Saskatoon Police Department Informant, The Little Whore from Clavet, Saskatoon Rebels MC, Idylwyld Drive North, Saskatchewan Liquor Board Store, Clan from Clavet, Festival City, Yellowhead Highway Clan from Clavet SK, Undercover Operations

In the fall of 1980, I was back from Montreal.  I dropped the town drunk off at the bunkhouse in Ridgedale SK.  Then, I drove the Econoline Van to from Ridgedale to Toon Town.  I was broke, again.  In the fall of 1980, I had en empty wallet looking into a long hard cold winter.  I had given up on a higher education, and I was having trouble finding work.  I started sanding my kitchen cabinets to keep busy.  I had just barely enough for food, and I could not attempt tuition for that matter.  Fall in Toon Town turned into a long, dark, cold, windy winter.  The summers were noticeably warmer, however most forest and ice people wanted a lot of Global Warming.  Winter was settling in at the beginning of October, when I heard a the door.  Knock.  Knock.  Knock.  I went to the door, and I saw Penny, alone.  Again, she didn’t have a lot of time, but she wanted to visit for a few moments.  We talked.  Then, she said she wanted to take a drive to see the Little Whore from Clavet.  I wasn‘t sure if that was a great idea, but I was curious.  We know what motivates felines?  Penny was excited to give me instructions, as I drove the Econoline Van to her place.  Donny had pointed in that direction last spring, and I had never actually been to the house.  I followed her instructions to enter by the alley running parallel to Idylwyld Drive North on the easterly side.

Becky, The Little Whore from Clavet was living 2 long blocks from my home on wheels at Star Trailer Court.  She was on Idylwyld Dr. N. across from the Rebels Clubhouse 1/4 of a block south of the Saskatchewan Liquor Board Store on the east side of Idylwyld.  She was roughly where Donny had gestured.  Penny knocked on the door, and we heard a yell from inside the house.  Penny opened the first door, and we entered a tiny cold, unheated little porch.  Penny knocked and opened a second door into the kitchen.  I followed.  Penny must have been here earlier, as she knew the ground.  She asked "Can we see the Baby".  The Little Whore from Clavet thought about that for a second or two, and then she went out for a few seconds and she brought out her baby.  The placed the basket with the baby on the kitchen table, and I saw her baby for the first time that night.  The baby boy looked to be several months old already.  Penny also joined in having a look at the baby.  I looked around the kitchen as Penny was playing with the little boy.  It looked like any other 80’s style kitchen in an old wartime house.  It was an old 1 - 2 bedroom house.  Becky, The Little Whore from Clavet starting a new life across the street from the Saskatoon Rebels MC?

How did Becky explain her situation to her partner Blondie and his family?  I would imagine she had quite a story.  Did she talk about the 30 - 35 minute drive with her brothers in the old truck to 20th St. and Ave C., aka Riversdale Skid.  Did Blondie know about her time on skid row with Penny?  In any event, I had to assume Becky was actively promoting her new clean life.  I understand that Becky needed a lot of excuses and stories.  After all we would all be sheikhs draped in gold, if excuses were golden?  I‘m was sure one of her brothers, in particular, would have killed her if she opened her pie hole and told the truth.  This Little Whore from Clavet looked awful clean to be selling underage Penny?  I‘m sure whatever Blondie knew, it was what worked for Blondie and his family.  When would anyone know whether it was Uncle or Daddy?  Was it incest?  As the town drunks son, I knew that those righteous small towns like Clavet SK didn‘t have dirt.  Dirt like child abuse and incest in Clavet SK?  Never.  Small towns like Clavet had white Christian churches.  Their daughters on 20th Street?  Selling Whores.  Never.  That was the DDA on the 20th St. and Ave C. on the skid.  Penny and I were still looking at the baby, as I sized up the situation.

There was a grunting / call for Becky from inside the dark living room concealed by walls.  Becky, the Little Whore from Clavet went back into the living room.  There was a few words between Blondie and Becky, before the Little Whore from Clavet returned to the kitchen.  Penny and I overheard Blondie telling Becky his rules.  The Little Whore from Clavet said ’we needed to leave‘. The Little Whore from Clavet said ’he does not want him around here’.  We had been inside the house for all of 5 moments.  Penny had gotten a little more revenge!  Penny deserved that little bit of fun, but I was more interested in why the Little Whore from Clavet had set up shop just down the street from Star Trailer Court.  The Saskatoon Rebels MC was directly across Idylwyld Dr. N. at her front window. The Little Whore from Clavet and Blondie had lived here at least 6 months since April 1980, when Donny pointed in this direction.  He told she was living just down the street.  The little Whore from Clavet and Penny were talked over Penny leaving?  Now, the Little Whore from Clavet wants Penny and I out on instructions from her partner Blondie.  The ’new’ homemaker was taking orders from her man.

The Little Whore from Clavet was kicking us out of the house for her partner, Blondie.  Suddenly, the sweet young woman, and her days of trafficking underage white girls on 20th St. and Ave C. in Toon Town, returned.  I wondered if Becky was bringing Blondie’s family home to Clavet SK?  Becky was neither afraid or sweet that night.  Penny and I stepped down into the cold porch, and we opened the outer door to a cold night in the land of forest and ice.  Visiting the Little Whore from Clavet was something Penny and I did because we knew we were both on good terms with the Little Whore from Clavet.  Yes, we were on good terms with the Little Whore from Clavet!  Then.  The September and October Parties in 1979, were one year ago.  Later, the chance bus stop meeting at The Bay in the winter was more recent.  Then, her visit to my home on wheels at Star Trailer Court in the winter, alone.  Finally in 1980, she visited Donny at my home on wheels in the spring, before Donny left in April.  Now in the fall of 1980, Penny and I are visiting the Little Whore from Clavet at her place on Idylwyld Drive N. in Toon Town(1980).  Why is that critically important?

Toon Town would one day have the Saskatoon Rebels MC patch over to become the Saskatoon Hells Angels.  Today, the Mexican Cartel was shipping north to Toon Town, and The South American Cartels were obviously sending the wealthy their bottled coca cola.  The Mob, what else needs to be said?  I didn’t know, anyone!  What’s important?  The Little Whore from Clavet and the Clan from Clavet would also be in the game.  They would not only be in the game, but they would change their game.  Blondie’s new game did not have any room for Penny and I that night, as we had to leave the Little Whore from Clavet with her picture window on the Saskatoon Rebels.  In 1980, there was no talk of rapes by either the Little Whore from Clavet, the Clan from Clavet, or dirt white trash Blondie.  Instead, they weren’t telling the Saskatoon Rebels MC across the street in the picture window anything, either.  Would a virgin in white panties leave a rapist walk into her house?  Would she bring out his baby?  What is critically important is that The Little Whore from Clavet, the Clan from Clavet, and Blondie would not tell ’the boys’, anything.  Why?  Then, when hundreds of millions of dollars disappear, the Little Whore from Clavet, Jimmy the Junkie, and Blondie have no place to hide.

In 1980, the Little Whore from Clavet could have hid her virgin white panties anywhere in Toon Town.  Instead, Becky and Blondie moved 2 blocks from Star Trailer Court.  Was Blondie worried about his little virgin in white panties?  The ’cleaned up’ skid row whore had the whole city to raise their little rat.  Instead, Becky and Blondie setup across the street from the biggest, meanest, motorcycle club in the land of forest and ice!  The Saskatoon Rebels ran the northern half this area of forest and ice known to survive ‘From Many Peoples Strength’.  Obviously, street whores from skid row get a new start by moving across the street from a 1% MC Clubhouse?  Yes.  That’s how skid row whores get cleaned up!  That’s how the Little Whore from Clavet went from selling underage girls like Penny to her brothers.  That’s how the Clan from Clavet raised their vestal virgins.  Yes.  Clan from Clavet women like Hooker Boots and Blondie couldn’t care less how they raped your daughters Toon Town.  No worries.  So why did they moved in across the street from the Saskatoon Rebels MC?  Which cover story did the Becky, Blondie, and the Clan from Clavet share with their friends and the Saskatoon Rebels MC across the street?  Nobody was talking about much.  How do you rape a whore on skid row like Becky? There would have to be violence?  Yes.

If there was violence why would Becky and Blondie move next to the violence?  Yet, Becky and Blondie chose their location.  Obviously, the dirty little whore from Clavet didn’t feel threatened.  Instead, the picture window on Idylwyld Drive North had a perfect view of the 1% MC Clubhouse.  The dirty little whore from Clavet SK moved 2 blocks from Star Trailer Court for reasons other than violence.  Why would recovering skid row whore want a birds eye view of the Rebels before technology became the primary surveillance method over the next 30 years?  I was new to Saskatoon when I moved to Star Trailer Court, and I saw their rides on 38 th Street West and Idylwyld Dr. N..  Skid row whores and dirt white trash like Blondie knew exactly where the Rebels could be watched.  The Rides, The Patches, The Associates, The Hanger On’s, and the drug trade travelling into town on the Yellowhead Highway from Festival City.  The Window on the northern half of the land of forest and ice known to survive ’From Many Peoples Strength’.  Why.  It should have been obvious to the Rebels in 1980, however Becky, Blondie, and the Clan from Clavet could capitalize on information for many years.

