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I finished my coffee in Dodson MT.  The difference between 95%ers in Dodson MT and 95% of the population in Shaunavon SK is best understood by comparing production, consumption, the business of war, and Profit.  We have similarities as colonial development and immigration, however Canadians are wired completely differently than Americans.  Canadians are not as productive per capita as 95%ers in America.  1%ers have 95% competing for minimum wage jobs.  I drove alongside the Dodson Dam Rd MT, accepting that 95%ers are more productive than 95 percent of the population in Shaunavon SK.

The business of war give more tangible insight towards the differences between Dodson MT and Shaunavon SK.  In Dodson MT, the business of war is a much bigger commitment for 95%ers families, than the Dumas Brothel.  95%ers are constantly employed in the business of war.  The 1%ers wars are entertainment on 1%er networks that snake charm their way into Canada.  I am impressed with the number of defeats 95%ers endure with honour.  I also admire the endless profit 1%ers earn in their killing fields.  I really do admire how 1%ers kill 95%ers for Profit.  The business of war is not like feeding 95%ers cigarettes and carcinogens along Henry Road MT.  It's better.

Oddly enough with similar colonial development and immigration, Canada is not as good at the business of war.  Canadians are better at living, as I listen to the Kuwait War on the radio.  Our Great Canadian Settlers have seeded us with differing lives.  95%ers are constantly killing for the freedom to compete for minimum wage jobs.  During the Kuwait War in 1991, the 1%er controlled media had 95%ers along Milk River MT oblivious as to why they died in the business of war in Kuwait.  These cannon fodder were trained to disobey all logic in lieu of 2 words, National Security.  Canada is not as good in the business of war, however Canada has not lost a war, either.

The 1%ers owned, licensed, monopolized and controlled airwaves told 95%ers they had to kill for National Security.  Personally, I think National Security is just non sense that's incredibly effective in motivating 95%ers to kill their children for 1%ers profit.  I cannot help but admire 1%ers killing their cannon fodder, voluntarily.  Then again, I am in awe as 1%ers use their most beautiful daughters.  Today, I wondered if I should travel south to Nevada where I could purchase a 95%ers daughter, legally.  They would have Catholic girls, as Catholics represented 17% of the sex trade in Nevada.  I can't stop laughing about National Security while driving over Milk River MT.  Could I use the business of war tactics to kill for profit?

If 1%'ers are getting rich in the business of war, why can't I make money in the killing business?  That being said, 95%'ers across America believe they die for 'Life, Liberty, and Freedom', 'Democracy', 'America the Beautiful', and all that garbage.  My insight here is 95%ers kill indiscriminately for a cause.  It doesn't matter if they really believe in the cause, because people lie to themselves all the time, anyway.  After the Kuwait War in 1991, 1%'ers would continue to kill 95%'ers in a series of wars for the next 40 years, as I drove over the winding Milk River MT, again.

Since the first Persian coupe in Iran, 1%'ers would continue to order the deaths of 95%'ers in the business of war for profit.  The next 40 years would be dominated by 1%'ers profiting from the business of war, and LogePole Highway MT would trade their young for the flag or for the money.  In the new millennium, the 31 richest 1%ers would increase their wealth by 44 percent in 6 years.  The cannon fodder would loose 41 percent of their near empty bowl of rotten peanuts.  The word 'Hunger' was made illegal on 1%ers media, and the 95%ers along the Lodgepole Highway MT could only complain about being 'food challenged'.  How tight would I be able to squeeze these 95%ers?

1%ers standardized the business of war propaganda leading up to the Kuwait War.  Divide.  Choose One Side.  Split Ethnic Groups.  Split Religious Groups.  Split Financial.  Hate Mongering.  Hate One.  Admire One.  Support One.  Train One.  Train One.  Arm One.  Media Darling.  Kill One.  This works in the business of war and the media.  The destabilizing theory and tactics would not change.  The 1%'ers owned, controlled, and edited the media.  1%'ers owned and controlled all cellular and satellite broadcasts at this time on their licensed networks.  During the Kuwait War 1%ers had enough control to kill 95%ers in wars for profit with 1%ers in Government financing the effort.  Did Fort Belknap Reservation know?  I am in awe.  I will learn.

The 95%'ers must not have communication capabilities which are private.  95% of the population in southern Saskatchewan had some privacy with Sask Tel.  In Montana, protest could be ignored by the 1%ers media for profit in the business of war.  When President G. W. Bush made 'Hunger' illegal in America, the 1%er controlled media would not broadcast protests by charities operating soup kitchens.  Instead, the media made these protestors out to be 'pinko' and 'socialists'.  I was impressed with the 'Hunger' 'Food Challenged' media control.  President G. W. Bush was a 1%er capable of jailing and killing for 1%ers.  The 1%er employed as a African overseer, President Barack Obama disillusioned Africans for wall street over main street, as he jailed 232 journalists in 2012 with African mouth taped shut.  cpj.org Committee to protect Journalists.

Only the slave overseer himself could break his own record in 2016, when he covered up 259 journalists in jail worldwide with his monkeylike smile, quietly.  cpj.org The business of war was changing in northern Montana.  The soldiers were now becoming mercenaries.  Mercenaries were hired during the Kuwait War from Peoples Creek MT.  Mercenaries in Kuwait were employed by 1%ers for wages.  Profit on 95%ers who hate 'America The Beautiful'.  Why not? The hate game would spread to Israel, which represents itself more as a 1%er military base than a real country.  In the new millennium Jewish fascism would refuse a "visa to theologian over boycott and divestment activism such as Isabel Phiri, of World Council of Churches further entrenching fascism and hate in Israel.  America became more fascist and America backed the fascists in controlling Israeli.  Hate mongering took hold.

The Mercenaries returning home were used up, burnt out, crippled, insane, injured, PSD, unemployable, suicidal, or dangerous, became homeless or predators at no cost to 1%ers.  That was profitable to both 1%ers in business and government.  The Kuwait War left 'those people' to prey on 95%ers.  The 1%'ers gave them their glory in their infomercial.  The 1%'ers media infomercial with the Mercenary coming home to an arranged homecoming with flowers, dress uniform, our reporter's hug, steamers on the wheelchair, and several sexy ladies.  The 1%ers Mercenaries were gifts from God.  The cripple became the cost of 95%ers living along Route 7 MT.  Southern Saskatchewan never made any profit on war.  Just Dead People.

Looking back, I am amazed that 95%ers are actually stupid enough to believe voting gives them a choice at better pay in the business of war.  I admire the deception of 1%ers.  Voting is a very powerful distraction.  Voting projectile vomits propaganda past the lips and teeth inside 95%ers.  Voting gives false hope and empowerment to 95%ers, at no cost.  Voting allows 95%ers to fail everyday.  Voting allows 95%ers to lie to themselves, easily.  For example, 1.  I voted for a soup kitchen.  2.  The vote failed.  3.  Failed loser.  I tried to be good, but we all decided to starve the poor.  95%ers can lie to themselves.  1%ers know a well controlled 95%er from Main Canal MT will believe a vote on the WINNING or LOSING side counts in the business of war.  In 1991, southern Saskatchewan could vote for a option which allowed private telephone calls.  Awesome, the 1%ers media monopoly can sell 95%ers False Hope in a vote.  In the future, as 1%ers became absolute totalitarians controlling every aspect of 95%ers, voting would become an outright joke according to John Whitehead for The Rutherford Institute.  "If Voting Made Any Difference, They Wouldn’t Let Us Do It" was a statement of absolute control of 1%ers in a lie where the witless believed in 'life, liberty, and freedom.  www.theblaze.com  Voting for 95%ers south of the 49th parallel is parallel to 1%ers sharing a banana with a monkey.

95%'ers are trained by educators to expect a pathetic life.  Educators do not create false expectations for 95%'ers.  Educators know imaginary opportunities belong to the media fantasy News.  TV Shows.  Movies.  Fantasy Lives.  1%'ers have their education system which is designed for 1%'ers to succeed, exclusively.  1%'ers are taught to succeed in Universities and Colleges which unashamedly exclude 95%'ers by price and birthright.  1%'ers only hire from their own institutions which are unattainable to 95%'ers near White Bear Creek MT.  Southern Saskatchewan does hire from Provincial Universities where 95% of people struggle with loans, jobs, and courses.

1%'ers are educated and socialized among their Ivy League peers.  They will run production, consumption, the business of war and Profit, together.  During the Kuwait War, 95%ers accepted their station in life.  Education would not change until the Big War.  During the Kuwait War on the radio today, civil unrest is 'controlled'.  Civil unrest challenging the status quo will result in the death of the group or key group members until the Big War.  Complaints and Inquiries into civil unrest killings will be totally ignored by licensed 1%ers monopoly in the media around the Main Canal MT.  I admire the control of 1%ers, but during the Kuwait War they didn't have that awesome power in southern Saskatchewan.

1%ers have the business of war to a science in Northern Montana compared to southern Saskatchewan.  Unrest is edited, questioned, slanted, discarded, ignored, minimized, disregarded, and under reported by 1%'ers as a matter of editorial policy.  For myself, Abramson's Theory of Violence at the University of Saskatchewan in 1979 has been invaluable in guiding my choices.  His theory makes Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, killings, invasions, occupations, and wars predictable.  Today, the Kuwait War is a war in a series of wars in the future which will be incredibly profitable for 1%ers.  I will find my own way to kill for  profit, as I continued through the Fort Belknap Reservation.  I am convinced.  Which killings could I sell?  Would I be charged with Genocide?

I considered killing for profit in 1991, as I drove towards Vancouver BC.  I thought about the Indians here in northern Montana and Aboriginals to the north in southern Saskatchewan.  In Canada the Little Whore from Clavet's great grand parents exterminated the Fur Bearing Animals for Profit.  In 96% of Canada, The Little Whore from Clavet's ancestors were the only necessary ingredient in exterminating fur bearing animals in Canada.  Her Aboriginal family was not charged with Genocide.  Why not?  They didn't even wear nice uniforms?  In northern Montana, the Indians along River Road MT had a lot more class than the Little Whore from Clavet's ancestors.  Just ask a Fur Bearing Animal.

