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In the spring of 1980, I was desperate for money.  We had a new Liberal Government as Pierre Eliot Trudeau was elected for the second time, and he replaced the Conservative Government of Joe Clark who was better known as 'Joe Who'.  We had begun an endless series of Recessions in the land of forest and ice, and one young forest and ice man made a difference by dipping his artificial leg into the Atlantic Ocean.  The mountain of a man in the land of forest and ice was Terry Fox.  He began his Marathon of Hope on April 12th, and I started looking for work in Toon Town.  I was desperate, and I was happy to apply for any job.  We had already 'Brushed Away' our Boreal Forest off the 'Good' farmland, however Brazil's Wild West frontier of guns, chain saws, and bulldozers was making our 'Brushed Away' look bush-league.  The gargantuan Amazon RainForest was larger than the next two largest rainforests, as the Congo Basin and Indonesia combined are smaller than the Amazon.  Still the mighty Amazon ran, away.  Many Aboriginals allied with corrupt, ineffective, ill-equipped, and outgunned government agents.  In 1980, the 1%er Soybean Producers, Loggers, Cattle Ranchers, and Burners had 'Brushed' away 20% of the living forest for agriculture and ranching in Brazil.  I had found my blue collar job in the same way most of us found their food, rent, and utilities.  I found my 'living' in the fine print of the Classifieds in the Saskatoon StarPhoenix on our newsprint produced in the land of forest and ice.  I had a Terry Fox inspired hope for the future that April.

Terry Fox inspired the forest and ice people with hope, however on the other hand I felt a false hope for humanity as well.  My hope was tempered with the realization that hope is just that, hope.  Hope sold advertising on newspapers and AM/FM radios.  The media sold 95%ers south of the 49th parallel a failed Rescue Attempt called Operation Eagle Claw.  Operation Eagle Claw by President Carter used of six US transport planes and eight helicopters in an unsuccessful attempt to rescue American hostages being held in Iran at the Embassy.  The Eagle was plucked, and they failed, again in Iran.  I saw hope for humanity when their Eagle got plucked.  The plucked Eagle and rescue attempt, shed a glimmer of light on why the hostages were in the Embassy in the first place!  1%ers had fought and killed men, women, and children to empower and keep their brutal dictator the Shah of Iran in power.  1%er victory was in cheep oil which could be stolen?  Not only did the Iranian oust the Shah of Iran from power, but now they plucked their bird as well.  1%ers always brought their dictators home to protect them and their families.  It was the best way to hide their dirt diapers in the name of Production, Consumption, Profit, and the Business of War.  The Newspapers and AM/FM Radio reporters were like historians, they lie on their backs for the man on top.  That was another glimmer of hope most 95%ers, missed.

The AM News Radio stations were full of people claiming child support based on the 5 year old HLA Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) protein testing to determine fathers.  It was not DNA.  But it was 80% accuracy using HLA, and 90% accurate with ABO and serological tests.  I had learned basic DNA is school, and I studied the science behind the first test tube baby in Grade 12.  My study introduced me to a real God, named Johann Friedrich Miescher.  In the late 1800's, he separated out the first "nuclein" (DNA) from cells.  Imagine, he was separating DNA at the exact same time DDA were lamenting the end of the fur trade and their part in the fur trade.  Today, I knew we had Blood Type, Serological testing, and HLA (Human Leukocyte Antigen) for blood and transplant patients.  Watson and Crick needed 75 years after Miescher (God), to figure out the structure of his DNA.  75 years later, they confirmed his "nuclein" and established the double helix for DNA in the 1950s.  I didn't know it then, but DNA was going to change the world.  I locked up my trailer, and I went to St. Brieux SK.  I went and talked to Leo at the Rocky Ridge Ranch.  Leo told me what he had heard in the town of 300 prying eyes! This time the town was gossiping about something other than the town drunk and his son?

