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I passed off Jimmy the Junkie in the Alder Inn Hotel Aldergrove outline as anger.  I could not believe Jimmy the Junkie would setup his friend Little Mike.  Jimmy the Junkie lived upstairs with Little Mike sharing a queen sized bed.  I had no idea of the whereabouts of his old partner Jeff, at the time.  Jimmy and Little Mike lived on the second floor of the Piccadilly Bar overlooking Pender Street from the eastern window.  In the spring of 1997, Little Mike filled out Jimmy the Junkie's Crew!  Jimmy the Junkie's # 1 is Little Mike from the Piccadilly Bar in 1997.  Jimmy the Junkie's # 2 is Mike who was a star at the Lamplighter Pub after the home invasion.  Finally, Jeff is # 3 as he is Jimmy's partner in the Gastown Hotel on Water Street in 1994.

I also considered Jimmy the Junkie talking about how his time in jail went from the summer of 1994.  Jimmy the Junkie said "he was never going back to jail".  He laughed.  Then he said, "Yeah, you don't want to mess with the Hell's Angels".  Then he laughed the same way about Little Mike and Edmonton.  How could he know he had the virus without being tested?  How could he threaten and laugh so confidently?  I could not believe Jimmy the Junkie gave Little Mike the virus on purpose.  Finally, Jimmy the Junkie listened to Barb talking about her biker days in Nelson, Kelowna, Edmonton, and Victoria.  He didn't have a lot of respect for that either.  These were all conversations I tried to forget.  Little Mike would know why Jimmy the Junkie laughed at Edmonton.  Meanwhile, Barb and I were doing better in their startup computer business.

The spring turned into the summer in 1997 as the Internet was starting to become what it would become.  In 1997 the eager business's were getting their in your face advertising on the Internet.  I bought a good scanner at Wes Micro, and he continued to maintain Wholeo's World on the SFU infrastructure at Harbour Centre.  He used the Wholeo's World web site on the Internet for promotion, and the sites were served up from the Harbour Centre fibre connection.  Barb was very successful in finding new customers, and life was getting back to normal.  Then in late June I got a call from "Little Mike".  He is demanding money!  I told Little Mike he didn't do business with Jimmy the Junkie.  He had done nothing since early May of 1997.  "Little Mike" was on the phone because Jimmy the Junkie told him I owed them money.  I said no.

The background was The Piccadilly Bar when they had a pay phone on the East wall inside the bar.  It was apparent "Little Mike" and Jimmy the Junkie were still sharing their nest above the Piccadilly Bar.  The Telus bells linked the bar to the Tipperary Apartments on Manitoba Street in New Westminster.  I told Little Mike to go see Jimmy the Junkie for the money.  He explained Jimmy the Junkie was paid directly by a third party in North Vancouver?  I told "Little Mike" that he and Jimmy the Junkie have been finished since the beginning of May.  I said explained he did not owe Jimmy the Junkie any money.  Finally, I told him to talk to Jimmy the Junkie, and I reminded him that he has never dealt money with anyone but Jimmy the Junkie in the past.  The conversation ended badly, as I tried to figure out what Jimmy the Junkie was doing?

Stretched out Junkies don't just call 2 months later to follow up on their cash?  That's not reality!  I thought Jimmy the Junkie was ripping off his crew of Little Mickey #1, Mike #2, and Jeff #3.  The Telus bell's sounded the footprints in late June 1997.  I reasoned Jimmy the Junkie must have ripped off his crew.  Junkies just don't wait quietly for money on a deal for a two months.  They would be at your door in 1 day or 1 hour!  I does believe Jimmy the Junkie is coming now.  Meanwhile I just don't feel right.  He decides to get himself tested for sexually transmitted diseases in early July.  I tested negative at the Sinclair Centre Medical Clinic in downtown Vancouver.  Barb and I took the Skytrain to Vancouver for the tests.  When there was no "call back", Barb followed up by phoning Dr. D Gordon herself.  I had been using the clinic since arriving in Vancouver in December 1990.  They were both relieved.

The medical records show their efforts to be responsible, and Barb and I also saw a marriage councillor to try to work out their problems.  They worked at building up enough customers to make a living.  They had new customers in hair transplant, motels, trucking, and golfing.  Barb and I tried to get along their best, and they were starting to make a living.  They were still short on cash, and Barb's "pain medicine" was tapped out.  Little Mike tried to extort money over the phone in late July.  I said no!  Then Barb and I found a new customer using Barb's great phone voice.  In August Jim was having a problem at the time with a corrupt Mitchell (NAGS) auto glass database.  Jim had a Broco Auto Glass franchise on Seymour Street in Vancouver.  Barb made arrangements for me to drop by his shop in Vancouver to see if he could fix the problem.

