Port of Vancouver Drug Bust (HIstorical Perspective)

The Port of Vancouver drug bust occurred in the fall of 1998.  That was many years ago, before the earth turned into a small change for free men and women.  Rohel lived long enough to see the change, as ice on both poles crashed.  Rohel saw the victims in the Port of Vancouver fight for decent people to overcome the double dirty.  Rohel also fought the dirty Judges and Crown Attonies in their puppet courts.  Impossible!  Not.  The forest and ice people people became international terrorists on the worlds stage, and the victims swallowed hard as they learned the truth for 20 years with no Judicial Review from the dirty judges.  The Port of Vancouver taught decent people they could cultivate hate and revenge to get their money back? The victims also eased their hate and revenge with the change.  We were all victims with Rohel on both sides of the law.  Jean Chretien, Ben Soave, and the informants choose their victims.  All the victims witnessed their part of the Canadian International Terrorism.  This did not happen for 20 years, until the victims realized that Rohel was the only one fighting the law.  Then, after 20 years the earth changed.  The true story begins when the town drunks son was struggling to find work in 1979, as he was attending the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon SK.

That's when the Little Whore from Clavet wandered into a party at 20 Star Trailer Court, and she crashed the party.  One year later in 1980, my friend Penny re-introduced me too Becky and her new baby.  In 1980, I meet Becky's partner Blondie, who was her new dirt white trash side of the family.  Penny insisted that I meet Becky's baby son.  During December 1990, I would meet the Clan from Clavet again in an Ottawa Bar.  Then in the spring of 1998, I crossed paths with the Clan from Clavet on the Vancouver downtown east side.  Finally, in the spring of 1998, the Little Whore from Clavet joined up with Jimmy the Junkie and Little Mike at the Piccadilly Pub on the downtown east side in Vancouver BC.  Jimmy was a terrible thief, and fortunately he did better renting his mouth or anus on the queen size bed at the Piccadilly Pub.

Little Mike was Jimmy's sidekick in the room above the bar at the Piccadilly Pub, where the Little Whore from Clavet and her man Blondie introduced Jimmy the Junkie to her children.  The baby I saw in Saskatoon was now a teenager in her family.  The whore and her children were on the Vancouver downtown east side.  Becky had her children on skid row, as she came from skid row. She trained her children to be comfortable on the downtown east side of Vancouver.  Becky doesn't consider this child abuse as her mother and father taught her the same as her brothers on 20th street in Saskatoon.  Did Jimmy the Junkie stretch her boys anus?  We can only surmise what happened in the queen sized bed on the second floor facing the street at the front above the bar.  The Little Whore from Clavet would only expect them to get paid.  Today, their currency was different.  That's how the core group of the Clan from Clavet established themselves on the downtown east side of Vancouver.  The Clan from Clavet still had their people on 20th street and Ave. C in Toon Town, while they began to infiltrate the downtown east side of Vancouver. 

The ratting raping Clan from Clavet, Jimmy the Junkie, Blondie, and their children may very well have more victims in St. Brieux SK, Humboldt SK, Watrous SK, Ear Falls ON, Oxdrift ON, Shaunavon SK, Lloydminster SK, Claresholm AB, Lethbridge AB, Saskatoon SK, Ottawa ON, and Vancouver BC.  During 1998 the governments informants were planning the murder of Rohel on the downtown east side of Vancouver.  Rohel tried to find justice in 7 courtrooms with hearings starting with the Provincial Court on Main Street Vancouver.  The Queens bench finally had a judge helping Rohel tell the truth and get out of Vancouver BC, until political interference by Inspector Ben Sauve and Jean Chretien crippled him in courtroom with 4 crown attorneys and apple boxes of precedence to silence Rohel, and his defence.  The Law Courts did nothing to help Rohel.  Instead, the ratting raping Clan from Clavet SK informants had Ben Soave and Jean Chretien aiding and abetting them in their murder attempt.  Why?  If they lost their evidence, Chretien and Soave would be caught falsifying international evidence, and they both decided to murder Rohel.  They knew that the evidence from the Port of Vancouver was illegal.

