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In January 1977, I was back in Claresholm AB while the Middle East was on a slow boil both politically and environmentally.  The Jews steadily and systematically increased their killings for conquest and their assassinations in their military base in the middle east.  That military base was sold to the world as a country for Jews.  In reality, it was a central location where 1%ers could control the oil.  The Jews got their share of oil, and they got all the killing power they needed to kill whatever they wanted in the middle east.  Modern 1%ers had their death camp operators, the Jews.  25 years later, during Claresholm's 125th anniversary, the 266th Pope Francis would visit the death camp at Auschwitz Germany.  Pope Francis was having a better than the average day in speaking for his God!  Breaking with the typical regurgitation of previous Popes, Pope Francis said "the horrors committed [then] are happening in places at war today" in the middle East.  Did his epiphany surprise? No.  He was right!  Imagine, Francis didn't surprise anyone while comparing Jewish death camps for climate change?.  Jewish death camps in the middle east for Palestinians to the Nazi death camps for Jews during WWII.  In 1991, I was drove through the bottom of Crowsnest Provincial Park, and I started riding gravity into Sparwood BC which grew roots as a 'whistle stop'.  The town was named prior to 1900 for local trees used from the west coast for spars on ships before the steam engine.

In January 1977, I started the second half of my Grade 11, and then Alberta Government Telephones aka AGT bells rang.  Mom got the call that Grandpa Godart had died.  It was February, and Harvey was busy at the Claresholm Hockey Arena.  I was asked to drive back to Saskatchewan, and I would bring mom to the Grandpa Godart funeral.  I was 15, and I didn't think that was going to be a problem.  We decided to leave in two days to meet up with Lorraine and Gordon in Lake Lenore.  Our plan was set, and I was on the road again.  We decided to use the Dodge Truck, and I would drive.  I drove her on the same route I had taken last fall with my Meteor to Saskatoon.  Then, I continued west as usual to Humboldt SK, where Mom was born.  We turned north onto Hwy 368, before we arrive in Lake Lenore.  We rented a small room at the Lake Lenore Hotel, and Lorraine, Gordon, Mom, and I had a little party that night in Lake Lenore.  While, Gordon had never met Grandpa Godart, and our cousin Maryloo joined us for a few cocktails.  Grandpa Godart was a traditional farmer in the early days of the land of forest and ice.  In 1977, he died at 78 years of age.  He was lucky to be too young to die for 1%ers in WWI and to old for their sacrifices in WWII.  1%er owned and controlled the forest and ice from the onset, and we lived and died as 95%ers held down by step less ladders.  Grandpa Godart was an early settler in the land of forest and ice.  He 'brushed' a lot of his land west of St. Brieux.  His hard work made him successful in farming.  In 1991, I drove alongside Elk Valley Provincial Park on the prettiest treed slope of Mt Hosmer.

In January 1977, Grandpa Godart would have started farming with horses and hand equipment as a child.  Later, steam engines like the Sawyer steam engine would begin to make appearances in the land of forest and ice after WWI.  However, horses were a common source of energy until WWII.  Steam engines were used extensively for plowing and threshing, and horses were the source of power for virtually every other farm task until WWII.  Grandpa Godart could see the writing on the wall, and he moved into machinery.  Machinery always replaced 'something' as ENERGY and METAL make profit faster.  Imagine, cutting down the Boreal Forest with an axe?.  Picking stones and pulling roots.  Burning the brush piles after they dried.  Levelling the ash. Plowing with horses and moving forward to breaking the seeds from the wheat stalks with threshing machines powered by steam engine?.  Storing the grain in bins built from trees on the land.  Finally, feeding the horses with the seed they worked so hard to grow?.  Growing hay in similar fashions, and hauling the hay for the forest and ice winter.  That was my Grandpa Godart.  He would have fired up this 16 horsepower Sawyer steam engine (length 3.36 m, width 1.6m, weight, 1,975 kg), cat. no.73-S-311 and dreamed of the future!  Sadly, these forest and ice people are all dead, now.  They were the guts in 'The Strength of Many Peoples' in the land of forest and ice.  In 1991, I drove through Hosmer BC, which was christened in 1906 by a railway man named Charles R. Hosmer, but this 1%er coal mining town had more than a name.

In January 1977, 'The Strength of Many Peoples' helped the DDA out of their primitive hunter gatherer lifestyle picking bugs out of the grass for dinner.  The DDA chiefs, elders, and parents poison the young daily with lies.  DDA claim heroics no other primate hunter gatherer has ever achieved.  In fact, DDA were the worst in their class on earth.  The inbreeding likely had a lot to do with the lack of written word, and instead, the primates 'verbal' history of lies was passed from generation to generation.  That verbal history poisoning modern day DDA children is just one big whiskey powered dream.  The elder primate stories are fabrications of grandeur, instead of the elders telling the truth about how horrible it was when a wolf pack gutted out the DDA collecting wood.  DNA would tell a different story.  The Great Spirit, Jesus, and the Gods would deny science, until they relied on science itself to broadcast their propaganda.  DDA north of the 49th, and the AFN would sell dreams that DDA were always north of the 49th parallel.  The Elders and the AFN glamorized the DDA as always 'here', and the AFN denied the 'stuck' strain was only here for 16,000 years.  Fortunately DNA offers more than the Elders and the Great Spirit.  Researchers found that two groups of humans out of Africa mixed with Denisovan individuals from Oceania and from East Asia in two separate episodes of Denisovan admixture.  We had know about admixing with Denisovans and Neanderthals occurred 50,000 years ago, as humans moved out of Africa.  DNA told us when and where this occurred.  I guess DNA science taught the Great Spirit and Jesus something after all.  Now for the DDA and the AFN that say the DDA were always here, these DNA studies will cotinue to the DDA to accertain which strains ended up in the DNA of the AFN? Got ya coming soon?

