ers gave up their land rights to sell their lives for production, consumption, the business of war, and profit.

In 1975, Lorraine and I registered ourselves in school north of Dodson MT in Shaunavon SK, as farming and ranching families were loosing their land.  1%er Bill Christiansen provided lip service.  In Shaunavon SK the school principal had concerns.  He knew that the Ontario School System was one year behind the Saskatchewan School System.  I knew that.  The Principle went on to say "He would give both of us a chance".  I smiled suspiciously.  I would get to carry new books for a while, at least.  Education is everything in the 20th century in Canada.  1%ers in 'America' understand that education is critical to their success, and they understand 95%ers in 'America' require the right education.  95%ers must learn to be happy with their place in 'America'.  They must believe there is a ladder going up.

During 1975 and today in 1991, 1%ers tell 95%ers there is a ladder up each day.  The dream says there is a ladder.  1%ers tell 95%ers they have upward mobility.  Yet, 95%ers have the lowest rates of class mobility among industrial nations.  Sometimes, in both times I wonder just how stupid 95%ers have to be to take the cannon fodder minimum wage job.  Do 95%ers know one of their peers spending billions, casually?  Really?  Can they be that stupid to believe the 'New Deal' garbage?  The 95%ers believe killing their children will make their lives better?  Have any of their children seen Dad drop 100 Billion on a War for more oil profits?  The peons believe?  Their children must follow in their footsteps.  Believing.  The girl poured my coffee.

During 1975 and today in 1991, 95%er are taught to voluntarily trade their lives for production, consumption, the business of war, and Profit.  Education teaches 95%ers that 1%ers will protect them from their own state of affairs like 'Children'.  National Security.  'Children' are filtered information and misinformed as a matter of National Security.  For example, education teaches 95%ers they invented Basketball.  Result.  Pride.  Conviction.  In fact, 95%ers didn't invent Basketball.  The lie does not matter as it differentiates 95%ers from everyone else on the planet.  95%ers believe the lie.  Will 95%ers die for Basketball?  In my time, 95%ers die in the Basketball Wars each day.  (National Security).  At Shaunavon SK, I was given a leg up with the Saskatchewan Education System rather than a leg down in Dodson MT.

Dodson MT's education cannot be counter productive to Production, Consumption, Profit, and The business of War.  During 1975 in Shaunavon SK, I had Grade 7 and 8 books in Ontario, which were Grade 6 and 7 books in Saskatchewan.  Yet each year, children are challenged by each book in each province.  That is not a complement.  That's Real.  In Dodson MT, 1%ers insist 95%ers must not be taught.  Why not offer Dodson MT students 3 years of Animal Husbandry Courses in school?  Why not?  Instead, students are full of 'American Revolution' 1%ers projectile vomit.  How else could 95%ers sell their lives to 1%ers for a property-less existence and future?  In Saskatchewan, as new students from Ontario we were given a chance to overcome our disadvantages.  In 1975, the Dodson MT and Shaunavon SK educations were different.

In 1975, Dodson MT 95%ers are told by 1%ers that their education will improve.  1%ers told 95%ers they had 'The New Deal', and The New Deal did not happen, either, lip service.  When you own the media, you can say whatever you want.  Lip Service.  95%ers suck that vomit in, and they swallow with a smile for 'America'.  If you think that's rude, think about this 95%ers.  In 1954, 95%er Brown vs 1%er Board of Education of Topeka.  The 1%er Supreme Court unanimously agrees that segregated schools are "inherently unequal" and they must be abolished.  In 1975, the northern half of 'America' has seen no change.  Lip Service.  37 years later in 1991, printing these reports was a waste of nice trees, nothing has changed.  In the future, The University of California would report colour segregation is getting worse with re-segregation and educational inequalities.  Lip Service.  There are areas where segregation is significantly worse, as people of African descent are clinging to the bottom of the 95%ers.  I cringed.  They cling.  Africans were reduced to a few entertainment and sports stars as the whole pie.  95% would get very little pie.  Politics produced a blade of hope in their black President Barack Obama as the saviour of their fate.  Instead, their saviour was more interested in Consumption, Production, Profit, and The Business of War.

Then, President Barack Obama sliced the ManBalls and LadyBalls right out of honest whistle blowers.  Obama made honesty 'illegal' as he waged a war against whistle blowers and official leaks.  The elite owned, licensed, and regulated media darling CNN claimed Obama's 8 prosecutions under the 1917 Espionage Act, doubled the prosecutions of all previous Presidents, combined.  Ruff.  Worse, WikiLeaks told the truth about President Barack Obama's spying on Canada, and Obama hunted Wikileaks Edward Joseph Snowden like a beaver.  President Barack Obama presented an 'image'.  That image was important to him.  Obama couldn't handle people knowing that he was a African keeping African people down for 1%ers south of the 49th parallel.  That's why he used treason to keep whistle blowers down.  His 'image' and the real man.  Only after Obama destroying whistle blowers offering the truth about his bestiality, did Obama get Donald Trump elected.  Finally, puppet Obama "granted clemency to former soldier Chelsea Manning, who was sentenced to 35 years in prison for leaking U.S. secrets" with Wikileaks.  With Chelsea Manning's sentence commuted, will WikiLeaks founder keep promise to turn himself in?  "If Obama grants Manning clemency Assange will agree to US extradition despite clear unconstitutionality of DoJ case.  Julian Assange?  Don't do it!

Snowden was a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) employee blowing the whistle on Obama.  Snowden leaked National Security Agency global surveillance programs ran by the NSA, Five Eyes Intelligence Alliance, and Telecoms.  He helped the forest and ice people.  Africans complained, but pacifists are easily, ignored.  Finally, Obama allowed an open season on Africans south of the 49th parallel.  Obama rarely prosecuted white police shooting Africans.  Chicago alone had 468 murders and 2550 gunshot wounds in 1 year.  Police would routinely kill 1,150 per year for the black puppet.  3 Africans gunned down each day.  Then, the black puppet's luck ran out.  The two white cops shot two Africans for a slow day.  Slow days are routine anomalies when it comes to killing Africans.  The Times Changed?  The black puppet karma vessel went dry.  The Globe and Mail reported the Africans snipers killing 5 white police officers with gunshot wounds to 6 white police officers.  Obama?  Obama was to white to notice the cop was black on the front page picture on the Dallas Morning News for white cop killings.  Micah Xavier Johnson is an African hero.

White Cops Killing Blacks in Dallas

The whites were killed and the paper put the black cop on the front page, as a joke?  North of the 49th parallel, the forest and ice people fought slavery by aiding slaves to evade 1%ers in America.  The forest and ice people fought for their beliefs by providing freedom and Underground Railroad support against the slave trade by America, Britain, and France.  During 1754, the new German and Swiss forest and ice people offered a refuge to African American slaves at Mahone Bay NS.  Since 1849, the forest and ice people at Buxton ON were heavily made up of slaves escaping through our Underground Railway, with the help of Reverend William King, and the town's descendants of 2,000 stands historically to this very day.  The border town of Flin Flon MN / SK had a significant free African population in it's early history.  Fort St. James BC has very early fur trade buildings, and the forest and ice people made all men free.  In 1783 St. Andrews-by-the-sea NB was founded on the edge of the Bay of Fundy NB, and all men were free.  The forest and ice people stood fast against the giant population to the south of the 49th parallel.  These towns are by no means the only towns of refuge provided by the forest and ice people.  The land of forest and ice turned our great explorers, traders, and settlers into something, special.