20 years after the Port of Vancouver, we can see a lot of victims.  We see calls for a Defence rising up from the victims.  Yes, powered by hate and revenge Rohel realized their was 'good money' in farming the double dirty politicians, police, and informants.  20 years has demonstrated that the double dirty children are taking over from their double dirty parents.  Rohel and the victims realized justice would not come until the international embarrassment.  The double dirty would laugh at the forest and ice people with no chance of justice in the puppet courts.  Eventually the victims decided that the Courts were useless, and Chretien's bag man Ralph Goodale was still working under Justine Trudeau to hide the international terrorism.  With no law, the victims needed a way to punish the dirty beasts.  We all realized that the only way to get Justice was to kill the double dirty DNA.  How could we defend against the government sponsored international terrorism?  How do you stop the double dirty sponsored by Chretien and Soave?  You kill their children.  Their double dirty informants, police, and politicians cover continents and countries, and we have their families on the geographical fringe as leverage against their bloodlines.

Who pays for the killings?  Our clients in the children's cancer ward pay killing the double dirty DNA.  Our funding is provided voluntarily by decent folks, and one dead animal can save their children dying on cancer wards.  After 20 years, we the victims realized there are no laws or courts in the land of forest and ice.  We the victims found out that no court would help us.  You see, the victims thought they were dirty.  The Hells Angels, the Montreal Mob, the Mexican Cartel, and the South American Cartel thought they were dirty.  Nobody cares about the dirty right?  Our Punishers learned we were not dirty, and we learned that no one cares if the dirty animals are killed, so decent children can have a better life.  We thought we were dirty?  We were not dirty!  Instead, we now see that dirty children taking a dirt nap will not be missed.  Epiphany!  The Vancouver and Montreal Courts and Crown Attorneys are guilty of international terrorism.  If they are going to hide that, we the victims are left with no choice but to defend ourselves.  We the victims began to believe we could punish the double dirty informants, police, and politicians.  We do after all have unlimited funding from 1%ers.  We sided with 1%ers, and we sided with decent people over the DNA Certified dirty.  Tell your boss he or she isn't getting a new life with 6 Angels and 10 keys.

In the book, Becky, Jimmy, and Blondie finger Rohel for the Port of Vancouver drug bust by using the Crime Stoppers note stolen in Canada Post Mailbox weeks before the Port of Vancouver drug bust.  The Governments informants are witnessed murdering Rohel on the downtown east side of Vancouver, with the note prior to the home invasion.  After the home invasion, Becky, Jimmy, Blondie, the Vancouver Police Department (VPD), Vancouver BC Crown Attorneys Office, and various Judges waive the Crime Stoppers note in the courts.  The Government informants waive the note up and down the downtown east side of Vancouver.  The RCMP arrived after the biggest drug bust ever is broadcast across all the news.  The RCMP, Jean Chretien, and Ben Soave arrive to be shamed for their ongoing criminal activities described in the Canadian Press. The package arrived safely except for the home invasion and their informants murdering Rohel.

Within 10 days of the drug bust, the RCMP, Chretien, and Soave were trapped using illegal evidence supplied to them by their informants on the downtown east side murdering Rohel.  Trapped?  Chretien and Soave went international immediately according to the RCMP Quarterly Reports, and Chretien's bag men like Ralph Goodale made sure the evidence stayed if it meant murdering Rohel. Soave and Chretien were already guilty of World Court International Crimes, and no one was to know what the governments informants did in Vancouver.  It was Chretien who introduced children internationally in billion dollar drug deals with the RCMP.  Rohel believes that's why there were so many child assaults and rapes by the RCMP.  The RCMP had to be predators and child abusers to pile on from the very beginning.  You had to be a child abuse and sexual deviant to make the cut on the RCMP.  The LWFC was not at all shy about using her children with Chretien and Soave.  The dirty little whore from Clavet SK setup, displayed, and implicated her double dirty children for her share of the informant money and numerous suspended sentences.  That's where the victims realized there was enough hate and revenge on both sides to farm these animals.

The 10 - 17 year old age group is a cash cow for decent folks looking for a better life.  The 10 - 17 year old children have the best market value for the 1%ers, as mother gets to choose.  We the victims watched over the years, as the dirty trained their children to follow in their footsteps of international child abuse, international murder, and international terrorism against the United States and Mexico.  This is what most victims experienced, as the governments informants broke all the laws with the RCMP, Chretien, and Soave.  We are the victims, and 6 Angels is our only real hope for justice.  Ben Soave and Jean Chretien won't apologize, and there will never a a review as they are both thieves that stole a lot of money during this period.  Chretien and Soave hide behind the puppet courts, and they made the choice to kill off their families.  They choose these informants, child abusers, rapists, and murderers to shame the land of forest and ice, internationally.  They choose to kill their children.  The Little Whore from Clavet is a 3th generation informant, child abuser, and murderer.  As long as Chretien and Soave hide these facts, they will not worry about the courts.