Browning found evidence for two waves of Denisovan admixture, one from a population closely related to the Altai Denisovan individual, and one from a population more distantly related to the Altai Denisovan.

one wave from the Altai Denisovan, and one wave from the Altai Denisovan

The Altai Denisovan is primarily present in East Asians, whereas the component more distantly related to the Altai Denisovan forms the major part of the Denisovan ancestry in Papuans and South Asians.  Image credit:  Browning et al, doi: 10.1016/j.cell.2018.02.031.

Stuck for 16,000 years north of the 49th parallel.  The DDA bones tell that story north of the 49th parallel.  The stuck DDA out of Africa were in fact saved by the forest and ice people.  DDA 'primate lies' would grow, and the forest and ice people would never get credit for saving the strain out of African.  The primate stories would instead be hate poisoning DDA children for hundreds of years.  DDA primate stories of greatness never achieved.  The forest and ice people would never get credit from bring the primate out of their 21 year old life expectancy?  Would the DDA ever catch up?.  No.  In 1977, I was enjoying our party that night at the Lake Lenore Hotel, however I was quite sad.  Grandpa Godart was the only Grandpa I would ever have in my life.  Now he was dead.  We shut the party down around 1:00 AM that morning, and I slept well with a belly full of beer.  The next morning we drove to the St. Brieux Church for a man the size of a mountain in my eyes.  We sat.  I always found this part of a burial the least significant.  Really, who believes the 'big lie' about the pie in the sky after death?.  Quite frankly, I always found belief in a supernatural being is more akin to insanity than reason.  We survived the supernatural charade in the church, and I made the mistake of taking a tour past the body.  Cancer has a hard way of killing people.  In 1991, I drove out of Hosmer where a strong man became the towns hero, not by killing for profit on the 1%er killing fields, but instead Fred Alderson, the Hosmer Hero, became a hero by organizing a rescue of 31 miners in a collapse which cost him his life in an explosion, as he died with 31 miners.  The story is seldom told by 1%ers who owned the mine for Production, Consumption, Profit, and the Business of War.

In January 1977, the family carried his body out of the church to the Hurst, and we all walked behind the Hurst to the St. Brieux Cemetery where he remains.  I shouldn't have looked at the body.  It didn't matter much when all those farm chemicals were known to be carcinogenic.  What mattered was the mountain of a man was quite small, frail, even delicate.  The service was over and Mom and the immediate family went to Grandpa Godart house for the reading of the will.  I went over to Bob Mumba's house with a smaller group of younger people.  We sat around and had a few beers.  Finally, it was all over.  Mom and I got in the truck and I drove back to Claresholm AB on the same route that I took with the Meteor.  I thought a lot about Grandpa Godart on the way home.  It was one of those quiet drives.  While Mom was adopted, she seemed to be in good spirits after the reading of the will.  Myself, I decided I would no longer look at the dead in boxes with cheep perfume and suits they would never be caught wearing on a normal day.  I drove.  Between, Mom leaving the town drunk, Harvey's Run from the twin ghosts, The Fat Red devil, Life, and Death, I just didn't stop travelling.  I needed a rest.  In 1991, I drove over the Elk River in the Elk Valley area of the East Kootenay region of BC before arriving at Fernie BC situated at the foot of Three Sisters Mountain.  Fernie BC was christened in 1898, Fernie BC and the Fernie Alpine Resort on Fernie Ski Hill Road dug roots deep after William Fernie pulled a Jed Clampet in 1887 guided by his trusty pick sticking you guessed it, energy, coal.

January and February went by quickly in 1977, as winter turned to spring at the Willow Creek High School in the land of forests and ice.  I ignored school.  I ignored most students.  I knew Harvey's Run from the twin ghosts would not be over, until I went on my own.  I hung around with Smitty and Hartley.  They were two Mormons gone bad.  I drove my Meteor to work at the Turbo.  The ice on land and in the ocean melted earlier and earlier each year.  There was a little excitement as Margaret Trudeau jilted our Prime Minister Pierre Eliot Trudeau on their sixth anniversary, March 4, 1977.  Margaret had an ongoing affair going with the Rolling Stones.  Margaret Trudeau spent her sixth wedding anniversary without her prime minister husband, Pierre Trudeau.  Instead she partied with the Rolling Stones at a Toronto nightclub.  Later, she spent a good deal of time in Mick Jagger's limousine, and most people there didn't bother knocking as the limo was rocking.  The rocking limo adultery sparked rumours that she was having an affair with the band's front man.  She later disappeared to New York.  The scandal signalled the end of the couple's tumultuous marriage, and Margaret Trudeau denied riding Mick Jagger hard.  It was many years later when she was blaming her actions on 'mental problems' that she appeared to admit she did indeed ride Mick Jagger's pole hard.  At one of her conferences on mental health, she gave in and admitted that "I should have slept with every single one of them." quoted from Macleans Magazine.  I guess riding Mick silly wasn't enough for Margaret's libido.  In 1991, Fernie BC survived along the dog legged Elk River in the glacier carved valley.  The Elk River itself is fed by the Elk Creek, Coal Creek, Lizard Creek, and Fairy Creek with mining poisoning the water draining from 1%er owned and controlled, Tech Coal.