The Little Whore from Clavet's ancestors or Becky's ancestors in southern Saskatchewan cannot blame our Great Canadian Settlers for their genocides.  Becky and the Clan from Clavet's ancestors drove the Beaver to extinction before settlers arrived.  Indians in Montana didn't exterminate the Beaver in northern Montana.  Yet, the racist, hate mongering aboriginals like Becky, The Clan from Clavet, and their Chief sell the angelic aboriginal as the first environmentalist?  Just how much the heroine did they use and sell to imagine such a drug induced fantasy?  Would Becky and the Clan from Clavet benefit from drug testing?  The Aboriginal in southern Saskatchewan exceeds Indians in Northern Montana in exterminating fur bearing animals for profit in the areas around Main Canal B MT.

Becky, The Clan from Clavet, and their Chief claim the Plains Bison were killed by our Great Canadian Settlers to starve the developmentally delayed Aboriginal in southern Saskatchewan.  If they cut back on their heroine dosage, they would consider that the Indian killed 85% of the Plains BIson by geography alone.  Since continental drift brought us to this point on the continent, the rest of the world has outpaced continental drift.  DNA, Carbon Dating, Anthropology, Geography, Herd Statistics, historical accounts, and our Canadian Bone Theory support Aboriginal and Indian kills of 3.5 million Plains Bison per year for 10 years.  Chief, when you come down from your 'rush', ask yourself if Aboriginals starved themselves?  I drive past Route 5 MT, where Indians manage the Fort Belknap Reservation better than any reservation I saw while selling Sports Jackets for Prime Sports.

Becky, The Clan from Clavet, and their Chief can calculate for 4% of 10 million for a kill rate of 525,000 Plains Bison per year for 10 years.  The Indian kill rate is 2.975 million Plains Bison per year for 10 years.  Aboriginals and Indians killed 60 percent of the 50 million Plains BIson.  Indians and Aboriginals killed for profit on both sides of the border.  Profit.  In 1980, Becky and her brother BJ drove from Clavet SK to skid row in Toon Town SK to sell sex and drugs for Profit.  Remember BJ's 'Hooker Boots' at the party?  BJ had so little respect in Toon Town SK, the whole party knew who took his Hookers Boots.  That's respect.  I drove the most successful reservation along Horn Road MT?  Could 1%ers have done a better job of training Indians in northern Montana?

In southern Saskatchewan the developmentally delayed Aboriginals claims an angelic environmental innocence.  Aboriginals claim they were one with the land, the animals, and the stars.  The spirits of the skinned fur bearing animals spoke through the 'Great Spirit'.  Becky, The Clan from Clavet, and their Chief claim environmental innocence.  How innocent was the Little Whore from Clavet when watching the Rebel Clubhouse through her picture window on Idylwyld Drive at Toon Town SK in 1980?  In 1991, I passed the Three Mile Reservoir MT where Indians were not developmentally delayed.

There is evidence that Becky, The Clan from Clavet, and their Chief's ancestors killed millions of Plains Bison from Profit.  They killed the Plains Bison to near extinction for profit with the same developmentally delayed Aboriginal lack of insight for the future as they killed the fur bearing animals.  North American Plains historians have suspected for many years that Aboriginals and Indians killed 3.5 million Plains Bison per year from 1850 to 1860.  The most recent advances in Carbon Dating, DNA, and Aboriginal DNA sequencing near Montana 66 MT, make that look reasonable.

That's 3.5 million Plains Bison over ten years taken by Becky, The Clan from Clavet, and their Chief's ancestors in southern Saskatchewan.  Balderdash You Say?  No.  Not really.  During the Kuwait War in 1991, Aboriginal lies, hate mongering and deceit could be tested by science.  Science caught the 'Great Spirit'.  In 1916, science understood DNA blood typing.  In 1984, Alec Jeffreys made his DNA breakthrough.  3 years ago in 1988, PCR STR and DNA Testing and Fingerprinting were available.  PCR based methods continued to show more potential, and STR testing is still the most common DNA testing used today.  DNA testing has since released untold numbers of falsely accused men and women from jail along the Milk River in Montana and Alberta.  Unfortunately, DNA testing would not help the Polar Bears in the 'Polar Bear Jail' at Churchill MN when the Sea Ice broke at records in not arriving in the Hudson Bay until well into December.  The Polar Bears in the jail were not let out for DNA innocence but rather they were left out at Christmas time when the ice finally arrived.  In the land of forest and ice, sometimes ice could be both life saving or deadly as our world changed. Climate change threatened the Muskox with frozen ice in the Arctic as rain freezes and Muskox suffer declines.

Muskox on Banks Island in the northern reaches of the NWT experience wide scale die offs.

The forest and ice people of Churchill MB knew their Polar Bears would be extinct, soon.  The loss of ice in the north would change the weather for the forest and ice people in Russia as well.  When the sea ice near the Arctic Ocean melted, the evaporation and humidity fuelled storms.  After the rains had ended, temperatures plunged rapidly, leaving the land of forest and ice with a thick ice that lasted months.  Reindeer herds in the Yamal Peninsula suffered at least  81,000 reindeer deaths, 20,000 in 2006 and 61,000 in 2013.  researchers blamed these rain-on-snow events for the starvation.  Reindeer bulls and cows can only hoof through "2 inches of ice for food" claims Bruce Forbes of Finland's University of Lapland researching the starvation.  "But in 2006 and 2013, the ice was several centimetres thick." That's why 80000 arctic reindeer starved to death.  Global warming of the arctic lead to reindeer deaths due to weather.  The Nenets paid the price.  Our forest and ice people started paying the price in 1998 in Quebec and Maritimes with one of our worst natural disasters, the ice storm.  They became more regular, and the damage was always extensive.  Deadly.  Reindeer Populations Crashed.

Canadian Ice Storm Northumberland Strait Pointe-Sapin N.B. Diane Doiron The Canadian Press

In 1991, Becky, The Clan from Clavet, and their Chief's ancestors could still fabricate fanciful stories about their ancestors without facing questions and factual challenges.  Science would have a tell about Aboriginal beliefs and their honesty in literature.  Profit pursuit can be used to prove the extermination of both the Fur Bearing Animals and the Plains Bison.  Truth or Facts, and Lies or Fantasy would also be altered with DNA, Carbon Dating Refinements, Canadian Bone Theory, and Hudson's Bay Company Ledgers.  Profit is reality talk, and not 'Great Spirit' fantasy.  One great Aboriginal (at times) is Sitting Bull.  He was a Teton Dakota Indian Chief.  He talked about how the ancestors of The Little Whore from Clavet, The Clan from Clavet, and the Canadian Chief's killed Plains Bison in Canadian newspapers, as I drove past Harlem MT to the north of U.S. Route 2.

In 1883, Sitting Bull and his band killed 10 thousand Plains Bison from the northern herd for their hides, alone.  That's 10,000 hides from 1 herd in one visit.  10,000 in the late years, when the herd was all but exterminated.  Indians and Aboriginals were determined to make as much profit as possible killing the Plains Bison.  They were not ashamed to disclose their hunt numbers in a public media event staring Sitting Bull.  Sitting Bull was proud of his kill numbers in our area.  He killed and skinned when the Plains Bison was almost completely wiped out like all Aboriginals and Indians.  Does Aboriginal misinformation hurt Aboriginals more than the truth?  Does misinformation give them an excuse to fail?  I drove past Dead River Road MT thinking our Aboriginals had no credibility compared to this well run Indian Reservation.

The ancestors of The Little Whore from Clavet, The Clan from Clavet, and the Canadian Chief's read about the exploits of Sitting Bull in the Saskatchewan Herald.  Yes.  Aboriginal Chiefs need to read a little of their own history.  Aboriginals in Canada bragged about their killing and skinning for profit.  The Saskatchewan Herald was first published 5 Years earlier than Sitting Bull's media event in 1878 at Battleford SK.  'Great Spirit'.  Would real facts stop Aboriginals and Gareth Brandt at Columbia Bible College from slandering our Great Canadian Settlers?  I drove past Zurich MT in 1991, as I wondered how Mr. Brownstone convinced developmentally delayed Aboriginals they 'used every part of the buffalo'?

Indians in northern Montana and Aboriginals in southern Saskatchewan have stumbled into lying about 'using every part of the buffalo'.  In fairness to the Indians, they never sold that lie on a scale of the fanciful Aboriginal.  Sitting Bull was a great Chief, and he alone was proof against the environmental Aboriginal quackery.  Indians believed in Sitting Bull.  Ok.  Unfortunately, Sitting Bull was the last Chief to deserve the respect of a real Chief.  He knew civilization was incompatible with the Plains Bison, and he went public in his statements to Indians near Chinook MT.  Sitting Bull was frank about his view of the future over 107 years ago, during the Kuwait War.  Sitting Bull was tired of the brutal, primitive, hunter, gatherer lifestyle of Aboriginals and Indians.  Thomas Hobbes and Sitting Bull agreed life in the state of nature is "solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short".  They did not lament the life, instead they embraced the change.  Sitting Bull was a visionary for Indians who understood this was not only necessary, but it was good.  Dreamers, Clowns, Fools, go sleep in ditches along the road in search of an Aboriginal who wants a 23 year life expectancy?  Email Me.  Obviously, Sitting Bull was Right.  Chiefs followed Sitting Bull in the killing of men.  In 1991, I drove past Coal Mine Road MT, and today I understood the 'Aboriginal' in Canada is popular myth.

There is a myth that people believed the earth was flat.  In fact, that is a myth.  The Aboriginal in Canada is a myth.  No one ever believed the earth was flat, and now we question the misinformation, lies and fanciful imagination of the developmentally delayed Aboriginal.  I wondered how much Mr. Brownstone Aboriginals were injecting to believe Aboriginals 'were angels with nature'?  The Teton Dakota Indian Chief Sitting Bull united the Sioux tribes because they believed in his view of the future.  He was not so atypical as to alienate many Indian and Aboriginal Chiefs.  He became popular, as I continued west on Route 2 past Milk River MT, yet again.

Sitting Bull's popularity can be measured by the warriors he gathered for his fight, The Battle of Little Big Horn.  The populist Sitting Bull was killing Plains Bison with no shame, and the Sioux followed.  Every Chief was killing as many Plains Bison as they could by Sitting Bull's side.  If you suggested his tribe lived in harmony with nature,  Sitting Bull would have checked your sweet grass blend.  His warriors would tell you Sitting Bull killed as savagely as any other hunter gatherer tribal in North America.  Sitting Bull would tell you it was important to kill for good guns, horses, and money.  He did that near Highland Road MN.

