Guns, Murder, Injecting Hepatitis C into Rohel for the Little Whore from Clavet, New Westminster Public Health Unit, BC Biomedical Laboratories, Jimmy the Junkie, Black Van and Canada Post Mailbox, Winlaw BC, Nelson Regional Health, Vancouver Crime Stoppers, Canada Post Mailbox

Prologue by © Dennis Rohel

The Sherman Antitrust Act (1890) in the United States states that: "Every contract, combination in the form of trust or otherwise, or conspiracy, in restraint of trade or commerce among the several States, or with foreign nations, is declared to be illegal."  The Act goes on to state that "Every person who shall monopolize, or attempt to monopolize, or combine or conspire with any other person or persons, to monopolize any part of the trade or commerce among the several States, or with foreign nations, shall be deemed guilty of a felony".  I believed the NAGS part numbers were used to control pricing in the auto glass industry.  There was a monopoly sustained by the part numbering system.  The entire industry was locked into the NAGS numbering system for retail, wholesale, and insurance claim processing.  NAGS not only set the pricing of the auto glass, but NAGS also determined the time and material involved in the job auto glass repair.  The insurance industry accepted NAGS costs per repair pricing system over time.

While the standard was being used to control the industry, the hazing from the Black Van started as soon as I moved to Garth's in September 1997.  The quiet days were definitely history.  I noticed Jimmy The Junkies Honda Civic out front one night.  Garth watched from upstairs on his balcony, as the Black Van regularly took up residence behind the neighbours garage at night.  The neighbour to the north noticed the Black Van as well.  At the beginning of September 1997, Garth's north side neighbour slipped out his back door at night.  He walked quietly down his backyard sidewalk to the front of his garage.  While hidden by the garage between him and the Black Van in the alley, the neighbour listened to the occupant talking about guns and murder.  He went unnoticed by the occupants of the Black Van, and he listened to the conversation long enough to realize that the occupants of the Black Van were interested in doing harm to Rohel.

Rohel worked on the Onlineglass-com project.  He cultivated his auto glass industry contacts, and he studied the market for the online application development.  While the market was currently dependent on the NAGS numbering system, I could see that they really did not need the NAGS numbers.  I could also see why they might not want the NAGS numbering system.  Bill had mentioned that NAGS was national, while most retail expenses were regional.  The land, lease, location, labour costs, market, and volume influenced most repair shops differently.  Yet, NAGS did not represent these cost changes across different States.  I decided that the online database should be able to use artificial intelligence to adjust regional pricing by ZIP Code to avoid potential Sherman Anti Trust litigation.  He could also use this to fight the NAGS numbering system with the Sherman Anti Trust Act.  I went out for a cigarette in the carport behind Garth's house.

I got a visit the next morning in the carport from Garth's neighbour to the north while having a cigarette in the carport.  The neighbour talked to me about what he had heard the occupants of the Black Van talking about the previous night.  The neighbour mentioned to me that the occupants of the Black Van were talking about guns.  I said what?  He added that they were talking about shooting Rohel.  The neighbour said he could not get involved because he had a family, and he told Rohel that he should be careful.  I was not surprised.  Instead, he was pleased to know what Jimmy the Junkie and his Crew were planning.  He could not believe Jimmy the Junkie and his Crew could raise such an attack?  Why would he wait so long to raise this attack?  It has been 1 1/2 years since I told Jimmy the Junkie there would be no more computer equipment.  The Clan from Clavet must have promoted my face recognition in downtown Vancouver in September to follow him to 88 Ranelagh Avenue in Burnaby.  The Clan from Clavet must be funding the Black Van.  Jimmy the Junkie and his crew were being used by the Clan from Clavet.  Why?  I was sick of the prospects, and he did not feel right physically either.  He slept with "Bertha" a 40 cm butcher knife of the hacking variety beside the bed.

Rohel considered his options early in September regarding the Onlineglass-com project.  He started to develop the car drill from whatever sources he can acquire as they are not legally restricted.  The dealer "black book" worked perfectly for most cars.  For demonstration purposed he includes the text of the NAGS number at the end of the car drill, however the car drill was the real logic to the identity of the glass for car.  Cars that were changed during the year were given two choices in the year portion of the car drill.  The end of the car drill was populated with the location of each piece of glass.  I used FG (Front Glass), RG (Rear Glass), FQ (Front Quarter), RQ (Rear Quarter), DF (Door Front), DR (Door Rear).  The FQ and RQ had descriptions which included "Right or "Left".  The DF and DR had descriptions which included "Right" or "Left".  I used the wholesale descriptions of the glass for each location.  These descriptions included the tint of the glass, size of the top shade, the colour of the top shade, the bottom band colour, holes for quarter glass, and other glass options for each glass location on each car at the end of the car drill for each car.  Whatever happened with NAGS and Mitchell, I would not need the NAGS numbers.  I went to sleep feeling sick, and he awoke September 7th feeling sick.

I was always feeling sick while he built the drill and description arrays.  Rohel has never had an STD, but he thinks he has one now.  He has not been with a women since Barb, yet he is feeling progressively worse each day.  It has been about 4 months since meeting with the Interior Health Nurse in Winlaw after the wedding in July.  I decided to get tested for STD 's once again at the New Westminster Medical Clinic.  Rohel was tested at the New Westminster Medical Clinic after the wedding on July 1st 1997 in near the New Westminster Skytrain Station.  I had fallen behind on my Medical Service Plan payments, so he phoned their Service BC Centre to find out if his coverage would work.  He had lost his card, and they gave him his number over the phone so he could get the tests.  I phoned the New Westminster Medical Clinic to schedule an appointment on September 8th, after the Thanksgiving weekend.

On September 9 th, I checked the bus route to New Westminster from Garth's place on 88 Ranelagh Avenue as he had never traveled in the lower mainland from Burnaby to New Westminster using BC Transit.  I continued my planning for the web site.  His industry communications continued as he tried to explain to auto glass industry participants how the "networked" aspect of one database offered many advantages.  The Auto Glass Shops would get free access to the database for creating invoices in their shops.  The database would not only reflect regional differences in costs, but it would also allow for one database to be kept up to date on a daily basis without sending out CD's to stand alone systems for updates.  Onlineglass-com provides the hours allowed per repair in a similar fashion to NAGS, and the base price of glass would be the wholesale price of glass.  The Moldings, Clips, Grommets, and Silicone per repair would also be included in the invoice the repair shop creates in the auto glass shop.  Each of these services could be provided in a similar or superior fashion to NAGS.  The greatest advantage over NAGS was that all three industry partners were working in one database.  I went to sleep with the Black Van was regularly out back of the house behind the neighbours garage.

On September 10TH, I checked my email to an interesting proposition.  UDI was interested in talking face to face about the Onlineglass-com project.  I was invited to demonstrate the project in Philadelphia Pennsylvania if he was available.  It was great news.  I let Garth know that evening, and we decided to inform Garth's mother, Joan Wasson.  Joan lived in West Vancouver, and we hoped she would possibly finance the trip, as she becomes a new partner in the Onlineglass-com project.  They agreed that they would meet with his Joan to see if she was willing to provide a little seed capital to the project.  Garth and I talked more about using the Winsoft Operator System Corp. company, and they went to the HSBC Bank at 2590 Hastings Street East in Burnaby to set up a bank account for Winsoft.  He replied to the email that he would get back to UDI as soon as possible.  He was excited because UDI was doing claim processing for Farmers Insurance in Los Angeles, and they would have the meeting at the wholesaler Independent Auto Glass.  He worked alone through the Thanksgiving weekend, and he went to sleep early on September 13th to make his 10:30 AM appointment at the New Westminster Medical Clinic.

I woke up early in the morning in the morning September 14th for a shower, before he caught the BC Transit bus from the Hastings Street and Howard Avenue bus stop heading east on the # 160 Poco Station bus to the Coquitlam Central Station.  He transferred at Bay # 5 to the C28 Port Moody bus to the New Westminster Skytrain Station.  The trip went without serious incidents, and I walked from the Skytrain Station to  New Westminster Medical Clinic at 537 Carnarvon Street in New Westminster which was part of the New Westminster Public Health Unit.  He did not notice anything unusual in the waiting room, and he saw a doctor after a short wait.  I said he had been in before for a STD test.  He advised the doctor that everything checked out negative.  However, he explained that he did not feel right at all.  This time the doctor decided to do a full blood work up which included AIDS.  I decided to take the doctors paperwork directly to the lab in New Westminster to have blood drawn.

I stepped outside the New Westminster Medical Clinic, and he turned left on Carnavon Street heading east.  He crossed Blackie Street where he met a young blond haired man walking west on the sidewalk.  When I walked past a regular Clan from Clavet gang member made a comment about "getting medical tests done".  I knew he must be connected to Jimmy the Junkie and his gang joining the Clan from Clavet.  I remembered the young man's face.  He did not turn around, instead he continued walking past Lorne Street to 6th St.  He turned left on 6th Street up the hill.  He was sick.  He tired easily.  I worked my way slowly up the hill to past Royal Avenue, Queens Avenue, Robson Avenue, Welsh, 3 RD Avenue, Blackford Street, 4THAvenue, and Brantford Street.  He was tired and sweating on a warm day for September.  Finally he turned left on 5THAvenue to find the BC Biomedical Laboratories at 508 - 625 5THAvenue in New Westminster.  He took the elevator to the fifth floor, and I had my blood drawn.  He had little hope for good results.  He was sick.  He wanted to find something.