During May 1977, Leo arrived with my new YZ 100 dirt bike.  This was my first new dirt bike.  I had worked all winter at the Turbo Service Station to pay cash for the bike.  The full race dirt bike was like a Mercedes for the 15 year old town drunks son playing in the dirt.  I paid the cost of the bike with a 1000.00 check to a Pic, who I've always considered to be a friend.  That was a lot of Kraft Dinner, then I loved bikes.  Leo brought along his own YZ 125, and we went mountain biking west of Claresholm in the foothills.  Mom and Harvey drove the Dodge Truck with the camper, and I rode with Leo in his Ford Explorer with the bikes in the truck box.  We went north through Stavely AB, Parkland AB, Nanton AB, and Cayley AB.  We turned west on 540 to Pekisko AB.  We turned north on the Highway 22 to Longview AB.  Then we took Highway 40 into the series of Alberta Parks in what is known as Kananaskis Range.  We eventually parked on a bushy logging rode, and we slept in the camper.  The next day we rode the Kananaskis Range with our dirt bikes.  I've always had a lot of respect for gravity.  We were lucky not be on the wrong side of gravity that weekend.  If you loose it on a 40 - 45 degree foothill, your bike could very well roll to the bottom.  Well, I respected the foothills, and I didn't roll to the bottom either.  We had a great weekend, and suddenly we were home and I was getting ready for track and field day.  In 1991, I followed the Elk River BC past the Fernie Alpine Resort in the East Kootenay Region, and the tourists were enjoying the land of forest and ice.  We'd survived the long winters to find it warmer, and we did not imagine the day when we lost billions because there was such a short ski season in the land of forest and ice.

Fernie Alpine Resorts in the East Kootenay Region milked the mountains and snow for billions!

Then the sea ice went away 20 years later, and climate change dried up the ski resort business.

In the spring of 1977, Claresholm AB was dull.  I gained a little fame in track and field where I set a Provincial record for my age in the 800 yard dash.  I think I learned that from running from the twin ghosts on Harvey's Run?.  I rode my new dirt bike in the country which I accessed from the edge of town at the trailer court.  My little bit of fame was followed by my little bit of infamy.  I idled out of the trailer park for homes on wheels, and I idled past the school grounds where there was a baseball game on that night.  I couldn't resist.  I'd practiced, and I did 100 yard wheelly for the appreciative crowd and players on the field.  I turned east to get out of town, and I was caught by an RCMP patrol car on the road heading out of town.  The RCMP 'officer' was really anal.  He didn't appreciate my performance at all.  Instead of scolding a 15 year old with a dirt bike, he wrote me a $400.00 ticket within viewing distance of the players and fans on the school grounds for the ball game.  I was very unhappy as I pushed my bike home past my fans.  I was in trouble with the law again.  I fought the law!  I refused to pay my ticket in court.  I said it was unfair!  The municipal judge in the Claresholm Courthouse was unsure if he could send a 15 year old to jail for a traffic ticket.  I refused to pay, again.  Finally, the judge said he would give me time to pay.  I refused to pay, again.  Finally, the judge gave me 6 months to pay whether I refused to pay or not!  Neither the judge or I were particularly impressed with the anus that raised that RCMP looser.  In 1991, I travelled through the shame of Morrissey BC.  The twin ghosts followed me where our forest and ice people re purposed the Crow's Nest Pass Coal Company buildings into a First World War internment camp for local miners of Germanic and Austro-Hungarian.  That sort of shame just don't wash off.

In 1977, The Willow Creek School Track and Field tournament was one of the last things I remember about Claresholm, at the end of the school year.  Somehow, while we were drinking beer, I was goaded into participating in one event by Smitty.  I signed up to run in the 800 metre race.  I showed up at the time specified, and I ran.  I tried.  I was beaten by 3 other young men.  While laying on the ground struggling to get air, as if I was on Mount Everest, our coach wandered over to see if I was going to die.  I think I squeezed out "I'm hoka".  He congratulated me.  I still couldn't speak so I shook my head.  He laughed at me.  Then, he said "You almost beat the older guys".  "We had to run you with the older boys", because your the youngest boy in school.  You won.  I think I squeezed out another "hoka".  I caught my air, and I was on my way home to our home on wheels.  Later, when the results for the competition were posted on the school display case, I had a Alberta Provincial Record in the 800 meter dash for 15 year olds.  I hopped in my Meteor and went to work at the Turbo Gas Station after school feeling a little better about being the town drunks son.  In 1991, the prison camp 1%ers considered necessary was hidden from 1915 - 1918 in Morrissey BC at the end base of Lizard Range in the Rockies.  Years later in 1916, the 100TH anniversary of 1%er identified 'aliens' passed with another 'Sorry' from the forest and ice people.  The 100TH anniversary was a celebration, acknowledgement, or shame for the nice ghosts in our dirty closet.

I was headed to Vancouver where in March Japanese Canadians were taken from areas up to 160 km inland from the coast to the Morrissey Internment Camp.

Fernie and the Morrissey Internment Camp with 1914 to 1920 8000 people Ukrainians Germans Italians Japanese Chinese Europeans imprisoned

The first Japanese Canadians were transported from areas 160 km inland from the Pacific coast to a “protected area” Hastings Park, where more than 8,000 women and children were housed in the Livestock Building

We lost something that made us the people of forest and ice?

It was a different world in 1977, Schools Out blared on cassette tapes, and 8 track tapes were fearing the landfill.  I was among the free to be released.  I planned to work at the Turbo Gas Station that summer, and I did not go to work at Healy's in Ridgedale SK as the town drunks son.  The RCMP had me paying adult traffic fines, so I reasoned myself an adult.  Why not?.  I passed all my courses, with a terrible average near 60 percent.  I hadn't opened my text books that year.  I liked motorcycles and my speakers.  The Grade 12 students were celebrated their graduation, as I met with my 4th violent death.  A grade 12 student killed himself driving with a little to much Johnny Walker in him during graduation celebration.  The small town wretched a few convulsions, as Claresholm was a small town central to a large area, and we all knew the student.  I kept to myself on Harvey's run from the twin ghosts, and I was able to ignore him to stay out of his way, as he was a bit of a jock!  He was the one in the halls with all the answers.  He had the hanger on's, and he had a smart mouth, with nice truck.  I was working at the Turbo on Saturday when the town learned about the darkness brought on by Friday night.  Leon Dead (bullet), Paradise Hill Dead (vehicle), Ron Dead (shotgun), Claresholm Dead (vehicle) , and I wasn't going to miss an anus with a black truck.  That's what was great about being alone.  When your alone, your a ghost.  Ghosts don't get caught?.  Who caught the twin ghosts?.  I would be a ghost and give back to the Clan from Clavet for the ratting, raping, family.  In 1991, the Ktunaxa used to collect black argillite for carvings along the Elk River in BC, before I arrived in Elko BC rooted in 1898, just south of the Rocky Mountain Trench at the base of the land of forest and ice Rockies.  The Foley Brothers built the track bed here for B.C. Southern, and then the CPR built a Crowsnest Pass Branch Standard Second Class Station to support Charles E. Ayre's North Star Lumber Company's 100,000 board foot-per-day planer mill.  1%ers in coal and rail profited exclusively on timbering outfits dominated by 1%ers in the land of forests and ice until 1915.

