Superior Auto Body

    In the spring of 1985, I rented my house trailer to Cathy and Kim.  I rented my house trailer out to a couple of young girls I knew Cathy and Kim. Kim found out I was thinking of renting while she was working at the Coachmen Restaurant & Bar on Preston Ave in the Market Mall. I bought a burnt out house trailer from the manager of Sutherland Trailer Court for $500.00 cash.  Sutherland is located just east of the University of Saskatchewan on the edge of Saskatoon on the # 5 Highway.  While I rented out my newly renovated house trailer in the Star Trailer Court, I moved the fire damaged house trailer to the Green Hill area on just off 11th Street on Ave R South in Saskatoon.  This became my new project.

    I borrowed Leo's 56 Mercury half ton with his truck camper.  I parked the truck and camper beside the trailer.  I worked on the trailer all day, and I ate and slept in the camper.  I started cleaning up the lot, and I used some of the paneling from inside the trailer for the skirting.  I hooked up the water for showers and the toilet.  The skirting was put around the bottom of the trailer for appearance and warmth in the winter.  I put a coat of brown paint on the skirting,  I started tearing out the remaining paneling inside the trailer.  I had to remove all the paneling to get the smoke damaged paneling out and the smell of the fire.  I worked outside a lot in the beginning.  I was very visible to my neighbors.

    In a small city like Saskatoon, I had met a considerable number of people.  At times knowing people has its benefits.  I was working one afternoon, when one of the Collins boys I had met through Randy in the spring of 1980 suddenly dropped over and knocked on the trailer door.  I recognized him immediately.  I invited him in and he was curious.  I explained I had bought the trailer, and he admitted he recognized me from across the alley at Superior Auto Body on 11th Street and Avenue Q across the alley.  The auto body shop had the entry doors for vehicles on the alley right across from my trailer lot.  Of course, I gave him the tour.

    I told him the story about finding the trailer in the Star Phoenix classifieds.  I showed him the skirting and brought him inside for the view of the inside.  Eventually the tour ended.  I asked him how he found me and my new trailer?  He said, "I work across the alley at Superior Auto Body".  Then, I remembered of course that he was in auto body repair.  He got serious, and said "someone came over and said you raped some girl".  I said, "Who".  He went on to say that he had to work over there (Superior Auto Body).  He said "I wanted to tell you to be careful".  I told them I knew you, and he said he told them he did not believe them.  I inquired again as to "who".  He said I need a job, and I have to be careful.  He said, "I better get back to work, lunch break is over".

    I checked my watch, and it was minutes before 1:00 PM when he left.  Was Superior Auto Body in Saskatoon involved with the Clan from Clavet?  There must have been some sort of connection given what they were talking about in the auto body shop.  I was becoming aware that the Clan from Clavet did know people in Saskatoon, Clavet, Allen, and Young to date.  I should have walked over to talk to the shop manager.  Would that get the Collins boy in trouble if I approached Superior Auto Body?  Does the Superior Auto Body manager know the child sex trade by Saskatoon Police Department, SPD informant Becky when she sold 14 year old Penny on 20th Street and Ave C?   Does the Superior Auto Body manager know his friends are informants for the Saskatoon Police Departments?  I decided against going across the alley to talk to Superior Auto Body on Avenue Q in Saskatoon. Meanwhile, I am getting complaints regarding my renters in my home on wheels. It was a little loud.

    What could I do?  If Penny was right the Clan from Clavet had to accuse me of rape to cover up the actions of Becky's brother.  The child sex trade and the Saskatoon Police Department informant was known to the Saskatoon StarPheonix. What could I tell the Saskatoon Police Department?  How far would I get with the Saskatoon Police Department?  The Saskatoon Police Department already overlooked statutory rape by the Clan from Clavet regarding Penny.  Would the Saskatoon Police Department react if I complained their informant was accusing me of rape?  In any event, I am looking at the house trailer with Google Street View.  The Google street view works from the alley showing the rear entry doors of the Superior Auto Body, as well.  I decided to go back to work.