I left 5 vials of blood before taking the elevator down to 5TH Avenue in New Westminster.  Rohel turned west on 5th Avenue, and he walked past 7TH Street and Ash Street.  He waited for the BC Transit bus at the 8THStreet / 5TH Avenue transit stop.  I boarded the Northbound 123 Kootenay Loop bus to Brentwood Station.  He switched buses to the 130 Phibbs Exchange bus from Bay 2 at the Brentwood Station.  The 130 Phibbs exchange brought him to brought him to the bus stop at Hastings Street and Willingdon Ave.  Finally he boarded the 135 SFU bus to his closest bus stop at Hastings Street and Springer Avenue.  I was exhausted as I walked up the hill to his suite on 88 Ranelagh Avenue.  I unlocked the door, and I turned on my computers.  Garth came down shortly with news that Joan would see them on Sunday in the middle of September 1997.  The news did lift my spirits, but I was feeling terrible.  He doubted his strength to bring this project over the line.  He slept with Bertha.

I awoke on September 15th feeling tired as usual.  He waited for the results of his tests, and either the Black Van or the Honda Civic is cruising around the neighbourhood.  The Black Van spends most of it's time behind the neighbours garage to the north at night.  I had heard and seen enough to know that the occupants are Jimmy the Junkie and his Crew in the Black Van.  They actually sneak along the north side of the house on the course gravel to let me know what his future hold.  I recognized "Little Mike's" voice hollering down the course gravel corridor.  There is also another a voice which I had come to recognize, but he does not have a face to put with the voice.  I worked beside the window day and night on the software project in the hope he will be able to make the trip to Philadelphia.  I tried to give the project my best effort, while I worried about both being killed, and my health.  That night Rohel fell asleep believing the Little Whore from Clavet was financing Jimmy the Junkie and his gang.

I did not know how long it would take for the phone call from the New Westminster Medical Clinic.  He was working on repetitive database work on the descriptions of the glass in the arrays of his script.  The window next to the computers on the ground floor on the North side of Garth's house was guarded.  Admittedly, it was a convenient place for Jimmy the Junkie and his Crew to sneak up to the window.  However, they were not so sneaky walking on the 2 cm course white gravel.  The 1 metre border of the house between Garth's property and the neighbours fence to the North was the guard.  The only way to get close to the window was by the gravel gauntlet.  Given, the conversation with Garth's neighbour in the carport about guns and murder, I was now concerned about just how far Jimmy the Junkie and his Crew would go for the Clan from Clavet?  Could it still be Jimmy the Junkie trying to cover up ripping off his Crew?  I started to listen carefully to everything around him.  He tried to listen carefully to my surroundings.  He was starting to become what he was going to be shortly.  I worked through September 16th with no phone call from the clinic.

The next morning I reinforced my original emails regarding my intent to try to attend in Pennsylvania, but he had to stall because he did not have the money.  While, the database was only partially populated with cars.  I was able to talk my way through Brian in the Speedy Auto Glass Warehouse to make an appointment to talk to their computer specialist Doug.  Doug did manage to setup a viewing of the primitive demo with some management of Speedy.  The database was only partially populated with information, and I talked them through the car drill with several cars which were complete.  I served the demo using Bob's slow speed Internet Direct connection and Windows NT on my machine in the computer room with a window.  The demo did go well enough to get an idea of what the software was going to do in the future.  I found two problems with his demonstration.  First, an industry who has been restricted to a stand alone environment had trouble understanding what the difference would be in sharing a database.  Second, I would not leave the NAGS numbers in the database to allow potential investors to discount the Onlineglass-com project.  I to follow up with Doug to get constructive advice.  I could hear the Clan from Clavet's crew behind the house as he went to sleep next to Bertha.

I was torn between happiness and sadness that the phone never rang.  He was suffering, but he did not get any bad news.  On the other hand he spent a lot of time using the fax line which was the New Westminster Medical Clinic's only means of contacting him on Garth's fax line.  On Saturday September 18th, I prepared for the meeting with Joan on Sunday.  He prepared a few papers which tried to describe the project, and the progress towards promoting the project in the auto glass industry.  The Winsoft account was set up at HSBC for the funds to be maintained in the account if she was willing to consider the project.  I tried to focus on the project, presentation, and paperwork to document the company accurately, however he kept thinking about Jimmy the Junkie raising support from his own crew by blaming me for money his crew never received as he went to sleep.

Jimmy the Junkie motivated Little Mike, Mike, and Jeff by blaming Rohel for the lost cash.  This could very well be the reason they helped Jimmy the Junkie early on in harassing Rohel.  They were Jimmy The Junkies's first victims.  Jimmy the Junkie blamed the "lost property" from the home invasions and thefts on Rohel.  Rohel understood more about the Clan from Clavet working around him.  The real question was who is funding Jimmy the Junkie and his Crew in the spring and summer of 1997?  This Clan from Clavet now had one voice in the back alley in Burnaby.  This Clan from Clavet also had a face on Carnavon Street in New Westminster.  I had my folder ready to meet with Joan, and Garth drove his white Lincoln to West Vancouver to see her in her apartment.  I explained the project to her.  She seamed receptive to the idea, however she wanted to consider the investment.  Hope.

I raced to the phone after celebrating hope the night before with a bottle of Vodka.  It was not one of his auto glass industry contacts.  It was the New Westminster Medical Clinic.  They had tried to contact Rohel earlier, and her mood was somber.  Garth's fax line was working now.  The New Westminster Medical Clinic nurse had called to let him know that I needed to come back to the Medical Clinic regarding his results.  He was shaken.  He inquired as to the reason.  She would not let him know what the problem was over the phone call etched in concrete footprints.  I pressed the nurse for a little more information.  He heard papers through the Telus Bells.  She did let me know unofficially that it is not AIDS.  I was somewhat relieved for a couple of seconds, but my concern returned with a vengeance in the next few days.  I agreed to an appointment at the Clinic on September 21 St.  The Black Van was celebrating.

On September 21st, I once again woke up early in the morning for a shower, and I caught another bus from the BC Transit Station at Hastings Street and Howard Avenue.  The bus headed east on the # 160 Poco Station bus to the Coquitlam Central Station.  Once again, I transferred at Bay # 5 to the C28 Port Moody bus to the New Westminster Skytrain Station.  I walked from the Skytrain Station to  New Westminster Medical Clinic at 537 Carnarvon Street in New Westminster.  He turned left into the Clinic, and he waited for his appointment in the waiting room.  He took a chair on the West End of the waiting room so he could keep everyone in the room in front of him with his back to the wall.  I sensed  he was being studied in the waiting room, where he thought he was looking at the young blond haired man walking west on the sidewalk on Blackie Street after the last test.  I was learning to keep life in front of me during my daily routine.

I did hear some chatter in the waiting room which seemed to be intended for his ears.  It was hard to tell for certain?  He thought he was being paranoid before his appointment came up in the waiting room.  He walked into the cubicle behind reception, and I waited for the Doctor to enter the room.  I had waited for doctors before in a cubicle, and in most cases he assumed patients would study the wall looking for information.  Yes, they always put information on the walls to entertain you while you ponder your fate.  This time what overtook him was the chatter in the shamefully inadequate walls.  He could hear the chatter from the waiting room quite clearly as the partitions were not soundproof.  The waiting room appeared to be more jovial than most he has waited for his turn.  The Doctor came into the room a little quicker than the normal cubical wait time, and he sat down on a small black circular stool.  He looked sternly at Rohel, and the doctor told him he had Hepatitis C.

I felt like my chair was sinking into the floor.  It was as a horrific moment, and time slowed with dread as everything sharpened with anger!  I did not hear much of what the Doctor said in the cubicle.  The doctor continued professionally with the test results.  I went numb.  He thought about when he told Jimmy the Junkie that he did not want any more computer equipment 6 months ago in May.  That's when Jimmy the Junkie had changed the conversation to "Little Mike".  Jimmy the Junkie had said "Little Mike" had Hepatitis C.  Jimmy the Junkie said he would never get tested for Hepatitis C!  I had thought Jimmy the Junkie was just blowing hot air at the time because there would be no more cash for computer equipment.  In reality, Jimmy the Junkie did know he had Hepatitis C, and he gave it to "Little Mike" on purpose to test himself positive.  That's how he was sure of his implied threat.  Jimmy the Junkie had given Rohel Hepatitis C on purpose!  In May 1997 Jimmy the Junkie may have been working for the Clan from Clavet.

The Doctor repeated that "You will need to talk to your partner."  I knew Hepatitis C could be deadly.  I agreed, as the Doctor went on about the progression of the disease.  I didn't know a lot about the disease, and his mind wandered back to the Tipperary Apartments on Manitoba Street.  I did understand that he could die from the disease Jimmy the Junkie gave him intentionally for the Clan from Clavet.  Jimmy the Junkie had said "I won't let them test me.  I know nothing can be done."  Jimmy the Junkie not only knew he had the disease, but he knew the prognosis in September 1997 .  Why would Jimmy the Junkie intentionally give me Hepatitis C for the Clan from Clavet?  Jimmy the Junkie had written down the contact information from Barb's Canada Post Mail boxes in the apartment, and he knew about Teresa's upcoming Wedding in Winlaw in the Slocan Valley near Nelson.  He intentionally tried to ruin the wedding!