In 1977, I was friendly for a paycheck with my customers at the Turbo Gas Station.  I met the Farm and Ranch men and women raising grain and cattle.  They fought parasites such as roundworm, flukes and tape worms.  These ranchers raised Meat with Vaccines and Bacterium containing bacterial cultures similar to human immunization for viruses.  Cattle and people are a lot alike in they immunize with Toxoids (inactive toxins) to create an anti-toxins to neutralize toxins in cattle and people.  Then, Antitoxin, Antiserums, and Serums grant immunities to fight infections.  Initial viral infections like 'Shipping Fever' could be fought in cattle when a initial infection by the IBR virus, followed by a pasteurella bacteria infection that causes pneumonia.  Antibiotics are both Broad Spectrum for a wide variety of Liquamycin LA-200, Duramycin 72 200 or Narrow Spectrum Pen Aqueous, Combi-pen 48, and Tylan.  'Medical' kept the cattle alive, and steroids in feed and injections made them grow.  Growth Rate (Steroids). - Losses (Medical) = Profit.  The Ranchers came into the Turbo gas station wondering how they were going to make it at .45 cents per pound in 1977 at a good 1% auction.  Then, the 1% railroad shipped the steers away to 1%er feedlots.  Then 1%er feedlots sold the steers to 1% slaughter houses.  Then, 1%er slaughter houses sold the meat in predominantly 1% grocery stores.  Free range ranchers were just little spiders, who remain caught in that web, then and now.  That's enough ranchers raising meat.  In 1991, the Crowsnest Highway was re christened the Kootenay Highway passing through a rail / lumber town called Caithness BC.  Caithness once thrived on the BC Southern Railway with The Jewell Lumber Co..  The 12 mile CPR branch line from the Crow's Nest line at Caithness BC to Waldo was the Great Northern Railway.  The 1%ers branch line was abandoned in 1928, once again after all virgin lumber was clear cut by small loggers in the rail line web.

In the summer of 1977, I was eventually quilted into a visit with the town drunk.  I hoped in the Meteor and I drove my regular route through Cowtown . . . Dinosaur Row . . . Pine Tree Line . . . Old Bone Trail . . . Berry Stop . . . Little Germany . . . Melfort . . . to Healy's.  I spent a few days on the edge of the Boreal Forest at Ridgedale SK with the town drunk.  He looked older, with paler skin on skin.  He had a pot belly, not a fat belly.  I had a few drinks, and the town drunks son had a few laughs with the town drunk before returning to Claresholm AB.  I stopped for a day to visit Leo working at Pic's Yamaha in Humboldt, and we rode around Bruno SK, a little that year.  While driving back to Claresholm I had my first tire blowout on my front wheel on the way back to Claresholm at about 110 km per hour.  I had my motocross bike on bumper racks, so the tire change was a bigger job to just accessing the trunk, then replacing my YZ into the motorcycle rack attached the bumper.  I arrived back in Claresholm late in August and I started work at the Turbo, before I ready to start Grade 12 at Willow Creek High School.  Then, you know what happened.  I was not going to Willow Creek Composite High School for my final year of school.  Harvey saw the twin ghosts, and he was running, scared, again.  Harvey's run was on again, after a one year break.  Harvey looked old as well.  Worn down.  I guess ghosts are like that to the living.  I didn't care.  I couldn't judge Harvey?.  How do you judge a man who burnt two young children to death in a car fire because he did not take the keys from his wife?.  In 1991, I drove past the one horse town of Galloway BC, where 1 horsepower was provided by Galloway Lumber Co Ltd in recent times.

In 1977, I felt like the whole town was watching me join Harvey's Run, and Harvey moved like the twin ghosts were going to kill him dead.  I quit my job at the Turbo Gas Station, and I said goodbye to Carl the owner.  We took the skirting off the home on wheels next to the school, and I followed Harvey and Mom in the Dodge Ram pulling the home on wheels heading south.  My new home was to be in Lethbridge AB.  After a dreamlike preparation which had been practiced so many times, we hooked the home on wheels to the Dodge Ram truck.  I followed Harvey and my Mom with my Meteor, and I took up the rear in my Meteor, as we pulled out of Claresholm SK.  We drove through Granum AB, where in 1860, the historic Whoop Up Trail connected Fort Calgary and Fort Hamilton (Lethbridge) with whiskey trains and trade goods in what was actually known as 'Whoop Up Country' prior to the 1% Railroads.  We drove past one of the 7 lakes named 'Mud Lake' in Alberta.  It's on the map, but it's a farmers field.  Sighted forest and ice people knew Bill McGuire was right about his cat, 50 years ago.  The Whoop Up Trail is one of the few 'economies' that existed in the land of forest and ice, before the 1% coal powered railroads crushed the trail wagons independently owned in the land of forest and ice.  DDA terrorist training tell their children how wonderfully happy the DDA children were before our great forest and ice people gave them better lives. Instead, primate educators would radicalize children to become terrorists in the land of forest and ice, later.  Terrorist funding provided by Prime Minister Justine Trudeau would be implicated in funding these primate DDA terrorists.  His international terrorism involved giving blanket funding to DDA terrorism.  In 1991, Jaffray BC with a siding history for trains, a depot, and a water stop was typical in the land of forest and ice.  The town was dominated by 1%ers with their control of Production, Consumption, Profit and the Business of War in the land of forest and ice.  The 1%er historians would conveniently forget who held the red hot whip.  Remember, historians are like whores.  They work for the man on top.