First, I was surprised to hear that the Little Whore from Clavet's story had made it to St. Brieux SK.  Then, I was a little more surprised that the Clan from Clavet would 'want' their 20th Street and Ave C. whoring and drug business spread around St. Brieux SK.  Then again, how can whores and drugs have bad advertising?  The rumour spread by the Little Whore from Clavet's family included me kidnapping the Little Whore from Clavet off the street in Toon Town, and then they claimed that I raped her 'somewhere'.  There was no mention as to why their pimps and drug dealers weren't there to protect their whore.  It was obvious that the Clan from Clavet was trying to make money with the Little Whore from Clavet, even though I refused to pay her for sex in front of Penny in 1979 on the couch at my place.  Then, that's pretty much normal scam for dirt tribe DDA / Metis on the skid in Toon Town.  What was worse for me was the look in Leo's eye.

I left last fall on bad terms, as he kicked me of the Rocky Ridge Ranch.  That was fair since he now owned 1/2 of the Rocky Ridge Ranch.  I guess I deserved the concussion last fat devils revenge, although I had already had more than my share.  I had learned as much from Leo as I was going to learn.  I went to the best source of information in a small town.  I went to the watering hole known, aka the St. Brieux Hotel.  I parked the Econoline Van on the street directly in front of the Bar at around 3:00PM.  I took a table for 6 directly in front of the serving area / taps in the centre of the bar.  I had 5 empty chairs and I had a table on each end which could be moved to the centre of the bar.  I talked to a few 'retired' bar regulars like Leo Gallays and Denis Bergot, and I shared watering hole talk with the bartender and waitress in the afternoon.  This would also lead to more people as quitting time rolled around on the clock.  Gossip, small towns are so quaint that way?

We talked about the Clan from Clavet bloodline west of St. Brieux in the St. Brieux Hotel across from the Dube Garage Chrysler Dealership

I waited inside the bar sipping on beer, until one or two of 300 courageous residents arrived to sit at my table.  Eventually, someone would stand up for the rumours.  It turns out that happened around quitting time at the Dube Garage Chrysler Dealership across the street.  Marcel Dube wandered into the bar, and a few more, and finally I had a table.  Eventually, the 300 courageous souls in town added a few more chairs at the adjacent table.  Eventually, the conversation came around to the Little Whore from Clavet.  I said, 'I know the Clan from Clavet selling whores and drugs on 20th Street and Ave C. in Toon Town.  It sounds like one of their DDA whores?  I bought a round for the courageous souls that remained.  I listened.  I explained they got their story wrong about 'their' Little Whore from Clavet.  I suggested the cousins of the Clan from Clavet had the story wrong.  Marcel Dube definitely knew these cousins living west of St. Brieux.  It's easy for the Punisher to find Marcel Dube at the Garage on Main Street in St. Brieux to identify just exactly which cousins the Little Whore from Clavet's family sold yet another story.  I explained that in Toon Town the relatives to the west side of St. Brieux, were more likely helping the Clan from Clavet rape my friend Penny in Clavet SK.

I explained how I knew after I saw Penny's Alberta 'Learners License'.  I'm sure Marcel Dube would clarify the location for enterprising Punishers.  I really changed the mood at the table when I asked if these Clan from Clavet cousins west of St. Brieux took a turn on my white underage runaway friend Penny?  The air just seemed to leave the table, when the table knew it was going to cover up the statutory rape of Penny.  Then, there was still a few determined do gooders including Marcel Dube.  Emery Piatt appeared to have a different agenda.  As bar talk goes, we somehow decided to 'take a little ride' to the St. Brieux end of Lenore Lake.  I said 'Sure, let's go'.  I bought 6 beer.  I took the Econoline Van with Emery Piatt, and Marcel Dube managed to fit what remained for courage in St. Brieux into his car.  I went to school with a couple of these guys, and the other couple, I did not know.  I assume they were the cousins from out west, or they were related to the cousins out west.  Once again, Marcel at Dube's garage will get a Punisher started.  We drove north on Main Street, and we turned left at the St. Brieux Church onto Barbier Drive heading west.