In 2016, the Government once again sold out the forest and ice people piece by piece to kill a country.  In 2016, Trudeau traded in the facts like '78 percent of Arctic sea ice was first-year ice which is much thinner than the multi-year ice that builds up over time' for his bro love relationship with Barrack Obama.  Trudeau ignored 1%ers south of the 49th parallel spying on our people as disclosed by Edward Joseph "Ed" Snowden, and Trudeau broke the Foreign ownership laws in the news media.  We had no Canadian Owned media.  We lost the 'Canadian' in the Canadian Press, and 1%ers pulled a quiet coup in plain view of Justine Trudeau and the Liberal Party.  Trudeau allowed the majority of  Canadian Press to be foreign owned and controlled.  How?  First, Postmedia Network Canada Corp bought out most of the local news sources by 2014, and Postmedia reduced three dominant newspaper chains to only two.

After buying up 'most' news sources creating a huge debt, Postmedia announced the sale of the said debt. "Postmedia aims to eliminate $307 million in debt with re capitalization plan".  The Postmedia debt eliminated 'most' Canadian News Providers with a loan from south of the 49th parallel.  The loans to Richmond Hill, Ont.- based Canso Investment Counsel Ltd. controlled by John Carswell were from GoldenTree.  Effectively the debt south of the 49th parallel owns the majority of the Canadian News Providers.  If the first lean holders claim the company, John Carswell is in fact representing the debt.  That means 'most' of the Canadian News is foreign owned and controlled.  Share Swaps.  Renegotiations.  Make no difference.  John Carswell intentionally borrowed money to kill Canadian News.  Then, he masquerades foreign ownership as debt.  We lost our independent news core, and Trudeau added to this treason by losing control of their 'information' due to his bro love relationship with Barrach Obama, who just spied on the witless idiot Trudeau as proven by Ed Snowden.

Justine Trudeau sold out the forest and ice people during his 2016 Rainbow Parade in Vancouver.  He quietly introduced and announced "Sensitive federal data to stay in Canada" while the "rest can be part of the cloud under new strategy".  "Only information the government deems unclassified meaning it's unauthorized release carries little, if any material or physical harm to the government or individual Canadians will be allowed to cross the border, bound for cloud computing servers in other countries, under the governments newly released cloud computing strategy RETO KLAR / AP."  Justine Trudeau would trust the spy who spied on him in his witless treason against the forest and ice people.  The forest and ice people should have tried him for treason, however the Ottawa Sun quietly ran the story on a long weekend in the middle of the summer.  Ottawa Sun quietly ran the story on a long weekend in the middle of the summer.  We lost control of our news media and our information in these shameful circumstances.

The witless Trudeau trusts his 'bro love'.  American law requires keys to all encryption and operating systems.  There is no SECURE.

In 1991, I ask myself.  Would a real educations system bring 1%ers face to face with their own French Revolution?  Perhaps.  That's why there will be no changes in education.  There is no profit in changing the education system.  95%ers may learn not to be so stupid, and that's not good for Profit.  What is good for profit is the right education and media experience.  There are no fringe options for 1%ers in 1975 or 1991, while I start school in Shaunavon SK.  1%ers are going to take almost everything in the redistribution of wealth in Dodson MT.  Myself, I was looking forward to a rest, while Harvey's Run had escaped the twin ghosts.  I chose to rest, alone.  I would be taught for the common good, as would 95 percent of the school age population in Canada.  The forest and ice people believed we were educated differently.  Instead in 1534, Jacques Cartier navigated his ship down the Saint Lawrence River to exploit for the rich.  The first ship carried imperialism to the land of forest and ice.  We were educated glorious and free? Still, the forest and ice people north of the 49th parallel were the pawns of 1%ers from the very first day.  Still, we believed we were educated differently than Dodson MT.

Sadly, the french and British imperialists would control monopolies for 1%ers from the very birth of the land of forest and ice.  Eventually, those 1%ers would be confirmed right to the federation in something called Confederation.  Of course there would be no rebellion.  No Civil wars.  1% control was absolute and stalwart.  The 1%ers would control the forest and ice people.  Control was absolute for DDA, and immigrants! Only through emigration or death has one single forest and ice person escaped the absolute control of 1%ers in Consumption, Production, Profit, and the Business of War.  No One.  Yet, the forest and ice people believe they are free? Panhandle.

Earths Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Levels Reach Alarming Mark in Human History

Glorious and Free accommodation for escaping 1%er Production, Consumption, Profit, and the Business of War

Shaunavon High School is a typical secondary school in Saskatchewan.  The school had a gym, sports field, shop class, typing class, and classrooms.  This was my first school with a gymnasium.  I walked across the schoolyard to school, where I entered and left by the back door.  I watched girls, who probably looked a lot like the girls in Montana's Big Sky Country.  I helped Harvey bale a little ditch hay in the fall, with a swather and square baler.  I'm afraid, I ignored school to the point where I forgot the combination lock number on my locker, when school began.  Those were really low numbers on my report card.  It was my fault.  No one was impressed, and I had to shape up or go down a grade level.  Saskatchewan Public Schools were not going to let me pass for nothing, and Dodson MT and all of 'America' were already passing all students through to the final years.  You can't fail.  Dumbing DOWN  not Dumbing UP.

Shaunavon SK history includes Plains Bison hunts on foot and later with guns and horses.  These Plains Bison only existed in a small part of Canada.  Canadians are often mislead to believe Wood Bison are Plains BIson.  The Plains Bison existed on the open prairie in southern Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta.  Shaunavon SK is in the heart of Saskatchewan's bison belt.  Shaunavon SK and Canadians have been accused of genocide against Aboriginals by killing of the Plains Bison.  Garth Brandt is a Professors at Columbia Bible College in Abbotsford, BC who accuses Shaunavon SK of Genocide.  In his article at genocide-in-canada, Garth Brandt writes that "The background to the Riel saga was the mass killing of the bison on the plains in order to systematically and intentionally eliminate the indigenous people who relied on the bison for their livelihood.  This should be named for what it was genocide."  In 1975 or 1991, I didn't see a lot of Genocide in Shaunavon SK.

I did learn how to weld iron plate with an arc welder, and I learned how to make a wood toolbox.  I humbly asked for the combination for my locker lock, so I wouldn't go down a grade.  I brought my books home for the first time.  My Mom told Harvey to buy lumber and plywood, so I was able to build my own room downstairs.  I put my books in my newly built room in the newly rented 3 bedroom house.  I had a little fun with a prank on Halloween.  It was the classic willing cow, gas pump, plastic bag, and the unfortunate doorstep.  I listened to Aerosmith: Rocks, Kiss: Hotter Than Hell, and BTO: Four Wheel Drive.  Harvey quit his job working for the Shaunavon Electrical Company, and I started helping him wire houses on the side for .50 cents an hour.  He was cheap, and I did not know the call girl principle.

Shaunavon SK is in the Treaty 4 territory which includes most of Southern SK.  The Qu'Appelle Treaty was signed on September 15, 1874 in Fort Qu'Appelle.  I went to school with the descendents of the people accused of Genocide in Shaunavon SK.  They were hard working descendents of early settlers along the Red Coat Trail.  Were it not for the border and the 49th parallel, Shaunavon SK would be 1%ers owned, today.  I had trouble imagining Shaunavon SK killing off the Aboriginals.  Shaunavon SK was in the small area of Canada where the Plains Bison lived.  You see the Plains Bison only survived on a small part of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta.  Charges of genocide by way of starvation in the rest of Canada are a geographically impossible, Gareth Brandt.

Shaunavon SK exists in open plains which exists in about 4 percent of Canada.  4 percent is a generous estimate  considering only three provinces had any climate, soil, and landscape suitable to open prairie.  The Boreal Forest is the largest terrestrial biome on Earth.  It starts at between 50 and 60 degrees north in latitudes around the earth in Eurasia, Siberia, Scandinavia, Alaska, and Canada.  The Canadian Shield encroaches on the Manitoba open prairie on the east side.  The Alberta Foothills encroach on west side of the Alberta open prairie.  The 'American' border in on the 49th parallel to the south.  By geography alone, Columbia Bible College Professor Gareth Brandt is 96 percent wrong about Genocide in Canada.  Dodson MT and Shaunavon SK are both in the open prairie.