Jimmy the Junkie phoned Barb's family in the Slocan Valley, and he lied intentionally about what I should be tested for in July of 1997 to ruin Teresa's wedding.  Jimmy the Junkie knew he was contagious with Hepatitis C all along, and he tested himself by infecting Little Mike.  Jimmy the Junkie set up "Little Mike" to go for the tests so he could avoid being diagnosed with Hepatitis C.  That's how Jimmy the Junkie was so certain in his threat.  He gave Little Mike Hepatitis C on purpose!.  Jimmy the Junkie later rips off his own Crew to make money on the other end of dealing with the Clan from Clavet.  Then, The Clan from Clavet finances the Black Van in the alley behind Garth's place on 88 Ranelagh Avenue in Vancouver.  I was now absolutely determined to find what worm hole the Clan from Clavet crawled out off?

The Doctor finished his advice with a question, "Do you have any questions?"  I asked if there was any doubt?  The Doctor said "No".  My Provincial Medical records would hold the timing of my diagnosis.  The medical records with the province of British Columbia would hold the pin which connects the wedding in Winlaw to Jimmy the Junkie and the Clan from Clavet.  Jimmy the Junkie was working for the Clan from Clavet in the spring of 1997, and the Nelson and Kelowna Clubs who had a lot of respect for Teresa's family would eventually know what really occurred.  I walked out of the examining area to the front desk, and he was handed a further testing paperwork by the front desk attendant.  He walked through the waiting room which seemed to be quite jovial once again, and he was quite sure he recognized the young blond man from Blackie Street in New Westminster.  Given what the young blond haired man had said on the street, I knew the Clan from Clavet not only knew the results.  The Clan from Clavet had hired Jimmy the Junkie to give me Hepatitis C on purpose.

I caught a bus back to Burnaby.  He was riding on the bus where he thought about his last blood tests.  I had blood tests for everything in 1994, before I met Barb, and he  smoked a pot with Barb.  He only smoked pot until that one time he did heroin with Jimmy the Junkie with a needle.  I confirmed my dates while on the bus ride home.  Yes, I had been tested for blood diseases before Barb and I met in 1994, and I always passed.  He had the tests done with Dr. Gordon at the Sinclair Medical Centre in Vancouver.  He tested negative for any problems.  The only possible chance would have been Jimmy the Junkie.  The one time he used a needle with Jimmy the Junkie.  They were in the Honda Civic in the covered ground level parking lot below the Tipperary Apartments at 220 Manitoba Street in New Westminster.  I was convinced, Jimmy the Junkie did this all on purpose since he started working for the Clan from Clavet in the spring of 1997 at the Piccadilly Pub or earlier!  The Clan from Clavet has been funding Jimmy the Junkie and his Crew to spread of Hepatitis C!

Jimmy the Junkie and his Crew were not doing this for the money Jimmy the Junkie ripped off from his Crew.  Jimmy the Junkie was doing this for the Clan from Clavet.  I arrived home to my suite at Garth's place on 88 Ranelagh Avenue in Burnaby after the diagnosis.  He's feeling sick.  He had been feeling sick for quite some time now.  He started reading a web site.

Public Health Agency of Canada "Hepatitis C is a virus (HCV).  The virus was first identified in 1989."  HCV affects the liver.  It causes hepatitis (inflammation in the liver), which can progress to cirrhosis (extensive scarring so the liver cannot perform its normal functions).  Most newly infected persons (60 to 70%) have no symptoms and are unaware of their infection.  Nonetheless, they are still infectious to others.  Approximately 15 to 25% of all persons infected with HCV appear to resolve their infection.  Approximately 75 to 85% of all persons infected with HCV progress to chronic infection.  The course of the chronic disease is generally slow, without symptoms for two or more decades after infection.  Approximately 3 to 20% of infected persons will develop cirrhosis of the liver after 20 years of infection.  At present, there is no vaccine available.  There are at least six types, and more than 90 subtypes of HCV."  Jimmy the Junkie and his Crew were having fun behind the garage.  I felt like he would rather be dead!

I found a little hope in leading edge information which found that people being treated for AIDS which had Hepatitis C were being cured of their Hepatitis C.  It appeared that the drugs that fought the AIDS virus were capable of eliminating the Hepatitis C virus from the bloodstream.  The key appeared to be in the HCV combination of interferon and ribivarin.  The combination was not successful in all infected people.  The results were in their early stages, and the medical community was studying the options.  Meanwhile, I discovered that Jimmy the Junkie's disease was spread widely in the blood supply.  There was a blood transfusion scandal brewing in Canada.  The Canadian government was under pressure to compensate the victims of tainted blood.  They were victims of a blood-transfusion scandal that hit the country in the 1990s.  There were thousand of people infected by Canada's national blood system, however, as of the summer of 1997 there was no cure.  I was crushed.

He was early in the progression of the disease, yet he was suffering from fatigue, malaise, headaches, abdominal pain, nausea, and his testicles hurt.  His nuts hurt.  He understood that Jimmy the Junkie and his Crew were working for the Clan from Clavet.  The Clan from Clavet had hired them to give him Hepatitis C.  What would he do now?  I did not know what to do?  He tried his best to avoid confrontation.  He tried his best to get back to work on the Onlineglass-com software project for the Auto Glass Industry.  Meanwhile, Jimmy the Junkie and his Gang financed by the Clan from Clavet were driving down the alley taunting him.  He didn't know what to do as he started up the computers n the computer room.  He went back to work.  I continued to develop the Auto Glass Industry software to hopefully  attract interested investors.  What do you do when you find out you might die?  The timing hurt as badly as the prognosis.

I finally had a business plan, and the meteoric rise of the Internet was just beginning.  It was right on schedule for the auto glass industry.  I sat in front of my Pentium II computer used for developing the web site interface and database.  His secondary Pentium II computer was running a cable TV connection, music, backup, and dial up services.  I worked at my desk that afternoon after arriving home from New Westminster.  The extra room made a great little office in the downstairs suite.  I had my opportunity to get into the IPO market, and he thought he hoped to make it big with the auto glass industry software.  Instead, he was tired.  He felt sick.  He tried to work through the day, however he didn't accomplish very much that day.  The office in the suite connected to the Onlineglass-com  project on the Internet was all he had left.  He put the Hepatitis C in the back of his mind, and I was able to get a little planning completed for the project.

My plan was for to demonstrate the Internet functionality to investors and Auto Glass Shops using a J Script, Java Script, Basic Script, and HTML Web site.  The demonstration web site would replicate NAGS by connecting sequence of text files dominated by information in arrays.  The arrays would contain the Make, Model, Year, Style, Glass, Moldings, Clips, Prices, and Garnish information required in the repair of each piece of glass on each car.  The Auto Glass Shops currently used this information to create Invoices with part and price information.  My goal was to re-create the Auto Glass Shops experience in stand alone software online.  The Auto Glass Shops would access Onlineglass-com's text arrays over the Internet to help them consider the possibilities offered by a shared Internet database.  Meanwhile, Jimmy the Junkie, his crew, and the Clan from Clavet just won't stop!  What are they trying to do?  They have already given him Hepatitis C.  What more do they want?

I continued to promote the auto glass project to the public, industry, and potential investors before he went to sleep.  The Onlineglass-com web site would demonstrate the capabilities to replace the stand alone software Auto Glass Shops were currently using to create invoices in the glass shop.  The Onlineglass-com Web site would replace the windows software used such as GTS on a Windows 98 platform.  The shared database on the Internet would replace NAGS.  The Onlineglass-com demonstration should show the auto glass shops how they could save as much as 1000.00 per year in licenses because they were sharing one part and one part and price database over the Internet.  They by sharing information across all three industries the auto glass wholesalers, insurers, and auto glass shops could participate in live purchasing and insurance claim processing.  The invoices that were generated from the database could be approved "live online".  The need for the claims would be justified by digital images of damage.  Finally, the Wholesalers order information would be shared live online for the next delivery to the Auto Glass Shop.

The Onlineglass-com web site tried to demonstrate and promote the concepts to the Auto Glass Industry.  The Internet Backbone would be used to exchange invoice information seamlessly between Auto Glass Shops, Insurers, and Wholesalers.  The 3 industries had an annual gross of 2 billion US in North America in the fall of 1997.  Each of about 3000  Auto Glass Shops was paying at least $1000.00 per year for Windows Graphics Interface software and the NAGS database software.  There appeared to be room for a digital network with one database?  I found Primus in the United States to serve up the Onlineglass-com DNS which was registered to Rohel.  I tried the best I could to continue with the project while the symptoms of the disease began.  Meanwhile, Jimmy the Junkie and his Crew laughed outside my window on 88 Ranelagh Avenue.  They parked the Black Van in the back of the neighbours garage as usual.  I walked by the Black Van they just hid inside like Rats.