I followed Marcel past the Catholic Convent, the CN Railroad Tracks, the St. Brieux Fair Grounds, and we turned left again onto the Lake Road to arrive at the Crucifixion Cross.  I was a little surprised this was the place to party, when I realized that Marcel Dube and his few remaining friends had something else in mind.  It made sense that Emery was on my side, as Piatt and Rohels were related through Aunt Denise.  That left Marcel with had now become two wanna be lookie loos, and one reluctantly stuck in the middle cousin of the Clan from Clavet.  Emery was capable of taking both of them by himself.  Marcel started to realize he might be on the wrong side of hurt.  I took a punch in the scuffle, and Marcel wanted to quit before we really got started.  The Clan from Clavet's cousin / friend was also in a hurry to get 'Away'.  The whole event took all of 10 minutes, and I drove back to the bar with Emery.  Emery went home, and I went into the St. Brieux Bar for another beer on principle.

St. Brieux Catholic Church Crucifixion Cross where the Clan from Clavet cousins from west of St. Brieux made their first but not their deadly stand.

I closed the St. Brieux Bar, and I slept in front of the bar in the Econoline Van.  The next morning, after I had sobered up I drove to the Rocky Ridge Ranch just west of town.  I told Leo that I was going to Ridgedale, and I did not tell him what happened the previous day.  Somehow, someday, I guess everyone looses that special respect for their older brother or sister.  I guess I had my loss was today.  Leo told me the town drunk was looking for 'a ride'.  I also found out that the Ford Courier Truck I bought from Michael Sterner was now in Ridgedale SK.  They towed it to Ridgedale SK last fall after Leo kicked me out of the Rocky Ridge Ranch.  I was hoping we might be able to work on the truck, as I planned to fix the engine when I had the money.  Leo told me he had to work, and he said that I should go.  I drove to Ridgedale SK to see what sort of a ride the town drunk wanted?

The town drunk had fixed up the Econoline Van with two bench seats lengthwise along the sides.  They folded down into what amounted to a twin bed on each side with steel legs he made in the shop.  The 'beds' allowed for about 30 cm between the beds.  I went shopping.  I bought an alternator for the Van at the Melfort Auto Wreckers, cloth for a lady in Ridgedale SK, and carpet.  I dropped the cloth off in Ridgedale with the lady who did the town drunks laundry.  The next day, I brought the Van into the shop and I installed the alternator and carpet.  The town drunk and I changed the oil and oil filter.  I picked up the curtains, and I used white plastic wire to make curtain rods held in place by metal screws.  We added a few blankets, and a water cooler for beer.  We drank.  We talked.  The Quebec referendum promised by the Quebecois (PQ) government was lost earlier this year on 20 May 1980 to the English in Quebec.  One of the few politicians I respected in the land of forest and ice lost the referendum, Rene Levesque.  'The Establishment' or 1%ers got rid of him quickly.  I agreed to drive to Quebec, New France, or as I prefer 'those crazy Frenchmen' in the land of forest and ice.  I say that affectionately, as I am after all 1/2 French.

We left on Friday morning August 1st 1980, I turned south out of the driveway.  We stopped at the Ridgedale Hotel for a dozen Bohemian Beer, before we turned east for 8 km to Grid 35 where we turned south on SK-35 to arrive at Tisdale SK, 'The Land of Rape and Honey'.  The bees understand the 'connection'.  Tisdale, once know as 'Kelsey Tisdale' in the land of forest was determined by Consumption, Production, Profit, and the Business of War.  Tisdale is along the Kelsey Trail.  The Kelsey Trail is named after Henry Kelsey from East Greenwich, near London.  Henry Kelsey was the first European explorer to see the land of forest and ice north and south of the Hudson's Bay.  Being one of the first, he never saw a horse, but he saw the Plains Bison in the south.  He learned DDA dialects, and he nicknamed 'little giant' by the DDA, after he killed two bears.  Henry Kelsey explored in the late 1600s.  He battled for Fort York in the battle of Hudson's Bay in 1697, and he failed twice to find the Northwest Passage in the early 1700s.  Kelsey travelled by boat through rivers, lakes, and seas.  Henry Kelsey worked for the Hudson Bay Company, and he is single handedly the most important explorer to lay claim to the central area of the land of forest and ice to the Hudson's Bay Company.  The Hudson Bay Company was Henry Kelsey in Ruperts Land and the Northwest Territories.  York Factory sprawled atop the muddy riverbank.  Henry Kelsey established "The Hudson Bay Companys biggest and most-fought-over northern trading post".  York Factory changed hands eight times between the English and French imperialists, as they killed and died for the headquarters of a fur-trading empire that spread across 3.3 million square kilometres.