Jim had several problems which could be fixed.  The first was reinstalling the NAGS database so he could work.  I learnt the inner workings of the database and GTS front end software on Windows.  He also started to realize that the auto glass industry could provide a good niche market for the developing Internet technologies.  I started to research the industry in my spare time.  Jim and I agreed they would likely need to upgrade his computer in the future.  They would give Jim's old IBM one last chance.  The idea of distributing the Mitchell NAGS database over the Internet took root.  His research would support the need and financial sense of such an application.  I was convinced the Mitchell NAGS database was the right project.  Barb's telemarketing call became the beginning of an e commerce Intranet for the Auto Glass Industry.

I eventually installed a new computer in the shop on Seymour Street in Vancouver for Jim.  He could not shake the idea of an online auto glass database.  He continued to outline the possibilities of the database, while he started to work for several other auto glass shops in North Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey and Coquitlam.  Meanwhile, I developed my skills working on more basic in your face information and promotional sites.  I continued to research and practice new Internet programming languages to overcome various technical issues involved in such a project in the fall of 1997.  Barb also made a contact with Torsten Sinneman who was working for North Vancouver Air by the old airport terminal in Richmond.  I met Torsten in Richmond when he was meeting to make up a web site for the scenic air tour operation.

The days passed quickly as he struggled to find the technical developments which would put him in a position to complete such a project.  I continued to work for the auto glass shops in North Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey, and Coquitlam until finally he got a break.  It was in December of 1997 that I scheduled board meeting to look at the software project in the new year.  The future looked better for the business, and I did not see any signs or phone calls from Jimmy the Junkie and his Crew.  However, he did not feel quite right.  I wasn't paranoid.  He was tired.  Meanwhile, Barb and I visited Barb's family in Nelson once again for Christmas in December 1997.  Barb's mother was able to work out a deal on a car rental which was near the cost of two racing Greyhound tickets.  They rented a car from the Royal Car & Truck Rental on Royal Avenue in New Westminster for Christmas.

Barb was really excited for Christmas.  She was starting to talk to her niece about Christmas and sleeps on the phone.  Guess who's talking now?  Barb and Tom had sold their house in Nelson, and they bought a new house trailer which they setup on the acreage in Winlaw.  They lived on the North side of the acreage, and Garland and Teresa lived on the south side of the acreage.  Barb and I enjoyed a Christmas in the Slocan Valley.  They left on December 21 ST to return on December 27th 1997.  Barb and I enjoyed Christmas, and the visit helped patch things up after Aldergrove.  Meanwhile, I was eager to get back to New Westminster for the upcoming meeting in Coquitlam.  They arrived safely back in New Westminster to return to work on the business.  I went back to work on my Pentium 2 analyzing the working of the auto glass industry in the popular Glaslinks forum.  He was ready for the board meeting in January 1997 in Coquitlam.

I planned the auto glass Intranet to run on the state of the art options available at the time.  I decided the operational version of the auto glass Intranet would build on Microsoft SQL Server with one Intel-based server.  The second Internet Information Server (IIS) would serve the HTML back and forth to the client while querying the SQL Server.  New Load Balancing capabilities would allow 2 IIS and HTML servers.  For example, if the IIS server dies the second IIS server would pick up the load.  The servers could also share the load.  The Windows NT and SQL Servers had that fail over capability tightly integrated.  This "farming" capability required no proprietary hardware?  The load balancing was built into the NT and SQL servers.  I knew the ability was present in late 1997 regarding the serving and data store options.

You could run a 100GB SQL Server database on a four-way Pentium Pro system to serve 5000 users.  What if it ran out of gas?  You could "farm in" another four-way Pentium Pro system to work on the same database.  The database would be raid stored for hot swap ability.  The load could be maintained while the auto glass database software was maintained live to the stores.  During off peak hours the load could be transferred to one HTML / SQL server to install service packs to a second pair offline.  The other two HTML / SQL server could carry the entire load until you are complete.  The users are up and running the Intranet while you're updating.  These capabilities were either developed or developing in method and apparatus for an Internet protocol network clustering systems in the final service packs in  NT 3.51.  The beta version of NT 4.0 brought most of them into play before they were improved in Advanced Server 2000 betas in 1999.

The apparatus for the  TCP / IP load balancing and fail over process were ready or just around the corner for the integration with early betas and releases of Microsoft Cluster Server (MSCS) which was originally known as Wolfpack for Windows NT Server Enterprise Edition.  I liked the HTML in a .asp file extension.  The .asp script language could be divisional where many different .asp scripts could be loaded in each .asp.  This mean code could be recycled through various areas of the Intranet reducing load time, coding time, and usability.  The recycling of modules enforced uniformity across various coding styles and programmers.  Finally, the .asp front end supported Java script, Basic, Jscript, and DHTML as scripting languages to access the database code through the IIS Servers into the SQL servers to the database.  The database would also internally maintain much of the logic of the database in SQL language behind the SQL Server.  This hid most of what people would want to steal?