I was 13 in Shaunavon, when I went to school, and I wired houses on the side for money.  I kept to myself, since I knew Harvey's Run would never end.  The twin ghosts would haunt him to his cremation furnace.  I avoided friends.  I learned to be alone.  This was my way of avoiding emotional stress, when we would inevitably move, again.  Friends are not made to be lost, quickly.  By avoiding a friend, I avoided those uncomfortable, goodbyes.  The idiot who said "better to have loved and lost, than never loved at all" didn't have the twin ghosts on their trail.  I just found it easier, alone.  I cut down on girl watching in class.  That fall I needed marks, or I was going down.

I learned the standardized curriculum the teacher was required to follow for the year.  The curriculum was also big on obedience spoon fed by a teacher.  We learned a lot about the status quo, and how the status quo came about from Canadian history.  We also learned a little about 'America' and other countries.  I was more interested in what I need to know to get ahead in life.  The Canadian curriculum had a limited international view of the world.  It was somewhat, accurate.  I read my lessons, school books, and assignments.  These changes coincided with my rather encouraging report card before Christmas.  Suddenly, the disparity between the provincial school systems evaporated, and I improved my grades about 25 percent.  I wasn't going down.

Improving my marks was a little too easy, as I think the school should be much more challenging.  I would abolish Grade Levels and use only Learning Guides.  Students progress as they finish learning guides and write tests.  Students need be streamlined.  If a student finishes either a University, College, Trade, or Agricultural streamline at 14 years of age, their done.  When a student reaches 18, the student is done whichever stream he has been steered into over the years.  Generalized education hurts every student.  Grade Levels are either to little or to much.  Saskatchewan could improve the public school system.  How?  Open Lectures.  Open Testing Room.  If a student cannot complete a learning guide they wait till the Open Lectures for that learning guide each year.  I believe most students would finish the curriculum in less than 14 years.  I wasn't going down.  I would stay with the healthier girls.

My school marks in the 'general' population bought me a ticket north to see the town drunk in St. Brieux for another Christmas.  I prepared for the Racing Greyhound STC to take me to my seasonal job as the town drunks son, again.  I knew the accusations of Gareth Brandt were poppycock, but he was a Professor at Columbia Bible College in Abbotsford BC.  In 1975, I lived among the descendants of the people Brandt charged with genocide against Aboriginals.  I had already met developmentally delayed Aboriginals in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario.  Somehow, I would prove he was wrong.  Mom gave me a ride north on Highway 13 in the Ford Station Wagon, and we continued north on Highway 37 to the Gull Lake SK switch south of Gull Lake SK.

I boarded the Racing Greyhound STC in Gull Lake for the trip to Swift Current.  She loped the Trans Canada. . . . to the speedy creek switch;  she loped north on Highway 14 to the bigger switch;  she loped the Old Bones Trail to berry switch;  I had 3 hour wait for a fresh greyhound at the Saskatoon Bus Depot, while my old Racing Greyhound went to get some rest.  I felt like I'd seen enough Canadian geography to know we didn't starve Aboriginals to death.  I decided to follow the money, somehow.  There had to be financial records.  Canadians can follow Profit to understand what happened in history.  Finally, I could read a few books of Andrew. C. Isenberg Hunting of the Bison, and Sheppard Krech III's The Ecological Indian which did follow the money trail.  As for starvation, the United Nations should concern themselves with WFO hunger statistics giving the United Nations credit for starving 3.1 million children each year.  As a forest and ice person I dream about putting a bullet between the eyes of a United Nations bureaucrat blaming us for starving the DDA, after reading the WFO statistics.

16 years ago, I had already explored the STC bus depot, on my way to Shaunavon SK.  So I took to the sport of people watching.  In the mid 70's bus transportation was popular, as planes were expensive and not as readily available to the general population.  The crowd in the bus depot was a general mix of the population in general.  Slightly slanted towards Canadian blue collar working class travelers and the traveling poor.  These two groups are divided by Aboriginal or Non Aboriginal.  Today in Saskatoon, the town drunks son was a vanilla white fly on the wall, again.  Suddenly, an Aboriginal girl my age was arguing with an adult Aboriginal man and another young girl.  The man and the girl walked in from 23rd St E., just seconds ago and they sat on each side of the girl in the bus depot.

In 1975, the girl my age had been waiting for a bus, quietly.  The man and the girl my age started to argue.  She did not want to go with them.  They got louder.  The man and girl grabbed her by the arms on both sides.  Then, they tried to quiet the girl my age.  I heard them say 'shut up or else'.  But, the girl my age was too smart for them.  She got louder.  She said "I want to go home".  She got very loud.  "I won't do this anymore".  The white bus driver taking tickets for a bus 15 feet away stepped towards the aboriginal man and his young girl.  The girl my age was pulling away from the Aboriginal man, as the bus driver stood in front of the three aboriginals standing in front of the benches.  The loudspeaker called for security, and the northern half of the STC bus depot was fixed on the moment with the big O.

O.  Oh, what else would you expect an Aboriginal man to be selling.  I'd seen enough as a vanilla white fly on the wall in the STC bus depot in Saskatoon.  I was rescued by the loud speaker announcing a fresh Racing Greyhound.  While, I was in Dodson MT drinking coffee, I wondered why the Garth Brandt's of the world did not help her that day?  I was just a kid.  He was a man?  I guess he was to busy hate mongering with accusations I've yet to completely dismiss.  Did Gareth Brandt and the Mennonite Church believe hate mongering against our Great Canadian Settlers was productive?  This fresh Racing Greyhound went west on Highway 5 through the Transitional Boreal Forest, and she turned north through deforested Boreal Forest towns of Alvena, Cudworth, Wakaw, Yellow Creek, Meskanaw and Melfort.  I jumped off, as she continued on to Hudson Bay.

I was now hired on as the town drunks son, again.  The town drunk was waiting at Dee's Restaurant doubling as the Bus Depot with my cousin Lorne.  Leo still had not returned from his small engine repair course at Sask Polytech in Moose Jaw SK.  Lorne drove the three of us to St. Brieux.  The town drunk had lost his Drivers License for impaired driving for the third time.  DWI Triples are difficult to achieve in Saskatchewan, with a population density of 1/2 the national average.  It takes a real good drunk to hit a DWI triple.  The DWI triple is especially difficult since he lived in a rural area.  People freeze to death on the side of the road in rural Saskatchewan.  We headed north on Highway 368, as my well traveled bones had a beer on the car ride to St. Brieux SK.

We went to see Aunt Denise and Uncle Wilfred east of St. Brieux SK.  The Summit Series showed NHL Hockey teams vs. the Soviet Red Army during the holidays, that year.  Later, that night, I drove the Chev 1/2 Ton Truck west through St. Brieux SK to the empty shell of the Rocky Ridge Ranch.  The Bowler camper from Ridgedale SK was parked inside the recycled school house with became The Shop.  I had a few drinks with the town drunk, and we slept.  I drove back to Ridgedale SK the next day.  I know.  I had no license, but I was better behind the wheel than the town drunk.  Really, could they throw a 13 year old in jail for driving?  Leo had worked the summer at the Healy Farm, and he would be returning from Moose Jaw soon.