He created the trade of goods for furs in the central region.  Henry Kelsey died in 1724, when he was 57 years old.  Henry Kelsey was the first to explore the land of forest and ice where 'From Many Peoples Strength' prevailed.  Few, forest and ice people would learn he mapped the Carrot River for the Profit of the Hudson's Bay Company.  Their Production of furs for 'Consumption' in Europe was for Profit.  Eventually the forest and ice people in Tisdale were told to 'Vote' and support 'Peace, Order, and Good Government' over the pursuit of Profit?  There were skirmishes against those marching orders near Tisdale SK.  Tisdale was also known for a shootout between Saskatchewan Provincial Police (1917- 1928) (SPD) and a group of robbers.  The town drunk and I continued south on SK-35 through the ripening crops, until we turned east under George Williams Lake SK.

We turned south again at Archerwill SK, and we drove through Nora SK to arrive at the Village of Rose Valley SK, where the early forest and ice people were Norwegian and later Ukrainian.  The price was high if the forest and ice people questioned 1%er Production and Consumption.  When the forest and ice people lost their faith in 'Peace, Order, and Good Government', they were generally humiliated, hunted, jailed, or killed.  Along the Kelsey Trail, the 1%er monopoly owning the Hudson Bay Company would feed on our land first.  On September 19, 1920 the Saskatchewan Provincial Police hunted down the Kelsey Tisdale robbers, who dreamed of a better deal.  Four men robbed a 1%er cutting down the forest for Profit, at Barrows junction, MB.  They robbers getaway included the Canadian Northern Railway tracks into Saskatchewan.  This meant that both the Lumbermen and Railwaymen sharpened their axes to keep the forest and ice people in line.  Meanwhile, the town drunk and his son drove through Fosston SK on SK-35, where early Scandinavian settlers were eventually outnumbered by Poles in our land of forest and ice.

The 'Railroad Law' and 'Lumber Law' were tight with the Law.  The Manitoba Provincial Police (MPP) alerted SPP Constable Joe Ives and two Railway Section men east of Hudson Bay SK, at the Junction.  Shots were fired, as the robbers tried to run away.  The dreamers of a better life took to the forest.  SPP gathered along the tracks for the hunt, and Ives caught Wasyl Braschuk and John Fashchowy near Peesane SK.  On September 21, Nick Polloway, (Railroad) found the dreamers of a better life hiding in a haystack 5 km east of Tisdale.  SSP surrounded the 15 ton haystack.  The dreamers were caught in a bad dream.  Officially, the SPP asked the hidden men to 'Surrender'.  Eventually, after a period of time, which was rated from minutes to half a day, R. R. Tait ordered them burned alive.  Officially, Jerry Smule and "Tony" Kozal, "died by fire or gunshot".  The forest and ice people knew the price of breaking Railroad Law and Lumber Law near Kelsey Tisdale.  Obviously, we knew they were burned to death for a few Lumberman's dollars earned for Profit cutting our forest and ice.  Why burn them to death if they were already dead of gunshot wounds?  Braschuk and Fashchowy were jailed seven years, as Ives 'claimed' they tried to kill him, when no one was injured?  We arrived at Wadena SK, where Swedes, Norwegian Lutheran, and Icelanders put down roots in the land of forest and ice.