On Tuesday January 21st 1997, I made the presentation to the Board of Broco Auto Glass which was represented by the franchise owners.  I decided to bring Torsten to the meeting because he believed Torsten would be able to help with the project.  I knew this was going to be too much for one person.  The meeting went very well.  They decided they would go ahead with the concept of an online NAGS type service.  I was surprised that they decided to contribute funds that night.  Their enthusiasm was flattering, however I really didn't want to move that quickly yet.  Years of experience in the hardware, networking, and software business had taught him to educate clients and business partners.  Clients and partners often have the "magic" concept.  They decide they have the "genius", and it is just a matter of money.  He had been in the business long enough to know that you don't want your customers or partners to get into something they don't understand well.

I knew Broco was the perfect vehicle for this auto glass industry software product.  North American gross sales were in excess of 1 billion dollars.  He wanted to move slowly.  The browser and IP technologies were just starting to establish themselves out of "beta".  He knew they could see the concept from their industry perspective.  What they did not see was what was going to happen.  They were ahead of the curve.  I needed time to catch up to them.  Initially, at the end of January and early February the organizational aspect of their endeavour went fairly well.  They setup a company with a majority share to Broco.  I took a 24 percent of distributed shares.  Torsten pushed himself into the same 24 percent of distributed shares.  The company became "Zeppelin Software Solutions".  They opened bank accounts at the bank of Montreal at Austin and Brunette.

My interest and major goal was to put a server on a router in Harbour Centre.  This would provide the "presence" for what would need to be represented to Thompson International in the future.  Thompson owned Mitchell in their stable of companies.  Mitchell owned the National Auto Glass Standard part numbering system known as NAGS.  NAGS was a monopoly.  The entire auto glass industry runs on NAGS.  The Zeppelin server would not only provide the in your face presence of their business plan and concepts, but it would also provide the stand alone architecture for their Internet Protocol design required for the project.  I decided clone hardware with an Intel processor from Wes Micro would be fine for this stage of the project.  Torsten ordered the server, his machine, and a development computer for myself.  He picked the equipment up at Wes Micro on my Envirotech Canada Computer Services account from Richmond.

Torston used the Wes Micro account to purchase the partnership a Pentium Pro Server.  Torsten had negotiated with Broco to purchased one development computer for himself.  I caught wind that Torsten purchased a second Pentium Pro Server for himself.  I had agreed to a mid range P2 for himself.  Torsten did not drop off my mid range P2 on Manitoba Street.  I was forced to pick up the machine from Torsten just off Main Street in Vancouver.  Meanwhile, I knew the importance of developing a presence on tap.  I signed for locating the server on a monthly contract in Harbour Centre at an incredible bargain of 113.00 per month on site.  Zeppelin Software Solutions was optical fibre to the Canadian Fibre Optic Trunk from Harbour Centre.  He started paying the connection contract himself.  Meanwhile, Wes Micro called me regarding a significant number of purchases on my account.  They had not been paid for the balance which I was required to do in the event of large purchases with a few days.

The end of Eden.

I pushed the server through by signing the monthly contract for the connection at an incredible bargain of 113.00 per month.  I started paying the connection fee himself.  The server was physically located in the Harbour Centre Tower which is part of the SFU Vancouver downtown campus.  The costs were rising and Wes Micro wanted their money.  Broco had lent their support to Torsten over I during the beginning of the Zeppelin effort.  Wes Micro needed to be paid for the outstanding balance.  Broco agreed to cover the account at Wes Micro, and they tried to move forward.  I never had access to the Zeppelin bank accounts.  He did not know which of the franchises paid their $3,000.00.  He did not write checks.  However, the original funds expired in March of 1997.  I could see the end of Eden.

Broco was ahead of their time in the progression of the Internet.  However, Broco began to doubt the Internet could become what it is today.  They rationalized that the Internet was to slow for the glass shops.  They questioned the Internet Browser capabilities.  They started to question the concepts themselves.  Fortunately, the Wes Micro account was paid off before the payday checks bounced at the Scotia Bank on the corner of Brunette and Lougheed Hwy March 1997.  I knew that night at the board meeting in January that Broco needed more time to see the market coming.  This had gone much to quickly.  He knew then that Broco just needed time to see the technology and market come to their feet.  Broco decided they did not want to continue with the project.  The best possible suitor for the project had been lost by I failing to control Torsten and educate Broco properly.  Zeppelin burst!