Instead, we the victims have had 20 years of Chretien / Soave hiding.  The Punisher sees a better world for the decent people.  How?  Punishers kill the children of dirty politicians, dirty police, and dirty informants for the money.  The Punisher harvests DNA Certified children assisted by hate and revenge created by their parents.  The Punisher has a geographical advantage farming DNA Certified children because the DNA Test and Blood Test can be completed outside the immediate protection and influence of Jean Chretien and Aline Chretien.  That makes the dirty cousins, relatives, and in laws on the geographical fringe vulnerable.  Jean and Aline want to sacrifice these children to save themselves a World Court appearance.  The child abusing Little Whore from Clavet, Blondie, their children, the VPD, the RCMP, Inspector Ben Soave, and Jean Chretien begged all the victims of the drug bust to murder Rohel.  Instead, Rohel survived, and now the victims have decided to make things right for themselves.  The victims now know the international terrorists Jean Chretien and Ben Soave won't give a review.

The review should have come 20 years.  Instead, Judges arranged their young children to be hunted and killed in Vancouver and Montreal.  The forest and ice people know law and order is a sham in the land of forest and ice.  That's how the puppet courts, judges, and crown attorneys created the demand for the first Punisher in the land of forest and ice.  That's how the Punisher began tracking down the DNA Certified Dirty children of these informants, police, and politicians for the organ trade.  Just how dirty are the informants, police and politicians?  In 1979, Pedophile Joe from Clavet SK, his daughter Becky, and her brothers walk away from rapes and murder because they are informants.  In 1998, Soave and Chretien aided and abetted these same Clan from Clavet at the dirty start. In 1998, the informants for the RCMP, Chretien, and Soave were Becky, Jimmy, and Blondie regarding the Port of Vancouver bust in the home invasion.  When the VPD, RCMP, Chretien, and Soave were caught using the evidence, they immediately became accessories to the attempted murder of Rohel with their informants at the very start.  If they throw out the evidence, they have to come clean about knowingly and intentionally using international evidence, where Rohel is still fighting it out in 8 countries and 18 major cities.

They withheld all of this evidence in the both Hells Angels court cases in Vancouver.  Of course, the VPD they were involved with the murder of Rohel on the downtown east side at the Lamplighter Pub.  The VPD could not police their informants at the Lamplighter Pub, if they did not know they were guilty of attempted murder.  Once again, the first major attempt at covering up the informants murder attempt on Rohel occurs at the Lamplighter Pub.  The VPD, RCMP, Chretien, and Soave began covering up their part of attempted murder of Rohel at the Lamplighter Pub.  Alternatively, the VPD, RCMP, Chretien, and Soave all knew their informants were trying to murder Rohel.  Help?  Instead, these animals assisted their informants in the murder of Rohel.  That's real dirty.  That's where the Punisher grabs hate and revenge on both sides.  You see, the Punisher believes decent people deserve a better life than the DNA Certified Dirty.  Before the Lamplighter Pub, the VPD turned over the Port of Vancouver drug bust to the RCMP, Chretien, and Soave.  You will also see the RCMP arrived in Vancouver 7 - 10 days after the drug bust.  You will notice that Chretien's friend Soave represents the international administrative level of the RCMP in International Supervisor Ben Soave.

On their arrival, the RCMP were informed the evidence was illegal by the VPD.  The VPD also added a Crime Stoppers Broadcast / Warning timed specifically for International Supervisor Ben Soave and the RCMP.  The warning was pointed at the Soave and Chretien informants.  When Rohel fought for the truth, the VPD, RCMP, Chretien, and Soave dug in to keep their illegal evidence.  Prove it!  That's the easy part actually, as the governments international informants were waiving the Crime Stoppers Note on the downtown eastside of Vancouver.  Before.  During.  and After.  The home invasion.  We have the people on the downtown east side as witnesses.  The Hells Angels and these witnesses know it is Soave and Chretien putting their informants back on the street to murder Rohel.  Why bother killing Rohel?  Rohel is the only ONE fighting Chretien and Soave in the courts.  If Chretien and Soave admit their part now in the murder attempts on Rohel, they will implicate themselves in murder and they will be caught selling and investigating their illegal evidence internationally.