I struggled with my diagnosis, as I tried my best to prepare for a meeting with Joan on Sunday September 18th at her apartment in West Vancouver.  I did my best to try to deal with Garth and his expectations regarding the project.  Garth was excited about the project.  He could see a real financial site.  I tried to keep moving forward on the project, while I contemplated my mortality.  I kept my contacts in Philadelphia at bay, while I waited for the meeting with Joan.  There would be no money for such a trip without her investment.  Time has a way of moving very slowly when you do not know how much time you have left.  While Hepatitis C was a slow killer, the onset of the disease had it's symptoms.  How could Jimmy the Junkie and his Crew have done this to someone who was so straight with them?  He just wanted to quit.  Just who was the Clan from Clavet and what did he have something against him?  Why was the Clan from Clavet wanting to infect him with this disease?  What sort of an animal is the Clan from Clavet?  I reviewed my options regarding the project, while he continued too develop the Onlineglass-com web site as best he could under the circumstances.

Garth must have been confident that Joan would be helping with seed money in the project, because he gave me his credit card to buy a web cam to use in the development of the Onlineglass-com software.  Bob and I took the credit card to Future Shop on Broadway in Vancouver to buy a web cam which was advertised on special for 199.99.  They choose a Logitech Web cam which was the cheapest alternative for use in the auto glass shops which should work in the Onlineglass-com database, if he survived long enough to complete the project.  I installed the software drivers for the camera for testing.  The next day Bob picked up 4 3 metre USB extensions to test the camera in the carport.  They were testing the distance at which the USB could be extended without image deterioration.  They tested the quality of the images at 12 metres.  The distance deteriorated with the length of the USB extensions, however the quality remained acceptable.  They were happy with the results, and my pictures of minor glass and  body damage on Bob's Subaru Legacy would be sufficient for Insurance Companies to verify damage for insurance claims with video verification.

I had confirmed that inexpensive video hardware with USB extensions could cheaply produce video images required by insurance companies to verify damage.  The need for extremely expensive drive in claim centres could be eliminated.  Onlineglass-com could offer the auto glass industry dramatically reduced claim processing costs.  He used the Subaru Legacy images on the Demonstration web site, and he let his contacts in Philadelphia know about the modifications.  This would demonstrate the capability of visual confirmation of damage for the auto glass industry in the insurance claim processing and approval.  The web cam technology coupled with the Internet was capable of replacing Claim Centres for auto glass while providing claim holder convenience.  The insurance claim process could be completed while the customer was standing in the auto glass shop.  In British Columbia their was a monopoly maintained by private insurance, however in the United States their was up to 200 insurance companies operating across the United States.  There was a secondary industry of claim processing companies which just provided claim verification.  Onlineglass-com could provide another substantial cost saving with the shared database concepts.  The balls were bouncing in the right direction.  Then I had another idea for the camera.  He decided to set the camera up in the window to keep and eye on Jimmy the Junkie and his Crew from the window.   I figured this could deter Jimmy the Junkie and his Crew.

I used one short extension USB Cable which allowed him to keep the Logitech USB camera in the window.  He could keep an eye on the Clan from Clavet's crew with a live screen with a birds eye view of the white gravel from his ground floor window.  I started running my own personal security for the first time in my life.  His little office was guarded by the camera surveillance.  He felt it might help since the Clan from Clavet's crew was talking about guns and murder.  I ran a small screen on my main computer, and since the camera had a motion sensor trigger he was able to set up a beeping sound for movement along the side of the house.  It was very simple.  It just triggered a freeware software program which would beep.  It worked quite wall, as long as the trees along the side of the house did not move with the wind.  He pointed the camera facing east along the side of the house.  I hoped Jimmy the Junkie and his Crew would just quit, however after the experience in New Westminster he knew the Clan from Clavet was really behind his problem.  The junkies might just be pawns?  Could it still be for money?  Could it still be for money for the Clan from Clavet?

Meanwhile, I had enough!  He was getting angry.  He got dressed, and he went outside to walk around the Black Van.  The Black Van quieted down as he approached.  He stood right beside the Black Van, and he studied the Black Van with smoked glass.  He could not see inside the van, and the occupants stayed quiet inside, suddenly.  It had a solid panel body with dark tinted windows.  No one would come out!  I decided he would try something else instead.  He went back inside the apartment, and shortly after the hazing and hollering continued from the area of the Black Van.  Jimmy the Junkie, his Crew, and the Clan from Clavet would not quit!  They may have already killed him with Hepatitis C given his diagnosis, but they just would not quit!  In 1994, Jimmy the Junkie and Jeff lost his Hyundai while speeding downtown after a theft or home invasion.  I stood up for them in telling the court that they had not stolen his Hyundai.  Jimmy had no respect for him in the spring of 1994, and I could not quite figure out why he laughed at the Hell's Angels in 1997 in New Westminster.

Then in July of 1997, Jimmy the Junkie does his best to ruin Teresa's Wedding by spreading rumours of AIDS in the Slocan Valley.  He continues to harass I for the Clan from Clavet in the The Met Bar and Grill.  He had other problems on Columbia Street in New Westminster when he went for a beer on Columbia Street.  Then, after Barb and I split up he hoped the move would help him.  He would avoid the Clan from Clavet.  Instead, the Clan from Clavet follows him from his meeting with Garth on Granville Street back to 88 Ranelagh Avenue.  Then the hazing continues until I finds out Jimmy the Junkie gave him Hepatitis C intentionally.  I was starting to work up a lot of anger, and he was tired of being a victim.  "Little Mike" could have warned him!  Little Mike tries to extort money from him which he did not owe.  Jimmy the Junkie could have warned him about the Hepatitis C!  Instead, Jimmy the Junkie gave Hepatitis C to me intentionally.  Jimmy the Junkie joked about it when I would no longer buy computer equipment in May of 1997.  I wrote down the addresses of the Canada Post Mail boxes in my address book instead.  What would I do?  Yet, Jimmy the Junkie, his Crew, and the Clan from Clavet continued to work him on 88 Ranelagh Avenue in Burnaby.  I had enough off Jimmy the Junkie, his Crew, and his Clan from Clavet behind all of these events.  I was going to fight back!  I went to sleep on it with my virus.

I thought a lot about what had already happened when I moved into Garth's basement on Ranelagh at the beginning of September 1997.  The Clan from Clavet and his Crew are talking about Guns and Murder, and he was trying to figure out what he could do now.  The Clan from Clavet son on Blackie Street in New Westminster knew what was happening.  He didn't have a lot of options.  He was outnumbered, out financed, and struggling to figure out just what was motivating Jimmy the Junkie and his Crew.  He could not quite figure out why they were waiting.  They had plenty of chances to take me out, as I moved around on my daily activities.  Was it possible they had an ulterior plan?  In any event what I did know was where Jimmy the Junkie and "Little Mike" were living.  They were spreading their Hepatitis C from The Piccadilly Pub on Pender Street in Vancouver.  That was my first idea to get a little revenge, Jimmy the Junkie style.  Since they would not come out of the Black Van, I decided to add a little obstacle to their distribution of Hepatitis C.  The plan developed slowly during that day as he worked on the Onlineglass-com project, and he started to type a letter that evening in September 1997.

I decided to return the back alley back stabbing ways of the Jimmy the Junkie and his Crew .  If spreading Hepatitis C was entertaining then others should be entertained as well.  If the Clan from Clavet was going to run that crew on him, the rest of the world might as well know.  Just who should know?  Who were they hiding behind?  I realized that they were running their little show out of the Piccadilly Pub.  Jimmy the Junkie and Little Mike were holed up in their room with the bay window on the second floor of the Piccadilly Pub.  I did not think the Piccadilly Pub had anything to do with spreading of Hepatitis C.  However, why should they not protect their patrons?  They should know what Jimmy the Junkie and Little Mike were involved with on their property.  They would want to protect their patrons?  I decided that the Piccadilly Pub management should decide for themselves.  It all made perfect sense to an extremely angry man with Hepatitis C.  I worked on the letter for several hours.  It took much longer than it should have taken, and he simply told the Management of the Piccadilly Pub what Jimmy the Junkie and Little Mike were doing in their bar.  If they decided they wanted the pair in the queen sized bed upstairs, that would be their business.  It was a letter which just laid out the truth of what had happened in the past and present.

I told the Management of the Piccadilly Pub the truth about Jimmy the Junkie and Little Mike sharing their Queen sized love nest on the 2nd floor of the Hotel.  What did I do?  He decided what goes around comes around.  He told the Piccadilly Pub the truth.  He could fight back Jimmy the Junkie style.  Jimmy the Junkie and his Crew had contacted Barb's family in Nelson.  He could contact Jimmy the Junkie and Little Mike home turf just as well.  They spread rumours during the wedding by using the contact information on Barb's Canada Post boxes.  He could get their contact information just as easily.  These rumours dominated I during wedding.  I decided they should live in their own nest, as well.  He would do the exact same thing to Jimmy the Junkie and Little Mike as they did to him.  Jimmy the Junkie was out of control, and he needed to be stopped from spreading disease.  Jimmy the Junkie laughed at the Hell's Angels, the Hyundai loss, the wedding fiasco, spreading Hepatitis C, and the hazing on 88 Ranelagh Avenue.  I considered all of this as he wrote the letter.  He would do the exact same thing to Jimmy the Junkie and Little Mike.  I had recognized both their voices along the side of the house.  He had seen them working the neighbourhood.  He would let their home ground know!  I had trouble keeping my mind on the letter, as he started to understand many things in the past that had occurred.