Blood at Fort Whoop Up 1881 North West Territories.  Notice the primitive DDA have guns and metal traps for food and furs.  DDA Reserve Schools, Assembly of first Nation Chiefs, and Band Offices don't tell DDA children most were frozen by DDA before guns and metal traps.  Blood Indians or DDA were helped by the great explorers, traders, and settlers along the Whoop Up Trail in the land of forest and ice.

Priimitive developmentally delayed aboriginals or indians who are primarily alive with metal from our great explorers, traders, and settlers near Fort Whoop Up NWT.

DDA Chiefs, males, females, teachers, and racist DDA academics are ashamed of the truth.  Truth, primitive DDA failed miserably for 16,000 years as primitive hunter gatherers in the interior.  Instead, 16,000 years as Darwin's failures is ignored.  The AFN, DDA Chiefs, DDA Band Offices, Reserve Schools, and DDA academics masquerade as terrorists teaching hate and hopelessness.  Primitive DDA lies of a glorious past!.  Laced with hate against the people who gave their 'children' survival and a 'population explosion'.  DDA really are not representative of the human species.  Primates?

A good number of newborn and young DDA bones are littered around DDA archeological digs.  They appear partly cooked at archeological digs.

John Jerome Healy and Alfred Baker Hamilton established Fort Hamilton in 1869, later Fort Hamilton was named Fort Whoop Up, and this is a map of the Whoop Up Trail.

Fort Hamilton was later named Fort Whoop Up at the Oldman-River and the present day Lethbridge AB

Fort Whoop Up at the junction of St. Mary and Belly which is now the Oldman Rivers present day city of Lethbridge AB

In 1977, we drove south on the Whoop Up Trail over the Old Man River AB to arrive at the Junction of Highway 2 and Highway 3 or the Crowsnest Highway.  We turned east to arrive at Fort Macleod on the Whoop Up Trail.  Fort Macleod had a history with NWMP in my rear view mirror, as we drove east on the Whoop Up Trail over the Old Man River AB, again.  We passed through Kipp AB, where 1%ers would struggle to make profit from a ghost town!  I followed the home on wheels through Coalhurst AB, where the forest and ice people believed they controlled their energy.  Coalhurst AB would forever believe with every fibre of their town that they were the masters of their energy.  The 1%ers owning mining rights, equipment, infrastructure, distribution, and marketing of Coal did nothing to discourage their belief.  If Coal was removed from school books, today, I would have to ask how many Millennial would even know it was missing?.  How many millennial ate all the propaganda for breakfast?.  I know Millennial charge their phones with coal.  The coal lobby would eventually dumb down Millennial to these facts.  In 1991, I drove northeast on the Kootenay Highway / Crowsnest Highway alongside the northern end of Lake Koocanusa BC, before I drove over the Kootenay River BC which runs into the Lake.  I arrived at Bull River BC where the Bull RIver joins the Kootenay RIver BC in the East Kootenay Region.  The Bull River BC residents were all ghosts with stories from the 1860s when they dreamed of placer gold in the Bull River!  In 1991, I drove along the Kootenay River BC past Ha Ha Creek Rd to arrive at Cranbrook BC.  Cranbrook BC's christening in 1898 was brought on by the Crowsnest Railway.  Cranbrook BC was once Ktunaxa DDA, and later, the city was known as Kootenays.  Later, Europeans named the site Joseph's Prairie after a chief, before James Baker named his land Cranbrook Farm.  Cranbrook BC history is 1%er Profit in Railroads, Lumber, Cattle Ranching, and Grain Farming crushing the independent Whoop Up Trail commerce.

In 1977, I followed the Dodge Truck and the home on wheels to Fort Whoop-Up (Lethbridge AB) which was the name given to the whisky trading post, originally christened Fort Hamilton.  Fort Whoop-Up welcomed Harvey with a new hiding spot for the home on wheels at the Westside Trailer Court across from The Oldman River on the east side of Lethbridge.  I followed the Dodge into the Westside Trailer Court, and I saw another dirt lot for our home on wheels.  It figures some people would probably look at a dirt lot as a fresh start.  I was tiring of Harvey's Run from the twin ghosts.  I knew, I had to keep it together one more school year to find freedom.  Harvey's Run from the twin ghosts added another hiding spot.  Humboldt SK, Watrous SK, Ear Falls ON, Oxdrift ON, Shaunavon SK, Lloydminster AB, Claresholm AB, and now Lethbridge AB representing 9 homes, 7 schools, and twin ghosts in 6 years.  I could take a Lumbar Puncture with a grin, but I was tired of running from Harvey's ghosts.  I was 16, when I drove to Winston Churchhill High School to register for Grade 12 in Lethbridge AB.  How was I supposed to know the 'special' school didn't accept students with a 60% average and outstanding warrants for his arrest on a bogus 'insurance' charge and conviction.  I was busy riding my dirt bike at the Temple Hill Race Track near Raymond AB.  In 1991, Watts / Wattsburg BC christened later as Lumberton BC in East Kootenay after A.E. Watts.  Watts owned the town, as the Lords of the manor owned Manchester England https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Manchester.  Watts owned the lumber mill in the village of 225 un ghosted.  The towns People, Post Office and General Store paid homage to their Lord for the Lords houses on the Lords town site.  When the surrounding area was clear cut, Watts was gone with his Profit.  Eventually, Lumberton joined the twin ghosts.