When Leo arrived in Ridgedale SK from Moose Jaw SK, we prepared to head back to St. Brieux.  On the way to St. Brieux SK, we stopped in Melfort SK.  The town drunk decided to buy a snow machine.  He drank and bargained all afternoon, finally, he bought a Ski Rool for a $650.00 check.  I was going to have some fun for a change that year in St. Brieux for Christmas.  Leo drove the three of us to St. Brieux SK in the Chev 1/2 Ton, and the Ski Rool rode in the truck box on Highway 41.  We turned south on the # 368 past Pathlow SK to St. Brieux SK.  We spent Christmas Eve at the Rocky Ridge Ranch and New Years was spent in Naicam SK at Grandma Perrots.  Leo and I played a little shinny at Uncle Joe's outdoor rink that New Year.

I played a little shinny at the St. Brieux Arena, and I rode around the area with the new to us used Ski Rool.  You had to hang on to this sled!  I toured St. Brieux Lake and the countryside, and in the evenings I would sneak drinks.  I snuck 5 Star Whisky, Beer, Wine, whatever I could.  When it was over, the 13 year old town drunks son didn't feel the stigma, when he was drunk.  I boarded the Racing Greyhound STC.  She left the snow flying  . . . south on Highway 2 to turn right . . . west on Highway 5 to the berry switch . . . west on The Old Bones Trail to the bigger switch . . . south on Highway 4 to the speedy creek switch . . . west on the Trans Canada Highway to Gull Lake SK south of Gull Lake SK to the Ford Station Wagon switch.

Mom drove and I rode south on the Highway 37 to the straight switch to become the Highway 13.  In 1976, the 13 year old town drunks son was ready to finish grade 9 in Shaunavon SK.  That would be the best Christmas I had at the empty shell of the Rocky Ridge Ranch.  In the spring of 1976, I fished alone just west of Shaunavon SK at Cyprus Lake SK.  I spent my leisure time listening to music.  Harvey eventually sold the rest of the horses, in the spring.  I had lost interest, and Lorraine wanted a different horse.  Leo finished his small engine repair mechanics course in Moose Jaw that winter, and he visited us once in Shaunavon SK before heading north to Ridgedale in the spring to work.  15 years ago and  today in 1992, the people in and around Shaunavon SK did not seem like the type to starve Aboriginal people to death.  50 years later, we are the people to label dark skinned people in southern nations as 'Terrorists', and we forced them into camps as the Earth's Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Levels Breach 410 Parts Per Million.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Levels Reach Alarming Mark in Human History

In the 18th and 19th century, Aboriginal people died young, and they lived very difficult hunter gatherer lives.  I know this sounds recent historically, but we are not on the Dodson MT settlement schedule to the south in 'America'.  People are confused when people talk about the open prairie in 'America', as they assume it was the same in Canada.  The Plains Buffalo survived all the way south into Mexico.  The Stone casting bleeding hearts had us in their sights in Shaunavon SK.  Gareth Brandt and Columbia Bible College and the Mennonite Church have freedom of speech to accuse our Great Canadian Settlers of genocide.  Martin Patriquin is a developmentally delayed aboriginal activist who uses free speech for his own soap box, while he lacks the courage to allow others free speech against his developmentally delayed aboriginal agenda.  Patriquin wants the media and the law to stifle free speech against his quackery about the way things really were with his aboriginal heritage.  Neither, Garth Brandt or Martin Patriquin start with something important.  Brandt and Patriquin need to start with the truth.  Brandt and Patriquin need to talk about how far the developmentally delayed aboriginal has advanced.  For example, Brandt and Patriquin can state that 3 out of 4 Aboriginals are alive today because of the advanced civilization of the great Canadian Settlers and Explorers.  Yes, that's correct! The quackery Martin Patriquin amounts to stifling free speech for the developmentally delayed aboriginal?  Their righteous route would return Aboriginals to a life expectancy of 21 years for the all primitive, hunter, gatherers.  Yet, Brandt accuses our Great Canadian Settlers of genocide in Shaunavon SK?  Patriquin believes the developmentally delayed aboriginal is above free speech? I can see why the Mennonite Church has been persecuted.  I can also see why Patriquin appears to be a free lance writer out of a job at Macleans.

15 years ago, I rode around with the yard with Honda 50, and my Mom and Harvey bought me an older 350 CC Honda Street bike.  I rode that bike in the vacant lot across 6th Street in Shaunavon SK, because I was to young for a drivers license.  The Shaunavon RCMP caught me on the road, and fortunately they decided to leave me use the area across 6th Street as long as I walked the bike across the road.  In the spring I finished Grade 9, and I applied once again for the town drunks job.  I left Shaunavon early in July, when Mom gave me a ride north in the Ford Station Wagon.  15 years ago Shaunavon SK and Dodson MT are the same town in different countries.

Dodson MT and Shaunavon SK are separated by 189 km.  Mennonite Columbia Bible College Professor Gareth Brandt in Abbotsford BC accuses both of our ancestors of genocide.  These are wild accusations and revelations of biblical proportion for both towns.  Mennonites casting stones at the ancestors of the descendents which gave them a country when they were persecuted.  This wild support for Aboriginals when the Pleasant Point Mennonite Church in Clavet SK cannot be bothered with Aboriginals like the Little Whore from Clavet on 20th Street in Saskatoon?  Cast another stone for Jesus?  I don't believe either Shaunavon SK or Dodson MT are guilty of genocide by starvation.  Mom dropped me off at the Gull Lake SK switch south of Gull Lake SK.

15 years ago, I boarded the Racing Greyhound STC in Gull Lake for the trip to Swift Current.  She loped the Trans Canada Highway . . . . to the speedy creek switch . . . Highway 14 . . . to the bigger switch . . . Old Bones Trail to the . . . berry switch . . .  Highway 5 . . . to the Transitional Switch . . .  Highway 2 . . . to the Deforested Switch . . . Melfort.  Leo and the town drunk met me at Dees Restaurant, again.  Leo was driving the town drunks new Ford Econoline Van, which the town drunk had recently purchased.  We took the Highway 6 north from Melfort to Fairy Glen.  We turned west on Highway 335 to Gronlid.  Finally, we took Highway 681 to the Healy Farm in Ridgedale.  I took up residence in the Healey Bunkhouse.  I spent the first few weeks listening to the radio in the 1969 Firebird SS, which was in my opinion the only Bird with wings.  I had a few 8 Track Tapes for the old 8 track that came with the car, and Moose Jaw had an AM Radio station somewhere ahead of it's time called CHAB in 1976.  The Steve Miller band barked out "Take The Money & Run" through the Firebird SS speakers.  I listened to the Montreal Olympics on the radio, and I watched on the television in the bunkhouse.  It was all good.   Did you know there was never a buffalo in North America?  Buffalo are the Cape Buffalo and Water Buffalo of Africa and Asia.  We have Plains Bison and Wood Bison.

During 1976 in Ridgedale SK and during 1991 in Dodson MT, I knew there were never Plains Bison near Ridgedale SK.  This was Boreal Forest.  The Aboriginals or Great Canadian Settlers didn't have Plains Bison to kill, if they tried.  A mature Canadian Moose Cow is less than 1/2 the size of a Plains Bison Bull.  She eats very little grass.  The Plains Bison is a dominant herbivore.  The Plains Bison stands 1.7m to 2.8m loud and proud.  They charge with horns up to 60 cm long when killing predators or fighting for females.  The massive head and horns are catapulted by 3.0 to 3.8 m of lean muscle weighing 600 to 860 kg.  That head on with a Mitsubishi Mirage with the same weight, but the car does not grind you into the ground with horns.  These are big animals, and they eat a lot.

The United Nations should have Gareth Brandt's Columbia Bible College students walk a Styrofoam replica of the Plains Bison through the Boreal Forest near Ridgedale SK.  The students could cut grass with a scissors wherever they could manoeuvre the replica in the Boreal Forest.  We could weight the grass cuttings for the day for the United Nations.  The Plains Bison needs over 11 kg of green grass to survive each day.  The Plains Bison survived near Dodson MT and Shaunavon SK.  These towns share a similar longitude, latitude, climate, and geography.  These areas support Plains Buffalo.  In 1976 Leo and the town drunk were working 6 days a week on the farm that summer.