The Plains Bison and Fur Bearing Animals are real indicators of history that explain life without Aboriginal visions, lies, misinformation, and stories children are told to make them feel good.  The Aboriginal and Indian pursued Profit.  Profit bought them guns and horses.  Guns and horses bought them a better life.  A longer life.  The Saskatchewan Herald, and our Great Canadian Settlers knew this over 100 years ago.  It's sad.  The ancestors of The Little Whore from Clavet, The Clan from Clavet, and the Canadian Chief's deny their real history for one of defeat.  They build chief and rat empires on begging and charity.  Why?  Defeat.  How could the Little Whore from Clavet make it today without her sad, sad, story?  Could she survive in Clavet SK or along Clear Creek MT without her sad, sad, story?

The ancestors of The Little Whore from Clavet, The Clan from Clavet, and the Canadian Chief's needed an angle to get a bigger slice of the pie.  Defeat.  That's the angle.  Angelic.  Another Angle.  The reality is they are animals.  They killed Plains Bison with fire long before the Great Canadian Settlers arrived.  These angelic Aboriginal environmentalists in touch with nature used fire for cooking, heating, and killing.  The Aboriginal environmentalists would light fires to burn the Boreal Forest, Small Bluffs, and Swamps to kill their dinner.  The environmental angels in touch with nature lit these fires to chase dinner out of the woods.  Indians and Aboriginals liked easy kills north of Devon MT in Plainsman Trail Road MT.

The angelic Aboriginal environmentalists burned baby Fawns, Calf, Kit,  Chicks, Kittens, Pups, Pinky, Owlets, Cubs, Snakelets, and Hatchlings in a horrible death.  Angelic?  I guess it was angelic if Aboriginals were making angels out of baby animals.  The reality is our Great Canadian Settlers were much more civilized than the developmentally delayed Aboriginal in Canada.  The Indian or Aboriginal were primitive hunter gatherers.  That's what primitive hunter gatherers are like in the real world.  Reality Check.  That's what our Great Canadian Traders, Explorers, and Settlers had to work with in Canada, as I drove past Milk River MT on the left of US Route 2.

The young animals that were unable to move quickly were chocked to death by the smoke or burned alive.  The Becky's ancestors killed whatever else came out of the Boreal Forest with bent sticks, straight sticks, and spears if they could run fast enough.  They searched the burned bush for dead, live, partially cooked, animals and eggs.  These are normal killing practices for hunter gatherer nomads on planet Earth.  Aboriginals lie to themselves all the time.  They tell the same lies to the United Nations with people like Gareth Brand, Columbia College, and the Mennonite Church.  Tell a lie?  The people near Davey Coulee MT would consider you to be developmentally delayed if you did not know this is the real world.

Next, you really have to be injecting Mr. Brownstone regularly to believe the developmentally delayed Aboriginal practiced 'clean kills', 'environmentalism', and 'did not waste'.  Indians and Aboriginals killed each other with stones tied to sticks.  Is Great Tomahawk.  Show me the love little fawn?  The Aboriginals could not overcome the environment without the help of our Great Canadian Traders.  I drove south of Little Boxeider Creek MT heading north towards Canada as I had more thoughts on killing with fire witnessed by our Great Canadian Settlers, Traders, and Explorers trying to understand an oddity.

When the ancestors of The Little Whore from Clavet, The Clan from Clavet, and the Canadian Chief's lit the prairie on fire, they kept their dogs and women upwind.  They did this regularly and especially during droughts to hunt prairie dogs and gophers.  The winds would change with the prairie on fire, and the burns would run out of control killing perhaps hundreds of miles of wildlife.  Then, Aboriginals would travel towards the flying eagles and hawks circling dead animals.  They ate scavenged meat.  Prairie Dogs were easy targets on the burnt prairie, and they were shot with bent sticks, straight sticks, and a string made of sinew on the burnt prairie.  I continued north west past Havre North towards the Canadian Border.

Taming the wild west can be explained in one word.  Profit.  The ancestors of The Little Whore from Clavet, The Clan from Clavet, and the Canadian Chief's all chased Profit savagely.  Yes. Profit.  Now the nub.  The fur trade generated Profit which generated personal property.  The personal property that changed Aboriginals was guns and horses.  The Aboriginal became the 'Great Spirit' over his environment.  Protein was no longer a population control.  Our Great Canadian Traders and Explorers traded guns for furs.  Instant, WARP drive on a tricycle.  Seriously.  The extermination of the Plains Bison was written in stone when our Great Canadian Traders gave WARP drive to Aboriginals.  I passed Beaver Creek MT, where WARP drive had the same effect a little earlier on the North American Plains.

WARP drive also magnifies how stupid the Aboriginal environmentalist suggestion really is when faced with reality.  Krech and Isenberg documented Profit, Property, and the Indian.  The same changes took place for the Aboriginal in Canada when they had Profit.  The Gun and Horse turned a killing machine called Plains Bison, into easy prey.  The ancestors of The Little Whore from Clavet, The Clan from Clavet, and the Canadian Chief's could kill effortlessly.  What does WARP on a tricycle accomplish with a developmentally delayed Aboriginal?  I continued past Chain Lake Road MT, while I worried what was going to happen.

PRE WARP, survival on the North American Plains meant bent sticks, straight sticks, stones, fire, cut banks, coulees, and feet.  Feet?  Feet were used for running from wolves.  Feet were used to run from charging Plains Bison.  Feet saved lives as Aboriginals ran from charging Plains Bison that took hours to die with little straight sticks in them.  Plains Bison Big.  Big Horns.  Big Gore.  POST WARP, the ancestors of The Little Whore from Clavet, The Clan from Clavet, and the Canadian Chief's with Guns and Horses could kill effortlessly as the dominant predator, as I drove past Kremlin MT wondering what that would do?

The killing was easy with a gun and a horse.  It's simple.  It's obvious.  It's obvious to the naked eye.  It's obvious in the newspapers of the day.  The Gun and Horse is absolutely everything!  It's not WARP science.  PRE WARP.  Bison kill good Aboriginal.  POST WARP Aboriginal kill Bison.  The casual, effortless, easy killing allowed the Aboriginal environmentalist to waste most of the protein.  The ancestors of The Little Whore from Clavet, The Clan from Clavet, and the Canadian Chief's killed for the hides, as I drove past Gildford MT.

DNA and Carbon Dating now show the ancestors of The Little Whore from Clavet, The Clan from Clavet, and the Canadian Chief's with a 30 + thousand years life locked into low population density and short life spans.  Seriously, try to kill a Plains Bison with a little bent stick, a straight stick, a spear, and stones.  Better yet go hit a Plains Bison over the head with a stone attached to a stick?  Go.  Go ahead.  I drove past Hingham MT.

The Indians and Aboriginals were to weak to kill Plains Bison to increase their population density.  For 50 Million Plains Bison over 30 thousand years, both the Indian and Aboriginal were too weak to hunt Plains BIson, effectively.  With the help of our Great Canadian Settlers and Traders, the Gun, Horse, Property.  Suddenly, killing replaced hunger and population control.  Guns replaced monkeying up a tree to steel an Eagle feather.  Horses replaced feet for escape.  Suddenly the ancestors of The Little Whore from Clavet, The Clan from Clavet, and the Canadian Chief's could kill and maim and burn at an unlimited pace against the environment.  I drove past Rudyard MT and I wondered how many Plains Bison survived the developmentally delayed Aboriginal.

The Aboriginal or Indian with a gun could keep more 'Squaws', right Buffy St. Marie?  Sex, the most powerful motivator of all?  Eat.  Sex.  Relax.  Easy Killing.  Hard vs Easy.  Learning vs Lazy.  Challenged vs Powerful.  The Aboriginal regressed rather than progressed.  The Aboriginal regressed very quickly.  The Fur Bearing Animals were nervous near Aboriginals.  The Plains Bison were nervous near Aboriginals.  The ancestors of The Little Whore from Clavet, The Clan from Clavet, and the Canadian Chief's were killing for hides.  Studies show Aboriginals and Indians both chose to survive on killing, alone.  I drove past Inverness MT wondering if they both forgot how to gather food?

Aboriginals across Canada used their new powerful killing ability against Plains Bison, Wood Bison, Moose, Elk, Deer, Fur Bearing Animals and every food and fur source available.  Some Indians were to lazy to kill and skin Plains Buffalo for money.  These exceptional cases were hung for the theft of a horse.  The penalty was severe to deter the runaway theft of horses.  Before the Great Canadian Traders, Explorers, and Settlers arrived in Canada, Indians traveled in small groups following the small feeding groups of Plains Bison along Black Coulee Road MT, as well.

When Plains Bison migrate, they move in large herds.  When they 'arrive' in their area, Plains Bison feed in small groups.  Aboriginals lived in small groups following a small groups of Plains Bison.  Today.  Bang.  One Shot.  Skin.  95 percent of the kill was wasted as they followed the small grazing heard the next day.  Bang.  One Shot.  Skin.  365 days per year about 10, 000 small Aboriginal and Indian groups following and shot at 50 million Plains Bison.  Bang.  Travel Bang.  Travel Bang.  The killing was easy, now.  The Aboriginal and Indian were 'locked' into this life.  I drove past Laird Road MT, and I guess I could see how the Indians and Aboriginals could take the easy life.

Aboriginals and Indians become even more wasteful with horses.  Horses could be used to haul private property.  Now, Aboriginals could hall more hides to sell for ammunition and property.  The ancestors of The Little Whore from Clavet, The Clan from Clavet, and the Canadian Chief's describe an angelic lifestyle living in tune with nature.  Aboriginal and Indians lie to themselves all the time.  The use of fire was refined with much more inhumane consequences using horses and guns.  Anthropologists and historians talk about Aboriginal and 'Indians' using fire to hunt.  The Gun and the Horse changed fire.  I drove past East Branch Alma Coulee MT, and I know they were developmentally delayed, but a clean kill at least?