In 1977, the Wind and big Farms for Profit had already washed away the small towns on real or deforested farmland.  Lumberton tree stumps had long ago, unleashed the wind to wash away lumber towns in the land of forest and ice.  Early in September the forest and ice people had their road signs replaced with Metric Speed Limits and Instructions that year.  The roads signs were all replaced with metric, and I was slightly taken off guard as I had been driving since I was 10 years old.  My personal challenge was convincing the Principal at Winston Churchill to allow me into classes, until my school grades arrived from Claresholm AB.  I had an edge that the Principal didn't know I was unlawfully at large now, either.  I was never good at sitting in class, and I caught a break when Winston introduced 'Learning Guides'.  After attending Biology, Chemistry, and Math 30 and 31 several times, I switched to learning guides and I stopped attending classes.  I attended English, History, and Phys Ed occasionally, when I could.  I focused on learning from his text books and learning guides.  Maybe?.  I finally got over falling out of the barn and maybe I still had a brain after the concussion?.  Maybe, my brain just started working!  Maybe independent learning was what I needed?.  Suddenly, I just got it.  I could do a weeks worth of learning guides in about 10 hours.  I really got it!  I wrote the Course Tests in the testing centre ahead of the students attending classes, and I studied to stay in the 'special school' with the 'Learning Guides', while I dreaded the arrival of the uncivilized Lethbridge Police Service.  I ghosted through Winston, and I still had no idea there was 2 high schools in Fort Whoop Up.  In 1991, I drove past the frozen Moyie Lake and Moyie BC, where in 1893, a DDA Ktunaxa 'Pielle' or Pierre gave a stone deposit to Father Nicolas Coccola, the head of the St. Eugene Mission.  The Wild Horse River, formerly known as Wild Horse Creek, is a tributary of the Kootenay River, joining it near the town of Fort Steele, BC. The DDA primates from the Osoyoos Indian Band earned a bit of whiskey money during the gold rush of the mid-1860s, and these primates had 16, 000 years to pick up shinny rocks in their own creek by hand for home made jewelry?.  Yes, I know I said "Primate".  Every other primitive hunter gatherer on earth did better from these primates.  Fort Steele was established since the 1860s behind the gold discovery at Wild Horse Creek.  In 1991, I had no other explanation for the DDA near Forte Steele?

In 1991, I continued on the Crowsnest Pass / Kootenay Highway where the Wild Horse River Gold Rush got started, and 5,000 prospectors migrated to Rock Creek.  The two saloons had whores like the little whore from Clavet, a butcher’s shop, a hotel, and general supply stores opened for business.  A revolt broke out between Chinese and American miners.  The fascists from below the 49th parallel refused to pay for mining licenses, and their refusal set off the Rock Creek War.  The governor of BC, Sir James Douglas travelled from Victoria to put the southern fascists in their place.  He let them know that he planned to kill southern fascists with impunity, and Douglass told the fascists from below the 49th parallel he was going to have 500 British soldiers kill them.  The southerner cowards, cowards as all men are from south of the 49th parallel, decided they were not man enough to fight a British soldier.  The fascists from south of the 49th parallel paid their claim fees and they were allowed to stay to mine the creek.  The DDA primates couldn't understand what was going on, as they still didn't know what gold was in their very own creek 16, 000 years later.  In 1977, I attended school, and I applied for a gas jockey job at Woodwards.  The Woodwards Gas Bar and Automotive Department called, and I started working part time at the Gas Bar.  I was pumping Carbon straight out the Pump.  The cold weather started to set in to the land of forest and ice, with occasional breaks from southern Chinooks.  The early conversations regarding global warming, were easily ignored as I sat in the cold seat of my Meteor in the morning on my way to school.  We were forest and ice for our people, then.  In 1977, 1%er owned and controlled scientific organizations like NASA assured us global warming was not a problem.  We had at least 100 years before we would see an ice free Northwest Passage in the land of forest and ice.  In 1977, we really had no idea we were burning up 2.5 billion tonnes per year coal each year.

In 1977, we didn't know coal is the fastest growing source of energy in the world?.  In 1991, we believed we charged our phones with clean energy?.  The reality is we are not a lot smarter than the primates, sometimes.  Fact is that most electricity worldwide is coal fired electricity in 1977, in 1991, in the new millennium.  The forest and ice people had no idea!  In 1977, the forest and ice people just wanted Canada Post to go back to work delivering the mail.  Prime Minister Pierre Eliot Trudeau 'must do something to put an end to this strike'.  I ghosted through Winston Churchill High School, Fort Whoop Up, and the Whoop Up Trail.  I learned how 1%ers moved into the Whoop Up Trail, and the Edmonton Calgary Trail.  Real free enterprise went 'Away' early for the forest and ice people.  I was sad the Whoop Up Trail survived such a short time before 1%er steam engines, railways, before Production, Consumption, Profit, and the Business of War ruled the land of forest and ice.  I was sad that the coal feeding that domination killed the 150 forest and ice people in 1887 at Nanaimo BC in the Esplanade Mine explosion.  7 forest and ice people survived.  The 150 dead miners included 53 of our Chinese brothers who remained, unnamed.  In 1991, I followed the Moyie River BC through Ryan Provincial Park BC to Yahk BC in southeastern British Columbia, and the town was part of the 400 km Dewdney Trail from Hope to Galbraith's Ferry on the Kootenay River.  The Crow's Nest Pass CPR had arrived in 1898, and a railway tie camp started the town with roots in mining, lumber, coal, Yahk Provincial Park, and I've Been to Yahk and Back T-shirts.