I finished the letter to the Management of the Piccadilly Pub.  The letter summarized Jimmy the Junkie and Little Mike's activities in the Piccadilly Pub.  It covered their spreading Hepatitis C, intentionally.  It also covered Little Mike working the washroom in the Piccadilly Pub.  He could very well be sharing needles in the bar with their patrons.  While Little Mike knew he had Hepatitis C, Jimmy refused to be tested.  Jimmy the Junkie could be doing much worse, since he seamed to be willing to use the disease as a weapon.  It was obvious from the New Westminster Medical Clinic that the Clan from Clavet knew he would use it as a weapon.  Since, Little Mike was working the washroom in the bar, I figured people should know the truth for their own protection.  I did not know how much influence the Clan from Clavet had with the Management of the Piccadilly Pub.  In any event, if the bar wanted to support the Clan from Clavet it should be with their eyes wide open.  It should be their choice.  I found the bars address on Pender Street in Vancouver in the phone book, before he addressed the letter to the Management of the Piccadilly Pub.  Rohel told the management of the Piccadilly Pub how Jimmy the Junkie and Little Mike were supporting their lifestyle on the second floor room with the queen sized bed.  Just the Truth!  I enjoyed the evening playing the Clan from Clavet's style that night.  If they were going to spread disease intentionally, I felt pleased to let everyone know.  I sealed and stamped the envelope.

On September 22nd as it was turning dark in the evening I put a jean jacket on for a cool night.  I tucked the envelope inside my chest jacket pocket.  He walked out my back door and turned down the alley heading north past the Black Van.  They were silent as he walked up the alley to Dundas Street.  He turned west on Dundas Street for one block to N Glyne Ave where the Canada Post mailbox was situated on the corner.  He reached inside my jacket, and he held the mailbox open while he deposited the envelope.  I walked east on Dundas Street, and turned into the alley behind 88 Ranelagh Avenue.  I walked down the alley past the black van to his suite.  I did not know if Jimmy the Junkie and Little Mike would continue to  spread Hepatitis C intentionally, but this would make it a little harder in any event.  I wondered what the Clan from Clavet would do as he was associated with conspiring to Murder I?  I wondered if the Piccadilly Pub would support him or the Clan from Clavet.  The Clan from Clavet would have to keep the junkies on their side if Jimmy the Junkie was not going to be known for what he had done.  How tight would they stay together.  What would the bar do?  How much did they already know?  In any event, Jimmy the Junkie and Little Mike could take a little medicine for their actions.  Was the money worth it for them?

I awoke on September 23 1997, after he slept badly with the Black Van driving by with occupants hollering at him from the alley.  He mused about what the Piccadilly Pub in Vancouver would do with Jimmy the Junkie, Little Mike, and the Clan from Clavet.  Meanwhile, my testicles and abdomen hurt.  He was always feeling sick from the Hepatitis C.  I continued with the Onlineglass-com project.  He booted up the PII computers and I checked my email.  Independent Glass and UDI were still waiting for a response regarding their invitation to fly to Philadelphia.  He kept up on the auto glass industry news, as he continued to populate the database.  He did more research on their businesses, and he checked Glasslinks posts for any new industry developments.  Glass links was becoming a wealth of information about the auto glass industry in the United States.  They were all complaining about the claim processing situation, and there was the usual complaints about insurance companies steering customers to shops which were discounting 40 percent off NAGS rates.  I threw in the towel, and I emailed industry contacts that should know if I was able to travel by the beginning of next week.  He took the rest of the day off work, as he was depressed from the diagnosis.  He could very well die.

He thought about what had happened since the wedding in Winlaw, and he watched the television computer with the new X Files episode "Bad Blood".  The series was filmed in Greater Vancouver, but this episode was based in Chaney, Texas.  I was naive in 1994 when he left Jimmy the Junkie and Jeff use his Hyundai.  He should have known better!  He was angry when Envirotech went under due to the import tariffs, but he should have known better than let Jimmy the Junkie back into their lives on Manitoba Street in April of 1997.  I had only smoked a little weed occasionally, most of my life, and I made a mistake trusting Jimmy the Junkie one time.  He should have known better.  You can't trust a junkie.  Finally, in the spring of 1997 he made the right decision.  He told Jimmy the Junkie that he did not want anything to do with him.  It was already to late.  He was infected.  It only takes one mistake in life.  He kicked Jimmy the Junkie out in the spring of 1997, but Jimmy the Junkie had already done his damage.  Meanwhile, I would never do hard drugs again.  Jimmy the Junkie would do more damage with his little notebook and the Canada Post Mailboxes in the Tipperary Apartments.  He thought about Jimmy the Junkie talking about Little Mike having Hepatitis C.  Jimmy the Junkie laughed at Little Mike's infection.  Finally, Jimmy the Junkie said "You don't want to mess with the Hell's Angels", and then Jimmy the Junkie laughs, again!  Now, Jimmy the Junkie had followed him here from Granville Street in Vancouver along with the Clan from Clavet, and he had the Clan from Clavet financing him.  Who was the Clan from Clavet?  I was satisfied that he had gotten the letter to the Piccadilly Pub into the mailbox, and maybe Jimmy the Junkie and Little Mike would get some medicine of their own from the Piccadilly Pub, soon.  The X Files episode filmed in greater Vancouver finished, and I felt like he was finished as he went to bed.

The next morning on September 24th, the initial shock of the diagnosis was starting to turn into anger.  I wondered if Jimmy the Junkie and Little Mike's friends at the Piccadilly Pub were on their way to the clinic.  Jimmy the Junkie had changed the subject from computer equipment to Little Mike and his Hepatitis C in New Westminster on Manitoba Street in 1997.  That's when Jimmy the Junkie laughed again, and he said "that he would never get tested"!  Could it be that I and "Little Mike" were the beginning of a trend for Jimmy the Junkie and the Clan from Clavet?  Of course, Jimmy the Junkie won't get tested because that was 'his little weapon'.  His little weapon would be seen by the law as assault if he was diagnosed.  I wondered how many victims he had at the Piccadilly Pub?  I expected his letter to have arrived already, and now I wondered if Jimmy the Junkie was still be laughing at the boys in the Piccadilly Pub?  Silently, I hoped there were no other victims in the bar, because I would not wish this disease on my worst enemy.  Would Jimmy the Junkie laugh at him, Little Mike, and the Hell's Angels in the Piccadilly Pub today?  He booted up his computers to complete his proposal to Joan, and he prepared a synopsis of the current state of Onlineglass-com.

My proposal was quite straightforward.  I focused on my industry research, the history of the project, the technology, and the legally questionable monopoly pricing situation NAGS used in the industry.  The industry was dominated by insurance payments based on the NAGS parts, labour, and glass pricing structure.  I believed the pricing structure to auto glass shops could be free would encourage auto glass shops to open up to the new technology by reducing glass shop costs.  The artificial intelligence provided by a multi user, multi regional, artificially intelligent,  averaging database would overcome Interstate Trade and Commerce regulations in the Sherman Anti Trust Act.  His research on Independent Auto Glass and UDI showed their companies to have a good reputation in the industry in the United States.  They were recognized by the IGA (Independent Glass Association) to be actively supporting the independent auto glass shops in the United States.  The IGA was an association fighting for the independent auto glass shops.  The GlassLinks forum which was a popular industry site was continually filled with the industries need for a different approach.  The United States was the target market for Onlineglass-com because 200 insurance companies operated either regionally or nationally across the United States.  The online character of Onlineglass-com could dramatically reduce claim processing costs for the industry.  I decided to get to sleep early, and he would finish the synopsis in the morning.  He fell asleep in bed feeling guilty that maybe he should not to continue such a big project given his health?

I awoke early on September 25 th, and I finished preparing the synopsis.  Auto Glass Shops would get free database access, insurers would reduce claim processing costs, and wholesalers could verify stock, receive orders, charge accounts, and schedule delivery using the database while the customer stood at the counter in the auto glass shop.  Streamlining the industry with database sharing and video confirmation of insurance claims would reduce costs dramatically.   I always understood the fact that insurance companies would always want to pay the lowest rate for a repair.  They could schedule their disbursements based on their payment policies.  Currently, the existing claim processing cost was 22 - 23 percent of the gross claim.  The artificial intelligence of the online database added regional costs savings.  The cost of claims in many areas would be lower given land, leaseholds, labour costs, and the cost of living.  Regional database averaging would lower most area costs while increasing a high expense ZIP codes.  However, these higher expense ZIP codes often had higher insurance premiums associated with expensive cars.  This levelled not only the income to expense ratios in the auto insurance industry, but adjusted for fairness for both the auto glass shop and the insurance companies.  Onlineglass-com could resolve the claim process for much less per claim, and the need to pay independent claim processing centres to view and verify damage at a 25.00 fee would be eliminated completely for auto glass.  The economics were sound, and the growth of the Internet with Windows 95 / 98 and Internet Explorer or Netscape facilitated the industry connectivity at a very low cost.  Onlineglass-com would be the independent arbitrator of insurance claims.  Onlineglass-com would not participate in insurance, wholesale, or auto glass repair.  The existing claim process would be completed in addition to new value added services such as scheduled bank transactions, customer based glass shop locator, and many more services.  I considered a claim processing fee to insurance companies of 10 percent to be appropriate.  Onlineglass-com could reasonably make 100 million per year or 10 % of the 1 billion gross in the Auto Glass Industry in the US per year.  There was of course the ability to expand into other markets where insurance was sold.