Herds were box burned along cliffs.  The fires were set as traps.  Early white explorers used the French word 'Brulé' describing burns on Bison, and Indian legs.  Aboriginals and Indians explained how they burnt their calves.  In 1804,  'American' Charles McKenzie documented entire herds charred from Indian fires.  Think.  Fire.  Big animal.  Dry Tall Grass.  Think lots of hair.  Think Plains Bison fireballs running away from the fire.  Think Plains Bison Fireballs lighting more fires for more Fireballs behind them running from fireballs.  It takes a developmentally delayed Aboriginal environmentalist to light that fire.  I drove past Chester MT, pitiful.

It takes a developmentally delayed Aboriginal Chief monkeying up a tree for Eagle feathers to call fellow Aboriginals 'the first environmentalists'.  The developmentally delayed Aboriginal used fire to burn their prey alive for an easy meal.  Plains Bison would run from the fire.  How many caught on fire?  They caught fire while running.  Their running made wind buffeting the flame.  Their flame gets bigger.  They run harder.  Finally, the flaming ball of hair is running across the open prairie starting more fires.  These fires could burn to death 10,000 Plains Bison at once.  I drove past Tiber  MT.

Personally, I think the slow, horrible, painful deaths by fire are more suited to Canadian Aboriginal Chiefs than Plains Bison.  The Chiefs could demonstrate Aboriginal environmentalism in action inside the box fire.  I will arrange the open dry prairie with one of our Great Canadian Settlers.  We will spray the Chiefs with gasoline?  The gasoline will ignite like the hair on the Plains Bison when they try to run out of the box fire.  The Chiefs can wear their eagle feather they monkeyed up the tree to steel.  Of course, we wouldn't get in trouble wearing our nice uniforms.  That sort of Aboriginal environmentalism we can arrange, as I drive past Lothairs MT for legal reasons I must add I am just kidding.  Got Ya.

Aboriginal environmentalism also includes the hunting tactic of the 'Bison Jump'.  Originally, the Bison Jump involved luring a small herd over a cliff with a Bison skin over an Aboriginal running scared.  Fearing for his life the Aboriginal would run to a sharp drop.  The Aboriginal hides onto a ledge beside the drop, and the Plains Bison dropped over the edge to their broken ribs, legs, backs, and hopefully quick deaths.  This was occasionally successful before the horse and the gun for small numbers of Plains Bison.  I drove past Bootlegger Trail MT, now the scared Aboriginal and Indian was scaring the Plains Bison.  The use of guns and horses changed the 'Bison Jump', entirely.  The Plains Bison herd was now chased with horses and hunters firing guns behind the herd.  In the spring and fall migrating seasons, the larger herds of 1,000 or more Plains Bison could be run off a cliff successfully every time.  The ancestors of The Little Whore from Clavet, The Clan from Clavet, and the Canadian Chief's will insist they were one with their friends and partners with the Toon Town Rebels as well.  She had nothing to do with that, either.  The developmentally delayed Aboriginals and Indians were blinded with WARP.  WARP drive with Chiefs finding magical powers in feathers?  I drove over Willow Creek MT., and I know the Indians and Aboriginals killed at least 60 percent of the Plains BIson.

The ancestors of The Little Whore from Clavet, The Clan from Clavet, and the Canadian Chief's were lucky to be able skin to the bottom of a big pile of Plains BIson.  They would just rot the rest following the herds for more hides.  Waste?  Remember, I said Becky's ancestors killed 35 million Plains Bison over a 10 year period?  That is accurate.  Now, the developmentally delayed Aboriginal refused to store protein.  Canadian Fur Traders would observe the moving habits of Aboriginals in stories in newspapers.  Many are reported to carry nothing but hides for sale.  I drove past Telstad Road MT, and I understood that to mean they would not even carry a supply of meat for their squaws or dogs.

Their lifestyle prevented the accumulation of much property or wealth.  I've learned Aboriginals or 'Indians' could carry very little, which meant most meat was rotted.  Aboriginals lacked the will or the intelligence to store ice in the winter in Canada according to most accounts.  When the gun and horse arrived very little pemmican, if any was ever stored in the ground.  It is interesting to note how we know that now.  Aboriginals never traded hides for significant amounts of salt or nitrate to store meat from the Hudson Bay Company.  I drove by thinking that whoever noticed that was pretty smart as I drove past Dunkirk MT.  You see it was when the Great Canadian Settlers arrived that the Hudson Bay Company started selling 20 times the salt.

Jacques Cartier left France on April 20 1534, and he arrived on May 10 1534 in parts of Newfoundland.  Since then, a couple of hundred years later, the ancestors of The Little Whore from Clavet, The Clan from Clavet, and the Canadian Chief's became food challenged by their own hands.  They became pure killers and they refused to preserve meat.  Their food surplus was always rotten in days.  Often, when food became scarce WARP drive tools were used to kill other Aboriginals for property.  Buffy St. Marie was dead right about 'Indians' killing 'Indians'.  Angelic?  What do Canadian Chiefs smoke at Shelby MT, Mr. Brownstone?

The myth that Aboriginals 'used every part of the Bison' is an outright lie.  Sitting Bull himself would laugh at that Canadian Aboriginal Chief.  Lies by Aboriginals about using every part of the Plains Bison ignore the hunter gatherer nomad following the Plains Bison herd.  The Little Whore from Clavet and the Clan from Clavet are hard to take seriously after so many lies and false statements.  Would you actually believe The Little Whore from Clavet and her brother were sold nothing but virgins and heroine on Avenue C and 20th Street West in the heart of Riversdale in Saskatoon.  I don't.  Yet, that seems to be the story she was selling in Ottawa ON.  I turned onto Interstate 15 heading north to the Canadian Border.

An Aboriginal living with nature meant cutting out the loins and premium cuts of meat for the night.  The animal was skinned.  The animal rotted.  The hides were easily sold for more ammunition and supplies.  Each day carcasses were left to rot the next day.  Bang.  Bang.  Bang.  99 percent waste of the protein.  The stench permeated the landscape for miles following the herds.  For all the bleeding heart romanticists the Aboriginal disrespect for animals and the land was the prime ingredient needed to kill off the Plains Bison near the Shelby Airport MT.  The Indian and Aboriginal starved themselves if there was any real starvation at all.

The ancestors of The Little Whore from Clavet, The Clan from Clavet, and the Canadian Chief's kill off the Plains Bison and the Fur Bearing animals for hides.  The waste was so horrific that it caused an explosion of wolves feasting on the free meat.  This created another class of hunter called Wolfers.  It was the Aboriginal waste itself which generated the need for Wolfers.  Profit follows Profit.  Lesson Learned.  The drought in 1873, nudged the Plains Bison towards an endangered species along with non stop continuous Aboriginal killings for hides.  I continued north on the Veterans Memorial Highway. MT, and I know the Plains BIson was finished now.

Aboriginals had a large part in exterminating the Plains Bison.  The scarcer the Plains Bison became, Aboriginals would not ease up in the slaughter because their 'Great Spirit' told them they would have all the Plains Bison they needed.  Their Great Spirit was as cruel as the Christian God when it came to messing with the faithful.  Their blind faith in the Great Spirit was so strong they could not remember the lessons of the fur trade.  They believed it was impossible to 'over hunt', as they could not over hunt in their short memories.  Obviously, Aboriginals, Indians, and The Little Whore from Clavet were wrong that the Great Spirit was going to save them.  I drove past Bronkin Rd MT, and I thought how much better life would be without the Gods failing us.

The Plains Bison was in finished around here in the 1890s, and the Aboriginals in Canada were trading up to better rifles with still more hides.  Some Plains Bison meat fed the Trans Pacific Railroad CPR workers, and a few western markets ate Bison meat.  The skins went to tanneries.  The Aboriginal sat on hills killing Bison from stands all day.  Buffalo Bill was a plains hunter shooting Plains Bison from a 'stand' at a great distance.  The heard would not panic from the gun shot.  Hunters could shoot 10-50 animals and skinners skinned them in a single mornings work.  I drove past Porter Road MT.

What finally saved the last few remnant Plains Bison herd from Aboriginals, Sitting Bull, and Buffalo Bill.  1%ers.  Yes, profit saved the last Plains Bison.  Aboriginals were totally dependent on killing.  I only knew killing for hides.  The Little Whore from Clavet and her ancestors were in a similar loop, all they could do was play the blame game to cover their lies and misinformation.  I drove over Gus Blaze Road MT.  I like 1%ers.  Why.  1%ers think a lot.  It's a good thing 1%ers are in control.  The 1%ers locked the 'Indians' out of Yellowstone National Park, and they saved those planes Bison.  They stalked zoos and bred what was left.  I drove over Gus Blaze Road MT, and I bet all you 1%ers thought I was a bleeding heart?

The visionary and painter George Catlin saw something in 1832, very few saw.  George Catlin saw the decline of the herds when painting his pictures.  Fifty years later, people knew he was right.  The Bison were gone!  He was the first to paint the burned brown and dying Plains Bison.  His art still survives.  The 1%ers locked their Indians out of Yellowstone National Park, and they saved those remaining Planes Bison.  They also stalked zoos, and bred whatever Plains Bison they could find for a good genetic start.  1%ers worked with a remnant herds and captured surviving plains bison.  I drove past Oilmont Highway MT., and I thanked profit for saving the Plains Bison.  Gods are useless.

The efforts of a handful of white Americans and Canadians, saved the Plains Bison.  Several western ranchers also saved the Plains Bison for Profit.  The 1%ers created the American Bison Society in 1905, and they agreed to preserve the plains Bison.  The very early and powerful 1%er J. P. Morgan established a 20,000 acre Plains Bison reserve.  Our Great Canadian Settlers, Traders, and Explorers stopped all hunting of the Plains Bison, and I was proud to be driving north past Ferdig Road MT.

I also offer Canadian Bone Theory against any claims of Genocide by Gareth Brandt, Columbia Bible College, or the Mennonite Church against our Great Canadian Settlers.  96 Percent of Canadians are outright falsely accused by geography alone.  The other 4 Percent of Canadians are innocent based on Canadian Bone Theory, alone.  In Canada, it is important to remember that this 4% were not settlers until after the Plains Bison were dead.  Yet, with all these facts Gareth Brandt ignores historical facts, business data, and dates.  Then the charge of Genocide against Canadians.  I passed Helsa Road MT, and the damage is done already.  You see, it was never a common belief that the earth was flat.  The slander of Genocide can cause the same problem.