Becky’s brother would promote themselves as Hanger On’s, Associates, and even as new potential Patches from the side the old Rebels will remember.  The view from the picture window worked for ’immunity’ on the skid at 20th St. and Ave C..  I saw this beginning in 1979, when Becky sat on my couch with Penny and she bragged about how her family could rat anyone out to ’walk away’ from ’anything’.  Becky and Blondie were the surveillance side of the business against the Saskatoon Rebels MC Clubhouse on Idylwyld Drive N. in 1980.  Becky’s brothers could spread all the underage leg they wanted with that surveillance in place.  Remember, Hooker Boots went for Penny’s throat because Hooker Boots knew little underage Penny had her legs spread in Clavet SK.  The SPD couldn’t hear any talk about underage white girls in Clavet SK.  That’s what the SPD did.  SPD officers used underage girls in Saskatoon and Clavet SK.  How many people in Clavet knew the truth?  How many young girls were raped by the Clan from Clavet?  Can you really fart in Clavet SK with 200 people without someone smelling?  The Saskatoon Police Department would refuse to investigate anything regarding the Clan from Clavet.  Becky, Blondie, BJ, and the Clan from Clavet would never be arrested.  Why?

In 1979 - 1980, the Little Whore from Clavet trucked 30 - 35 minutes to the skid at 20th St. and Ave C. in Toon Town to spread her legs.  She belonged mostly to the family business, then Blondie added his family to the mix on Idylwyld Drive North.  When something went wrong downtown on the skid, there was always some information to trade from the picture window on Rebels.  The Clan from Clavet never gets busted by the Saskatoon Police Department?  The way old Joe ran his rat business, every known blood relative of the Little Whore from Clavet was a rat to the Rebels or associated with the Saskatoon Rebels MC in Toon Town.  It is important to remember that Becky’s father trucked his little whore to 20th Street and Ave. C. in Toon Town.  Old Joe had to truck the Little Whore from Clavet into Toon Town.  There were no busses from Clavet SK to Toon Town.  The Saskatoon Rebels MC never noticed a thing in Toon Town.  The Clan from Clavet just set up shop at the end of the Festival City drug run arriving on the Yellowhead Highway.  I know.  The run likely didn’t go straight to the house.  However, there were bursts of activity which lit up the red lights.  Who was evolved in these traffic bursts.  Their vehicles.  Who’s plates?

I could see everything Becky bragged about as the Clan from Clavet started befriending bikers in Toon Town.  During the fall of 1980, the Saskatoon Rebels MC were benign to Blondie and Becky across the street.  Some Rebels knew her brothers, but her brothers weren’t telling them about Becky and Blondie and the picture window.  Her father, mother, and brothers weren’t telling the Saskatoon Rebels MC her history in Star Trailer Court.  The Saskatoon Rebel’s tolerated the Becky, Blondie, and the Clan from Clavet like a rash.  That’s where the problems began with the Festival City run into Toon Town, then.  Eventually, the Saskatoon Rebels would be ’vouching’ for the Clan from Clavet in Vancouver BC.  My friend Penny would not be a part of the ratting raping Clan from Clavet.  She went on to be a biker chick with a guy in Festival City.  She met a guy who worked a regular job as a power linesman in Alberta.  There are people you can trust.  The Saskatoon Rebels MC trusted the wrong people.  How many lost years in jail?  How much lost money?  Then.  Not so many.  Now?

The Saskatoon Police Department would overlook multiple counts of statutory rape by the Clan from Clavet in Clavet SK.  Penny for one.  Do all rats get that sort of blanket immunity?  The Saskatoon Police Department wouldn’t make a statement to warn other young women.  Instead, the Saskatoon Police Department overlooked the Little Whore from Clavet selling underage white girls.  The SPD helped Becky rape my underage friend.  What could the Clan from Clavet be giving up for immunity?  During 1980, the SPD overlooked multiple counts of child abuse, incest, or / statutory rape to make these drug busts.  SPD career minded cops caused more damage than the expanding cocaine drug trade.  I was not Penny’s family, and I did feel guilty about not doing more for Penny.  I knew that it would take ’Free Men and Free Women’ to hold the SPD responsible for their actions.  The law is such a joke.  The SPD streamed children from the dirt tribes to the south of Toon Town through the sex trade in Toon Town.  DDA children working in the sex trade was better for many than staying home on the reserve with abuse DDA parents and family.  Do SPD officers trade children daily then?  Yes, I suppose they do.

Information.  The Clan from Clavet and her family would never have succeeded if the SPD did not practice the ’Informant‘ sex trade in the fall of 1980.  The SPD didn‘t care if DDA children didn‘t have pubic hair.  The SPD ’officers‘ wanted careers.  I was book smart.  I was getting street smart.  I had just watched this happen.  The SPD routinely used Clan from Clavet children for information gathering behind the scenes.  It was getting pretty obvious why the Clan from Clavet was never getting into trouble. The Clan from Clavet was good at trading DDA children!  The child abuse in Toon Town was so embedded that incest and pedophilia were not reason enough to stop a single investigation.  The forest and ice people did not have a lot of trust for the SPD either.  For many good forest and ice people, the SPD were more likely to mess you up than help you.  If you were connected, political, well known, or affluent you might get protection.  If you were an informant, you would get protection.  The rules for ’immunity and informants‘ did exist, but they were only there to be ignored.  There was no enforcement of informant rules at the SPD.  The Little Whore from Clavet could trade underage sex, and the SPD provided Teflon immunity for that as well.  Over the years, I mussed about the baby boy.  Would the baby call Becky‘s brother Uncle or Daddy in the future?

It would take many years for the Saskatoon Rebels MC Clubhouse to hold a key to the 250 million in the Port of Vancouver.  The SPD would have made their careers, and they would have traded the Toon Town daughters with no repercussions.  The old Saskatoon Rebels would remember the Clan from Clavet in 1979-1980.  The Saskatoon Rebels know the problems they were having in 1979-1980.  Years later, the Saskatoon Rebels MC Club would patch over to become Hells Angels.  The older Saskatoon Rebels which patched over to become the Saskatoon Hells Angels, know what the Clan from Clavet told them back in 1979-1980.  Did the story told to the Saskatoon Rebels remain the same as the story told to the newly patched over Hells Angels after the Port of Vancouver?  The Saskatoon Rebels know the virgin on skid row story sold in Vancouver BC by the Clan from Clavet is a lie.  People lie when they are stuck between a Punisher and Dead.  I returned home to an empty home on wheels, until fortune knocked on my door later in the fall.

Just as the land of forest and ice was started to turn white in the fall, I heard my trailer door go ’knock knock knock‘, again.  I checked to see who it was through the screen.  It was Perry Harwyluk.  I had met Perry and Gail during the party era in the fall of 1979.  We talked and Perry asked to rent a room as Gail and Perry were splitting up! I agreed.  I learned that Gail owned just about all ’their‘ possessions.  Perry moved in with his fish tank for the living room, and he had clothes for the dresser and bed, I provided in his room.  Gail dropped him off with their car which was actually ’her‘ car.  Perry had about half of the agreed upon rent.  He moved into Donny’s spare room, and I hoped for the best?  Perry was DDA, however he was more interested in a good time than a fighing.  That worked.  My fighting days were over with the DDA.  I was ready for a truce, but I would never be ready for any reconciliation.  The rest of the land of forest and ice went through a reconciliation 35 years later on June 1st 2015.  It was called The Truth and Reconciliation Commission Canada.  The commission completed their hearings on Residential Schools where 6,000 DDA children died in Residential Schools over 120 years.  The students started at 5 years of age, and they attended Residential Schools until 16 years of age.

The years and students would tally up too 1.8 million student years attended in Residential Schools by 1998 in the land of forest and ice.  The last Residential School closed after nearly 120 years of Residential Schools.  Personally, I believe most files submitted to the The Truth and Reconciliation Commission in the land of forest and ice were substantially influenced by greed.  I also believe every tidbit of information acquired by the Little Whore from Clavet through the picture window facing the Saskatoon Rebels on Idylwyld Drive North was a play for cash to the SPD.  The fact is that both were DDA using their ’stories’ for their financial gain.  In the fall of 1980, the SPD was a very different police force in Toon Town.  Police Surveillance was "eyes on" from across the street or from patrol cars.  Still and video surveillance used film, and audio surveillance wasn’t wireless.  Phones were not easily tapped without judicial warrants.  Vinyl albums and cassette tapes ruled the music scene.  Our world was a different place, where police worked from cars or their feet.  Surveillance was mostly from police cars across the street.  Then surveillance was the information Becky, Blondie, and the Clan from Clavet provided on Idylwyld Drive North in Toon Town.

The one bright spot was Perry had two friends who came by regularly.  Their names were Cindy and Joanne.  They were the one bright spot in a working class trailer court with little money during the endless recessions of the 1980’s.  I really liked Cindy, but I just couldn’t find a way to get started with her.  When I was young most DDA no longer attended Residential School students.  There were a lot of Residential School students in the past, as DDA attended Residential Schools until the were 16 years of age for a total of 1.8 million student years based on a starting age of 5 years of age.  I had my own problems, as I fell behind on my lot rent, my gas, my hydro, and my Sask Tel.  I ate a little from the rent I was able to get from Perry, I had thinned down a little by the time the fat red devils returned for the holidays.  I used Sask Tel to arrange my trip back to the Rocky Ridge Ranch.  That year, Leo had bought boxing gloves, and we spared a little in our old bedroom in the house.  The sparing got out of hand when I hit him once in the face, and he knocked me out.  I woke up in bed.  I had yet another concussion.  I really don’t know why we were locking horns, however I believed Leo was still upset that he did not take of the Rocky Ridge Ranch for free as the eldest son.  That’s just the way it was I guess.  I drove the Econoline Van back to Toon Town for New Years, and I was happy to be free of the town drunk and the Rocky Ridge Ranch.