They ran the shop doing mechanical repairs.  The town drunk kept beer under his bed to drink during the work day.  I would sneak a beer when he was not taking a break sneaking beer.  I watched the Montreal Olympics on the TV in the bunkhouse.  It was quit exciting after the big lead up to Canada's first Olympics.  We spent the rest of the week on the  Healy farm in Ridgedale.  We went to St. Brieux for the weekend of July 19 TH and 20 nth.  St. Brieux still remembered the town drunks son in July of 1976.  Stigma is more of a stain than dust.  The Rocky Ridge Ranch was an eggshell of its former glory.  One bright spot of this trip was that Leo was a paycheck ahead to buy a car.

He bought a 1969 Firebird SS from our cousin Gilbert.  The car needed a lot of work.  The 1969 Firebird SS engine had overheated and the pistons seized in the block.  There was a small canyon in the drivers side door, a pole shaped mould.  There was more body damage as well.  I helped tow the car to Healy's farm, and I helped Leo with the 1969 Firebird where he could.  I was never going to be a mechanic like his brother Leo.  They were starting to "test" the car's rebuilt engine, and they would soon be getting ready to paint the car.  The test runs were "promising".  The short block 350 CU engine with a 4 speed transmission cut the air hard.  We had pulled the proud but beaten Firebird SS back to Ridgedale with the Ford Econoline Van.  I was nervous pulling the car.  Leo started working on the car that night in Ridgedale.  He deserved a muscle car.  The next week really started to drag ask the Olympic Closing Ceremony was finished.  Finally, August rolled into Northern Saskatchewan.  Suddenly, on a whim the town drunk decided to buy an old Case Tractor L Series Tractor and Case S Series Tractor in Ridgedale SK.

He was an arrogant town drunk with a few extra dollars.  He was drunk enough to regret the deal, but it was too late for him once he wrote the $500.00 cheque.  We towed the Case with the Ford Econoline Van, and Leo drove the S Series to the empty shell of the  Rocky Ridge Ranch.  Two new old antique shiny pearls in an old oyster shell.  Leo was interested in the Rocky Ridge Ranch.  I didn't have a lot to do but drink beer.  The Ski Rool last winter, the two Tractors, and the Ford Econoline Van came from the land sale of two quarters when Mom and the Town Drunk split.  Summer was ending In late August as I was preparing to head south to Plains Bison country near Shaunavon SK on the Red Coast Trail.

I wondered if Garth Brandt's genocidal stone casting was backed by Mennonites, Columbia Bible College, Anabaptist teachings, nonviolence, nonresistance, and pacifism.  That's what his founder Menno Simons believed.  Stone casting pacifists?

Its like basketball.  Tell the lie until people believe the lie.  Gareth Brandt's hate mongering exasperates reasonable race relations in Canada.  He tells his lies about our ancestors.  He claims we live with the descendants of mass killers who culled the developmentally delayed Aboriginal by means of starvation.  Wow.  I went to school with the descendants of mass murderers.  Shaunavon SK and Dodson MT killed off all the developmentally delayed Aboriginal and Indians by starving them to death?  Do pacifists get sexually aroused making serious accusations of genocide against Canadians?  Hate mongering only allows Aboriginals in Canada to sell their children for sex under the radar Gareth Brandt.  Yet Gareth Brandt sells this Angelic Aboriginal in complete disregard for the facts.  Aboriginal practices were horrible before the Great Canadian Settlers.

Then Sask Tel found me, again.  I had a phone call.  I knew the call was from my Mom, as I walked to the house to answer the Sask Tel bell.  Mom said "We've moved to Lloydminister SK.  It figures.  The twin ghosts were haunting Harvey, again.  Harvey's Run found it's way to Lloydminister, SK.  Why Lloydminister?  No particular reasons.  I may not be the brightest incandescent bulb on the shelf, but I was right not to make friends in Shaunavon, pointless.  Mom told me Harvey's Run ended in a home on wheels in a Mobile Home Park located on 45 th Ave and 49TH Street in Lloydminister SK.  Mom explained where the Mobile Park was located, but I didn't pay attention.  I wrote down the new phone number.  That was 15 years ago in the dog days of summer.

In 1976, the Dodson MT had finished putting the Vietnam War dead were in the ground, and 1%ers were counting their incredible profits in the Vietnam War.  1%ers ignored the dead, and they splashed Olympic participants on the screen endlessly on their networks.  Bruce Jenner and Caitlyn Jenner were shameless on Wheaties boxes.  They pursued profit for the 1%ers owning General Mills.  The live hero was better for profit than the 95%ers dead in the ground at Dodson MT.  However, The Vietnam War made it official, losses could be much more profitable than wins.  Professor Abramson could not have nailed that dive better.  Still, Gareth Brandt believes Shaunavon SK starved Aboriginals, and he accuse Dodson MT, as well.  Canadians are to apologetic.  We need to stand up for our Great Canadian Settlers.

It's wrong to be police too stone casters like Gareth Brandt, Columbia Bible College, and the Mennonite Church.  We need to address such quackery, and we need to hold such slander to a factual basis.  Did Dodson MT starve their Indians in a genocide along with Shaunavon SK?  Does whatever Shaunavon SK did make all Canadians guilty of genocide?  I have proof that Aboriginal propaganda, misdirection, and outright lies does not constitute genocide.  I'll approach this question with undeniable evidence based on financial records, shipping information, and Profit.  The dead factual evidence will be used to defend the Great Canadian Settlers.

The evidence is in the dead bones and archeological data Aboriginals have themselves used to support their claims.  The pursuit of profit and archeological evidence are better facts than biblical revelations and Aboriginal propaganda.  Plains Bison bones were big business, and big business keeps records.

In the 18th and 19th century temperatures were consistent with a 3 - 3 1/2 months of good grass on 4% of Canada which is the open prairie.  Saskatoon is the farthest point north where the open prairie existed in Saskatchewan.  The Boreal Forest begins at Saskatoon which is 52.1333° N latitude, and the Canadian border begins at the 49th latitude.  That leaves 3.1333 degrees of open prairie in a very small part of Canada.  That very small part of Canada is squeezed between the Canadian Shield, Lake Winnipeg, The Boreal Forest, and the Alberta foothills in Manitoba.  Next, why were Plains Bison here for 3 - 3 1/2 months?  Simple.  The day to day survival of the Plains Bison is Darwinian.  When C02 broke 410 PPM, our land of forest and ice warmed.  The Plains Bison may have survived farther north as the glaciers faded into memories.

DDA were still lamenting the dominant herbivore, as Deer Ticks spread Lyme disease through the regions, Lake of the Woods, St. Malo, Vita, and Arbakka.  The Pembina, Beaudry, and Sandilands Forest Parks were effected as well as the Roseau and Assiniboine Rivers.  The ice had lost it's edge.  Our media warned that 'tick larvae feed on mice, birds and other small animals in the summer and early fall at which time they can become infected with Lyme disease.  The forest and ice people 'woke up' to this downside of climate change, when Elizabeth May, the Green Party Leader pushed a bill unanimously through the House and the Senate for new policies on Lyme disease.  We were ill prepared for the 'new world' diseases and climate.  We didn't have to worry about Lyme Disease, once.  We no longer had our forests and ice on guard.  We changed.

Great Gray Owl strix nebulosa is the largest owl in North America with a wingspan of 1.3 metres 4 feet.

Would the land of forest and ice's Keystone bird The Great Gray Owl fall victim?