In Canada, the business information based on the profit motive actually demonstrates that Aboriginals and Indians were killed and wasted at least 60 percent of the Plains Bison.  Still, bleeding hearts will ignore Global statistics on hunter gatherer societies to make their false claims of genocide.  They ignore these Global facts to make their false claims.  I do not understand why they hate monger so?  I drove past Nutter Lease MT, feeling angry, and I bleeding hearts need to understand that blame is not necessary for something that had to happen.  The Plains Bison had to go for YOU.

YOU needed a place to live.  You needed a home in Upper Canada in 1776, as you ran from Pennsylvania to Upper Canada to avoid 1%ers killing in the American Revolution.  Canada gave you a homes in Waterloo Country between 1825 - 1870s.  In the 1870s Canada gave you 7,000 homes along with cultural and educational autonomy, and guaranteed exemption from military service.  Canada gave you a home in The North West Territories away from Prussia, Russia, and 'America'.  Canada gave you a home to avoid 1%ers conscription in 'America' numerous times.  Canada gave you a home for 20,000 Mennonites to escape the Bolshevik Revolution.  Canada gave you 12,000 homes following WWII.  Canada gave you 8,000 homes and a new start after WWII from the US, Mexico and Paraguay.  Winnipeg alone gave you 20,000 homes at different times.  I'm feeling Canadian again on Swayze Road MT, but I'm still upset with you.

Our Great Canadian Settlers deserve more from 200,000 Mennonites.  Mennonites claim to be committed to nonviolence, nonresistance, and pacifism.  They flee countries to avoid war and the killing fields.  They have fled 'America' on numerous occasions to flee 1%ers.  I can respect their choice.  What is totally inappropriate is for pacifists to start casting the stones.  It is totally inappropriate for Gareth Brandt a Professor at Mennonite Bible College in Abbortsford BC to cast accusations of genocide against Canada.  Remember, when people thought the world was flat?  I drove past Pace Road MT, and I wondered what the cost would be to fix the damage from these false accusations.  Hate Mongering.  Lies.  Misinformation.  Accusations of Genocide.  I have a stone?  You Should Leave!  I drove through Sunburst MT, and I was still angry as I drove.

Sitting Bull knew Gareth Brandt could not live with such a large animal.   It would have killed him.  Sitting Bull knew he was a real man who would fix the problem for Gareth Brandt and the Mennonites.  Yes, it's a fact of life.  Killing for Profit.  The Plains Bison tale makes the mentally weak cry.  The mentally depressed are saddened.  Gareth Brandt and the Mennonites cast the genocide stone.  Yes, it is a sad tale.  Grow Up.  Gareth Brandt and the Mennonites need to get over it or leave.  They are to pure to stay with us.  Duh.   I passed the Sunburst Coulee MT, where Indians killed for Profit.  Get used to it.

Aboriginal hate mongering, lies and propaganda claim the angelic Aboriginals lived in harmony and love with nature.  The reality is the developmentally delayed Aboriginal BURNED Plains Bison alive.  I can't understand why Gareth Brandt does not want to charge Aboriginals with Genocide for killing off their food source?  I know pure men need to blame to feel comfortable with their gods, as I drive past McVey Road MT.

The developmentally delayed Aboriginal was a PRIMITIVE hunter gatherer who lacked the insight to understand he was torturing animals by burning them alive.  If he had the insight he burned animals alive, anyway.  That's the Aboriginal before our Great Canadian Settlers civilized the Aboriginal in Canada.  I arrived in Sweet Grass MT, and I have to say 'Get over it'.

In Canada, our small prairie region was an animal abuse site for our developmentally delayed Aboriginals.  Today, the 'angelic' developmentally delayed Aboriginals sell lies, propaganda, and hate mongering to anyone who will listen.  The 'angelic' Aboriginal never existed, and the 'angelic' Aboriginal became a savage with guns and horses.  I approached the Canadian Border under the 3rd Ave overpass at Sweet Grass MT.

The 1%ers worked with remnant herds and other small scattered groups.  White Americans and Canadians helped in Canada and America.  Western ranchers saved bison for breeding for meat.  The 1%ers created the American Bison Society in 1905, and 1%ers agreed to preserve the Plains Bison.  The very early and powerful 1%er J. P. Morgan established a 20,000 acre Bison reserve.  Canada Border Services Agency waved me into Alberta.

I was in Alberta, again.

In 1976, I went to Alberta for the first time in my life.  Sask Tel 's bells told me I was not going back to Shaunavon SK in Ridgedale SK.  I was to leave Ridgedale SK, and I was to move to Lloydminister SK where the twin Ghosts weren't haunting  Harvey.  This year the town drunk arranged a ride for me with Don.  The town drunk was content to get the constant drain on his beer supply underneath his bunk on the road.  Don was working for the Healey Road Construction building a road east of Lloydminister SK.  We hopped in his Chev 1/2 ton truck late in August 1976, and we started on the 413 KM trip to Lloydminister SK from Ridgedale SK.  The truck was heavily loaded down with 2 Earth Mover Scraper Tires for the trip Northwest by way of Paradise Hill.  Don chose to take secondary roads for much of the trip, as we could only travel 65 - 85 km per hr with the 2 heavy scrapper tires in the truck box.  The tires was bulky and heavy for a Chev 1/2 ton truck.  They were too big to lie flat in the Truck, and they hung over the side of the box by a couple of 2/3 of a meter tilting the entire truck towards the passenger side.

We started on Highway 335 through to Gronlid SK, where we turned left on Highway 6 towards Fairy Glen SK.  At Fairy Glen SK we turned the off white Chev 1/2 ton right onto Highway 778 towards Paradise Hill.  The grid road system cut through the deforested Boreal Forest.  The golden crops and swatted fields dotted the countryside, until we turned right at Weldon SK onto Highway 3.  Highway 3 continued past Birch Hills SK before we turned right for 57 KM crossing the South Saskatchewan River before arriving in Prince Albert.

In 1976, we turned north on 2 ND Ave West to Highway 3 which then crossed the North Saskatchewan River.  The deforested Boreal Forest gave way to White and Black Spruce, Jack Pine, Balsam Fir, Tamarack, Trembling Aspen, Balsam Poplar, and White Birch trees.  We rolled our tires past the Holbien SK on Highway 3 / Highway 55 towards Shellbrook SK.  The deforested Boreal Forest made a come back with wheat fields finding roots on the west side of Shellbrook SK.  We rolled our tires past Mont Nebo SK through broken patches of wheat fields and Boreal Forest.  We stopped for a meal on the west side of Shell Lake SK, just north of Memorial Lake.  Satellite images in 1991 would clearly show chunks of Boreal Forest going down in straight lines along the grid road system.  Today 15 years later, these areas are more deforested in Saskatchewan as I stopped for gas in Kremlin MT.

The rolling tires, Don, I, left Shell Lake SK on Highway 3 past Mildred SK, Spiritwood SK, and Glaslyn SK.  The 1800-25 EAW-7A 28 TL tires weighed 253 kg each.  We were heavy at 506 kilograms making the trip very hard on the six cylinder standard Chevy 1/2 Ton.  Don drove slowly conserving his truck.  They took it slow through Livelong SK, Turtleford SK, Spruce Lake SK, and St Walburg SK.  We were to drop the tires at the road construction camp on the west side of Paradise Hill.  Don wasn't in a very good mood about using his truck to transport the tires.  It was to heavy for the truck.  Sure we took it slow, and the tires had flags on the overhang, but it was a little too much of Healy Construction to ask from an employee.  Then, I was dead weight, too.

We started down the hill towards the Frenchman Butte River.  The sun was setting in the south west, as we went down the hill.  We coasted into the bottom of the Frenchman Butte River delta.  It was much darker in the bottom in the shade created by the huge hill in front of our little truck that kept whispering I think, I can, I think, I can.  Don looked at me after we crossed the Frenchman Butte River.  He put the pedal to the metal to carry his speed and momentum into the hill.  He did all he could do for the Chev 1/2 Ton Truck, and she dove into the bottom of the hill like a diver hitting the deep pool.  We started up the hill, slowing down fast on the road that felt like mud.  Don dropped her into second with the stick shift, and she still struggled with the weight of the tires and the hill.

The cars built up behind us as we reached the straighter portion before the top bend on the hill.  We were successfully passed 6 - 8 times, before the sun got us in the eyes at the top of the hill.  We were near the top of the hill at the bend to the south.  Another car speed past us 20 meters before the crest of the hill at the top in the bend.  A oncoming car came out of nowhere right in the sun.  Don got off the gas and he hit the breaks as the passing car was on our left front fender, now.  The oncoming car lost control trying to dodge right into the ditch on our left hand side.  The oncoming car skidded with the driver side open to the hit.  The passing car must have lost him in the sun, as this driver didn't try to dodge to his right in the open space in front of us in time.

The head on crushed the side of the oncoming vehicle.  Their trip came to an end on the same route settlers from Little Red Deer Hill took to the Klondike Gold Rush in 1887.  The Plains Bison were dead then, and Aboriginals, Settlers, Metis, and 95%ers had gold fever.  Most of these people would find their way home with no fortunes.  The dead in this accident would find no gold in this sunset, either.  One of the advantages of being a 14 year old kid, is people don't expect you to hold the hand of the dying.  I knew this was serious.  Don pulled over on the shoulder and he told me to 'stay put'.  Don told me to stay inside, and he put his road construction expertise to work.  He had flairs out, and he was directing traffic in minutes.

He turned someone to a farmers house to call for the police and ambulance.  He sent flag men in both directions due the location close to the top of the hill causing a blind spot.  He came back to the truck much later.  I asked Don if they were going to make it.  It was the answer I was expecting.  He said "Maybe one".  I knew the driver of the oncoming car was dead.  I watched him see his death coming as the passing car hit him dead centre on the drivers side of the car.  He was dead.  We were just far enough behind to skid to a stop.  I knew.  I think Don knew for a full second, too.  Don helped, and I sat and waited as the sun set on this man's life.  This was my second violent death, after Leon was killed in a hunting accident.  It was a dark night.  Nobody deserved this that day!  I already knew there was no God worth the sweat off my gluteus maximus.