During the winter and spring of 1981 I struggled with money.  Perry was working for a carpet banger named Barry, and Perry had fallen behind on his rent.  Perry was not making enough as a carpet banger to pay much rent, when I really could have used fair rent.  Eventually, I was able to get part of my rent by having Barry and Perry put in new hallway carpets.  Later, Perry tried the carpet business on his own, and I lent him the Econoline Van as he needed a vehicle.  He couldn’t find enough work to float a business, either.  I was starting to understand why Gail owned everything as Perry was a good guy, but he was going to have trouble making a life for himself.  Then, Perry and Gail found themselves through heartbreak.  Then, life can break a lot of hearts.  Gail didn’t find love with her lawyer, as he traded up / down / across from Gail?  Perry caught a break with Gail’s broken heart.  Gail called Perry.  Perry was available.  Gail was available.  Suddenly, Perry was on cue to work things out with Gail.  That’s how I caught a break from a broken heart.  Perry and Gail decided to give it another chance, or at least that’s what Perry said.  Perry moved on just as the DDA moved on from the Residential Schools.  They were still moving on even though the last Residential School was closed after nearly 120 years of Residential Schools.  I had my home on wheels to myself, again.

I didn’t miss the Residential Schools, however I did miss Cindy, as she was now out of the picture.  Odd how every man or woman has someone they never seem to quite, forget?  Have you ever met one that didn’t?  However, I needed to find a job to eat.  I used the new high tech BIC which had replaced Paper mate (Gillette) ball point pens.  This new ball point pen used BIC erasable ink instead of Gillette "ink" made from oils and dyes.  Imagine, ink made by BIC using liquid rubber cement.  Can you imagine, that?  They are erasable until they dry!  Gail and Perry must have still been moist, as they were not erased.  In May 1981, I circled my job adds on the pulp and paper with liquid rubber cement just in case I had to erase my job hunt.  I didn’t have money for a Xerox fax machine, so I used my Sask Tel phone to call prospective employers from my home on wheels in Star Trailer Court.  High tech Fancy ink and all, I got a call for an interview from Argus Guard and Patrol in Toon Town.

job hunt pens and dry ink I arrived for my interview, and I got the job on the spot.  I finished up my first hour of training, and I was rewarded with my Guard Uniform.  I would train on the job for my new guard position available at the Bessbourough Hotel on Spadina Crescent in Toon Town.  I started working from 10:00 PM to 6:00 AM.  I was relieved.  I was going to be able to eat.  I was going to be able to live something other than the students poverty stricken life.  I told myself that I would look for a better job soon, but I lied.  This was groceries and lot rent for my home on wheels.  I was determined to find something better, just not now.  The night shift at the Bessborough was food and utilities.  I was home early in the morning and I would eat in the morning before going to sleep.  I’ve always hated the night shift, but like other blue collar workers I sucked it up each day.  Sacrifice.  Daily.  The town drunks son was typically working class, and 95% of all forest and ice people were sold the dream of ’Moving on Up’.  The forest and ice people believed in privacy, freedom, and hard work would be rewarded with a ’better life’ for themselves and their children.  These ’beliefs’ were sold as popular propaganda after WWII in the land of forest and ice.  However, ’Moving on Up’ for most 95%ers was difficult, during the endless recessions as we toiled in Production, Consumption, Profit, and the Business of War.

Glorious and Free
’Bessborough Hotel’

As for the Little Whore from Clavet, she was living ’Away’ on Idylwyld Dr. N. in the southerly direction at the end of Donny’s finger point.

Perry gone, Donny gone, Kevin and Garth in   Donny for one didn’t ’make it’ in Toon Town, and he returned to working at the Martinsville Car Wash for his brother Pee Wee.  Personally, I’ve always had trouble sleeping in the day, and I can understand why night shift people die young.  The night shift sucks the life right out of a person.  However, even a shorter life requires eating.  My dreams would have to wait, as I wasn’t going to sell Penny on 20th Street and Ave C. and Clavet SK like the Little Whore from Clavet.  I was a young man with a paycheck in Toon Town!  Then, I caught another break when Kevin and Garth were informed that their landlord wanted their house back!  I believe it had something to do with excessive noise.  I wasn’t sure if that had anything to do with the Flash Up I attended where BJ and Hooker Boots showed their true colours in the Meadowgreen Park Area?  They asked if I would rent a few rooms for a few months, temporarily?  I was ecstatic.  I had money coming in to catch up on my past due home on wheels lot rent.  Of course, I said ’Yes’.  I found out they didn’t have any contact with the BJ and the Clan from Clavet, and the three amigos went about our separate lives from my home on wheels in Star Trailer Court.  Much like most young men, I wondered what Sissy was doing now that I had a paycheck?  In the land of forest and ice, I was ’flush’, and I was happy to have some company that didn’t want to wreck the place.  Then, as always, there is always a lot of rain after a bit of sunshine in the land of forest and ice.

unwelcome visitors 1 take a punch In June 1981, not long after Kevin and Garth moved into Star Trailer Court, that we had a unwelcome visitor.  I had just gotten home from the Bessbourough Hotel, and Kevin and Garth were nowhere to be seen.  There was a knock on the door, Knock.  Knock.  Knock.  The door opened itself from the outside, as we usually didn’t have the door locked.  I watched Becky’s brother walk in with his long straight black hair split in the middle.  He was the slimmer, taller, darker, brother with shoulder length hair.   This would be the first time I met this brother up close.  Generally, the Little Whore from Clavet’s brothers were shorter and stocky like BJ (Blow Job Joe).  While, I had no evidence that the unusually short stature of Becky’s family was related to incest, I harken back to the conversations we had last December with Penny and the Little Whore from Clavet.  Could this taller, slimmer, brother with shoulder length black have raped Penny?  Was this the brother Penny was talking about with the Little Whore from Clavet?  Was this the brother who would be happy that his sister is a whore on skid row?  Was this the brother who would be happy if she was sleeping around?  The other man was a stranger, whom I would know as Blondie in the future.  The 3rd lapdog may well have been Clan from Clavet, however I believe it was with Blondie who I had never met until now .  This was the first home invasion by the Clan from Clavet, as they shoved me backwards into the living room.  I sat on the couch, and Becky’s brother punched me once in the face.  I had already leaned how to take a punch.  The trick to taking a punch is to clench your jaw tight to stay conscious and save your teeth.  It’s also important to lead with your jaw, and you keep your eyes open to prepare yourself.  Her brother didn’t have much of a punch.  It didn’t knock me out.

unwelcome visitors 2 breeds his sister He had the punch of a man who would breed with his sister.  That’s the sort of punch this anus from the Clan from Clavet demonstrated.  Still, this was not going to be good.  Suddenly, the Little Whore from Clavet’s brother stopped.  I gave him a look like I was going to put up a fight.  I think all three actually thought twice about what they were doing.  But it was the look on the Little Whore from Clavet’s brother that was most significant.  You know the look of someone, when you both think the same thing?  Her brother realized the most important thing was not to allow me to do a lot of talking.  I knew he was uncomfortable with other people knowing about him.  He just wanted me to shut up!  I could see the fear in his eyes, as he was very worried his crew would hear something he didn’t want them to hear.  He knew I knew!  He was unsure of himself.  At 18, I was much lighter and smaller than the 3 of them.  However, the brother did not want me talking.  I figured right then and there he was riding the Little Whore from Clavet.  He just didn’t want me talking.  I used that quickly to shut him up.  You see, he didn’t want them to know he was riding the Little Whore from Clavet, either.  He was unsure how far he could go before things might go wrong in front of Blondie, the target of the show.  If this brother was the one riding his sister, he was also likely riding my underage friend Penny.  I knew, he realized this may not have been one of his best ideas.  He just needed to ’seem’ to stand up!

visitors 3 the Clan from Clavet stink I just knew this was ’the brother’ Penny was humiliating on the couch.  It was the clan stink.  So I simply said to him ’What are you doing here’?  I looked him straight in the eye.  The clan stink mumbled something about his ‘sister’.  I said, ’I know Becky and Penny.  I wish I’d asked him if he rode his ’sister’ in that one line?  Or, was ’he’ riding or selling his sister?  He didn’t know what to say when I asked WHAT ARE YOU DOING?  I knew for sure he was the one who was happy that Becky was ’having sex with other guys’.  Then, I knew I was not going to get killed.  I knew this was going to be a theatrical event by the Clan from Clavet stink to satisfy Blondie and maybe the third hanger on?  If Blonde the hanger on were satisfied with the performance, Becky’s brother would be in the clear.  Right?  The brother could pass the Becky off to Blondie the ’Mark’ without his sticky sperm in his sister creating problems.  Her brother was nervous.  He blew his load, already.  He was satisfied with one pathetic punch.  He was a ’real man’ breeding his sister and he proved that punching Rohel in the face in his own home on wheels.  The stink of a man looked at Blondie for vindication!  Now, that’s proof’.  The home invasion / beating was over at the 1/2 time break in the play.  Now What?

4 The brother screwing his sister, waited for Blondie and the ’witness’ to agree.  He paused on the look.  You know when you pause until the other person has to respond?  That’s what happened.  The Little Whore from Clavet would never tell Blondie the truth.  He waited on the look.  Her brother would have killed her if she told the truth.  He waited on the look.  She wanted to tell me the truth that night in the trailer.  I’m certain she did not want to tell Blondie the truth.  Now, her brother is looking at me because he wants me to ’shut up’.  It was that shut up look, hopeful?  His look said, ’You’re going to take the beating of a lifetime if you say anything’.  I had him, because Becky’s brother was playing Blondie and the third wheel for the fool.  Now, he is looking at me like I should "shut up please".  I figured, I’m outnumbered.  Living is a lot about choosing your fights.  I would not be fighting today.  I was done with his fake punch!  Fine, I’m outnumbered.  I was convinced the DDA believed he would be in the clear now.  I had already decided I would live to fight another day.  I had learnt from the parties that you have to choose the time and place for your revenge.