Broco contacted Torsten themselves for the return of the equipment.  I heard through the grapevine that Torsten would not return his Pentium Pro development computer.  Meanwhile, I agreed with Broco to remove the Pentium Pro server from Harbour Centre.  I was able to have Garth Wasson witness the removal of the server from Harbour Centre in Vancouver.  They brought the server to the Tipperary Apartments on Manitoba Street in New Westminster.  I turned over my development machine and the Pentium Pro server to Merle of Broco Auto Glass.  Merle also took "Is" own computer.  I assumed he wanted to see if there was project information on my computer.  Broco later returned my personal computer.  I went to Torsten's apartment just off Main Street to try to get the other equipment back for Broco.  Torsten pulled a midnight move!  Torsten refused to return what would probably have been 2 computers.

Barb and I returned to their other Internet customers and their on site support.  They worked through April, May, and June of 1997 before Barb started to get excited about her sisters Wedding in Nelson.  Teresa and Garland planned to get married on the July long weekend.  Both Barb and I were looking forward to visiting the Slocan Valley.  It was the middle of June 1997 when Telus Bells rang.  Barb was out from the apartment at Tipperary Place.  I took a phone call from Winlaw.  Teresa called I, and I explained that Barb was not home.  Barb would talk to her family on the phone regularly.  It was a strange call where Teresa was doing most of the talking with someone listening in on the extension.

Teresa explained that she would like to talk to I.  The conversation went into how Barb and I were getting along.  I explained they were having their difficulties since the "incident" in Aldergrove.  I really didn't know what to make of this at the time, but the conversation worked it's way to the point that Barb might think that they were going to split up.  I tried to smooth things over.  Somehow, Teresa seamed to be running on information I was not aware off.  I was very surprised when Teresa told I that he should be careful and "he should wear a condom".  What did Teresa know?  I thought about the one time he did drugs with Jimmy the Junkie in April 1997.  But he had been tested since then, and Teresa picked up on my confusion.  Teresa said to someone else in the room or on the extension "He doesn't know yet".  What does Teresa know that I does not know?

The Telus Bells went silent.  The conversation ended.  I starts to get the impression that Barb cheated on him.  I still had not put together Jimmy the Junkie laughing at the Hell's Angels.  He still had not put together Jimmy the Junkie laughing at Little Mike and Hepatitis C.  He still had not put together the recycled Canada Post Mail Boxes with phone numbers and address information.  He had forgotten about the Notebook.  What does he make of Barb's sister Teresa regarding STD's.  I decided to get tested again for sexually transmitted disease at the New Westminster Medical Clinic by the Skytrain station in New Westminster.  He tested negative, even though he was always feeling tired.  Barb and I struggled together through the end of June to the July wedding.

Barb and I went to Nelson with Barb's Grandmother.  They left early on Friday June 26th with her Chevette.  They arrived Friday night for the wedding on Wednesday July 1 ST.  Their plan was to get married on their acreage in their newly built Gazebo in the backyard.  I found a very cool arrival at the acreage.  I realized that everyone thought he had AIDS.  Barb and I helped with preparations for the wedding for the next 5 days before the wedding.  I was told that certain people would not be attending the wedding.  They were not going to attend because of the AIDS news.  They chose not to attend instead of disturbing Teresa's big day.  Barb has lived and partied in both Nelson and Kelowna for many years with her biker lifestyle.  I understood that there were other tests completed in the area due to this AIDS scare.

The ceremony was very well attended on July 1 St, and Teresa and Garland held their dance at the Vallican Whole Community Centre along the Little Slocan River Road outside Winlaw.  I felt guilt that some of their friends did not attend because of him.  Many of these people were bikers and associates who were invited to the wedding.  They showed a lot of respect in not attending.  This caused both Theresa and Garland grief on their wedding day.  Teresa was great about this under difficult circumstances.  Barb's family and friends were great too.  "The bikers" from Nelson and Kelowna were great too.  The wedding ended successfully under the circumstances, and it was after the wedding that Barb's family followed up on the AIDS issue.  They brought in the assistance of Interior Health.

Barb's family are responsible people, and they called Interior Health which arranged for a Health Nurse to come by the acreage after the wedding.  I still had not put together what started all of this quite yet, and he was unsure whether Jimmy the Junkie had called the number on the Canada Post boxes.  The Nelson Interior Health nurse arrived on the acreage, and she was looking for additional information about who I may have had sex with in the last year.  They wanted to warn others of a possible infection.  I had only slept with Barb.  The nurse explained that he should be tested again for AIDS in 4 months.  This was the point where I started to consider where the nurse came up with the last year.  I started to summarize what was happening before Barb's Grandmother, Bar, and I returned to New Westminster after the horrible wedding experience.