Bob Sparks suggested that I should show his independence by arriving in West Vancouver separately from Garth.  They drove west on W Hastings Street before turning north on the Trans Canada Hwy.  They crossed the Second Narrows / Iron Workers Bridge into North Vancouver.  They continued on the Trans Canada Hwy to the 15THexit where they turned south towards Stanley Park.  They turned right at Ambleside Lane to the high rise complexes where Joan owned an apartment.  The meeting went well, and there was a considerable amount of discussion regarding the industry contacts in Philadelphia.  It appeared to be the route to get started in the industry.  It was also a timely event which could test the business plan with a wholesaler and claim processor from Pennsylvania in the industry.  The business plan had already been tested with auto glass shops in the Zeppelin effort.  I fully disclosed the history of the project to date, and he was confident that the industry which grossed 1 billion a year in the United States would save money and streamline services for the customers.  While Onlineglass-com could become a monopoly in it's own right, it allowed the market to determine pricing without setting arbitrary rates across state lines violating inter state trade and commerce in the Sherman Anti Trust Act.  Joan agreed to make a decision shortly, and they had tea and snacks.  I was hopeful as he returned to the bar in West Vancouver where he left Bob.  They hashed over the meeting over before Bob returned I to 88 Ranelagh Avenue in Burnaby.

I was hopeful after the successful meeting, and he went back to work on the database.  However, I kept thinking about my current situation.  I finally had a chance at the biggest project in my life.  The growth and sophistication of the Internet was going to the top of the charts.  The timing was perfect.  The IPO market was building momentum.  NAGS was vulnerable.  The auto glass industry was ready, and he was fighting for energy because he was given Hepatitis C on purpose.  He was sick, because he told Jimmy the Junkie he did not want any more computer equipment in May of 1997.  Jimmy the Junkie said "if that's the way you want it then that's the way it's going to be" that afternoon.  I hoped it would be over when Jimmy the Junkie left the Tipperary Apartments on Manitoba Street, but Jimmy the Junkie double crossed his own Crew by stealing their money for the computer equipment.  I didn't steal any money because the customer paid Jimmy the Junkie directly.  Jimmy the Junkie lied to them, and he said I had not paid him.  That's how Jimmy the Junkie was able to increase his attack on me in 1997 from himself to his whole crew!  They disappeared after I refused to give Little Mike money on the phone, however they showed up again in force at the wedding in Winlaw.  I assumes that is when the Clan from Clavet got in on the act.  I did not know why Jimmy the Junkie laughed about the Hell's Angels?  He had no respect for Barb when she told him the apartment was "hooked up" with the boys.  Barb tried to use her history to control him.  It was several days later Jimmy the Junkie told me that the apartment was not "hooked up".  Who did he ask to know in 1997?  He must have asked a Hell's Angel?  Could it be possible the Clan from Clavet was a Hell's Angel?  I was not sure, however Jimmy The junkie must have asked someone to find out so definitely.  Then, how many Hell's Angels know a junkie in white pants on Hastings Street?  Jimmy the Junkie did say he was "never going to go to jail again".  I decided Jimmy the Junkie wasn't going to cross everyone again".

I decided he would give Jimmy the Junkie and his Crew some of their own medicine, again.  He would play Jimmy the Junkie style like Jimmy the Junkie.  He might be able to flush out the Clan from Clavet who got involved around the time of the wedding in Winlaw.  I would just tell the truth about Jimmy the Junkie and his Crew.  Jimmy the Junkie was out of control!  The idea started to develop.  Could Jimmy the Junkie and the Clan from Clavet be laughing at him like at the New Westminster Medical Clinic.  How did the young man on Blackie Street know he was going up the hill for tests?  I decided he was going to stop Jimmy the Junkie, his Crew, and the Clan from Clavet.  One thing for certain was the Clan from Clavet had to be paying them as pawns.  They simply did not have the resources to sustain such an attack.  I wondered why the Clan from Clavet was in on this whole mess.  He still questioned the origin of the Clan from Clavet?  Why would the Clan from Clavet be interested in I?  Could Jimmy the Junkie and the Clan from Clavet both be laughing today for giving him Hepatitis C intentionally?  Maybe, Jimmy the Junkie setup the Clan from Clavet?  After all, Jimmy the Junkie did setup his own crew by stealing from them.  I assumed the letter he sent to the Piccadilly Pub had arrived.  They would have their choice to protect their patrons from Jimmy the Junkie and Little Mike.  He did not know what they would do, however he knew the letter would have filtered down too Jimmy the Junkie and Little Mike by now.  It was time to figure out how well Jimmy the Junkie and his Crew were hooked at the hip with the Clan from Clavet.  The question was how?

Then, I decided on Vancouver Crime Stoppers.  I awoke on September 26th late in the afternoon, and he didn't bother starting work on the Onlineglass-com project.  I thought about Jimmy the Junkie's situation.  I knew Jimmy the Junkie and his Crew were heavy maintenance.  They were hard core addicts.  I assumed they would be up to their regular business, as well as their working for the Clan from Clavet.  While, I knew a little about the origin of the Clan from Clavet.  I could make a move to let both of them know I had a history with Jimmy the Junkie and his Crew.  In 1994,  Jimmy the Junkie and Jeff screwed up when they lost my car.  I knew that they would screw up again.  That's what life is like for the 4 of them, and they were no exception to the list of repetitive offenders.  I could let the Clan from Clavet know a little about them.  Could I possibly split them apart to improve my chances?   Would the Clan from Clavet back away from them if the Clan from Clavet knew they would screw up?  I decided to use the original letter to the Piccadilly Pub and my knowledge of Jimmy the Junkie and his Crew.  I started with the Telus Bells on my desk.

I had always kept to himself during my youth.  Today, he was going to take a calculated gamble, and I called Crime Stoppers in the afternoon to get information.  I didn't have any experience with Crime Stoppers in the past, so he phoned them to see how they worked on September 26th 1997.  Vancouver Crime Stoppers told I that he could tell them what he knew over the phone, and he would get a report number.  They told him he would be paid if the report number produced results.  I told Crime Stoppers that he would rather just send in a letter.  Crime Stoppers said that he could do that, however Crime Stoppers said he would not get a reward if he mailed in the information.  I said no problem because he did not want a reward.  They gave him an address to send the letter to at their offices.  The combination of the Piccadilly Pub letter, and his knowledge of Jimmy the Junkie and his crew would not work to flush out the Clan from Clavet with a phone call.  The brief communication etched in thousand of switches and binary bites with the last contact Vancouver Crime Stoppers would ever have with Rohel.

The Note" was brief, but it summarized many issues for the Clan from Clavet in a few short words.  "The Note" had the Vancouver Crime Stoppers mailing address in the top left hand side.  "The Note" had the date on the right.  The mailing address they gave him on the phone was the address I used because the address was not available on their web site.  Their location was somewhat protected for obvious reasons.  "The Note" began on the right hand side with Dear Crime Stoppers.  The body of "The Note" said that Jimmy, Jeff, and Little Mike were doing home invasions, and there was a reference to their location at the Piccadilly Pub so Crime Stoppers would have something to follow.  I did not quite know why Jimmy the Junkie was laughing at the Hell's Angels in New Westminster, but he knew something was wrong.  He added in two letters at the end of the last sentence, HA.  You see, I could not figure out which of the boys would have told Jimmy the Junkie that the Tipperary Apartments were not "hooked up"?  Barb had told him they were "hooked up".  This should mean that there is a Hell's Angel out there that knows Jimmy the Junkie in the spring of 1997 according to Jimmy the Junkie?  "The Note" was completed with Cordially, and I added my signature.  He sealed the letter in a envelope, and stamped the letter to insure it's timely arrival, if necessary.

Then, I thought about how he would walk past the Clan from Clavet's crew in the Black Van.  If he was going to be able to effect the Clan from Clavet with "The Note", the best result would be that "The Note" never arrived.  If "The Note" did arrive because my plan did not work, there would be little downside.  Eventually, Jimmy the Junkie and his Crew would be broken away from the Clan from Clavet.  The Piccadilly Pub letter must have had it's effect by now.  I put my jacket on for the cool dark night in September, and I didn't put the envelope in my jacket pocket like he did with the Piccadilly Pub letter.  He walked out the door at about 18:00 hours into the darkness, and he walked up the back driveway towards the alley.  He walked past the Black Van with the letter in my hand.  The white envelope flagged the darkness even with just ambient light.  He walked past the Black Van with the letter held up so it was very visible.  I literally waved the letter on the left side of my body like a white flag in the night, as I walked past the Black Van to my left beside the neighbours garage.  Once passed the van, he continued on the exact same route to the Canada Post Mailbox, as he took with the Piccadilly Pub letter.  He deposited the letter into the mail box, and I returned past the Black Van to my computer room in the house with a window guarded by a Camera.