    I removed all the wood paneling, ceiling board, interior wall, doors, closets, flooring, and lighting from the house trailer.  The burnt smoky smell was not as strong.  I was left with wall studs and plywood flooring.  Fortunately the water damage was minimal, I got lucky.  My next door neighbor directly to the north turned out to be MJ.  Over time I noticed she had 3 young children.  I said "Hi", whenever we met outside.  The smell of the fire was getting weaker each day.  I improved the appearance of the house trailer by I sweeping the roof.  I washed the exterior with a hose and brush removing the smoke marks.  In the middle of August, MJ brought over dinner one day.

    The 56 Mercury classic was parked beside the fire damaged house trailer during the spring and summer. In August  Leo returned to claim the truck and camper, and I moved into the house trailer.  I continued to rebuild the 12' x 48' house trailer.  I installed a wood burning stove for heat in the fall, and I started rebuilding the interior of the mobile home.  In 1987, we started to socialize in late August to the middle of September.

    Doug and Eileen were directly south of my house trailer.  They were friends of MJ.  They provided a venue for MJ and I to start socializing together during the Canada Cup series on their TV.  Gretzky, Lemieux, and Murphy rushed down the ice towards the net.  The Great One made a perfect pass to Mario Lemieux.  Lemieux fired the puck past Soviet goaltender Sergei Mylnikov to give Canada its third Canada Cup Championship.  The crowd at Cops Coliseum in Hamilton roared.  We kissed for the first time that night as I walked MJ home to her place. When I paid the lot rent, I was told by the woman operating Star Trailer Court that I must do something about my tenants, as they bikers they were hanging out with were riding their bikes through the trailer court and she was getting a lot of complaints.

    It was not long after that I helped put a new roof on MJ's mobile home with MJ's friends, her father, and Jock and his girlfriend.  Leo provided the shingles he had left over from his house.  As I look at the brown roof with Google Street View I am surprised we put the roof up in one day.  I shingled the roof the next day.  I was starting to spend more time at MJ's place.  In September, I went hunting for mule deer and antelope down south with Harvey, Gordon, and Leo.  We had a great time, and I came home with a Mule Deer and an Antelope.  Unfortunately, when I returned MJ decided she wanted to give things a try again with her previous boyfriend.

    I decided to sell my partially finished house trailer.  Doug and Eileen jumped at the opportunity because it was bigger for them with their 2 boys.  I moved back to my place in Star Trailer Court as Cathy and Kim had also decided to move in with their boyfriends.  Doug and Eileen came by my place in Star Trailer Court to drop off the check.  The dust from the deal had just settled.  I talked to Pee Wee Donny's brother.  He told me Ron was going to be looking for some help soon for the car wash.  I got a hold of Ron in Martensville.  In September 1987, I started working for Ron.

    Ron had just rescued the Martensville Car Wash and Gas Bar from Bankruptcy.  Ron and I worked 12 hours a day through the fall and early winter.  We renovated the Car Wash and Gas Bar.  We painted the exterior and interior, added new furnaces, rebuilt the car wash doors, rebuilt the car wash pumps, rebuilt the gas pumps, built a confectionery, and had a Grand Opening for a new ESSO Car Wash and Gas Bar just before Christmas.  In the winter of 1988, I stayed for three months as a gas bar car wash attendant.

    Ron was soon able to afford hired help, and I left him with his new business.  I had met Julie who lived behind the new ESSO Car Wash Gas Bar.  In 1988, Julie eventually moved in with me at my house trailer in Star Trailer Court.  .  I had itchy feet.  I told her I was thinking of making a trip to Ottawa.  I don't think she believed me at all.  Several days later, I jumped into my Ford Escort and left for Ottawa in June of 1988.  I left her with my house trailer in Saskatoon. I worried the child sex trade with the Saskatoon Police Department informant, the clan from clavet would turn up in the Saskatoon StarPheonix

    Would The Clan from Clavet add Ottawa to Saskatoon, Clavet, Allen, and Young?  Would The Clan from Clavet add Bank Street in Ottawa to Idylwyld Drive N. in Saskatoon?.

The Little Whore from Clavet

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