I considered what had happened.  Jimmy the Junkie knew Barb's background, and he knew the family contact information.  He knew how to spread the AIDS rumour, and he knew exactly who he would be attacking in and around Nelson and Kelowna.  That's the way Jimmy the Junkie could attack everyone at the wedding because I will not buy computer equipment.  Jimmy the Junkie would hurt Garland and Teresa on their wedding day because I did not want to buy computer equipment?  I suffered the wedding at the Vallican Whole Community Centre, while Jimmy the Junkie just laughs at Barb's family, her friends, and the Kelowna / Nelson bikers.  They don't attend out of respect, and Jimmy the Junkie just laughs at the Slocan Valley.

Jimmy the Junkie swore never to go to jail in 1997, before he laughed at the Hells Angels.  The wedding in Winlaw was the first time I could prove Jimmy the Junkie in white pants on Hastings Street was attacking Kelowna and Nelson bikers.  Teresa and Barb's family was acting on Jimmy the Junkie's phone call.  The Nelson Interior Health Department was acting on Jimmy the Junkie's phone call.  Barb's family holds the digital footprint.  Jimmy the Junkie was not content with just ripping off Little Mike the previous summer.  Jimmy the Junkie was back on a role all of a sudden.  Why?  Why after all this time?  Could there be something else behind the timing?  Why would Jimmy the Junkie come out of the woodwork?  I has had nothing to do with Jimmy the Junkie since May of 1997.

Barb and I returned to New Westminster in July 1997, after the wedding in Winlaw.  They were not getting along well together under the circumstances in July 1997.  Barb could not quite believe that the tests were accurate before the wedding in Winlaw.  I believed Barb suspected I had AIDS.  The accusations Jimmy the Junkie had phoned into Winlaw before the wedding also caused I to question what Barb was doing?  Meanwhile, I just did not feel well, and he was tested again for STD's after the wedding at the New Westminister Medical Clinic along the Skytrain station in New Westminister.  The tests were negative.

I did not feel right in spite of what the provincial medical records will stated.  Barb's family was once again relieved, and I hoped the word spread around "the boys" in the Nelson and Kelowna area.  Barb and I were strained with mistrust after the wedding in Nelson.  They started to fall apart in July 1997.  They had been together since July of 1995.  They grew apart in July.  Meanwhile, I spent most of my time working on the auto glass software project.  He still believed the project was not only viable, but it would be extremely profitable as the IPO markets came to the Internet.  He neglected the web site customer base, and he neglected the on site customer base to work on project.

I spent a lot of time thinking about what brought Jimmy the Junkie and his Crew out of the woodwork in Winlaw.  Why would they be interested in I after all that time?  Could his crew still believe I owed them money?  Jimmy the Junkie knew the Canada Post mailboxes.  Jimmy the Junkie had the notebook.  He had the contact information.  The question was why did he start this after over a year.  Why didn't he make the call to Winlaw last year?  I started to wonder if the phone call to Winlaw was the first attack?  He thought back to the Met Bar & Grill on Columbia Street in New Westminster in May of 1997.  I was playing pool.

I was drinking beer and playing pool at the Met Bar & Grill early in May.  He was playing pool, and doing quite well on the table that night.  He played several games before a new challenger came to the table.  They were in the middle of the game when the challenger sucker punched I in the side of the head for no reason.  I took the punch.  He looked at the challenger.  Most people around the table either saw the punch or heard the smack.  I casually walked to the table and took my last shot the full length of the table sinking the 8 ball in the right hand corner.  He looked back at the challenger without saying "is that your best punch".  The challenger was asked to leave, and I played a little more pool before leaving the Met Bar & Grill that night.

In the middle of May 1997 Canada Post found Rohel with a very short letter.  The letter was from his brother Leo in St. Brieux Saskatchewan.  I was unsure how Canada Post found  Leo and I had been out of touch since we were in Ottawa in the late 1989.  However, since Wholeo's World on the Internet had the address on the Internet, it did seem logical that someone found the address on the Internet.  I read the letter.  He went down to Columbia Street to get drunk.  He picked a bar on Columbia Street to sit with a pint of beer.  This was the day that I remembered a crew which was way to interested in a geek having a beer on Columbia Street.  His father the town drunk was dead.  I was actually relieved.  He was no longer the town drunks son.

I returned to the apartment on Manitoba Street.  He did not tell anyone about the letter.  He did not contact his family.  I just wanted to be alone in life.  Barb and I were not doing well.  They lost their trust in each other, and Barb moved to her Grandmothers in Langley late in July.  I did not want to get back together after their short separation.  They were splitting up in late July and early August.  Her family helped her move what she wanted out of the Manitoba Street apartment.  Meanwhile, Jimmy the Junkie and his Crew did a little "balcony hazing" after Barb had moved to Langley.  I assumed they were back about the imaginary debt from the previous summer when Jimmy the Junkie ripped of his Crew.