Pamela Wallin had her formative years in Wadena SK, before starting a successful radio and television career, before she was appointed in 2009 to the Senate of Canada by Prime Minister Stephen Harper.  She was a rising star today, unfortunately she would shame her Swedish lineage along with Patrick Brazeau, Mike Duffy, Mac Harb for travel and living allowance expenses from the Senate for which she was not eligible.  Our Tisdale Kelsey robbers were jailed, killed or burnt alive with impunity.  The forest and ice people are forced to submit meaningless 'Votes' in meaningless 'Elections' which make no difference in how much Conservative Government Senate appointees like Senator Pamela Wallin or Liberal Government Senate appointees like Senator Lillian Eva Quan Dyck steal and squander.  The Great Spirit and the Gods gave me little hope that our people would overcome Senators with our 'From Many Peoples Strength'.  Today, I had Senator Pamela Wallin and her families corruption in my rear view mirror, the town drunk getting drunk, and her Swedish roots looking down on their little tramp.  The town drunk cracked another 'Boh', and our Kelsey Trail Robbers would never mess with Lumber Law, Railroad Law, and the not so common 'Common Law', again.  We were RenéLévesque bound south east on the SK-5, east of Wadena SK.

We drove past Kylemore SK, which was settled by Icelanders and Poles, and Doukhobors.  The Christian Community of Universal Brotherhood in the Kylemore district leased 640 acres of Hudson's Bay Company land, leased 109 acres of land from the Department of the Interior, and purchased 10,613 acres from the Department of Interior.  The forest and ice people believed they were free, however after 50 years after they were told they were free in Confederation, the imperialist monopoly of the Hudson's Bay Company still owned farmland in the forest.  The Boreal Forest remained unbroken on 11, 362 acres in the Kylemore district, while 607 acres of land was already broken.  The rest was covered in dense trees and scrub, as was normal in the circumpolar Boreal Forest at degrees North.  This is the land where Metis, DDA, and the Little Whore from Clavet would claim the Plains Bison numbered in the hundreds of millions on the 'open' prairies.  DDA lie, Little Whores on skid row lie, and Senator Pamela Wallin steels more than her share at every opportunity.  People lie all the time.  You see, Plains Bison never lived in the forest.  With all the lies, it is hard to imagine the area known for 'From Many Peoples Strength' prospered in the land of forest and ice.  In 1980, I drove the town drunk to speak to the people Rene Leveques spoke to about separation, and the Clan from Clavet was building their family up in the land of forest and ice.

Christian Community of Universal Brotherhood Peter Vasil'evich Verigin

Today, we explored southwest in the region of 'From Many Peoples Strength' in the land of forest and ice.  Kuroki SK, Margo SK, Invermay SK, and Rama SK had a Poles background.  Poles risked everything, or alternatively they survived by moving their futures, their dreams, and savings to the land of forest and ice.  They came for the 'better life'.  The Poles settled across the area of Prince Albert SK through Rama SK.  Poles started arriving in the (1890's) in the NorthWest Territories; Lemberg Sk in the (1890s); Poles settled Tiny SK, Buchanan SK, and Rama SK around (1901). Cedoux SK (1902); Poles via the SOO LINE to Weyburn SK via Chicago (1903); In 1905, Poles added their strength to the land of forest and ice, which was suddenly christened as the region with 'From Many Peoples Strength' at Kowalowka SK (1905); at Grayson SK (1907); Dobrowody SK (1907); Killaly (1911); Fosston in (1914); 1920s Fosston SK, Rose Valley, Archerwill SK, Wadena SK, Kelvington SK, Lintlaw SK, Kuroki SK, and High Tor.  Poles from the BorszczØw / Buczacz from Galicia / Eastern Galicia; Poles to Rama (1922); Poles found Janow Corners (1922); Poles in Honeymoon SK (1924); Poles in Henribourg (1928); Poles in Buchanan SK and Invermay SK and once again Rama SK (1929).  Today, the town drunk and his driver past a church in every town the Poles inhabited, as the Poles bought out the imperial monopoly known as the Hudson's Bay Company on what was explored by their employee Henry Kelsey in this area.