The VPD actually informed the RCMP they were killing Rohel, in their Crime Stoppers Warning timed for Soave.  The pedophiles and murderers with RCMP couldn't care less about murdering Rohel.  Ben Sauve and Jean Chretien must cover up all the mess, or they are going to stand trial for international crimes.  Chretien and Soave let their informants murder Rohel, and they intentionally decide to murder Rohel to keep their illegal evidence.  What really shakes up the Soave and Chretien plan was when the Queen's Bench judge refused to take Rohel's passport on June 9th 1999.  Suddenly, the controllable goes out of control because of one Judge.  Decent people have nothing to fear from the Punisher, and we kill the dirty children.  If your not dirty, you will likely never see the Punisher.  Crimes?  It's important to see that Chretien and Soave are humiliated. They jumped the gun making life changing mistakes before they join the murder with their informants.  Yes, they are caught red handed at the very beginning with their dirty evidence.  The Punisher has hate and revenge on both sides of society.  Soave and Chretien are so dirty they would rather kill their families than be caught.  We will be talking about how Chretien and Soave sacrificed their children during the yellow alert?

Will the international media we prepare with the truth be interested in Chretien, Soave, and the RCMP?  The first thing the victims figure out is that 'The Tip' is actually the Emergency Broadcast on Television and the home invasion.  Chretien and Soave are aware of the home invasion from the beginning.  Greater Vancouver watched the home invasion on prime time television in British Columbia and Vancouver.  Then Chretien, Soave, Provincial Crown Attorneys, and Judges faked law and order in the corrupt courtrooms.  These DNA Certified Dirty all knew the evidence came from the home invasion.  Once again, the Lamplighter Pub does not happen if they didn't know.  The Rule of Law in the land of forest and ice remains a joke, today.  Crown Attorneys and Judges were happy to kill Rohel for Prime Minister Jean Chretien.  Criminals in the crown attorneys office made their 'deals' to kill their young.  That's where the Punisher realizes that he can farm the 10 - 17 year old bloodline of these crown attorneys.  Would you rather end up with these DNA Certified Crown Attorney children in a puppet court, after mommy and daddy taught them everything they know?  Instead, we can all make a lot of money farming 1 DNA Certified Crown Attorney child for 6 Little Angels. These crown attorneys specifically pointed at Rohel in all 5 Plea Agreements in Vancouver and Montreal.  Meanwhile Chretien and Soave help waive the Crime Stoppers note with the Crown Attorneys.  Rohel's crime stoppers note was represented as "A Tip".  The crown attorneys aided and abetted Chretien and Soave in premeditated murder.

Furthermore, the Crown Attorneys pretended the Emergency Broadcast 3 times during the evening and 1 more time in the early news the next day does not happen.  This is premeditated murder by anyone who worked on these first 5 Plea Agreements.  The Vancouver Crime Stoppers Broadcast / Warning does not exists for the governments informants either.  Crown attorneys also lied in both of Rohel's court Queens Bench appearances, and the crown attorneys bargained with Rohel demanding up to 7 years prison for sending a letter to Crime Stoppers about a black van in the neighbourhood.  Every crown attorney aided and abetted Chretien and Soave in their international murder attempt and child abuse very early on in this international murder attempt.  Rohel was illegally incarcerated by these crown attorneys on 2 occasions.  Vancouver is not the biggest city back then, and we all had the same crown attorneys in Vancouver.  Then, at least 2 Hells Angels were illegally incarcerated, and they were also encouraged to murder Dennis Rohel by the crown attorneys and judges with 'The Tip' that does not exist.  The Courts, the VPD, and the RCMP know it's murder, as Rohel begins 'watching' and 'remembering' what each person does in his premeditated murder.  The street watchers saw their share of the VPD and RCMP.