Jimmy the Junkie and his Crew broke a window out of a a neighbours van at 220 Manitoba Street late in August while they were taunting for money.  There was not a lot I could do at the Tipperary Apartments on Manitoba Street.  I just let it go while the neighbours called the police.  I started to plan a move out of the apartment.  Once again, Rohel hoped everything would just blow over again in late August 1997.  Meanwhile, Barb remained at her Grandmothers in Langley in September.  Barb and I had made it official.  They would not be reconciling.  In early September I planned a move from the Tipperary Apartments.  If I was to lower my living costs, I may be able to continue with the auto glass software project?

I decided the best way to get investment for the auto glass software project was to build a prototype which would run on the Internet.  The prototype would demonstrate the functionality of the concept.  The web site would explain the concepts behind the prototype.  He would summarize the auto glass industry justifying the need for an online database in the auto glass industry.  He would publish the prototype on the Internet with a business plan.  He believed he would create investment by demonstrating that the NAGS (National Auto Glass Standard) owned by Mitchel could be avoided in an online database for the auto glass industry.  I kept my thoughts away from Barb.  He tried to keep my mind off Jimmy the Junkie and his Crew.  Yet, he kept thinking why would they come out of the woodwork after all this time?  I got a break.

My friend Bob in North Vancouver was able to help find both an investor and a place for I to live while continuing on the auto glass software project.  Bob had spoken to his friend Garth Wasson about the project.  I knew Garth from years ago when he was involved in Envirotech Canada Computer Services.  It was also Garth that witnessed the removal of the Zeppelin server in Harbour Centre for I.  Garth was willing to provide a basement suite at his house on 88 Ranelagh Avenue in Burnaby for an interest in the project.  Garth would exchange rent and his business expertise for an interest in the Auto Glass Software project.  I organized for a move at the end of September.

I spent the end of September working on the project.  The neighbours noticed some of the hazing, and one neighbour  suggested that I should install a security system.  Meanwhile I could not figure out why Jimmy the Junkie and his Crew came out of the woodwork after such a long period of time.  It was a year ago since they had seen each other last.  I could not figure out why they were suddenly interested in him.  I hoped the move would loose them.  He would not leave any tracks to the new place if possible.  He would not leave forwarding addresses.  He would not transfer phones.  He would not transfer his Internet accounts.  He would try to make a clean cut.

The moving day went perfectly from Manitoba Street to 88 Ranelagh Avenue in Burnaby.  Bob was able to get his friend Tom to pull a trailer with his truck.  They loaded the couch, chair, desk, and computers onto a trailer.  They loaded the boxes of paperwork from Envirotech Canada Computer Services.  They loaded his bed.  Finally, they loaded my boxed personal items on the trailer.  They tied down the load.  Jimmy the Junkie and his Crew were nowhere to be seen.  I breathed a sign of relief as he left the keys on the counter.  They drove to 88 Ranelagh Avenue in Burnaby and unloaded the furniture, computers, and paperwork, and personal items in the lower level of Garth's house.  The move was over and I was sure no one had followed them to the new address in Burnaby.

I was tired on Monday September 29th 1997.  It felt as if the life was being sucked out of him.  Yet, the medical tests were all negative.  He was fortunate his friends had helped him in trying to pursue the project.  He was fortunate they were there to help him.  He was to tired to do anything but set the bed up in the bedroom and get he got ready for sleep.  He was pleased to make a clean cut from Manitoba Street.  He hoped no one would bother him at his new place.  Life was normal again.  It was quiet.  I just could not figure out why Jimmy the Junkie and his Crew would be interested in him after all this time?

The mid afternoon move from Manitoba Street to 88 Ranelagh Avenue went well.  I did not think he was followed.  I settled into the suite.  He used the room with a window for his computer room.  It was quiet.  There was no balcony hazing at Garth's place on 88 Ranelagh Avenue in Burnaby when I moved into the basement suite.  It was normal.  I could no longer afford the Wholeo's World site on the Internet.  He cancelled the account with SFU, and he registered DNS under Onlineglass-com.  The site was served on an American server on a discount deal in the 24.99 per month.  While the web server services were limited, the server offered Active Server Pages functionality.  Onlineglass-com would be much more appropriate DNS for the auto glass software project on the Internet at a discount cost.