The accident on the west side of Paradise Hill was the last time I would see Don from Healy Construction.  Don planned to drive me the rest of the way to Lloydminister, after we dropped off the tire at the road construction bunkhouse west of the Frenchman Butte River.  However, he was able to ask a person who stopped for the accident to drop me off in Lloydminister.  I switched vehicles in the dark.  Don felt badly.  I knew.  I could see it on his face.  I think he blamed himself for being slow climbing up the hill.  I told him it was the passing car which caused the accident.  He took that as a consolation prize, I think.  You know.  The consolation prize is just not much?  What could I say?  Not much.  I moved my bag from the box of the Chevy 1/2 Ton into the truck of a full sized Sedan.

I took the rear seat on the passenger side.  This is probably the safest seat in an automobile if you think about cars.  We cleared the crest of the hill 20 meters away.  The banks of the Frenchman Butte River were pitch dark, now.  The flashing lights of the police and ambulance were dancing in the rear view mirror.  This was my introduction to Lloydminister SK.  We were quiet during the 25 km on the # 3 Hwy to the Saskatchewan / Alberta border, after the accident.  We turned left at the border for the final 21 km heading south on the Highway 17 Hwy to Lloydminister SK.  I was quiet.  I was unusually quiet.  I spoke when spoken to respectfully.  This family and I in the sedan arrived in Lloydminister on Highway 17 which became at 50th Ave as we entered Lloydminister SK.

The family with the sedan offered to drive me home, but I did not know where Harvey's Run from the twin ghosts stopped this time.  I lost the phone number, and I did not know where the new used home on wheels was located.  I wanted to be alone.  This was my second violent death at 14 years of age, as Leon was the first.  I noticed when people die violently, people have a insular, quiet, hush, time.  Suddenly lacking a plan, I asked to be dropped off on the Yellowhead Highway and Highway 17 service station with my bag.  I knew it was a home on wheels park.  I washed off the accident like a stigma, and I put on my stigma free, vanilla white 14 year old demeanour.  I asked the middle aged motherly type confectionery attendant "Do you know where the mobile home trailer court is in Lloydminister SK".  I explained my problem so she could mother her way through good directions for her good deed of the day, feeling.  She did.

I was in luck.  She was convinced there was only one home on wheels park in Lloydminister SK.  I asked her to point and she gave me an address.  Point and Shoot.  I figured out the street numbering system, and I worked my way towards the Eastwood Trailer Court.  I walked west on the Yellowhead Hwy before turning north on 45th Avenue until I reached 48th Street where I could see a real home on wheels park.  This was no gravel pit.  I walked on the paved roads in the home on wheels park, until I saw green Ford Station Wagon with the wood grain doors.  This would be my new home on wheels in a real home on wheels park, again.  I walked up the steps.  I don't know why, but I knocked on the door.  Mom opened the door, and Harvey was safe from the twin ghosts for now.  I've now lived in St. Brieux SK, Humboldt SK, Watrous SK, Ear Falls ON, Oxdrift ON, Shaunavon SK, and Lloydminister SK.  When would the twin ghosts catch up to Harvey, again?

This home on wheels was 12 FT which was much bigger than the 8 FT home on wheels in Oxdrift ON.  I didn't tell Mom Harvey, or Lorraine about the deaths).  The fault was with the passing driver.  We were slow, but we were doing at least 60 - 65 km per hour on the climb.  It was an accident.  It was an unfortunate accident.  The passing car was a big sedan with a heavy V-8 crushing the drivers side door in the wrong place at the wrong time.  The doorway to death.  I knew today that death will generally be dealt, unfairly.  Imagine the once in a lifetime opportunity ability to deal death, fairly.  Would you deal death, fairly?  Does the The Little Whore from Clavet deserve the death card, for selling underage white girls like Penny?  Becky treated her brothers to a round of underage Penny in Clavet.  Becky's brothers were the sort of primitive aboriginal that would take a train on an underage white girl.  The really sick part was that Penny the runaway was not a bad kid.  She would get her learners license 1 1/2 year later in Edmonton Alberta.  Superhero's get a lifetime of chances to deal the death card.  What if you had the once in a lifetime opportunity to deal a death card?

Lorraine and I registered for Grade 12 and 10 at the Lloydminister Composite High School.  I began Grade 10 at 14 years of age, and Leo worked at the Healy Farm.  Harvey found himself a job working as an electrician, and I had a Guidance Councillor in school for the first time.  15 years ago in 1976, the school was experimenting with us.  Our grade level was selected for IQ Tests.  The tests were used in some sort of a relative comparison to actual Grades.  I thought it went, OK.  Later, they would use the results in career counselling.  I just assumed Harvey's Run would be back on by then.  While, I lived on the Saskatchewan side of Lloydminister SK, I attended high school on the Alberta side of Lloydminister SK.  This was my first time in Alberta.

I found school at Border City along the Saskatchewan / Alberta border tolerable.  I avoided sports and friends as it was just a matter of time before the ghosts scared Harvey, again.  I became interested in two things, fixated.  I get fixated on things for no good reason.  This time it was Shakespeare and the International Currencies.  MacBeth made me angry, because I had trouble understanding what these words meant.  International Currencies was in the news and on the radio.  This would be one of two changes in international currency in my lifetime.  It took a while, but I learned MacBeth is like reading imagery or pictures to my stigmatized brain.  International Currency news was available daily with the minute details actually being shared with the dirty unwashed like myself.  It took a while, but I learned International Currencies were actually the story of rising and declining empires in another language.  15 years ago in 1976, 'Je me souviens'.  René Lévesque's Parti Québécois won a majority.  Lloydminister SK in the Boreal Forest was colder than Plains BIson country where Frosty's Revenge hurts.  Soon, it was Christmas, and I was ready for a beer break.

I boarded the racing Greyhound in Lloydminister at 9:40 AM on Saturday December 18th 1976 heading for Humboldt SK.  The Racing Greyhound did not seam as magnificent as my very first Racing Greyhound in Dryden ON.  They weren't quite as awe inspiring.  Maybe, I just didn't want to take this ride.  Maybe, I just saw the dogs differently, now.  This Racing Greyhound bolted out of the  Lloydminister Bus Depot doghouse onto Highway 16, The Yellowhead Highway, through Marshall SK, Lashburn SK, Waseca SK, Maidstone SK, Paynton SK, Delmas SK, to North Battleford SK for a 15 minute drop, break, and load.  We continued through Brada SK, Denholm SK, Ruddel SK, Maymont SK, Fielding SK, Radisson SK, Borden SK, Parkview SK Shell SK, and Langham SK too finally arrive at the berry switch in Toon Town at 12:55 PM in the afternoon.  I had a 4 hour wait for the next bus, and I walked two blocks south to the Midtown Plaza.  I did a lot more looking than buying.

Looking was cost effective for my budget.  Toon Town still had the downtown feeling for the holidays in 1976, and this was a time when cities were built for cars.  Cars would dominate people and businesses downtown until people deserted the downtown to get to the businesses easier in most Canadian cities.  In 1976, the Midtown Mall cornerstones were Eaton's, Sears, The Bay, and the 20th street market selling young aboriginal girls cheap.  The Midtown Mall struggling to get people downtown next to the Aboriginal market selling young girls who ran away from abusive Reservations.  The girls would use pay phones along the street, and 20th Street sold the sex trade in Saskatoon.  No one was talking, but the sex with aboriginals selling underage girls was common.  It's similar to no one talking about cell phones as tracking devices in the future.  Global warming was the same as cell phones, today no one was talking about global warming.  But it was happening.  However, the future would be similar to Cell Phones when tracking became known global warming became known.  Some years later, to many people knew something was about to keep things quiet, as I cruised the Midtown Mall.

We were never really told they were tracking devices until much later when nobody believed they were secure.  In 1996, aboriginals selling aboriginal children was illegal.  But that didn't seem to make much of a  difference the Toon Town Police Department.  Oddly enough, selling children would become easier as the summers got hotter in Toon Town SK.  The summers were already getting dryer, warmer, and longer.  In the future, Prime Minister Justice Trudeau would be swindled into selling children on a much larger scale.  The CBCNews would sell these events for  Prime Minister Justine Trudeau as he "looks for reset with Mexico, leadership role with Americas".  Nicholas Kristof an American double Pulitzer Prize winner would explain how the Forest and Ice People followed Trudeau into The Mexico, Canada, US Summit.  Those in the know would informally call this Obamas death sentence for young refugees.  Mexico would detain and deport people fleeing north from and through the Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, and South America.  President Barack Hussein Obama II, President Enrique Pena Nieto, and Prime Minister Justine Trudeau would then 'kill 50,000 unaccompanied migrant kids' like 14 year old Cristobal.  The plan was simple.  The 'three amigos' would keep the news light and friendly.  I grabbed a cup of coffee at Ricky's in the mall.

The three Amigos would militarize all refugees coming north as terrorists, gangs, and undesirables.  That would be their excuse to send them back to be killed, starved, or quietly die of starvation in the new globally warmed world.  Prime Minister Justine Trudeau joined the American-Mexican collusion which actually began in 2014, since then 40 000 Central and South American unaccompanied children had already been turned away.  The Forest and Ice Peoples young Prime Minister Justine Trudeau trusted Obama's previous $86 million dollar bribe with Mexico to be an effort to be addressing a 'humanitarian crisis'.  In the future, the Forest and Ice Peoples young starry eyed Prime Minister Justine Trudeau might as well have shot these children in the head, himself.  Today in 1976, The Forest and Ice People didn't want DDA to expand sales of DDA girls on 20th street to all young DDA girls.  In the future the warmer, longer, summers led to unlivable countries.  Worse still, our people would benefit only briefly for a few years, before we in the north suffered disproportionately more global warming.  The Central and South America children would be called by many names to militarize the children as terrorists for "The Three Amigos".  Saskatchewan has a lot of DDA, and a very nice young DDA girl refilled my coffee at Ricky's.