Henry Kelsey and The Kelsey Trail in Manitoba and Saskatchewan Canada British Imperialist
Henry Kelsey, the KelseyTrail, controlled by British Imperialism with the Hudson Bay Company monopoly.

I drove the town drunk down southwest on the SK-5, where Henry Kelsey's 1690-92 exploration for the Hudson's Bay Company claimed and controlled this area for the British Imperialism.  The Hudson's Bay Base on the Hudson's Bay at York Factory was his life's work.  He travelled the Nelson, Hayes, and Saskatchewan Rivers and wintered somewhere that would eventually become The Pas, Man.  He is believed to have travelled as far as the Red Deer River.  Kelsey followed soon after the land of forest and ice was 'concord' in 1670, as Rupert's Land.  Kelsey expanded the economic domination of the fur trade into this area for the Hudson's Bay Company.  The concord land was re christened the Northwest Territories which was a trading monopoly for the British imperialism christened as the Hudson's Bay Company.  Kelsey was the first white man to visit this area of the 'Northwest Territories' along SK-5.  Kelsey's journal describes 'buffalo', 'grizzly bears' and DDA Sioux or Gros Ventres.  Kelsey negotiated a surrender of York to Pierre Le Moyne d' IBERVILLE twice (1694, 1697), however the British monopoly of The Hudson Bay Company was reclaimed each time.  The Hudson Bay Company remained in control of the land around Canora SK, and the first settlers in the 1890's were the Doukhobors, Romanians, and Ukrainians.  Early on, they, and all forest and ice people would have to buy their small part of the land of forest and ice from the British.

The town drunk and I crossed over the Assiniboine River used by Kelsey to enforce British imperialism, to arrive at Kamsack SK, where Gabriel Cote signed Treaty 4 for the Cree - Saulteaux band in 1874, before the Canadian Northern Railway station and the town site of for the town was relinquished.  In the 1880's, the first forest and ice people migrated from the eastern land of forest and ice, Americans looking for a better life, Ukrainians, and Doukhobors.  The land of forest and ice was well settled here by 1905, when we were officially attributed 'From Many Peoples Strength'.  We continued on the SK-5 through Runnymede and Togo where the German Lutherans came from the Hohenlohe Colony to the land of forest and ice.  These were Volga Germans of Baptist or Lutheran religion.  We crossed the border between 'From Many Peoples Strength' to arrive at 'Gloriosus et Liber'.  While we had 'From Many Peoples Strength, our neighbours had 'Glorious and Free'.  These forest and ice people were a lot like us at in 1980, as their motto made it into our song.  Our moto changed and the very road itself changed names from SK-5 to christened MB-363 in what was once our forest on the largest, flattest, area on Planet Earth.

Glorious and Free
'Gloriosus et Liber' 'Glorious and Free'

The MB-363 brought us to the Provincial Trunk Highway where we turned south southeast back to the MB-5 and Roblin, MB.  The town was originally named Goose Lakes in the 1880s, where Europeans became forest and ice people in cattle ranching and grain farming.  The rail line was built through one of the lakes, and the town built a road through the other lake.  Then the town was re christened Roblin MB, for the new premier Sir Rodmond Palen Roblin.  We continued east on the MB-5 / Provincial Trunk Hwy 5 past Craw Lake and over the Shell River MB.  We drove past Snowden Lake, before Edward Snowden would champion freedom for the forest and ice people.  I drove over Valley River twice, before the town drunk and his son arrived at Grandview, MB in the Dauphin District of Manitoba.  British and Ontario farmers migrated here in the 1880s, but officially homesteading began in the 1890s, before Ukrainian migration began in 1900-1910.  Grandview MB became a village in 1906 and a town in 1909, the Grand view is the communities nestling between Riding and Duck mountains on the Valley River.  We continued through the grand view to Gilbert Plains, MB.  The area was named after Gilbert Ross.  He was a Metis man living in the region when the first European settler, Glenlyon Campbell, arrived.  Ukrainian settlers turned forest and ice people in the late 1800s, and Ukrainian culture remains half of the community.  The modern forest and ice explorer Johnny Harris picked up the art of Veselka dancing at Gilbert Plains MB.