5 The "soft" punch, and Blondie and his sidekick trying to look real tough.  Dangerous.  Hardly.  I stared at the bridge of his nose.  He was ready to leave, now.  He wanted to get the hell out before the game went sour.  Becky’s brother looks at Blonde and says "What do you want to do." I slowly looked in his eyes.  He hoped his act was good enough, and he desperately wanted the nod from Blondie.  He wanted to get out of here, before the whole house knew he was banging his sister.  Finally, Becky’s brother looks at Blondie and says "What do you want to do."  Blonde says ’let’s get out of here’, as he and the third wheel appear barely satisfied.  I was outnumbered 3 to 1, which means I’m good with them leaving.  The 3 amigos were finished. They all wanted to leave.  I knew Blondie would be able to lay blame on me for everything with his family and in laws.  Just when the Little Whore from Clavet’s brother thinks he is in the clear, just when they are ready to turn, just when they turn an walk, Garth opens the door to my home on wheels.

garth entry Garth looks at the Clan from Clavet’s motley crew.  Garth takes his spot in front of the closed door.  He looked like he might want to lay a beating on the three of them, and he looked at me still sitting on the couch with a bloody nose.  I may have changed my posture from defeated to hopeful, and I really thought about giving it a try.  Then, the Clan from Clavet’s motley crew said something about "it has nothing to do with you Garth".  They knew Garth.  I could see Garth recognized at least a few of the Clan from Clavet.  You see, in the early 80’s Toon Town was a small city with only 154,210 people.  If you were a young tough guy like Garth?  If Garth was doing the bar scene?  The Clubs.  The Drugs.  You would know much of the younger crowd.  You likely knew enough people to have a good idea of who was doing what.  Toon Town was really a big town rather than a big city.  The University crowd was constantly changing and they had their own bars and clubs.  Toon Town ers could read this and understand.  The Saskatoon Rebels would definitely know the these Clan from Clavet in Toon Town.

garth entry small city Thus, Garth knew at least a few of these guys.  Garth referred to the one I believed to be Becky’s brother by name.  I thought he said "Dan" or "Doug" or something with a D.  Come to think of it I think Penny said something beginning with a D.  In any event, Garth definitely knows the brothers of the Little Whore from Clavet living down the street on Idylwyld Dr. N. in Toon Town.  The day would come when Garth might make a good chunk of change with his memory.  He was on the right side of these events to provide insight into the Clan from Clavet.  I’ve always trusted Kevin and Garth, as stand up guys.  At the time, Garth was Kevin’s right hand man.  Kevin would eventually move on to Edmonton 3 - 4 years, later.  Kevin and Garth would have met some of ’the boys’ in Rosetown, Saskatoon, and Edmonton.  These early years would become important to ’the boys’ much later, as they would see the same thing coming again, and again, and again.  Garth looked them over and said ’if your done you should get out’.  The little hoes brother, her partner, and the third wheel leaned into the opportunity towards the door like synchronized swimmers.

out the door The Little Whore from Clavet’s brother was talking, as he shuffled down the steps, ‘This isn’t over, yet’.  He shuffled ’Away’.  He was right about this not being over, but he was wrong about his bloodline being on the right side of dead.  He had no idea that a new world was coming to ruin his life.  Today, the Clan from Clavet was scared of talking to much in the home on wheels, and he was running off at the mouth from the yard.  Garth wouldn’t know he was going to be able to use what he saw in the future, either.  I knew the Little Whore from Clavet’s child going to call him Uncle and not Daddy?  The timing of the Clan from Clavet was peculiar though?  I had talked to a few people about Becky moving to Toon Town.  I never could quite figure out why the Little Whore from Clavet renewed friendships with Donny?  Why would Becky move next door?  I did talk to people about that in ToonTown in the day.

end of home invasion and Bessbourough in 1981 Did Becky?  The Little Whore from Clavet really have a choice?  What was she going to do?  She wasn’t going to rub the new ’In Laws’ the wrong way?  What was she to tell the ’In Laws’.  Oh yeah, my brother and I do it all the time?  I told Donny I could not understand what she was doing in that house?  Did Donny talk to Becky?  Was I an alibi for the Little Whore from Clavet and her brother?  The Little Whore from Clavet choose to live 2 blocks down Idylwyld Drive North.  She gets Donny to play matchmaker.  Lots of questions?  I kept working the night shift at the Bessbourough Hotel.  I was happy to be alone.  Some people are better of alone?  I like it better alone.  Maybe that’s why Harvey was running from the twin ghosts.  I used Transit to make my way to work, as the Econoline Van was back in Ridgedale with the town drunk.  I started my shift at the Bessbourough Hotel at 10:00PM before the restaurants and bars were closed.  I had a 1 hour lunch break and two coffee breaks before ending my shift at 7:00AM.  The morning staff arrived, as I prepared my shift report.  I was spending more time alone at my home on wheels.

Bess and paying off bills intro Sheraton I spent some of my spare time in the day fixing up the damage from the parties and the fights, paying off my lot rent, hydro, Telus bills, and buying groceries.  One of my jobs at work was to escort the Restaurant Manager at the Bessbourough Hotel downstairs to the front desk with the receipts and cash.  We got to know each other a little at the hotel, and we agreed to go out for a coffee.  Then, one night I was doing my parking lot patrol.  I met the Security Crew from across the street at the Sheraton Hotel.  One of them was leaving the Sheraton, and they wanted me to apply.  I hauled out my old typewriter and I applied for the job, old school.  I figured a ’direct hire’ with the Sheraton required good quality paper in a quality brown thread sealed envelope.  I waited.  I continued working at the Bessbourough Hotel, and I waited for the Sheraton Hotel.  The days were getting longer in the land of forest and ice in early June.  I walked home after being dropped of by Transit on Circle Drive W..  Suddenly, I heard a knock, knock, knock on the door.  There stood my long lost friend Penny.  I have not seen Penny since last fall in 1980, and we were now well into July 1981.

Penny was alone, and as always she was welcome, alone.  She told me that she had moved to Fort Edmonton, which was later moved 25 km south to become Festival City.  Somehow, ’Penny’s Way’ saw her finding a guy from Edmonton?  Then, the little runaway from Nelson BC was adopted into the Edmonton biker crowd.  Toon Town was falling behind Festival City.  Toon Town lost all their NHL hockey team dreams.  Festival City was crushing our Roughriders in the CFL.  The Edmonton Oilers in the World Hockey League were able to ’graduate’ into the NHL as the WHL folded.  Festival City traded for a kid named Gretsky, and I lived in ’next year country’ as Penny graduated to Festival City.  I was surprised!  I didn’t usually see Penny up this early in the morning, unless we were up all night.  Penny was looking great.  She was dressed better, and she had wheels!  Sadly, she dropped in to say goodbye.  She was on her way back to Festival City.

Penny and the news in 1981 We caught me up on the news.  It was good to see someone ’making it’.  I regretted not keeping her closer after we first met in the fall of 1979 at the Husky Car / Truck Stop.  I learned that Penny was old enough to drive now in Wild Rose Country.  She had a learners license.  That gives you an idea how old she was when the Little Whore from Clavet’s brothers raped Penny in Clavet SK insight of the United Church and 200 blind souls in the village.  I’m sure they had good stories in the coffee room at the Cargill Seed Plant.  Imagine, a town of 200 people where everyone knows who passed gas last night?  How could they miss a 5’ blond girl with the Little Whore from Clavet?  The Little Whore from Clavet’s village, watched?  In the spring of 1980, it was a good break for Penny to make it to Festival City.  She found her biker.  Penny was a wealth of information on the Clan from Clavet, and she confirmed that Becky was living just up the street on Idylwyld Dr. N..  We talked.  Penny had not changed.  She still made the moment so exciting.  She lived life to the absolute MAX.  Maxed out each second.

Penny visit from Festival City That was Penny’s history with the Clan from Clavet.  She had her history with the Little Whore from Clavet, her partner Blondie, and the Clan from Clavet.  Penny was just one person connecting all of this together.  Penny was my introduction to the Clan from Clavet and the Little Whore from Clavet.  We had a good visit, and Garth caught up on the news with Penny as well when he woke up that morning.  I was happy for Penny. Yet, I was sad. I wished in a way we could have given it a try together. Sometimes, time can solve all mysteries? Penny got in her car, and she drove away with a fresh learners license. She showed it to me to ’show off’! Yes, Wayne Soroka and the Clan from Clavet, I saw the learners license.  Today, Penny was getting ready to leave.  I would miss her. Penny was heading to Festival City, and I went to sleep that morning for my night shift at the Bessborough Hotel.  I woke up early in the evening to my clock radio barking out news about yet another Movie Star caught up in a paternity suit.  I made coffee, and I listened to the Radio.  Kevin and Garth moved out several weeks later to a wartime house in Mayfair, when they had finished their business that spring, and I lost my rent money to some other landlord.  I caught a bus to work.

I was offered a job by the Sheraton Cavalier, and I gave my notice at the Bessbourough Hotel, and I began working as Security / Night Audit at the Sheraton Hotel.  The Night Audit part was very much the smaller part of my routine, however I did cash out all the hotel tills each night.  I brought the till rolls to the Night Auditor.  One night, I brought the Restaurant Manager from the Bessbourough Hotel in for the night at the pool in the Sheraton Hotel.  She enjoyed the sun lamps and the Waterpark area until the middle of the night.  Unfortunately, we were caught.  I was fired later that summer for unauthorized use of the facilities.  It was nearing the end of July 1981, and I was out of a job, again.  The bright side is I was caught up on my bills. Sheraton Cavalier The wedding of Charles, Prince of Wales, and Lady Diana Spencer took place on Wednesday 29 July 1981 at St Paul’s Cathedral, London, United Kingdom.