Plains Bison give birth from June = October.  Would you keep your 1 - 4 month old spring calf out on the Canadian prairie in - 30 degrees Celsius weather, with a 60 km wind, with nowhere to hide?  Would that calf survive fighting through ice and snow to eat dead dried grass with little or no nutritional value?  Would it grow?  Would it survive?  That's a straight up death sentence for the calf.  The Plains Bison migrated in a North South direction.  Finally, the available space and food in Canada was so small that 85 % of the spring calving and feeding grounds were south of the 49th parallel in Montana, North Dakota, Idaho, Wisconsin, and points farther south to inside Mexico.  Yet, Gareth Brandt claims the Aboriginal in Canada served up Plains Bison loins on fine china year around?  People lie to themselves all the time.  So, oh yeah.  Genocide.

The number of Plains Bison which summered in Canada was 15 % of the total herd, maximum.  This is based on the feeding area itself as compared to the entire herd.  Since, 15 % of the total herd grazed for 3 - 3 1/2 months in the spring and summer following the seasons.  The bones and the bone industry from these Plains Bison are factual evidence of the number of Plains Bison killed in Canada.  The bone industry was big business in southern Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta for Aboriginals, Bone Merchants, Bone Collectors, Settlers, and the Trans Pacific Railroad.  The other 85 percent of the bone business was in 'America' and Mexico. +

The bone business began in 'America' as Bone Collectors and Settlers sold bones to eastern 'America' for a few dollars per ton to be used for phosphate fertilizer, an bone black.  The bone business began in 'America' with the Mississippi River and the Baltimore and Ohio Railroads built in 1828.  In Canada, the Trans Pacific Railway was originally built between Eastern Canada and British Columbia between 1881 and 1885.  Bone products like charcoal were used for filtering impurities out of sugar-cane juice, and the juice was evaporated to produce pure white sugar.  Bone Black also made a useful pigment for paints, dyes, cosmetics, and as a dry lubricant for iron and steel forgings.  The big bone boom on 4% of Canada started with the arrival of the Trans Pacific Railroad.  This is also important, as we have an area and a collection system dated by the Railroad.  The Plains Bison bones were everywhere for Aboriginals, Bone Collectors and Settlers.  They had no value until there was a Railway.

This important fact cannot be overlooked or trivialized.  There is no market for bones without a railroad.  The bones only had a value if they could be shipped, cheaply.  Now we have the bones themselves, we have the area, we have shipping records, and most importantly we have the period of time in which bones were shipped before the small Canadian prairie was picked clean.  The bone industry did not exist without a railroad.  That means that until the railroads arrived, the bones were just wasting away on the prairie.  They stayed on the ground.  Agreed.

Finally, the Plains Bison were all but wiped out before the railroad arrived in Canada to send the bones east for processing.  Are the mathematicians among you are getting your calculator ready to call poppycock on Columbia Bible College Professor Gareth Brandt's genocide.  The math courses in Saskatchewan will be all that is needed to determine the number of Plains Bison on the ground in 4% of Canada.  In 1883, Trans Pacific Railway shipment records and advertisements by bone buyers in newspapers are real economic data from Regina.  These are very important verifiable bone business information, statistics, and dates.  Dates.  The number of Plains Bison remaining alive are statistically insignificant at these dates to skew the numbers.  The bone counts are as accurate in Regina SK annual bird watchers count on Boxing Day for the Bird Studies Canada database since 1950 in Regina.  Every year, bird enthusiasts take to the outdoors, using their eyes and ears to count birds.We can calculate how many Plains Bison were killed in Canada.

Dates.  Dodson MT and Montana and 1%ers in 'America' started settlements over the Appalachian Mountains or through the waterways of the Great Lakes in 1780's.  Fort Pitt at the Ohio River was a base for settlers moving into the Midwest.  Marietta, Ohio in 1787 became the first settlement in Ohio.  Then, 1%ers killed the 'Indians' at the Battle of Fallen Timbers in 1794.  These events and battles made large scale settlement possible in the mid west.  Large settlement numbers also came north from Kentucky into southern Ohio, Indiana and Illinois.  The Plains Bison was under a full attack almost 100 years before the Canadian Pacific Railroad was completed.  Canada had no way to ship open prairie bones until the Canadian Pacific Railroad arrived in 4% of Canada.  Gareth Brandt revelations and accusations of genocide in Canada ignore that the settlement of 'America' was well under way 100 years earlier.

The 'American' bone business started by rail much 50 years earlier.  Their bone business was not land locked, as the Canadian Prairies are land locked.  They shipped by water before rail.  We could not ship by water before rail.  Our Bone Theory is accurate in dates and numbers.  The 'American' surge in settlement was 100 years before the bone collectors in Canada had a railroad.  Moose Jaw, Swift Current, Medicine Hat and Calgary show similar Canadian Railway shipment records.  The Plains Bison were unofficially wiped out by the 1880's.  Early Canadian settlement in the 1880's was 100 years behind the early 'American' settlers.  The Plains Bison were all dead before Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta were incorporated as provinces.  Neither the Great Canadian Settlers or Aboriginals had any Plains BIson to kill to starve off anyone Gareth Brandt.

I know 1%ers gunned down opposition at Kent State, and sometimes I wish we had 1%ers to gun down some hate mongers in Canada casting stones.  The fact remains a small plains area in the southern portion of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta exported bones.  Bones in the Red River Carts are the final evidence.  Bones.  In Canada, Plains Bones became the 'Prairies' largest export over furs and agriculture.  Yes.  Largest.  Breaking the new land for settlers took time to complete, even if it was open prairie.  The first crops did not always produce to expectations.  It was a blessing of biblical proportions when the railroad arrived.

Once the Trans Pacific Railway arrived, bones were the first cash "crop" settlers could sell to bone buyers arriving on the trains.  Dead Plains Bison bones left a paper trail in dates, buyer adds, news statements, buyers statements, Red River Carts, Railroad Statements, and Boxcar Loads.  It's not a perfect digital bone counter, but it's accurate enough for Canadian Bone Theory.  Aboriginals, Settlers, Bone Pickers, and everyone else with bones were in on the bone business.  100 years after settlement surges in 'America', 1882 was a real solid year for profit on bone in Canada.  Good supply.  Good demand.

Railroad.  What.  Why, in 1882 William Cornelius Van Horne the general manager of the Canadian Pacific Railway laid 480 miles of track across the Prairies in the summer of 1882.  The Aboriginals were in there like pigs in a trough, just like everyone else.  Buyer statements could be interpreted as naming Aboriginals as a major player.  They had knowledge of all their Cutbanks and Coulees.  They may have been bigger in the bone business than settlers.  At the time, 98 % of settlers had not arrived.  Aboriginals gathered bones for buyers named Mr. Doolittle according to the Moose Jaw News.  He was in town for some time collecting Bison bones for a Philadelphia firm.  "He shipped three carload to that place last night."  Early on in Canada in 1882, bones could be found close to the rail lines for easy fast retrieval and minimal shipping distance by Red River Cart.

Hate mongers like Gareth Brandt show pictures of the bones along the tracks, and they claim genocide of Aboriginals by means of starvation.  These bones in grainy pictures are mostly white or white with dirt or mud.  Go Look.  These are dead bones in Canada on the side of the tracks.  Fresh Bison Bones are much darker.  Hate mongers claim these sun bleached white bones as evidence of genocide.  The number of fresh bones in these piles is near 0 as the Plains Bison Herd is all but dead when the railroad reached the prairies.  The Herd was just tiny at this point.  Coulees and Cut Banks where Aboriginals ran Plains Bison of cliffs were great places to harvest bones in Canada.

Our Canadian Bone Theory for profit predicts that The Old Bone Trail collected bones from points west to Saskatoon.  That is exactly what happened as Saskatoon's branch line going south to the Trans Pacific Railroad was build before the end of the bone rush.  Early, Aboriginals and Settlers would set fire to the prairie grass in early spring or fall to see the bones for collection.  In 1886, dead bones hit their peak.  The market hit the top.  The Saskatchewan Herald of Battleford summarized the market as 100 tons or more for the season.  Who said the math skills were not going to be good for something?  Business Statistics.  Profit.  No other motivation on planet Earth predicts human behaviour better than survival.  That is what Canadian Bone Theory is based upon.