In 1977, I was sad that the coal feeding the 1%er domination that killed 189 forest and ice people in 1914 at Hillcrest AB in the Hillcrest Mine explosion.  The worst mining disaster in the land of forest and ice in 1914 was caused by a methane and coal dust explosion.  The value of the forest and ice people was measured on the 2nd Page after 'WWI News' that day.  184 dead would have made the first page in war.  1%ers owned the first page for the Business of War with 1% profits in the Business of War.  1%er coal production killed thousands of forest and ice people inside the mines, on top the mines, and on their beds with black lung!  Every black lung suffered on the second page with family and friends.  1%ers regularly said "They had a choice'.  Hero's each of them.  Hero's for What?.  Our forest and ice people didn't know that energy would start one powerful north Atlantic storm after the other to pull temperatures of up to +30 Degrees Celsius above normal in the north of the land of forest and ice.  We didn't have a clue?.  Then.  I had a chance to take a full time shift 'temporarily' at the Woodwards Gasbar.  I said "Sure I'll give it a try".  I started missing several classes more than I was taking through learning guides, and my social studies teacher complained!  That set off a series of red flags!  I hadn't seen a Principal this angry since I brought in black powder supplies to school in St. Brieux.  He hollered for my presence directly over the intercom, himself.  I was in deep pig lotion, they roll in their pens.  Finally, the Principal called me into the office.  He started with 'You're not supposed to be here'.  That threw me off.  I had just about forgot I wasn't supposed to be in this school.  Needless to say, we had a lively meeting.  In 1991, I bridged over the Moyie River BC past McConnel, BC, Arrow Creek BC, to Erickson BC where the cherries and apples shone under the sun along the Crowsnest Highway in the longer summer.  Fortunately, a good water supply was built in 1926 with the East Creston Irrigation District for fresh water powered by gravity from Arrow Creek.  Gravity.  Power.  Full.  I felt the ocean air effect for the first time in the Creston Valley.

In 1977, the only thing that saved me was my marks.  I had a near A average without attending about 90% of my classes for the last 5 months.  Some teachers thought I had quit?.  In their 'special' school, this accomplishment actually meant something to a lot of teachers.  My biology teacher said she knew, and she also knew I was writing exams in 15 - 20 minutes.  I used the excuse that I needed money to attend University.  How would I attend University without Money?.  If I could not attend University, if I spent all my time at high school?.  The Principal didn't like me at all, but I was one of the best students in each class.  After our lively talk, the examination room staff would sit directly beside me in all exams.  They tired of that after 4 - 5 exams with as many as two witnesses.  I was writing 90% under their watch.  I can't explain the dramatic change from my lost fight with gravity in the barn to Winston Churchill High School.  My brain just seamed work, again.  Meanwhile, I was still driving to Vancouver in 1991, and the Crowsnest Highway brought me to Creston BC.  The Creston Valley is between the Purcell and Selkirk mountain ranges.  The DDA Ktunaxa or Kootenay lived here for our previously discussed 16,000 years, before they welcomed David Thompson trading metal for furs in 1808 for the Hudson's Bay Company.  Yes our friend David Thompson traded in the valley.  The fur bearing animals were nervous again, until European styles changed to save the animals from extinction at the hand of the DDA environmentalists.  'New' settlers farmed fruit and grain in this Dewdney Trail town Creston BC.  Unfortunately, Minor Gold Rush dreams reveille low ore deposits in the Creston Valley.  Lumber and international shipping arrived with the CPR and GNR to dominate the local economy just prior to the 20th century.  I was driving and dreaming of BC Cherries and Kokanee beer from the Columbia Brewery just purchased by Labatts.

I kept to myself at Fort Whoop Up as the postal strike drug on as Postal Workers tried to extort as much as possible out of the forest and ice people.  In November 1977, the forest and ice people watched the 65th CFL Grey Cup Game where the Montreal Alouettes beat the Edmonton Eskimos 41 to 6 at the Olympic Stadium in Montreal in front of 68,205 fans.  We were coming into our own that day in Montreal.  The Juno Awards had Burton Cummings and Patsy Gallant as male and female solo artists, and one of my favourite bands Heart, beat out April Wine and Bachman Turner Overdrive for best band of the year.  The ladies were hot.  I couldn't avoid the fat red devil that year, and I was forced to the punishment again.  My little claim to fame was that I was asked by Woodwards to be their mascot on their Special Saturday before Christmas in the main Woodwards store next to the gas bar.  Yes, I was the guy in the full body Goofy Suit walking through the department store giving out treats to the kids, and I played the part!  It was fun, behind the mask.  Would anyone ever know it was the town drunks son?.  Not one!  The testing room staff just started to give up watching the town drunks son.  It made no difference.  I had memorized the learning guides.  I know it is impossible, but I could read something and know it by heart as fast as I could read chemistry and biology.  Since the test material was close to the learning guides, I was able to write most exams in 20 minutes.  I read my text books, and I put a lot of effort into essays for each class.  I juggled the job and school through to the spring.  In hindsight, I am scared how we did so little to change the energy consumption in the land of forest and ice.  We just didn't know a little nicer in the land of forest and ice would be so bad for Ethiopia and southern people.  We just didn't know 100 million climate casualties would come so quickly.  In 1991, I drove over the Kootenay River after Creston BC.  I drove in January through the Kootenay's Hidden Fairy Forest.  I was a young man travelling to a new life in my lifetime.

The forest and ice people in Denmark really didn't see this coming in 1977, as we did our best to pump coal like all countries.

Denmark forest and ice people in Greenland see ice melting 600 times faster than normal

The forest and ice people were joined by the entire planet in pushing the limit.  In the new millennium we would all learn there was no turning back!  Don't conserve!  Do your best to survive by making as much money as possible.