Finally in June 1981, I caught a break.  I met Cindy Johnson through my friend Kevin Joubert.  Cindy had finished high school in Elrose SK., before she completed one year with Katimavik.  When she finished Katimavik, she moved in with her sister Irene in Saskatoon on Avenue G North in Saskatoon.  They lived just west of Ashworth Holmes Park.  We dated, and I spent most of my summer at Irene’s for the next few months that summer.  I advertised in the Saskatoon StarPhoenix Classifieds, and I found an older couple to rent my home on wheels.  I figured a 40 - 50 year old couple couldn’t be that bad?  I used that little bit of rent to catch up on my lot rent for the house trailer.  I was crazy in love, and I probably wasn’t the first guy to sell my 1978 Yamaha Special for a $1400.00 ring.  Once again, I used a classified add in the Saskatoon Sta Phoenix.  I loved motorcycles.  I loved Cindy so much selling the bike felt like a privilege, as NASA white coats weren’t telling the forest and ice people the Arctic melt was long started.  I was just one more young man selling something he loved to have for someone he loved.  I took every single dollar to buy Cindy her engagement ring.  I moved a few things to Cindy’s, and I rented my home on wheels to a middle aged couple.  I found my new tenants with an add in the Saskatoon StarPhoenix.

I just needed a job to make ends meet, now.  I was able to find work in the Hudson Bay Industrial area with a trucking company hauling potash to the Midwest south of the 49th parallel.  I worked as a Dispatcher.  I oversold my qualifications, and I only lasted a few weeks at the job.  Still, I got a full two weeks pay, and Cindy liked the money.  You see people like money, and the DDA are no different.  Do you really believe every file submitted to the The Truth and Reconciliation Commission Canada was totally accurate?  Don’t you think every 2015 Residential School submission knew that the slant helped put the check in the mail?  I also knew by now that everything of value that came through the picture window on Idylwyld Drive N. during 1980 was submitted by the Clan from Clavet to the Saskatoon Police Department.  Both the DDA regarding residential schools, and the Clan from Clavet regarding the Saskatoon Rebels were using their information for financial gain.  If you don’t believe that, then you’ll believe me that you want to spend your life in the gutter working for a minimum wage?  Meanwhile, I was getting complaints as I caught up on the lot rent for my home on wheels.  The middle aged husband and wife were arguing.  Loud.

In late August 1981, I found a job working for The Energy Doctor in Toon Town installing acrylic storm windows.  I started working with another guy for training.  Kevin was still trying to get together with Cindy’s sister Irene, while Cindy and I moved out of Irene’s place to a basement suite on Avenue D S.  The basement suite of the house was our first place of our own near the banks of the South Saskatchewan River.  The bonus was that the suite on Ave D S was close to my new job downtown at Energy Doctor.  Then, later early October I was asked to use my Ford Courier to run my own installation crew.  I was also asked if I knew someone who might work as my helper.  That’s when I thought of Perry.  I was able to track down Perry living with Gail at their apartment in near RCAF Memorial Park.  They were once apartments where the military resided before downsizing.  I offered Perry a job at Energy Doctor.  He accepted, and we started installing acrylic storm windows for Energy Doctor in Toon Town and the surrounding area.  I didn’t notice much of consequence with the Clan from Clavet on Ave D S in Saskatoon.  Could they have lost my trail?  Could I get on with my life and would they just carry on their surveillance through the picture window on the Saskatoon Rebels?  I kept getting complaints from the Trailer Court Manager operating Star Trailer Court, as I was caught up on my lot rent.

Eventually, I used a cutting room glass shop bay at night to replace the timing chain in my 74 Ford Courier Truck, and Energy Doctor was doing fairly well with the Saskatchewan Government Subsidy to upgrade Windows and Doors.  Energy Doctor was also the place where I realized my Motocross Race crash at S.I.R. east of Toon Town in 1979 would effect my lower spine for the rest of my life.  I was already learning to ’care for my spine’.  In December 1981, I was fired / laid off.  Fortunately, I lasted long enough with my bad back to file for Unemployment Benefits.  The Trailer Court Manager was determined that I fix the noise problem.  In November, I told the middle aged couple that they had to leave at the beginning of December.  That meant my home on wheels in 20 Star Trailer Court became available in December.  Cindy and I gave our notice on Ave D S, and I spent the rest of December cleaning up the home on wheels the best I could for Cindy.  In December 1981, we packed our Ford Courier Truck and moved back to Star Trailer Court.  The Rocky Ridge ranch with Leo, the town drunk, and the fat red devil were now easily forgotten.  I did my best in the first few months to make the home on wheels as comfortable as possible for Cindy, while I collected a few months of Unemployment.  That’s when the Ocean Ranger offshore drilling rig sank east of St. Johns Newfoundland killing 84 forest and ice people in February 1982.  The oil boom came at a price.  The few months rest had charged up my spirit and I started looking for another job with my ’spine on my mind’.

I found my first commission sales job working for the Farm and Ranch buying group in Saskatoon.  Farm and Ranch was a ’concept’ commission sales job.  I attended a training course for the Farm and Ranch buying group in Saskatoon.  The concept was ’if farmers and ranchers purchased together as a buying group’, they would be able to influence prices in their favour.  It was a real business, as they employed a few buyers looking for the best deals for farmers and ranchers.  I was also trained for 1 week with a sales person who was able to make a living selling memberships.  I rode with him on a supervised sales trip in southern Saskatchewan.  The next week, I made a sales trip where I tried to "renew" expiring memberships after my training.  I put gas in my truck and I tried to renew farmers and ranchers.  I also tried to find new ’members’ while travelling to these ’renewals’.  My enthusiasm was quickly doused with cold water as I found many renewals were disenchanted with Farm and Ranch.  I eventually ended up stranded in Swift Current due to engine problems with my Ford Courier Truck.  My first sales job was a bust.  Then, I pretty much expected that it would be a bust.  The bad news was my Ford Courier truck dropped it’s well worn engine in Swift Current SK aka Speedy Creek.  I think my timing chain jumped the top gear on the overhead cam and I piled up the valves.  In any event, my truck engine died.  I left it at the Ford Dealership in Speedy Creek, and I caught a Racing Greyhound back to Toon Town.

I never worked in an agricultural related activity again.  Farming just doesn’t pay after land, equipment, fertilizer, herbicides, pesticides, desiccation, transportation, and fuel in the land of forest and ice.  Sales prices are controlled by ’buyers’ and ’railways’ which is not all that much different than the ’Lords’ and ’The Lords Mill’ in feudal France before the french stormed the Bastille on August 4, 1789.  That was when the National Constituent Assembly abolished Feudalism in France.  Feudalism was alive and well in the land of forest and ice, I focused my attention on clothing for my second sales job.  I answered another classified add in the Saskatoon StarPhoenix, and I tried my hand at selling sports jackets and school jackets to sports teams and schools.  I was given an area in Saskatchewan, and I started selling jackets for Prime Sports located in Winnipeg MN.  The marketing of custom made jackets for sports teams and schools included specialized fonts for names, numbers, crests and logos.  I was on the road again with one of two very well used cars Cindy and I bought at the Sutherland Auction to replace the Ford Courier.  I was back on the road again, and that’s how I came upon the Little Whore from Clavet, again.

In April 1982, I stopped to eat at the Clavet Motor Inn in Clavet SK owned by Roadside Inns and Investment Limited.  In 1982, The Clavet Motor Inn was located along the YellowHead Highway passing through Clavet.  I sat down to eat breakfast on my way out of Toon Town towards a scheduled appointment in Young SK.  The Little Whore from Clavet came to my table and filled up my coffee cup.  I was completely taken off guard.  She was also pregnant.  Becky was working as a waitress in the restaurant, and I recognized her immediately, as she came to my table to take my order.  I had every right to sit down and eat.  I just didn’t know the Little Whore from Clavet was going to be waiting on these tables.  The forest and ice people had just won a victory of sorts!  The Charter of Rights and Freedoms or ’The Charter’ was signed into law by Queen Elizabeth II of Canada on April 17, 1982, along with the rest of the Act.  We the forest and ice people were guaranteed certain political rights and civil rights guarding us from the policies and actions of all areas and levels of the government.  The Charter united the forest and ice people around a set of principles that embody our rights.  Were it not for this little light shining from Pierre Eliot Trudeau, we may never have had Rights and Freedoms.  Sometimes, I am saddened when we fail to see this little light in ourselves.  We acknowledge this little light in other lands, but we see darkness where we should see the light provided by one of our great forest and ice people, Pierre Eliot Trudeau.  In a sad twist of fate, In 2017, Pierre Eliot Trudeau’s son would bastardize his greatest contribution to the land of forest and ice.  Prime Minister Justine Trudeau would allow the scanning of all devices held by the forest and ice people "without warrant and without reasonable cause" on his watch.  Federal Court Chief Justice Paul Crampton is guilty of treason for violating the Charter of Rights and Freedoms against all forest and ice people!  Justine Trudeau also wasted his fathers contributions in the middle east. Justine Trudeau was just to weak to vote like a man against Donald Trump in the middle east.  Just to pathetically weak!  Was this the most pathetic 1%er owned ’sunny ways’ Prime Minister in the land of forest and ice?

Federal Court Chief Justice Paul Crampton, a traitor.

"Federal Court Chief Justice Paul Crampton lies to the forest and ice people about "Section 12 of the CSIS Act for the federal government".  Crampton is actually reviewing illegal RCMP scanning technology used in the above links.  He was simply told what to rule as the land of forest and ice moved towards a military state.  He allows any military, provincial, or local police force to scan and track all forest and ice people contrary to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms!