The web site and demonstration software on Onlineglass-com would explain and demonstrate how Insurers, Wholesalers, and Auto Glass Shops connect using the Internet Backbone to complete Auto Glass Invoicing, Insurance claim processing, and Wholesale ordering with one database.  I began by building the web site explanation on Onlineglass-com.  He was moving forward with the software project by September 29th ST on his own with Garth supporting the project.  My Internet Direct account had been cancelled for late payment.  He was able to use Bob's account late in the evening through the early mornings.  On September 30th 1997 I worked on promoting the web site, and Garth prepared paperwork to formalize his investment in the project in writing on Friday October 3 RD at his office.

I made the trip downtown to meet Garth at his office.  He caught the BC Transit # 135 bus downtown at the Hastings Street / Springer Avenue Station at 9:12 for his 11:00 appointment at Wasson and Wasson on Granville Street.  He jumped off the bus at the West Hastings Street / Granville Street Station.  He did notice a little attention as he got off the bus, and then he walked to the Rogers Building at 470 Granville Street in Vancouver where Garth maintained his office.  It felt like the Clan from Clavet had shown my picture all over town, as I walked south on Granville Street to Wasson and Wasson!  Garth's father had originally started the Law firm  Wasson and Wasson.  Garth joined the firm when he passed the Bar exam.  I found the Wasson and Wasson Law Office early for my 11:00 appointment to sign papers with Garth regarding their business relationship.

I signed a few documents regarding Garth's contribution through the suite towards the Onlineglass-com Project.  The suite would be credited as an investment in Onlineglass-com project.  Garth and I also talked about using a Incorporated Company to own the software project.  Garth had a company which was created in the early 1990's during the Envirotech Canada Computer Services era.  John Lok incorporated a company called Winsoft Operator Systems Corporation.  The name was duly registered, and the company remained on the shelf.  Garth suggested Winsoft as the ownership vehicle for the software.  John Lok who was also involved in Envirotech at 5400 Airport Road South in Richmond coined the name.  "Winsoft" is a twist on "Windows" and "Microsoft".  Garth and I agreed to consider this corporate vehicle for the software project.

I signed Garth's papers, and he went downstairs to catch a bus on Granville Street.  He had not checked the timing of the busses for the return trip.  He walked to the nearest bus Station at W Hastings Street and Granville Street.  He waited for the # 135 which would return him to Burnaby.  He noticed he was being watched while at the bus stop.  When the bus arrived I did not get on the bus alone.  I noticed one of the passengers who boarded with him watching him.  I considered my visibility to be low traveling in and out of downtown Vancouver.  Yet, I felt that he was being watched on the bus.  This was not Jimmy the Junkie or one of his Crew.  How could Jimmy the Junkie and his Crew get so many people involved?  While considering what appears to be one of Jimmy The Junkies recruits on the bus, I almost missed my stop.

I pulled the cord while the short, slight, young blond haired man was not looking in his direction.  The unintentionally late bell pull went unnoticed by the young man.  The # 135 bus pulled into the Hastings Street / Howard Ave Station.  I quickly moved to the door, and he jumped off quickly.  It was a quick stop which caught the young man by surprise.  The bus started to move forward, as I was on the sidewalk.  I thought he was imagining things for a second.  He turned south on the sidewalk.  He must be getting paranoid?  No.  The young blond haired man on the bus started screaming at the front of the bus.  "I want off!"  "I want off, now" screamed the young man!

I could barely hear inside the bus, but the bus driver appeared not to want to stop.  I thought he heard the young man say I'll kill you if you don't stop!  The bus stopped after a metre or two before entering traffic.  The BC Transit driver must have been frightened.  The young man I had noticed on the bus was able to get off the front of the bus.  The young fool got off the bus at the front, and he was still making threats to the bus driver through the door of bus # 135.  He turned his attention to me.  He turned to look towards the back of the bus while I watched him notice he was being watched.  The young man turned away walking east on Hastings Street.  I crossed Hastings Street heading north.  Then I looked back when he was on Empire Drive to see the young man was following him.

The young man was definitely not one of the Jimmy the Junkie and his Crew.  I thought the young man could be someone who knew Jimmy the Junkie and his Crew.  In any event, I knew he was being followed home in the middle of October of 1997.  I could see I was being followed back to my basement suite on 88 Ranelagh Avenue at Garth's house.  What I could not believe was that Jimmy the Junkie and his Crew could get his street recognition to such a high level in a few weeks.  There had to be something else going on here?  It was June 1997 since I would have nothing to do with Jimmy the Junkie and his Crew.  It did not make sense that they would be going through all this trouble now?  Jimmy the Junkie and his crew had disappeared until the wedding, The Met Bar & Grill, The Vandalism, and the Bar on Columbia Street during the spring and summer.