It takes about 100 dead Plains Bison to make 1 ton of bones.  So we know at it's peak, the Battleford region of western Canada was collecting at least 10,000 dead Plains Bison bones at that point in time in Saskatchewan.  The bone picking industry really only lasted 10 years in Canada.  However, Canadian Bone Theory will add 5 years of bone collecting to be generous in our calculations.  Our generous estimate will give the bone picking business 15 years, in our calculations.  Therefore, we can summarize Battleford as 10,000 per year for 15 years for a total of 150,000 Plains Buffalo from the Battleford region.   Hate mongers say "Wow", that's not a lot of bones for Battleford.

Hmm.  Hmm again.  That's nothing really?  R U Nuts.  No.  Seriously.  In 1991, Saskatchewan alone supports 1.5 million beef cows, or approximately 28% of the forest and ice people beef herd.  Drive across Saskatchewan, and you will hardly notice those beef cows in the fields in the summer.  Each cow has a calf each season.  They are fed to you on your fine china.  Steers.  Did you see all the calves?  Saskatchewan Herald of Battleford said 150,000 Plains Bison were harvested.  That's all the Gareth Brandt's starving Aboriginals could find in this area.  I love business statistics because profit don't lie on fine china.  Profit is not a bleeding heart hate monger.  These are real numbers counted for dollars.  Wow, that's not very much.  Is it Gareth Brandt?

Felix Plante was a buyer in Moose Jaw in his store called the Bison Store, he was averaging 25 Red River Carts daily in the bone season.  Bones were best collecting in the late spring, summer, and early fall.  In 1882, the Canadian Pacific Railway struggled to keep cars available for bones.  Railway delays caused large stacks of bones in Regina.  A good part of those bones were killed by Aboriginals over many, many, years.  Regina (Pile of Bones) was the only Railroad Stop to take on such a silly name.  However, these bone piles were the norm rather than the unusual.  The rest of the collection points just shipped the bones, as they chose better names.  Our Aboriginals and Great Canadian Settlers stacked the sun bleached bones by the tracks.  They would blend right in with the fresh snow in the winter.

The Plains BIson bones were incredibly durable on the open prairie.  Surface Plains Bison bones could still be found during the depression on grasslands.  The starving scavengers could still find a few for a meal.  During the depression in 'America' 1%ers bought Plains Bison bones from scavengers for ingredients in soap manufacturing.  I could not find cases of this in Canada, because there was very little left to pick.  These Plains Bison bones were at least 50 years of age.  They were still in saleable condition.  History has shown that Plains Bison bones can easily last 40 years on the open prairie or grassland.  Many of the bones sold in Canada were 40 years old, or older.  Hmm.  Does the stone casting Mennonite church have enough bones for a guilty verdict, Gareth Brandt?

Pitch forks were used to load the boxcars, and bone pickers formed little colonies next to their bones piled alongside the tracks.  Bones were the first load on the new Soo Line.  The Soo Line ran from St. Paul to the Canadian Pacific main line near Moose Jaw.  Giving the dog a bone changed, as most profitable enterprises change at some point in time.  In 1893, the bone business came to an abrupt end, when eastern importers had their fill of bones on their fine china.  Some people selling news for a living claimed financial scandal.  Some people claimed new technologies became available at a better price.  The reality was it was getting harder to find bones.  There was no meat left in the bone business.  In Canada, our Aboriginals and Great Canadian Settlers did a fine job getting most of the Plains BIson bones to market.

Newspapers did lament the loss of the bone business.  Advertising revenue dropped off.  The real problem was that the cost of bones was going up, and the supply of bones was going down in both Canada and 'America'.  Finally, all that free space was not empty.  Cattle.  Cattle bones replaced much of the demand for Plains BIson bones in various manufacturing processes.

With all these profit motivated information resources, we can estimate the actual number of bones shipped.  Yes, we could end up a little north or south of the exact number.  But, 1 Plains Bison in 4% of Canada will not make a significant difference in Canadian Bone Theory.  We know current Boreal Forest areas which were deforested in Canada, after the Plains Bison is dead.  We know the bone picking routes the Red River Carts used to collect bones.  We know only a very small part of Canada was natural open prairie.  We have defined the area where the plains bison survived.  We know the number of shipping points in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta.  We know the northern part of Saskatchewan went south from Saskatoon, and we know the northern part of Alberta went south from Edmonton.  We are getting close to our estimate.

We know James Leslie claimed he shipped 3,000 and 3,500 boxcars from Saskatoon.  That would be the total top half of Saskatchewan.  Moose Jaw on the Trans Pacific Railroad is probably above average for all southern points on the Trans Pacific Railroad which runs through that area which was the natural Prairie.  We know the railroad took the easiest route of least resistance through the open prairie.  We know Moose Jaw statistics indicate that the carloads shipped from Moose Jaw likely represents one million plains Bison.  Moose Jaw is also perfectly situated in the south where the plains Bison would summer, as we discussed earlier.  We will generously take the highest number again.

Moose Jaw had the Soo Line connection going south.  Moose Jaw is also a lot more than the Saskatchewan Herald of Battleford numbers for the season.  Moose Jaw was a prime collection area for bones on the prairies.  Moose Jaw has a railway early on in the settlement of the North West Territories.  Lets take Moose Jaw for 1 million Plains Bison as a benchmark.  Very generous.  That generous benchmark likely includes some double counting of bones in by rail and sent by rail.  However, we will be generous again going with one million Plains Bison per railroad stop on all railroad stops.  Very Generous.  Next, Bone Buyers did not set up operations at every stop on Canadian Railroad Lines.  There was no profit in an office shipping for 1, 10, or 50 boxcars.  Overhead.

The distance from the Canadian Shield to the Rocky Mountains is 1600 km, at best.  I calculate Saskatoon, and Edmonton for branch line business (2).  That leaves 13 pickup points located on average a little over 100 km along the Trans Pacific Railway(13).  That's what was profitable for bone buyers.  That was not such a great distance to collect bones.  It was not economical to haul part of a boxcar.  Profit, avoid losses.  That's how I get 15 major shipping points in the North West Territories.  Bones could not be shipped by waterways in the land locked open prairie region in Canada.  If there were more than 15 collection points it would not have created more business.  It would have increased costs per ton.

Canadian Bone Theory estimates, methods, and calculations are based on factual evidence of profit.  Using 15 rail collection points, we calculate 15 million complete Plains Bison bones were collected in all of Canada.  This is many times the population living in the Northwest Territories at the time.  Wow.  The stone casters are having a pow wow now?  Does sound like a lot.  Heavy.  In the real world, not the bleeding heart world, we need to break down this number.  First, would 15 million Plains Bison be enough to effect the North American Plains Bison herd?  First, we need to see how many Plains Bison were in North America.

Aboriginal and settlers have estimated 30 million to 250 million.  Some of these estimates are just stupid.  Some hold some merit.  The North American feeding grounds was quite large.  But, the climate is too hot for summering in the south.  The climate is to cold for a permanent population in the north.  Reasonably, 50 million looks like a reasonable number if you consider the daily consumption of grass required given the seasons.  Dodson SK and Shaunavon SK have no wintering Plains Bison.  Many Metis have been credited with the 50 million number as well.  Once again, the lower the herd size, the better the numbers are for the stone casters.  Aw well.