In 1982, I ordered breakfast and coffee at the Clavet Motor Inn.  Becky offhandedly asked what I was doing?  I said "I was just hungry and I stopped to eat".  I explained that I was working sales for Prime Sports, and I was on my way to a sales meeting in Young SK.  She left.  Soon after, I heard the bacon hit the grill, and I was enjoying my coffee.  Suddenly, BJ arrived during my meal, and he glared at me as he walked towards Becky.  I was worried BJ would cause trouble for what was a completely chance meeting.  I understood that I was going to be the fall guy for Becky’s first pregnancy.  BJ appeared to arrive to watch over Becky.  It was clear to me that Becky’s son was not going to be calling his Uncle, Daddy in the near future.  There was a short conversation between Becky and BJ.  Then as BJ walked by he said, "I don’t want any trouble from you".  I finished my meal, before clearing my tab, and I left the restaurant.  I continued on my sales trip to Young SK.  I put a cassette in my tape deck, and I pondered how many 8 track tapes went into the landfill as I drove to Young SK.  I had heard that the really good player could soon be purchased from Sony for $1,000.00 in the land of forest and ice.  I wondered how many of the cassette tapes would end up in the landfill.  I was a bit of a sound aficionado, but I would wait for the price to come down to working class levels.  I traveled south on the #2 highway to Young SK. 

I found the address in Young SK which turned out to be a partially heated shack in Young SK.  It could have passed for a clubhouse or a biker bar in someone’s garage.  I gave them my sales presentation, and I showed them my sample jackets which they could purchase for delivery at a future date.  I left the jackets out for them to look at while we talked.  Somehow, they had been referred to me by Prime Sports, and they had 6 - 8 people present for my sales presentation.  There was something wrong with the presentation?  They were not engaging in the presentation with the normal questions.  They did not appear all that interested in any of the jackets offered.  My job was to show the jackets and the customer decides to get measured.  In fact, I felt uncomfortable that my visit was just a waste of time.  I finished my presentation, and I asked for the sale.  The group of 6 - 8 people appeared to be more interested in talking.  Eventually, I packed up my sales samples, and I got ready to leave.  There would be no sale.  Just before I left, I was told to stop by the Allen SK Hotel.  This group was very interested to make sure I knew exactly how to get to the hotel.  I knew I was getting set up for something, however I went along with ’their’ plan.  The Hotel was on the way back to Saskatoon.  I had to try to get a sale, after I wasted gas and all day on a nothing sales call. 

This small town Saskatchewan Hotel was on the 763 just north of Young SK.  This was on the way home, and Allen just happened to be 25 minutes West of Clavet, where I had stopped for breakfast at the Clavet Motor Inn in the morning.  They said that I should stop in and let the bartender know I was waiting for someone interested in some sports jackets.  The Hotel was on my way back to Saskatoon.  I had to try to get a sale, after I wasted gas and all day on a nothing sales call.  I parked in front of the Allen Hotel at 203 Main Street late in the afternoon.  I walked into the bar.  I took a table.  I explained to the bartender I was waiting for someone interested in Prime Sports Merchandise.  I told him who I was, and I asked if he knew these "local" people who were interested?  The bartender looked at the name and number.  Could he phone them and tell them I was waiting?  He did phone and he talked to someone on the phone.  I ordered a beer, and I sat down at a table.  The bartender came to my table and told me he had phoned.  He did not appear enthusiastic?  I eagerly awaited my next customer, as I drank my beer.  I waited about 30 minutes, and I was standing up at the counter ordering my second beer. 

In walked two of Becky’s brothers.  They rushed the bar where I was standing, and one of her brothers bounced me off the bar.  I was stunned.  But I was not surprised.  They were short, stocky, and heavier than BJ.  I assumed it would take 30 years of "new" genes before the Clan from Clavet would reach average forest and ice person height.  In any event, I was lucky the Bartender came to my rescue against the Clan from Clavet.  The Bartender stepped in between Becky’s brothers and I, after they threw me against the bar several times.  He said, "That’s enough, he’s just a kid."  They may have been short, but they were both solid, stocky, and strong.  I wouldn’t have had a chance.  I was never a fighter, and I never would be a fighter.  Even when I carried 80lb honey crates all day, I was never a fighter.  Becky’s ratting raping brother mouthed off at the bartender, "Yeah, but she’s my sister." The bartender straight up accused Becky’s family of raping local women in front of the whole bar.  He said, "it’s nothing you brothers don’t do to the white women!  The bartender headed them back towards the washroom like a NHL referee.  They wanted more and argued as they gave ground.  The bartender wasn’t going to let them kill anyone in his bar.  There was hollering back and forth.  Finally, he talked them into the washroom hallway.  He returned to the bar counter, and I insisted on paying for my beer I just ordered.  He said, "You have to leave".  I paid.  He also looked back and suggested he might not be able to handle both of them, either.  I took a long hard drink out of my bottle of CANADIAN.  I left the bar, and I drove back to Toon Town.  I thought rather than listen to music on the way back to my home on wheels in Star Trailer Court.  Yes, the same home on wheels as the 2 months of parties?  In the land of forest and ice if you were an informant like The Little Whore from Clavet and her family raping underage white girls was legal for the SPD working on their pensions.  I guess the rest of the bar knew their daughters were for sale by the SPD as well.

This was the third conflict initiated by the Clan from Clavet.  The first was at Kevins house party with plenty of witnesses where Hooker boots helps BJ rape underage white girls.  The second is at my house trailer with Garth as a witness, where don’t call me Daddy call me Uncle puts on an act.  The third conflict was at the Allen Hotel with 4 - 5 witnesses in the bar, where Young SK helps Becky brothers rape underage white girls.  I could not understand how 3 Assaults, Sexual Assault, and Statutory Rape are acceptable for informants employed by the Saskatoon Police Department?  The fine citizens of Young SK also did their best to cover up the rape of my friend Penny.  I would not forget.  I began to try to figure out a way to make Young SK known for their actions.  I didn’t know how or when, but I would make sure the Young SK knew how they aided and abetted the Clan from Clavet.  Prime Sports knows which pedophiles) in Young SK called them to set up Rohel in Allen SK.  How Young SK set me up in the Allen Hotel for the don’t call me Daddy call me Uncle pair in the Allen Hotel.  For those of you that believe small towns are safer, that’s just a comforting tale tale for city folk.  The Little Whore from Clavet brought the small town of Young SK into their picture as pedophile support and rats.  Would the ’Watchers’ at 20 Star Trailer Court, Kevins party, and Young SK, forget?  No.  The R.M. of Blucher No. 343. would have ’Watchers’ who would find the money in the future.  I wheeled my way home to my home on wheels, and I didn’t tell Cindy.  The good news was Sask Tel Bells rang about a job at 236 1 Ave S Saskatoon SK.  The good citizens of young will help the ratting raping Clan from Clavet on your daughter as well?  We all struggled, as 1982 began the worst recession since the Great Depression.

In the spring of 1982, we watched the Vancouver Canucks lose to the New York Islanders in 4 straight in the Stanley Cup Finals.  I knew the sports and school jacket season was over for Prime Sports.  I did have a good sale in Leroy SK, however the weather was warming quickly.  Who wants to talk jackets when the land of forest and ice is melting.  In 1982, I quit my job with Prime Sports after the Saskatchewan general election was held on April 26, when the Conservatives (Grant Devine) crushed the New Democratic Party (Premier Allan Blakeney) governing since the 1971 election.  I decided to go give up sales, and I was ’pro business’.  There were very few jobs during the continual recession of the 1980’s, and I caught a break when an out of town company advertised in the Saskatoon StarPhoenix for a resume.  If I had any skills at all, I could write a decent resume with my outstanding sales background and home renovation experience.  I sent a resume to a small classified add for a City Manager for Imperial Parking.  I knew how to park my beat up old Vega, which meant that I was ready for their expansion into the land of forest and ice.  My pro business resume got me an interview at 22nd St E and 1st Ave N in the restaurant of the Quality Hotel with Collin Daly.  I was nervously unconsciously incompetent, and Collin was desperately trying to appear unfazed by the failure of their small add to attract what they wanted from the Classifieds.

Quality Hotel Saskatoon SK

In 1982 Imperial Parking interviewed Rohel for the City Manager Job in Toon Town.

In an effort to make the best of a bad situation, Collin offered to give me a try as they were in town taking over a parking structure just south on 1 Ave.  I would not be starting as City Manager, but rather I would be starting as a probationary employee for the City Manager job.  In my mind I was their first employee starting as the Toon Town City Manager.  I started painting that afternoon with 2 maintenance guys they brought in from Vancouver.  They were also staying at the Quality Hotel just north of my new multi level Parking Lot at 236 1 Ave S in downtown Toon Town.  We started the week painting the ground level of the Parking Lot with the Imperial Parking colour scheme.  I painted and cleaned all day, and I worked inside the parking booth from 5 - 10 PM, after Collin fired the young parking booth attendant working those hours for stealing.  We kept the daytime girl in the booth, and I worked the booth in the evening.  Collin showed me the books, and we opened the bank accounts at the Royal Bank 1 block north on 1 Ave.  We had the night deposit bags ready for the banking, and the painting crew gave Collin the thumbs up on my performance painting.  Collin and the boys flew home to Vancouver, and I was alone in charge as a probationary employee for the City Manager.  I had 5 days experience running a 500 space multi level parking facility.  I was next to then infamous Windsor Hotel, where the Little Whore from Clavet and her brothers would hang with their friends at the end of the 20th Street skid.

Windsor Hotel dated 1911 built and expanded to it’s Glory from 1902 - 1911.

Windsor Hotel Saskatoon Saskatchewan

In 1948 Saskatoon born Stu Hart founded Stampede Wrestling, and Stampede Wrestling dominated Western Canada until 1980.  Wrestlers wrestled weekly at the old downtown rink.  They stayed at the Barry Hotel and Windsor Hotel.  Star African-American Wrestler Sweet Daddy Siki walked around Toon Town with bleach-blond hair fascinating youngsters.