I felt good about what he had just finished doing with Jimmy the Junkie and his Crew.  He was going to let Jimmy the Junkie, his Crew, and the Clan from Clavet know they were not going to get him again.  I was not sure who was in the Black Van that night.  However, he was starting to enjoy standing up against Jimmy the Junkie and his Crew.  The Black Van may have been populated with Jimmy the Junkie, Little Mike, Jeff, and an unknown voice I associated with the Clan from Clavet.  I did not know who was in the Black Van.  However, I did know the occupants were working for the Clan from Clavet at the beginning of September 1997.  I knew Jimmy the Junkie and his Crew would normally last 4 - 6 months on the street.  They were high overhead addicts.  They needed cash daily, while they still feed in the soup kitchens daily.  Cash went into drugs.  That's just the way it is on the downtown east side of Vancouver.  The drugs help kill the pain in Burke's short brutish life.  I hoped the  note would get Jimmy the Junkie, his Crew, and the Clan from Clavet off him.  I hoped this would get them out of the picture, and life would go back to normal quickly.  This just might keep their disease off everyone!  Now, which trail would "The Note" take?

I was feeling good about either direction "The Note" would take to the Clan from Clavet.  The Clan from Clavet supported the spread of the Hepatitis C virus, and now Jimmy the Junkie, his Crew, and the Clan from Clavet could take their medicine.  It was time!  Jimmy the Junkie's laughed at the Hell's Angels when the Clan from Clavet was funding him, and the Clan from Clavet started funding Jimmy the Junkie and his Crew, as far back as the spring of 1997 before the Wedding in Winlaw in July.  The Clan from Clavet had Granville Street follow him home to Burnaby where he just wanted to be left alone, and then that started the talk about guns and murder behind my place in Burnaby.  Jimmy the Junkie just laughed at I when I would no longer buy computer equipment?  I checked the time at 20:30, and he forced himself back to work on the Onlineglass-com software project.  The project was becoming the one thing I could focus on which kept my mind off current events.  He was as good as he was ever going to be with computers at 36 years of age, and the timing of the Internet was perfect with the state of the auto glass industry.  I fell into the security of my computer room as he worked on the Onlineglass-com software project.  Software is quiet, and I left the TV computer volume on low as I checked my email.

I jumped when Garth knocked on the door, and Garth entered the computer room with a camera guarding the window in a good mood.  I had just finished checking my email when Garth told him that Joan was willing to invest $2000.00 dollars into the company.  Garth would pick up the seed money the next day, and he suggested depositing the check from Joan into the Winsoft bank account at the HSBC Bank on Hastings Street.  They agreed.  Then, they discussed the trip to Philadelphia to meet with Independent Auto Glass and UDI.  They agreed that the trip seemed to be worth the ticket costs, and the hotel and meal costs of staying for a few days.  I restated that they were definitely interested in meeting regarding the Onlineglass-com project.  They had been encouraging a meeting in several emails.  I stressed that the meeting would be an introductory event for each party.  Onlineglass-com could test the business plan and software on experienced veterans in the auto glass industry in claims processing and auto glass wholesale.  I explained that he had done as much as possible to check out their industry experience on the Internet.  They were both well respected in Glasslinks, and their review and input would definitely be a start in the project.  They talked a little longer after Garth supported the need to travel to Philadelphia.

Both Garth and I were pleased with our success in bring project saving money to the table.  Garth returned to the top floor, and I went back to work on the database for Onlineglass-com.  It was getting late for a weeknight, and vehicle traffic on 88 Ranelagh Avenue was reduced to the occasional resident making their way home after a long day.  I carefully worded an email to Bill Matles regarding his updated plan to make a trip to Philadelphia in the next few weeks.  Rohel left their options open respectfully, as he was able to fit into their schedule.  It was after 23:00 by the time he sent the email.  He continued to work early into the morning, and it was eerily quiet in the back of the house.  He didn't know if the occupants of the Black Van would take the bait?  Perhaps, it was best that they did not take the bait?  In any event, there was no hazing as he worked.  I was already getting into the habit of working until it was light in the morning.  He rationalized that Burke was right.  The strongest can be brought down in their sleep.  The wee hours of this morning  after "The Note" were no exception, and I worked through the early hours of the morning.  In University, he would often sleep early in the day after classes, and then he would study in the quiet of the night.  He could hear himself think.  There is some sort of clarity in the silence of the night.

Then, when the silence was at it's strongest before the early morning shift started their vehicles in their daily trek, a cloud sized drum beat just to the northwest of the house in the darkness.  The first beat almost sounded like thunder in the quiet of the night, and their were 3 more beats which were audible in declining volume in the distance.  The night turned quiet for a few seconds again, before there was shuffling and a little laughter which was barely audible in the quiet residential area on Capitol Hill.  I thought about the beating drum beats.  There was not much doubt which drum had beaten?  I thought about going to take a look after a few moments of silence to see if he got the message to Jimmy the Junkie, his Crew, and the Clan from Clavet.  He waited a little longer before what sounded like a vehicle starting, before the engine pulled the vehicle away from the area at a good speed.  Did the mouse get the cheese?  Did the Piccadilly letter work?  I was starting to believe he wasted a good stamp on the envelope.  This stamp would never find it's postmark!

I felt a sick feeling in my stomach, and it was not from the Hepatitis C this time.  Could it be that Jimmy the Junkie, his Crew, and the Clan from Clavet were working late again tonight?  It could have been Jimmy the Junkie laughing again as they scuttled around the mailbox?  I was confident that Canada Post was not going to get this envelope delivered to Crime Stoppers?  I thought he should go out and check the mailbox.  I put on my jacket, and then I changed my mind that night.  I decided he was just being paranoid about the noise which sounded like a mailbox beating the curb.  Yet, he felt should check out the noise.  Maybe someone was hurt?  If it was an accident there would have been sirens after the accident.  I procrastinated, and he decided to check out the Canada Post mailbox the next day.  That was some loud bump in the night though!  I fell back into the security of the Onlineglass-com software project, and he worked until the sun started to rise in the east.  He knew the mouse had the bait!

I could tell the Clan from Clavet had worked on "The Boys" in Vancouver.  "The Mysterious" financier was also setting up the Vancouver Chapter using Jimmy the Junkie and his Crew.  They may have noticed something as far back as when the Clan from Clavet following him to his new place at Garth's in October 1997 before "The Note"?  When you spread the word on the street the boys know about it.  I was frustrated.  He could identify the Clan from Clavet's regulars.  He just could not figure out why they were after him.  "The Boys" knew Rohel and the Clan from Clavet during the Saskatoon trip at Christmas in 1997?  "The Boys" sure knew Rohel and the Mysterious Financier on the Toronto trip?  I was convinced "The Boys" knew the Clan from Clavet as far back as Toon Town and the Saskatoon Rebels.  I unpacked a few groceries in Burnaby.  It was still early in the evening, and I went back to work on the last chance for the project.  It was around 20:30 - 21:00 in the evening when an Emergency Broadcast interrupted local programming on the CBC Vancouver station on his computer.  "The CBC Announcer" We interrupt your regularly scheduled programing for this emergency Public Service:

In 1997, the Vancouver Police Department put out an Emergency Broadcast on the CBC for the public's assistance in a home invasion.  There was a home invasion of an elderly couple in the lower mainland.  In 1997, the elderly man was able to break free and witness a Honda Civic with multi coloured body parts leaving the scene.  The Vancouver Police Department was asking for the assistance of the public in locating the vehicle with the CBC's Karen Lawson.  The Vancouver Police Department warned the public the occupants should be considered dangerous.  In 1997, we were returned to our regular programming.

I knew the car.  I was stunned.  I just did not know which of Jimmy the Junkie and his crew were in the car?  How many old Civics are there with multi coloured parts?  How many are owned by people who would do a home invasion of an elderly couple?  I was sure he was right, immediately.  They got caught doing exactly what he was expecting would happen eventually.  I was relieved.  He wondered who was in the car?  He wondered if this would put a stop to all of his troubles with the Clan from Clavet's family.  He still had no explanation of why the Clan from Clavet's family got involved?  He kept the volume up on the Television computer waiting for updates.  I knew they would be headed straight downtown to buy drugs.  Why?  The elderly man broke free.  He saw them leaving!  They did not see him behind them in the house.  I knew they would walk into a trap downtown to buy drugs.  I figured they had 30 minutes of freedom!

I expected to get his life back on the local news at 23:00 with the announcement that the car and occupants had been captured.  He waited eagerly for his life to return to normal with the late news.  Finally, "The Boys" would understand that "The Note" was little more than a warning of what was going to happen.  Finally, "The Boys" would appreciate the warning.  I expected the "Clan from Clavet" to back off now!  He tried unsuccessfully to work on the project as the seconds ticked by mercifully slow.  He would have his boring civilian life back once the late news began.  The CBC News began with the standard introduction with the home invasion in the list news events for the evening.  I was amazed when the story began that the Vancouver Police Department was still looking the for car in the home invasion?