Watchers saw the primitive Saskatchewan tribes line up with the dirty aboriginal whore and the Clan from Clavet.  Meanwhile, the Hells Angels, The Montreal Mob, The Mexican Cartel, and the South American Cartel are all hearing about Rohel.  Watchers also saw these guys blaming Rohel for their loss.  Witnesses on the downtown east believed Rohel is going to die, because these 4 believed Rohel needed to be killed.  These victims were convinced by the governments informants, the police, and the government to kill Rohel.  Rohel isn't waiving any note publicly.  The downtown east side saw Becky and her children waiving the note in the Burnaby Inn with Jimmy the Junkie and Jeff.  Now the dirty from the dirty tribes in Saskatchewan jump on the band wagon with the informants, police, attorneys, and politicians.  This cannot happen without murder charges against the RCMP.  That's what should have happened.  Instead, the government and the RCMP tried to murder Rohel to keep their illegal evidence and crimes quiet.  Jobs?  The primate tribes felt no shame setting up their children.  The criminals in the crown attorneys office, hid to kill their children.  The Judges were paid and promoted to kill their dirty children.  The crown attorneys play innocent 20 years later, as they hope they got away with it?

We are all victims.  Does anyone care about the Crown Attorneys child at the yellow alert?  We are going to be telling the truth to the victims Crown Attorney.  The truth about you, and how decent folks are better off without more of you Crown Attorney.  Chretien and Soave can laugh at the Judge and Crown Attorneys killing their children?  Yeah.  Some of us like that ending.  Billions.

The two drugs in the Port of Vancouver are Heroine and Cocaine.  I call these drugs fluffy and happy.  Chretien, Soave, and Justine Trudeau did everything possible to put fluffy and happy in jail.  Today, Justine Trudeau is doing his best to kill 4,500.00 children in British Columbia each year.  He is the beast killing off your children with RCMP distributed Elephant Pills. Justine Trudeau is a pain merchant with his mentor Jean Chretien, and he is a murderer refusing a review.  That's how much respect Justine Trudeau has for the law and the courts.  Justine Trudeau pretends he is unaware of their crimes, and we can see how he is mentored by Jean Chretien to kill his own children.  Trudeau's brother was killed shortly before all of these things begin, and we will see just how Justine Trudeau did everything possible to assist and cover up the murder of Rohel.
These are the dirty beasts the Punisher hunts and kills for money.  There is no law in the land of forest and ice.  Our new law on stage does not need a dirty crown attorney and dirty judge in a courtroom.  We do not need more jails.  The new law kills the DNA Certified Dirty children between the ages of 10 - 17, and 6 Angels farms these animals for the organ trade for our 1% clients.  In the land of forest and ice the Informants, police, and politicians kill their children by their actions for a paycheck.  These animals set up and left me to die on the street!  Hopefully the Punisher will Paper Tag these animals before you are their next victim.  Instead, Justine Trudeau and Commissioner Brenda Little's tribe hide everything about the informant murderers for 20 years, even while the governments informants continued to try to murder Rohel.


THE PUNISHER hunts with 6 Angels for 1 dead animal because decent people deserve better than dirty animals.

Piccadilly Pub Downtown East Side Vancouver
Piccadilly Pub Downtown East Side Vancouver
Piccadilly Pub DES Vancouver Jimmy's Queen Size Bed above the bar at the left front second floor.

The criminals with the Vancouver Police Department made the Front Page with a drug bust following the Emergency Broadcast on Television.  Those were the first VPD officers guilty of attempted murder.&nabs; Yes, these were the criminals responsible for the biggest drug bust in Canada.  Yes, these are the first murderers in the Port of Vancouver drug bust!  The newspapers maintained there was approximately 1 1/2 tons of heroine and cocaine.  The street value was 250 million dollars.  The public did not notice the Port of Vancouver drug bust was managed ONLY by the Vancouver Police Department.  No RCMP. No CSIS. No JTF1. No Customs. No Vancouver Fraser Port Authority. No David Michael Collenette (Minister of Transport). Nobody but about what you would expect from evidence supplied by Jimmy were all lied to by the VPD.

The Vancouver Police Department Police Chief covers up their child abuse, attempted murder, and international terrorism in Vancouver Courtrooms.
Vancouver Police Department Photo

The VPD are at the Lamplight Pub, but they purjure themselves in 7 court hearings.