In 1991 I drove through Stagleap Provincial Park.  Yes, I knew the history of the DDA.  I'm sure the colonization tools for the English and the French after Jacques Cartier discovered the land of forest and ice in 1534, were not much better than Seroka and his Gang of DDA in Toon Town.  The fur trade started very slowly with fishermen off the Grand Banks, and the DDA were the greatest culprits with both the British and the French in killing of their animals which they needed for clothing.  If the primate DDA were not happy in trading salt and metal goods like pots, the original traders would have never survived outnumbered by hundreds and even thousands in some ocean coast environments.  Sure the English and French controlled the land of forest and ice with their trading companies until 1898.  Sure, humans bred and married DDA primates to have offspring known as Metis.  Sure the Explorers, Traders, Settlers, DDA, Metis, and free men hunted down the Bison herds for hides, meat, and culling fees to enable dominance over the dominant herbivore before the Hudson Bay was conferred ownership of everything by the Federal Government by decree in 1867.  Sure the progress of steel and steam engines in Europe brought in 1%ers controlling energy and transportation across the land of forest and ice.  Sure the history The history of the Crowsnest Pass was pivotal to the ownership of BC for the 1%er.  Sure 1%ers controlled all commerce east and west through the Crowsnest Pass with their alliance of railroads and energy.  Sure, our lives were based on Production, Consumption, Profit, and the Business of War?.  What did you think?.  I drove though Salmo BC.  Was I a racist?

In 1991, the DDA Chiefs, Elders, and Parents, or as I like to call them DDA primates (older DDA) poisoned their children with stories of greatness for all tribes for 16,000 years.  The stories run for 150 - 250 years depending on geographical locations and treaties.  DDA primates like the Little Whore from Clavet were from the southern tribes of Saskatchewan.  Becky and her DDA brothers were taught they were among the greatest bison hunters in known history.  That is of course before the white man came along and ruined dominance of the food chain.  That was the only power DDA parents could claim over their children.  The DDA primate was able to hide the real truth.  The truth was primate DDA couldn't kill, intimidate, or scare a 2200 lb Bull Bison with their poplar sticks and stones.  The Little Whore from Clavets Great Grand Parents were more likely to be eating meat and dead bugs off Bison cows that died during calving.  Simple, recent, archaeology teaches us the DDA were unsuccessful at killing Bison! Why? There would have been huge piles of Bison Heads and Horns near each tribe.  These favourite tribal spots were later chosen as reserves.  16,000 thousand years multiplied by just 10 bison per season for her mothers tribe equals 160,000 skulls with horns in some state of decay.  Look at the size of the horns compared to the woman's mid section.  Becky's Poplar Tree Monkey tribe had no proof of any number of kills.  That's just the way Poplar Tree Monkey tribes lie to their children.  In reality, primate DDA were evolutionary losers.  Darwin would say they were stuck or an evolutionary loser.  Remember, the Bone Picking came after the white man arrived.  The tribes didn't have their skulls! Instead, there was no huge piles to be found at reserves.  Instead the Great Grand Parents hid her evolutionary inbreeding, which they replaced with imaginary stories of grandeur.  DDA like Becky's mother and grandmother poisoned their children with lies, and they blamed the present on the white man.  The DDA primate stories claim they were magnificent, until the white man showed up to mess things up.  DDA primates hate monger against whites, and DDA primate whining was the order of the day by all tribes.  The hopelessness and hate was the tenant from generation to generation to hide their failures.  Their evolutionary dead end.  That's just how much child abuse is ingrained into a primitive developmentally delayed aboriginal child on the reserve and in the reserve school each day.

Male Bison Skull Cap and horns from Bull Bison which were to big and tough for DDA hunting with poplar sticks and stones.

The picture from Extinctions Inc shows Bison from the land of forest and ice where the DDA survives as dinner for the wolves

Chiefs, Elders, and Parents lied to their children how great the primitive developmentally delayed aboriginal was while they were in fact evolutionary failures.  The DDA never accumulated the Bison Skull Caps and Horns anywhere to justify the primate stories to their children.

The Little Whore from Clavet's Poplar Tree Monkey tribe elders also claimed they were on top of the food chain! There is no evidence that the Poplar Tree Monkey Tribe was any where near the top of the food chain.  In reality her tribe had Poplar, Willow, and Jack Pine sticks, and they had rocks with some rock cracking skills to make arrow tips.  The forest and ice people DDA never had metal or the wherewithal to make a compound bow.  DDA lacked the insight to take shinny gold +-3 from rivers to make jewellery and cookware.  The bow was 'stone age' classification good to stick arrows into a tree truck at about 8 metres.  The stone age Tomahawk was a close rage weapon.  The spear was likely the best weapon in practical terms.  The DDA were actually at the bottom of the food chain.  The wolf packs were at the top of the food chain in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Russia, and north of the 49th parallel.  The migration of Europeans north into these Boreal Forest regions happened earlier.  The written word clearly indicates the first part of settlement was killing wolves.  We so easily forget the Wolfers in the settlement of the land of forest and ice.  The DDA in Canada were wolf meat for 16,000 years.  Getting wood to keep light and the fire was a deadly job.  The wolf cull on DDA was so strong none of the 'Treaties' would list thousands of DDA in each tribe or band.  Wolves were the dominant predator in all these countries, and until metal arrived the wolf was unchallenged at the top of the food chain.  Bears, Cougars, Grizzly, and Mountain Lions took their share of DDA as well.  However, each of these were happy to wander away from a wolf pack themselves.  Finally, each of these countries still culls wolfs today, as wolves remain at the top of the food chain.  Imagine, the wolf pack is the most powerful killing machine even today causing wolf culls in all of these countries.  The wolf pack remains the top of the food chain in the wilderness in the land of forest and ice.  DDA were not close to the top of the food chain, and DDA were actually more in line with the deer to all these predators.  The bow was only good for small animals and small birds.  DDA would take deer with spears from tree stands.  The Little Whore from Clavet believed all the stories, and she actually enjoyed ratting the boys out in Toon Town.

Time is the most precious part of the Universe!

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Then, you could be flipping burgers?

Now, the ghosts, the dead, the Punished, and the Punishers!

Wild horse creek gold rush and the wild horse river gold Rush in BC.

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