42nd-Street Bridge (1983)
I continued working a 5 hour shift in the booth, and I worked on the parkade during the day.  Blackie managed the gas pumps and cleaned cars for Budget Rent a Car on the ground floor, and Florence rented cars from the Budget Counter.  I got Keith, who I met through Kevin to help with some of the painting, as casual labour.  I got my old friend and renter Donny a little work, as he was available when he was not working for his brother Pee Wee.  I caught the daytime girl in the booth trading free parking with the manager of the Midtown Cinemas for movie passes.  I fired her, and I phoned Jane who I knew from the Esso Service Station on 8th street where I had worked part time to finance my sales failures.  Jane moved into the booth for the daytime shift.The stairwells on both ends were dark and dirty.  I power washed both stairwells, and I painted both stairwell ceilings white.  I painted the walls white, and the bottom third was painted in Imperial Parking grey.  I replaced the lights fixtures in the stairwells.  The lighting in the parkade above the cars was broken and burnt.  First, I replaced the florescent tubes to get the working lights lit up properly.  Next, I replaced the ballasts in the dead lights to get them going again.  Finally, Keith and I painted the light wells around each light to get a reflective brightness from white high gloss paint.  Finally, Keith, Donny, and I painted the entire face of the Parking Lot including the both stairwell towers white.  The parking facility at 236 1 Ave S in Saskatoon looked 100 percent better with good lighting and 500 Gallons of paint through the summer into the fall.  Collin and I talked each week, and he tipped me off that it was official, I was the Imperial Parking City Manager.  I sacrificed my time with Cindy, and I completely missed the new talk show called "Late Night With David Letterman".  I was told that Letterman was borderline insulting to his guests.  I missed it.  When I found out I was City Manager I bought the Windsor Hotel Bar a round.  The owners, management, and patrons at the Windsor Hotel perched between 20th Street and the freshly painted parkade were good neighbours!  The parking booth is just outside of this picture of the Windsor Hotel next to the Imperial Parking Parkade stairwell I painted.

Windsor Hotel and Texaco Saskatoon SK 1980s

The Clan from Clavet and the Little Whore from Clavet harassed Rohel in the parking booth.

During my failed sales careers, Cindy had kept us going with her job at Gibsons Fish and Chips on 8th Street.  She moved up from fish and chip oil burns at Gibsons to the YXE - Saskatoon International Airport Security screening passengers.  Then, Cindy was promoted to the ScotiaBank / Potash Corportion of Saskatchewan Tower.  During November Colin advised me to get involved in the 1982 Toon Town community, and he tipped me off to be ready for a ’visit’.  Keith quit, after I got white paint on his old truck while painting the light wells in the summer.  I was sorry for not paying more compensation.  Donny worked for Pee Wee in Martinsville SK.  I had electricians install switching technology to alternate electricity on and off at 1/2 hour intervals on different parkade levels to save power on block heater and interior car heaters.  Then, Tom Lucas arrived with a surprise check up in December!  Tom was impressed with the building.  He said "we did much more than anyone expected".  We did all the work at very little cost over the cost of materials.  Tom was impressed.  Then, Tom and I walked 1 1/2 blocks north to the Potash Corporate Headquarters at 122 1 Ave South to the underground parking entrance where Cindy worked as Security.  Tom said "You earned this".  I was informed that I was taking over not one but two parking contracts.  Tom stayed for a few days, and we went over things.  He told me I should hire someone for the booth evening shift, and I passed that on to Jane who hired a student to fill the 5 - 10 shift in the booth at the Parkade.  I traded my parking booth ticket days, expired.

Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan

I hired Taylor and Mandy for the parking booth at the Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan.

The 1985 Stanley Cup Finals was played between the defending champion Edmonton Oilers, in their third straight Finals appearance, and the Philadelphia Flyers. The Oilers would win the best-of-seven series four games to one, to win their second Stanley Cup.
The PCS Tower put me in touch with the mining industry, and the Medical Arts Building put me into the Saskatchewan Health Care System.  The PCS Tower was the downtown anchor of downtown Toon Town for the forest and ice people.  The adjacent Scotia Tower was Cindy’s reign.  I knew the SPD police working downtown, and the new City Manager hung a new shingle on the Parkade on 236 1 Ave South.  I delivered $90, 000.00 in taxes to Toon Town City Hall in December, and I left the ratting raping Clan from Clavet at the parking booth pointing fingers while they ratted out the Saskatoon Rebels.  I was getting connected to the right people.  I was the Imperial Parking City Manager.  I was meeting land owners and property management people running downtown Toon Town.  I was recognized downtown by many people, and I was trusted.  I was able to bring Donny back to sweep and power wash the PCS Tower.  We struggled through the winter cleaning.  The difficulty was each and every car brought in sand and salt each day.  The underground heat created a dust bowl every few months.  We struggled with the weight until the forest and ice turned to forest, again.  Meanwhile, I would get to meet the police that gave The Clan from Clavet immunity for their rapes, whores, and drugs.  Did I say, Teflon Immunity?  It was the 80’s.  The affluent chased Coke.  The thrifty chased the Weed.  I was chasing my next parking lot.  In 1982, computer gamers were ogling over the Commodore 64, with 64KB of RAM.  Today, we didn’t know they were adding Gamers to the dictionary.  Then, we hadn’t come up with with farming rats, snitches, and informants, either.

Saskatchewan Health Services Card at Medical Arts Building Spadina Crescent in Toon Town

Saskatchewan Health Services Card holders access Medical Arts Building at 750 Spadina Crescent in Saskatoon.

In December 1982, Cindy’s sister Melba moved to Toon Town to live with Cindy and I.  It was around 30 below as we brought her to the trailer at Star Trailer Court.  The forest and ice people were always strong in the cold.  Little did we know at the time that 55 percent of sea ice up north would soon be first year ice.  We didn’t realize and we really didn’t care that the old ice was gone, disappearing.  Melba chose Donny’s old room, and she kept her cards close to her chest.  She would have a surprise for us down the road.  In the winter of 1983, I was preoccupied with the keeping 1 surface, 1 multilevel, and 1 underground parking lot working in the bitter cold.  I hoped the Little Whore from Clavet would just go away!  I had that vague "hope" feeling where they might have lost track of where I lived since moving in with Cindy and Irene then moving on to the basement suite before moving back into the house trailer.  Maybe, the Clan from Clavet would forget I knew about their ratting raping business?  Like I said, vague "hope".  In February 1983, Pay TV was spreading across the land of forest and ice.

In the spring of 1983, the western forest and ice people were very upset over the cruise missile tests by the 1%ers south of the 49th parallel.  The land of forest and ice had a heart, then.  We opposed the governments approval of cruise missile tests over the west.  However, the 1%er controlled governments ignored the people.  That spring Tom flew into Toon Town from Vancouver, and we rented a surface lot from a landlord on the corner of 3 rd Avenue South and 22nd Street East in Saskatoon.  Tom left the same day, and I moved a parking booth to the site on my own.  The lot had a good location, and Mandy moved to this booth from the Scotia Centre.  We hired again to the Scotia Centre, Marcel.  I found another friend Dwayne to help me move railway ties as bumpers on the lot between the sidewalk and the interior of the lot.  We rented a truck from Budget to move the railway ties.  I was starting to influence the landowners in my small city?  They were seeing the benefits of calculated land use in downtown Saskatoon.  In 1985, Saskatoon residents voted in favour of the site of SaskTel Centre over a riverbank location south of the Farmers Market at River Landing. That area remains largely undeveloped. We rented another lot which had been a used car dealership across the street from the Patricia Hotel on Second Avenue North in Saskatoon.
42nd-Street Bridge (1983)
The ticket meters ran 24 hours a day.  The next 8th Lot was on Pacific Ave and 24th St. E. behind a bar.  The lot could be sold during the day, and the patrons of the bar could have the lot for the night.  The bar on Pacific Avenue earned most of it’s parking during the day from hard working people walking 2 - 3 blocks from the lot to their jobs for $1.00 a day parking.  Taylor and Bernie ticketed them if they innocently forgot to pay.

We added the sign and meter to the lot as usual, and we continued to offer the people of Saskatoon economical parking on open space 24 hours a day.  Our prior success helped each new approach to land owners and property management companies.  The 9th  lot came before Christmas with Cindy and her family at visiting at 20 Star Trailer Court.  I bought expensive ear rings for Cindy that year, as I was buying off my guilt for not spending enough time with my wife.  We had money, but we had no memories together for the last 6 months.  We were already growing apart.

Tears are not enough

This rag tag group of forest and ice people were our greatest musicians!  They sang and played instruments making our lives better each day.  Most of us had a hero or two in this group, then and now.  We all felt good, and we all sang along in the song for the Ethiopia.  We called them the Northern Lights, and I think we realized that our ice was melting in a different way.  The Ethiopian people were caught in a drought.  The famine caused by drought in a politically challenging environment led to 400,000 dead.  I’m afraid that this was the first time that I noticed.  Yeah, I noticed.  I noticed the dying, the pain, the hopelessness.  We were so young, and we were so full of hope.  Brian Stewart of the CBC was the first western journalist to bring real attention to the famine.  Sadly after the Americans, the French, and the British took African slaves, they just sort of left Africans to suffer the long term consequences of slavery on their own.  It really is hard to imagine slavers with a moral conscience?  In any event I had never seen such a drought.  We did ourselves proud in the land of forests and ice, as we raised the first of what would total 3.2 million dollars in the next 4 years.  Ethiopia and Africa survived, as the Africans struggled to overcome the brutality of the slaving nations.  We had hope.  The rain returned, then so did more droughts.  50 years later, the global food supply was reserved for the rich.

In 1985 in Saskatoon the excessive hours had taken their toll.  Cindy and I decided to separate in the early spring.  Melba moved out when Cindy moved out that spring.  Cindy took an apartment of her own in Saskatoon, and Melba moved to no fixed address.  It was none of my business, after all.  She would still have a surprise for us.  I continued to build the parking business.  I started to drink.  The spring flew by with the maintenance and management of the parking business.  Lot #10 found roots in front of the Wall Street Medical Building at 140 Wall Street.  The sign and meter went up in front of the biggest Medical Building downtown.