We continued east on the Manitoba Trunk Hwy 5 to the core of the Dauphin District, Dauphin, MB.  The Dauphin Herald Newspaper distributed the news in the region, and Dauphin MB was a very special experiment in the land of forest and ice.  The experiment had recently ended, before the town drunk and I drove past the nicest, cleanest, happiest town.  The town from many peoples strength was the happiest town in the land of forest and ice.  The forest and ice people had survived a mentally and physically challenging experiment.  The out of control researchers had eliminated poverty for five years.  Yeah.  Gone.  Poverty was completely eliminated.  "The program was dubbed Mincome a neologism of minimum income and it was the first of its kind in North America."  No way?  Somehow poverty was wiped out by giving the poor checks.  Checks with no strings attached!  The community thrived with happy well fed forest and ice children.  The project gave checks to the working poor, enough to top-up their incomes to a living wage.  The checks didn't kill peoples motivation to work.  It didn’t?  The wildest possible success was quickly trashed by the cave men attracted to the Conservative Government.  The cave men in the Conservative Party trashed the wildly successful results.  Conservative Politicians in the land of forest and ice have a real fascist edge, then and now.  Imagine a few bucks in the right place and happy people.  Dauphin MB forest and ice people wished we had killed off the Conservative politicians?

The mincome experiment was cancelled and the conservative government restored poverty in 1979, and the fascists buried the 1800 records.

The forest and ice people in Dauphin MB eliminated Poverty And Nearly Everyone Forgot"

The Manitoba Trunk Hwy 5 continued south, before we travelled east under Dauphin Lake to Ochre River MB with much of the original 1% owned railway station serving up Via Rail, Grain Handling, and incoming and outgoing freight.  Sir Douglas Thompson christened Ochre River in 1893 on farmland as he expanded 1%er transportation monopolies below Dauphin Lake and west of Lake Manitoba.  The Towns like Ste. Rose du Lac aka "Cattle Capital of Manitoba" in the land of forest and ice in this province were given slogans like "glorious and free" by early British and French Imperialists establishing absolute control of transportation with the steam engine.  We turned south on the Manitoba Trunk Hwy 5 past McCreary MB, where the town was part of the 1979 winter games.  We continued south past Kelwood MB to Neepawa MB, where Margaret Laurence was born as Jean Margaret Wemyss (Peggy), the daughter of solicitor Robert Wemyss and Verna Jean Simpson.  The Knotts Berry Farm recreation spot had a "bunch of the boys on vacation whooping it up in the "saloon", and the gentlemen incarcerated in the JAIL were: John Herne, Jimmy Harper, Jack Davidson and George Rey.  I turned east onto the Yellowhead Hwy 16, as we were heading for Montreal, for better for worse.

Whooping it up in the

Whooping it up in the "saloon" at Knotts Berry Farm recreation spot. These gentlemen were incarcerated in the Jail."