Prime Minister Justine Trudeau became the third amigo to send back more unaccompanied children, after the first '40,000 children'.  Justine Trudeau would sell as part of his 'brand' his sensitivity to the finer sex.  Instead, Justine Trudeau supports Feminocide in El Salvador while talking out of the other side of his face like Obama on everything about Central America.  Gloria Steinem series on Women pretty much lays out the 'three sadists' talking but to cowardly to walk the walk.  The Migration Policy Institute would count Mexico's deportation escalating to "five times as many unaccompanied children as it had five years earlier".  The three amigos smiled for the camera, as they dealt death to these children.  President Barack Hussein Obama II, President Enrique Pena Nieto, and Prime Minister Justine Trudeau were now 'humanitarians'.  President Barack Hussein Obama II disengaged in Syria, and he disingaged in the middle east on refugees.  Many Middle East child refugees have been in  camps for the last five years.  Obama just continues to militarize all refugees trying to head north in the Middle East, Central America, and South America.  That's Obama's policy to kill as many child refugees as possible.  It seldom rains in these countries in the Middle East with Global Warming, and Global Warming spread to Southeast Asia where Obama militarized Southeast Asia.  Scarcity leads to life and death, competition.  Competition leads to War.  War over a few pieces of bread?  Guns.  Bullets.  Wars are conquest.  Starvation always destabilizes society to a state of War.  If you were just the town drunks son and really hungry once, you would understand.  President Barack Hussein Obama II would militarize all global warming refugees, child refugees, warring factions, and political refugees as terrorists.  I call it 'The black puppets jumpy dance', as I paid for my coffee and left Ricky's to walk around the Midtown Mall?

But really, militarization of 50 000 children, black puppet? How? FIrst, the children must be dangerous.  Yes.  Then, we must not screen them? Right! If we screen them we will be killing children by sending them back to violence or starvation.  The three amigos must smile, united?  Right.  Hmm.  Should we were funny hats? That's good.  Avoid, the facts.  Right!  No readily available numbers from dozens of internationally accredited groups like Human Rights Watch which calculates 'less than 1 percent of Central and South American children receive refugee status or any 'formal protection'.  Lock them out  with the Military Police.  Just smile and look nice the camera, Amigos.  Our young starry eyed Prime Minister Justine Trudeau was still worshipping and wet over President Barack Hussein Obama II, then.  That's good.  United.  Deniability.  The three blind mice must not the truth on the ground?  Right.  They must not see Salva Lacruz at the Human Rights Center in Tapachula.  Right.  Lacruz would laugh at 'The black puppets jumpy dance'.  No Lacrus.  Got it.  He would say to Obama "It’s just words.  The United Nations would tell Trudeau it's A lot of hypocrisy.  Settled.  The 3 blind mice will smile like 3 Amigos and do the monkey dance.   In 1976, we still had Christmas, as Justine Trudeau's father Pierre Eliot Trudeau was not a little puppy on a chain for American Presidents.  The turkeys were nervous, but the children were mostly fine.  I returned to the STC Bus Depot to  board the Racing Greyhound STC to the next leg on the road.

I boarded a fresh Racing Greyhound STC in Toon Town in a bitter cold . . . berry switch to . . . Highway 5 . . . to Humboldt. Leo's small engine course had finally paid off.  He won himself a job at the YAMAHA / POLARIS in Humboldt SK.  He finished his shift at the bus depot in Humboldt SK, and he picked me up about 1 hr after I arrived.  He had rented a room at the Pioneer Motor Hotel and Motel.  His room was next to the sign out front on the second level.  He was helping out during the busy cold winter fixing sleds.  They spent the next few days in Humboldt SK, as Leo had to work several more days before his Christmas holidays.  I visited a few people in Humboldt, and I hung around the Yamaha / Polaris repair shop with Leo.  Gerry 'Pic' sold me a used Yamaha DT-125 Enduro.  I left the bike there for Leo to repair for next spring in Lloydminister SK, and we went to St. Brieux for Christmas.

We went to Ridgedale SK where we found the town drunk was intolerable as usual.  We drove to St. Brieux for Christmas, and we were able to use the Ski Rool, again.  I helped Leo put in a workbench along the east side of the shop.  He built the shelf heavy, solid rough 2 X 6 with a stainless steel metal top and edges.  Finally we added electrical plugs along the top of the shelf on the wall.  I drank a fair amount of beer, and I was glad it was over.  Finally, I caught the Racing Greyhound STC in Melfort SK to return to Lloydminister.  When, it was over, the 14 year old town drunks son realized he didn't feel the stigma, when he was drunk.  I boarded the Racing Greyhound STC.  She left the snow flying  . . . south on Highway 2 to turn right . . . west on Highway 5 to the berry switch.

15 years ago, I switched to a fresh Racing Greyhound, and we cut the cold on the Yellowhead Highway in Saskatchewan from Toon Town SK to Lloydminister SK.  This area once belonged to the developmentally delayed Aboriginal.  Then, this area became known as Rupert's Land, or Prince Rupert's Land.  This name came from Prince Rupert of the Rhine, who was a nephew of King Charles I in England.  Chuck really must have liked Prince Rupert of the Rhine as he was also the first Governor of the Hudson's Bay Company.

The HBC extended ownership in 1821 to the Pacific coast under the name Rupert's Land.  The territory in British North America was owned by the HBC for 200 years from 1670 to 1870.  The Plains Bison were pretty much dead at this time.  Then the land became known as the North West Territories.  Rupert's Land became Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Nunavut, the northern parts of Ontario and Quebec.  Today, I was riding on Saskatchewan's 250,000 km of roads which remains longest of all Canadian Provinces.  Many grid roads are gravel roads to access crops.

The Yellowhead has a history of its own, different than The Old Bones Trail.  The Yellowhead Pass and the Yellowhead Highway was named after Pierre Bostonais.  He had natural yellow streaks in his hair, before they did that sort of thing for men in hair dens.  The fur trader / explorer was nicknamed "Téte Jaune" or Yellowhead for the developmentally delayed Anglophones.  The Yellowhead Highway began as a Red River Cart Trail with bulls, ox, and later horses.

This Racing Greyhounds STC Trail was originally designated as Highway 5.  Later, the entire route would be renamed Highway 16 or the Yellowhead Highway.  During WWII, Aboriginals forced interned Japanese Canadian men to work on the Yellowhead Highway.  3000 + Aboriginals, Inuit, Métis, and 72 Aboriginals women or Squaws as Buffy St. Marie calls them, enlisted.  The Aboriginals, Inuit, Métis, and 72 Aboriginal women or Squaws generally wore a Battle Dress uniform.  The dashing look starts with a Army Uniform Wool Field Service Wedge Cap.  Under the cap, we had a Army Wool Battle Dress Jacket.  Just so Geneva knows the killings being done proper, there are sharp looking V shaped Stripes, Insignia, and a spot for Medals.  Finally, finish of the look with open collars, 4 buttons, cloth waist belts, and marching web belts for bayonets, frogs, cloth belt loops, or eyelets for belt hooks.  Under the jacket we have a Battle Dress Blouse with a closed collar, 4 or 5 button fly front, cloth waist belt sewn in at the waist.  The Blouse under the jacket came with two breast pockets with scalloped flaps secured by buttons.  The cuffs are vented and secured by hidden buttons.  The pants were Army Uniform Wool Battle Dress Trousers.

Aboriginals wore the cap, jacket, shirt, and pants came in Canada's stunning darker green Khaki look which rounded Aboriginals into sharp dressed men or women.  You can do whatever you like in a sharp dressed uniform.  The Aboriginals in uniforms confiscated anything nice the Japanese may have had in their sharp dressed uniforms.  The, the Aboriginals forced the Japanese to help build the Yellowhead Highway through the Boreal Forest towards the Yellowhead Pass.  This was a mountain pass chosen to cross the Canadian Rockies.  The Aboriginals did not get into any trouble when they Interned and forced the Japanese to build the Yellow head Highway.  Finally 3 years ago in 1988, Prime Minister Brian Mulroney formally apologized on behalf of the Canadian Government for the Internment of the Japanese Canadians during WWII.  I felt badly about what the Aboriginals did to the Japanese, and Canadians took our share of the blame.

Instead, The Little Whore from Clavet, The Clan from Clavet, and the Canadian Chief's pretended it was all on Canada.  They never got in trouble for the Japanese Internment because they had sharp dressed military uniforms, I guess.  The angelic environmentalist aboriginals could do no wrong?  Just 11 years ago in 1980, Becky, Blondie, BJ, and his brothers from Clavet SK played the very same game with the Toon Town Rebels.  The Battle Dress Uniforms used by Aboriginals made whatever they did during WWII, OK.  As I approached Lloydminister, I wondered if the developmentally delayed Aboriginals would put slavery on their resume of abuse to the United Nations?  No Sorry Little Cooked Baby Animals?  No Sorry Burning Bison?  No Sorry Bison Killing?  No Sorry Little Furry Animals?  No Sorry Japanese?  No Sorry Saskatoon Rebels?  Is the world allowed to hear the truth about the developmentally delayed aboriginal?  I'm all shook up 15 years later in Montana, as I hoped off the Racing Greyhound STC in Lloydminister in 1976.

I settled down once school started after New Years.  I found himself a job at the Lloydminister Co-op on 50th Avenue packing groceries and stocking shelves.  They waived the 15 year old age limit, as they really needed help.  I met "Old Red Eye" an older Aboriginal homeless man who would scrounge for food at the loading dock of the grocery store.  I felt sorry for Old Red Eye, as he scrounged for food by the dumpster at the grocery store.  Some of us part timers would give "Old Red Eye" food on occasion.  I know the full time staff used to set stuff beside the bin for him.  The time flew by quickly, and I finished with Shakespeare and I continued to follow the British Pound and the American dollar.  The rise of the American dollar against the British Pound was not the usual thing to be interested in for a 14 year old.  I was interested.

I studied the progress of the American Dollar taking over as the world's leading currency.  I followed the central banks as they tried to delay the inevitable change of empires along the financial front.  I found each and every move in the rise and fall of empires profound.  The winter months flew by quickly, as I kept to myself.  Leo came by early in the spring with the Yamaha DT-125 Enduro.  Leo hand ported the two stroke engine.  This involved honing the transfer ports smooth, and taking out a little skirting on the piston in the two stroke engine.  The porting was much hotter than the original factory setup, and by keeping the engine at around 9000 RPM, the engine pulled hard.  The new timed exhaust pipe pumped out the cylinder head quickly for the next round.  Leo's personal attention do detail made a big difference.