I could not believe his ears.  The Emergency Broadcast did not work?  The old Civic with multi coloured body parts made it downtown?  The Clan from Clavet's crew made it downtown to buy drugs with cash from the Home Invasion?  I knew immediately it was the car in the home invasionand he knew what they would do with the cash from the home invasion.  They would do exactly what they did in 1994.  Jimmy the Junkie and Jeff were caught speeding downtown to buy drugs.  The Emergency Broadcast said the elderly man broke free?  He painted the car with a neon sign!  The Clan from Clavet's crew made the bright lights!  The CBC news said they are still looking for the car?  I was stunned!  Then, the rubber hit the road.  The women on the CBC news had restated that their was a home invasion of elderly people, and she reiterated the need for public support in the search for the Civic with Multi Coloured body parts.  Then she took a cue from beside the news desk.  The cue could not be heard.  Rather than running a "sample" car for the public, rather than running the usual warnings that the occupants should be considered dangerous, rather than updating the public on the status of the elderly couple, rather than updating the progress of the police, she adjusted in a professional manner setting the story aside on the news desk.  She continued to the next civic story with an apologetic smile.  I knew why!

I knew the Clan from Clavet's crew had been caught on the way downtown.  The question was what would the Clan from Clavet do tonight with that knowledge?  Jimmy the Junkie and his gang had been switching from the old Honda Civic to the Black Van since I was followed home in early October 1997 to 88 Ranelagh Avenue.  The crew had support from the Clan from Clavet as far back as the wedding in Winlaw in July 1997.  The Clan from Clavet had to know the car.  It was the Clan from Clavet's crew.  In fact, the Clan from Clavet's entire family was in on the Toronto trip.  One of the Clan from Clavet's family had to be watching television.  I concluded that the Clan from Clavet know about the Home Invasion.  What would the Clan from Clavet do?

In October 1997 anticipating more information about the Home Invasion.  It was typical of the Vancouver news media to film the neighbourhood in a home invasion news story, as it is filmed today.  They would identify the neighbourhood.  They would appeal to the public for witnesses.  There would provide details to help the public in the manhunt.  In this case the media would run a sample car picture for clarity.  They would warn the public that the car occupants should be considered dangerous.  They would advise the public to call the Vancouver Police immediately on any sighting.  The story would fill the Vancouver Media for a day.  I started booting up the PII computers.  The PII computers finished booting up in Burnaby.  I anticipated the Home Invasion would run in the Vancouver Sun and The Province.  The FM Vancouver radio stations CBC Radio One, CKNW and News1130 would run similar appeals.  The AM radio stations CBC Radio One, CKNW, CKWX, CFUN, and CKZU would also run the home invasion.  Vancouver is the second largest television production centre in North America after Los Angeles.  The television stations CBUT: CBC, CHAN: Global, CKVU: CityTv, CIVI-2: Victoria, CBUFT: SRC, CIVT: CTV, CHNM: Channel M and CHECK: Victoria would run situation updates.  The Vancouver Police would lead the story in their televised daily policing brief in the morning.  I was ready for the frenzy as he brought up all his software for the day in the computer room with a window guarded by camera on the ground floor!  He was ready in Burnaby.  Meanwhile, I was booted up, loaded up, and ready in Burnaby.

The Logitech camera guarded the computer room at 11:00 in the morning on October 9th 1997.  I searched the local media for more information.  Then, he caught the end of an interview on the porch of the house which was invaded in progress.  The interview was coming to a close, and the elderly man was finishing the interview with a reporter from the steps of his house.  He appeared satisfied that the home invaders had been caught.  He also indicated that he was aware of a deal.  It appeared that he was not expecting the home invaders to be prosecuted!  The reporter asked him if he was satisfied with this result.  He reluctantly said he was satisfied as the interview ended.  I could not believe his ears.  He caught the interview towards the end.  He must be mistaken!  He searched the local media for more information only to find that the home invasion was gone.  Their would be no further broadcasts.  There was no further news.  The interview on the steps was never seen again.  The home invasion disappeared from the media 15 hours after it started.  Could this be possible?  What had the Clan from Clavet done?  I snapped back to Burnaby.  Meanwhile, I continued searching the news media in Burnaby.

No.  It is not possible for something to just disappear.  But the Home Invasion vaporized on October 9th 1997.  The local news was silenced that day.  The follow up news vaporized.  No news.  No busts.  No reports.  Nothing!  The Vancouver Police Department would have called the tow truck for the Civic.  British Columbia Motor Vehicles would have records from the City Impound Yard for the Honda Civic with stolen insurance stickers.  The Vancouver Police Department had to rebuff a dozen reporters following up on the emergency broadcast for the Home Invasion.  The media would be ready for the Vancouver Police press conference this morning.  Instead, the media witnessed the real story.  The real story was the silencing of the Media.  I had to assume all media inquiries were handled by the Vancouver Police Department.

Meanwhile, I in Burnaby searched a silent media in Burnaby scanning 60 television stations for something, anything.  Why was there no news in Burnaby.  At least, The Clan from Clavet's Crew's car with stolen insurance stickers would have been towed off the street in the police hunt.  No.  That was not going to happen because it already was in the Vancouver City Impound Yard.  Why would the interview with the elderly gentleman on the doorstep never surface again?  There was really only one answer to what was going on with what I knew about the car and the crew.  I knew the Clan from Clavet had to know what was going on after the Home Invasion.  The Elderly man on the doorstep definitely knows what the deal was about?  But he had agreed to "take one" for something bigger.  Why would he agree?  What currency did Jimmy the Junkie, Little Mike, Mike, and Jeff have to walk from a violent crime?  On October 9th 1997 I went to sleep with complete silence in the Vancouver Media.  The next morning, I awoke with Bertha at the side of his bed after a second quiet night.

I did not know which of the Jimmy The Junkie, Little Mike, Mike, or Jeff were in the car.  I did know it was their car.  He knew they were somehow involved in the Home Invasion.  It could have been the four of them.  It could have been a couple of them.  However, I was certain that all of them would know by now.  I was also convinced that the Clan from Clavet knew something was wrong as well.  Jimmy the Junkie and his Crew had been working for the Clan from Clavet since as far back as the wedding in Winlaw back in July 1997.  I had seen the vehicle change on numerous occasions from the Black Van to the Honda Civic for the last 8 months.  The Clan from Clavet would have seen the same switch month after month!  The Clan from Clavet had to know!  It would have been impossible for the Clan from Clavet's family not to see what happened on television?  I was more determined to figure out who was the Clan from Clavet.    I snapped back to his office with a camera guarded window in Burnaby.

It was a family affair on the Saskatoon Trip.  It was a family affair on the Toronto Trip.  The Clan from Clavet had to know about the Home Invasion.  Their whole family could not possibly have missed the emergency broadcast, the news, and the elderly man the next day.  Why were there no charges?  The Clan from Clavet's Crew gave up something.  Where did all the charges go?  The Clan from Clavet's crew had currency!  Whatever currency the Clan from Clavet's crew had to offer bought the silence of the Vancouver Police Department and the Media.  What currency would make it worth all the effort?  I could not understand what 4 drug addicts on Hastings Street had to exchange for this eerie silence?  Every one knows that you can't trust a junkie, right?  I wondered what they gave up to the Vancouver Police.  Whatever the information was the Clan from Clavet knew something was wrong.    Could the currency have come from the Clan from Clavet?

He had to get some work done.

I awoke on October 11 th, I started another day with no further news about the Home Invasion.  He started working on the  Onlineglass-com project.  I knew the Clan from Clavet's crew got busted.  What could he do?  He was just happy to be left alone.  He focused on the project after yet another quiet night in the alley.  He adjusted pricing on the auto glass to wholesale prices.  He completely removed the need or references to NAGS numbers even though he though the Sherman Anti Trust act would take care of that for him as well.  He maintained contact with UDI, Independent Auto Glass, and the IGA (Independent Glass Association).  He promoted the Onlineglass-com site on the Internet each day.  He followed the auto glass industry forum GlassLinks.  Although I was destitute by now, he could see the Internet IPO market building for his project.  He wished his first effort with Broco, Torsten, and Zepplin had worked out better, however he could see the markets and technology coming to him.  He had predicted this as far back as October 1996 with Jim on Seymour Street.  I believed he would find venture capital.

I awoke on October 12th in Burnaby where he had given up on the media providing anything else on the Home Invasion.  He assumed one of more of the Clan from Clavet's Crew had currency for their freedom.  The Home Invasion vaporized!  He couldn't quite understand what currency the Clan from Clavet's crew gave up for their freedom, but he was quite certain the whole story was dropped by the Vancouver Media on orders from the Vancouver Police Department.  Telus Bells rang with hope, and I lost interest in the Home Invasion.  In November of 1997 after his trip to Philadelphia Pennsylvania to meet Independent Auto Glass and UDI, I had spoken with David Whyte.  David had a business called Pearls of Pristine which was a high end auto detailing shop in Vancouver.  David phoned I back regarding the project!  He was interested in the project, and they agreed to meet in the next few days regarding the auto glass software project.

In Burnaby I was ecstatic on October 12 1997!  He had found hope in a Telus Bell.  He may be able to continue until the IPO markets boom.  He might have someone to help him bring the software and concepts over the top.  He was becoming known in the auto glass industry as an innovator.  The auto glass industry, Internet, public sentiment, and investment were finally starting to get to a point in time where he was waiting.  While the Home Invasion faded into the past quickly, I was still worried the Clan from Clavet would screw up his opportunity.  This could still work out to be his big chance on the "new" Internet.  His attention was snapped out of hope to reality by the television computer.  The Crime Stoppers public service announcements ran their public announcement.  Jeff was looking up at a security camera in a confectionary on Crime Stoppers after robbing the store.

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