I lived alone in the house trailer for a while before I dated Diane.  She had two young children.  Taylor and his girlfriend Trish rented the two spare rooms in the house trailer in Star Trailer Court.  I could see no sign of the Clan from Clavet.  Meanwhile, the parking company continued to grow as the prairie summer heat rained down.  Lot #11 was working on another deal with Crown Tire for a great little property on 23 rd Street East and Pacific Avenue.  Lot #12 was another surface lot on Idylwyld Drive between 19th Street West and 18th Street West.  There was not much left to be leased, contracted, or managed.

I signed a separation agreement with Cindy, agreeing to pay her for her half of what we owned.  The summer and fall of 1985 flew by as Lot #13 found roots in a large surface lot on Avenue C North between 22 Street West and 23 rd Street West.  Taylor and Bernie kept busy cleaning up that large lot, and Cindy also moved on to another relationship as did I with Diane.  Finally, like a dreaded deed, the Clan from Clavet surfaced again.  Did I say, I was drinking?

I drank my medication after Cindy asked for a separation.  It was a weekend evening, and I regularly drank at the Sands hotel on Idylwyld Drive in Saskatoon.  The public bar on the ground floor of the hotel was Rumours.  I was playing pool at the west end of the bar on night.  I just wanted to drink.  Winning was of no consequence?  Just an excuse to drink.  I was surprised to recognize Becky’s brother from the house trailer where he punched me in the face.  He’s the brother, Penny talked about being happy that Becky was having sex.  He’s the one with the guilty look.  I recognized him in "Rumours" which was then the Sands Hotel.  I definitely remembered him from my place, and the truck running me off the road on Idylwyld Drive North in Saskatoon.  He started out hollering at me from in the bar.

Becky’s brother worked his way to the pool tables looking for a fight.  The Saskatoon Police Department Informant from Clavet erased a name on the chalkboard.  In fine Clan from Clavet form, he wrote his name at the top of the chalkboard.  He glared at me, as he walked past.  He said "he was going to give me a beating".  I’m confident that he was not talking about a pool game.  I happened to win, and he tried to take the table for the next game.  We would both be armed with pool cues.  There was a confrontation regarding the list.  I was thrilled.  The Clan from Clavet Informant was already getting on everyone’s HATE meter.  He denied changing the chalkboard, and he started mouthing off in that primitive Clan from Clavet style we would all come to understand.  I could not lie when the "next" player asked the order.  I said, "I saw him erase a name on the chalkboard".

The U. of S. lineman for the Saskatchewan Huskys called the Saskatoon Police Department Informant from Clavet outside.  If fact, he helped him down the hallway towards the door with a solid goof push.  When outside at the Western Entrance to the bar, the fight was ready to begin.  Terry Austin was a friend of Kevin and Garth in the bar that night.  He was clowning it up.  He played referee to the glee of the crowd outside.  The Informant from Clavet took a serious beating.  I think he may even have taken a few boots from the crowd after he was down.  There was not a lot of love for the Clan from Clavet that night in the bar.  There was nary a single person there that night willing to help the Clan from Clavet Informant off the ground.  We went back into the bar to drink.

I am quoting the passage below from Police Chief Magazine.  The article is Ethical Issues in the Use of Confidential Informants for Narcotic Operations.  The particular subsection is "Failure to Adequately Document Informant Activities".

I quote" Defence attorneys frequently use entrapment as a defence in drug cases assisted by informants. An agency commits entrapment by inducing a person to commit an offence when the person would otherwise not have done so except for the agencys or its officers persuasion, fraud, or trickery. In addition, illegal actions by informants can cause attorneys to claim outrageous conduct by asserting that an agencys or its officers conduct was so outrageous or shocking to fundamental fairness that due process would bar a conviction. When informants are allowed to involve themselves too heavily in the criminal activity of the target, an entrapment defence could prevail. Informants must remain passive observers of criminal acts and not instigate them. Activities of informants must be documented thoroughly to show that informants did not engage in entrapment".

Did the Saskatoon Police Department inform the courts raping underage runaways was required so their informant could provide evidence?  Did the Saskatoon Police Department inform the courts they overlooked high speed car chases?  Did the Saskatoon Police Department inform the courts they overlooked assault(s)?  How many underage runaways does the Saskatoon Police Department rape on a regular basis for Informant Information?

The winter of 1985 saw Lot #14 which was a surface lot on 20th Street and 3rd Ave in Saskatoon.  We put a meter and sign on the lot we rented from a prominent lawyer in Saskatoon.  In the winter of 1986, Lot #14 was rented next to the Saskatchewan Court of Queens Bench 4th Ave S. and 20 th Street E..  In the spring of 1986, Lot #15 was rented from Iron Works in Saskatoon on Idylwyld Drive and 23rd Street West.  Finally, Lot # 16 and Lot 17 were rented on Avenue A South and 19th Street West from Al Anderson Source for Sports and Marathon Investments.

During the spring of 1986, Taylor and Trish moved out of the house trailer into their own apartment.  I lived alone, and I decided I wanted to be alone.  Imperial Parking scheduled a management seminar in Vancouver during Expo 86, and I looked forward to my first working holiday in 2 years.  I flew to Vancouver.  I was tired.  I enjoyed the Expo 86 in Vancouver.  The managers from each city settled into a management seminar on Hornby Island situated off the coast of British Columbia.  While, I was not sure if I would be a "career" Impark guy, I liked beautiful British Columbia.  I will be back!

Finally, upon returning to Saskatoon, I concluded the deal for the King George Hotel multilevel parking lot attached to the hotel.  The King George Hotel parking lot on 23rd Street East in Saskatoon would prove to be my final parking lot.  Diane and I barbecued a Salmon I caught off Hornby Island.  However, we soon part ways as well.  I left Impark in the fall of 1986, and I was bitter.  I built a machine grossing over 1 million a year in just over 2 1/2 years.  Yet, I quit.  I could not really hold that against Impark.  Yet, I was happy to get out from under the constant pressure.  I needed a break.  It was a win.  I just needed a bigger pond.

I went to work on my place to pass the time.  From the fall of 1986 through to the summer of 1987, I tore out the separating wall between the 2 smaller bedrooms, I tore out 3 built in closets, I tore out all the light fixtures, and I tore out the artificial fireplace.  I tore out all the ugly brown wood paneling on all the walls.  I tore out the ceiling paneling.  I kept the toilet, washroom sink and frame, kitchen sink and frame, and the kitchen cabinets.  I removed all the flooring to the plywood.  I applied for a Saskatchewan matching grant for my repairs, and I qualified for the maximum $3,000.00.

I insulated the walls and ceiling with Styrofoam.  I replaced all the panels with white wallboard.  I installed a Styrofoam drop ceiling.  I installed new doors to the master bedroom and washroom.  I installed a new shower liner.  I installed french doors to the hallway bedroom.  I installed cedar walls in the master bedroom.  I installed cedar built in closets in both bedrooms.  I installed new light fixtures.  I added ceramic counter tops to the the kitchen and bathroom.  I refinished the kitchen cabinets.  I added new underlay and carpeting in the two bedrooms.  I added new underlay and carpeting to hallway.  I put new linoleum in the kitchen.  I added new underlay and carpeting in the living room.  I installed new triple glassed sealed windows, and I installed air conditioning.  I washed down the exterior of the house trailer, and I repainted painted the trim gold.  I painted the skirting, and I added a new cedar fence.  Finally, I installed sod in the yard.  Comfortable.  The renovation was completed in the early spring of 1987, and before Cindy’s lawyer dropped by to sign the divorce papers.

On February 10, 1985, we rallied behind these forest and ice people who looked something like us to stand up in a song, "Tears Are Not Enough".  The worst drought in 100 years, and the forest and ice people were going to help!  We did make a difference, then.  Later, the 1%er owned and controlled Stephen Harper was policy chief of Reform Party supporting key apartheid supporters in key positions, while the Reform Party was an early member of explicitly pro-apartheid Northern Foundation.  In 2009 Prime Minister Steven Harper closed the embassy in Malawi, and the apartheid supporter Stephen Harper cut aid to eight African countries.  The apartheid supporter was criticized by the OECD for "...hurting development efforts in the earths poorest countries."  Harper cut another $377 million in 2012 to twelve of the worlds poorest nations, seven of them in Africa.  There has yet not been an attempt on the life of Stephen Harper or his family, by the terrorists who are all both skinny and dark skinned?  Yet, Steven Harper abandoned Africa.

Apartheid Racist Prime Minister Stephen Harpers and his racist rhetoric

South of the 49th parallel, the timely arrival of a want to be 1%er President Donald Trump would give 1%ers control of a dull minded Donald Trump.  Donald Trump would follow Steven Harper with orders cutting aids vaccines and food aid to Africa’s ’shit hole’ countries, as he called them.  It made no difference to the dull minded Donald Trump family that those slaves helped build their small wealth, while the dull minded Donald Trump would forever suffer Penis Envy against a real 1%er.  The forest and ice people knew ’tears were not enough’.  However, Prime Minister Justine Trudeau was busy with ’sunny ways’ geared to any blissful sexual orientation / lesbian / gay / bi sexual / trans gender / and possibly heterosexual rights?  Prime Minister Jean Cretiens accomplishments were on life support?  Then, as predicted the 100 year drought returned 77 years early in South Africa.  The droughts drove farmers to the cities.  Cape Town, a city of four million people has days of water left?  Stephen Harper, Donald Trump, and Justine Trudeau have done exactly what is necessary to kill 4 million people?  Nothing!  The forest and ice people knew tears are not enough.  The forest and ice people just sort of lost; the something that made them special?  We could see the roots of the Big War.

Time is the most precious part of the Universe!

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Then, you could be flipping burgers?

Now, the ghosts, the dead, the Punished, and the Punishers!

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