Leo also stripped the bike down to make it as light as possible.  He removed 1 rear view mirror, 2 rear signal lights, 2 front signal lights, and decorative trim.  Hmm.  I think that's what they did in the 50's and 60's to Harley.  Leo added a knobby back tire to the 125 CC Yamaha Enduro, and he was concerned that it might not be powerful enough.  I took it for a spin, and I thought it was going to be good for now.  We spun a little snow that March, and I rode the bike a lot later after the thaw.  I was happy for the $425.00, I had in the bike.  I was happy with the bike, and I was ready to have a little fun that summer!  The forest and ice people still had snow when I was young.  In the north the Arctic fox would turn white with the snow, and the Red fox would live farther south.  Before the Arctic collapsed the Arctic fox was turning white before the snow and ice, and the Red foxes moved north into the Arctic fox territory.  Finally, the Arctic fox just sort of gave up when the sea ice turned to open ocean.

Artic warming eliminates snow and ice as foxes change fur coats based on the lenght of daylight in the fall leads to foxes going extinct

The Arctic Fox in the land of forest and ice suffers from global warming as their coat turns white in the fall based on daylight hours, the thick C02 in the atmosphere melts all the ice for hunting, and the bigger Red Fox moves north with the warming competing with the few surviving Arctic Fox.

I saw the Guidance Councillor before I finished school.  He was impressed with my results.  I didn't listen to him very much, but he said I was the top of the 14 year old students in grade nine who took the test.  I quit my job at the Lloydminister Co-op shelving and packing groceries when school finished.  Healy Farm had told me I was old enough to work there this summer.  I thought I would enjoy the summer working in Ridgedale and drinking beer more than packing groceries and stocking shelves in Lloydminister SK.

I also had a feeling Harvey's run from the twins was due.  I had enjoyed the dirt track Bryan and I used to race around with the Yamaha DT-125 Enduro, however I was thinking of racing motocross.  That meant a 'real' full motocross bike.  In the spring, I enjoyed spending time with Lorraine's boyfriend Gordon, and we were able to do a little cruising in the country.    Gordon was a battery operator in the Lloydminister oil fields, and I got along well with him.  Gordon introduced me to several people he knew as their friendship progressed.

I decided started to prepare to work in Ridgedale for the summer.  Harvey got scared of the twin ghosts at the end of June.  Suddenly, Harvey Run with Mom was on again.  I could not tell anyone, as I hated goodbyes.  I tried to sneak away from my only friend Bryan, but he caught me in the park.  I eventually jumped on a Racing Greyhound STC at the beginning of July leaving Harvey and Mom to plan Harvey's Run.  Mom and Harvey had everything packed up and ready to run again.  I did not run with them.  I just took the not so shiny Racing Greyhound.

Yellowhead Highway . . . berry switch . . . Highway 5 . . . to the Transitional Switch . . .  Highway 2 . . . to the Deforested Switch . . . Melfort SK.  We took the # 6 Hwy north from Melfort SK to Fairy Glen SK.  We turned west on Highway 335 to Gronlid.  Finally, we took Highway 681 to Healy Farm in Ridgedale with the Ford Econoline Van.  I took up residence in the Healy Farm Bunkhouse.  Leo and the town drunk were working 6 days a week that summer.  Leo returned for the summer from the YAMAHA / Polaris in Humboldt.  They did not have enough work to keep him on during the summer.

I helped Leo finish sanding the 1969 Firebird SS.  We eventually painted 'The Bird' blue in the repair shop in Ridgedale on a quiet Sunday.  For you guys want to paint something, nice.  You need a clean room.  Still, it turned out pretty darn good.  The next weekend, I took a test ride with Leo to St. Brieux, and we tested it on the 1/4 mile stretch from Main Street to the St. Brieux High School at Barbier Drive.

Yeah, it was a muscle car.  It was quick on the quarter.  We returned to Ridgedale for the next week at Healy Farm in Ridgedale.  The car looked good.  It handled well.  I started by working in the shop one day cleaning up the Shop.  Eventually, Dale Healy offered me a job harvesting grain.  The town drunk must have figured I was drinking to many of his beers.  He asked Dale Healy to consider the town drunks son for a job.  The next weekend, Leo finished his shift on Saturday afternoon, and he quickly changed the front tires on the freshly painted Firebird.

I should have helped, but I was tired after a hard week of farming.  We left for the Melfort Drive Inn's triple feature.  We took Highway 681 through Brooksby SK to Star City SK.  We turned west on Highway 3 to Melfort SK.  They were running a little late for the sun timed start of the Melfort Drive Inn.  Under the circumstances the 21 Km from Star City SK to Melfort SK went very, quickly.  We were radar tagged by the Melfort RCMP slowing down for the Stop sign on Highway 6.  We turned right on Highway 3 towards Melfort SK.

The RCMP tagged them slowing down at 94 miles per hour.  The RCMP cruiser caught up to them after they turned right onto the Highway 3 for the last 4 Km into Melfort SK.  He wasn't too happy.  The RCMP officer decided he wanted to check the trunk before he wrote his ticket.  Fortunately, I had drank all the Canadian Beer from the previous weekend in the trunk!  That's why I was a little 'feeling good'.  Sorry, Leo about the tire.  I had been feeling guilty.  I hadn't told Leo about the beer, yet.  Now, instead I was a hero.  I would rather catch a break than earn one.

I was just thirsty during the week in the Boreal Forest which was not  dehydrating quickly, yet.  We did not know it yet, but today, 14 years later in 1991, the forest would be smaller and dryer.  The Melfort RCMP finished the ticket formalities in a civil manner, and Leo and I slowly proceeded north on Highway 3 to the Melfort Drive Inn.  Suddenly, Leo said "It looks like a gravel truck dropped some rocks on the road" because he saw some 'rocks' flying off the left front wheel.  Bang.

The left front side of the car dropped with a thud.  We rolled to a halt on the little bumps on the wheel drum.  The right front wheel continued down the road in front of them as 'The Bird' lost a tire!  In the rush to get to the Melfort Drive Inn, they had forgotten to tighten the wheel nuts.  I was lazy, I should have helped with the tires.  I know.  Its easy to say now, and it is hard to live with later.  Life is like that.  It's like rats in a photo shoot.  Who's up first.

They took 3 wheel nuts off the other 3 tires, and they put the left front tire back on the Firebird with 3 wheel nuts.  They realized this could have happened as they were traveling 120 miles per hour before slowing for the stop sign and being tagged by the RCMP.  We proceeded to the Drive Inn with that 'ok made it and I'm happy to be alive feeling'.  I noticed a little adrenaline pump when I cheated death.  They watched  the triple feature which included Star Wars before they drove to Ridgedale SK, slowly.  Star Wars was AMAZING.  It changed dusters to dusters in space and guns to lasers.   It's like cowboys on steroids in space.  We made it home on three studs.  I continued working full time on the Healy Farm from early in July.

We started mixing concrete for new steel grain bin footings, and then we built 4 new steel bins with hopper bottoms above the concrete bases.  The easy storage solution for grain, enough said.  Darren and I painted the roof of the cattle shed white to help keep the heat off the cattle, as we didn't know this was the early sign of global warming.  I practiced on the swatter cutting a little hay for the cattle.  I didn't know but it was a test?

Saskatchewan farmers are smarter than you think before they let you drive around with 30 - 150 thousand dollar equipment.  You see, there was not quite enough grass to cut for hay after the cattle fed on that field that spring.  Dale just wanted to see if I was going to break equipment for no good reason close to the Shop.  I cut very little, and I did not break my blades on the bumpy ground.  That's not as easy as you think.  Soon, I started cutting barley, oats, flax, peas, and wheat on the large farm in northeastern Saskatchewan of about 30 quarters.

Suddenly, Sask Tel bells rang on the phone at Healy Farm in Ridgedale SK.  Late in August, Harvey's Run from the twin ghosts ended up in southern Alberta.  I packed my stuff, and I collected my pay.  I drove to Dee's Restaurant in Melfort SK before turning the keys over to the town drunk.  I boarded Racing Greyhound in Melfort SK heading for Claresholm AB.  The 857 Km crawl with horrible connections started at 9:40 in the morning heading through Melfort . . . Deforested Switch . . . Highway 2 . . . Transitional Switch . . . berry switch.

I arrived in Toon Town SK at 13:10 in the afternoon, with one months pay in my pocket, and I had a little cash.  I had lunch in the Midtown Plaza, and I boarded a Alberta bound fresh Racing Greyhound STC for the day.  She raced down the Old Bones Trail for a break in Rosetown SK.  She loaded again to charge past Fiske SK, Netherhill SK, Kindersley SK, Flaxcombe SK to arrive at the provincial borders at Alsask.  After the Saskatchewan / Alberta border the Racing Greyhound STC continued past Sibbald AB, Oyen AB, Cereal JCT AB, Youngstown AB, Hanna AB, Craigmyle AB, Delia AB, and Morrin AB before they took a break again in Drumheller AB.  We drank and boarded the somewhat weary Racing Greyhound STC through Beiseker AB, Irricana AB, and Airdrie AB.

Finally, I arrived in Calgary AB where I once again had a wait before boarding the last fresh Racing Greyhound.  This was not an STC model, as this was Alberta.  Alberta did not have their own model.  The Racing Greyhound pulled out of Calgary AB heading south on the # 2A / # 2 Hwy crossing the southern Alberta countryside.  I watched the new to me scenery as De Winton AB, Alderside AB, High River AB, Cayley AB, Nanton AB, and Stavely AB slid past the bus on the open prairie.

I arrived in Claresholm SK Alberta in the morning.  I had a full months pay in a check in his wallet, and I was tired after the long trip with longer layovers.  I phoned for a pickup.  Harvey picked me up at the Turbo Gas station on Railway Street East which doubled as the Greyhound Bus Depot.  They took 1st Street West north to 50th Avenue East where they turned right.  They turned left on 2A Street East to 52 ND Avenue East where they turned right before a quick left into the driveway of tired old house that Harvey had rented.

Lorraine was lost to Lloydminister SK.  The original 5 Young Pioneers were now reduced to 1 in Claresholm AB.  Kim was in Winnipeg MN with Rhonda.  Leo was in Ridgedale SK with the town drunk.  Lorraine was in Lloydminister SK with Gordon.  I was the only Young Pioneer left in the old two bedroom house.  I was 15 years old with St. Brieux SK, Humboldt SK, Watrous SK, Ear Falls ON, Oxdrift ON, Shaunavon SK, Lloydminister SK, and Claresholm AB under my belt.  I was starting to hate the twin ghosts, myself.

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