I had already been setup to track home after just a few weeks at my new address?  I couldn't quite believe Jimmy the Junkie and his Crew had this much time on their hands to track down a few dollars Jimmy the Junkie says they are owed.  It's the time between.  It has now been 14 months since I have had anything to do with Jimmy The Junky and his Crew.  I could not believe they had the resources, capability, or money to get someone followed out of town on such a inconspicuous bus trip.  I opened the door of the suite, and he locked it behind him.  He went back to work on the project.  The quiet life at Garth's came to an end.

Jimmy the Junkie and his crew had disappeared until the wedding, The Met Bar & Grill, The Vandalism, and the Bar on Columbia Street during the spring and summer.  Now, they had the street in Vancouver following him home to Burnaby.  The hazing started again at Garth's place immediately.  I noticed that the balcony / alley hazing had been upgraded to include a Black Van hanging around the area.  In the next few days The Black Van started to take up regular residence behind Garth Wasson's neighbours garage to the North.  The Black Van parked directly behind the neighbours garage on the edge of the alley at night.   They were obvious in parking behind the garage, but the real question is where was Jimmy the Junkie and his Crew getting all the money for this effort?  I thought there must be some sort of a Clan from Clavet funding the Junkies, spreading the word on the street, and following I home to Burnaby.

I tried to focus on the Onlineglass project as people drove by the back alley yelling "your dead".  He promoted the project for half the day.  He would cultivate auto glass connections in the GlassLinks forum on the Internet.  He would contact these individuals to see if they were interested in the concept.  Did they see the potential?  Were they interested?  Did they know anyone who might be interested.  I was successful in developing connections in two companies in the Philadelphia region of the United States currently in the auto glass industry.  They were Universal Data Interchange (UDI) in DuBois Pennsylvania and Independent Auto Glass distributing auto glass in the Pennsylvania area.  I also continued to upgrade the web site and online demonstration version of Onlineglass-com.

I overcame the limitations of my discount web service by linking the web page to an IP Address on my machine.  I could do more serious demos from my IIS Server running on NT 4.0.  The demonstration software was coming along as he was quickly developing the drill.  The user could click on the Make of the vehicle.  The demo would respond with all Models.  The user could click on the Model.  The system would respond with the Style.  The user could click on the Style.  The system would respond with the Glass Descriptions on the car.  The user could select the appropriate Glass Description.  I developed a scripting code to demonstrate the car drill which went make, model, year, and style to select the vehicle to be repaired.  He was now populating the script with data for North American cars.  The hazing continued from the alley and the street.

The design of the Onlineglass-com web site was such that it would eventually become 23,000 HTML files filled with arrays of descriptions of auto glass.  I continued to promote each Make of vehicle on the Internet.  He hoped he would find investment to bring the project over the top.  He found many typical promotion opportunities such as Saab.

From: "Dennis H. Rohel"  Subject: Saab Glass Database soon finished.  The handy little glass database at is free and soon they will be finished with Saab.

While I worked on the Onlineglass-com project, he thought about what it took to follow him to his new address on 88 Ranelagh Avenue in Burnaby.  Jimmy the Junkie and his Crew with the old Honda Civic were not capable of such an effort.  They disappeared after the spring of 1997.  They were hard core Junkies.  Their had to be a  Clan from Clavet to fund them.  That's what brought them out of the woodwork.  The Clan from Clavet had to fund the search because he left no tracks.  I was using Garth's fax line for Internet access.  He was using Bob's Internet Direct account.  He has no bills at the new address.  He does not run a vehicle.  He kept to himself.  He left no footprints to his new address.  I is convinced their is a Clan from Clavet funding and promoting him on Granville Street in Vancouver.

I understood that half of the hooked up people in downtown Vancouver must have had a heads up from the Clan from Clavet.  The Clan from Clavet may very well have used Jimmy the Junkie and his Crew early on in their search.  However, I also realized that downtown Vancouver must have seen some sort of a picture of him for someone he does not know to follow him home.  It was a well funded organized spread of information.  It took the Clan from Clavet just a few weeks.  I wonders if this blast of information in downtown Vancouver was noticeable?  Jimmy the Junkie and his Crew did not have the resources.  Who's providing the mysterious Black Van parking behind the garage?  How can Jimmy the Junkie and his Crew invest so much time in Jimmy the Junkie ripping of his crew?  I figures the street would know!  I got some sleep.

I continued to work on October 4th 1997 developing a good group of auto glass industry connections.  He had early email conversations going with UDI and Independent Auto Glass in Pennsylvania.  Onlineglass-com was taking shape.  The Onlineglass-com was gradually starting to take a few hits.  The objectives of the software were laid out in a clear explanation.  I was inviting auto glass shops on the Internet to check out the site.  The site would be running without NAGS numbers sometime in the future.  This was the perfect time to attack monopoly of the NAGS numbering system.  There was already talk that the NAGS numbers were in violation of the The Sherman Antitrust Act (1890) in the United States.

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