Since the Plains Bison herd was 50 million, how can 15 million dead Plains Bison bones be insignificant in Canada.  The 15 million Plains Bison bones collected in Canada were dead Plains Bison.  The 15 million Plains Bison bones would have accumulated over 40 or more years.  Sun bleached Skulls, Horns, Ribs, Spines, and Leg Bones in National Parks have survived 40 years and longer in 'sale able' condition, during our lifetimes in National Parks.  If you were to divide 15 million bones by 40 years you would get an estimate of the number of bones needed to accumulate each year.  15 million can be seen as 375,000 dead Plains Bison per year over 40 years.  Columbia Bible College Professor Gareth Brandt needs to understand that these Plains Bison were not killed during this 15 year period.

The Plains Bison herd of herd of 50 million Bison are genetically programmed to be 46 percent female or 23 million.  23 million Females breed between June = October.  Pregnancy rates are affected by stress and prior reproductive success.  Research demonstrates wild Plains Bison follow a 2 - 3 year calving pattern due to the nutritional costs of producing calves.  I will be very generous again.  Very Generous  Instead of taking a calf every second year, I will take a calf every 3rd year.  Generous.  23 million females will calf once every three years, or 7, 666, 590 million new caves per year for the 50 million Plains Bison herd.

In the wild calf mortality is 50% in the first year.  Yes,  3, 833, 295 small sets of bones fall on the open prairie which we completely discard as counting for 0 bones.  Very Generous.  3, 833, 295 new young calves survive to an average lifetime for wild Plains Bison of 15 years.  Now we take the 50 million number of the entire herd and we multiply by the average life expectancy in the wild.  3, 333,333 Plains Bison die of natural and predator death each year.  Therefore 3, 333, 333 million complete sets of Adult Plains Bison bones are generated by natural death and predators in North America.  These deaths do not include killings by Aboriginals.

You will notice that the death rate of Plains Bison is exceeded by the birth rate of surviving calves by 500000 calves per year.  The herd can rebuilt is number after droughts.  Now we take the number of natural and predator deaths which is 3, 333, 333 sets of Plains Bison bones.  This represents all of North America.  We multiply the dead by 15 percent for the size of the open prairie in Canada.  We are left with 500, 000 sets of Adult Plains Bison bones by death and predators each year in Canada.  I will repeat that in Canada, 500, 000 sets of Plains Bison bones fall to earth naturally each year.  Natural / Predator deaths produce Sun bleached insect cleaned Skulls, Horns, Ribs, Spines, and Leg Bones which can last 40 years in National Parks, today.  That means 4% of Canada should have 20 million sets of bones on the ground, all the times.  These are there just by natural / predator herd losses.  Columbia Bible College Professor Gareth Brandt doesn't have the bone for his hate mongering.

Aboriginals and our Great Canadian Settlers picked 15 million bones.  The reality is that there should have been 20 million bones on the ground, minimum.  We accept that not all bones could be found.  Very Generous.  Why is that generous.  How do we know they found all the bones?  Columbia Bible College Professor Gareth Brandt told us the Aboriginals were starving.  All 'Aboriginal' had to do was pick up bones for money.  Not only did Canadians not starve the 'Aboriginal', but Canadians protected 'Aboriginals' and Indians from violence Columbia Bible College Professor Gareth Brandt.  Canadian Bone Theory evidence completely invalidates your stone named genocide Garth Brandt.

Furthermore, Aboriginal propaganda regarding coulees and cut banks kill sites completely disagrees with the facts at these archeological digs.  The Aboriginal would have you believe these kill sites baited Bison to follow a hunter with a Bison hide over the cliff.  That was true once, however the suggestion that the developmentally delayed Aboriginal used everything from their kill is wrong.  The developmentally delayed nomadic hunter gatherers did nothing of the sort.  'Aboriginal' and their dog or woman pulling a dog sled (Travois) could carry next to nothing.  They cut the loins out of the Plains Bison and they rotted the rest as they followed the herd.  The Aboriginal was to lazy to store ice as well.

Aboriginal did kill and sell Plains Bison hides LONG before the Great Canadian Settlers arrived.  The 'Aboriginal' did the same on the open prairie as the Aboriginal did in the Boreal Forest.  The Fur Bearing animals were nearly wiped out in the forest, as well.  The Plains Bison were nearly wiped out on the open prairie, as well.  The settlers were bone collectors because the Aboriginals killed the Plains Bison.  Yes, of course there were a few Bison hunters following the herd north into the Northwest Territories.  Where is the massive number of bones?  That makes the Columbia Bible College Garth Brandt even more outlandish in his accusation of Genocide against our Great Canadian Settlers.

The Aboriginal and Metis killed off most of the Plains Bison and Fur Bearing Animals in Canada.  These hide hunters left their trail of bleached bones and furs across north America.  In fact, the worst thing that ever happened to the little fur bearing animals in Canada was selling an Aboriginal a gun.  In fact, the 'Aboriginal' with a gun was the worse thing that ever happened to the Plains Bison.  If your not to cracked up on Jesus and Aboriginal propaganda, Aboriginals and 'Indians' killed at least 3.5 million plains Bison per year from 1850 to 1860 by archeological estimates.  When the Plains Bison were almost all dead, Sitting Bull gave us a great example.  In 1883 alone, Sitting Bull and his band killed 10 thousand of the northern herd (Ours) for their hide sales.

Our Great Canadian Settlers did not starve the Aboriginal people in a Genocide.  The Aboriginal people died young, and they lived very difficult primitive hunter gatherer lives before we helped them.  The Plains Buffalo may have been a seasonal snack, but their life was short and brutish, to quote Hobbs.  Stone casting by Columbia Bible College Professor Gareth Brandt does not change the Aboriginal lifetime average of a little over 20 years of age.

If Gareth Brandt is typical of Mennonites, I can understand why they have been persecuted in other countries.  Our Great Canadian Settlers gave the developmentally delayed Aboriginal a better life.  Our Great Canadian Settlers gave Gareth Brandt and his stone casters a place to live.  Now the religious fanatics would rather kill off 3/4 of the Aboriginals, and cast stones at the people who gave them a place to live.  Those Pacifists?

Our Great Canadian Settler descendants need to hold Gareth Brandt financially responsible for his false accusations.  Canada by geography and climate alone could not starve the Aboriginal to death in the genocide he describes.  If Aboriginals did not have the courage to follow the Plains Bison into 'America' in the fall, we are not guilty of their Genocide.  If the Aboriginals stayed in Canada to survive Indian Wars, the scarcity of food is not our genocide.  Canada cannot be blamed for genocide because Indians were afraid of 1%ers hiring 95%ers to kill them in 'America'.

>Don't forget that hunter, gatherer, nomadic lifestyle in your false accusations against these people in Shaunavon SK and Dodson MT Columbia Bible College Professor Gareth Brandt.  Bones.  Critical to understanding what really happened in Canada is The Old Bones Trail on the small prairie in Canada.  The number of bones our great Canadian ancestors collected were not remotely close to killing off the North American Plains Bison.  In relative terms it would have taken 20 times the number of bones to make a significant, difference.  What?  No evidence?  Right No Hard Evidence.

Personally, I think the developmentally delayed Aboriginal deserves a chance to succeed in the developed world.  The descendants of our Great Canadian Settlers have already earned their chance to survive in Canada by their legacy.  Have you earned your place Garth Brandt?  You should leave if we are not good enough for your religious faith.  We aren't going anywhere.  Aboriginals ought to consider that 3 out of 4 Aboriginals would be dead without the help of our Great and Compassionate Canadian Settlers in the past.

When it comes to The Little Whore from Clavet, Blondie, BJ, and the Clan from Clavet, I think Dodson MT and Shaunavon SK could live without their family.  In the early bone picking years, Philip Henry Sheridan said "The only good Indians I ever saw were dead."  Sheridan denied he had ever made the statement.  Sheridan should have said "The only good Clan from Clavet I ever saw were dead".

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