In 1998, the evidence itself on the Sun and the Province newspapers clearly represents that arrest of 2 Hells Angels did not involve national or international drug enforcement investigations.  Rohel told people about Becky, Jimmy, Little Mike, the Piccadilly Pub, and the Honda Civic, immediately.  In 1979, Pedophile Joe and the town of Clavet Saskatchewan played their game in Saskatoon SK.  In 1998, the Little Whore from Clavet played her game on the downtown east side of Vancouver.  These are the dirty that feed on the decent people.  They have dirty children the Punisher can hunt for free.  FREE? Yes.  Why? Nobody cares how we kill these animals off for decent people?  Is it possible?  This is the only defence you have with dirty informants, dirty police, and dirty politicians.  The law won't touch them in the land of forest and ice.  What other defence do you have for all this criminal behaviour?  Are all Prime Ministers pedophiles using children in international drug deals?  Well that's what people learn when we put the truth out there!  Chretien and Soave would rather kill their own children, than see justice to their informants.  Why?  They know they are going down if their informants go down.  Today Justine Trudeau and Brenda Little pretend the dirty VPD, dirty RCMP, dirty Inspector Ben Soave, and dirty Prime Minister Jean Chretien are invisible!

The Punisher sees the dirty Chretien children laughing at the victims.  Why should decent people die for the lack of organs?  These is plenty of dirty organs for the decent folks.  Decent children deserve better than these animals.  Why?  The Punisher knows no one will come looking for Chretien dirty meat.  Old No Review Chretien?  On stage the dirty meat from the Chretien family is seen sucking on the milk wagon.  Becky and the Clan from Clavet did everything possible to murder the Chretien children for the organ trade powered by hate and revenge.  She sells her family the same way old Joe sells his sons into their informant position.  Pedophile Joe and Jean Chretien are actually a lot alike.  Becky and her children did everything possible to set up Chretien and Soave.  The dirty whore and the Clan from Clavet could have put the note in their pocket Jean Chretien.  Instead, the dirty whore sold your young children Jean Chretien.  Becky also sets up Jimmy as a perfect mark with her brothers.  Today the serial killer pretends she did not kill Chretien's family.  She pretends her whole family did not see the Honda Civic with multi coloured body parts on television before they all blamed Rohel.

The Little Whore from Clavet's promise is that she will eventually kill her ancestors.  The victims who didn't kill anyone are the Hells Angels, Mexican Cartel, South American Cartel, and the Montreal Mob.  Becky has these murderers trapped between killing their own children and a hanging judge with the World Court.  For now this leaves the Punisher ready to harvest these animals for 1 Million + for each of six angels.  Meanwhile, Chretien and Soave will hide behind their children until they are killed.  Yes, it is just like Chretien and Soave wanted on the front page of the Vancouver Sun and Province.  The VPD wilfully helped Becky, Jimmy, and Blondie set up Rohel to be murdered the night of the home invasion.  Becky trapped the VPD early on implicating Chretien and Soave with murder very early on before the evidence was traced backwards.  Chretien and Soave were trapped by this because they had already fisted the Americans and Quebec.  Becky's family had the VPD running from the Crime Stoppers note from the very beginning.  The pedophile crew assembled by Soave was to stupid to run from Chretien's child abuse.  Instead these animals were joined by more sick animals in the RCMP.  Everyone is trapped in a life sentence when their informants refuse to put the Crime Stoppers note in their pockets.

Criminal Code "Section 239. (1) Every person who attempts by any means to commit murder is guilty of an indictable offence and liable."  Under the Criminal Code the VPD are Aiding and Abetting under "Section 21. (1) Every one is a party to an offence who (a) actually commits it; (b) does or omits to do anything for the purpose of aiding any person to commit it; or (c) abets any person in committing it.  The crime stoppers note proves Chretien and Soave are guilty of at least 1 murder attempt.

Time is the most precious part of the Universe!

  6   Decent Dying children get the 'Gift of Life' as Organ Recipients
 12  Wealthy Individuals, Parents, and Trusts invest in Life for their loved ones.
  6   Free Men & Women earn their wealth with DNA Up & Distributed Up strategies
  4   All the victims in the Port of Vancouver earn their money back with their new Defence!  28  Better Lives, Wealthier Lives, & Longer Lives for the victims by 6 Angels and 4 Keys for the 'Gift of Life'.

Then, you could be flipping burgers?

Now, the ghosts, the dead, the Punished, and the Punishers!

The Mob, The Hells Angels, The Mexican Cartel, and the South American Cartel busted in the Port of Vancouver

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