We turned west on the Yellowhead Hwy 16, aka Hwy 16, aka Provincial Trunk Highway, aka PTH 16 which connects Chicago of the North aka Winnipeg MB to Toon Town, Festival City and the Rocky Mountains.  I prefer Chicago of the North because Chicago of the south kills people of South African descent at an alarming rate.  Chicago of the North kills of their DDA women at an alarming rate.  It's just the way it is then and now.  We drove past Gladstone MB, where the Lake Manitoba Railway and Canal Company took roots in 1897 controlling the land distribution and subsequent transportation.  We continued southeast to Westbourne MB, where Department of Agriculture maps in 1882 offered 'information of intending settlers' showing the Assiniboine Branch of the CPR near Portage and Westbourne and the North Western Railway following the Saskatchewan Trail.  We drove southeast past MacDonald MB washed away by the wind.  Finally we arrived at the Trans Canada Highway where we turned east towards the Chicago of the North under Lake Manitoba.  In the early settlement of this area north, east, and south of Lake Manitoba in 1882, the "Department of the lnterior disposed of 2.7 million acres of Dominion Lands using exclusive of grants to colonization companies.  This forest and ice land lay in Western Manitoba.  The CPR sold 600,000 acres slightly earlier in the fall of 1881, and a full half of all Hudson's Bay Company Sales in land were from this area in 1882 1883.  1%ers controlled production and consumption before the game, began.  Imperialism, or the Business of War was very rewarding for the Hudson's Bay Company.  The HBC was of course the agent of the British in bleeding every dime out of the land of forest and ice.

Whooping it up in the

Whooping it up in the "saloon" at Knotts Berry Farm recreation spot.  These gentlemen were incarcerated in the Jail."

We followed the Trans Canada Hwy through Portage La Prairie MB, where the right to purchase 6,400 acres per mile was accorded the Portage, Westbourne and North Western Railway in 1881, and confirmed to the Manitoba and North Western by Order in Council of March 15th, 1883.  Imperial colonization was dearly profitable for the 1%ers.  Then, the business of war is always particularly lucrative for the rich and bloody for the poor.  Portage La Prairie included the Westbourne and North Western Railroads in 1881, as they were incorporated by the Dominion Parliament in 1882.  They railed from Portage la Prairie to Prince Albert SK on the North Saskatchewan River.  Later, 1%ers changed the railroad and landholdings to Manitoba and the North Western.  The control of coal and the steam engine was particularly profitable for 1%ers assisting imperialism in the land of forest and ice.  We crossed the Assiniboine River and I turned into the Winnipeg West KOA Campsite to drink beer and sleep in the Econoline Van.  I got drunk and went to read the plac on the White Horse Monument.  I read "A Sioux Indian chief wished to marry the beautiful daughter of an Assiniboine chief.  The Assiniboine, however, gave his daughter's hand to a Cree chief with whom she was in love because the Cree offered a rare snow-white horse as a gift.  The angry Sioux pursued the Cree and his bride whose father had returned the horse to help them escape.  The Sioux killed them both but the horse escaped.  For years it was seen roaming the surrounding plain and in memory of the young lovers this part of Manitoba became known as White Horse Plain."

The next morning we freshened up in the camp ground showers, and the town drunk and I got back on the road.  We were Montreal QC bound on the Trans Canada Highway.  I the Trans Canada Highway would be travelled by the ghosts, the dead, the Punished, and the Punishers many times!  Harveys Run from the Twin Ghosts would cover the land of forest and ice between Chicago of the North and Wawa Ontario.  I travelled the land of forest and ice with these ghosts.  They pulled and pushed me through this segment of the Trans Canada several time before I travelled this segment with the town drunk.  The twin ghosts effected my life long before the town drunk wanted to know more about the Quebec referendum.  Then, I getting ahead of myself yet again.  For now, the land of forest and ice between Chicago of the North and Wawa Ontario will be covered at a later date which was an earlier date with the ghosts.  Before the dead and the ghosts in summer of 1980, the town drunk and I arrived in Wawa ON where he wanted to take the French route to Montreal.  I was tiring of the land of forest and ice drive, however the northern route to Montreal QC was something I had not seen in my run from the twin ghosts.

That completed the town drunk son and his father from Northeast Saskatchewan to Central Manitoba in the land of forest and ice.  The land of forest and ice between Winnipeg MB and Wawa ON will be covered at a later date.  I will be covering these roads during Harveys Run from the Twin Ghosts.  I will be continuing with the 1980 trip to Montreal QC from Wawa ON in our land of forest and ice.

Time is the most precious part of the Universe!

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Now, the ghosts, the dead, the Punished, and the Punishers!

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